Free #MotherRunner Half Marathon Running Mix From RockMyRun


Ramping up your mileage? We've got you covered with this Spring Fling running mix, full of tunes that will get you through those long runs and whipping through those double digits before you know it.

This half marathon running mix is a Rockstar mix, which usually requires a paid subscription to access, but RockMyRun and AMR are giving it to you for free—and there are new freebies just for you: The promo code for this mix will unlock a free month of Rockstar status, which will give you 30 days unlimited access to all mixes and Body Driven features (for example syncing the music to your steps or heart rate, or setting a new fixed tempo that works for you)...all ad-free. Simply use code FLING.

To redeem your running mix:

1. Open or download RockMyRun app on your smartphone. It's free, and you grab it here on iTunes or on Google Play for Android.
2. Log in, or create a free account if you don't have one.
3. Go to Redeem Code in the menu.
4. Enter code: FLING
5. Woohoo: Have many ho-ho-happy miles!.

For other free #motherrunner/RockMyRun collaborative mixes, head here.

If you have any issues with getting the app up or the mix to load, please contact Rock My Run on their help page; they are super responsive.

NOTE: When you start your RockMyRun usesership, you get a free trial of the entire app. Once that trial ends (after 30 days), however, access changes to the free version, which is unlimited streaming of mixes that are 30 mins or less. But any mix that has been redeemed via promo code, such as these AMR/RMR collaborative mixes, will always be available to you once you've redeemed it, even if you revert to the free version of the app. 

2 responses to “Free #MotherRunner Half Marathon Running Mix From RockMyRun

  1. I actually saw this one on the RMR site over the weekend so I already downloaded it and used it for my last run. I love it!! So appreciate all these RMR mixes. They not only keep me entertained, but I’ve discovered a bunch of new music I like! 🙂

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