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Keira running the trails on the Golden Coast.

Keira Henninger, 36 and mom of one, lives and runs in Capistrano, Calif. This BAMR is a self-employed race director and nutrition coach--she's behind five different trail races throughout southern California--who also is a passionate and accomplished ultra runner (a recent tweet from Keira: "U know U R an ultra runner in 100 mile training mode when ya randomly pull a small baggie of salt stick outta your jeans & cashier stares.... ")

Best recent run: 38-mile training run here on my local Laguna Beach Trails with my man and rock star ultra runner Jesse Haynes!

"Hugging my better half Jesse Haynes at my Griffith Park Half Marathon finish line this year."

Ultra competitor: I ran as a little girl and teenager to escape my horrific childhood. From there I never stopped. I ran my first marathon many years ago, and as soon as I started running on trails in 2004, I simply wanted to go longer. Eventually I ran my first ultra in 2006, and then after awhile started doing well at races. I now compete in the sport year round, and I love it!

Keira with her son Tyler, 16. ("Yes,he is very tall--6"4'")

Trail-blazer: I operate five races: the Leona Divide/Montrail 50 mile and 50K ultra, Ray Miller 50 mile/50K Ultra, Leona Valley Trail Races, Griffith Park Trail Half-Marathon, Griffith Park Trail 10K, and the Paramount Ranch Trail 10K and Trail Half-Marathon. All of these races are ran 100 percent on trails, and they are extremely well-organized, top-notch events. I have incredibly high standards, and am a perfectionist on organizing the best trail races in the sport.

Favorite running gear: My INKnBURN performance denim shorts.

Best running advice ever received: To keep it moving, and hike like you mean it. I learned this from two of my mentors in the sport of ultra-running: Tom Neilson and Scott Mills. They taught me how to crush the technical downhills, and summit big mountains by fast power hiking. You simply cannot run up 9,000-foot peaks during a 100-mile race. It saves your legs, and helps to keep from dying later in a long race.

What’s next on your race calendar? Cuayamca 100k in October, Pinhoti 100 Mile in November, PCTR 50k in December.

Follow this Mother on Twitter and over at her blog. Learn more at her race directing and nurtition coaching web site.

9 responses to “Follow This Mother!

  1. Wow. I had to go grab a cup of coffee when I saw 100 miles, just to make sure that it wasn’t lack of caffeine making me see those numbers. That is incredible, and what an inspiration. (Sidenote: love.the.shirt.)

  2. Wow! And, I kind of have to know where that sunflower top came from. That is the most gorgeous athletic tank top I’ve ever seen.

  3. EEK! What an amazing woman! Just had to check out her blog too. I will be digging thru her tips and wisdom going for my first 50m Ultra next year. Sincere thank you for spotlighting Keira!

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