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Josephine Casey and her empowered daughters

Given Dimity’s happy success at a sprint tri a few weeks ago, I decided it was time to shine the light on a blogger who is tri-ing. I love that Josephine Casey, a 42-year-old mom of two girls in New Jersey, does ocean swims as part of her training.

Best recent run: I was doing intervals on the treadmill at the gym and another tri/runner lady friend, who is super fast, commented on how good I looked on the treadmill. I was feeling good, and to have someone else notice felt great.

Tri as I might: I only started doing triathlons last year, when my goal was to finish. This year I invested in clipless bike pedals for the bike, and my goal was to get comfortable on them--and I am! Now it is all about the mental part. I want to race and have my mindset be: I can, I will, I am. Not the negative thoughts of, “This is so hard! Why am I doing this? Damn, I want to stop!” I want to do every portion feeling strong and thinking strong.  Next year I will invest in a wetsuit, and I hope to complete my first Olympic size tri.

Sea, I swim: Swimming in the ocean is truly amazing, yet I was petrified to start doing it. I grew up going to the shore on the weekends and was use to playing in the waves but once I was older I rarely went out into the ocean. It was always too cold. Until last year, when I did my first tri, my husband had never seen me enter the ocean. I joined a local group of ladies who train together, and they hosted two weekly ocean swims. They have lifeguards who help out and many levels of different swimmers. I simply went one day and did it, and kept going back even though I’d get nervous all over again each time. Swimming in the ocean is truly exhilarating: There is always a certain amount of fear but you learn to relax yourself and your breathing, and you know you can overcome any panic. It is like therapy, challenging myself and my mind. You have to be willing to step out your comfort level.

I love you, sugar: I love me some candy, chocolate, sweets. I have since I was little. The first thing I think of after I finish dinner is...what sweet will I have. After two kids, I was indulging a bit too much. One piece became five, one cookie became a sleeve. I need to reign it in; I try to have some dark chocolate in the house to satisfy the need. It will always be a work in process, and I never want to live a life that you deny yourself everything. Moderation is the key.

Two-tri family: It is hard to balance but we both know how much we enjoy the working out. My hubby trained for the NYC Olympic-distance triathlon this summer. He has very long work hours so he would have to work out at 10 at night. He is a night owl so it works out. We have a treadmill and we bought a CycleOps, so he could run and bike in the basement. He swam at the Y on weekends and some weeknights. I work out at a gym where they have a babysitting room so I can work out after dropping our girls off there. On the weekends, I wake early and get some ocean swims in. Instead of date night we have date races: Lately we have been getting a sitter on the day of a race at 5 a.m., and we head out together for brunch.

Filling up the tank: I never believed that what you ate after your workout mattered. But after working with a nutritionist, I realize how important it is. If I am at the gym, I get a smoothie with fruit and protein powder. I am a huge fan of larabars. I am really trying to look at food as fuel, which helps me make the right choices.

Roll with it: Foam roller: It is hell but it works.

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17 responses to “Follow This Mother!

  1. I am so excited after reading about this Mom, and can’t wait to read her blog! I’m just ahead of her in age, 43, with two kids and after injuring my knee running I’ve revised my 2011 goals to include a sprint tri. I’m terrified of swimming in general, in the ocean more specifically, AND I love love love candy. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Love it! I am a tri mommy of two little girls too! I also just started last year and I am hooked. I will finish my forth sprint in Sept. I now have two triathletes-in-training. My daughters (ages 4 and 2) LOVE to play “triathlon”, pretending to swim, bike, and run around our living room. My 4 year old can’t wait until she is old enough to run and bike with mommy and daddy.

  3. Stumbled onto this blog and wanted to say hello! My type of blog for sure. I have been doing the triathlon thing for about 1o years and became a certified coach a couple of years ago. But I do it all while putting my Mom status first. Thanks for the inspiration and positive vibes. I love this community we have all joined. So nice to read and share stories and get fun tips and stories from others. You can check out my blog anytime. Thanks again.

  4. Well I am doing my first triathlon this weekend. 50 yard swim, 2 mile bike, ½ mile run. Did I mention this was a Family triathlon? I love that my first tri will be with my twins, during their first triathlon. And they are 4½ years old. Motherhood is amazing. Thanks for the inspiration. Hopefully someday I can progress to an organized race. For now I’ll stick with the marathons.

    1. Tryna–Wonder twins! That’s fun that your twins are doing family triathlon. We should get our kids together sometime for total mayhem. Have fun tri-ing this weekend!

  5. It’s great to know that there are other 42 year olds out there doing this stuff. I’m doing marathons. I know that feeling of ‘why am I doing this, it hurts, I want to stop’ and I too want to move on from this. I also admit to a sweet tooth and yes, I now know the power of nutrition! Great post 🙂

    1. Us 40-somethings have to stick together, Joanna. I’m the “Masters” age RLAMer! Josephine and I TOTALLY bonded over our sweet tooths (teeth?!).

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