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Sarah's son, Jacob, checking out mommy's medal after Long Island Half Marathon in May 2010

Sarah Naimzadeh-Kiersh, a mom of a toddler son and a 3-month-old baby daughter in Seaford, N.Y., caught my attention because she seems game to run a variety of races, both real (as in, inflatable finish line and aid stations) and virtual. Her tech side carries over to her love of Xbox and Xbox Kinect. Makes me think maybe I should finally learn how to work our Wii…

With newborn Leah and some unwanted post-baby pounds.

Best recent run: We spent the weekend at my grandmother’s house about four hours away. After sitting in the car, all I could think about was running. I got the kids settled and then ran four miles in the cool evening air. It was the best way to stretch my legs!

Up, down, up, up, down, up, down: I struggle to keep my weight in check. I’m not an intuitive eater. When I have a reason to indulge (ahem, pregnancies), I get into trouble. I lost 50 pounds around the time I got married, then gained 50 pounds when I was pregnant with my son, Jacob. Post-pregnancy, by eating less and working out, I was leaner than ever. But I didn’t learn from my mistake the first time and gained 50 pounds with Leah. Right now, I’m working to take off 15 pounds and have this be the last time I have to lose so much weight.

First step: I ran my first race without any training. I thought “I do fitness DVDs all the time. This will be easy!” Wrong. It was tough and I wanted to be a better runner. I ran with a group and took nearly 10 minutes off my time. After Leah was born, I did the Couch-to-5K program (C25K) and now I’m working on Bridge to 10K, a program for C25K graduates to build up to 60 minutes of running, to rebuild my base mileage.

All smiles after finishing the Gary Farley 5K in October 2009

Virtually racing: I love when bloggers host virtual races. When you read a race report from the “same” race, it feels like you are more connected to the online running community. I also love you get to pick the day you run, rather than having to be at a traditional race at a specific time that might not be convenient, especially with two little ones in tow.

Boredom is the devil’s legwork: I get bored pretty easily running the same route over and over. I start to get overwhelmed if I look around and think, “oh, that sign? I still have so far to go!” If I keep switching up the routes and wait until I leave to decide which one to run, I can avoid that boredom and that feeling of being overwhelmed by distance.

Playing games: I’m a big Xbox fan. And I’m completely in love with the Kinect. If it’s rainy, I throw on a Kinect game and play with my toddler. It’s hilarious to watch him try to jump the hurdles in Kinect Sports. Both of us get to work out some energy. Plus, it gives me something to talk about with dads.

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3 responses to “Follow This Mother!

  1. Love the XBox Kinect Biggest Loser game! It “sees” you and Bob will yell at you if you’re not working it. Or, if your yoga poses are not correct, you get points knocked off. They need to make more games for big kids!

  2. Sarah is a wonderful friend and mother. It is amazing that she has found the time to run as it is something she has really enjoyed. I only have one child and find it challanging to do anything, let alone start something brand new. She is an inspiration to all those around her!!

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