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Hats Off to You, BAMR!

A recent conversation between me (Sarah) and my newly 12-year-old daughter, Daphne, who just started a 3 days/week running routine. We were about to head out the door with her joining me for first mile of my 8-mile run.

Daphne: “Wait, why do we wear hats?”

Me: “To shade our eyes and catch sweat.”

Daphne: “Isn’t that what eyebrows do?”

Me: “Yeah, but not nearly as well.”

Oh, but that’s not all: Hats keep the rain off our face. Hats keep our hair out of our face. And the right hat adds pizzazz and sass to an outfit.

Perfect examples of such toppers: our newest trucker hats, running hats, and visors! We had a blast designing these beauties with our pals at BoCo Gear, including details like an aster on the side of the Field of Flowers trucker or a lone fir on the side of Forest for the Trees.


With mesh panels on the side and back and wicking internal sweatband, these hats keep your head cool and dry whether you wear them running—or running errands.

Trucker hats not your thang? Check out these running hats in eye-catching colors and design. Every bit as technical as their trucker buddies. Super lightweight and fast drying.


And if you’re a visor kinda gal, we got you (un)covered there, too, with two options, including a revamp of our popular Run for the Hills design.

All these toppers—and more—are marked them down to $15 through August 20. Yup, that’s a 25% discount—and they’re flying off the shelves already! Nab ’em here in the Mother Runner Store!

Hats off to you!

2 responses to “Hats Off to You, BAMR!

  1. Speaking of hats, I was at a 5k in Chicago this past weekend and saw another BAMR at the start wearing the Chicago Trucker hat. Of course I approached her and asked for her review. She loves it and I have to say, in person, it’s a pretty cool hat. I’ve been eyeing it for awhile, but wasn’t sure if my hair would fit (imagine Diana Ross in her disco days) and she sold me on it. Traffic after the race was bad so I was able to sit and order it from the car. Now I can’t wait to get it! She was so friendly and we were happy to chat about AMR and our love for you guys. BAMR Nation Rocks!

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