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Amy Peacock (well, her feet anyway!) Great shot, Amy!
Amy Peacock (well, her feet anyway!) Great shot, Amy!

Amy Peacock of Charlotte, N.C. found healing through running—along with giving back to her church and community—after experiencing the loss of her parents. Cancer took her dad’s life when she was 21, and her mother died in 2003, just over 10 years later, of ALS. Amy, a 42-year-old mother of two—Bruton, 9, and Avery, 8—says it was her passion for running outdoors and for helping others that “helped me finally deal with pain.”

Best recent run: Everyday I run is a great run!   

He said it: I played soccer through college and finally started running when my husband said, “Why do you just work out in fitness classes?” Can you imagine? Annoyed, I immediately registered for the 1997 Marine Corps Marathon and have not stopped running since.

Back on track: It was very hard for me [to lost her parents]. I was in a new city, with a 1-year-old boy and 2-week-old daughter. I had not been running because I was really pregnant, down and had an infection from a C-section. I was on my knees. The very day I went out to run, I began to feel better. I immediately ordered a double jogging stroller and then my world opened up. I realized how important it is to be healthy in mind and body—for myself and for my family.

Amy and her family: husband Edwin, son Bruton and daughter Avery.
Amy and her family: husband Edwin, son Bruton and daughter Avery.

Joy-filled living: I pursued coaching Girls on the Run because I loved their mission. I wanted to create care teams for my church because that is what we had needed all along. And then be part of a ministry to encourage preventative health. Our church encourages everyone to have a ministry based on their interests and experience. It worked for me. Being aligned with my passion makes life less stressful and more joyful.

Chi Runner: I found out about ChiRunning in a small article in the Charlotte Observer about nine years ago. I was injured at the time, and the article indicated “you-not the shoe” that may be the problem. I switched to ChiRunning form and philosophy for injury prevention and energy efficiency, got into a racing flat and I have not been injured since. I became an instructor in 2007.  I LOVE helping people have more fun running and reduce stress and injury.

What’s to come: My favorite race so far is Big Sur Half—I want to go back and do the full. I love to run at Wrightsville Beach, NC. I hear the Napa Valley Marathon is great. Also, I’d like to do the Adirondack Marathon in NY. Maybe the Destin 50 Miler next year. Chicago, NY, Boston ...

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  1. So excited to see our Chi Running trainer featured on here. Our third session of Chi Running just started this week…and as usual it is already helping many of our members! 🙂

  2. After years of running I am finally noticing how horrible my form is. As I age it is harder to get out there but it is the only way I can stay calm. Running is my therapy. Going to check ou this Chi Running so I can hopefully continue to run and feel healthy and centered. Thanks Amy!!

  3. Glad to hear of another runner who loves ChiRunning! 🙂

    My last injury in March 2011 (22 months ago, at this writing) was a hip blow out at Mile 5 in Half Marathon. I hobbled to the Finish Line. Not pretty, but life changing. During my healing, I learned and applied ChiRunning. I have been injury free since then. Bad Form is the basis of running fatigue and injuries. There are moments of pain, of course – (we are running!) but I have not had any injuries. Buy the book AND DVD (they compliment each other. In addition to proper minimalist shoes, good nutrition and smart training plan, you can be injury free. So grateful for ChiRunning!

  4. So happy to see a Charlotte runner here! 🙂 Sometimes I feel so alone when I run, but makes me feel better to know there are others who carry some extra emotional weight as well….

  5. I should follow this mother runner right to my copy of ChiRunning on my bookshelf. Injuries plague me so Amy’s story is extra inspiring.

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