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Giveaway Winners: Sassy Tank + Topper

Fragrant blossoms added to the magical quality of our afternoon.
Fragrant blossoms added to the magical quality of our afternoon.

I'm writing this post on Friday, a day I've looked forward to for weeks and weeks: I'm spending it with my best friend, Chalkley, her daughter, Talullah, and my older daughter, Phoebe. Chalk and Talullah are visiting from Brooklyn, a rare treat. It's spring break in both our 'burgs. I'm playing hookey from work (okay, except for writing this post), and we've made cookie dough for decorating Easter-themed cookies, walked in the warm sunshine to our favorite bead store, windowshopped, and laughed ourselves silly. It's shaping up to be one of those days we'll remember for a long time, in the best possible way.

Which brings me to the winners of last week's Hump Day Giveaway: Three lucky ladies get one of our new toppers (either a Badass Mother Runner hat or one of our two new Sweaty Bands) and one of our new tank tops--a momathoner one or black Badass Mother Runner tank. Here are the winners, plus their answers to our question about a red-letter day on their running calendar.

Trio of sass!
Trio of sass!

Kristin Smith (who had two standout dates): "August 9th, 2010 – The day I found out I miscarried and decided to start Couch to 5K (again). I needed something I could focus on and running was it. February 24, 2013 – My 1st half marathon, something I never thought I’d be able to do!"

Let the world know you rock 26.2!
Let the world know you rock 26.2!

Rachel Moyer-Trimyer: "11/3/12 I became an Ironman! The finish line experience is beyond amazing. It is still hard to believe sometimes that I did it. 10 months of training definitely paid off."

Which do you *heart* more: running--or Sweaty Bands?
Which do you *heart* more: running--or Sweaty Bands?

Libby: "August 7, 2011 Ran My First 5K by Sept.18,2012 I Ran My First Half Marathon ! Read Both Books Back to Back. You are my running gurus. My Kids were 5 and 2. Gave Up Pushing the Sit-N-Stand Stroller Walking in 5K’s. to start running for me ! I love hearing Run Mom Run along the race routes when the kids watch me."

Kristin, Rachel, and Libby: Email us at runmother [at] gmail [dot] com to let us know your full name, mailing address, and tank top size. In addition, please let us know your preferences (hat v. which Sweaty Band, and which tank--or feel free to choose any top from our online store). Sorry to disappoint the other thousand or so gals who entered our giveaway--but I'm standing by to fill your order if you make this the day you order something from us!Opening shot

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  1. How funny and small is the world. I opened this post to read this and saw you were hanging out with Chalkley and Talullah no way! Talullah went to pre-school with my daughter Cate in Philadelphia! We kept in touch for a little while after they moved to the burbs. I didn’t know they moved to NY. Please say hello from us.

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