Friday Files: Pledge to Become, Listen Up, and Run On

SBS and I might strike this pose when we finish Train Like a Mother. We'll just be missing about 5 3/4 of her six-pack.

Consider this post a warm-up for the 2012 election...lots of voting going on.

1. Sarah and I got to hang out with some really cool Gatorade people at the Blogher conference, including sports moms Brandi Chastain and Loreane Tomlinson, mother to NFL phenom LT. Gatorade created a really great initiative called the Become Pledge, which is about encouraging young athletes to become the best they can be.

For everybody who takes the pledge, Gatorade will donate a dollar to the Women Sport's Foundation. Sweet! They have a goal of reaching a hefty and generous 10,000 pledges, and asked us to help rally some troops.

Besides feeling good  you're getting more female athletes in the world, you have a chance to win one of two soccer balls signed by none other than Brandi herself, a mom of two who still does two-a-day soccer practices (not kidding). In order to be entered, simply go to this page, take the pledge, and then come back here and tell us you're game to helping young athletes become. We'll announce winners next Friday.

2. We're got a new episode of Another Mother Radio out: We hit on tips for the Hood to Coast relay (or any team relay, really). Even if you never plan on running one, you'll be sure to learn something you can bring up--and impress others with--at your next group run. Check it out on iTunes here. Also, don't forget you can save 20% off all orders by using the discount code: NUUN-AMR-08.

3. A big thanks to everybody who voted for us for the Chocolate Milk Refuel Grant. Super excited to report that we won (!!!), and we'll be using the money for travel expenses to the Las Vegas Rock 'n' Roll Marathon. We're going to be speaking at the expo--How to Run Like a Mother, natch--and then hanging out at the Sof Sole booth, where you can pick up some serious treats for your feet.  When we take on the half-marathon, we'll be thanking you with every step.

4. Another place you can raise your voice: SBS is up for one of the top 50 healthy tweeps (Twitter personalities) on the comprehensive Mamavation site. Take it from me: The girl tweets up a storm and promotes the AMR lifestyle (most of the time, anyway). Vote for her here; the list is in alphabetical order. (She's @SBSontherun.)

Another Mother Runner. "Nuf said.

5. Finally, it's all about you. Two random winners of the AMR tees from last Wednesday's post:

Julie Handwerker
I am a mother of three returning to school to follow my passion. I gave up engineering and have gone back for music performance. I am absolutely loving it, but school starts soon and between the kids, running, trips, and adventures practicing has not quite been accomplished. Oops. So now I have two weeks to get back in shape before some auditions. It was worth it, though, this summer with the kids was incredible.

Oh my goodness–my parents are coming for a 17-day visit in 2 DAYS, I have to get my kids ready for new-school transitions (high school + middle school) PLUS get my own first-grade classroom ready (new room + new grade level!), figure out how I can be 3 places at one time on 8/31 when my husband (doh!) scheduled a major work event AT OUR HOME set to take place at exactly the time I have “Back to School Night” (not optional) at my school AND our son has Freshman Orientation… breathe!… breathing…

…and then, after it’s all ready-to-go, my parents leave AND TheHub heads off on a 10-day work trip…seriously, everyone skidoos on the first day of school!

Do you know what a 1st grade teacher needs every evening during the 1st week of school? Some wind beneath her wings, is what.

OH! And my friends & I got into the Twin Cities Medtronic 10-mile race via a lottery drawing! So I *definitely* need to keep up the training for that!!! 10/2 is race day!! Woot!

When you come up for air, Katy, and Julie, drop us an e-mail with your address, shirt size, and shirt preference at runmother at gmail dot com, and we'll get you outfitted.

Hope Hurricane Irene stays out to sea, and that all your miles are good ones this weekend.


54 responses to “Friday Files: Pledge to Become, Listen Up, and Run On

  1. I pledged because I was one of the original benefactors of Title IX. I was able to play 4 varsity sports in high school and 2 in college (at Colgate!!!) I have coached my kids soccer team and assisted my husband in coaching our share of the kids baseball teams! I LOVE it and want to keep sharing my love of sports with all kids!

  2. I pledged! My parents lived this pledge long before it came about. I played soccer for 17 years, I danced for 15 years, I down hill ski raceds for 3, and many other sports along the way. There encouragement is what kept me going – and it is what has helped me get back into it now, just with a lot less contact!

  3. I took the pledge and shared the link on Facebook. Gatorade is a staple in our home of six. Great job at helping our future generation become & stay active. Way to go!

  4. So glad about the chocolate milk contest! You’ll have a great time in LV and so will everyone who hears you speak. Just voted for SBS and will go take the young athletes pledge. Does taking my kids to mountain biking class count? I’m sure it’s just the beginning. :^)

  5. I pledged, and will be out cheering on my 7 yr old daughter at her first kids tri tomorrow morning. You go girl!

  6. I was pledge #499 this morning. I passed it on to all the staff the junior high where I teach. I’m working on starting a group for girls to help them make healthy choices and get active. I’ll also blog about this soon and definitely post it on Facebook 🙂

  7. I pledged! My 10 year old daughter’s soccer tournament was cancelled tomorrow because hurricane Irene is coming to visit us in North Carolina, but I will be cheering her on the rest of her season. And I plan to run 8 miles pre-dawn tomorrow before Irene arrives to keep on track with my half marathon training.

  8. I took the pledge. I am all about encouragement and motivation on the soccer field, race course, and anywhere else girls are participating in sports.

  9. I took the pledge and will be cheering on my 2 kids during the upcoming soccer season! Hoping to also get them to run a few more 5k’s before the end of 2011. Voted for SBS too. Good luck!!

  10. I pledged. I voted for SBS (and thinking of joining twitter to read her tweets). Congrats on the chocolate milk win and looking forward to hearing the podcast too!

  11. This pic depicts one of the greatest moments in sports bra history–any chance you could help me get an autographed copy? 🙂

  12. I took the pledge! Love the idea! BTW, that jubilant pic of BC is my FAVORITE female athlete pic of all time! And normally I’m with you in admiring abs, but I can’t help but notice those biceps! Daaaaaaang!

  13. I took the pledge and shared it on Facebook.

    A big YAY!! for the chocolate milk win! I voted for you all the time!! 🙂

  14. I took the pledge! I will support kids to be the best athletes they can be! AND more importantly, I pledge to support kids to be the best PEOPLE that they can be. I feel that one of the best ways for kids to find out who they are and what they are capable of, is through sports.

  15. I pledged! I have to little ones (8 and 6) in softball and baseball! I love nothing more than cheering them on, and encouraging them to get back in the game when they catch the ball with their face : )

  16. I took the pledge and now I need my husband to do it too! He needs a reminder of why we have such committed weekends and weekday evenings…

  17. So pledged (easy to do as I get ready to shuttle 2 boys to swimming lessons on M/W and soccer practice T/Th)!

    Congrats on the choc milk!

  18. Took the pledge and shared it on my Facebook wall.

    Congrats on the chocolate milk win! I am trying to convince my husband that we need to go to Vegas in December so I can run!

  19. I pledged! Thanks for sharing! Two little guys doing baseball and soccor- always there to cheer and help them do their best!

  20. I took the pledge and I’m looking forward to giving that victory hug to my 4 year old daughter tomorrow after she runs her first 2K.

  21. I took the pledge!! Starting with my own two baseball kiddos!! 🙂 And I’m SO excited you will be at Vegas RnR! I will DEFINITELY make a point to come see you there!

  22. I pledged! And I love that my boys are so into sports and that my oldest (almost 8) thinks it is stupid that one of his best buddies from school and last spring’s baseball season cannot play with him this year because she is a girl and they are at the age to split by gender. :)!!

  23. I love this opportunity and the product. I watch hundreds of kids carrying Gatorade bottles through the halls of the high school every day! We are dividing up to take kids to volleyball, tennis lessons, and finally sending my oldest with the high school team as the manager.

  24. having 4 young children in my house, I am commoooooitted to support young being the chauffeur between soccer, football, dance, wrestling, and swim club…love my busy life, and love my children’s attitude and team spirit!

  25. I took the pledge and voted for SBS. Good luck! Now time to download the next podcast. Can’t wait to listen to it!!

  26. This is a great message. I hope Gatorade is able to get this message into every high school and middle school in the country. Glad you guys won the chocolate milk grant. Definitely my post run drink of choice!

  27. I took the pledge, quite enthusiastically! My son is going into the 7th grade and is required to play sports. He will be on a team for the first time ever, and we are all really excited for him.

  28. Love, love, love this Gatorade movement. Thanks for turning us on to it.

    Congrats on the choc. milk win!

    Met Leah (Mamavation) at FHBC in Boulder this year–she’s got it going on in the bloggy world, for sure! I’m off to vote.

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