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Melanie get a hug from her little guy after being winning woman in local 5K

We think a lot of you already "know" Melanie Faulkner, 30, of Puyallup, Washington, a.k.a. Tall Mom on the Run. But we want to highlight her anyway because we're big fans of hers, too.

Knew I was a runner when: I registered and started training for my first race. Once I put the money down and printed a schedule, I felt legit. I remember being very nervous at the start of my first half marathon; I felt like everyone knew that I had no idea what I was in for. But once we started running, I found my niche. I love to run; I was meant to race; I am a runner.

Best recent run? The Free Million Inch Run (15.78 Miles++). I ran with running buddies I have met through running blogs. It was boring and wet, but with a friend by my side, we rocked it. After we drank coffee, ate fries, and hung out at Red Robin, calories well earned.

Weight-loss tip: Diet and exercise! Burn more than you take in. After baby #2, I was 50 pounds heavier than I wanted to be so I kept a food journal and counted calories. I read somewhere that 100 calories = 1mile. That tidbit stuck with me as every ounce of food I put in my mouth translated to distance. My big thing is to focus on what I have done instead of what I have not. Yes, there will be days when I will eat cake or a hamburger, but so long as those days are rare, I stay on track. I have been at my personal goal weight for just over a year, and I am a size smaller than I was in high school. All thanks to running and good decisions at the grocery store.

Can’t run without: My Garmin and spandex. I am a numbers girl, so I love to know my stats during and after the run. I also freely admit that I have thighs—and with thighs comes rubbing. Spandex keeps me comfortable for miles and miles.

Power song? My iPod is a work in progress right now--I haven’t updated it in almost a year. The one song that always makes me smile is “Life is a Highway” by the Rascal Flats from the movie “Cars.” It makes me think of my boys and forget I’m running.

Advil, ice bath, or suck it up? Blue ice packs plopped on the knees and behind the calves. I’m a believer in pain relievers--it was part of my life as a college basketball player and has continued to my running. I am a big wimp so I take the easy way out.

Kid-care while running: Thankfully, I am blessed with a stay-at-home dad who fully supports my running obsession so he watches the kids on Saturday mornings. For races, my parents or my husband’s folks watch the boys.

Marathon outfit: Comfort and matching! I am a big fan of vibrant colors. Different colors are good so hubby and friends can spot me at the finish. I do not have a PR outfit yet. I am pretty superstitious so I am sure that will come in the near future. My first (and only) marathon, I wore a tank I put decals on which read “Go Fast Mel,” which prompted spectators to chant of my name during the race. Although it was nice for that first race, I don’t think I will do that again.

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Mel before she discovered running and lost 55 pounds

10 responses to “Follow This Mother!

  1. thanks for the post…very inspiring. I am 30lbs into my post baby #2 weight loss. Have about 20 to go and am getting geeked to run…knowing that it can be done is a great inspiration…way to go melanie…keep it up!

  2. What a great example to moms everywhere! I remember gaining 50 pounds for two kiddos & almost 60 for the third one!!! It wasn’t pretty, y’all…I’m 5’3″!!! But, afterwards, I just have to find a way to move happily & get back in shape! I’m glad we have such a great on-line community of running moms! I can still hear the conversation, “You gained 4 pounds, Mary, since your last visit.” “Not bad, right?” “You’re coming every two weeks now.” “Oh, I was in San Antonio. A girl’s gotta eat, right?” 🙂

  3. Very well put, Angie. I remember thinking I looked so awesome 9 days after giving birth to the twins…thankfully I still see a lot of beauty in photos taken during that time period.

  4. Great photo of Mel wearing baby! I go to her blog often as well! Its always interesting to see how beauty changes. We have babies and are not the weight we want but the photos are always so wonderful to see new mommies with that look about them! Its equally cool to see rockin racin mamas and how the strength look replaces the new mom look.

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