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Joanne is determined to soak up Alaska's scenery while running as much as possible.
Joanne is determined to soak up Alaska's scenery through running as much as possible.

Joanne Myles, who traveled 4,600 miles this summer during her family's move from Ohio to Anchorage, AK, is training for her first 26.2, January’s Carlsbad Marathon. As Joanne, her husband and two kids get to know their new scenic digs, this soon-to-be marathon mama is relishing the extraordinary views during long training runs. (Yep, this includes seeing moose!) 

Best recent run: I ran my first 18-miler on a clear "warm" (45 degrees) day on the coastal trail. Every inch of the run was gorgeous, and I was so in the zone I nearly ran past a bull moose lying down by the trail munching away on leaves. Thankfully I saw him in plenty of time to make a detour (after snapping a picture from far, far away)!

Tea or coffee? Coffee! Two shots each morning, three if there's a tempo run on tap.

Underwear or commando? In winter--underwear! Every layer helps when it's a balmy zero degrees.

Sit-ups or planks? The honest answer: neither. I'm the worst about remembering to do my core workout. But when I do get to it, I'd much rather plank than crunch.

What I thought about on today's run: That I'm grateful for the treadmill, in spite of my well documented hatred of it. (It was -5 degrees outside and not climbing.)

sites seen while running
Not your everyday view on a run…unless you live in Alaska.

Number of moose seen on a run: 3 in one run, with a total tally of 5.

What I’m running away from: Bears! I kid, of course. We all know this very abbreviated (and likely terminal) speed workout wouldn't end well. This might be the one exception to the mantra "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.”

I own too many ______ when it comes to running clothing/gear: Um, is it really possible to own too much gear? I do have an over abundance of ugly ill-fitting cotton race tees that I don't have the heart to part with.

A view from one of Joanne's runs. Not bad at all, eh?
A view from one of Joanne's runs. Not bad at all, eh?

Best part of marathon training so far: I usually do my long runs on Fridays, and my new favorite part of the week is relaxing post-run and enjoying homemade pizza night with the fam. We never seem to have leftovers anymore, but I'm sure that has nothing to do with the fact that mom now has the appetite of a two-ton moose.

My running, in three words: empowering, invigorating, decompressing.

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  1. I was born and raised in Alaska (those formative years) and miss it so much! We once spent an afternoon waiting for a moose to decide to get off the road so we could drive home. LOVED IT!!! guess I am glad I don’t need to worry about them on my runs.

  2. Wow – what a view! The thought of seeing a moose while running is terrifying but might be worth it to experience that amazing view. Thanks for sharing!

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