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Corrina and two of her girls after a 15K this 4th of July

Even though it feels like we’re in the thick of marathon season, you can go the distance pretty much any month of the year. To wit: Corrina Castillo, 34, just started training for her first ‘thon, which will be the Carlsbad Marathon in January. Her three girls are ages “7.75, 4.5 and 2.75,” she says, “I blame my Garmin for my need to be so specific with their ages!” A San Diego resident, Corrina is on the hunt for a running partner; after reading this profile, we’re guessing she’ll have other mother runners lining up for the job.

Best recent run: Just about every run is a “best run” for me. That said, I ran a “devotional” run a few

With husband post half marathon PR'ing (2:09) in November 2010

weeks ago: 5.5 miles along the beach, no music and purposefully listening to myself and God.  The clarity that came to me during that run was incredible.  I need to do that more often.

Let the training begin! After running four half-marathons over the past five years, I finally committed to my first full marathon. Working towards a race is a very positive influence for me, especially when life is overwhelming. The time needed to train is the most intimidating factor. I’m using a combination of the SmartCoach app and a first-time marathoner’s plan from a recent Runner’s World. The app plan only requires 3 runs a week—perfect for a busy, working mom.

Love of bed: I love my bed and am not a morning person. But during my last training cycle I finally got into the groove of early runs. It is the only surefire way I will get a run in. If I wait, especially on a workday, any variety of things can thwart the best of intentions. Every morning I have to decide what I love more that day: running or sleep.

Sanity saver: Most people think I’m crazy to fit running into my life. The truth is, I would be crazy without it. I’m not an outwardly emotional person, but I still feel emotions. Sweat has become my tears and running is my therapy. I need the release, I need to feel pain in my body, I need the endorphins.

Superstars! A recent photo of the whole fam
One a day: I think Nike Tempo Shorts are perfect for running miles, running after my kids and running around on my days off. I wear them on my morning run, then put on a clean pair after my shower. I currently own three pairs, but my goal is seven pairs, which would get me through a week.

Can’t run without: My husband’s support. He says “we” are running this marathon, and it’s true. And Body Glide. I recently had issues with huge blisters along my arches, but bathing my feet in Body Glide is keeping them blister-free.

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11 responses to “Follow This Mother!

  1. You are my inspiration in life! With family, work, God, and running. I want to be YOU when I grow up. What a blessing you are to me and so many others. Those devotional runs are truly the best…JUST YOU AND GOD! I think I had mine the day after yours except mine was not intentional but it was my best run in a LONG time. Keep being you! The best you you can be…and God will continue to use you to reach hundreds!

  2. I can relate to this profile! I have not run any marathons, 10Ks or even a 5K, but I do try to run regularly. I slacked off over the summer and now I am back on. I realized that I have to get my run in the morning, or something will easily tempt me away. I put on my running shorts when I get up in the morning so that I am already mentally in the mode to get out and run. I usually run 2-3 miles, about 3-4 times a week. If I don’t get into my workout clothes right away, then I’m more likely to not put them on at all. Running is definitely an escape, even if I have my 2 year old twins whining in the stroller. I just turn up my iPod even louder!

  3. Corrina:
    You have inspired me to do “devotional” running…sometimes when I run I pray for others & especially when a run is hard for me. I have found that when I am slipping into negativity if I take my thoughts off myself & put energy into praying, somehow my run gets much better…
    Go figure!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Corrina-

    I’m in your area, but coming off of baby #3 and just starting back up. There are lots of great running groups in the area including the moms and Dads running group which I’m am going to try and make it too on Sat mornings once my babies eating schedule changes. I want to offer some coaching. I’ll say hi on twitter! @TRPrunner

  5. I love when this segment features a runner I have already met via twitter or dailymile! Is that strange? I love the RLAM virtual tribe! Someday I would love to meet a few in person.

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