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Michelle running the Chilly Half on the famous Newton Hills in Boston: "PR'd that race!"
Michelle running the Chilly Half on the famous Newton Hills in Boston: "PR'd that race!"

Michelle Dixon, 46, runs with attitude—a very positive one, this mom of two boys will tell you. She lives in Canton, Mass. with husband Jack and their sons, and she’s proud to serve as a ZOOMA race ambassador (she also coordinates social media for the ZOOMA Women’s Race Series). “The ZOOMA races have such a great vibe and I’m happy to be a part of their mission to inspire women to live healthy, happy and active lives.”

Best recent run: I’m happy to say that I’ve been having some good runs lately, but my best recent run was last Saturday’s long run. I was planning to run 12 miles and my running buddy E offered to join me for the second half. So I ran an out and back for the first six, and then picked up E in her driveway and headed back out for a loop around town. While I was feeling pretty strong for the first six, it was so great having E with me for those final miles. We chatted, laughed a lot, there was some off-key singing – she kept me going when I started to slow. We cheered each mile as I hit double digits and I finished 12.6 miles! Love runs like that – great weather, great company, and double digits!

With her boys, who "ran her into the finish" at last year's ZOOMA Cape Cod.
With her boys, who "ran her into the finish" at last year's ZOOMA Cape Cod.

Running with Attitude: The one thing you can control in every situation is your attitude. I try to remember that every day, in every moment, I have a choice about what attitude I will embrace. When I decided to start my blog to chronicle my journey to become a runner, I knew the physical conditioning was only part of the challenge – the other side was mental. So I promised myself I’d go into this always bringing the best possible attitude.

Running & Stretching: I’m a huge fan of Pilates – it has made me a stronger and helped me to discover muscles I didn’t know I had! I even did Pilates all the way through my pregnancy with my youngest son (right up to days before delivering) and it really helped me bounce back quickly after his birth. I started a yoga practice about a year ago and it is such a challenge – it requires patience and really helps me to stay “in the moment.” Originally I thought yoga was just about getting a good stretch, but, like Pilates, it’s a full body workout. Both have helped me be much more aware of my body alignment and posture which definitely helps my running.

Influencing (and running with) her Boys: My boys are very into my running – they, along with my husband, are my biggest fans. They come to almost all of my races and cheer their hearts out! My oldest has done a couple of one-mile races and recently announced he wants to run a 5K, so we’ve started running together! Managing 90 lbs. of German Shepherd energy on a run isn’t something I’ve totally mastered yet. I have done some runs with him and plan to do more.

The Lure of 13.1: When I first started running three years ago, I secretly had a goal to run a half-marathon. I love this distance! The training can be challenging, but totally manageable, while juggling a busy family life. My first half was Boston’s Run to Remember and I had family members all along the course cheering – it was awesome! For that and each half-marathon since, I just love that feeling of crossing that finish line – I feel so accomplished, so proud.

Michelle and her cheering squad.
Michelle and her cheering squad.

A Boston Run: I’m returning to Boston’s Run to Remember at the end of May for half-marathon #7. It will be the first race run on the streets of Boston since the Marathon. Since this was my first half, this race has a special place in my heart. My goal is to run 13 races in 2013 so I’ve got lots of fun races planned for the rest of the year, including ZOOMA Cape Cod in September. I had a blast at this race last year and I’m thrilled to be serving as one of their race ambassadors again this year.

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  1. I love your comments about attitude being the one thing that we can control, so true in running and in life!! Thanks for sharing and happy running!

  2. I remember that turn at the finish line at Zooma Cape Cod last year. GREAT race! Great seeing the RLAM ladies there too 🙂 Not signed up there this year (live in MD) but hope to in the future!

  3. I always enjoy reading Michelle’s blog–i can always relate as another woman of “a certain age,” and she DOES always have a great attitude!

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