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Arms raised in triumph: Laura after her first 26.2, the Nike Women's Marathon last October

Like so many women, Laura Moir, a 37-year-old mom of two in Oakland, California, got into running when she embarked on a plan of attack to lose baby weight. Along the way, she discovered the power of Team in Training. She was sporting the fundraiser's signature purple on Sunday when she ran the Rock 'N' Roll San Diego Marathon. The race didn't go as planned--she spent nearly 30 minutes in the medical tent near Mile 19. Here's what she wrote on Daily Mile, "....seriously considered quitting. It took every last ounce of my physical and emotional strength to leave the tent and start run/walking again. But I did. And I finished. And that makes me very proud!" She crossed the line in 5:44. Find out what moves this mother.

Best recent run: For years, I’ve considered myself a wanna-be runner. But during an 18-mile training run two weeks ago, all that changed. I kept thinking, “You’ve got this! You’re ready for this! You can do it!” Either the power of my electrolytes or positive thought helped me realize: I really am a runner; I really am doing this. And I REALLY WILL accomplish 26.2! In that moment, I felt so proud of myself and my efforts that I teared up, sad that I had ever doubted myself but elated to finally prove that self-doubt wrong.

I’m TNT; I’m dynamite:When I first joined Team in Training (TNT), I didn’t have a connection to the cause. But within months that completely changed: A handful of friends developed blood cancers, and I found support and power within my team. TNT taught me that I can really and truly make a difference in the world and that what I do every day matters. I have a much deeper appreciation for my life because of my time with TNT and every day wake up thankful for my health, my family, and my friends, as well as my ability to help run cancer away.

Laura and her lovelies

Jettisoned 45 pounds: My children are exactly 12 months apart, so losing that first round of baby weight never happened. After having my second, I was teetering toward 200 pounds. Already awake at dawn in newborn land, it wasn’t too hard to make the jump to take a 6:30 a.m. boot camp class. Within one month of weight training, running, and eating right, I lost 45 pounds and shaved eight minutes off my mile time. My boot camp trainers--also mother runners themselves--turned me from a body at rest to one in motion, and I haven’t stopped since!

Cinco de Pinko: I believe that life, parenting, and running is all about balance and everything in moderation. But sometimes the scales do tip... and consuming copious amounts of adult beverages at a Cinco de Mayo party prior to running the Divas Half Marathon was not very balanced of me! Within the first mile, surrounded by a sea of pink tutus, sequins, and boas, I found it incredibly tortuous to run and puked twice along the way. No amount of tiaras or cowbells could save me, but the shirtless fireman at the end of the race certainly made me feel a ton better.

Pride shining through after Sunday's 'thon

Lone wolf no more: When I started running, I demanded to go solo, armed with only my iPod. I was convinced that an efficient run would be jeopardized with another person in tow--until I started training for my first half marathon with a friend. After a month of longs runs with her, I realized that she was helping keep me motivated, pushing me past any desire to quit, and providing the mental support I needed to get through. Now, I don’t miss my iPod one bit, but when I can’t run with my buddy, I miss her dearly.

Can’t run without: I can’t run without a goal--one race every month keeps me honest!

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10 responses to “Follow This Mother!

  1. I ran my first 26.2 last weekend too at the San Diego Rock and Roll. My boys are also exactly 12 months and 3 days apart! Congrats on your 2nd marathon!

  2. One of my favorite motivational quotes: “That voice in your head that says you can’t do this? She’s a LIAR!” (Source unkown). Good job proving she’s wrong!

  3. What a thrill to see Laura on this blog – two of my favorite things! Laura was my amazing TNT mentor (not to mention a stellar wedding planner a few years ago, too!). Such an inspiration and one of the most fun, genuine people I know. She is definitely one badass motherrunner and I’m so glad you guys featured her.

  4. Laura, you are one amazing mom, friend and motivator. Nice job!!! ….oh yes, and SO MUCH FUN to run with!!!!!

  5. Laura, I can hear Coach Al saying, “Do the damn thing!” 🙂

    Congrats on getting through San Diego, and hope to see you at an all East Bay training this summer!

  6. Awesome! I am three weeks into training with TNT and half way to my fundraising goal. I love reading about your experience and know that I made the right decision. I will be doing the half at the NWM and am so looking forward to it. Rock on!

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