Fresh Hot Links: Now Fresher and Hotter!

While we know you love the Another Mother Runner blog (and, like Bartles and Jaynes, we appreciate your support), sometimes it's nice to read about our favorite pastime in another place and in another voice. You are welcome to pick your voice. Kermit the Frog is a strong choice, as is Mickey Mouse.


We'll be here all week. Tip your waitress, folks. Try the veal.

And now, the links:


Maybe runners shouldn't be quite this flexible. Or metallic.
They call her Ultra Angela.
  • Angela Shartel didn't start her adult life with a burning desire to run ultra marathons. In fact, as this short film on her explains, she started running for the reasons so many of us have: we just weren't happy with how we felt. Angela just kept running after that first 5K, though.
So far, no BAMRs have finished it.
  • Finally, speaking of running films, the Barkley Marathons will be rolling around again in April. If you don't know about 'em, you really should, even if you have no desire at all to take on 100+ miles over, under, and through the wilds of Tennessee. You might want to stock up on GU and NUUN just to watch the documentary.

If you missed our first installment of fresh, hot links, click here.

So are you ready to take on the Barkley? Did you run a 5K after a bet with your girlfriends? What have you been enjoying lately out on the web?

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  1. I watched the Barkley Marathon documentary — twice. I had heard about it and always wanted to do it, but this documentary gives it a whole new perspective. Definitely watch this one. My husband even loved it — and he doesn’t run.

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