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Hooah! Lorraine with her freshly earned Marine Corps Marathon medal
We’re warming up to Twitter, in part to the presence of women tweeters like Lorraine Robertson (@AskWifey), a social media dynamo and mom of two who lives outside Atlanta. We caught up with her after she ran her first 26.2-mile race, the Marine Corps Marathon (MCM), during which she tweeted for the Washington Post online.


Best recent run: That’s easy--the Virginia Highlands Summerfest 5K. After running Disney’s Princess Half Marathon I was motivated to share the joy I had for running with others so I came up with “Get Moving! Race and Relax.” My business partner and I gathered 20 women to run the 5K and support each other via social media. We trained, laughed, tweeted, Facebooked, ran, and walked; then celebrated with brunch and personalized trophies afterwards. While I didn’t PR I consider it my best run because I had so much fun bonding with these ladies. It was also extra special to me because I got to run with my sister, and we crossed the finish line together.

Marathon musings: On Halloween I ran my first marathon--the Marine Corps Marathon--and I absolutely LOVED it. I smiled the entire time and never hit the dreaded wall—gasp! I’m not sure if it was great training, following my race plan, or my lack of sanity, ahem, but I pranced happily across the finish line and can’t wait to do it again.

Going with the group: Joining a running group was the best move I made once I decided to take on the big “M.” My peeps at Get Fit Atlanta not only helped me train properly and safely, they encouraged me, challenged me, hipped me to running secrets--carry your own toilet paper, ladies--checked on me when I hurt my foot and became an important part of my world. My coaches were not only leaders and mentors, they became friends. Having a crew to get me through the long miles, teach me about tempo running, and remind me to trust the taper was priceless. Many of them ran in the MCM with me, which made my experience even extra special.

Tweet, tweet: I was tickled when the Washington Post online included me in a handful of runners to tweet and take pictures for them to track online during the race. Fortunately, I wasn’t “racing” and do 2:1 run/walk intervals for long-distance running. That meant there was a good chance I wouldn’t tweet and trip since I could take pictures and send them off during my walk cycles. I did it the entire race and can I just say the twitterverse is amazing! Once people realized I was tweeting while running a marathon they stuck with me, encouraging and cheering me on! They also called me crazy but the support was overwhelming. I was able to share my thoughts, excitement, pictures from the course, funny costumes and signs, and even when I had to pee. Yes, I got a little silly toward the end: “Mile 23 and I have to pee. She runs AND rhymes. Tee hee hee.”

Napoleon [is] dynamite: One of the things that make running so wonderful for me is the support of my husband, Napoleon. Running is an escape. It’s an outlet. It helps me stay healthy. It keeps me sane. Running does so many things for me and knowing that I have the support from my husband to take the time to run and to tackle goals that I never dreamed possible makes it all work. He’s not a runner but I’ve managed to rope him into two 5Ks this year. Beer was involved in both. And, of course he took the trip to D.C. with me to cheer me on as I joined the exclusive 26.2 club.

Up next: I’m so glad I signed up for the Atlanta Half Marathon on Thanksgiving Day before I ran my marathon or I might’ve opted for the 5K. I rested for one week after the MCM but got the itch to run almost right away. My post-run ice bath did wonders for my legs and woke up the entire hotel--to say I screamed would be an understatement--but it helped, big-time. I’m excited to go for a PR on Thanksgiving and to see my kids run their first 1-mile race. My dad and host of cousins and friends will also be running in the 5K so it should be a great time.

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Lorraine and Napoleon triumphant after a 5K

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  1. Great job, Lorraine! I too follow this mother, and she’s all kindsa awesome! It’s really inspiring to see busy Execumamas like Lorraine prioritize their health amidst the beautiful chaos of motherhood. Kudos to Lorraine and all the other amazing moms out there who remind us that we CAN!

  2. My cousin is a great role model and an inspiration to so many. I’m gonna run the 1/2 on Thanksgiving too and we r gonna share a drink at the end!! I may have to join the #tweetrun movement during water stops!! Lorraine now u have inspired me to hit my PR goal for the 1/2 and actually put effort into the online social branding!!

  3. Do you know how much this woman inspires me?!?! Can’t wait to see the things you tackle next!! You are just AWESOME and I am proud of how talented you are at tweeting and running!!!! SMILE!!

  4. I follow this wonderful lady’s blog as well. Congratulations Lorraine on your wonderful accomplishments. So very proud of you. The only place I’m running these days is all around MA for trainings and meetins for work and then running home to go to bed after a long day LOL. Keep it going.

  5. Hey, I already follow this mother! I loved reading your tweets during the race and cracked up when I read the 23 pee one. Your first marathon is something you’ll always treasure. Congrats, Lorraine!

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