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Erin, pregnant with #3 and running strong.
Erin, pregnant with #3 and running strong.

Erin Kreitz Shirey, 37, is expecting baby #3 later this year. This master trainer and coach from Alameda, Calif. continues to stay active—she’s at about 30 weeks—and is looking forward to next year’s race season “when I won’t be with baby bump, but pushing the baby!”

Best recent run: It was a few weeks ago with my running partner and bestie. We meet in the Oakland Hills and while we sometimes do brick work for tri training, this day we just met to run and enjoy each other, the fall weather, and our strong bodies. It was crisp and both of us were ready to laugh and catch up. The trails were perfect, and to run midday and midweek is one of the perks of owning a fitness business. Running flats isn’t as fun anymore, so the joy of the climbs and feeling strong felt incredible. We have run through a lot of life’s challenges together, always using our bodies as therapy in addition to means of racing. This run happened to be right before my dad had emergency open-heart surgery as well as the third anniversary of my oldest daughter’s medical challenges. But we were running and smiling, celebrating the new little one and how excited we are for next year’s race season.

One happy runner!
One happy runner!

Sit-ups or plank? Plank. The hundreds of variations of them, too!

Lunges or squats? Reverse Jump Lunges.

13.1 or 26.2? 13.1 now—I had double knee surgery December 2011, so no more marathons for me, but they aren’t my favorite anyway. Goal is to break my PR of 1:31:32 post-baby #3. Want to break 1:30!

Most embarrassing running moment: There are many! But one is when racing Hood to Coast and pacing with a nice guy. We were chatting and then the “spider bites” kept coming out. I just kept tooting and had to chuckle. After the next mile, he pulled back and I can’t help but think he should have propelled forward instead!

Having fun with daughters Makenzie, 9.5 and Emerson, 5.5, and husband Jack.
Having fun with daughters Makenzie, 9.5 and Emerson, 5.5, and husband Jack.

Best Advice for Running While Preggers: Do what feels good when running and pregnant. I live on an island in the Bay, and while I was used to fitting in four fast miles between teaching boot camps in the morning and going home to help get kids ready for school, my pace got slower. Flats haven’t been as comfortable. So I head to the hills and feel more empowered, stronger, and one with nature. Do what feels “good” verses what your training calendar says. You’ll get the miles and speed back after the baby. Pat your back for each mile and also become friends with aqua jogging in the latter weeks of pregnancy. Don’t worry! I have gotten faster after each pregnancy.

My running in three words: blissful, integral, euphoric.

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  1. Such an inspiration. My great friend just stopped running this week and she is 37 weeks pregnant. She ran strong until needed to get more rest. I wish I had that kind of drive when I was pregnant with both of my kids. It would have made coming back to running so much easier.

  2. I love this story! I’m in the same boat (preggers with #3 and still running at 21 weeks). It’s great to see another Mom who is still going.

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