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Randie and Angie bitchin' at the Heels, Hills, and Him Half Marathon

When two 30-something moms—Angie Hackett and Randee Rice--start a blog and call themselves Bitchy Runners, what’s not to love? These sassy, sarcastic Texans are heading to the Windy City this weekend to run the Chicago Marathon, their first 26.2-mile endeavor. Follow along.

Emptying out with the gang before Dallas Rock 'N Roll Half Marathon

Best recent run: For our last weekend run before the marathon, we did our favorite 4.5-mile loop in downtown Fort Worth. It’s rolling hills, and we pushed the pace. We rewarded ourselves with chocolate milk and coffee, while sitting outside watching all the zaniness of the Gay Pride Parade. Some highlights from the day include Rainbow Superman, Rainbow Elvis, and old men on scooters with rainbow wigs. Our contagious “we’re here for a good time” attitude led several police officers to let us take gag photos with handcuffs. It was a freaking fantastic morning!

But you look so nice on your site: When we first started running together, we quickly realized all we did was bitch. As we pounded the payment we vented about husbands, kids, jobs, and anything else that came to mind. When we were not running, we were usually sipping wine and bitching about the aches and pains of running. Angie jokingly said one day that if we had a running blog, it would be called “The Bitchy Runners.” Bitchy running is what we do, it’s cathartic.

A friend indeed: Running brings friends closer in a way that no other activity can. A couple of months back we were running 13 miles on a trail with no bathrooms. Randee had the dreaded, sudden urge to poop. With no other options, the woods would have to do. Together we searched for the perfect leaves for wiping. While she squatted behind a tree, Angie was the lookout girl. Mission accomplished just as an unsuspecting couple ran past and Randee was stepping back on the trail.

Swapping the sweat and Starbucks for makeup and wine at Talia's 29th birthday

Favorite night-before-a-race drink: There is no question on our favorite form of hydration: wine, preferably by the bottle. More than once we have made the mistake of a bit too much wine the night before a long run. However, sweating it out is the best hangover remedy! Our blog even features “Whine and Wine Wednesday” every week; Whine and Water Wednesday just didn’t have the same ring to it.

Running with youngsters: The two of us run together Monday through Friday at 4:45 a.m. On the weekends, we have two youngsters who join us. Talia is 29and the high-maintenance one of the group, usually running in full makeup and jewelry. Little Brittany just turned 22 and is now the skinny and speedy member of our foursome. Some might find us a bit of a mismatched group, but we all complement each other nicely. We spend most of our time looking at Talia and Brittany’s asses, as they are almost always ahead of us.

It’s our kind of town: Chicago will be the first marathon for both of us. Our only real goal is to finish. We do plan to start slowly and aim for negative splits. For us that means to go from “slower than your granny” to merely slow. We will finish together, and we will get that Chicago bling around our necks. We might even hold hands as we cross that finish line, and smile for the camera. No time goals except for under 6:30, the course time limit!


Marathon training in pictures:

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16 responses to “Follow These Mothers!

  1. Have a great time! You sure have trained for it! You two and the two youngsters sound like the perfect team!
    Go, go, go… thinking of you all the way from Spain!

  2. I am soooo proud of all of you ladies! I have followed your journy and will be cheering you all on! (while I’m taking care of Angie’s dogs…) Love you all and good luck! This article made me cry..

  3. I am so freaking proud of you all and I don’t even know you….be thinking of you Sunday all my good vibes will be coming your way.


  4. Ok, I laughed my ass of at this. And I love your goal! I’m training for my first half, and my goal is to finish in under 3. I felt so alone in that goal until I read your plan to go from granny gear to slow. 😉 THANKS!

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