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Dora at the Fountainhead Inaugural Trail Half  Marathon 2013.
Dora at the Fountainhead Inaugural Trail Half Marathon earlier this year.

Dora Elmore, 38, is one inspiring mother runner. Along with leading several running groups both locally and online, the Sterling, VA mother of two serves as an ambassador for the Lululemon brand. "It’s been a great opportunity for growth, not only as a runner but as a person, too. It has definitely pushed me to be fearless, and go after my goals," she says. Those goals include running a slew of races this summer and fall: a 25K trail run this Sunday, a Pennsylvania 26.2 next month, the Chicago Marathon this fall, and the North Face Endurance Challenge 50K in December.

Dora and her Lululemon Run Club, ready to hit the road.
Dora and her Lululemon Run Club, ready to hit the road.

Best recent run: I was with my new running partner Beth, from Vienna/Oakton Moms Run this Town. We headed out for 10 miles, and it was like a good first date—time flew by. We chatted all the way, and felt so strong and steady throughout the run. Our last mile was our fastest.

Striking a (Running) Deal: Six years ago, my husband Michiel, who has been trying to get me to run since we were dating, made me a deal. I wanted to go to a Zumba class in another part of town but I hate driving, so he agreed to drive me there if I went on a run with him. After that, I was hooked. I signed up for a race the next day. Running is a big part of my life; it has helped me learned so much about myself, and my capabilities. I am lucky that I get to share it with my partner. We train and race together, and he is my biggest supporter. I also get to share it with my daughter, who also enjoys it.

Power of Running Clubs: I started leading my first run club as a Lululemon Ambassador, and I had the chance of meeting other inspirational people who share my passion for the sport and the camaraderie that running provides. I met Rick Amernick from DC Capital Striders, and he is an inspirational leader in our running community. We hit it off and now we're leading one of the DCCS run clubs in Reston at the Potomac River Running Store. My reach within the running community has grown tremendously thanks to DC Capital Striders. Run clubs are a great way to help others start their running journey, and to make a meaningful contribution to your running community.

Dora and her family.
Dora with son Arturo, daughter Marley, and husband Michiel.

Trail Running Mother Runner: Trail running is a real passion of mine. I discovered that I feel most free and full of joy while on the trails. It’s so different than my training and time on the roads--I feel free of the self-imposed pressures of road running. It makes me feel like a kid again, and it makes me a stronger runner overall.

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6 responses to “Follow This Mother!

  1. WOW such an inspiring story…I have always wanted to trail run but am a klutz and would probably trip and injure myself! Dawn you are an inspiration to me, thanks for sharing!

  2. Lisa, I will be in California in Dec! So definitely will try to meet you while I am there. Funny how are paths crossed and our stories are so similar. Xo

  3. I used to live in the same area (NOVA) where Dora runs. The trails are magnificent, so green and lush, a wonderful place to zen out on a run! Dora is inspiring and amazing, wish I had had the opportunity to meet her while I lived back there, we ran with many of the same people.

  4. Great post! I’ve never run a trail race (or even ON a trail) but I’d LOVE to try! My boys run cross country…maybe I’ll have a go with them!

    PS Is Dora a model? She should be! She’s beautiful!

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