Follow These Mothers! (Oh, you already are…)

Cost of RLAM: $15, give or take a few bucks. Reading it: Priceless.

We interrupt this regular Thursday profile of an amazing running mother for a quick plea from us for Mother's Day. I'm as far from a saleswoman as it gets--and SBS + I combined, I think, might be able to pass 5th grade math if we studied really hard--but we want to throw some softball ideas out there so that RLAM continues to grow as steadily and solidly as my kids do. (To wit: Ben. Just turned 4 years old. 57 freakin' pounds. I think a half-marathon is easier than carrying that tantruming mass up the stairs.)

We realize we're not your mothers--Lord knows, five kids between us is enough--but we kindly ask you to spread the RLAM love between now and Ma's Day by doing one or more of the following:

1. Ask a friend who claims she "can't" run or has fallen off the running train to go for a 15-minute spin with you. Once she's done it, book her again while she's still high off her achievement.

2. Buy said friend--or a whole herd of friends--Run Like A Mother to convince her she definitely can do this. We've broken the 1,000 overall rank on Amazon just once--yes, I'm a little obsessed with checking it--and breaking through again would make my weekend.

3. If your budget is as slim as mine right now--or, if you've been slammed by teacher appreciation gifts, pictures of dance class, and other "necessities" like I have--recommend they buy the book.

4. Introduce somebody to this blog. And to our Facebook Page. We're just a few RLAM'ers shy of 2,000, which is fantastic considering it's just a few months old. But who else is lurking out there? Who else wants to wax on about running in a skirt, bitch about running in hail, ask about recommendations for training plans? Plenty, we're sure.

5. If you're on a first-name basis with somebody at your local, independent running store and think they might like to carry RLAM, let us know the name of the store and your contact at runmother at gmail dot com (or put in comments below). We'd like to get RLAM distributed as far and wide as Ben's generous buns are. (That was not mean, btw. I love his round, round, round buns.)

6. Not possible to do anything? No worries. (Like I said, I suck as a saleswoman.) Continue reading and commenting here and contributing to our Facebook Page in between folding the laundry, writing your own blog, and shaving your legs, a task, if you're like me, you get to every three weeks or so.

7. But save the best present for yourself on Sunday. If you do nothing else, treat yourself to a delicious run.

Happy Mother's Day to everyone. You are allย inspiring, encouraging, entertaining, supportive, unbelievably strong women, and both Sarah and I thank you for sharing yourselves and your stories with us. We love, love, love this community and can't wait--last pitch, I promise--to continue to watch it grow.


26 responses to “Follow These Mothers! (Oh, you already are…)

  1. Happy Mother’s Day! (I am a regular reader, but I am hopping over with this Mother’s Day wish from Tall Mom’s blog!) Thanks for inspiring us to run like the mother’s that we are! I love celebrating everyone who makes the effort to run, whether we are elite runners (not me!) or out there doing our best to keep from walking.

    1. Love it, Wendy–what chapter was he reading? And it’s been a while for me too. Hoping I can get to it before short season officially begins here in Denver. (Capris don’t demand shaving, in my opinion.)

    1. Not yet, Tricia. I’m hosting the fun run in Minneapolis through the Running Room. They’re mainly a Canadian company, right? Will check them out. Let me know if you have more info. Thanks!

      1. Yes, it’s a Canadian company founded and owned by John Stanton. I think Minneapolis may be their only US store. He and his family run the company out of Edmonton, but have stores throughout Canada – over 20 I believe. They offer clinics for every level from Learn to Run, Learn to Run for Women Only, to marathon clincs and every distance in between. They also host run club on Wednesdays and Sundays. It’s through the clinics and run club that I met a good many of my running pals…going on 10 years. Here’s the website:

        I definitely encourage you to contact the head office to see about carrying RLAM — which incidently I’m fairly certain I’m getting for Mother’s day. If not it will be my Fargo marathon present to myself.

        I’ll be watching for a fun run/book reading in Winnipeg! If you make it up here, only 8 hours north of Minneapolis, I know a lot of moms who’d be there in a heart beat.

  2. I WISH I had a friend to buy RLAM for! Seriously. We moved to this town almost 2 years ago and I still have very few friends here, only one who is a mother (and she has no interest in running). None of my close friends from college or home have kids yet nor do they run or want to run… But I have been telling everyone about RLAM anyway!

    1. Hey Sarah: where are you? Just curious: maybe there’s a reader out there who is in your town. Here’s hoping you find a running pal soon. In the meantime, thanks for sharing the RLAM word.

  3. Hi ladies! I am going to buy at least one more copy, to give to my new running coach. (shhh..don’t tell her) There is a new running store in West Seattle called, appropriately, West Seattle Runner. Lori McConnell is the owner….she’s not a mom, but I know there are a LOT of moms who come in to her shop. She carries SkirtSports, so you know she’s cool. ๐Ÿ™‚ BTW, I wore my RLAM tee during my most recent race. I even smiled and waved at the camera so I could, maybe, get a decent picture. I think I need to reread that section of the book, ’cause the pics are miserable. I think that the ‘grimace’ pictures are better than the ‘smile like you’re not wanting to grimace’ because they at least look more natural. Happy Mother’s Day to every Mother reading this!!!

    1. Thanks, Karen. We’ll reach out to West Seattle Runner for sure. Good luck with the pic: post us when you get one. Hopefully it’ll be this year…:)

  4. Hey girls,
    You should try Runner’s Alley in New Hampshire. I go to the one in Nashua, NH and BJ Bottomley runs that store. He doesn’t know me by name, but he knows me by face. They have 3 stores in Portsmouth, Nashua and Manchester. i have a feeling that they would carry the book.
    I definitely love your book and love reading you site. Keep up the good work.

  5. I can SO appreciate this post on SO many different levels. I think the book is fabulous and mention it on a very regular basis. I’m giving away my copy of it on my blog on Mother’s Day and have directed my readers HERE to see where they can BUY, BUY, BUY more!

    Thanks for all of your inspriation!

    Brianna (yes, this is a different profile – I moved to WordPress – but it is still me!)

  6. Thank you so much for encouraging & supporting us and most of all giving us the little extra push that we as mom’s need from day to day…I’m comforted knowing that I’m not the only one who works full time – rush to get the kids home to do homework, dinner, bathed and in bed – so i can manage to get in atleast 45 min of running time just for me….some may say its selfish, but as i’ve grown to learn….if i don’t run, then how can i be good at anything else. Thanks for the gift suggestions…I’m definitely going to be buying a few more books to give out! …and To all the moms out there who sacrifice so much to squeeze in that run… Happy Mother’s Day – i know we are making a difference! RLAM ROCKS!!! xoxoxoxo

    1. Thanks for showing us the love, Marlene. We’re all in this together, and it’s so awesome to know we feel the same way.

  7. I just bought four copies!!! Thank you such a good suggestion for my “Mom” friends who say to me “I want to run like you but I can’t” and then they insert some silly excuse! I will also re-post on my next blog!
    and tomorrow when I hit our local running store for packet pickup I will check into, whether or not they have it! and if they don’t I will boycott them :0) I am kidding, but I will be extremely persuasive and tell them why it is against the law not to own this book!

    and I am planning on dragging as many Mommies as I can to SBS Annapolis readings, I am even considering going more than once….I know I sound a little obsessive at this point and your probably ready to call the cops! I just really think you guys are that Awesome!

    May you both have a fantastic mothers day!

    *dimity* 57 pounds!!! Holy smokes I am trying to get my 4 year old to 30 pounds before her appointment next month!!! although she is a short little peanut, and a girl!! Ben is going to be linebacker ready in no time!!

    1. Thank you, Erica–we appreciate it! We promise we won’t call the cops on you. What race are you running tomorrow or Sunday? Use your powers of persuasion!

      And yes, Ben is linebacker. Or center in basketball material. But I’m almost 6’4″ and my husband is 6’2″, so he’s just following the family tradition.

      1. I am running National Police week 5k on Saturday in D.C., it is to honor my Dad, Brother and dear friend Dave who all put their lives on the line every day to follow their passion of making this world a safer place!! It is my last 5k and then I am moving on to 10k!! woott!!

        I wish you I had your height! at 5’3 and a quarter Ben will be taller then me before he gets to first grade!

    2. Yay, Erica, a huge thanks in advance for rallying troops to my Annapolis event (at Charm City)!!!! I know no one in that city so it’s reassuring to know already a posse will be waiting for me.

  8. You just inspired me to buy three! Looking forward to reading it….and handing them out as gifts too ๐Ÿ™‚ Love, love, love your inspiration on Facebook and blog. I’ve got 4 kids ages 6 and under…which means I need lots of sanity breaks and running has always been my addiction of choice.

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