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Garmin 210 Hump Day Giveaway Winner

We love technology: a must-have for 21st century running

In a reminiscence of training for a 1998 marathon in Train Like a Mother: How to Get Across Any Finish Line - and Not Lose Your Family, Job, or Sanity, I recalled that my sole long run lasted three hours, which I guestimated was 20 miles. I wrote, "(This was pre-Garmin, mind you. Which now sounds about as primitive as, 'before indoor plumbing' or 'the sports bra hadn’t been invented yet.')" I mean, seriously, I don't know how a mother runner gets by without a global positioning system strapped to her wrist, displaying distance (let alone pace, time, heart rate, and myriad other deets). While I don't check mine as often (some might say "obsessively") as Dimity does, I love knowing that I'm fulfilling the mission of the day's training session, whether that's nailing a specific tempo pace or covering a certain distance. No more guestimates, no more burning $$ gas driving a route.

One lucky mother runner can forget the guesswork, thanks to our contest to win a Garmin 210. Last week we asked the tribe what fun or functional feature they'd want added to a Garmin. We got a virtual mountain of suggestions (1,044 to be exact), everything from having the device play a cheery tune when your body switches from burning glycogen to incinerating fat and a "pause reality" button to make time stop while you're running. All brilliant suggestions--I'm not quite sure why Garmin hasn't offered a few of you ladies a job in its R&D department....

The winner of the Garmin 210, chosen by, is:
Kim D.: "I would love it if my Garmin would tell my kids what mile I was on so they would stop texting and asking how many more before I come home."

Kim, to claim your sweet prize, please email us at runmother at gmail dot com with your last name and mailing address and phone number (needed for shipping).

The other 1,043 of you, don't despair: BodyGlide has an ongoing contest exclusively for fans of Another Mother Runner. Every month, the company will choose a winner of a tube of their miracle lube that banishes chafing and chub rub; then in November, BodyGlide will draw a grand prize winner who gets an iPod Shuffle. Head over to BG's Facebook page to enter; you'll need a secret code (pssst: It's "MotherRunnerGlide.").

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