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Nicole, running strong and happy.
Nicole, running strong and happy off-road.

Nicole Goodman, 32, is a trail runner at heart (and a Boston qualifier!) who is looking forward to running a summer trail series, including 7- and 15-milers. The Kingsport, TN mom of a 4-year-old and 2-year-old she affectionately calls Bean and Monkey, respectively, also is searching for a flat, fast 5K “to continue my quest for a sub-20-minute race."

Best recent run: 2013 Richmond Marathon, 3:31, PR and Boston Qualifier!

Celebrating her 3:31 finish at the 2013 Richmond Marathon.
Celebrating her 3:31 finish at the 2013 Richmond Marathon.

The Bachelor or Game of Thrones: Neither. But I’m addicted to The Voice. Adam Levine? Yes, please.

Biggest complaint about running: None. After coming back from a recent layoff, I’m savoring every single run!

Foam roll or stretch? Stretch. But not as much as I should. My preferred recovery? A full-body massage!

Running mantra I love: I carry my strength and my strength carries me.

Where I see myself in 5 years as a runner: Tearing up the trails with my husband, including a rim-to-rim ‘run’ in the Grand Canyon. Contemplating a full Ironman. Begging my daughters to wait for me as I chase after them!

What keeps me going when I hit a rough patch in a race: The thought of sweeping up my daughters in a sweaty hug at the finish line. My daughters were waiting for me at mile 21 of the Richmond Marathon. Stopping to give them a quick hug and kiss kept me going the final brutal miles.

Nicole her daughter, embracing at the finish line of their race together.
Nicole her daughter, embracing at the finish line of their race together.

Best Mile Ever: Running alongside my daughter in her first mile race gave me a completely new perspective on running. The thing that struck me most was the confidence Bean displayed; there was never any doubt in her mind that she was going to finish. Bean had no concept of how long a mile was, but she was determined to run the whole way. At just 2 1/2, she ran steadily and confidently kicked her way across the line in an impressive 12:25 to set the Tennessee state mile record for two-year-olds. Gathering her into my arms after she finished was more rewarding than any race I’ve ever done.

Worst running injury and how I dealt with it: ITBS ONE WEEK before the first marathon I trained for. I was devastated and spent months in physical therapy strengthening my hips. A 10-day hiking and backpacking trip to Zion, Bryce, Escalante, and Grand Canyon cheered me up tremendously, and the next spring I ran a BQ in my first marathon. Due to the happy circumstance of two pregnancies, I have yet to line up in Boston. I can’t wait for my turn next year!

What I thought about during today’s run: How grateful and happy I was to be running again. I stomped through muddy patches, flew down the descents, and soaked up the spring scenery on my favorite trails. And I told myself I could justify an Easter basket raid if I pushed myself the last mile!

My running, in three words: Humbling, Empowering, Sublime

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  1. Hey girl!!!! How AWESOME to see you here! You are so inspiring and one amazing mother runner to Monkey and Bean. Do yourselves a favor ladies and follow this mother!!!
    Have a great day here Nicole!

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