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Kimberly after a 20K she has run the last 6 years, Dam-to-Dam in Des Moines IA. "it was my first-ever distance race."
Kimberly after a 20K she has run the last 6 years, Dam-to-Dam in Des Moines IA. "It was my first-ever distance race."

Kimberly Hatting and her family—husband Patrick and their three kiddos Kaylynn, Ashton, and Liliann—look forward to “someday” visiting Disney, where Kimberly can run a race. ("Our family LOVES everything Disney,” she says.) She’d also like to run a race in every state—“and have the hardware to show for it.” In the meantime, however, this mother runner from Grinnell, Iowa, is training for the Quad Cities Marathon in Moline, Ill., on Sept. 22—her very first 26.2.

On St. Patrick's Day: "I love bright colors!"
On St. Patrick's Day: "I love bright colors!"

Best recent run: I recently ran 17 miles, and it was the farthest I have ever run. It was great because it reminded me of the first time I ran 10 miles (in training for my first half marathon). That feeling of knowing my own body could go that far was incredible!

Power of Accomplishment: I started running mainly to just tone up. I also had done several 5K events, but had never been able to run a complete race without walking. I trained and was able to successfully finally run a complete race in the fall of 2005 and LOVED that feeling of accomplishment. I have never been very athletic (I’m horribly clumsy), so I was excited to find a sport I could (somewhat) excel at.

Quad Cities, Here She Come: Knock-on-wood, the training has been great! It feels like I’m doing a big event each weekend as I prepare for my long runs. And, believe it or not, I actually look forward to them (even though I don’t get a medal, T-shirt or swag bag). I’m doing most of this on my own, but I have a huge support network of friends through my Facebook page. Several are also training for their first marathon, so we are “virtually” training together.

From 13.1 to 26.2: I love the 13.1 distance, but it’s not much of a challenge for me anymore.  I thought training for 26.2 would give my running a healthy boost of excitement, something out of my comfort zone. A marathon was something I’d never picture myself doing, but here I am, almost to the starting line.

Taking to the Trail: Trail running is a great way to mix up the routine. We all need to try different things and test our strength. Trails are very different from pavement—constant twists, turns, rough terrain, numerous hills, tall grass, mud, rocks. You have to constantly be aware of your surroundings.  Your ankles will take a beating, and probably your quads, too…fair warning!

Running on the Fly: The name of my blog suits me—it seems like I’m always on the run somewhere. Flying out of the house on errands or dropping the kids off someplace.  Sometimes I need to make time to run or it won’t happen. (And I have a fondness for dragonflies)

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  1. Woo hoo for Midwestern mother runners! I’m your “neighbor” over in Iowa City (and a Grinnell alum) so I am totally cheering for you! Great choice to move it up to the full. You’ll love Quad Cities and maybe I’ll see you there!

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