Free Hour-Long RockMyRun Mix from Mother Runner Suggestions!

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 2.25.44 PMAs much as I love podcasts, nothing motivates me more when I’m running solo than upbeat music. It’s kind of crazy: I’ll be on a 6-miler, listening to dear Peter Sagal and the “Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me” crew, and I’ll feel like sludge. Quads heavy, lungs heaving, Achilles twanging. It feels like I’d make faster progress if I hitched a ride on the back of a giant tortoise.

Then, once the last laughs of the Paula Poundstone and Tom Bodett fade, I switch to music. As soon as Hozier or Sia starts singing in my ears, it’s like a cosmic switch has been thrown; energy surges through my body. My pace drops, yet feels infinitely easier than it had during the talky-talk phase of my run.

This go-faster, feel-lighter feeling is especially amped up when I run to a new mix from Rock My Run (RMR), the music app that provides jamming mixes based on song genre or beats per minute. Called Limitless, this hour-long mix was created exclusively for Another Mother Runner, from songs suggested by the tribe on Facebook. The house, rock, and pop songs are all new in the past 6 to 12 months, so it feels fresh, especially mixed with beats and transitions supplied by the RMR mix-master Mike Czech.

On RMR (which, we must point out, is a mere letter away from “AMR”!), you can choose to listen to the mix at the tempo it is, or opt to set your own mix tempo, match the tempo to your stride, or synch mix tempo to your heart rate. Call me old school, but I serve it up standard, which varies from 88 to 150 beats per minute. The Limitless songs blend seamlessly from one to the next—Meghan Trainor starts things off with “Walk of Shame” and it swerves and verves to David Guetta, Sia, Andy Grammer, Rihanna, Ella Henderson, Fall Out Boy, and beyond.

Push further (and possibly faster) than you think possible with this new Rock My Run mix.
Push further (and possibly faster) than you think possible with this new Rock My Run mix.

Ready to listen? Follow these steps to get the free Limitless mix: 

1. Go to this page. (Please note: Even if you have a Rock My Run account, you need to log in to this page on a laptop or computer to have it show up on your phone.)
2. Create an account (it's free!), or log into your existing account. (It's crucial to be signed into your account to have the mix load.) 
3. Click on the "Get This Mix!" orange button. (Even though it's a premium mix, you should still be able to access it, no problem.)
4. Download the Download the Rock My Run app on your smart phone, and log in with your account information, and the Limitless mix will magically appear.
5. Bust a move.

In addition to Limitless, check out Rock My Run's countless other mixes (might we suggest #BAMRtunes?): You can sort by beats per minute, lyrics, and genre on the app, so you can dial in your perfect tunes and pace. Enjoy!

8 responses to “Free Hour-Long RockMyRun Mix from Mother Runner Suggestions!

  1. Thank you!! I listened to it on my run this morning and it was fantastic!! There were so many songs that I almost bought for running playlist but now I don’t have to!!

  2. Thank you so much, ladies. I, too, listen to “Wait, wait Don’t Tell me,” but, you’re right, it can drag! I also listen to your podcast and always find that fun. However, I agree, that a peppy song puts that extra kick in my step. I’m not a premium member of Rock my Run, so having a playlist longer than 30 minutes is great. Thanks again!

  3. Thanks so much! I feel the same way with podcasts/audiobooks vs. music. I’m so excited to listen to something new!

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