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Sarah running a recent 10K, where she set a 4.5 minute PR for that distance. Way to go, Sarah!
Sarah running a recent 10K, where she set a 4.5 minute PR for that distance. Way to go, Sarah!

Sarah Briggs, a.k.a. Mom Running on Empty, adores the 13.1 mile distance, but is training for her first 26.2 this fall: the Marine Corp Marathon. This mom of one—she and husband Rob affectionately call their 9-year-old son “Danger”—lives in Victor, N.Y. and calls this past year “a whirlwind.” She started her blog and became an ambassador for FitFluential and Girls Gone Sporty. “The only thing I knew for sure is that I wanted to share my journey in order to hold myself more accountable. I never expected to inspire others and that has been both humbling and exciting.”

Best recent run: On a short run I happened to run past a woman who appeared to be just starting out on her journey to become the best version of herself. This sparked thinking of all of the progress I had made physically and emotionally. I was able to reflect on how far I have come and got to glimpse into the future and where I want to be. I finished the run feeling more like a runner than I had in a very long time! It was sincerely humbling.

"With my close friend and favorite running partner after a recent 5K."

One Strong Mother Runner: I have been made a lot of changes in my training and fueling. I eliminated most carbs and all wheat. With the help of my trainer, I have found new and different ways to fuel my longer runs and I am seeing amazing results. I am down 10 pounds since I started. I also no longer depend on dairy. My quest to ready myself for the upcoming Spartan Race by losing fat and building muscle is becoming a reality. So much of this is about making smarter choices to fuel my workouts and choosing protein rather than depending on carbohydrates. The class has also helped me find a love and appreciation for weight training. Seeing definition in my arms for the first time in my life has been so exciting.

Instagram-ing Food Pics: I really enjoy finding ways to incorporate ingredients my family loves and my passion for eating healthy. I went to school for culinary arts and have always had a passion for creating new menu items. Since food has always been a bit of a pitfall, I love the control I have in the kitchen and the feeling of empowerment I have when I make great choices for myself. Sharing what I eat helps me to stay honest and accountable. When I enjoy a treat, or I make a less-than-ideal choice, I share that too. I’m human and it’s important that I share those choices with my readers, too.

Going the Distance: I have two half-marathons on the calendar this year and I am seriously considering adding a third. My plan is to run the Catherine Valley Half in August, the Wineglass Half in September and the Red Baron Half in November. The half is one of my favorite distances because although the distance is challenging both physically and mentally, it still allows me to balance all the areas of my life without waking up before 5 a.m.! I feel like a rock star when I finish—AND my laundry is all clean! My first full marathon is the Marine Corps Marathon at the end of October.

With Danger and Rob at a local Thanksgiving Day run in Webster, NY. "I ran my first race on Thanksgiving so it is my favorite day to run!"
With Danger and Rob at a local Thanksgiving Day run in Webster, NY. "I ran my first race on Thanksgiving so it is my favorite day to run!"

Family Planning: I work very hard and with the help of my coach, I have a training plan for each week. We have a chalkboard in the kitchen that we update every Saturday night with my mileage, Danger’s and Rob’s various commitments, work schedules, and chores. We all make sure to follow up with each other to finish our tasks, stay on track, and get it all done. I’ve learned to accept that there will always be a load of laundry waiting, and that my house may never be completely spotless. We work very hard to carve out family time every week!

Running Dreams & Plans: This year my major goal is to train and complete the Marine Corps Marathon in October and to continue to focus on the blog and finding a way to post more often. Becoming an ambassador for Fitfluential and Girls Gone Sporty has introduced me to the most amazing men and women I have ever met. I have made new friends who I can’t imagine my days without now. These organizations have taught me how to share my story and be heard as well given me the support system that gave me the courage to chase dreams I never knew I had. We should all be so lucky to be know one or two of these people, but as an ambassador I have the thrilling opportunity not only to get to know these inspirational characters but the privilege of introducing them to others.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading. Have fun in your full. I tried so hard to get into that one this year. Really wanted the kids to see this one. Will try again next year. You should do a follow up post on how or all went. Would love to hear all about it. Keep on rocking all those 1/2’s!!!!

  2. Good luck on your upcoming marathon! I love how your whole family keeps track of each other’s commitments and activities so that you can coordinate and work together! Family support is essential!

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