Train Like a Mother: Heart Rate 101, Stride Into Summer, and Marathon Challenges Open!

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At the risk of sounding dramatic, we'd want to help you change your life. We've got three new Challenges opening up this week in the Train Like a Mother Club, and we'd love for you to join us in one of them!

Heart Challenge 101-03

Heart Rate 101 Challenge: If the Heart Rate Training Demystified podcast with Coach Mary-Katherine Fleming has you intrigued but you're not interested in crossing a finish line anytime soon, this 12-week plan is perfect for you. Integrating the tenets of heart rate training and hands-on coaching, we'll help you find your heart rate groove and keep you moving through the entire summer. (And if you're waffling on whether or not you want to do a fall race, you'll be in great shape to jump into race training at the end of 101.)

Details for Heart Rate 101: $60 + shipping; 12 weeks; One wave: June 6-August 26; All workouts are in minutes, not miles; workouts are 60 minutes or less, with the exception of three long runs (75 minutes) in the final four weeks; Runs are five days a week; Cross training is optional once a week.

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Traditional Marathon Challenge: Whether you've got your first or your fourteenth 26.2-mile finish line in your sights this fall, you'll love the guidance and structure of this 18-week plan, which features the signature bail/no bailing allowed workouts in Train Like a Mother, the book. In addition, you'll receive a four-week holding pattern plan—useful if you're chomping at the bit to start training but your race is in later October or November—as well as all the benefits of the Train Like a Mother Club: amazing community, exclusive podcasts, accountability galore, and training swag.

Details for the Traditional Marathon Challenge: $75 + shipping; 18-22 weeks; Nine waves (accommodating races from September 24/25-November 19/20); All workouts are in miles; Workouts range from three miles to 20 miles; Runs are four to five days a week; Optional day of cross training once a week.

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Stride Into Summer Challenge: Five weeks of unique, fun workouts that blend running and strength training. Most of the workouts are in the 30-45 minute range, and you rarely repeat a workout. Stride into Summer is all about forward motion, fitness, accountability and community, not about training for a specific race. The workouts are one-size-fits-all, whether you’re a walker, run/walker, or runner, and whether you’re just starting to run, coming back to it after a decade off, or just need a little push to get you jump started again.

Details for Stride Into Summer: $25 + shipping; One wave: May 16-June 19; Workouts are in minutes, not miles; Workouts range from 20 minutes to 90 minutes, but most workouts have a range and most hover around 30-45 minutes; Cross training is once a week, as is an optional yoga session.

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Training Peaks HR Badges

Plus, don't forget we also have the 13.1 and 26.2 Heart Rate Challenges ($150; 20-24 weeks) still rolling; Wave 1 officially starts on May 9, although you would've thought we are 12 weeks into the Challenge. The Facebook pages are crazy energetic.

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Finally, registration for the 10K and 13.1 Traditional Challenges, both 15-week programs, will open on May 23.

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8 responses to “Train Like a Mother: Heart Rate 101, Stride Into Summer, and Marathon Challenges Open!

  1. Will there be speed work and hills in the HR 101 plan? Also, will there be days in which we run without worrying about our HR going above 140?

    1. There is one free run in Heart Rate 101 weekly. A little speed development, but no hill repeats. We will show you a hill exercise though that is unique and very effective.

  2. Can a sample beginning week of Heart Rate 101 plan be added to the description? I am a beginner and am worried it will be too much training.
    Thank you

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