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Kara, one of today's mothers, coming out of the swim at a triathlon waving like a crazy woman to her kids. "Yes," she says, "I think I go faster when my kids are watching."

Today's mother duo is a special one: Kara Thom, a triathlete, and Laurie Kocanda, an ultrarunner. The Minneapolis-based pair are not just fit moms; they also are leading the crusade for moms to realize how important it is to take care of themselves so they can take care of their families. (Amen to that!) The two just co-authored a book called Hot (Sweaty) Mamas: Five Secrets to Life As a Fit Mom. Read about them, and then enter below to win one of five copies of their book!

Best recent run
Laurie: Running with my husband over spring break was a real treat. In addition to parenting, we are both busy with our own work and school pursuits, which makes running dates more difficult lately. Our last long run in Walt Disney World included some mystery, sleuthing, and just a teensy bit of trespassing (shhhh!). Adventurous runs remind me of being a kid and are always at the top of my list.

Kara: Easy. My family spent the last week vacationing on Lake Travis, just north of Austin, Texas. I was able to run several times with one of my dearest friends and pre-kid training partners. Scenery and weather was great, but the company was better.


Out just two days ago, Hot (Sweaty) Mamas is hot off the presses.

Bookin’ it
Kara: I hope the women who read Hot (Sweaty) Mamas feel their fitness options expand by book’s end; that having children doesn’t limit their exercise options, but in many ways expands them. When it comes to getting fit, there isn’t a finish line. Like the laundry, it will never be done (but unlike the laundry, this is a good thing). And what I’ve enjoyed most about the journey of balancing motherhood and fitness is I know I’m showing my children fitness is a family value. When we work out it really isn’t “me time” anymore, we’re setting a good example for our children.


Laurie: Motherhood is both unifying and isolating. Focus your attention on the kids and you’ll be flanked by other moms who want to discuss organic baby food, kindergarten roundup, and soccer league stats; turn your attention to fitness, however, and it can get lonely. I hope our book helps moms realize that being a “good mom” doesn’t always mean putting yourself second. Self-care is essential in realizing one’s full potential—even as a mom.

Favorite way to get sweaty
Laurie: For me, there’s nothing like getting dirty with my husband… on the trails, that is. I particularly like running when it’s hot and humid in areas where I can get a glimpse of some wildlife while out on my run. In a perfect scenario, we are out exploring new terrain where there are lots of roots, rocks, and mud puddles along they way. I always finish these runs feeling more connected and enthusiastic about life in general.

Kara: This winter it’s been on the snowshoes I got for my birthday. But in general, I have no favorites. I have exercise ADD.

It’s a stretch
Laurie: After running somewhere around 40 marathons, I’m definitely not what you’d call a limber yogi. But I do love the physical and mental challenge of yoga—it’s like stretching but wrapped in beautiful paper. My original plan was to work both strength and flexibility in the yoga studio, but after four consistent weeks I added in a more demanding strength component. What can I say? I’m a runner. Patience has never been a virtue of mine!

(Cross)Fit’ing it in
Kara: I’ve been going to CrossFit when I can. Usually just once a week when the stars are aligned, but I’m stronger than I’ve ever been. It’s the perfect mom workout: efficient. Plus, I discovered Olympic lifting gives me an endorphin high similar to running. I keep going because now I can pick up my kids and not hurt my back. I do rather love all the comments I get about my arms.


Laurie, with her girls Maggie and Cady, at the finish line of the 2009 North Face Endurance Challenge, where she ran a whopping 50 miles. She'll take on 50 again this summer.

Thought chunking
Laurie: When I’m mentally zonked and not sure I can muster a sweat, I break up my workout into chunks of time or distance and delegate mental tasks for each chunk. During a long run I dedicate each mile to a family member or friend. Swim workouts are my trip down memory lane, one lap for each year of my life. At its simplest level, I use thought chunking to triage my day and figure out what needs to get done first.

Next on race calendar
Laurie: The Minnesota Voyageur Trail Ultra on July 30. I’m psyched, but a little intimidated, too. It will be my second 50-mile trail run but on much more difficult terrain than my first. After that I’ll do my hometown favorite, the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon.

Kara: I have several races in my sights this summer, including the Life Time Fitness Triathlon in Minneapolis and the Bloomington Iron Girl Duathlon. But I’m most eager about running a local 5K at a nearby high school. Last year I was definitely the first mom across the finish line (which was my goal) but this year, I want to see if I can’t catch one or two of those high school cross country runners!

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  1. For me it was my 5K which I had to squeeze in while my landlord (he lives under us) had left I knew I would only have like 45 mins. to do so. I said I wonder if I can do it. So I jumped on my treadmill (I’m still a beginner runner have only started running since Jan.) & w/my little girl cheering me on I ran and fast & felt the awesome feeling that I have learned to love as I run.. When I stoped I had done my 5k in 36 mins! That is my fastest I’ve done it so far. It felt SUPER AWESOME.

  2. The 10 miler before my half marathon a few weeks ago- I started out in the dark then ran all over my town, including by a lake in the country with fog rising up. I also saw a deer run across the path and I felt inspired and rejuvenated. Near the end I had to rush to get home to go to a doctor’s appointment with my husband before we packed up and headed for a weekend away in beautiful Savannah, GA. I was so proud of myself for prioritizing my running and conquering my longest distance to that point so I could relax over the weekend.

  3. My best recent run was the Runnin of the Green in Denver on March 13th. Great weather, great people, great city! I love this race!

  4. Oddly enough my best recent run occurred yesterday, my 3 and 1 year old boys in the double jogger, baby #3 sleeping (or so I am assuming) safely in my tummy (we meet him/her in just a short 6 weeks!), the sun was shining and I felt light on my feet regardless of the 25lbs I have gained this pregnancy. It was an awesome 4 miles and I loved every minute of it!

  5. Dimity – it was one that you joined us on! 5.5 miles around City Park in Denver surrounded by my favorite mother runners. For the first time in over a year I felt smooth and light. Just need to continue that momentum and positive thinking…

  6. My best recent run was a week ago that I did the Support the Troops 10K and set a new PR for myself of 53:09 and about 3 miles of that was through a hilly golf course! I was pretty stoked about it!

  7. After a long northeast winter of treadmill running, I did a well deserved half marathon in Florida with my brother in law. And at the finish line, my sister had my daughter and her kids… It felt like such a treat after the long, snowy winter!

  8. Five mile tempo run (1 mile warm-up, 3 at half-marathon pace, 1 mile cool-down). It was wonderful because I had been waiting all day to get it done. My two year old was up all night and my husband had to leave for work early, so my usual morning run went out the window. I’m a youth group sponsor, and our fellowship hall has a huge window that looks out at a park where I think everyone in town must have been running that evening. I kept looking out the window during youth group wishing I was out there with them. We had kind of stressful youth meeting, so by the time I finally got to run that evening, I seriously needed it. And I totally rocked the pace!

  9. The one where I got out the door and did it! No, really, I have been struggling lately and this week I managed to complete a decent 12 miler on Sunday which left me with a smile on my face.

  10. My best recent run was actually (and surprisingly) on the treadmill at my fitness center. I pushed the interval program up a notch and did not touch it until the end….sweet success : )

  11. My best recent run was a week ago. I ran 18 miles in preparation for my first marathon. It was the longest distance I have run to date. I love the feeling of knowing what my body is capable of once I set my mind to it.

  12. My best recent run was 10 miles with my new friend and fellow mama who is training for her first marathon. She was doing her 18 mile training run and had never run that far before. I met her on the trail at the 8 mile mark to keep her company and pace her through the end of her first 18 mile run ever! We had a great time chatting and huffing and puffing. I usually prefer run solo, but I found I really enjoyed having someone to pass the time/miles with. We definitely bonded on that run and I feel like we have many more miles and a great friendship ahead of us!

  13. Best recent run…last Sunday with my running partner..husband was out of town, but running partners husband agreed to watch my three kids along with their two while we tackled a morning run in the damp, cool weather between rain showers. Much needed after a long weekend alone with the kids!!

  14. Well, my running hasn’t been quite up to par lately as I am pregnant with baby #4, but I had a great 7 miler with a friend on Tuesday! And I’m headed to sunny AZ today with my kids for a vacation, and am hoping to get some nice runs in with some sunshine too! It will be a great change of pace from the cold, early morning MN runs I’m used to.

  15. Trail run with a friend at a local open space park. Good company, conversations, dogs. What more can one ask for?

  16. On vacation in Tennessee – believe it or not, on a treadmill!! Running midday during the week with no mommy guilt instead of 4:45 AM like usual, with floor to ceiling windows in front if me looking out at the mountains, and on a treadmill that, however poorly calibrated it might have been, told me I was comfortably running a half mile per hour faster than I ever do. I felt like I could have stayed on that thing forever!!

  17. My best one was last week. I’m starting up again after baby #3, and even though it wasn’t long, I felt great and had lots of energy. It’s got me psyched for my first 5k at the end of the month.

  18. I am getting closer to completing the C25K program, and my first 25 minute run was done 1100km from home at the beach town that I grew up going to. It was really special being able to successfully complete that challenge running along the foreshore in a place that is a like a second childhood home!

    Now to just get to 28 mins then 30 mins and then it’ll be official. I will start calling myself a runner! It’s addictive, this running business, once you get the hang of it…

  19. my first outdoor run of Spring…wearing my vibram five finger shoes…in the pouring rain. Left cranky and not happy about doing it, came back as…myself.

  20. My best most recent run was 6 miles yesterday. It’s getting warmer here in Phoenix, and I couldn’t run until 8:45am. No clouds in sight, just lots of hot sunshine. I wanted to quit after 3 miles but kept going. I got over a HUGE mental hurdle on that run!

  21. Last weekend competing in the St. Patty’s Revenge Urban Adventure Race (15 miles of cycling, 3 miles of running, 8 checkpoints completed along the way). It was cold and rainy but I was ready for the race, nothing was going to keep me from getting out there and having fun!

  22. About two weeks ago, I had to run 10 on the weekend. I totally missed it. Bummed, I ran on Monday evening. 2 miles in, I ran into a friend out with her hubby and 7kids. I asked if she wanted to go with me. She said yes. She is not a runner, but wants to be and she ran SIX miles with me!!! it was such a blessing to have someone with me when I thought I was going to be alone. She wondered if she might be ready to do a 5 k in May… Uh, yeah, I think so.

  23. Today! It may sound goofy, but today really was great, 60 degrees and sunny here in Nebraska so I ran my 11 miles in a tank top! One month to go til the Lincoln Half Marathon and I felt so good today that I’m starting to get high hopes about a PR

  24. I am training for my 2nd half-marathon and just ran my fastest ever 8 mile run! Gave me the boost of confidence that I needed for my upcoming race! I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of this book!

  25. I know this may surprise some people but it was acutally on the treadmill recently. It’ was one of those days when the stars seem to align and you feel like you’re running on clouds, and it’s effortless. I had my ipod on so my kids weren’t hearing my music, but they were sure hearing me belt it out as I sang practically at the top of my lungs. My three boys, ages 5, 3 and 1, all stood staring at me in bewilderment. It was just phenomenal.

  26. Yesterday! Just a short 4.5 run, but it was the first run that just felt *g00d* since the marathon I ran in January (and twisted ankle and illness in between.)

  27. Best recent run was a short 3.5 mile trail run in prep for tomorrow’s 10K race. My husband decided to join me. And so did our 4 sons! The hubby pushed the younger two in the double jogger (thank God, that thing is a pig on the gravelly inclines), my oldest rode his bike and son #2 ran alongside me. At 7 years old, he had no problem hanging comfortably at my 8:25 pace. Typically, I take that time to zone out to my music and refill my own cup; but what an unexpected treat it was to have a little man I grew from scratch matching me step for step.

    1. I just love this post. I have 3 boys that I ‘grew from scratch’ but mine are too young to join me, sounds priceless.

  28. My best “run” was this past Monday through a local park. I’m just starting out (doing c25K) so getting out and doing the 2.5 miles despite the rain made me feel pretty good!

  29. Last weekend, my 1st HALF marathon. One year ago I started to walk/run. Now I’ve run a half marathon in Washington DC. It’s was a glorious day to run amongst history and to accomplish a goal I never even thought was in reach for me!

  30. It was today! After a loooooooooong winter alone on my treadmill, I finally got outside with my running buddy! Not only was it great to be together again, but I loved seeing how much progress I’d made alone on my treadmill, as this run felt easy and slow and short. (Now I just need to figure out how to increase the intensity of my partner runs!)

  31. On Wednesday, I went formy first ‘real’ run after being off for 5 weeks due to a stress fracture. Not only did it make the body feel good – it did WONDERS for the mind!

  32. After a sabbatical from training, I took advantage of having a babysitter and went for a run after work. It was my usual 5 mile loop, but I was running at a different time of day. My usual dreadfully slow first mile had some kick to it with my excitement. I finished my loop at under 9 minute pace (a pr for me on the loop) and enjoyed a beautiful sunset.

  33. A 13.1 mile run around my neighborhood. I felt strong throughout, even at the end. Of course, now it’s playing games with my mind, making me think I should do another marathon even though I know how much more reasonable a half is! 🙂

  34. Our 6 mile group run 2 weeks ago. I fell down in the first few minutes of our run. Two of my friends swept in, picked me up and I ran the whole 6 miles with bloody knees and all!

  35. I am predicting that the Cherry Blossom onSunday will be my best. Every run is a new challenge, and I make the best of every run, no matter how well or tough it goes.

  36. My best recent run was my return to running after an injury. I had run an 8k in March and injured my foot. After rest and some therapy, I got the ok to run again. I donned an ankle brace, laced up my Asics and hit the road. It was only a short run (1.5 miles)to test my foot but I came out of that run with a smile on my face! I am back to what gives me peace…running!

  37. My best recent run was a 10.5 mile relaxing run on the country roads around my home. I saw more wildlife than cars…. perfect.

  38. My most favorite recent run was the one I ran last night. a 10 miler. Ran 8, then swung by the house where my 12 year joined me for 1.75 miles and then I finished up with another .25 miles (just because my goal was to do 10 and there was no way i was coming short of that).

    Afterwards my hubby had homemade pizza waiting for me. My 10 yr old got my ice bath ready and my 2 and 4 yr old gave me lots of hugs and kisses which kept my mind off the bonechilling cold of the ice.
    Wonderful run and a wonderful family that supports my habit!

  39. 12 mile run on a cold morning, came home with ice on my eyelashes and frozen hair. All day at work, I felt like a warrior!!

  40. My best run was two days ago. Instead of getting up at 4:45am to get my run in before my baby daughter wakes up, I took her for a run in the jogger. I live in Wisconsin and the weather was finally nice enough to be able to run with my baby girl. I had planned on a 30 minute run and was enjoying myself so much I kept adding on more distance around my house at the end. My daughter was having fun babbling and looking around at the beautiful spring day.

  41. Just this past Sunday I ran my fastest time per mile for a run over 5 miles. Kinda surprised myself 🙂

  42. Six miles last Saturday. It didn’t rain (which is rare in the last great weeks), I didn’t have a planned route, just explored an area where I haven’t run before. Felt great.

  43. My best recent run was 4 days after Spring began. I was scheduled to run 3 miles. All I knew was that it was a gorgeous day here in Vancouver and I wanted to go more than 3! I kept saying to myself,” Just one more mile!” Well, I ended up running 7 miles in the partly cloudy and sunny skies and felt really good!!

  44. Logging a new PR of 31:08 at a local race last weekend. I’m not a fast runner (only been running a year) and my fastest was the weekend before at a race when I ran a PR of 32:04. Never thought I’d get nearly a minute faster in a week! It was like winning!!!

  45. 4 miles last Monday. I had just worked 2 12hr shifts over the weekend and was so thankful for the alone time to erase the weekend and to recharge for the week ahead with my two pre-schoolers.

  46. Any run that I actually make it out there! Tonight I went. I was wheezing and huffing and almost vomiting, but I WENT RUNNING!

  47. I ran 2 miles earlier this week. After my normal 1, it was uplifting to know I could do 2. Training for a half marathon in a few months.

  48. My best run would be my early morning runs before the sun rises and I feel at peace. I’m thankful for all my runs because I’m just returning from an injury. Each and every one is precious to me.

  49. my first 5 miler a few weeks ago. It was just awesome…I felt so accomplished and thought, hey maybe that 10K really is in my future!

  50. Ran 5 miles in 51 minutes on Sunday, which for me was a new fastest time! I am getting faster week by week, which pumps me up for my first half-marathon in July!

  51. I am trying to like my treadmill, especially since I live in Canada and can’t/won’t run outside in the winter. Tonight I ran 4.5 miles and felt like I could have gone longer. Usually I run for 30-40 minutes and watch the clock the entire time just waiting to be done. Mother Nature’s April Fools on us was a foot of snow so those outside runs may have to wait a bit longer.

  52. Running with a No Boundaries group that I am coaching. They are training to run/walk their first 5K.
    I started running with this program a year ago and now I’m coaching it. It’s so fulfilling to get to help coach…definitely a full circle moment. I love seeing the progress this group of ladies makes each week. We ran about 2.5 miles this week.

  53. My best recent run was two weeks ago with my next-door neighbor. We started out as “gal pals” chatting away and then put our music on and had some alone time, then finished while gabbing. I hurt my knee, but the run was rewarding being out there with a friend.

  54. Best recent run was 8 km on my treadmill on Tuesday with no kids fighting, asking for food, asking for water or critiquing my running technique! I loved it!

  55. Running with my husband while on vacation. Even though we don’t talk much while running knowing he is by my side makes it better.

  56. This morning, on the treadmill, before my 2 children woke up! All “me time” without interruptions & so very peaceful!!

  57. I don’t know if this counts as “recent run”–due to health issues I haven’t been able to run much since the fall when I got out early on an incredibly beautiful morning. It was quiet, the temperature was perfect and I felt like I could run forever! (That was a thought quickly dispelled…but it felt good for awhile!) ~K

  58. My St. Patrick’s Day 4 miler where I pulled a surprising 10 minute mile pace… fastest ever! It was so awesome to beat my mental goal by 4 minutes!

  59. Last weekend’s long run. I almost missed it – had given up on Sunday around 3 that I wouldn’t get out, but a window opened at 5:15pm and I took it. My run felt great- first time I felt strong in a long time. 10.89 miles and I could of done more but had to get home for the boys bedtime.

  60. Last night’s tempo run 2 x 2 miles. The first 2 miles, I beat my required time by 1 minute and it felt great. The second 2 miles were not as fast, but I still beat my required time by 20 seconds. The cool down run back to the car (1.4 miles) left me feeling FANTASTIC and like I was one fast mom!

  61. I haven’t run much these last few months, but I did three mile loops at my local park on a mild afternoon. I wasn’t tracking my pace, but felt like I was pretty chill and then I realized (yes, I really hadn’t noticed) that I had passed everyone else on the loop at least once. I don’t feel fast often, it was nice to feel fast so effortlessly.

  62. A cold, sunny morning trail run in the woods by my house with my ‘fast’ running buddy and the dogs. I actually found my stride and felt great. Glorious!

  63. My best recent run was my first 3 miler after taking a few weeks off after my last marathon. I really bonked hard in that marathon. It was my 2nd, and I had been determined to absolutely demolish my 1st marathon’s time. Instead this 2nd marathon demolished me (but I finished it– so I guess I still won!). I felt defeated and had lost confidence, so I took a few weeks off. That day I did those first 3 miles felt so amazing… I had discovered my true love again! And I’m mentally ready to plan to conquer my 3rd marathon!

  64. My best recent run was along the river on a cool morning here where I think I saw Leah Thorvilson–our local running star who’s trying out for the Olympic team soon. Go Leah!

  65. I had been eagerly waiting a 25K trail race that was supposed to have happened this past Saturday. I hadn’t trained as well as I would have liked, but I was prepared and EXTREMELY excited. It was cancelled due to thunder/lightning. They gave “finishers” shirts to everyone who was there when they called the race. After continued rain all weekend and into Monday morning…I decided to earn that shirt and took off on my own to complete the course!! I loved every minute of it. There were beautiful waterfalls everywhere (that aren’t usually there), it was my first time running full out in the mud, and it was my longest distance to date! I would have made better time if I hadn’t stopped to take so many pictures and video, but I still finished in WELL under the average finishing time for the race…and I have beautiful pictures of one of my best runs ever! 😀

  66. My best recent run was last week’s 13 miler: my longest run ever! It left me feeling (really sore!) Confident and ready for my first half marathon on about three weeks!

  67. A 6.5 miler I did after work last Monday. I took a nice ramble through the adjacent neighborhood. The weather was decent (no rain for once!) and I felt really good the entire distance. My body’s usual aches and pains were absent. I felt strong and invincible!

  68. 10 k this morning with a great friend along the beach in Vancouver. First day without rain in ages. Really feels like spring is here.

  69. I just ventured away from Minneapolis (holla, Kara and Laurie!) for a weekend at my parents’ house in Washington, DC where I was cheering on my brother who was running the National Half Marathon. When I arrived in DC, my mom told me, “Think of this as your vacation.” And I DID! I’ve only been running for about two months, but it’s all been in the early morning before the hubby leaves for work and at an indoor track. For the first time, I was able to get outside in the middle of a warm, sunny day to run through Rock Creek Park. I ran 1.5 miles (not much for many of you, but as far as I’ve ever run outside) up to the horse stables near my parents house and back again. Three miles under a glorious DC sky without having to worry about getting back for my husband to be able to leave for work. Thank god for grandmothers who support runners!

  70. Yesterday’s run was my best recent run. It was cold (about 38 degrees), but there was absolutely no wind. The sun was shining off of the ocean, my clothes felt good, my earphones stayed in, I kept up a good pace and it felt awesome. Five miles and I had a runner’s high for a couple of hours.

  71. My best recent run was the Rock n Roll Half 4 days ago. It was my first half and first time besides training runs over the last 6 weeks to run more than 6 miles. I was slow but incredibly steady in pace and my last three miles were my fastest three. I’m hooked.

  72. My best recent run was last Friday when I did speedwork while pushing a double jogger. It hurt but I hit my speed goals–though it helped that for 2 of the 3 tempo miles, I only had one kid in the jogger (the second got added at school pick-up). Plus, I love the days when I’m able to save some gas by not driving for school pick-up as usual.

  73. Best recent run? Last Saturday…when I started running. 🙂 Felt fabulous simply to get started! (And, I didn’t die, so I’m keeping at it, lol!)

  74. Each day’s run is a little better than the last. I’m just coming back from an achilles injury and today I ran 4 miles nearly pain free! It felt great!

  75. I finally got outside this afternoon with two of my children. I hate running outside in the Minnesota winters. Today was nearly 50 and the kids were cooperative. It was wonderful to feel Spring.

  76. My best recent run was the little 3-mile recovery run I did yesterday, my first run since my half on Sunday. I am getting over a cold, so it was just so delightful to be able to *smell* again and enjoy the run in the chilly air. Also, I hadn’t done that particular route up the canyon for a while. Spring is subtle right now, but it’s there!

  77. My best recent run??? I had gallbladder surgery 2 weeks ago….so it would be the one I had two weeks and a day ago. My son was sick and I had just gotten him to fall asleep on the couch. I carefully slid out from under him and grabbed a quick two miles on the treadmill. Now I’m counting down until I can hit the pavement again!

  78. My first outdoor run this year, two weeks ago, 8 miles. Holy cow, it was nice to say goodbye to winter in Illinois!

  79. This morning! I had the flu 2 weeks ago and it messed with me mentally as I have about 6 weeks left until a marathon….I busted out some Yasso 800s and nailed the pace this morning, and I was giddy all day. 🙂

  80. My best recent run was a St. Patty’s Day 5k, which I ran with Hubby and our 2 1/2 year old in the stroller. We were all dressed in green, and we decked the jogger out in green balloons and streamers. Although we didn’t have a PR, it was the first race we have done with all three of us running and it was a blast!!

  81. Today pushing my son in the stroller. Today is the first day of many to come and from a long winter break . I am full of motivation to get get back to something I had once before children. Early mornings here I come- I am not an early morning person at all!!!

  82. My best run recently was completing my first ever 10K race. This was the first time for me to run 6.2 miles and also my first time to run an organized 10K event. I set a goal of maintain a consistent 10min pace so that I could at least finish in within an hour. I invited a few ladies to run with me (knowing they were much faster) and I finished 5 min faster than I had planned! We all had such a great time and plan on getting together for more milestones in running!

  83. On Tuesday I ran a 5km loop around the neighbourhood. This was my very first run in my thirties having turned the big 3-0 on the 27th. I took my daughter along in the stroller for some fresh air. It was finally a beautiful spring day and I was able to take off the jacket and run in my tshirt! Mallory gabbed the whole run which always keeps me peppy and cheery. Definately a great way to start a new decade.

  84. 7 mile loop through our town. I just love running right in our own town. I felt so strong. I got to see the sun setting, and the sky fill with pink streaks. I love watching the way the light changes on the pasture. I just felt so great that day…so strong. Like the energizer bunny, that I could go on and on forever. In those moments, I know the marathon I plan to do in December is going to be amazing. Sadly, due to an injury/surgery, I am now into week 4 of not running and am not feeling so hot today. I need my bunny mentality back.

  85. Best run second to my first marathon, was rounding the corner on my street and seeing my daughter riding her bike for the first time w/o trainers all by herself!! Something that the hubby and I have been working on with her for a full year, she just decided to do!! Husband said she just picked up the bike and rode down the driveway and down the street. I was exahsted but she asked to ride around the neighborhood and someone has to go with, so away we went!! I am sooooo happy with this new development that we have been biking/running every night since! So for all the moms out there who are heartbroken when their little one is too big for the jogger, alas there is hope!! Just wait till they can ride their bike!! yay!!

  86. Best recent run was last Friday- 9 miles in prep for the Cherry Blossom 10 miler this week in D.C. I thought I would be tired without a rest day prior to the run, but it turned out great. The day was clear and quite cool and felt great!

  87. It sounds crazy, but my best recent run was 2.55 miles last week. I am a criminal prosecutor and I was trying a child abuse case that was taking all week. I had several nights of 3 hours sleep, so runs were forsaken. But on Wednesday I was able to get up and meet my friend at 5:00 a.m. for our hill work out. Usually we do 4 miles, but we cut it short. That run cleared my head in so many wonderful ways. I can’t really explain it. It was just good.

  88. Yesterday I had 6 miles on the schedule. I was going outside because it was finally beautiful (!) and it was my birthday, so what better way to celebrate? I’ve been mostly on the treadmill lately and my times have been anywhere from 9:20s – 9 :50s. So yesterday when I finished my run and my time was 9:16/mi, I felt awesome! Happy Birthday to Me!

  89. The one I completed today, 4.1 mi with 2 kids in the double + wind and rain. Not especially enjoyable but I got it done.

  90. i haven’t had a best recent run 🙁 my last run was my first marathon back in january and i injured myself (still trying to figure out how/why/what) and haven’t been able to run since! but i am discovering other forms of working out that i like, so this book sounds awesome! going to have to check it out!

  91. 5.5 miles on the first sunny day after what seemed like weeks of rain. Even those hills seemed easy with the sun smiling down on me.

  92. Last Saturday I ran my first 8.1 mile race. I was a little worried because I didn’t know what the course was like, but it was a beautiful day (although a LITTLE chilly, 17 degrees at the start), and I felt great the whole time. I also beat my husband by 3 minutes. 🙂

  93. My best recent run had to be my first 10K race last weekend. I didn’t have a great time, BUT I DID IT and I plan to do another next weekend and then as many more as I can until the 1/2 marathon I’m planning to do in October!!

  94. Running the treadmill at my gym– two minutes of easy running, one minute with the incline WAY up. It was my best run because: I was watching the (very early) morning news and felt I finally knew what was going on in the world; I was out of the house without any small people tugging on me for the first time in weeks; it was the only run I’d had the chance to do in what felt like forever. This looks like a great book- thanks!

  95. This mornings 1.75 was easy for me, which is great as I transition back into running after letting it take a back seat for the past month or so!

  96. I would have to say my best run is my 10k from 2 weeks ago. I had splits of 10 minute miles and my last mile was an 8:53!! I booked it but I know I can go faster. I’ve been in partial taper mode for the past week so no really good runs, just keeping moving. Hoping for Sunday’s 10M race to be my best run (until my 1/2M April 30!)

  97. Today! I was cleared from my PT to walk 1 mile, run 1 mile, and walk another mile. I hadn’t run in 2 months due to some tendonitis and this just felt awesome!

  98. Yesterday. Packed up the double jogger with 2 kids, 1 blanket, 1 box of granola bars, 1 bag of pretzels, 2 bottles of water, 1 bag of extra warm clothes. Ran to the playground/library and back home. In my last mile I was coming around a corner, headed up hill and passed a bunch of track and field boys resting on the side of the trail, looked down at my watch and saw 8:50 pace and kicked it up another notch..feeling like a super hero!!

  99. Easy – my last long run before the Oakland Half Marathon. I got up really early so it didn’t cut in to my weekend time with the kids. It was pouring rain as the sun came up. The bare trees were covered in rain drops lit up by the sun with the backdrop of the gray sky. Beautiful. I usually listen to NPR podcasts while I run, but on my last mile on popped a song I forgot I had added. Mumford & Son’s “Little Lion Man” came on and crescendoed right as I crested the last hard hill before home. Just me, some rockin’ banjo music, and the rain. Definitely got the runner’s high right then. Have I mentioned I love running!

  100. Doing a long run with my friends on new roads was my best recent run. We ran at a comfortable pace and I was able to catch up with my girls. The 10 miles flew by faster than some of my short runs. Tied with that run would be a recent run up a nasty hill. I beat it and felt strong at the top!

  101. My best recent run? Easy – it was a long run I did almost 2 weeks ago. I was shooting for 9 miles, but I ended up going further. It was one of those rare, ideal runs where you quickly settle into a comfortable pace that says “I could do this forever”. I probably could have gone 15 miles, if I wanted to. I ended up *finally* deciding on a finishing route, kicked it into a higher gear, and was able to finish super strong. I ended up going from a goal of 9 miles to completing nearly 12 miles! My pace was just a tad slower than 10 minutes per mile, not 100% satisfied with that, BUT, going by feeling of the run, it felt AWESOME!

  102. Last Saturday: 10 miles on the garage treadmill Usually I hate running on the treadmill, but it was pouring out. I was so happy to run that distance because I’m coming back from a knee injury and it was my longest run in the last couple months. I’m also 19 weeks pregnant, so I’m extra pleased to still be able to handle a decent long run. Came back in the house sweaty and very, very happy!

  103. My best recent run would have to have been my PR at the 15K distance this past Sunday. Not what I wanted as far as time but it was a PR by 1 minute and 44 seconds. 🙂

  104. About a week and a half ago, the weather here in Cleveland finally broke (for a bit) and I ran my farthest ever – 7.25 miles – along a great path I’ve found. I was outside with everyone else(running alone) just enjoying the fact that WE WERE OUTSIDE!! I ran faster than I had before and felt I could do another 1-2 miles when I finished. It was epic. 🙂

  105. My best recent run was this morning – even though I thought it was going to be cold & miserable to be running before the sun came up (gotta hurry, hurry to get back before the baby wakes up!) I had a great run and my 12 mo old son was sitting up & babbling happily in his crib when I returned. Winner!

  106. My best, most recent run was just this past Sunday. It was a 5K to benefit an organization that helps offset the cost of childcare for indigent families, The Nancy Travis House. The race was in my all time favorite college town, Athens, GA. I had my sights on a time under 34 minutes. With the hills, I was very skeptical. At the finish, my time was 32:58!! I was more than a minute UNDER my goal!

  107. Best recent run? Easy – my first time back out after a virus swept through our entire family. I had been out of commission for a couple of days, so I started back with an interval run. I was still wiped out at the end, but choosing a pace that worked for me on that particular day left me empowered to do more – rather than bummed that I wasn’t “up to speed.”

  108. My 12 mile run two weeks ago. Thats when I knew I was really and truly ready for my half. It was a far better run than ANY of the runs when I was training for my first. Hopefully though my half in 2 days will be my best soon 🙂

  109. My best recent run is the Shamrock 5k. Running is new to me and it was only my 2nd run. Looking forward to a 3rd 5k in two weeks and training for a half for June. I am so excited!

  110. Today, in the rain with my friend/running partner. Neither one of us wanted to go because of the rain but we did! It wasn’t a long run but afterwards we were just glad that we got out there and did it!

  111. Last Sunday I had an amazing 9 mile run. The weather was awesome…so sunny. I live 25 min west of the Twin Cities…it has been a cold, snowy winter! It was wonderful to be able to take in the sun and not have to strap on yak tracks!

  112. Last Saturday ran the longest leg (4.1 miles) in a 1/2 marathon relay team. I am 10 – 15 years older than the other three and ran my 4.1 in the same amount of time it took them to each run their 3 miles. I was pumped!!! Now, my goal is a 1/2 marathon in October – just me no relay team.

  113. I have been running mostly inside lately, but yesterday got out for a wonderful 4 miles. It felt so great to have the sun shinning in my face!

  114. My best recent run was just yesterday. While I’m just getting back into my groove everything just felt so right from beginning to end. I haven’t felt that excited during a run in a long time.

  115. Mine was my first 5k that I did on March 13th in Portland (my hometown) with my oldest friend. I crossed the line to Melissa Etheridge’s ‘I Run For Life’ blasting in my ears. The immense irony with this is my Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer 4 days later. I never thought I’d be a runner and knowing that I can do it has given me a lot of confidence because I don’t do it for anyone but me.

  116. I ran all the way to my mom’s house…it was 4.7 miles. I am mostly a treadmill trainer and this was the first outdoor run in a while. I was so excited about my pace and it was awesome to see how proud mom and dad were when I showed up.

  117. today was a great run. I put my 8 year old on his bike and my 1 year old in the BOB and headed toward the school in the misty oregon rain. Dropped off the 8 year old and pushed the one year old for 4 1/2 miles. I passed another mother pushing her two kids in her BOB and we both had huge smiles on our faces. It felt so good to be outside running today.

  118. 2 weeks ago, second run of the season, it was an early saturday morning, no wind…finished at a better pace than I thought…just nice and relaxing!

  119. A couple weeks ago; my first “trail run” with a mom friend. I didn’t think I could keep up with her, esp. being my first time on a “trail” – well I did, and I loved it. Can’t wait to try it again in a few more weeks.

  120. My best recent run? The day after a visit to the podiatrist. I’ve been fighting severe arch pain for over 10 years. I’ve tried everything – every insert, different shoes, more cushion, less cushion. Been told that my feet just need to get used to it. The pain was debilitating – and would stop IMMEDIATELY when I took my shoes off.

    Finally, caved and went to the podiatrist (which, I’ve been told, makes me officially old). BEST.DR’s OFFICE.VISIT.EVER! I learned that the shape of my foot is rare, and no running store would have ever fit it right. It was causing the strain on the tendon that runs under the arch of your foot – hence the pain. Apparenlty my big toe strikes before my little toes, which can become an issue. He added some temporary blocking to my current inserts, under my baby toes, and the pain was gone. I mean gone. gone. I went home and ran my first mile pain free. I went from an 18 minute mile (cause of stopping) to a sub 13 minute mile OVERNIGHT. Literally. The change was that fast. I’m down to 12 minute miles in less than a month, and cannot be more thrilled!

  121. The first 3 miles of what was supposed to be a 6 miler last night. I felt great. I had a new handheld water bottle and chocolate outrage Gu – both being tried out for the first time. I felt fast and strong. Just after the 3 mile mark, I took a short walk break to suck down the Gu (which, by the way, was awesome and tasted like cake icing) and some water, then picked it back up. And it was like a switch went off. Suddenly there was a terrible pain on the bottom of my right foot. I kept running, slower and slower, until I knew for sure I couldn’t go anymore. And then I limped over a mile back to my house. It. Took. FOREVER. I was cold and wet and miserable by the time I got home. And so, so, so disappointed. I am currently waiting to hear if any doctors can fit me into their schedules today or tomorrow, but I keep trying to tell myself that at least I got those 3 good miles in.

  122. Five miles running home after my son’s T-ball game. After running lots of hills during the week, this was a flat run and I felt great! Only after I got home and plugged my Garmin in did I find out that the run was a slight downhill the whole way – so I’m not actually as fast as I thought I was. But it was still a great run – and if it is not 90 degrees here on Saturday, I’ll do it again – maybe even both ways (uphill there and downhill to home).

  123. I ran 3.1 on the treadmill for a decent (for me) time on Sunday when I wasn’t expecting to go that far.

    On a different topic, have you guys ever looked into adding a Blog Frog community to your page? I would love to be able to ask questions of seasoned (mommy) runners and get input and read what others might be going through, especially because I’m such a newbie. Just a suggestion…

  124. Best recent run was Monday morning. I was scheduled for a routine laparoscopy at 1 and couldn’t eat or drink anything, so knowing I will be going through some recoperation, I ran 2 miles, and felt great, thirsty but great. I did pay for it when they had trouble finding a vein for the IV, but procedure is all done, and am looking forward to many more pain free runs ahead. But for this week, I can enjoy the memory of two glorious stolen miles.

  125. My best recent run was my first race that I ran in March. Yes, it was only 2.2 miles but I did it all without walking and my husband pushed me to run quicker and I shaved 1 minute and 30 seconds off my best time!

  126. My best recent run was during a long run that I had planned to split walking/running – just cover the miles. I was able to run the whole thing and I was THRILLED!!!

  127. My best, most recent run was my last run. I completed my third 100 miler at Antelope Island State Park outside of Layton, UT. My goal this year is to complete two 100 mile races and I am pacing a very good friend this summer at Western States, so a June 100 miler is out of the question. Training for this winter race was difficult. Added to training around the kid’s and my husband’s schedule were many days of icy conditions and our families once a week ski obligation (both my girls train at our local resort). My training was not consistent to say the least. Needless to say, I managed to push myself on this fast course and finish under 26 hours. It is hard not to imagine if I could have done better with more consistent training. Hard to say. Needless to say, I love running through the night and got to experience a place (an island in the Great Salt Lake) that I have driven by many times. When I got home, my girls (6 and 8) made me the best “Good Job” cards ever!

  128. 5 mile run this past Tuesday during my lunch hour, ran it in 45:57, my fastest run ever! Put a smile on my face for the rest of the day (until I got a call from daycare that my daughter was sick!).

  129. It was a couple of weeks ago and it was the first time in a long, long time I was able to get outside for a run. It had started off as a walk with the boys in the double stroller while their sister was in school. I wasn’t even dressed for a run, but it was so nice I couldn’t help myself. So there I was running through my neighborhood in my cargo pants pushing the double stroller. It was AWESOME! I’ve never felt so free!!

  130. I stopped running after my first child was born 4 years ago. Not really sure why. Biking, yoga, strength training took its place. But yesterday I decided to run 2 miles around a track. It actually felt really good. So good that I registered for a 5K next month! Looking forward to getting back out there.

  131. An early morning 10 miler around my old neighborhood, the weekend before we moved to a new house. It was just so peaceful and perfect, and really put me in a great frame of mind for the rest of the week!

  132. Two weeks ago when Mother Nature teased us with 70-degree weather, I finally got outside and ran a glorious 6 miles right after work. I would have run longer but I had to pick up the kids!

  133. Last weekend I ran 13.18 miles for the first time ever! I smiled for the rest of the day thinking “Check you out…you just ran a half marathon.” :o)

  134. My 13YO and I set out for a six mile run and decided it was dry enough to ditch the road and run a single track canyon. We ran through riverbeds, climbed over fallen trees and tackled hills that were so steep we had to scramble or fall backwards only to race back down the other side.

    We were so pumped afterwards that we ate a ham sandwich and then grabbed the whole family and did the four best miles of it again. It was the most fun we’d had in months and I got in 10miles without much fuss and bother.

  135. My best recent run took place last weekend. I am just coming off an injury, and trying to build some longer runs into my schedule before a 1/2 marathon in May. I met up with 2 runner buddies who I have not run with in quite some time. It was bitterly cold, but the sun was out and the conversation was great. It felt fantastic to be out on the roads again!

  136. An 8-mile training run for my upcoming 1/2 marathon at the end of April. I pushed my two-year old in her jogger the whole way. Originally I was just going to take her for half to give my husband a break, but we were having so much fun she said she didn’t want to go home- such a coup for me, Daddy is usually the favorite. I have to admit that I wasn’t above bribery though- I loaded up the stroller with her favorite snacks and plugged my iPod (previously loaded with her favorite Yo Gabba Gabba CD) into the music player on her Jeep stroller. She sang the whole way, so cute.

  137. My best recent run was 4 miles this morning. I was forced to take 8 weeks off due to an injury and am just getting back into running, so I am cherishing every single mile!
    – Ashley C.

  138. Yesterday I ran 6 with my fav. running partner, my little man (21 months old). I finished my 6 with about .5 left until we got home, so I let my munchkin out and we walked/ran the rest home. He’s my little runner!

  139. Wednesday morning we did 5 miles – we started at our 20K race goal pace and added :15 seconds per mile to the pace to the end. I started thinking there was no way I could do it and ended feeling totally exhilarated.

  140. A week and a half ago I ran my first half, and it was an amazing experience! Though the weather conditions were not ideal, I felt great the whole time and couldn’t stop smiling. I was doing it! Living my dream and meeting my personal goal. It was wonderful.

  141. Great article about the Hot Sweaty Mommas – they both rock! My best recent run was the FIRST time I ran with a running buddy (who wasn’t my sister). We both have steered away from running with others for fear of being too slow, which helped us realized we could run slowly together! We ran a nice and steady relatively flat 5 mile trail run. It was great and we have plans to go again and hopes of making it a regular thing while increasing mileage.

  142. Ran 4 miles yesterday at average 8:35/mi. pace with my neighbor/running partner! I couldn’t believe it! I started running in December 2010 8 weeks postpartum and could barely eek out a 12:00/mi. pace. Needless to say, I was super happy!

  143. Monday, 20 miles. After being sick for 2+ weeks it felt so good to be out there, it is almost feeling like spring.

  144. A 5 miler on a local lakeside trail with my BRF baby Hank in the jogger and my sister at my side. Great company, great scenery, relaxed and fun run!

  145. Best recent run was last Saturday’s 16 miler … longest ever. A good friend was watching my five kids. The kids were starting to get worried and wanted to call me on my cell phone. My friend said that it was a nice sunny day and your mom is probably just enjoying running 12 miles. My kids answered, “She’s not running 12 miles. She’s running 16! She’s training for a marathon, ya know.”

  146. My husband was racing in his first full marathon (outside of an ironman he did 9 yrs ago). I had not been able to train for due to a 4 month long infection post cs of our dd. She was 6 months old and I bundled her up in the stroller with windbreaker on and decided to meet him at mile marker 9 of the race to cheer for him. I ran/sprinted a whooping 2.5 miles and had just missed him. We turned around and ran the 2.5 home, hopped in the car and drove to the 19 mile marker. We caught him! This had been my first “solo” run longer than two miles. It was the beginning of getting me back on my running feet. I’ve got my first post baby tri this weekend! 😉 planning on crossing that finish line with hands in the air, thankful to be a Triing Bad Mother Runner!

  147. 5 miles on a wooded trail with my BFF. Neither of us had been there before and we had such a great time exploring it together!

  148. Live in WI, was on business trip in Houston…after traveling, working a trade show, having dinner with clients, I slid on my new Athleta running skort and when for a short run in warm weather.

  149. My run on Monday – a short track workout with my middle school track team (I coach for our church). It was one of my first days back (coming back from chemo treatments) and even though I didn’t run a huge workout or anything, it felt good to be back in motion! The weather was a bit on the cold side but I didn’t even notice because I was just thrilled to be out running 🙂

  150. 10 miles, 11 days ago. Last run before spring break trip to Disneyland. Everything felt great. Weather was good, music was good. 6 days vacation without a run and now 3 little runs later, can’t get my groove back.

  151. My best recent run was in Hawaii. I was on spring break with my family and inlaws. I went out by myself, which was perfect in itself. But I also climbed hills (huge for me, since I live in the flat desert of AZ), I ran along the ocean, I didn’t count my miles or my time. I went out and had a great run on a beautiful island! I can’t wait to do it again.

  152. Easy! That would be my only recent run. Between everyone having the crud and the weather still being too cold to take the kiddos with me, it’s been very difficult to find the time to run lately. Hopefully the weather will warm up soon!
    I managed to get in 2+ miles run/walking for 30 minutes. It felt great!!

  153. I haven’t had a “recent” run since December (delivered baby#3 in Feb), but am so looking forward to getting back out there hopefully starting this weekend!

  154. This community of mothers, and athletes is fantastic. I felt pretty isolated till now. Love the community y’all have created with the books! Best run yesterday, off the bike (well spin that got canceled cause instructer was a no show, made myself stay a bit) then needed a bit more of a workout so decided to run, only had about 19 mins, (childcare closing). I somehow did 2 miles! My pace is normally 10:30!

  155. My first 5k, the Lucky Green over St. Patrick’s Day weekend! It was my first race ever, and I finished 5 whole minutes faster than my projected time for myself! Plus, my husband ran it with my and my two little boys were waiting with their Grandma at the finish line. The whole entire thing was just so much fun!

  156. My best recent run was last Wednesday, 5am on our high school track. I have MS, and have recently been suffering from a relapse. My legs are still wobbly, so I only ran 2.25 miles with a few walk breaks, but it felt great! It was still dark, but there is enough ambient light from the school buildings that my eyes adjusted without needing a flashlight. I’m hoping to work hard this summer, and compete in a 1/2 marathon this fall. This run was a great start towards that goal!

  157. best recent run – last weekend on sloppy sidewalks, with the dog. Every run is a “best” these days, because fitting it in is an accomplishment.

  158. My recent best run was this morning. I’m training for a half end of May but the weather here in suburban Philadelphia hasn’t exactly been cooperative (snow on April 1st anyone?) so I drug myself out of bed at 4:45 to do a tempo run on the tread/dreadmill before work. I hate the treadmill and tempo runs usually make me throw up so the two together had potential for disaster. How does one throw up gracefully at the gym? I survived (thanks to SportsCenter) and felt pukey but didn’t throw up. Yeah me!

  159. Last Saturday I ran 8 for the first time since my fall marathon (oops–didn’t mean for that to happen). It was cold and windy, but sunny, and I got to see some 50k/50m racers on my route–inspiring!

  160. Great write up! My best run was at National Marathon last Saturday. The event was a total cluster and I had a bit of a mental breakdown during the race, but there is something about a 34 minute PR that will make you forget all that!

  161. My best recent run was a walk since I’m recouperating after a broken ankle. It was yesterday when I walked my kids to school and took a detour home making it 2 miles without pain.

  162. Best recent run was earlier this week when I went 15 miles on the trail. My furthest distance so far and I showed myself the realm of possibility! I did it and I felt great!

  163. My best recent run was on the treadmill! I ran 12 miles on the treadmill-which is not the most fun-however I am finishing my dissertation and having that time to myself on the treadmill allowed me to put the finishing touches and send it out for review. I also like the idea that I can get off and go to the bathroom-as I can’t “hold it” anymore..thanks to having my kids!

  164. My best recent run was with my BRB last week. 6.77 miles watching the sunrise and catching up. We haven’t run together since our marathon in February and we agreed to make it a weekly date.

  165. My best recent run was this past Sunday. I’m training for my 3rd half marathon and this round is so much better than last! The best part of that run though was when this family out on their bikes gave warning to each other with ‘Runner coming’! I smiled all the way to the end. I AM a runner!!

  166. An “easy peasy” half mile run with my daughter! I’m coming back after a looonnng “vacation” from running, and am starting with a half mile jog around the block pushing my daughter in the jogger. Once we finished my daughter exclaimed, “I want to get out mama, and run just like you!”. So, I took her again around the block but she ran that time. It was precious.

  167. Well, I’m a newbie runner (and an older one at that.) In mid March I ran/walked a 5k in the pouring rain and had a new PR.

  168. My best recent run was just this past Sunday when I finished my first half-marathon at the Rock N Roll in Dallas! I even ran injured and was still able to complete it. It was amazing and I can’t wait to sign up for another one:)

  169. my best recent run was a short two miles with my hubby. He is doing the 2 mile fun run while I run my first 10K next weekend. I turned on the speed at the end of our run and he couldn’t keep up 😉 That was a first!

  170. This is an easy question! I was supposed to run 14, and I talked my Eugene running buddy into running the Eugene Half Marathon course with me. We decided to turn it into 16 miles total, which was a mileage PR for me.

    The weather was perfect, my friend was a great guide, the time we spent together that day was awesome.

  171. My best recent run was actually my first after the small but incredibly drowsy hiatus of my 1st trimester. I ran through my last pregnancy, but I suffer from the pregnancy symptom of “I need 12 hours of sleep a day” between week 6ish until about week 13. I figure as much as I love to run, my body’s using up my energy for building a little life in my uterus. And I’ll take sleepy over morning sickness any day! Because this time I have a very active two yr old little girl in addition to my full time outside thehouse job, that first 3 miles with my old jogging partner seemed overdue and exhilarating! Here’s to the ability to run during pregnancy. No matter how slow or short these runs can become around this time, I’m grateful not to be high risk and still have the ok to exercise!

  172. This past weekend – I ran 5 miles after battling the flu for two weeks and then taking care of the kids (2) and husband (because of course it spread through the family like a wild fire). I felt strong, powerful and in control again.

  173. My best “most recent run”, was my first post marathon run…3 weeks after waiting for my IT Band to calm down, a 3 mile run down a quite road, past an old mill on the river in CT. It just brought it all back, and I thought “this is why I run… for these small peaceful moments”.

  174. Best run was last weekend when I had to put in 16k and just didn’t have it in me. I planned to run two 8k with a stop at home for quick drink and eat. Once I hit 5k I just kept going. Completely re-worked my route on the fly and ended up doing 17k in the end.

  175. I don’t have a recent run… but I had a great walk last Sunday. There’s nothing like a good 4 miles with great weather and feeling my baby move inside me!

  176. Last weekend my husband and I got to run together for the first time in maybe 9 months- usually we’re having to trade off so that one of us is at home with the kids. Both of us were sick and it was freezing outside…but we motivated each other and got out there. We nailed 12 miles over the snow and ice and I really enjoyed having my husband at my side. I always run with my ipod- but this run was about talking it up with my husband and doing what we love together. Bring on the half marathon in 3 weeks!

  177. My best recent run was definitely my first half marathon this past weekend. It was amazing! I finished in 2:20, which was under my 2:30 goal, and I felt incredible the whole way!

  178. I’m mostly on the treadmill, but I have had some great track workouts. I think my recent favorite was the one where my iPod battery wasn’t charged up and I had to run without my tunes (gasp!), and I spent each lap praying for my daughters at the age of the number of the lap I was on. It was really great.

  179. My last hill run(yesterday)…I just found Pandora radio and literally felt like dancing throught the entire run!

  180. My best recent run is always my last long one. For me right now, long = 7.5 miles, but I always have such a feeling of accomplishment when I complete it, even if (sometimes especially!) I’ve had to stop and catch my breath a few times during it or I’m going really slowly by the end. I still did it! Plus, it’s sort of an accomplishment it itself to find and claim a long chunk of time for myself like that.

  181. I little 5-mile gentle interval run on some very flat trails Tuesday morning. Not fast. Not long. But it was the first time in a couple of months that my running buddy, Kelly, could run with me after injuring her knee. SO good to have her back!

  182. I am not yet a runner more of a plodder. My best recent run was yesterday. Another mom introduced herself to me and started talking. We talked for 50 minutes, but I hadn’t run. When she left, I decided I could still do it, so I ran my wk5 day2 run. I felt great. Although it was only 8 min runs, I did it.

  183. A couple of weeks ago I ran a 4 miler with a good friend. It’s rare for me to get to run with a friend, so I enjoyed every minute of it!

  184. My best recent run was a 6 miler 2 weeks ago. It was the first run more than 3 miles I’ve done without any walking since last fall’s half marathon.

  185. My best recent run was this past Saturday. It was a 14miler – getting ready for my half marathon in 2 weeks. It started off not so great, but ended up being really great. The weather was horrible ( COLD!) and it really never warmed up, but my attitude did and that helped so much!

  186. Best recent run was 11.5 miles this past Saturday. I ran the same loop two weeks before that and had an awful time from beginning to end. My stomach hurt, my legs were so tight, and I just couldn’t get into the groove. This weekend was a million times better. I felt strong and relaxed, and felt like I was floating up the hills!

  187. Best recent run…a 90 minute one. I didn’t have a distance or speed in mind – I simply wanted to see if I could actually go 90 minutes and I did! Now that I achieved that goal…time to find some speed and distance!

  188. One of my best runs just happened to be yesterday when I got to run with a dear friend without having to push the jogger stroller. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy the workout of pushing the jogger stroller, but it was so nice to just be with my friend without having to worry if my little one was ok. The weather was perfectly overcast and cool, at time we ran hard, and other times during our run we took it easy. It was such a great run.

  189. My last best run was two weeks ago, it was my first 15kms run. The weather was perfect, the scenery incredible, and it just felt so good all the way! No pains, no discomfort, it wad really good. A plus: a super fast recovery! I didn’t have to take a nap during that afternoon. And by the next day it was like I haven’t run in ages 🙂

  190. My best recent run was the 4 miles I ran on the first nice day of spring, when I could finally get out and go with the warm sun shining on me again, without wearing gloves or worrying about snot freezing on my face. (I am a total wuss when it comes to running outside in cold weather.) Perhaps the best part of that run came at the end – running a cool-down lap around the neghborhood with my four-year-old, who is so excited about “training” for his first race – a 1K Fun Run.

  191. I did 10 miles – my first double digit run of 2011 – at under a 10:30 pace, which is SO FAST for me. I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for me…I see huge PRs in my future 🙂

  192. 7 miles with my husband, our 4month old daughter and 2 year old Golden Retriever. It was great to be outside as a family!!

  193. My best most recent run was a solo 13 miles two weeks ago on a beautiful spring afternoon. It was my longest run in about two months due to the nasty New England winter. Made for a very happy mom.

  194. I am training for my first half at end of April and went on a long weekend trip to Vegas this past weekend. We ate and drank a lot. First trip without kids. I started doubting if I could even run 2 miles, so I jumped on the hotel treadmill and ran 8. I felt so much better after that!

  195. 7 mile training run with my friends who were determined to finish despite (1) not sleeping after having baby #2 and (2) major months long lung malfunctions.

  196. My best most recent run was the first time I did 6 miles. I ran 3 miles for so long, that I had it in my head that 3 was all I could do. I finally broke out of my comfort zone and did 6. It felt great!

  197. My first half marathon which I ran last week in 2:12, my goal was for a sub-2:30! Exhilarating! Did I spell that correctly? It does not look right. Lol. Haven’t finished my coffee…

  198. Mine is lame. It was being able to run 1/2 a mile. I injured my back in December causing a bulging disc and severe nerve compression. I had to take over 6 weeks off my running. Being a new runner, this KILLED my progress. But, the other day I ran my first 1/2 mile without stopping and without feeling like dying. Now to keep progressing!

  199. I have been training for an upcoming half marathon and the training has not been going well due to a number of factors: illness, work, stress, etc. I was determined to get back on track this week and I nailed my 11 mile long run and my interval workout. Ain’t no stopping me now mommas! I would love to read your book and hope to get more tips about making it all happen.

    1. Judy! Way to go! Sometimes it just takes ONE good day of running to get you back on track! I was sidelined a few weeks ago by a running injury and the week I was fully recovered form that I got strep throat! URGH! I totally understand the feeling. I just did my first 10K and feel better (mentally) and stronger (physically) then I ever did before my sideline. Good luck – you can do it! I just ordered (Amazon) a few copies of this book for myself and a few friends who I know could use it!

  200. 19 miles last Saturday, my longest ever! Did it with a new friend I met on Facebook who’s also doing the same marathon as her first (Cox Rhode Races in Providence, RI.)
    Chatting the time away and getting to know each other after so many e-mails was awesome. The best? Realizing after 19 that yeah, we got this, and we could do 7.2 more right now with no problem! SUCH a mental boost!

  201. Last Sunday morning I ran 2.7 miles with the dog then brought him home and dropped him off. Then I went another 3.3 miles by myself. I just got into a nice beat on the pavement and got the nice runner high at mile 4. That was my best recent run. I’m sure it’s a short run to some of you but anything that approaches an hour is a LONG one for me. Burritos at a Mexican restaurant followed the run….. mmmmm!

  202. A solo 7 mile run on Sunday outside on my favorite trail – the longest since giving birth to my third child 8 weeks ago! I’ve been having issues with the strength of my pelvic floor and hip stability so I’ve been doing pilates exercises and easing back into my running. This run showed me that my hard work is paying off and that I will regain my fitness. I am so grateful.

  203. Last month my parents were in town and I needed to get in a long run. I took off from my house and asked them to leave about 90 minutes later and “catch up”. I got in about 12 hilly miles and about 1:50 of ahhhhhh. I love running without having to do the “out and back” thing. Seems like a much bigger accomplishment to run 12 miles away than 6 miles out and 6 back.

  204. 4 miles this weekend while fighting off a bad cold and taking care of sick kids (one with pneumonia). I was proud to get it done!

  205. My best recent run was last weekend’s long (14 mile) training run. It had been a year since I had hit a new distance & I did it! It gave me a much needed confidence boost & a sense of accomplishment. I now feel like I can tackle even more (luckily, since I’m running my 1st Marathon this year!)

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