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Carly and her clan sitting pretty

We were on a convergence track with mom-of-three Carly Vucenich, 36: Dimity met her in her hometown of Minneapolis about the same time SBS got directed to her blog by the PR person for Lanacane Anti-Chafing Gel. We both love this marathoner’s sassy, self-deprecating humor.

Best recent run: A 16-miler was one of my best runs ever. My legs were fresh, and running conditions could not have been better—we had a break in humidity and the air was cool. During my tour of Minneapolis that day, I ran the Chain of Lakes, Minnehaha Parkway, and jogged through my dream neighborhood. Yet it wasn’t without a mishap: At mile 12, I dropped my husband’s iPod, and it got run over by a city bus. I must have had a pretty good running buzz because I giggled all the way home.

A first time for everything: My first marathon—the 2001 Twin Cities Marathon--was also my first road race. My friend from high school brought up the idea and threw down a double dare on top of it. Being one that has a hard time backing down from a challenge, I did it even though I was far from being the picture of fitness. I was overweight and a smoker. With a little training and perhaps a little more luck, I crossed the finish line. That moment was one of the best feelings that I have ever had. What a rush! I was hooked and I could not wait to do more. Currently, I am training for Twin Cities Marathon in October with the same friend who dared me to do it almost a decade ago.

Join the club: Several weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Dimity at a group run with the Moving Soles Running Club followed by a reading of Run Like a Mother while she was in the Twin Cities. I was intimidated just by showing up and running with women that I had never met. I am glad I took the risk because I was introduced to some really cool women. In fact, I ran the whole time with a woman named Carrie and our chatting made the five miles fly. I have been wavering about joining a club, but I’ve decided to start running with Moving Soles Running Club because they offer the support and community I crave, yet I don’t have to give up all I love about running alone (e.g. music and my own musings).

In the movie of my life, I’d be played by: I had to consult with the panel of experts for this question:
My Husband: Lisa Lampanelli (What?!?)
My BFF: Ellie Torres/Christa Miller from "Cougar Town" (Never saw the show, but she swears that character is me)
Me: I would like to be played by Drew Barrymore. She seems down to earth, has a great sense of humor, and doesn’t take life too seriously. I have also been told I look like her (a stretch in my opinion).

Oh, yes, they call it the Streak: I have been inspired by other bloggers that have “gone streaking” to help create new habits. Even though I am training for a marathon, I don’t get a lot of my scheduled training runs completed. I am a habitual over-committer and a lot of times my running gets kicked to the curb because I have managed to cram too much into 24 short hours. I recently declared I was going go streaking and run for 21 days straight to make running a priority as well as to liven up my marathon training schedule. I am at the starting line of the 21-day stretch, and I have made a rule I cannot go to bed unless I have run at least one mile.

Miller Lite when I golf, margaritas when I run: I am, of course, referring to margarita-flavored Clif Shot Bloks. I pair these with the Black Cherry Shot Bloks and water. This combo is the perfect balance of sodium and caffeine that keeps me going and wards off muscle cramps. After the run and after I come back to consciousness, I reward myself with either a fully loaded Coke on ice or a Leinenkugle’s Summer Shandy. Too bad that beer can’t help me run because it seems to work wonders with my golf game.

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12 responses to “Follow This Mother!

  1. I happened upon this mother blogger runner several months ago through other virtual running buddies & WeightWatcher friends and was psyched to open up RLAM blog and recognize her again!

    And then to realize that the Runners World article I have pinned up on my desk to break the 2 hour time was Dimity’s… it was convergence runner writer world. Thank you for your blogs and can’t wait to read more!

  2. There is nothing better than substituting one undesirable habit than a positive one. Great job!

    Running brings great people together; it sounds like you’ve made some wonderful new running buddies.

  3. Love to hear about women who make their lives better through running. However, I’m always afraid I’m going to drop my iPod and it’ll get crushed. Sadly, this story did not help me overcome my fear. LOL Thanks for the link 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh, could I love RLAM any more?! How did you know that once again I would need to see this? I wrote yesterday on the fb wall that I was crushed that someone told me I did not look like a runner (whatever!) I felt better after reading the posts and profiles on this site. And Carly seems like she could be my twin. Former smoker and a little heavy. I will be following you! Good luck with the marathon!

    1. Anna–
      We aim to please, babe! “;>)
      Seriously, though, we are glad our FB page and this blog are helping you feel like the legitimate runner you are. It’s like a family: Families too often pigeonhole members into the way they were 10 or 20 years ago. (Brother will always be stoner who skips class; sister will always be shy overacheiver, etc.) But people change and evolve. Sure, you used to be a smoker, but now you’re not. Just need to wipe off the mirror, and take a look at who you are today. That’s what counts.

  5. Carly–What a treat to see this post today! And your first marathon story is awesome! Can’t wait to see you again at a Moving Soles run. Just love how that one RLAM event has hooked us all up. See you soon….

  6. dimity here. carly is a true RLAM champ: came to one reading, and then again to the Moving Soles run. had no idea you ran your first marathon as a smoker. glad you’ve kicked one habit–and picked up another. keep running strong, girl! xo.

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