Sarah’s List of Gifts for Runners—and Saucony Gift Cards!

Truth be told: All I really want for the holidays are some sunny runs with a friend (or two) by my side.
Truth be told: All I really want for the holidays are some sunny runs with a friend (or two) by my side.

This is the year our 10-year-old twins are really starting to question the existence of Santa Claus. (I've sworn their 13-year-old big sis to silence!) My son, John, who loves Ariana Grande, has come up with a "test" to see if Jolly Saint Nick is real. Yesterday John announced he wants an Ariana Grande Fathead, but there aren't made. "If Santa exists, he will have the elves make an Ariana Grande Fathead for me; if Santa is fake, then I won't get one on Christmas."

GULP! I'm now frantically finding out how much it'll cost to get a custom wall "sticker" of A.G. made...

Even though my big sister set me straight about Santa at a very young age (sigh), I'm still hoping for a few gifties on December 25, including Jerusalem: A Cookbook (filled with mouth-water recipes, including this scrumptious roasted cauliflower salad I've made twice this week!) and a pair of Pearl Izumi toe covers as I'm biking more these days to give my "affected" ankle an occasional rest.

Here's what I hope turns up under your tree (or menorah) this holiday season. First and foremost, Saucony gear.

When I find a great piece of gear--and a cute outfit--I stick with it. My go-to this rainy, windy season is Saucony Breeze Vest. Lightweight yet enough coverage. Super-styley with ruching on back and shoulders.
When I find a great piece of gear--and a cute outfit--I stick with it. My go-to this rainy, windy season is Saucony Breeze Vest. Lightweight yet enough coverage. Super-styley with ruching on back and shoulders.


To get exceptionally well-designed (and cute!) running gear, shoes, and accessories for you or a loved one, go to, enter promo code AMR20, and get 20% off all merchandise (except for EVERUN shoes and Life On The Run collection). Good through 12/15.
My husband told me in no uncertain terms: Nuun Energy is on his "Christmas Wantings List" (as my kids call their list to Santa):

I've been a Nuun swiller for years (and years!), but my husband, Jack, on a recently revived gym-going kick, now swears by Nuun Energy. Like me he loves the light taste the electrolyte tablets give plain water, and he craves t he caffeine these tabs provide.
I've been a Nuun swiller for years (and years!), but my husband, Jack, on a recently revived gym-going kick, now swears by Nuun Energy. Like me he loves the light taste the electrolyte tablets give plain water, and he craves the caffeine these tabs provide.


Drink up: When you save 20% on all Nuun products, you can stuff the stockings of every active person on your gift list. Discount code: amrnuun

The Tube is the perfect gift the gal who has everything--and wants to bring it all with her on a run.

The Tube is tough to see in this photo (it's the bit of aqua peaking out beneath my Saucony tee)--and that's partly the point. This clever wearable waistband discreetly holds your smartphone, keys, cash, lip balm, GU, you name it, in its three pockets, yet it stays out of sight and out of your way.
The Tube is tough to see in this photo (it's the bit of aqua peaking out beneath my Saucony tee)--and that's partly the point. This clever wearable waistband discreetly holds your smartphone, keys, cash, lip balm, GU, you name it, in its three pockets, yet it stays out of sight and out of your way.


To save 20% of all Tube Waistbands, use code AMR2015

Given all the miles (and stories) you've shared with your BRF, I think she deserves an AMR "flag" hoodie.

The gift recipient's heart will beat true when she unwraps this ultra-cozy, full-zip hoodie with the Another Mother Runner "flag" emblazoned on the back (and our shoes on the front). It goes with jeans, workout bottoms, shorts, you name it. (And our male, bearded podcast producer even sports one around Portland!)
The gift recipient's heart will beat true when she unwraps this ultra-cozy, full-zip hoodie with the Another Mother Runner "flag" emblazoned on the back (and our shoes on the front). It goes with jeans, workout bottoms, shorts, you name it. (And our male, bearded podcast producer even sports one around Portland!)


Nab an AMR flag hoodie in our store (they are selling fast!)--and check out other great gifts while you're there!
Wrap up the gift of healing (or prehab) with TriggerPoint Therapy products.

Rolling with it: This year my calves, hips, and upper back have found immense relief from tightness and pain thanks to TriggerPoint Therapy GRID 2.0., one of many amazing rehab/prehab tools TriggerPoint makes.
Rolling with it: This year my calves, hips, and upper back have found immense relief from tightness and pain thanks to TriggerPoint Therapy GRID 2.0, one of many amazing rehab/prehab tools TriggerPoint makes.


Take 20% off all TriggerPoint Therapy products with code AMR20
On this last day of lists of gifts for runners, we're giving you another chance to win 1 of 2 Saucony gift cards. With it, you can get the item of your "wantings" from Saucony's site, whether a keep-the-elements-at-bay Nomad Jacket (it's been keeping me warm and dry while cycling!) or a pair of the Bullet Capri I'm sporting in, oh, two of the three photos in this post.

To enter to win, tell us in the Comments below this post on our website:
Do you have any running-related holiday traditions?

We'll announce all the winners for the four days of giveaways on Facebook on Friday, December 11; we'll also notify all winners via email.

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308 responses to “Sarah’s List of Gifts for Runners—and Saucony Gift Cards!

  1. I love taking a short run outside on New Year’s Day if at all possible. Last year it was below 20 degrees, but it feels like the best way to start off a new year!

  2. I’m starting a new tradition this year: the Streak! Day 16, still going strong and looking ahead to the finish line, January 1!

  3. I always run on Thanksgiving morning and Christmas Eve morning – those are my 2 must days! That way my family can live with me

  4. We sure do! The crazy Green clan gets up early on Thanksgiving morning to run an awesome cross country 5k. Then in December we do a local 5 mile race in Baltimore. We now have 3 of our 4 kids ( 12, 11, 9) running this event. The kids get dressed up in Christmas garb and we let them rip. It’s fun to pass each other and give high 5’s on the course. The faster you run the better chance you have for some of the BEST cookies in town. ( No joke ) I love how these two races wind down the fall race season and bring us all together as a family. Truly gifts I will forever cherish and make my heart so full.

  5. Absolutely. Every New Year’s Day, bright-eyed and bushy tailed or hung over a group gathers together for a seven mile loop which is very hilly. There is always a beverage or two along with a brunch afterward. The group has dwindled – some years it’s been just me. Last year we walked. I wouldn’t miss it.

  6. I love running on Thanksgiving morning. Over the breaks (Thanksgiving and Christmas) I run with my brother-in-law when our “years align” and we are with the same side of the family at the same time. As a teacher, I’ve used my Christmas break the last 2 years to catch-up and finish-up my goal to hit 1000 miles for the year.

  7. I always do a turkey trot on Thanksgiving, but I don’t have a Christmas running tradition. My training plan calls for a 14 mile run on 12/26, so I’ll probably take it easy on 12/25.

  8. I seem to become more of a sloth around the holidays. This year is going to be different!! Planning visits to the gym and a few winter runs.

  9. The only running holiday tradition I have is to run around a nearby neighborhood and check out all the houses that get really decked out in decorations. Makes the miles fly by!

  10. This year we are starting a running/walking holiday tradition. After opening gifts, coffee and a homemade cinnamon roll we will get outside for the 1st annual Harding Holiday Hustle. A 2 mile walk run for the family. So far, everyone (extended family included seems pretty excited). Just hoping this mild MN weather holds steady. 🙂

  11. Christmas Eve morning I like to run in a festive Santa hat. Sometimes it is at a race and sometimes out on a trail. It just kicks the next few days of craziness off on the right “foot”.

  12. Merry Christmas and Happy holidays. I am starting a new tradition this year by organizing a cookie swap / Christmas run for my group. Its been so much fun to plan, I hope we can do it annually!

  13. I don’t have a holiday tradition when it comes to running. I do like to get more runs in close to the holidays so I can enjoy all the parties and family festivities.

  14. Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving. This is my third time to do a half in January, so I feel like training is part of my holiday routine!

  15. Nope, but I do like to go for extra runs to take advantage of the fact that I don’t have to drive kids to school over winter break.

  16. This will be the 4th Christmas to run the Illuminations Half with my husband. It is a nighttime race, lit only by 1000s of luminaria and the Christmas lights and headlamps that people wear.

  17. Now that both of my kids are in high school (and are also runners), I’m hoping we can start a tradition and run together on Christmas Eve. What a great way to enjoy the lights and capture a bit more time with my kids 🙂

  18. One of the local running organizers puts on a farolito run every year. It is held in the evening and the farolitos light the way for the run. It is beautiful!

  19. I don’t have any running holiday traditions, but I would love to start a Christmas Eve run to see holiday lights with my little man.

  20. Well… since Christmas is also my birthday- I pretty much always request time to go for a run. Usually we have family around so I get to go on a run birthday date with my husband (works out well because we can’t really go out to dinner!).

  21. I like to try to get out for a run on thanksgiving and Christmas if the weather is nice- just to get away for a bit and also burn calories so there’s no guilt while indulging later on!

  22. I love to have a run on all major holidays, usually in the form of a race! Christmas Day I run on the treadmill while the babies sleep off the excitement in their afternoon nap 🙂

  23. I am hoping to start one this year. I’m planning on running a 5k on New Year’s Day. I figure it is a perfect way to start out the new year!

  24. No running traditions, just an effort to keep moving. But I think I need to start one, I never considered a running tradition that relates to Christmas!

  25. This year two of my kids did our local Rudolph run with me and dad. I think it’s a tradition that is going to stick!

  26. figuring out with BRF who has their lights on all night and planning our dark early morning jaunts past them. Also love running 12/21….the darkest day of the year, knowing it only gets better from there.

  27. My husband and I have gone for a run on Christmas morning between stockings and gifts every year since 2007. Now, the kids come along in the stroller. One year, it was minus a million, so I went solo with baby in my belly, and Papa stayed home with our then toddler daughter.

  28. No running related holiday traditions…yet!! I ran a Santa-themed 15k last year, and plan to do it again this year, so perhaps I’ve started one!! I would love this prize, as Saucony kicks are the ONLY brand in my running shoe arsenal!

  29. My holiday running tradition is to run with my Dad on Christmas morning before opening presents (and usually before the rest of the family is awake)! It’s lovely to run through the quiet (except around the local Catholic Church!) streets and spend time together.

  30. The only one I have around the Holidays is a Turkey Trot up on Minneapolis with one of my sisters. Lately I’ve had to travel on Thanksgiving Day, so I’ve missed it, but hope to get one in for 2016!

  31. I look forward to running the day after Christmas. For some reason, it seems like a big commitment to get back in the groove… Especially since I have a history of falling off the wagon during the holidays (pre-running, that is).

  32. There is a great race in Baltimore, the Celtic Solstice, that I try to do every December with one of my daughters. Great premium and a nice 5 mile course.

  33. Running around my in-laws’ town in Central Pennsylvania and around my hometown of Pittsburgh. Also I love doing a local New Years Eve 4 miler at 6:30pm. No better way to get ready to ring in the new year!

  34. I started running 3 years ago, I did my first 5k race on Thanksgiving day. I have ran every Thanksgiving since then. I believe I started my own tradition!

  35. The only tradition is trying to keep a short run in every day except Christmas and New Year’s Day to keep me sane and healthy through all the busyness!

  36. My husband and I always do the Drumstick Dash on Thanksgiving. Now that the kids are getting older and expressing interest in running it might be time to come up with a Christmas running tradition.

  37. The last few years, me and my daughter (now 13) have run a great low key 5k around a holiday lights display. It’s a beautiful way to start the holiday season- and the race organizers go all out afterwards- chili, tons of cookies, etc.

  38. I’ve really been the only runner in my immediate family (though I have a gaggle of running cousins!) no traditions established, yet, but my son in law and two of my for grand kids are leading the charge!

  39. Since I was a young teenager, my family always took a long Thanksgiving run. Now as an adult, I’m the only family member still running. I try to do my longest run capable that morning.

  40. The only “tradition” my hubby and I have is running. 🙂 If we are around family we get to run together without the kids. This Christmas we will probably have to do separate runs, but we…will…run. AND I may have just gotten Tales From Another Mother Runner from my MIL for Christmas this year, so that is definitely on my reading list. 🙂

  41. I wish we had a tradition around running! I try to get a run in on Christmas Eve, but that is about all I get. Maybe we need to start one!

  42. This past Sunday, my sister and I did the Hot Chocolate 5k race. It was her first race ever. After crossing the finish line, she declared we are doing it again next year and we will be doing the 15K. I think I have a new holiday running tradition! Running, chocolate and time with my sister is a perfect day to me!

  43. No holiday running traditions, however, I do get an urge to exercise after eating Christmas dinner. I also spend much time developing my running goals and start a running calendar over the holidays. When the first of the year comes, I am ready to hit it hard!

  44. No holiday running traditions – just try not to run right off the “running wagon” during all of the holiday shuffles!

  45. I always go for a run on Christmas Eve – usually in the morning. Last year, several from our running group met up for a Christmas Day afternoon run. I learned to allow more time after a big meal before doing that though. 🙂

  46. I hold my own Thanksgiving day run. I need to get my family involved beginning this Cristmas since both kids are now runners. That is a gift I never thought I would receive!

  47. I often do a Christmas eve and Christmas day walk with my mom. It gets us out of the house, gives us an hour of brisk exercise and we come home to coffee and Baileys!! I also traditionally do a santa race in my home city with friends!

  48. Most years, my family runs a Turkey Trot and then a wintry MN December run. My sister and I have added a St. Patrick’s Day run to celebrate my sister’s birthday! Makes MN winters more fun to be outside!

  49. We like to do the Starry Nights run/walk with our daughters. It’s held at night and has all kinds of decorations that people normally drive through to see.

  50. My running holiday tradition is to say I will get up to go run before everyone wakes up during our vacation and then when the alarm goes off decide I will start the tradition tomorrow. Maybe this is the year to break tradition!

  51. My holiday running traditions kick off with a half on Thanksgiving, and are followed by my holiday playlist for those snowy December runs. Something fabulous about a little bit of Harry Connick Christmas tunes while dashing through the snow. 😉
    I think I need to add one to my list though, I love the idea of nighttime Christmas runs through the neighborhood when it’s all decked out in lights!

  52. I hope to start a new holiday running tradition this year. The local MRTT group is running through my neighborhood on 12/21 to see Christmas lights. I can’t wait!

  53. Not yet…. this is my second holiday running. Hoping to start one this year as we will do a group run then walk a huge street of lights 🙂

  54. No holiday running traditions, but my 7-year old son has just started running 1-2 miles, so maybe its time to make some family tradition!

  55. I used to love to run on New Year’s Day during my military service. I could usually drag out another soldier to run laps with me. What a great start to the year.

  56. My tradition is to keep up with my trainings even when everything gets hectic with cookie making, gift buying and wrapping etc etc etc…making sure that my running is consistent keeps me sane and also lets me feel guilt free about the extra goodies that I consume this time of year.

  57. My husband and I like to run in the local Gingerbread Pursuit. Unfortunately he works this year on race day so I’ll be talking a race solo for the first time ever!

  58. No Christmas running traditions, but every year regardless of where we are my husband and I find a race to run on Thanksgiving morning 🙂

  59. I always go for a run the morning of Thanksgiving. I still eat way more calories than I burn, but at least I feel like I earned it!

  60. After presents are opened, I sneak away with my dog for a couple miles. We both calm down from the excitement of the morning. The best part? When the dog and I return home, breakfast is waiting. (Thanks, Hubby!)

  61. My running related holiday tradition is to always try to go for a run on the beach on Christmas morning, it really sets the ton for a wonderful day.

  62. My youngest and I have run a 5K together the past few Thanksgivings. It’s the perfect way to kick off the holiday season.

  63. The past few years I’ve gone for a run after all the present-opening is done. It’s really nice to get out in the fresh air and have some quiet time in the midst of all the insanity that is Christmas morning with three little boys.

  64. I’ve only been running for two years (dedicated cyclist and swimmer prior to that)– the first holiday season I was sick/ injured, and the second I was pregnant! So I haven’t really had a chance to develop any running-related traditions. I’d love to do a holiday streak, though. And this year I finally managed to run in a Turkey Trot (yay!).

  65. I had heard about the running a mile a day from Thanksgiving to the New Year. That seemed hard to this AMR, so I am doing the modified hit 37 miles total between those days. It’s my first year, but I plan on making it a tradition.

  66. I always kickoff the season with a Thanksgiving Day run – either the local 5k or a run on my own. I also change my route from the local running path to neighborhoods so that I can see everyone’s decorations.

  67. I love running at night to see the decorated houses and I LOVE a midday run on Christmas day to burn off the extra goodies and stabilize my mood for houseguests!

  68. Every year on Thanksgiving day, I run 6 miles. Otherwise, I guess my tradition is to not take time off! Running ensures I’m healthy and less stressed.

  69. No running related traditions but I may join the Black-Eyed Pea Run put on by Rogue Running in Austin. A fun pick-your-distance from 4-16 mile run!

  70. I mentally map out all the houses with the best decorations so I can drive the kids around at night to look at them! Also, run a charity Santa Run in my hometown on Christmas Eve morning with my cousins.

  71. There’s a holiday 5k I like to run every year in early December, and then I like to get in a run on Christmas Eve or morning wearing my festive holiday knee socks.

  72. I organize a “Light Run” on December 23rd that begins and ends at a bar every year. I hand out glow sticks and a map (5 mile for runners, 2 miles for walkers) and we run around our town to see the outdoor lights. It’s a nice way to get outdoors, chat with friends and distress before the craziness of the next few days!

  73. Two of my 5 kids and I always run the Run To Feed the Hungry on Thanksgiving morning and one of my sisters and I like running a Bah Humbug 5K. My running club also does a Jingle Bell run on a December evening when we all wear bells and jog around looking at Christmas lights on houses, followed by a holiday potluck. Fun stuff! Mostly, I just like to keep running during the holidays so I can enjoy all the great treats!

  74. I love to run our local Christmas Eve Stress Buster 5k every year! It’s the morning of Dec 24 and it really starts off the day just right!

  75. My sister and I run a 4 mile race each Saturday after Thanksgiving. We live 8 hours apart and am always thrilled for this time together!

  76. I usually do a race around the holidays. It’s a different one most years, but I’m in a cold climate, and like racing when it’s COLD. Feels like a challenge just to get out there.

  77. Christmas is a rest day for me. That hasn’t always been the case, but since kiddos, there’s just too much going on. Pre-kids, my husband and I would always take a Christmas night walk around the neighborhood. Hoping to one day revive that tradition …

  78. For the last 6 years or so, our family has run our school district’s 5K, 10K or Half Marathon on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. It’s been great to see our daughters go from sprint/walking to killing the 5K with 22 and 24 minute PRs.

  79. No traditions yet, but we are planning to do an evening run the week of Christmas in a neighborhood that is known for lots of lights.

  80. A group of us dress up in holiday attire, from Santa’s to the Reindeer, and run around town spreading cheer with little trickets to hand out to people we come across! All while getting in a not so fast run!!!

  81. I always try to run on Thanksgiving and Christmas — even if it ends up being a short 10-20 minute shake out. It’s a special slice of personal time during the actual holiday!

  82. My best running friends and I usually plan a “Christmas lights run” sometime in the week before Christmas. We run through a garden park and some other neighborhoods that sport particularly impressive light displays. Last year we had so much fun that we accidentally ran 9 miles – but it was worth it!

  83. No traditions as yet. My BRF is usually out of town, but I will try to get out, and I’ll enjoy listening to the Xmas-themed playlist you gifted us with on Rock My Run!

  84. I do have a tradition but it’s different. Christmas is the one day I don’t run. It’s off the table. It’s the one day I wake up don’t work out don’t worry about anything other than being present with the kids. I put some Baileys in my coffee and enjoy the day. But the next day I’m back at it. Christmas eve is the run I use to reflect on the year and what I’m so thankful and grateful for. It’s always been pretty meaningful to me

  85. We do a few Christmas light runs through our neighborhood. One early (around Thanksgiving) after lights are starting to be hung, then usually at least once a week through the rest of the season to see the new displays. Sometimes we go to other neighborhoods too.

  86. Unfortunately, I do not. But, I have always wanted to do an evening run (around Christmas time) with husband and friends through our local city to see Christmas lights on foot.

  87. our biggest holiday running tradition is to NOT run the local turkey trot! instead we volunteer. every year I am green with envy as 28,000+ people head out! but, I console myself with the fact that I go back the next day and run the same course. not so crowded and I can take my dog, Dolly. so I am thankful for that!

  88. No real traditions but for the past couple years, either DH or I have run the local Santa Hustle. At least one present under the tree for both my husband and I always seems to be running related.

  89. No traditions but I always love going running on trails after a fresh snow fall. It’s so peaceful and beautiful to be making fresh tracks!

  90. I love to get out the morning of, or day before, each holiday and vacation. With my feet hitting the ground and energy in the wind grounds me and makes me more grateful and present for the big day ahead.

  91. I love to get out for a run on Christmas eve or Christmas morning and with an 11 month baby I would like to get her out there with me too! now is when I get to start fun traditions…that I like!

  92. Prior this this year, I did not have any holiday related running traditions. This year I am trying the Runner’s World Run Streak for the first time. The streak is committing to run at least one mile every day from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day.

  93. Unfortunately, my tradition is feeling guilty about gluttony after making choices to stay in and not run in a strange neighbourhood in the cold (we always spend Christmas at my in-laws.). Hopefully I can trade that tradition with ones that are a little more healthy.

  94. Yes, we have holiday run traditions! There is the annual family Thanksgiving run, but our family also has our own run every New Years Day. Generally we chose a run that provides some kind of a challenge. My awesome husband and I, were just talking about what this years run would entail 🙂

  95. Our running shop does a very informal half marathon on NYE and another on NYD. We drag the kids out on NYD and run a few miles with them.

  96. no big traditions other than I need to sneak in a run of at least a mile to maitain my daily running streak that I started on Thanksgiving 2014 and have been able to keep up with – so far….

  97. On Thanksgiving, I made our family of 4 do our own turkey trot 5k in a nearby park that has beautiful trails. Three out of four liked it, so I think it is now a tradition! I also love to get out for a short run on Christmas day, by myself, just to enjoy the peace and fresh air on an otherwise crazy and stuff-filled day.

  98. No holiday running traditions other than to absolutely go for a run if family visits since I have extra people around to help with the kids!

  99. I don’t have any traditions, but I always cherish a Xmas Day run, if I can fit it in. Gives me a chance to be thankful in private. 🙂

  100. Not sure if it is a tradition but I usually run on Christmas Eve to give myself a break from my family and gain a little sanity before the extended family invades my house.

  101. There’s a path around the lake at my mom’s house. I walked the path quite often with my grandparents when I was growing up. I like to take a break mid-day on Christmas and head out for a solo run on the path. It’s a nice way to recharge after the craziness of the morning and my brain and my heart always fill up with fond memories of past Christmases on that annual run.

  102. My tradition is nothing fancy but it’s special to me — I actually get to run with my husband because we travel to see family for the holidays. Our young girls play with Grandma and Grandpa while we enjoy the rare morning run together. Win-win for everyone!

  103. Sadly my tradition is to stop running after the Turkey Trot and have to start again in the spring but not this year. I’ve continued to run and that’s my new tradition.

  104. Not for the coming holiday, but the holiday we just had! Every year my sister and I run the same local race- we even got our brother to join us this year! It was his first race and he beat the pants off us! 🙂

  105. Well, this year I ran on Thanksgiving which was my own personal Turkey Trot. I plan on running on Christmas too, for the first time ever. Hopefully it won’t be too rainy.

  106. I’ll do at least one neighborhood nighttime run, to see the lights…preferably with the Frozen movie soundtrack as my playlist! Unfortunately an ice storm knocked out a lot of our trees this year, so it’s still a little dangerous until everything’s cleared.

  107. Ooh, I’m loving reading these responses–such fun and inspiring ideas! My only real holiday running tradition is the Thanksgiving Day Run for Food at our local shelter. I’ve been running it with my BRF for (we think) 7 years now. No pregnancies, snowstorms, or hosting duties have stopped us! It’s such a great way to start the holiday season.

  108. A new tradition started this year with a 2 mile run and the annual Santa parade put on by the local fire department and my running group.

  109. No running traditions. December is usually packed with shopping, baking, and miscellaneous hustle and bustle, I have not had time to think about traditions. Maybe I should start something this year!

  110. There is a turkey trot that I run and my husband walks with the kids. This year my 5 year old wanted to run it, but we decided to wait another year before we let him give it a try!

  111. I just mentioned to my 14-yr old that once her dance studio is on holiday break she should run with me one evening to see the lights…these days I usually run in the morning so I miss seeing them.

  112. A traditional turkey trot on Thanksgiving morning with matching tees and hats (about 20 of us) usually evokes a few horn honks and lots of smiles. Ranks right up there with the human foosball court my brother-in-law lines on his front lawn.

  113. This isn’t a real tradition, but I love to run in the evening and see the holiday lights! Also, a group of friends and I dress up and run the Rescue Run on January 1st to raise money for El Paso County Search and Rescue.

  114. No real traditions (although I love the idea of a night run to look at lights; we may have to do that). If we’re with my family (every other year), my husband and I will go on a run together. It’s a rare time.

  115. Not an actual tradition, but if my husband and I are visiting family we will usually go out for a run together, something that never happens in day to day life because of conflicting schedules and paces.

  116. I use to do a turkey trot with my grad school friends. I think it is time for a new family tradition maybe a run around zoo lights.

  117. Since I’ve started running, I love to go out at night and check out the Christmas lights. My 4 year old daughter is desperate to come along this year, so I’ll have to check the weather and find a warm night to take her out in the stroller.

  118. My BRF’s family does a family Turkey trot 5K every year. We started 6-7 years ago with a group of 8-10 and it has now grown to 50+ and includes bagels, coffee, and juice. It is a fun event that has grown to include the community as well as her family and friends. We had so much fun this year and hope to have t-shirts next year !

  119. I’m doing a few different runs over the holidays, all of them for the first time this year, so it remains to be seen which ones will become traditions. I will be toasting a great year of running, I know that for sure! 🙂

  120. Usually I will run the Savannah Bridge Run, dressed in Christmas attire. A tutu, a Christmas shirt, candy cane headband, etc. One year I wore felt Christmas stockings over my running shoes! I didn’t get to run it this year, too many family commitments that morning, and I was sad to miss such a fun race.

  121. While searching for the perfect gift for others, I also look for my next pair of running shoes. I wrap them up with a tag that says from Santa and I open them Christmas morning. I won’t wear them until New Year’s Day when I run my own virtual 5k or 10k (depending on New Years Eve celebration). I love the possibilities of a clean slate.

  122. I always run on the major holidays because the roads are so quiet, sometimes I am completely alone out there and it is peaceful.

  123. I am a new convert to the Bullet capris — and I am totally SOLD! I don’t know how I will ever run without all the pockets again. Which is a problem for me as temps drop and I have to put my trusty Bullets away until Spring. But when I DO pull them back out, I’ll be training for a MARATHON (my first, to boot) and I’ll certainly need more than one pair, not to mention I want to upgrade from my basic black to some cute colours and patterns. So…all I want for Christmas is Saucony!

  124. My sister and I make it a point to run every day that we are together at Christmas (usually 2-3). This gives us some time alone and some time to work off the calories. But I don’t do any races during the holidays.

  125. I always find a way to get out of the house by myself on Christmas day, after the presents have been unwrapped and French toast eaten, to run a few miles and savor a few minutes of silence.

  126. I run the “Fairfax 4-miler” on New Years Eve with a group of friends. We get decked out with glow sticks and other night-running accessories and celebrate the end of the year Ina festive way!

  127. I don’t have one YET but hope that the race I’m running on New Year’s Eve with three friends becomes one. What could be a better way to end the year than to run???

  128. I would like to do a late-night run on New Year’s Eve to ring in the new year and then have a glass of champagne – but I can’t seem to talk anyone else into doing it with me.

  129. My Thanksgiving tradition is to run the morning race. For Christmas, I don’t have a tradition. Maybe this year is the time to start one! I should have time to run a little at lunch time this year!

  130. Running with Christmas music and in neighborhoods with lots of decorations and lights, but as far as a tradition, I started last year to run on Christmas Day. I also run on New Year’s Day.

  131. Two years ago — or maybe three? — the group of running grrrls I run with started the tradition of a New Years Day run. We gather at a reasonable hour and run a four mile loop around our village, renewing our commitment to and enjoyment of running together through the year. It’s a fabulous group of BRFs!

  132. New tradition this year: 3 of 5 people in my family are on a run streak thru Jan 1 so we will all be lacing up on Christmad for a mile before cinnamon bun time! Haha! I love how the streak is keeping me moving so I suspect this will actually become a yearly tradition for some of us!

  133. I have a December birthday (two days after Christmas) so my holiday running tradition involves making sure I get out for a run on my birthday…something I can do for me amidst all the chaos for others!

  134. My favorite holiday running tradition is running at night through the best neighborhoods for Christmas lights with my family. I love how it has replaced the typical drive through lights I grew up with. We also participate in a winter running series that keeps us motivated through winter that includes a New Years Day commitment race. I highly suggest both to anyone. I love making fitness fun and accessible to friends and family.

  135. My run club has a fun ugly sweater/ Christmas themed run and I usually run a New Years race but this year will be cheering on my husband:)

  136. I dont’ have any running related Holiday Traditions, but last year I participated in a Resolution Run on January 1. Also a local running group in my community does an annual run together on Jan 1.

  137. My running hubby and I (and whoever else we can convince to join us) participate in a 5K that has the name Rudolph in it. It doesn’t have to be local, but it does have to be within a couple of hours drive time. Since we’re close to a time zone border, it’s pretty easy to find something that fits that criteria. And, yes, some kind of Christmas apparel is required.

  138. My BRF Courtney and I usually do a longer run a day or two after Christmas in all of our new running gear. It just seems to make the run more fun when you get to show it off.

  139. No specific holiday running traditions, although I did go out on New Years day last year and will most likely continue that. GREAT gift ideas.

  140. No running traditions yet. But my training plan has me running 3-5 miles on Christmas day this year. Don’t know if I will make it, since we are getting on a plane to fly across the country…

  141. I join a group of pals for a run through the lit up town square of an area suburb. We dress is Christmas outfits and string ourselves up with lights

  142. There are no organized runs during the winter months where I live but last year my whole family went on a 5k “resolution run” of our own. We are hoping to continue this tradition every year now.

  143. I just try to stay on track and keep the sanity that comes with running higher miles. It isn’t easy to plan, but I do it. My run buddy tells people of the time we met during a run—New Years Eve on the road. She said to herself, “Now there is someone a little more serious about running.”

  144. No holiday running traditions, but I do fill my entire list for Santa with running-related items 🙂 And I do usually try to run at least one holiday-themed fun run or 5k.

  145. No traditions yet but I’d like a pre-Christmas eve dinner long run to be a tradition. I’ve been sick or injured or both every Christmas since I started running.

  146. I am a teacher and have time off over the holidays. My favorite running tradition is to still get up for my early morning runs but then hop right back into my toasty bed after my shower instead of hustling around the house getting everyone ready. It’s the best!

  147. No running traditions yet, but I think I need one. I’m struggling just to fit in runs these days and my stress level is taking a hit. I never realized how much running helps my mood until I stop running for a bit! yikes.

  148. We run the Selfless Elf 5K to benefit the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank on the weekend before Christmas. SWAG includes elf-style striped knee socks, and who doesn’t need those?

  149. My holiday run tradition is to run enough to counteract all the cookies and Chex mix, while visiting my parents in Cleveland.

  150. My husband is off over the holidays so my tradition is to run as much as I can while he’s home during daylight to hang out with the kids!

  151. The Celtic Solstice run in Baltimore with so much holiday cheer it’s impossible not to feel jolly! With a table 50 feet long with cookies, hot soup after a very cold early morning run, the best premium, and mulled cider, it is the most fun a runner can have during the season of giving! Plus tons of reindeer antlers, bells, green / red tutus and red /white striped tights donned by all the participants…

  152. No specific traditions other than getting up extra early to get a run in before the craziness of the morning starts.

  153. Although not a run, we do go on a family hike every single Christmas in the afternoon (hike is usually no more than two miles – not heavy lifting!). Our 17 year old loves it, but 13 year old feels this is one of the cruelest things a parent could do to a child. We hold strong and believe firmly in the power of imprinting! 🙂

  154. Mine is definitely to grab a few friends and snag a run the day after Christmas and definitely on New Years Day to kick off the year. Lately I’ve been working on the RW Run Streak and attempting to streak into the new year….so far, I’m loving it.

  155. My husband and I run together each Christmas morning. We live in SoCal so it seems to always be sunny, warm and a great kick start to a loving day. Palm trees and twinkle lights make me feel grateful.

  156. This is my second year running, and I’m running some great holiday races this year. I loved the Jingle All the Way 5k I just did–the costumes were so much fun!

  157. My husband and I like to go for a run in the afternoon on Christmas Day. This started a few years ago when my kids had swim practice and we thought if they are working out, so are we. Now it just feels really good to get out of the house and run amidst all the craziness!

  158. The local Jingle run 5K is becoming a tradition that my whole family looks forward to. It is on Sunday (picking up our packets tonight!) and the weather forecast looks great. My running playlist gets a few christmas songs added to it for the occasion. People run with jingle bells, santa hats, antlers, etc… A very fun morning in December.

  159. My birthday is December 23rd, so it gets a bit jumbled up in the rest of a busy week when all the kids are home from school. My tradition is that I get to go for a run during the day (that is a big deal!!) on my birthday. Some years this sucks- Chicago weather in December isn’t such a treat- but it’s my time and I need it!

  160. I love a good turkey trot, but I don’t have any Christmas re,are running traditions. Maybe this year will be the year to start!

  161. Always the turkey trot then…my fav race of the year which takes place the Saturday closest to St Patty’s day. It’s a 10k here in my hometown and I simply love it!

  162. I love doing a turkey trot on thanksgiving and over the last years, many family members have joined me. I also love going for a run xmas morning or anytime during Xmas day when I sneak away and have a quiet moment to count my blessings.

  163. Christmas Day long run during the “lull”. One time I stopped at the a Greyhound station to use the bathroom (only place open). Nothing sadder on Christmas than a big city bus station.

  164. People that know me best usually gift me with new running gear and goodies, so I always try to run the day after Christmas to try out all my new things!! I also resolution run every New Year’s Day!

  165. Turkey Trot for Thanksgiving; and usually a run on Xmas Eve or Xmas morning – a great time for reflecting on the past month and year. But I agree with a comment above the first snowfall is a must!!

  166. Not necessarily holiday, but on the first snowfall it’s a must you get out there and run. This year’s first snow brought us 13 beautiful inches.

  167. If the weather is nice on Thanksgiving and Christmas, I like to get the whole family out for a walk/jog to bank a few calories before shoveling them in again!

  168. Usually a turkey trot at Thanksgiving, and a holiday themed race in Dec. I have been doing the RW streak the past few years, so I get up early on Christmas and get the obligatory mile in.

  169. For Thanksgiving, I always do a Turkey Trot. I’m starting a new running tradition for Christmas by running 10.5 miles with my running club this Christmas Eve.

  170. My latest running holiday tradition is the first run of the year on New Year’s day and I’m thinking of doing a Christmas Eve run on Christmas Eve night. WHat a better way to slow down and relax than with a nice 5K running by Christmas lights?

  171. As a relatively new runner, no traditions yet, but I think I might make one this year… For thanksgiving, my father and siblings and I all do a turkey trot together.

  172. Not yet. Every Christmas since I started running again has been spent fighting bad colds and subzero temps. Here’s hoping I can change that this year!

  173. It’s a few weeks before Christmas, but I usually do the Jingle Bell Jog (4 miles) in Prospect Park. Lots of festive elf, reindeer, and other holiday-themed costumes.

  174. No but maybe I should put one on my list! The only thing I try to do is run before a big holiday meal. Releases stress and makes me feel less guilty when I eat all the food.

  175. No running related holiday tradition. However I’m on track to beat my highest mile year so I will continue running through the holidays.

  176. We always do the annual Gobble Gallup, but around the Christmas/New Year holidays we have a bit of a drought in races, here in Northern MN. I have traveled for New Years Day races and that is always a fun way to start the year.

  177. I live in a small town and every year we do the Sleigh Bell Run that goes through it. It was just this last weekend and my three girls, ages 5, 3, and 2 get to run their own race that’s about half a block. This race has served as my daughter’s first running race. The smile on my two year old’s face when she finished holding my hand and was handed a ribbon was priceless!

  178. My running related tradition is that I try to balance running and eating cookies. I don’t run as much as normal during the Christmas season and it’s ok. I eat more cookies than normal but that’s ok too.

  179. I haven’t had any running holiday traditions…yet! This year I got my husband to run a Thanksgiving day Turkey Trot with me. I hope to make that a tradition for us. Also my friend and I are going to be running a Santa 5k, so maybe that can become a tradition too.

  180. No real Christmas running tradition, although I usually get my fanny in gear on Dec 26th. Hubs and I always do the Turkey Trot a few weeks prior to that.

  181. I’ve been a runner for only 2 1/2 years, not really long enough to develop any holiday traditions. My first year as a runner I ran a Turkey Trot but I haven’t done one since then. There are a couple of local races in December that I’ve done, and hopefully will continue to do. Mostly I just make sure I keep making time to run through all the busyness!

  182. I always tweak my running schedule to be out in our neighborhood mid morning on New Year’s Day. I love seeing so many newly committed exercisers out. I like to give them a friendly smile and wave and then hope I’m still seeing a few of them a few weeks later. 😉

  183. I wish I could say that I always do a holiday themed 5K. But I would be lying. This year, I did take a rare evening run to look at all the Christmas lights in my neighborhood. Between the street lamps and the lights it was almost like running during the day! My plan for next year is to get a group together to do it.

  184. I head to northern Michigan right after Christmas and stay until New Years. I look forward to spending the time with family, friends, and miles of my favorite running trails.

  185. Always the Turkey Trot with the family! This is the 2nd year I’m doing the Holiday Hustle with my running friends so maybe that will become a tradition. Christmas day I go for a solo run (for sanity!). And we keep talking about coordinating a midnight New Year’s Eve 5k for our neighborhood but haven’t quite worked that out yet!

  186. I am divorced so, when it is my ex’s turn to have the kids on Christms morning, I take the time for a nice, cleansing run. It helps keep those sad feelings away and gives me something to do to kill time until they get home.

  187. I love doing the turkey trot! This year the one in our area stopped doing it (it’s always very very small) so I did it on the treadmill at the gym. Not quite the same but still prepared me for the thanksgiving feast!

  188. I always run The Chriistopher Martin Christmas Run for kids and it is tradition for myself and my friends to dress in holiday attire while running. I have an elf hat I always wear, green tutu and snowman socks lol. Also, I pick one big race that I want to run in 2016 and I make that happen:). I think I have gotten my almost 13 year old son addicted as well so I will have a family partner in crime.

  189. No official traditions. However, we hang out with the same group of friends every New Years Eve. Each year we discuss going out for the Hangover Half hosted by a local running club the next morning. But after staying up too late playing games, chatting and snacking, we somehow always decide we’ll “just run the half next year”. So..maybe it’s a running related tradition, lol….without the running!

  190. We are an early running group. So we do a short run on Christmas Eve followed by breakfast after at the all night diner!
    We usually have a night out with a running swap too but that date is not consistent because of holiday schedules.

  191. Sigh, no, but my running buddies and I are talking about 16 miles on January 1st. We did the Polar Dash last year on January 1st, but getting up early on New Years Day is no fun.

  192. BK, before kids, I would run on Christmas morning. Now, I just do my best to get runs in whenever possible in December. I always run on New Year’s Day and think about my running goals for the new year.

  193. Hubby and I only run together on weekends and holidays. On our Christmas Eve and Christmas day runs we always wear a santa hat.

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