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Honoring Sherry Arnold, and VITAband Winners

Erica celebrated a day of sunshine--and the life of Sherry--on her Friday actual/virtual run.

I feel there's no need for a reminder that this morning as 9 a.m. Mountain time--or anytime today, this weekend, or this week--is the virtual run for Sherry Arnold. I can feel the energy in the air, so a reminder seems superfluous. Already moms like Erica and our own Dimity have run with a Sherry bib on their chest and Sherry's spirit in their hearts. I'm going to be remembering the strong, caring mother, runner, and teacher on a 13-mile run with my good friend Molly, setting off at 8 a.m. Pacific. To paraphrase Dimity, we hope to feel the Earth shake with the mighty footfalls of mother runners who feel a loving bond to a woman most of them never got a chance to meet.

banding together

Not to trivialize anything or anyone, it seems fitting, in a way, to announce the four winners of a Nathan VITAband today since part of its purpose is to enhance runner safety. This waterproof bracelet looks like a stylish, sporty watch-cum-bracelet, but it's really a keeper of contact information, medical details, and a preloaded debit chip good at pitstop-places like 7-Eleven, Einstein's Bagels, and convenience stores. The four winners get a VITAband plus a $14.95 annual subscription for the storage of the medical information. Here are the gals, chosen via, and their responses to the question of what they'd buy at a 7-Eleven if they stopped mid-run:

Nicole Lisk: midrun – water and fruit snacks; postrun – chocolate milk and a bag of ice to fill my ice bath!

Heather H.: ooooh, salt & vinegar chips and water!

Angela: If I was mid-run, probably a Powerade, mountain blast flavor, but not before looking longingly at the nachos....

Betsy: I’d buy Combos and a water. I’d want to buy cigarettes but wouldn’t now that I’m a healthy runner! Thank you, running!

After reading all the suggestions, I had a hankering for salty, greasy chips, and I ran to the mirror to see if my tongue was Slushee-blue. Winning women, please email us your first and last name, mailing address, and VITAband color preference to runmother at gmail dot com. Also, please measure your wrist at its thickest part and let us know how may inches it is. (There are two sizes of band.)

Now get out and run for Sherry--and for yourself, mother runner.

10 responses to “Honoring Sherry Arnold, and VITAband Winners

  1. Ran 8 in her honor today—the wind was horrible and I almost stopped at 6, but remembered who I was doing this for today—-and ran those last 2 with a heavy heart for her family and friends who’d go any distance in the wind just to see her smile again. From now on, when I feel slow or tired or a tad achy–I will think of the how she must have felt the moment her life changed forever….no running pain of mine can ever compare to that….

  2. I walked today in honor of Sherry while 7 members from my running group ran, in Marin County, Ca. Tomorrow I will run 20 miles with Sherry on my mind. May all the mother runners out there look out for one another!

  3. It was like magic that I actually made it out of the house right at 8am (Pacific). Ran 4 miles with hill repeats, thinking loving thoughts for her family. Godspeed mother runners everywhere!

  4. Did my run outside in the brisk 3 degree but sunny cold this morning… largely because of the point made in your earlier post… because I CAN. And it was a combination of that phrase and thoughts of the worldwide reach of this event that kept me going to the end, despite heavy frozen legs. Glad to be a part of this effort to honor Sherry, even though it won’t bring her back. Thanks for helping to spread the word 🙂

  5. I know a celebrity! 😉

    Will run for Sherry tomorrow as its snowing today, I am a baby in the snow, and the thought of 9 on a treadmill isn’t appealing.

    Really, though, every run I’ve done since hearing about Sherry has had her as a part if it in some way.

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