Friday Files: The Cost of Ice, Chocolate Milk, and Two Winners

Another round of Files de Friday...

1. Our next radio show is up! Check it out here, or download it at iTunes:

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2. I have a mea culpa and amend my post that said convenience-store workers would happily give any red-faced mother runner ice during a long run. Rhonda wrote in with this tale:

Unlike love, ice is, apparently, not free.

Just had to share our experience twice last week at the a local food mart. The temps/humidity in Southern Indiana have been hovering around the 80 degree mark with about 80% humidity on our 5:00am runs—awful!  My runner girls and I decided to change up our route to run past a place where we could get ice/water. On Tuesday we hit the food mart red faced and sweaty looking for a drink midway through our 4-mile run.  We asked and were told that they would have to charge us for the cup. (Maybe we should’ve just stuck our faces under the ice machine and run out.)

None of us had the foresight to tuck a buck before we headed out in the wee  morning hours so we were forced to leave parched and unhappy. I should mention that the clerk told us this while frying chicken with a cigarette hanging out the side of her mouth—probably not a runner herself and showed no sympathy for us sweaty babes. So being the smart girls we are (or at least one of us anyway), Christie sticks a dollar in her running shorts pocket before our early run on Saturday morning.  Same scenario-hot, humid weather, stinky, sweaty badass running moms now doing a 6 mile run.  We enter the food mart and confidently fill 3 cups with water AND ice.  We are good, we have $1.00, right?  Ha!

We get to the checkout only to find that ice AND water costs 54 cents PER cup! She had to charge us for the cup and the ice, but the water is free!?? Oops!  Now it’s a little early to do math, but between the 3 of us, we know that $1.00 will just not cut it.  Hmm, what’s a girl to do?  I think we were all so shocked that none of us were thinking straight.  We dumped our ice and refilled our cups with plain water, paid the clerk our $ and she gave us 7 cents back.  Um, wow! Still shaking on heads over that!  Needless to say, we won’t be stopping in there anymore—for gas, water or anything else!

Oh, did I mention that a 32 oz soda is 69 cents?

Chocolate milk: it does a recovering body good.

3. Speaking of beverages and money, can you guys please, pretty please, head over to the Refuel With Chocolate Milk and vote for us? We are up for a $500 group grant which we could use to offset some of our travel expenses (we've got Rock N' Roll Las Vegas on the most immediate docket). Head to this page, scroll down, enter "Shea" in the search box and then vote! You can vote daily until August 15th...just add it on your to-do list.




Yep, we love the run. And this tank.

4. Over 500 (!) of you told us how far you have run. SUCH great answers, I want to find a way integrate some of them into Train Like A Mother, which we're slaving away on (in a good way). The two random winners of the Run Pretty Far tank and arm warmers are:

Megan Huerta: I was running when I collapsed, the first of many major signs of my impending childhood cancer diagnosis. I ran through chemo; hello cross-country team; only to discover that I hated being asked to race. I’ve ran through my mothers cancer treatment and ran the day I lost her. I’ve run far enough to break into a smile every time I run, be it for five minutes or two hours. I’ve run far enough to realize how lucky I am to be able to lace up my shoes and put one foot in front of the other. Most importantly, I’ve run far enough for my son to see the joy it brings me and join me.

Jen: I ran my first 13.1 after boy #2 was born. Will run my next just after boy #3′s first birthday this September.

Megan and Jen: e-mail us at runmother at gmail dot com to claim your prizes. The rest of you: keep on running pretty far, however that may look.


16 responses to “Friday Files: The Cost of Ice, Chocolate Milk, and Two Winners

  1. I’m new to your site, but enjoying it while I read Run Like a Mother, and hoping the get my scared, out-of-shape behind out on the road/trail. I just voted for you on Refuel with Chocolate Milk. Now, tell me more about this please – what does your Chocolate Milk consist of when you make it?

    Also, what is a great light pre-run breakfast before an a.m. run?


  2. sad to hear that a store would actually charge like that. You would think that, in that heat and humidity, they wouldn’t want the liability of someone keeling in their restaurant for want of a tucked buck to pay for relief. What’s next? Pay toilets (like they had on the CT Turnpike back in the day?)?? I stopped at my local ARctic Cirle for a pit stop during Sat night’s run, and when I emerged to wash up, found an employee at the sink. When I went to the ice machine, she was there, and i asked if i could put ice in my handheld water bottle. She said, “we can give you a cup to put the ice in to make it easier to transfer the ice into your bottle if you would like.” Now I’m totally going back there, since they treated me nicely 🙂

  3. I just cast my vote! I can’t believe that someone was smoking and frying chicken in a Quick Mart! Must have been from WV! (I can say that ‘cuz that’s where I’m from and that’s how most quick stop places operate there!) But most ghastly of all was the cost of the water – I remember the first time someone charged me for a styrofoam cup it was 5 cents. Then a few years ago I ran into a McD’s for some hydration and they wanted 25cents for the cup! Inflation!

  4. Voted! And I couldn’t help but laugh at charging for ice. Although honestly, at that level of heat and humidity, I would have consumed any liquid I could find, regardless of carbonation and HFCS.

  5. Running and dying of thirst, I’ll sometimes plan routes around hotels. They never know whose coming or going. And I have gone into restaurants and into their bathrooms. Funny looks sometimes.

    Megan Huerta’s response was poetic, and while I’m sad that I didn’t win, I think the prize went to the right woman. Wow, in fact, I may print this out and use it for inspiration.

  6. Congrats to the lucky winners! Love those tanks SO much. And the convenience store story is hilarious! Awful, but hilarious!

  7. The ice story had me laughing out loud and Megan’s comments had me nearly in tears. Amazing that you can feel connected to total strangers all because they lace up just like i do! on my way over to vote now!

  8. VOTED! And thanks for sharing the winners of the tanks comments! Love the tank – went and bought one the day you guys posted it!

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