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Grand Prize: Treadmill Haiku Winner

And the NordicTrack C900 treadmill goes to...

I feel I should be wearing an Armani gown, Harry Winston diamonds, and a dramatic up-do a la an Oscars presenter as I announce the winner of the NordicTrack C900 treadmill. Doing my best Julia Roberts imitation, let me remind you that, unlike our other Hump Day Giveaways, the winner for this treadmill valued at $1,599 was not chosen at random. Rather, winner-wannabes had to write an original, treadmill-related haiku that Dimity and I then judged. As the clever 5/7/5 poems poured in, we quickly realized we needed additional judges ("Academy members," to continue with the Oscars analogy). After the contest deadline, Dimity and I each chose our top 10 favorites (with my husband, Jack, counting out the syllables on his fingers like a demented form of chisanbop to ensure our faves actually followed the correct pattern). Then, in an early morning, post-run call, Dim and I winnowed the list down to six finalists, which we then had our judges read and rank into their top three picks.

Every step of the way pulled at our heartstrings: Clever, heartfelt, witty, sassy, and poignant, your haikus blew us awayl! We tried to remain impartial, not giving extra credit to the entries that incorporated "Run like a mother" (why, lookie there, it's 5 syllables!), Train Like a Mother (again, 5 sybs!), or mother runner. We really wish we could deliver a treadmill to every one who entered. But, alas, we only have a single one to bestow on a lucky mother runner. Now, without further delay, the winning haiku:

I am transformed from
slacker to victor within
the warm walls of home

And, in lieu of a video montage, here are the top 5 runners-up (cue some inspirational music):

Black rubber runway
My own personal catwalk
You make me feel fierce

In the cold morning
I step on; eyes shut, grumbling
Soon, I feel alive

Black ribbon rolling
infinitely underneath
my feet, give me wings.

Mountain, plain, ocean
In my mind I’ve crossed you all
Not leaving my room

I’m running in place,
pounding out my frustrations,
for a better me.

Save big money!

Again, we're sorry we don't have enough free treadmills to go around. But we have a way to help you get your own: Not only is the Black Friday price of $999 ($600 off!) still in effect for the C900, NordicTrack is generously offering all mother runners an additional 10% off ANY NordicTrack product from its website to anyone who uses the code Another Mother Runner now through the end of the year. That's right: If Santa wants to get you a treadmill and the elves are too busy making toys, he can order a treadmill (or anything else by NordicTrack) from, use the discount code Another Mother Runner, and get a sweet 10% off the price.

Maxine, please email us at runmother at gmail dot com, and we'll get the process started to getting that shiny C900 parked within "the warm walls of home." YOUR home! Congratulations to all.

13 responses to “Grand Prize: Treadmill Haiku Winner

  1. You picked the wrong one
    Give me the awesome treadmill
    Or I will boo hoo

    Does that get me any honorable mention? Anything??? ha ha…

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