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Laurie, ready to run -- "In a skirt, of course!"
Laurie, ready to run -- "In a skirt, of course!"

Laurie Mapp, a Canadian BAMR, is looking forward to getting dirty this summer—she and her husband Darin are signed on to participate in the Mud Hero, an August obstacle course event in Red Deer, a town north of Calgary. Laurie, 37, and her family of five—she and Darin have three boys—live in Spruce Grove, Alberta.

Best recent run: My best recent run was on a Saturday night—the weather was warm, but not too hot, and I was running on a local school track. The track was dusty and boring, but it was an awesome run because my whole family was with me. My husband was running and my boys were playing tag in the park right next to the track. We were just out enjoying time together and getting some exercise at the same time. Beautiful!

Running the track with her three boys.
Running the track with her three boys.

Her Tri Life: My favorite part of doing triathlons is the challenge—I really had to push hard to complete them and I needed to train very consistently. It kept me from slacking! It’s also easier on my body to do such varied training, rather than running all the time. I might do more sometime, but I’ve put triathlons on hold until I can improve my swim stroke. I did breaststroke in my first two and felt SO slow. We don’t have as many “fun” triathlons nearby, and so the people who do triathlons here feel competitive and fast.

Running with Kiddos: My whole family has benefitted in so many ways—my husband was motivated to take up running after I did and has completed his first half-marathon. He also got into cycling after I bought a bike to train for my tri’s and he found he really loves riding a road bike. My boys see that exercise is fun and a lifelong experience. They are even doing their first race this June—I love knowing I inspire them!

Never runs without: A pretty skirt and a sparkly headband. Feeling good about how I look running gets me out the door.

Most Favorite Race Distance: 10K, for sure. I like that it doesn’t require crazy amounts of training time. My husband is gone a lot and long runs are often on my treadmill while my kids play nearby. There were some days that were tough when I trained for my last half. My oldest is pretty much ready to help with babysitting this summer, though, so that might make a difference in making training time easier to fit in.

Running (and Getting Muddy) with her Hubby: My husband and I have raced 5Ks together before – we try to annually do a local New Year’s Day run—and we were supposed to do our first half-marathon together, but I ended up with pneumonia and he had to do it alone! As for the mud/obstacle run we’re doing, the allure is definitely in the strength elements required. It is pushing us both to add more strength training in to our weekly schedules. Plus it just looks like so much fun!

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