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Hump Day Giveaway: AfterShokz Trekz Titanium Bluetooth Headphones

The run was “only” 12 miles. (Yeah, I’m in that part of marathon training.) No race pace, no charging hills, no strong finish. Just comfortable, loping pace for 12 miles. I cued up an episode of “Fresh Air,” letting Terry Gross’s soothing voice ease me into things. It should have been pleasant—enjoyable, even. But my iPhone + headphones had other ideas.

AfterShokz Trekz Titanium are miles beyond Ms Gross’ gear, of course.

Something about the dongle connecting my earbuds forced on Voice Control every block, abruptly and repeatedly shutting down the podcast-party. I must have stopped and fiddled with my phone and earbuds a dozen time in the first two miles; I was more frustrated than a toddler trying to tie her own shoes! Eventually I gave up, playing music out loud, my iPhone becoming a mini-boombox in my capri pockets. Despite a peppy playlist, I didn’t find my groove for the rest of the run. Argh Sigh. Argh. Sigh.

It was time to ditch the dongle and go wireless. My Bluetooth headphones of choice: AfterShokz Trekz Titanium. I logged 23 miles wearing them over the first three days I owned them—and it’s been love since the first step. True love. A deep devotion bordering on obsession!

Who knew that sound waves are Denver Broncos colors! 

AfterShokz headphones conduct sound in a revolutionary way: bone conductivity. This means instead of sitting in your ear canals, the headphones rest where your cheeks meet your ears. They send mini vibrations through your cheekbones, directly to the inner ear. Whether listening to Audioslave or an audiobook, the sound quality is crisp and clear. And by leaving your ear canals open, you hear motor vehicles and passersby. #SafeAsAMotherRunner

BAMR Genelle has her ears and hands free!

I debuted the Trekz Titanium on a 4-mile run. They were so lightweight, comfy, and jiggle-free, I didn’t hesitate wearing on the next day’s 16-mile run. I easily skipped songs, adjusted the volume, and even answered a call from the kiddos. The battery, with its 6-hour lifespan, still had juice left at the end. I showed off the AfterShokz to gals at the Mother Runner Store photo shoot, and they immediately realized the Trekz Titanium would be perfect for the upcoming Hood to Coast relay race, which has strict regulations about in-ear headphones. The AfterShokz admiration society grows by the minute!

Toggling between songs and calls is a snap.

Want to be part of the AfterShokz love-fest? We’re giving away three prize packs, which include your own AfterShokz Trekz Titanium and a sport belt. All you need to do is tell us if you’re #teampodcast or #teammusic (or somewhere in between). 

Can’t wait to win? Save $30 on a pair of AfterShokz Trekz Titanium and get a free sport belt to hold your phone, keys, and GU, by going to this special page and entering code AMR at checkout.

The fine print: This running giveaway sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States and Canada. Part of a series of weekly running giveaways, it begins on 8/16/17 and ends on 8/22/17. We will announce three random winners on our Facebook page on 8/25/17, as well as notify the winners by email. One entry per person. The value of this prize is approximately $143. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.

683 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: AfterShokz Trekz Titanium Bluetooth Headphones

  1. In between. #teammusic for short runs and parts of long runs, #teampodcast for parts of long runs to break up the hours of running. Early morning runs (we are talking 4:30am) I’m #teamnothing, which is something I never thought I’d do, but I’m starting to enjoy the silence that comes with the dark and it’s definitely the safer way to go.

  2. I had always been #teammusic but in the last year have started to get into podcasts and audiobooks so I’d say I’m in between.

  3. #teammusic for all my runs! I tried my friends Aftershokz and they’re amazing!! Also, August 25 is my birthday! Perfect!

  4. Definitely somewhere in between! I do like to listen to podcasts on longer runs, but often music on shorter ones. And then sometimes, nothing!

  5. I’m #teammusic on short runs and #teamaudiobooks on long runs! Even though there is not such category but that’s who I am 🙂

  6. I am #teammusic. I usually only listen to music at the track (because I don’t like my ears plugged so I can hear traffic) and need the beats to keep me motivated!

  7. I am solidly in the middle. I love podcasts for most runs, but need the music for the extra boost for a tempo or race.

  8. #teammusic for sure! Some of it not appropriate for younger ears, I like dance music. Just saw these doing some research lately, they are a bit expensive to just try on a whim, I hope I win!

  9. Team #podcast all the way!!! I listen to music on occasion, but I LOVE listening to podcasts! Makes me feel like I’m running with my BRF’s on the daily

  10. I’m pretty much half and half: music (RockMyRun FTW) when I’m on the treadmill and podcasts when I am outdoors. AMR is my “Sunday” podcast.

  11. #teammusic. I love podcasts in the car, but I tend to daydream while I’m running, so I can’t keep up with the plots!

  12. @teammusic although not frequently. Usually enjoy silence or talking with friends. Have never listened to a podcast. Just recently got a smart phone so a bit behind the technology revolution 🙂

  13. Depends on the run, and where my head is. If i need to be pumped up, #teammusic. Long runs? #teampodcast And when I really need to just get my body to do what is on the plan, and tell my brain, “Hey, pay no attention to what is happening!” I download stand-up comedy and cry-laugh through sprints.

  14. I am all about the podcasts: Pod Save the People, Pod Save America, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me. Making me think or laugh keeps me running longer.

  15. I’m #teamboth, too. I play on #teampodcast for easy effort and long, slow runs, but #teammusic for shorter, faster runs.

  16. I go between both #teammusoc and #teampodcast, as I do music during races but podcasts when training or just running for running’s sake.

  17. #teampodcast. I love getting lost in a story, especially long runs. Music is great at times, but if it doesn’t fit my mood, it becomes distracting and annoying.

  18. #teampodcast (including both AMR & Terry Gross), but #teammusic for races — I love Terry, but she doesn’t get the legs going fast for me!

  19. I am #teamboth. I listen to music when my runs are in the daylight and podcasts when I run in the dark. This great giveaway is serendipitous as I need new headphones and it’s my birthday!

  20. #teammusic, unless on treadmill then #teamnetflix. I am #teampodact when I am driving or doing chores, it motivates me to get out there and run!!

  21. I am #teammusic when I think it is safe, but generally go free to hear traffic and animals These sound amazing.

  22. somewhere in between (Long runs) – I like to start with a podcast and if I get board listening I switch to music for a possible negative split.

  23. I’m newly #teampodcast for short runs and the first part of long runs. #teammusic when I’m tired or trying to push my pace

  24. #teammusic or #teamnetflix for the treadmill 😉
    My daughter is deaf in one ear and these would be AMAZING for her to use!!

  25. I am #teamboth! I love a good podcast – hello AMR! – for longer runs or runs where I want to just take my mind off life. But when I want to really turn up the speed, I’m music all the way.

  26. #teammusic. I like to start out with a podcast on long runs, but always have to switch to music when I start getting bored! I ALWAYS finish my runs with music and race with music.

  27. #teammusic I enjoy podcasts, but I like music on my runs. Except for track workouts, then nothing.

    These headphones look like the coolest.

  28. Mostly #teammusic but I’m trying to get used to podcasts while running. I’d like to try audiobooks as my to-be-read pile is out of control, and my long runs could become dual purpose

  29. #teampodcast for sure! I can lose myself in a great story for miles and miles. The best part? When you are “that person” laughing at loud while strolling down the street.

  30. #teammusic These would be amazing to have. I have scarring in one of my eustachian tubes and it doesn’t drain well. Traditional earbuds seem to funnel sweat into my ears and since my tube doesn’t drain normally it can cause pressure. Would be nice to be able to run with music and enjoy it!

  31. I go in cycles… for a while it’s all #teammusic then I’ll have a stretch of at least a month when it’s all #teampodcast. I’m currently in a #teammusic phase,but I’m getting bored with it, so I think #teampodcast is in my near future.

  32. I used to be completely #teammusic, but over the last year have switched allegiances to #teampodcast! Still love music for “workouts”, but podcasts have my heart now! Side note, I have tiny ears and struggle with most in ear buds, these look like a great solution!

  33. I’m split between the two. Some runs I love a good podcast, others I just need the music to get me through. Sometimes I start a run with one and quickly realize that it’s the other kind of run – midrun switch! I just love having something to listen to.

  34. #teampodcast all the way! Run and learn something? Win-win! Although I’ve jumped on the audiobook bandwagon too, makes the miles go even faster when engrossed in a good book.

  35. No doubt – #teammusic. Also #fedupwithtanglingearbuds. Seriously can somebody please make some that don’t fall out? #isitme?

  36. #teammusic, but I haven’t run with tunes for ages because I like to hear what’s happening around me. These solve my problem!

  37. Mostly #teampodcast but hills and speed work sometimes require #teammusic! And I totally checked these out at OR and decided then I need them!

  38. #team podcast/audiobook but I do love music when I’m struggling or too tired to focus on podcast content and run!!

  39. #teamaudiobook….does that count? I don’t have cell data so I have to download for my runs and haven’t put forth the effort to figure out how to do that….I’m starting to sound old. But I really want to be #teampodcast and #teammusic. Some day I’ll upgrade my phone.

  40. #teampodcast. Listening to a conversation distracts me from “how much longer? I think I will stop up here, I am tired” thoughts that swarm my head.

  41. I’m a mix of both, but I have a hard time with #teampodcast if I’m trying to laugh and breathe at the same time. It isn’t pretty! I have certain podcasts I have to save for less athletic times.

  42. #teammusic because i run with an iPod shuffle but if i had wireless headphones i might start running with my phone and join #teampodcast

  43. #teammusic all the way. I get too wrapped up in podcasts and would probably end up falling or running an extra five miles because I wasn’t paying attention.

  44. #teammusic most of the time. It’s the one time I get to listen to some of my favorite tunes. But once in awhile, a podcast helps me make it through the miles.

  45. #teammusic but only for indoor track or treadmill runs. I’ve always preferred keeping my ears unobstructed when running as I do mostly city running these days, so this may be a solution!

  46. #teampodcast for sure! Some days I feel like my run and the adults on my podcast are my only “grown up interaction”! I’m a kindergarten teacher and have 3 small children of my own. I crave adult banter/chit chat!

  47. #teammusic for the TM – and wireless would probably have been great when I recently flew off the TM – and my phone, attached to my earbuds with a cord of course, also went flying!

  48. team music when I need a pick-me-up for a run, but Team podcast when I am cooking!!!! Love listening to you, SBS.

  49. I am #teammusic because I can, quite easily, become very lost in thought while running, yet the subconscious part of my brain will still run to the rhythm of the song. If it’s too slow, or spoken word, my cadence drops.

  50. #teampodcast Music makes me lose my focus and my heart rate goes to above 140 in an instant! If it’s a free run day then I might go with tunes but my go to is podcasts

  51. I am definitely #teammusic! I know some people prefer to get lost in a podcast, but I need to drown out the heavy breathing and plodding steps at times. I need music to keep my cadence up. Some songs are like my turbo boost (check out Bang Bang by Ariana Grande!).

  52. Because I seem to have so many podcasts backed up, I feel the need to listen and clear them out, so at the time, I’m definitely #teampodcast! These look awesome.

  53. #teampodcast! I used to be all music, but I’d have to stop & dance & sing so frequently, it was really slowing me down. 🙂

  54. #teamBOTH! I listen to podcasts (and audiobooks) for long runs and also when I’m feeling chill and zen while logging Easy miles. I switch to tunes for the speed work and when I’m stuck on the treadmill at th gym (and HGTV or Food Network isn’t on)

  55. I am #teammusic for shorter runs or when I need to disappear from the world for a bit, but tend to lean toward #teampodcast on long run day when I’m going to be out there for a couple of hours.

  56. I am definitely #teammusic. I listen to a podcast on the run if the run is very long. I love to use the Finis bone conduction headphones for swimming. I can’t wait to try the Aftershokz for running.

  57. #teamMusic and #teamPodcast! It just depends on how long the run is going to be! Longer runs require podcasts.

  58. #teammusic absolutely – although after reading some of the comments I think I may have to jump over and visit #teampodcast!

  59. For sure a podcast lover when I run outside which is 98% of the time. I know when all my favorites are due for a new episode, so I can plan my runs accordingly. Treadmill running has to be with music. Not even the most interesting story can make the Dreadmill tolerable!

  60. Mostly #teampodcast – my runs are really the only time I have to fully concentrate on them and they make the time fly by! Now, I’m not adverse to #teammusic … Sometimes a #BAMR just needs a little Run the Jewels in her life… : )

  61. #teampodcast for days without an audio coach (faves are AMR and Harry Potter and the Sacred Texts) … #teammusic for days with an audio coach or running buddy. So, I’m #teamboth?

  62. #teammusic!! I save the podcasts for work days. I am so tired of earphones falling out of my ears, and cords jangling on my neck, even when they’re supposed to be cordless. I run at night in the dark (#momshedule, right?!?!), and so have to go without a lot too for safety reasons. I think these Aftershokz would help me so much as I start training for my first marathon!

  63. #teammusic. I’ve tried listening to podcasts on long runs, but I get frustrated. (I do love podcasts for walking. And for driving, cooking, and cleaning. Just not running.)

  64. I am #teampodcast. Every once in a while, I’ll drift to music, but it’s becoming more rare with all the great podcasts out there. I also love the idea of earbuds/head phones that are not in the ear. I run in the mornings by myself, so short runs are without any audio and long runs are usually done with one earbud in and one out. I would LOVE a safer alternative.

  65. While I love #teammusic I find my pace picks up and throws me off the <140 HR for training. Sooo, have become #teampodcast.

  66. I am definitely #teampodcast. I have a wide variety of podcasts related to running, business, travel and news. I stay current on issues with some, learn things from others, and laugh along with a few.

  67. #teampodcast gets me out of my head since I have to pay attention to the conversation or story. With music I’d just feel sorry for myself in tempo. “This sucks two three four. How much long-er seven eight”

  68. A combination of both! Sometimes I just need music to get me going, but other times I love listening to pearls of wisdom from AMR podcasts. The only problem with either music or podcasts is that I just hate battling with earbuds constantly!

  69. #teampodcast! I never really listened to anything (couldn’t find the right mix/headphone issues) but the proliferation of podcasts has changed my mind. With little time to listen at home I love catching up on my faves while on a good long run.

  70. #teampodcast! My family makes fun of me for always quoting podcasts… especially when they are running related (which 95% of what I listen to is!)

  71. #teampodcast for the first hour of my long run (or however long the podcast is) and then #teammusic letting the music power me through the rest!

  72. Totally #TeamPodcast! I find that podcasts require me to listen & pay attention to whst is being said and I can drown out the voice in my head saying “this is hard”, “something hurts”, or “cut this run short”.

  73. #teammusic Unless I am on the treadmill, then I can be #teampodcast. For some reason, if I listen to podcasts on the road I end up slowing down and stopping just to listen.

  74. I’m a mix! Typically #teampodcast (or #teamaudiobook) for short, easy runs and #teammusic for speedwork, hills or long runs.

  75. #teampodcast and #teammusic. I just recently started listening to podcasts while running favorite of course being another mother runner. Recently had a similar situation to Sarah. I had AMR all cued up and headphones went out on me. I now have wireless headphones on the birthday wish list but winning this would free the list up for that piece of jewelry I have my eye on. Wink wink!

  76. I’m #teammusic for short runs and #teampodcast for longer runs. These look amazing and such a relief to my tangled cord problems on any length run!

  77. #teampodcast to distract me on runs but #teammusic when I need to gear it up at the end or need a kick in the butt!

  78. #teammusic on road runs and #teampodcast on trail roads. Since I run more slowly on the trail I don’t need the music motivation.

  79. #teamnakedears #teamrunwithfriends #teammusic For many of my runs, I’m running along side friends and responding as they chat away. But for solo runs, I would typically choose music over a podcast as it’s more background noise and not something I need to concentrate on or really pay attention to. And as a bonus, if a good song comes on I can sing along – in my head!

  80. #teammusic only when outside, I can’t concentrate and listen while enjoying the outdoors! Inside I can listen to podcasts

  81. #teampodcast for me. Another Mother Runner is my jam! I will occasionally listen to music, but I don’t want my music to get tired.

  82. #teampodcast When I listen to music, I tend to zone out and end up focusing too much of my mental energy on my my running. Podcasts keep my brain engaged in other topics and teach me something new in most cases.

  83. Wow, do I ever need a pair of these! Especially as I get back into running after a (seems like forever) break from running to heal an injury. I am a podcast junkie, but I also sometimes love nothing more than rocking tunes to get me through and motivate. So, #teampodcast AND #teammusic! Thanks for this opportunity, AMR!

  84. I am usually #teammusic but have been known to dabble on #teampodcast for long runs. However I also really like listening to audio books during runs.

  85. #teampodcast now that I’m doing HRT because podcasts keep me from going over my easy effort pace. #teammusic for free runs and on race day!

  86. I used to be #TeamMusic, but since discovering AMR and Runner’s World and others, I’m most definitely #TeamPodcast! They keep me informed and educated, entertain me, and help me pass the time on those super long TCM training runs.

  87. I’m training for my first ultra, and I am team podcast going uphill and team music going downhill. Podcasts to keep my mind occupied during tough climbing, and music to help me feel like I’m flying going down!

  88. #teammusic but I have to go #teampodcast/#teamaudiobook to slow my roll on easy effort days. Music makes me fly.

  89. I’m in-between! On the treadmill, it’s #teammusic for harder efforts and #teampodcast for easy runs. Outdoors I often don’t listen to anything!

  90. #teampodcast till I run out of my regulars. Don’t want to find a new one on a run. The it’s back to #teammusic.

  91. #teampodcast on solo long runs but #teammusic on speed work/hills/tempo training when I need to kick my butt into gear

  92. I’m usually #teamsilent for outdoor runs, but any exercise indoors (strength training, treadmill) has me grabbing for my phone to play a little of #teamboth!

  93. Before heart rate training, #teammusic. Since starting HRT, #teampodcast. Guess which podcast I always have queued up first for my Saturday morning runs? 🙂

  94. #teamsomewhereinbetween
    Long training runs I do the latest AMR podcast first, then an audio book until the last 45 minutes or so, then music. Yep. I’m slow

  95. #teampodcast Give me another mother runner, runners world, the human race, tina muir, and flite test (that one is so I can stay on top of what my 17 year old son is interested in 🙂 Please don’t make me do my workouts and long runs with my podcasts!!!!

  96. I’m so old school. I still clip on a transistor radio. My silly phone dies if I’m running Strava and listening to an AMR podcast at the same time, but I’d be willing to upgrade if I had a pair of these beauties!

  97. I am somewhere in between with a little audiobook also thrown in there as well. Needless to say there is usually something chattering in my ear and I tick off the miles!

  98. If I am plugged in, I opt for #teampodcast most of the time with a periodic #teammusic when I need my fix of the Hamilton soundtrack. For early morning runs I tend to #gonaked for safety, although these seem like the perfect way to stay safe and connected.

  99. I used to be #teampodcast, but I’m also #teamipodshuffle and I’ve become lazy in loading new podcast episodes to my ipod on a regular basis. Maybe with these headphones I would be less reluctant to carry my phone with me on a run!

  100. #teampodcast 90%
    #teammusic 10%
    At the beginning of the year my stats were reversed, but as the year has progressed I’ve really enjoyed the the distraction of the podcasts more than the music. I learn interesting new things, and I feel like I have company on my solo runs.

  101. I am firmly on #teamdependsontheday…if I need to refocus my mind, the. #teampodcast. If I’m in the vicinity of the zone, #team music all the way!

  102. 75% #teammusic and 25% #teampodcast really depends on the distance of my run and what kind of mood I’m in. It could even change mid-run!

  103. I’m #teampodcast or #teamaudiobook it seems like the onlye way I get any “reading” done lately is during my long run!

  104. I usually listen to podcasts while running, unless I’m doing speed work, then it’s music. I guess I’m #teamsomewhereinbetween

  105. I play for both team, #teampodcast, #teammusic, as well as #teamaudiobook. Depends on my mood, where and when I am running and what book I currently have downloaded.

  106. #teammusic all the way. What is playing in my ears directly affects how awesome (or not awesome) my run will be. To be able to have an added safety factor of hearing my surroundings as well, would be amazing.

  107. Both! On long runs, I always start with a podcast (extra points should be awarded here because the only podcasts I listen to are Another Mother Runner and Train Like a Mother!), and switch to music afterwards. I am also sick of cords getting in the way and earbuds falling out – time to try something new! I am somewhat adverse to change and this would force me to take the leap!

  108. #teampodcast! I used to be #teammusic on speed workouts but since starting HR training it’s #teampodcast all the time!

  109. I’m definitely #teammusic, and I listen to RockMyRun often on my old school, $5 Wal Mart foam padded headphones. I have never given bluetooth headphones a try, but I am a traditionalist and have found it hard to break from these old school babies!

  110. #teampodcast I love music but it still allows me to think my own thought. A podcast or audio book allows me to shut off my own thoughts and listen.

  111. #teampodcast then music the last half hour. Your experience – the dongle the voice control the fiddling for mikes 1-2 is exactly what happened to me last week during my 16 mile! So frustrating!!

  112. I prefer podcasts for every day runs and long runs but I need my music for intervals or tempo runs. On race day I go with nothing and just enjoy the energy of the event.

  113. almost always #teampodcast (I live in hilly VT and have to download what I listen to most of the time), but I have to say I love the newest Rock My Run mix you did, so I’m #teammusic when I have a strong consistent signal for the whole run.

  114. During my predawn runs, #teamnaked. For long runs, #teampodcast unless I need extra motivation, then #teammusic.

  115. Mostly #teamnaked, but if I’m at the gym or on the track, #teammusic to keep me from going insane. (And #teampodcast in the car!)

  116. I’m on both #teammusic and #teampodcast – and #teamaudiobook as well! Depends on which feels right for the day. I love the idea of hearing ambient noise AND my audio companion of choice. Thanks for this chance!

  117. Mostly #teamnaked. BUT I do love a good podcast too! Mostly don’t listen to anything b/c NOTHING stays in my ears.

  118. I love both! #teampodcast for the long runs. #teammusic for anything under 8 miles. For half marathons both. I start with an hour long podcast then switch to music to get over the finish line.

  119. I used to be #team music but then I started HR 101 and now I’m #teampodcast. I find that I can keep my heart rate around 140 listening to podcasts then I can when I listen to music. Thanks Coach MK! #coachedandloved

  120. I’m #teammusic on long runs and have surprised myself by really enjoying transitioning #teamZen for shorter runs. I started going without earbuds due to a Striding program, but have stayed for the Zen.

  121. #team music always. When I listen to books or podcasts I get so involved in the conversation I forget to run!

  122. I like both–listening to the AMR podcast feels like running with friends but listening to music keeps my legs moving.

  123. I am somewhere in between. While doing heart rate training, I am mostly #teampodcast. But if I want to run faster and it’s okay if my heart rate is higher, I’m more #teammusic.

  124. I am literally #teaminbetween. I will typically listen to a podcast, NPR, or Iowa public radio for the first half of my run and then listen to music on the way back.

  125. I would say I’m somewhere inbetween. I love podcasts (AMR and TLAM of course) but sometimes I like to just zone out with music and let the miles go by.

  126. I’m actually #teamaudiobook which I guess is close to #teampodcast, but with longer attention span required.

  127. I am #teampodcast for training runs. I only listen to podcasts on my runs so it gives me something to look forward to when my motivation is a little low. I am #teammusic for races.

  128. #teammusic 80% of the time. But, on those super early morning long runs I always start with a podcast. I just can’t deal with music that early!

  129. I go between both, most long runs I do music if I’m with my husband and we are chatting, but if I’m alone, I’ve been known to flip on a great podcast, including AMR!

  130. HRT or AMR podcasts, it makes me feel like I have a BRF with me since I don’t have one in physical form! Thanks for the company!!

  131. #teampodcast for long, easy runs, and #teammusic for speed work or if I need additional motivation. If I’m running with my BRF, I go naked!

  132. #teampodcast #teammusic #teamaudible — I use a combo of all three on my long runs! Usually, podcasts on shorter weekday runs but I need to break up my long runs so I mix it up as I go.

  133. #teamitdepends — podcasts on long runs, music when I race/do speedwork/need a break — and nothing in my ears if it’s dark out or I’m on trails.

  134. If allowed, #teammusic on races, but no particular team on other runs: it depends on my mood, where I am running and whether I have a great podcast waiting to be heard…

  135. #teammusic, but I’d like to figure out the podcast thing too! Husband is #teamsafety and wants me to hear the traffic.

  136. I love these! I recently tried on a pair, but have held off on buying them since my jaybirds are still functioning. I’m #teammusic and #teampodcast. Especially since I figured out how to get podcasts on my apple watch.

  137. This truly depends on the day – so fortunate to have the options! This is so timely as my current Bluetooth headphones just but the dust. I’ve been fiddling with the blasted cord for a few weeks now putting off making the big purchase. I’ve had such problems with ear buds fitting in and staying in my ears. This sounds like the perfect option!

  138. #teammusic for long runs, definitely, but #teamnothing for shorter runs. I like to listen to the sounds of my neighborhood.

  139. #teampodcast and #teammusic I need them both on my long runs. I will listen to a podcast or audio book for the first half, then switch to music to keep my mojo going for the 2nd half.

  140. #teammusic But mostly because I’m not tech savvy and haven’t bothered figuring out how to load up podcasts i like :/

  141. Team podcast all the way! I listen to various running podcasts (AMR included) to get me motivated to keep going!

  142. While I love listening to music on many of my runs because it makes me happy, it’s fun, energizing, and a way to get away from things, I tend to listen to podcasts on my longer runs to help me run slow and steady and focus on something other than the many miles left to go! #teammusic, #teampodcast

  143. Both! #teampodcast for the first half of a long run, #teammusic for the second half! And on short runs I’m #teamtalkwBRF!

  144. I’m typically #teammusic, although I’ve been sprinkling in some audiobooks here and there. I can’t imagine a long run without music & these look like they’d be perfect for that.

  145. #teammusic! Music is my fuel, my energy, my medicine. It’s what gets me through the run and keeps me coming back for more.

  146. I don’t tend to listen to anything while running outside in the dark (want to be aware of everything around me), but on the treadmill, definitely #teampodcast!

  147. I’m #teammusic. As Jill and Laura (running besties forever!) can attest, I suck at pacing myself…therefore, I have determined what kind of music works to keep my cadence and pace at something approaching quick, easy, and most importantly: level!

  148. It really depends on my mood and the type of run. On race day I am 100% #teammusic, as well as during harder workouts. Easy days are usually for podcasts.

  149. #teamboth AMR podcast is a favorite, as is I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein and The Runner’s World Show. RockMyRun is my go to for music…love the occasional free mixes from AMR! Thanks! 🙂

  150. please, please, please…pick me! I’m a team podcasts kind of runner. I LOVE the AMR podcasts but have branched out (if you only had a podcast every day then I’d be set!) to other podcasts, like, “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me”, and “Not So Standard Deviations” (yes, I’m that kind of geek). Which is why I’d LOVE to win a pair of these head phones!

  151. I like podcasts and music equally. When I do listen to podcasts, they are ones that I can zone in and out of (think morning radio shows).

  152. #teampodcast without a doubt. Podcasts where the hosts & guests have great conversational tone make my runs so pleasant. It is like I am sitting there with them talking about a variety of topics.

  153. I’m in the middle. What I listen to depends on what type of workout I have scheduled for that day and my mood.

  154. Team podcast- most of the time. Something about friendly voices that no one is interrupting or asking for a response that just makes me happy!

  155. #teammusic
    During my 6 mile run this weekend one side of my headphones stopped working completely and the other was so low it wasn’t worth listening to. It turned into a long shorter run.