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A pre-race photo, Jessica and her boys.
Jessica and her boys.

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Jessica Morrison, 35, has been training for this weekend's Hyannis Half Marathon. This BAMR of two boys—James, 4, and Collin, 2—has a full race schedule for ’13, including three other half-marathons and maybe, just maybe, 26.2. She lives with her husband, Clarke, and their boys in Falmouth, MA, home of ZOOMA Cape Cod (she’s looking forward to that race slated for September).

Best recent run: I did a great 12-miler along the Shining Sea Bikeway from North Falmouth to Falmouth. It’s a BEAUTIFUL route! It was chilly (24-13 with wind chill), but the sun was shining. I finished in 8:27 miles.

Going the Distance: Although I have run a number of 5K races, I really like going a longer distance. I usually get faster over time. Since I almost always negative split my runs, I think I am probably better suited for the half marathon!

And Maybe Even Further Yet … I haven’t really felt like I was ready to tackle the marathon distance until this year. When the boys were babies, it was hard to conceive of marathon training, but I think now it might work with my schedule. Ideally I would like a smaller first marathon with good crowd support—the really large races seem a bit overwhelming.

Giving Back: My stepfather is currently battling Stage IV melanoma, so I do everything I can to raise funds and awareness for the disease. I try to use my blog to educate readers on the importance of protecting yourself from the sun and getting your skin checked annually. My stepfather discovered his melanoma between his toes—who would ever think to look there?? I will be running at least one race for the Melanoma Foundation of New England charity running team Running for Cover this year.

Rockin' her AMR "I Run Things" T-shirt!
Rockin' her AMR "I Run Things" T-shirt!

I never run without: My iPhone—I always want to have a lifeline in case of emergency, and sometimes I listen to tunes.

Mother Runner: Running means SO much more to me now than it did when I was younger. I run just as much for the mental benefits as I do for the physical benefits. My husband can attest that the house is a much happier place after I have run. There are times that he has actually pushed me out the door! It’s also very important to me that my boys see me being physically active and challenging myself through running. They love to run and enjoy coming to races to cheer me on. My oldest has already done a kids’ 1K. He ran the whole way, and I was so proud!

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  1. Good luck with the Hyannis Half! Last year I accidentally registered for the Cape Cod Half (fist year) while looking for the Hyannis Half, and since I ran the inaugural one, I feel obligated to run it every year now. That’s a good thing. It will mark my return to serious running after starting school and getting a new job. Will you also be running the Cape Cod Half (it’s May 19 this year)?

  2. Good luck this weekend–hope the snow is a non-issue! I hope to do the ZOOMA Cape Cod race (we’ll see how my first half goes in May)—any reason to cross the bridge to the Cape (especially after the traffic dies down!)

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