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Lisa plans to get plenty more of these this year--lots o' half-marathons planned for this mother runner!
Lisa plans to get plenty more of these this year--lots o' half-marathons planned for this mother runner!

Lisa Luth, 39, says 2013 is going to be “a huge year” and she’s not kidding: goals of running at least 13 half-marathons and getting faster, along with serving as a Nuun Ambassador. We have no doubt that this metro Detroit BAMR will be successful in all that she takes on. Lisa, who has two full marathons under her belt and recently clocked a 5K PR, says her family—daughter Ji, son Chan and husband Rick—has been bitten by the running bug, too.

Best recent run: My most memorable recent run was the morning of Superbowl Sunday. I met my best friend at our local metro park and got in 7 miles at a 9:40 pace. It was only 9 degrees Fahrenheit outside—bitter cold—but we got it done and had a great time chatting the entire way. This pace was a surprise to me—I expected to run it in around 10:30 because I was sick most of January, during and after the Goofy Challenge, and didn’t do any runs longer than a 5K since I completed Goofy.

5K PR: I got a new 5K PR at the Corktown Race in Detroit on March 10 coming in at 26:54. Leading up to this 5K, I was just starting to get into training again after Goofy and was not going to push myself. I ran a 5K training run at an 8:29 pace two weeks before. I usually just run 5K races for fun with the family but decided to see what I could do. We had a gorgeous day for the run but it was tough. My breakfast didn’t settle (don’t eat eggs for breakfast, even if you have four hours until the race), but I pushed though. I am looking forward to fueling right next time and breaking this PR again soon.

Best Running Advice: My all-time favorite piece of advice related to running is to respect your body and listen to it. I have learned the hard way not to push through injuries. The miles can wait until you are properly healed. And train smart—build a strong base before attempting to get fast.

Motivational Mama: The freedom I feel when running keeps me going. I crave it, my mind clears, my body gets stronger and it is some “me” time. Every mother needs an outlet, something for herself. Running is not something someone else can do for me, it is not something I can go out and buy either. I can only accomplish it and improve through hard work and dedication, and I love the challenge of that.

Lisa and her family.
Lisa and her family.

Fave Post-Run Noshing: Hands down it is sweet potatoes with eggs, guacamole and pico de gallo. I remove the skin from the sweet potatoes, cut them into 1/8-inch thick wheels and sauté in coconut oil about five minutes or so each side until fork tender. I make a huge pile on a plate, top with scrambled eggs and load on the Guacamole and pico de gallo. So spicy and filling too!

Family + Running: As a full-time working mother, it is hard to fit it all in. Several times week I wake up at 5 a.m. to get my run done before the day starts, and I do my long runs on the weekends. I would not have been able to accomplish my first marathon last year and the Goofy Challenge this year if it was not for the support of my husband and parents. They gladly step in, without question, to watch the kids whenever I need to head out for a run even if it might be dinnertime. They see the positive effect running has had on me and love it. My kids really support my running and have taken up the sport themselves. They experience firsthand why I enjoy it, and both got 10K PRs recently, finishing in 1:27!

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  1. I am impressed with all your training! I also work full-time and get up at 4:30 to squeeze in a lot of my runs, but have often felt like because of this, I couldn’t tackle a full marathon. Now you’re making me wonder if maybe I could!

  2. Your Motivational Mama quote “Running is not something someone else can do for me, it is not something I can go out and buy either. I can only accomplish it and improve through hard work and dedication” is so fitting for anyone wanting to achieve a personal goal. It goes well with “Champions are made not born.” Thanks so much – I needed this before my speed workout tonight!

  3. my favorite part was reading what you wrote under Motivational Mama, Could not have put it better myself!

  4. Congrats on your Goofy. Never have signed on the dotted line for that one. My 9 yo set a goal to run 3 5Ks this spring. We have had so much fun running together. Nothing beats the pride your child gets finishing a race.

    1. It is such a great feeling to run with my kids! I am shocked at the mental growth it has given them and the dedication and motivation to finish when the going gets tough.
      Have fun at the 5Ks this spring!

  5. Thank you for sharing! I love that your family runs together and I can’t believe your little ones are already running 10Ks! I just did my first last fall. That is awesome!!

  6. Thank you for sharing. Have fun running this year. A mother runner with 5 kiddo’s high five to your cute running kids. Keep up the great work kids & have fun.

  7. I have followed Lisa since meeting her through my run club. She is truly an inspiration! It was a joy to check me email this morning and see her face!

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