Hump Day Giveaway: Going Almost Au Natural

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It's not a secret that I've been form obsessed for the past year or so. I've studied Chi Running so intensely, I actually dream about it (honestly, I have); I've been geeking out with my metronome for the past two months; I think I've injured my brain, I've thought about it so much. But I've been reluctant to embrace the minimal shoe trend. I am a big girl, and I can't believe that serious cush under my water-ski feet isn't, to quote Martha Stewart, a good thing.

Then Sarah and I connected with Altra,the zero-drop footwear (read: your heels are on the same level as your toes) company that promotes that natural, simple stride I so crave. We talked for a while about a partnership, but Sarah and I were a bit gun-shy: She had the Boston Marathon on her schedule, and I had, well, to heal my hamstring, get my cadence up, and otherwise obsess about being a healthy runner. We weren't ready to drop every thing and commit to zero-drop.

The treads of the Altras are all variations on this natural theme.

But guess what? Jeremy, one of the founders of Altra, didn't want us to suddenly switch shoes. He wanted us to slowly phase them in, as all major shoe changes for runners should go. A couple miles (run in one-mile increments) the first week, a couple more the next, and so on until our bodies are used to the level sole. We were impressed by his attitude--and by his shoes.

I've been wearing my Altra Instincts while I coach Girls on the Run, where I typically run/walk about two miles a practice, and when I strength train. I love that they have a super wide toe box (great for my bunioned, hacked-up feet); I love that I can feel the ground underneath me and my welcoming midfoot as I land on it; I love that they give me a bit of cush but still allow me to tune into my feet and my form. (They really do: I'll be chatting with some third grader about what she had for lunch, and when I start to slack on form, I'm immediately reminded.) I'll be ready to take on the GOTR 5K in them in a few weeks, and then will continue to spend incrementally more time in them. Sarah has them queued up for her post-'thon schedule.

The Provisioness: a zero-drop vision to behold.

We think you'll love them too, and we've got our first of several giveaways with them today. We're starting with the Provisioness, a brand new shoe that is aimed at the overpronators in the crowd. Instead of correcting the inward-falling stride with a big wedge mid-foot, Altra engineered a super-thin, super-effective, full-foot insole that is thicker on the inner side of the foot to correct the roll in.

If you stopped reading at overpronate because your feet don't, read on. The cool thing is that you can take out the special insole, leave the regular one and the Provisioness becomes a great gateway to natural running for all female runners. The thicker sole makes the entry not as harsh, but the lightweight, foot-shaped design that mimics the female foot and anatomical sole encourage you to land more lightly and instinctively.

In order to enter the contest for the sweet kicks, we need to know this: What is something that comes naturally to you when it comes to running? Could be your motivation; your desire to trail run; your kick at the end of a race; your smile when you finish a run; your ability to color-coordinate your outfit. Let us know in the comments below, and you'll be entered to get on the zero-drop track with us.

Also, if you'll be in Boston, Sarah will be at the Altra booth (#559) at the expo from 3 to 5 p.m. on Saturday, April 14, to talk running and sign books. Stop by if you can!

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States. It begins on 4/11/12 and ends on 4//17/12; the winner will be chosen through and announced on 4/21/12. The value of the prize is $105. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.



598 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Going Almost Au Natural

  1. When I started, nothing came naturally. As I’m doing more and more, I find that a smile at the end… no matter how tired I am… comes naturally.

  2. I am so new to running that I haven’t started yet. I have been researching running shoes & was introduced to this brand and am VERY intrigued. My motivation is simply health. As of today I have lost 58 pounds in my effort to get healthy. No pills, no surgery, just watching what I eat and exercise. I have been walking for 2 years and I am ready to be a jogger/runner.

  3. Picking up the speed at the end of a long run — whether it’s because I’ve got to rush to the shower befor work, because I can’t wait to be done, or just because I feel like I can.

  4. the obsession of logging my runs as soon as i enter the house. i love tracking the miles, the fastest, the slowest, the longest, etc… i never need to remind myself to do this it is just part of the adventure.

  5. I’d have to say I naturally get up early to run. Most days I don’t even have to hear the alarm clock to be up and running. And that’s saying a lot because 4 a.m. is awful early.

  6. According to my bum ITB, my running form is definitely not the natural bit for me but thanks to cadence running, I am getting there. I would say my desire to run is what comes naturally, because a smart, sane person would have quit after two years of ITB pain. Thanks to a lot of hard work, I can have a crappy run and still not have knee pain. Yay me.

  7. Apparently getting up at 5am to run in the dark comes naturally to me. Who knew? I run better early and I enjoy running in the bubble of darkness. I’m thinking of getting up even (a little) earlier to enjoy more of this peace as we get closer to the solstice.

  8. I finally figured out that it gets easier after mile 2, so i have to power through those warm-up miles in order to get to the good stuff.

  9. The thing that comes naturally to me since I started running a little over a year ago is definitely pushing myself (not always a good thing I’ve learned, though). Up hills (they are over faster that way you know) through the aches and pains (less time and energy to think about it) and kicking it up a notch at the end of a run (“okay, I’m ready for this to be over now, thank you”)are so of the examples that come to mind.

  10. No matter how terrible I feel, I can always muster up the energy to encourage my running partner. I make sure she doesn’t know how horrible I am feeling until after, then, I will fess up.

  11. I love running so I don’t have to drag myself out the door! I look forward the run and am extremely grateful to be healthy.

  12. I have some way of kicking up my speed at the end of most races. It is like I just have to push as hard as I can to just pass one more person before the end.

  13. I put a lot of thought into this and almost took the easy way out and put sweating, until it hit me! I have an iron stomach! I’ve never had to drop the kids off at the pool while running. Now I need to go find some wood to knock on. TWSS

  14. I naturally fall into step with my sole sisters and we naturally pick up where our last conversation left off on the last run we did…

  15. i have the natural ability to push the double wide stroller (with my son and daughter in it) on my runs. When I am on my own I keep feeling like I am forgetting something!

  16. Appreciation.

    Appreciation comes naturally while I am running, because I love it!
    Appreciation comes naturally after running when I realize I just did something great for myself.
    Appreciation comes naturally when I can’t run b/c of injury.
    Appreciation comes naturally for my great husband and girls who support my running in every way.

  17. Putting my running socks on comes naturally. I love a good pair of socks. Putting my sports bra on is not, it feels like a workout sometimes.

  18. The most (maybe only) natural thing about my running is praying while I run — for myself to keep getting in shape & healthier, for my friends going through stuff, thanking God for the pretty scenery, and just to make it home! πŸ™‚

  19. I’m a natural cheerleader. My best friend and her seven minute mile that I brag about a lot totally need these.

  20. Getting totally caught up in “nature” comes naturally to me during a run. I LOVE looking at the trees, the stars, the sparkly insects at night and the birds in the day. I love the smell of the jasmine, orange blossoms and the scents of the woods. It all keeps me motivated.

  21. Somehow, my breathing usually comes naturally to me when I’m running. It took awhile to figure it out but timing my breath with my foot strides feels incredible, now that I’ve got it down! Good stuff on long runs!

  22. My first thought was of the sweat that comes when I run but I’m thinking you’d rather have a more positive response. My husband suggested I say I get an endorphin rush when I run. I don’t always notice it but he does. I come back and am surprised that they’ve been hanging out when I have all of these great expectations. I’ve been told to cool it on more than one occasion. He’s not always ready to deal with super pumped Carla.

  23. It comes naturally to me to push myself during my runs. Even during recovery runs I try to focus on keeping my form and during those runs where you just can’t go, I focus on running harder even though all I want to do is stop.

  24. I gotta be honest – nothing about running has come naturally – yet. My stride is wonky, my feet are weird, etc. It has been an uphill struggle from my first step, but I refuse to give in. Everytime something gets in the way, I find a way around it.

  25. What comes naturally to me? The LOVE of running! I spent most of my life thinking I was unable to run due to a knee problem. After some coincidental rehabilitation, I discovered running was not such an issue anymore for my knee. I have been running for a couple of years now and am still just tickled about it since I LOVE TO RUN!

  26. I have a pretty good kick at the end of my races. Not sure where it comes from. It just seems like my body knows to go faster. Also my ability to cheer for people while I am running. I am always cheering on other runners and giving words of encouragement to others that look like they are struggling.

  27. I guess the one (and only) thing that comes naturally to me while running is my breathing. My hubby and a couple of my pals all complain that their breathing messes them up, but I don’t understand what they’re talking about. It’s a nonissue for me… thank goodness, b/c I’ve got PLENTY of other issues! lol πŸ˜‰

  28. I had a really hard time coming up with an answer as not much about running has come naturally to me – but then I realized that without fail, and without thinking, I pick up the pace when I run past a hot male runner (I’m a single mom – its’ ok) when I’m out running. Probably not what you were looking for . . . but its’ the best I’ve got!

  29. My running form comes naturally. I may not be the fastest or the most conditioned but I have great running posture!

  30. My motivation to get out there and run comes naturally. I run to help children with cancer, so I have no excuse not to get out there. Whenever I even feel an inch of the “I do not want to goes” I put on my shoes and remember who I am running for.

  31. Pushing through a challenge comes pretty naturally to me. I don’t always succeed, but I love a good challenge and look forward to runs/races where I can test myself.

  32. Determination to complete a workout seems to come pretty naturally to me. As long as my body is working right, once I get started, it’s pretty easy to push on until I’ve completed what I set out to do. Actually STARTING, isn’t always as easy.

  33. I don’t think anything about running comes to me naturally. I definitely struggle a little bit every time I lace up my running shoes. I’m looking forward to the day when running is a breeze πŸ™‚

  34. eh. pretty much nothing comes naturally, except my desire to keep at it. i’m too aware of the benefits i reap to let it go, even though it’s something i have to work at constantly.

  35. It seems that when I am on a dirt trail amongst the trees, I believe I am a natural! There are those moments, like I had this morning, where running is an absolute beautiful experience.

  36. The ability to completely turn my brain off from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy the simplicity of running. It’s great having the opportunity to decompress. My time, my pace, my effort, my choice.

  37. I am a flexible and dedicated runner. My work schedule, my husband’s work schedule, and our family’s schedule don’t allow me to consistently run in the morning (although I really love going through my day on “run-ed” legs) so I am flexible enough to make my running pockets of time within each day. I’d rather run in the evening than not at all. I need the endorphin lift to keep moving forward each day–no matter when it comes.

  38. I always have a big smile for everyone I pass, and almost always a “good morning” that I can squeak out. The hot pink on those shoes is awesome!! πŸ™‚

  39. I stay positive throughout the whole run. When everyone else is complaining about being tired or sore; I left them up with some positive encouragement.

  40. The thing that comes naturally to me is my ability to push through hard times. I feel like the energizer bunny while running. I may not be fast but I keep going and going and going.

  41. My kick at the end of a race (and even long run) comes naturally to me. I have to hold back a bit so I don’t come up short at the end, but I love going all out at the end and finish FAST! Now I just need to smile so my pictures look good and are wroth buying.

  42. I’m another “not built for running” Momma, so not a LOT comes naturally to me while running. I have to fight for it pretty hard. If I had to choose something, though, I’d say breathing. NOW. Anyway. In the beginning it was out of control- but I worked to control it and as my fitness increased my breathing became strong and steady, even on hills and during speed work. Even if my body is screaming at me, as long as I remember to breath I’m ok. During my last race I was hurting pretty bad and my BRF said, “You have air, you have legs. You can do this,” and I did! I realized that I was completely in control of my breath, and it got me through to the end.

  43. Very little comes naturally to me when it comes to running. I have had to claw my way to reach a long run of 6 miles; and its taken me 2 1/2 years to get there. But its something I’ve wanted to do for my physical self and my sanity. The most natural part (and my favorite part) of my good runs is the smile on my face and that embrace I give and receive when I first walk through that door when I’m finished. I do believe I remember every one of those celebratory hugs, from either my husband or our five year old daughter – who ever is first one I see!

  44. I live in Bear country so I always make sure I have a very very slow someone else with me. Ok so it’s a dog and he is way faster than me, but in my mind I am sure he will protect me from the people eating bears!

  45. A steady pace. In my first half marathon my husband was running behind me and the guy next to him said he was following “that girl up there because she has such a steady pace”. It pleased my husband to no end to tell him that I was his wife!

  46. Oddly enough, what comes naturally for me is speed! I’m a natural sprinter, despite only being 5’1″. The hard part of distance running has been slowing down to go the distance.

  47. Being excited about running comes naturally to me…while I am not a great runner and I’ve been benched due to injury since August last year, I have always had a strong pull toward running. I am just getting back into training and slowly building up and am so excited to be able to get out and run, even if it’s only a little right now. I would much rather run over biking, swimming or strength training.

    Whenever I see runners out, especially during the winter time, I get excited for them, although also jealous that they are achieving my dream of training outside through the cold, frosty winter months. Maybe next winter πŸ™‚

  48. My motivation to get out there before the sun rises. In the nearly 2 years that I have been running, other then illness or surgery I have never skipped a workout. The changes in my body and mind are so great that my motivation never lags. (Thats not to say I haven’t given myself an easier day then planned sometimes or not gone quite as far as I hoped but I am consistent in getting out there). As it turns out I have not run in 6 days due to yet another chest cold and it is driving me nutty!!!

  49. Unfortunately, nothing comes naturally to me with running. But I keep trying… thanks for the chance to win and good luck at Boston!

  50. I have a real knack for procrastination! Even though I want to run and love the way I feel, I still wait until the very last second to step out the door πŸ™‚

  51. Motivation is one of my strong points when it comes to running! It powers me through long runs when I want to quit and also helps me wake up at 4:45am when I don’t want to!!

  52. Naturally purple and sweaty at the end of a run. Also I do try and turn it up at the end, not matter how tired I am, or how slow I ran the entire run, gotta sprint through the finish.

  53. I run with interesting exhale/inhale patterns. The pattern always seems to naturally fit whatever distance and pace I’m running. Other aspects of the run are not so effortless for me.

  54. Wow, I would LOVE to win these shoes!! As an overpronater I never knew I could wear shoes like these!
    I am far from a natural runner, but my slow, steady, consistent pace comes very naturally! I never have to worry about starting a race too fast. This may also be because I don’t have a competitive bone in my body… πŸ™‚

  55. I bring people into running. When I started at my current job six years ago, no one ran. I slowly got several people to run with me at lunchtime. Then others who couldn’t run at lunch started. Last year, our 24/7/365 business of sixty people produced a hood-to-coast team and this year, we are doing the cascade lakes relay. I am not a natural runner by any means, but I do love running and it seems to be contagious.

  56. Running does not come naturally to me, but the desire to be active with my boys does, and since they love to run, I am trying to as well.

  57. I think breathing comes naturally to me. My husband struggles for every breath when he’s running, so that makes me aware of how thankful I am for it. I always joke that if we could combine my lungs and his leg muscles we’d be able to run ultras!

  58. No matter how hard I try to block it out, I seem to naturally be driven to meet or beat some goal – running faster or farther than the day before. It’s nearly never that I just run to go run – what is my problem??!!

  59. What comes natural to me with running? Everything and nothing – depends on the day, the moment…I love to run, and I think the solitude can be the most natural part to an introvert like me.

  60. What comes naturally to me? Not much yet. I am pretty good at concentrating on the words to the songs playing on my ipod so I can block out fatigue and pain!

  61. My love of running comes naturally. I don’t have to force myself out there or talk myself into it. I just almost always want to, unless its a 20 mile training run during peak summer heat!

  62. Right now, not much feels natural. I think I am experiencing the 5 stages of grief (from TLAM). Less than a month from my first full marathon and I just got injured. Hopefully some healing comes naturally and quickly!

  63. What comes naturally? You mean other than saying, “Ok, I’m ready to walk now…” It’s hard to say, because I really feel that there is nothing natural about running for me. I guess what comes naturally is that I just keep trying, even though I am a really, really bad runner. πŸ˜‰

  64. It comes naturally to me to chat with others while I’m running – I like to get to know people and to motivate them (and be motivated by them)! πŸ™‚

  65. Nothing comes naturally to me. I am still new to running and even though I feel great ster the run, I have to talk myself into it everyday I head out.

  66. Come naturally to me while running…my kick at the end of a race. As soon as I can see the finish line, my legs take over and start sprinting till I cross that line. Then the tears take over!

  67. not a lot about running comes naturally-but oddly enough I do pretty great at staying at a steady pace. Maybe because I “taught” myself to run on a treadmill but whenever I’m on the road my (I guess it would be splits but I don’t have a fancy watch) turn out to be nearly the same from start to finish.

  68. The ONLY thing that comes naturally to me is parking in the same spot at the trail every time right beside a cut through the trees. I call it “The Hole”.

  69. It’s very natural for me to use my running time to think. I make lists in my head, imagine new possibilities, and solve problems. And when I’m running with my BRFs, it’s even better, because we can work through things together.

  70. My ability to finish the distance I set out to run, or possibly exceed it. If I run less than I planned to run, it puts me in the worst mood!

  71. Wow, I don’t know if anything comes naturally to me in running—really…I have to work for every mile, every single time. (Ok, I guess maybe my positive attitude?)

  72. My ability to tune everything/everyone else out while I am running. I don’t when I am outside running but when I am on the treadmill, you are dead to me (except my children who could wake me from the dead). LOL.

  73. My ability to procrastinate comes naturally. Ok, really, my form is really pretty decent and I’d like to give the shoes a try.

  74. The only natural thing is my love of chatting away when running with my girlfriends. Having them next to me has made me enjoy running again.

  75. I don’t get hurt or sore — a wonderful thing for a runner! I love this brand of shoes by the way: bought some the first of the year and am close to 500 miles on them already. They are great. I would love some new ones.

  76. Not much comes naturally to me when it comes to running, except for my desire to try to motivate others I run with. I like to keep it fun!

  77. My competitive spirit comes naturally. But I too often give out too much too early and kick myself along the race route.

  78. I am pretty good at being able to get out of my own head when I need to push a little harder or farther πŸ™‚

  79. I am pretty good at being able to get out of my own head when I need to push a little header or farther πŸ™‚

  80. I have a great kick at the end. And I always remember to smile and look happy. I’m motivated by the people watching and possible cameras to catch my expression. Vain, I know.

  81. Thinking about the women in my family who cannot run always comes naturally to me while I’m running. I feel so fortunate to physically be able to run when diabetes and amputation have affected my family.

  82. Motivation comes naturally(thank goodness) and is my greatest gift.Recently when I encouraged my best friend to download the Couch 25K app on her Iphone she replied “I don’t have a use for an app I’ve got you!”… that made me feel good and motivated me too for our nine week training plan to get her running.And she ran her 5K recently.:)

    “The best day running is when you get someone else to run!”

  83. I do like to kick it at the end of a run….and my son does too… we end up sprinting down the street trying to beat each other. I also naturally LOVE to check the run/workout/whatever off my chart. I’m obsessed with my training chart!

  84. Singing comes naturally when I run. And it’s loud, off key, and I don’t usually know all the words. But I seem to have no shame when I run and can belt out the tunes in my headphones without reservation. I sing to remind me to breath deep even when it feels like there’s no oxygen left in the universe.

    I love running.

  85. Hm, well, the only thing that comes naturally to me when it comes to running is the socializing during the group runs with my running buddies. That’s about it, unfortunately. I’m just not a natural runner, but I try!!

  86. I had to think hard about this one. I’m not a gifted runner but what comes naturally is the willingness to try whatever my coach has us do.

  87. Ok, well I’d liike to say that running has never come naturally to me. However, since becoming a mom, every time I think I can’t go any further something in me ( this is the naturally part) thinks of my boys and how my life & theirs would be if I couldn’t run.thinking of that makes me run, for them, because I can!

  88. I am a natural at getting a group together. I love running w my friends!! I also love organizing a group to join races

  89. I would say that wanting to totally pig out is the thing that comes naturally to me with running, especially after long runs. I have always had a very ‘healthy’ appetite (as in I LOVE to eat) and running seems to make me feel like I could eat anything in a 13.1 mile radius. HA!

  90. When I run my true spirit shines through, the real me….without even trying, no matter what the weather, or what kind of run I am having, my soul naturally glows. πŸ™‚

  91. Nothing about running comes naturally to me. I have had to work for every mile. But, in 2weeks I will have done 3 halfs in the past 6 months, and then I start training for my first full! I’m so proud to be a runner!

  92. Spitting. I’m a really awesome spitter.
    Something that’s not gross that seems to come naturally is long runs…I seem to start to hit my groove around mile 6, and my body really settles into a great rhythm around mile 10 and just goes. Can’t wait to jump into the ultra world and put that to use!

  93. Hmmm the thing about running that comes naturally to me would be the ability to keep almost the same speed whether I am running a 5k or a half marathon. I swear it seems like I only have one speed.

  94. What comes naturally? Well, my ability to pace myself during training for sure – I like to feel all comfy! But I also can’t help myself from grinning like a fool during a race – I’m so happy to be strong and healthy and well enough to be out there with all these other awesome runners!

  95. When I started running as an adult I didn’t think any part of running was natural for me. Then a friend loaned me a book about Chi running. The part about running like a child really moved me. I thought back to when I ran as a kid and realized all of running was natural for me. Running makes me feel so free!

  96. Rallying the troops comes naturally. I tend to “rope” my running pals into doing races and other fun stuff.

  97. Ive been suffering with PF for a few years. I had release surgery in April, then sprained my other ankle in September. It’s been a tough road, but last night I ran for a minute, walked a mi ute for six miles. I feel pretty good today. I’m due for new shoes soon.

  98. Stubbornness is about the only thing that comes naturally to me while running.

    I start a lot of my sessions feeling lousy and think, “Well, I’ll just do 2 miles and then quit.”(I’ve only raced 5Ks, so 5 miles is the most I’ve ever run.) Then at 2 miles I decide, “It’s not that much further to 3 miles.” From there it’s just a little longer until a 5K, and then I’ll round up for 4 miles instead, until finally I hit 4.5 miles and think, “Hell, I might as well just finish out 5.” Believe me, it’s not that I feel so great that adding to my run is a breeze– it’s just that I don’t like to throw in the towel.

  99. Starting and staying on pace comes pretty natural to me, which allows me to leave the watch at home more often than not and simply enjoy running for running’s sake! No watch, No worries. More fun!

  100. Au natural running to me means no makeup dirty hair in a ponytail favorite running shoes and socks and a playlist. Running outdoors sweating all the days stress out of my mother runner body

  101. The thing that comes most naturally to me with running is probably my refusal to quit. Through sickness, injury, and ridiculous migraines, I will get myself back out the door as soon as possible. Okay, sometimes probably sooner than I should. The other thing that comes naturally? How crabby I am when I can’t run!

  102. Being a minute or two late each time I meet my BRFs and taking naps after my long runs comes naturally to me.

  103. Trail running comes naturally to me. I actually feel like I was born to run in the mountains. Sadly I live in the very flat midwest. πŸ™‚

  104. My ability to achieve negative splits on long runs. I’m not sure how I do it, but when I’m solo on my long run negative splits somehow come naturally. Dare I say, my natural ability to carbo load is pretty amazing too! πŸ™‚

  105. Not a thing comes natural when I run.. in end my mind set is naturally enhanced i feel I can accomplish any thing. I have a high on life and very thankful for the ability to run.

  106. The one thing that comes naturally for me is having “sneaky feet”….I naturally land softly on my feet as I run πŸ™‚

  107. The thing that comes most naturally to me with running is the personal high-five I give myself after any run. Way to go, lady! Way to lace up your shoes and go for a jaunt, whether it is 1 mile or 13.1 miles. I am always pumped when I finish a run and am proud of making it happen!

  108. I would say my ability to hold back the first few miles comes naturally. I remember in high school cross country that I started out in the back of the pack and picked a lot of girls off in the last miles of the race when I could still kick it up a gear since I hadn’t gone out too fast.

  109. Over pronating comes naturally to me! these shoes sound great!
    But seriously getting it done comes naturally. I work until midnight and my groups Saturday morning runs start at 6am. I can get up on 3. hours of sleep and be the first one there and ready to go. I’m usually the one herding all the chatty ladies!

  110. The ‘natural’ high I get when a run is really good. despite the sweat and soreness, that feeling will stay with me.

  111. I am always very motivated to get out and run. It doesn’t take anything but knowing I am going to have time that day to get me out the door. I never lack for motivation. Speed, distance and other stuff I fall short but darned if I don’t try :).

  112. Weird, and not entirely inspiring, but what comes naturally to me these days is finding a route that leaves my neighborhood and returns to the same spot without ever having to run on the same road twice or backtrack, and getting the mileage right every time, no matter how many miles. Just got back from a four mile run. Nailed it.

  113. I’d say my motivation to run comes naturally…I’ve become so accustomed to running 3x a week that I don’t have the internal debate whether to run or not

  114. Greeting runners coming the other way and cheering on peers during races. An introvert in most areas of my life, running brings out the extrovert deep inside.

  115. Not much comes naturally to me as a runner, but the one thing that does come naturally is about a mile in, my body just takes over and my breathing is natural and my stride is natural. This post is awesome and comes on a day when I am just googling how to adjust from being a heel-striker to more of a natural mid-foot runner.

  116. My need for running is what comes naturally. I sometimes forget how much my body and mind need me to get out there and put one foot in front of the other till ive taken a break.

  117. I am still getting used to thinking of myself as a runner. I’m a bigger gal (5 foot 11 inches), built broader/thicker and I have huge boobs (38dd) so everything about that screams unnatural. But, what comes naturally is a good long stretch after a run, I never ever miss it no matter what the mileage πŸ™‚

  118. Breathing. It’s the strangest thing…if I try and think about it, I get all off, but if I just run, it’s a smooth rythnm.

  119. Running has something in common with childbirth: my ability to forget all of the pain and just bask in the result almost immediately after!

  120. I smile at the end of my run, and i love that! but before i knew what midfoot strike meant, i did it! Short, quick stride for me! Now working on posture and lean…love chi running! I think i was made for it!

  121. What comes naturally to me is my ability to use the lyrics of whatever song happens to come on my ipod to push myself when I am feeling beat.

  122. I think my desire to not disappoint comes naturally. Not just myself but others. Once I’ve committed to something publically I refuse to not accomplish it! I think it’s because people that talk the talk and never walk the walk annoy me. I am determined to follow through with my commitments. I may not always succeed doing it billet I never walk away thinking I tried less than my best. (my first half in 1 1/2 weeks, only started running last June, but when another running mother encouraged me I had to commit and am taking the challenge head on!)

  123. I have a natural ability to try to talk myself out of every. single. run. No, seriously, I am a natural for powering up hills. I don’t know why some runners hate them. Hills are the only time I feel strong and powerful.

  124. The only thing come natural with me and running is my stinky sweaty self after a long run. Wait even a short run. My body loves to sweat no matter how hard I work.

  125. The drive for early morning runs comes naturally to me. It is the best way to wake up and increases the odds of having a great day.

  126. My kick at the end of my run is what comes naturally to me. I started running cross country back in high school to keep in shape for soccer and track. During track season I was a hurdler and a sprinter. I’m a sprinter by nature and still even all these years later I have to give it my all at the finish, it’s what comes natural.

  127. Talking to my BRF while running comes naturally to me. I rarely run solo & never with music- I love my runs & chats with my girl friends!!

  128. Running has not come naturally to me. The injuries did though. Now that I have worked through the injuries, the mood enhancing feelings I get from running keep me going.

  129. I’m coming back from an injury, and just the naturalness of running itself – especially when you get in the “zone” and feel like you could run forever – love it.

  130. The thing that has come most naturally to me is to just embrace my run. When I’m out there, I’m happy and appreciative of the fact that I can run and that I am strong.

  131. i love the ability to just put on my shoes and head out, no matter where I am or who I’m with or what chore, work, activity that needs to get done, so naturally, I’m a runner…

  132. What comes naturally to me when running is my determination! I set my mind to it and keep moving forward with purpose.

  133. Running is new to me, so I can’t say that my natural abilities are apparent at this stage in my training. BUT, I do have a growing skill at singing along to K-Pop while slinging one foot in front of the other.

  134. What comes naturally to me is at the end of the run I feel like the strongest mother of 4 our there and I am so proud of myself no matter what distance I run that day!

  135. What comes naturally while running is focusing on the beauty around me – whatever the season, the first green of spring, the lushness of summer, the brilliance of fall, and even the starkness of winter. I try to appreciate rain/snow, but I am not quite there yet.

  136. Being able to look at a hill and say, you’re mine! I guess it’s the booty power…but I love rolling hills.

  137. Ive never been athletic in my life…i want to be a runner…i want to push myself because i never have before..i want to do it for me…..and so i can say..ive made myself a runner!!!!!

  138. Sweating comes naturally for me! It takes next to nothing for my body to break a sweat. Even after a light winter run I’m soaked in sweat. After that, I’d say it’s natural for me to always finish strong. Doesn’t matter what my workout goal is, I will always find more in the tank to finish fast.

  139. Speed… well, I am not super speedy, but ran my first half marathon (and all that followed) in under 2 hours. I just started running a little over a year ago. I admit I like tempo runs and breaking sweat much more than taking it easy.

  140. my husband pointed out to me the other day, that i guess i run smooth-not a pounding run like his. i didn’t think about it till he said something-one less thing to think about πŸ™‚

  141. What comes natural to me while running is my enthusiasm during races! I
    Do as many Disney races as possible during the year and love to high
    five, cheer, smile, sing and give a Whoot Whoot to other runners! Even
    if I am struggling it is awesome to cheer on others and the families
    that come out to cheer us on!

  142. I naturally push myself at the ends of my run. Sprinting to the finish line makes the whole run worth it; leaving everything on the pavement.

  143. Unfortunately, the only thing that comes naturally to me while running is complaining! I always feel bad for my BRF! At least during boot camp, I can turn it into sarcasm and not be too whiny.

  144. The thing that comes naturally has little to do with the act of running….but making a kick A playlist. Sometimes I feel like I should make running CDs and pass them out to fellow runners πŸ™‚

  145. I learned when I ran in highschool to stretch my stride and use my arms to push up a hill without killing myself. Just something I always do when going up hill.

  146. I think the only thing that comes naturally to me is loving being outdoors, having another reason to be there and getting a great workout. Just starting my Chi running quest and would love to see how these shoes fit into that picture!

  147. Being competitive comes naturally to me. I’m not the fastest person out there, but I’ll hone in on some people in my category and do whatever I can to stay with and beat them. It’s my greatest source of motivation.

  148. My pace comes pretty naturally- maybe more naturally to my dog though! If I get a little too fast or too slow my dog is pulling or lagging! She is a little reminder to hold steady at a comfortable pace to finish the miles that I want to accomplish.

  149. When it comes to running nothing comes naturally. I run because it calms me down and I am more relaxed all throughout the day.

  150. My ability to keep a steady pace without glancing at my watch except at the mile beeps. They are always within 3 – 5 seconds, unless there is a big hill and strangly those miles are faster because I push harder up them. If only I could drop that pace into the 9min miles and not 10min miles… someday.

  151. what comes naturally to me? stubborness. I will not give up. It’s both a blessing and a curse. would love to try these shoes – I am an overpronator.

  152. The ability to stall. Make excuses getting out the door, and forgetting how good running makes me feel until im out there wondering why I wasted so much time with excuses.

  153. Running up hills comes naturally to me, I rarely loose speed on a hill. I would love to try a pair of these kicks! I run now in 8mm drop and would like to try less.

  154. I may be slow but my competitive drive comes naturally to me. I always say I’m just out for the miles but if I can find someone that I think I can take, I will always go for a pass. True – people are usually passinng me but it’s nice that my competitive nature still kicks in when I have a shot!

  155. I am a natural fighter. Widow at 34, breast cancer survivor at 46. Mother of three. Runner newbie at 50. Training for my first marathon and will be 54 when I cross the finish line in Chicago on 10/7. I don’t look back because I am not going that way.

  156. Running is one of the few times that I can just be .. I stop actively thinking and stressing and just run .. and my mind goes where it will. What comes naturally is that running allows me to just BE. πŸ™‚

  157. Slow and steady is the only thing that comes naturally about running. I’m not fast, but I’m consistent! I too have been geeking out about chi running. I love it!

  158. It comes naturally to me to wake at the crack of dawn, sometimes in pitch darkness, to run so I can get home to prep kids for school, get them on the bus and begin my workday with minimal stress.

  159. What comes naturally to me when running is getting “in the zone” with a good song… It’s different with every run but I always find it at some point!

  160. Relaxing while running is what comes naturally to me. I have 5 children with a set of twins thrown in there, so its the only time of the day I get to myself!

  161. When I put on my running shoes and Ipod, the world stops. So I guess my ability to turn it off life and enjoy every minute of the run comes natural. I wish the ipod had the same results at 3AM when my mind is going crazy, maybe I should sleep with my running shoes on πŸ™‚

  162. Running with my kids in the stroller has come naturally to me. If I didnt push them I wouldn’t be able to get my runs done. Plus it makes me a stronger runner.. And I love having the company most days!!!

  163. Slow pace, poor form and injuries have come pretty natural to me. What also comes natural is my annoyingly stubborn streak that doesn’t allow me to give up, even after injuries and ridicule.

  164. The one thing that comes naturally to me is…speed! No matter how I try to pace myself and slow things down, at some point I always take off. My body just seems to want to move fast!

  165. coming back to running after many years without it has come naturally to me. getting a new pair of running shoes has not. my almost 3 year old just ran his first 2k a couple weekends ago. took him to the store that afternoon and bought him his first pair of running shoes. he is waiting for me to get mine so we can run together.

  166. Sweating. It definitely comes naturally to me when running. Maybe my pace too – 10 min/mile. I can keep that up forever it seems like, but even if I know I’m only running a mile I still can’t seem to go any faster . . .

  167. I find the drive to push hard at the end of a run very natural. I think it comes from years of playing basketball, where the last few seconds can mean the difference between winning and losing.

  168. My running super power: I very easily find inspiration. Usually I get it from the kids I coach on our elementary school cross country team, or from my 12 year old son who used to run slower than me. Last week, while running my second marathon, I was inspired by a trio of men who were in their 70s or 80s. They alternated walking and running, but they finished the 26.2 mile race. Each has not only completed 50 marathons in 50 states, but has done it multiple times. They inspired me to run healthy, and to find joy in every race.

  169. Naturally pacing has been easy for me – my first mile is almost always the same as my 4th, 10th, or 18th. Blessing and a curse, because then it is incredibly hard for me to get faster . . .

  170. My ability to kick it in at the end of a race. During my first 5k, that kick surprised the hell out of me, but I love that feeling of reaching down deep and pushing myself over the finish line.

  171. I’m lucky that being in the moment and entertaining myself with my thoughts come naturally to me on a run (the only time they do). I’ve never complained that I get bored while running. Then again, my longest run was a half marathon, so maybe with a full marathon?

  172. The abiltiy to make insane playlists where cypress hill, dance music, disco, rob zombie, and neil diamond all come to play in peace and harmony!

  173. Unfortunately I think the only thing that comes naturally to me is my ability to remain in a chronically injured state! I’ve had it all…tendonitis, IT band issues, foot surgery…but this gimpy old body somehow keeps on going πŸ™‚

  174. My ability to run in the rain! I live in the PNW and if I couldn’t run in the rain, I’d never be able to run outdoors around here for at least 9 months out of the year!

  175. Being alone… I am never bored and I relish the time to think and ponder or enjoy an audio book. I can’t stand running with another person, it makes me tired!

  176. I am still working on what comes naturally as I have just started running! However I’d say that spending time enjoying nature as I run/walk comes naturally, especially during this lovely spring weather.

  177. What comes naturally to me is running slowly. And eating while running (fueling, right?). Oh my. What I’d love to come naturally to me is a quick light step. Working on it…

  178. Wisdom and clear thinking comes to me naturally when I’m running. It’s like a light comes on when I hit the trail.

  179. Because I was a sprinter in HS, I think it’s always been in my nature to go fast at the end of the run. So no matter how long the distance, I always find enough in me to sprint that last 50 yds. Makes for great photo finishes too!

  180. I think the pure fact that I enjoy the time alone comes naturally. Running by myself and that time alone naturally clears my head.

  181. Running at an even pace comes naturally to me. Years of flute lessons — and listening to metronomes — finally paid off!

  182. Unfortunately, what come naturally to me is foot pain — I’ve been told my numerous podiatrists that my feet aren’t built for running. (Seriously, they’re not kidding. I have mutant feet, LOL!) But I still do it because I love it. And I’ve been wondering if a shoe change is just what I need, but reluctant to shell out the bucks on a minimal shoe because like you, I fear the lack of cush. So this giveaway could be a total win for me – a chance to try something new without spending the big bucks!

  183. What comes naturally for me is the gratitude I feel for being able to run and the tenacity to get it done. After being injured last year, I look forward to the long runs and relish in even the bad ones. I just feel very blessed, free, young and myself when I run!

    On a side note…My friend forwarded this to me and I just happened to finish “Run Like a Mother” last week! I knew this was your blog, without really knowing about 1/2 way through! It just seemed so familiar! I LOVED this book and will read it again and again!

  184. My pace comes naturally. I can’t seem to start at slower than 8:45, which kills me, and then I average 9:30 for long runs, even when I try to slow down.

  185. What comes naturally for me, is wanting to run outside in nature. Nothing is more satisfying than a country run…which I don’t get to do often enough!!

  186. My ability to LET GO of stress comes naturally when I run. I really don’t have any other good ways to make myself just LET GO.

  187. I guess the desire to run comes naturally – when I see a fresh sunny morning I just want to get out there and hit the trail, no matter how bad my last run was!

  188. The ability to pace myself comes naturally. My post-baby pace may be slower, but at least it is still consistent!

  189. My enjoyment of running. So many people I know do it because it is good for them or great exercise. I actually enjoy being outside and running for the the act of running itself. I never really had to “try” to like running. I just do (and have been running for nearly a year now).

  190. I love to get home and enter onto the computer all my data. My statistics so to speak. It comes naturally to time my runs and calculate the distance and how fast each mile was. Love it.

  191. My arm-swing – never have to think about it. Occasionally I’ll notice them pumping away on an uphill, and be grateful. It’s one less thing to think about πŸ™‚

  192. What comes naturally to me is the ability to not push it. I have never felt the desire to run until I was on empty and I think this “it is just a run” mentality has kept me in a good mental place for running while also being (thankfully) injury free for the entirety of my running career.

  193. What comes naturally to me when I run? I guess appreciation… Allergies and asthma, broken both of my feet, not really all that athletically inclined per se, but I love to run, and each time I do, even if it’s a terrible run, I’m always glad I did it. My worst run is still a gift to be cherished. I run for those who cannot… I run for those I miss…. I run from everything that scares me and I run to find answers and inner peace. And I appreciate it, every step of the way!!

  194. what comes naturally is that embarrassing kick that comes out when I cross paths with faster/hardcore/young & buff runners! It is so sneaky that I don’t notice it till I’m winded, and then embarrassed that I unconsciously try to impress people who could truly care less. Sigh!

  195. Running does not come naturally for me…I have worked really hard at it. But the overwhelming feeling of strength and power is addictive and gets me back out there every time!

  196. Strangely enough, the thing that comes most natural to me is the ability to run even splits. I am never off by more than a second or two. The BAD part of this is that my starting pace tends to determine my finishing pace, so if I get off to a bad start, I am sort of screwed.

  197. The thing that comes naturally for me when it comes to running, is probably pacing. I rarely wear a watch or listen to music when I run, but have found that my stride and 180 cadence is so consistant, that my splits-no matter how long the event (including an Ironman marathon, and 2 fifty milers)- are very close to be the same. I definitely know natural running form has helped immensely!

  198. I do have a natural knack for buying new outifts for race day. And smiling at the finish line! If someone’s handing me a medal and oranges, you BET I’m smiling!

  199. Not much about my running form or ability comes naturally, but once I have a goal and a plan I naturally have to see it through to the letter (and mile and pace).

  200. The thing that comes most naturally to me is dedication. I just love to run and that love of the run is all I need to get out the door every morning!

  201. Nothing about running really comes naturally to me, but I do love the endorphins…I guess the desire to immediately sign up for a new race upon completing one comes naturally to me, as the endorphin rush takes over!

  202. I would have to say my smile comes naturally at the end of a run/race! Also, a sense of accomplishment since the actual running part is never that easy for me.

  203. My ability to smile throughout a run even when I really don’t want to run, or I’m completely tired, out of breath, sweaty and salt-crusted!

  204. nothing about the actual *running* part comes naturally to me. I have to work hard to be an avg. runner and it seems now to not be an injured runner. But the high I have when I’m done, that seems to come naturally. Makes it worth it….

  205. Finding my zen. I’m a mom to a 4 year old and a 2 year old. I run to have me time, like most mother runners. And as soon as I start a run I’m able to go to my happy place. If running didn’t help me get centered I probably wouldn’t see a point in doing it!

  206. I’m lucky–Good form comes naturally to me. I was in the running store, getting filmed on the treadmill to help figure out which shoes I needed, and my husband the ultramarathoner and the shoe sales woman were both like, Wow, she’s got almost perfect form. So I bought my new Newtons and have been in love with them since. (Not that I wouldn’t cheat a bit to try the Altras . . . . )

  207. My desire to run comes naturally also my desire to keep going and reach my goal even though I feel like I have nothing left to give. I love to running it is the most empowering exercise I also love my Altra instincts and I would love another pair.

  208. Oh, I wish something came naturally to me running. I’m jealous of all the strong finish responses. I’d have to say my willingness to get out there and run sick, tired, or pregnant. And, pregnant, sweating like a pink piglet and needing to pee come verrrry naturally right now. 11 weeks to go!

  209. I have a natural ability to tune out life and just keep moving my legs, no matter what. Being in the military trained me to keep moving even when I was hurting or exhausted, and that has been something that I have been able to take into distance running with great ease.

  210. 1st- I also Coach Girls on the Run- Awesome program. Anyways- I am seriously high after a run, it comes natural, drives my husband crazy but makes it easy to start a run cause I know how insanely good I feel after!

  211. A finishing kick always comes naturally to me. No matter how tired, sore, wet, out of breath, I can always finish hard. The creation of the running skirt has made it much more easy for me to dress cute which comes naturally!

  212. I LOVE these shoes!! Got my first pair before Christmas & I’m gonna new a new pair for summer πŸ™‚ My ‘natural’ strength is that the desire comes easily- as does the push @ the end- BEST part of any race is the push to the finish- so rewarding!!

    Would LOVE to win πŸ™‚

  213. Not sure that anything comes naturally, I have to fight for everything in running because I started so late in life and never ran as a kid at all. Maybe tenacity comes naturally though. I’m hella slow but I keep going and going and going….oh, and I LOVE ALTRAS!

  214. Oh how I want the provisions! I am on my second pair of instincts and I love love love them!!

    What comes naturally to me is the “runners high” after my run. I wish I could hold on to it for the entire day. It’s when I am in the BEST mood, open to others, creative, energetic and the happiest me that I can be!

    Please please please choose me!

  215. What comes natural to me is my ability to just get up and go run! No one will care if I didn’t shave my legs…It’s just me and my RUN…Au Natural!

  216. The groove I get into makes my ponytail swing like no one else on earth. My students used to say they could spot me across the playground when I would race walk laps by my ponytail swinging.

  217. I’d echo the endurance comes naturally. If I can a) kick myself out the door b) make it through the first mile and c) run at the right pace (with proper fuel)….I click in and go forever. πŸ™‚

  218. the main thing that comes easily to me is the willingness to commit to getting my runs in every week, come heck or high water. the run might come right after dinner on taco salad night (NOT recommended) or at 6:00am on a summer morning when hubby the teacher and the 4 kids are blissfully sleeping, or during lunch at work, or while my kids play as I lap the playground… but I always get the runs done.

  219. What comes naturally to me is my desire to stay in shape and keep off the pounds that I lose after having gastric bypass over 8 years ago.

  220. My ability to clear my thoughts comes naturally to me when I run. I think that is why running helps me to relax during stressful times!

  221. What comes natural to me is having a better attitude after I return from a run, no matter the distance, than I did before leaving.

  222. What comes most naturally to me is the ability to get up in the morning for those early runs, without hitting the snooze button. I have always been a morning person.

  223. It seems it’s easier for me to run long, rather than fast. The first 1-3miles (ALWAYS) is the hardest for me…and I’ve been running for 2 years straight now. Never changes. Always have to struggle through those first 1-3 miles, and then the enjoyment factor finally kicks in.

  224. I picked right up on the quick cadence with ChiRunning, that “wheel” seemed so natural, I thought I must be doing something wrong until I video taped myself ChiRunning.

  225. “You’ve got to to work like a horse and sweat like a pig if you want to look like a fox!” Ha! Just love this!
    I’d say that massive amounts of sweating is what comes naturally for me! That and the awesome feeling I get when the run is finished! πŸ™‚

  226. My competetive attitude is what comes naturally and it keeps me going. Sometimes it is not a good thing. Like when I push myself too hard and get ingured.

  227. The only thing that comes natural to me is sweating…and a lot of it!! I have to work very hard at everything else. I’ve recently changed my form and my foot strike to midfoot. Working very hard and staying positive!

  228. Peeing…..just sayin….. don’t tell me the rest of you ladies haven’t had that natural feeling when you run distances…something about running…makes peein’ come naturally.

  229. I seem to have a natural ability for endurance. It wasn’t until I got into longer runs that I finally became comfortable as a runner, and able to accept that while I might not be particularly fast, I can most certainly run longer than a lot of people…and like it! It always seems like my shorter runs are my most painful ones, and I would rather run a marathon over a 5k any day!

  230. what comes naturally to me is my love of the outdoors, specifically the woods. I took up mtbing and just can’t imagine any place I would rather be. so, I decided to see if I might enjoy running in the woods too. guess what? I did and how! I don’t even consider myself a runner but there is something that happens when I slip on my trail shoes. My feet get happy and I become excited. Driving to a trail is worth it because of its peaceful and restorative effect. I like absorbing nature and all it has to offer, both seen and unseen,

  231. I’m a new runner (5 months). I think the only thing that comes naturally to me right now is the ability to tie my shoes so that they don’t come undone while I run.

  232. Running outside comes naturally, I love being in the fresh air and would much rather run outside than on the treadmill.

  233. I love your blog, I’m not a mother, but I have one, and my sisters are each one πŸ™‚

    I have the natural talent to take in the great outdoors when I run/bike. I look around. Okay, basically it’s because I have a little bit of an attention/focusing issue πŸ˜€ My mate isn’t able to do this. He’ll be out on long bike rides with people who, afterwords, will be talking about the eagles or deer or. .whatever they saw and he has no clue what they are talking about!

    This talent also means I’m never in the zone enough to miss stop signs/street intersections which happens often enough in this rural state.

  234. I thought about this for a while.. Natural? It’s certainly not those first few blocks. It’s certainly not the thirst. It’s not the part where 1.5 miles in I start to “kick it”. It’s not the feeling of accomplishment and knowing that I did something that no one can do for me but it is JUST for me. It’s not the way that no matter how good I feel during the run, I am always happy to get to the final stretch and then stretch. πŸ™‚ But then I got to thinking.. oh yes.. it is ALL of those things.

  235. Sweat. Sweat comes naturally to me while running. I seriously sweat a lot.

    I wish my answer was motivation, or speed, or great form, but those are all things I have to work at!

  236. Nothing athletically comes to me naturally, except maybe spending money on cute gear. Eating comes naturally to me. However, the desire to work harder than anyone else to succeed does come naturally and I apply that desire to every aspect of my life, including running. And while it doesn’t come naturally, I love running and can’t imagine a day without it…like I can’t imagine a day without donuts.

  237. wow…I get up at 4:30 to get my runs in and that sure does not come naturally…I would have to say “finishing, kicking my feet up, and having my morning coffee”…the run is always a struggle

  238. I naturally talk to myself or sing out loud, as my breathing allows (or doesn’t). Sometimes I make sense, most of the time I don’t!

  239. I think my desire to run is what comes natural…I do it despite the pain or weather or whatever else may try to get in the way!

  240. Not much came “naturally” at the beginning of my running journey last year. Now, ten months later, it’s consistency! πŸ˜€

  241. What comes naturally, is that no matter if I was highly motivated, or had to push myself out the door, I love the feeling that comes from getting out there and just doing it!

  242. Endurance comes naturally to me. Once I get past the 1st mile or so, my body settles in for the long haul. If I’ve fueled & hydrated properly before my run, I really think I could run til I drop from lack of sustanence.

  243. What comes most naturally to me when running is that I know, no matter how great or tough my run is, I will feel fulfilled and accomplished when I finish. Whether I’m doing a short sprint, or doing a long run, I feel good. This always gets me through if I hit a tough patch during a run; there is no better feeling than to have just gotten out there and done it. This is the best outlet for me as a mother, nothing compares.

  244. My ability to grit my teeth and get through it is my special natural talent. (I’ve recently become a Chi Runner and I feel like the fog has been lifted! This is the way!!)

  245. The ability to take a long nap after a long run comes quite naturally to me. πŸ™‚ Seriously though, I love it. I get this weird high after about three miles and I just can’t help but smile after that. Like the whole time, no matter how long it is, I just smile.

  246. I naturally just assume everyone I pass is very impressed with how far/fast/wonderfully I’m running. Vain? Well, it keeps me motivated!

  247. Being able to socialize while running comes naturally. I coach a women’s running class and we have a lot of fun, talking while exercising!

  248. Running is about the only thing that comes naturally to me. I’ve tried other sports, including aerobics classes and I just have trouble with dance moves but running I can do and enjoy.

  249. The rush of endorphins after a long run comes naturally to me! There is no better feeling than that natural “high” you get when you’ve accomplished your goals and conquered yet another run!

  250. Naturally? Sprinting, all out, comes naturally to me. Running slower than that has been a challenge!
    I wish knee pain did not come naturally to me!

  251. I love learning more and reading more and listening to other ppl talk about running! I’m not a genetic gazelle but I like knowing who all the big names are in Runners World (so I can name drop with my super talented friends and running group pals)…so I guess I’m a natural student of the art of running?

  252. When I run it is therapy. I can relieve stress, I can let everything go. I can just worry about NOTHING. When I run I can think about my life, what I can improve on, my marriage? my schooling? maybe even the pace I am running at ha! Just about anything. Running is my time it is what heals me πŸ™‚ I LOVE RUNNING!

  253. I have a unique ability to plan routes. You want a 6 mile route? Just ask. Decide midrun you’d rather go 8? I can make it work. You won’t even have to add an extra lap around the block to make it even.

  254. The only thing about running that comes naturally to me is my love for the feeling I have for the rest of the day after a run. So I guess it’s my ability to appreciate a good runner’s high!

  255. Breathing comes naturally to me… I was a synchronized swimmer as a kid and had this great t-shirt that said, “For Synchronized Swimmers, breathing is optional”. So, I guess my lungs are well trained!

  256. I am naturally self motivated – I can push myself to train for goals without external driving forces. I just wish I was naturally speedy!

  257. When I’m not running before sunrise, I look for
    My shadow to try and catch that split second when
    Both feet are off of the ground & I’m flying! Flying is
    natural thanks to running πŸ˜‰

  258. I naturally keep an even pace from one mile to the next. It has always come easy to me to run at the same pace. I also sweat a lot no matter what the temperature!

  259. Perhaps it’s just inherent laziness, but embracing a rest day or two in the week comes very naturally. I welcome the break and it resets my desire to get back out there the next day.

  260. Being motivated to run comes naturally to me. I’m always ready to run, and feel edgy on my rest days. Right now, I’m dealing with a tibial stress fracture, and I’m about to jump out of my skin! The only thing getting me through is the spin bike 3-4 x per week!
    Love the idea of these shoes. I am an overpronater, and have been reluctant to try any “minimalist” shoe. Curious to see what they are like.

  261. Very little about running comes easily to me. I do love picking out what I’ll wear and what I’ll listen to. That definitely helps to get me going!

  262. I am remarkably consistent as far as pace goes when running. I take one dog for 5 miles, note the time, switch dogs and take the 2nd dog for 5 miles, return home within a minute of previous time and that includes dogs stopping numerous times. If only I could profit from such a consistent performance.

  263. I naturally start to learn the distances of my usual routes based on my playlist. Even though I wear my Garmin, I don’t usually need it to know how far I’ve gone. Perhaps I need to switch it up a bit… my playlist and my routes!

  264. I guess the thing that comes naturally to me about running is the efficiency of it. I try to be efficient in all I do (a necessary skill set for a working motherrunner of 2). It’s the easiest exercise for us busy moms – lace up the shoes and your out the door.

  265. I am not a natural runner…I work hard for every step, but I do not lack motivation. And I am happy about that πŸ™‚

  266. The ability to utter the words “just one more mile” at the (supposed) end of a run. My running partner doesn’t always like me for this!

  267. I can’t call much ‘naturally’ about my running – but I would say I do best the breathing aspect. I seem to do a good job of not getting out of control with huffing/puffing and losing energy that way.

  268. My husband always tells me I look as strong at the end of a race as I do at the beginning…at any point in the race, I look happy and strong. I don’t always feel happy and strong, but I suppose it comes naturally for me to be able to “fake” it? πŸ™‚

  269. I think my competitive edge is something that naturally kicks into gear when running. I will even tell myself that I’m going to go for an “easy run,” but lo and behold I find myself competing with my Garmin. Ridiculous πŸ™‚

  270. My husband says I have a natural form – fairly even wear on the shoes, not too much bounce, “my pony tail does not swing all over the place” (his words and a pet peeve of his), etc. In my opinion, what I’m good at is complaining before I go out for a run and feeling great after it’s over and wondering why I complain before when I feel so good afterwards! πŸ™‚ Working on that but after 5 years of running, not sure it will change.

  271. I can smile even after a very long and strenuous run, and I somehow always have the ability to run into the low hanging branches!

  272. I channel my inner Fonzie from Happy Days when I run; I run with my hands in fists, but with my thumbs sticking out, like I’m giving a “thumbs up” sign. My running buddies think it’s a hoot!

  273. I can always kick it at the end of a race no matter how exhausted I am. I feel like I haven’t raced if I don’t kick it. Thanks for the chance to win those awesome shoes!

  274. What comes naturally to me about running is the laughter of pure enjoyment. It always catches me by surprise, because most of the running is hard, beginning is just painful, getting outta bed isn’t easy – but about midrun on almost every run, say about 2-3 miles in, it happens. More so on trails than roads, but even quiet neighborhoods have this effect on me. The feel of the wind on my face, slipping through the beauty of this peaceful quiet world around me… the feeling of doing what is right, this is what elicits a laugh from me. Maybe its a form of the runner’s high, but I don’t think so. Its not tied to feeling great. Its tied to feeling – right.

  275. I would say what comes naturally to me is NOT coordinating my running outfits. I’ve been known to wear a red tank top, blank and hot pink shorts, and white socks to go with my white and blue shoes. LOL It really doesn’t matter to me what I wear, as long as I get out there and get the run done! πŸ™‚

  276. I’m naturally like a cow to the barn. When I know the end is near, I tend to kick it up a notch. So, I usually end a race pretty strong.

  277. I’m a newer runner, but from the beginning I’ve been good at pacing. My trainer tells other bootcampers to keep on eye on me for a nice steady clip that doesn’t fluctuate. Mind you, I’m building on my speed, but it is nice to know others notice what you are good at too!

  278. I would have to say that it’s my ability to run & not fall on my face as my beagle, who’s nose seems to be in charge, constantly serves & stops in front of me. We may look like we’re running drunk but at least we are in sync. πŸ™‚

  279. I forgot to say what comes naturally…. My ability to remember… I remember all the things I forgot when I run… What I forgot to tell my husband, to send a thank you card, to call my friends, the voice of dead loved ones… Running gives my brain the space it needs to remember!

  280. What come naturally to me with running is consistency. I’m good at consistently going out for my 2 shorter runs and 1 longer run per week. Whether I really feel like it or not.
    Good luck at Boston!

  281. Nothing really comes naturally at all (the story of my life) but love that I can work hard at accomplishing something. Producing chaffing comes naturally, I guess. Lol.

  282. I’m recently in to chi running– spending the money to buy new shoes for it scares me though! I’m hoping that I win the shoes and change my life forever!
    Chi ya later! (I hope)

  283. Building muscle. My body is naturally inclined to be muscley so I’d have to say that’s about the only thing about running that’s come naturally to me. I hated it at first, everything was hard, I sustained an injury right away. But here I am a year and 4 months after taking my first steps running and I love it so much. I’m a life long runner now.

  284. Making every race a celebration comes naturally to me. I choose races that feel like a party. I have let go of PRs, pushing limits and simply run as a gateway to peace and joy.

  285. I think my form is good and comes naturally . . . I’m also naturally motivated to get out there and run (of course, having a toddler in the terrible 2’s may be part of that motivation).

  286. My positive attitude when running with a friend. There’s something about running with a friend that turns me into the optimist I’m not always otherwise.

  287. I have to say in racing, I agree with the other mom, I always have a kick at the end. Sometimes I start it too soon, sometimes too late. But it’s always there.

  288. No matter how tired I am, or how long my run is, I have to have some sort of kick at the end of a run. It’s what comes naturally to me. I love the feeling of finishing as hard as I can.

  289. I would have use your example…the smile I have after a run. No matter how crazy or bad my day was, I can lace up my shoes, go for a run & my body both mentally & physically is smiling!

  290. Freaking out for days before every long run comes natural to me. I obsess about it until it’s over. I worry about what I’m eating, what I’ll fuel with, if I’ll have bathroom problems, if I should get new shoes, injuring myself before my first half and the list goes on and on. If my thoughts could fuel my running I would be an elite athlete.

  291. I guess getting lost in my music comes naturally to me. The only thing is if I’m on a trail and not focused on the ground that’s not such a good thing – I fall down πŸ™‚

  292. It’s natural for me to compete with myself during my runs; I’m 12 weeks back into running after having boy #2. I get frustrated if I don’t see progress every week!

  293. Oh, that picture describes a lot of what I’ve been reading about in Chi Running. That form doesn’t come natural to me, but I’m trying! What does come natural? Competitiveness. So much so that I have to squelch it a lot or I’ll kill myself trying to be faster or run farther than someone else. I’m NOT a fast runner, but in my mind, I can at least beat the guy balancing a watermelon on his head for the whole half marathon. (Actually, turns out not. Dang it!)

  294. What comes naturally to me in running is sweating (not glistening) like a man and my cadence is very efficient. 180 spm or above…honestly it isn’t something that I have worked on it is just a blessing.

  295. First, I’m a sweater. No matter how cold, I’m dripping sweat by mile 1. Second, doesn’t matter what on my aging mother’s body is hurting, running seems to make it better. Even if the pain is running related, it still seems to get better.

    Today I will be running my first race of the year. This is the race that first starting me training/running 2 years ago. If I had only known how much I would love running and how great I would feel – I woulda done it years ago.

    Run on Mothers!!!

  296. The thing that comes naturally for me during a run is keeping my kids from getting bored and turning on each other. I have the double Bob so it is very easy for a hair pulling or pinching fight to break out at any minute.

  297. My NEED to pee, two miles into any length run, even if I just went right before heading out the door…comes very naturally to me. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. This especially sucks in races. I would’ve PR’d my last half marathon if I hadn’t stopped to pee at mile 4.

    On the positive side, my ability to get ANYONE to sign up for a race, and completely believe they can do it, is a gift of mine (I’ve been told). πŸ™‚

  298. Nothing about me makes me a “natural” runner, but determination and goal-setting have created a life-long passion for me. I naturally dread the first mile, but when my run is done I’m so glad I got out there and just did it. My sense of pace is pretty spot on, and while it’s slower than I’d like at least I don’t run out of steam too soon on those really long runs.

  299. I would probably be a natural at following a training plan. In general, give me a goal and a structure to get there, and I’m a (slightly obsessive) happy camper.

  300. Running is natural to me, i think i was a born runner. My high school coach used me as an example for others – even tho i was embarrassed and didnt believe it, my stride was pretty good. now, 30 yrs later it is so much harder to be natural with all the aches and pains of aging, but i still LOVE to run. Thanks for this great offer today.

  301. what comes naturally for me is to just go for it. whenever I am dreading getting out there for a run the most is when a truly great and inspiring run will happen.

  302. What I lack in natural running ability I make up in trying to look like a runner. It’s all about the clothes!

  303. What comes naturally to me is my desire to be in shape. Also my bright red face and ability to sweat, sweat, sweat!

  304. My ability to remember to stop my Garmin so I can pick up after my dog is about the only thing that is natural these days…:(

  305. For me – I naturally always take the hilly route. Whenever I come to the fork I always. Goose the route that will give me the hills. ( I usually curse myself once I am climbing them)!

  306. My competitiveness and ability to gut it out in a race comes naturally. It’s let me increase my paces and rankings quickly in the year I’ve been running.

  307. I naturally just suck it up and do πŸ˜‰
    I naturally stink after a run and find it funny when my husband and son comment on it. I just tell them that it’s the smell of success.

  308. Motivation comes naturally to me. But that “push” to run faster doesn’t. Running by myself…miserably slow. On the treadmill, its fine, and I always hit the paces. I think I am the only person in America who runs faster on the treadmill (with a 1% incline always!) than I do outside. Maybe the BAA will accept a treadmill marathon time????

  309. That image is from the goodformrunning website. I’ve taken the free starter class twice through my LRS. Love it! And yes, it is simple and sound. I agree.

    Kicking into high gear to sprint to the finish is the thing that is totally natural to me. It’s so ingrained that even when I think my tank is pretty much empty, I have to find just a smidge more, even if I barely speed up. I can’t just run through. I have to pick up the pace. I do it in training runs too, which isn’t always good, but I honestly don’t even realize I’m doing it until I look at my splits later. Of course, it helps that coming home is uphill, so I am used to pushing a little harder at the end anyway when it comes to race time. Running itself also comes fairly naturally. Dad is a runner (for almost 30 yrs) and my brother is a runner (a speedy one with a 5k PR in the 14s). I grew up around it and it’s my workout of choice. It’s been odd to me that hubby does it, but does not really enjoy it and cycling is what comes naturally to him. Each to their own….as long as we’re all doing something, right? πŸ™‚

  310. Determination! I’m not the fastest, the most fit or the best out there, but I am determined to do my best. My husband calls it stubborn, but I like the term “determined” a little better.

  311. I am pretty darn good at dressing appropriately for the weather. It has taken me years of practice but I think that at age 46, I finally have it down.

  312. waking up at 5:30! without an alarm! just to run! that comes naturally (now). and i’m a better person for it!

  313. Someone told me when I started running races to do the following. Running the last mile, always run to beat the person in front of you. So I cant wait until that last mile to kick it in πŸ™‚

  314. What comes naturally to me, about fitness period, but running in this case, is that I am continually inspired to do better to set an example for my kids. For years, my husband was the one who raced, ran and was cheered for. Those two little ones make me more crazy than anything, but they are the reason it comes naturally for me to get out the door.

  315. To be honest, running wasn’t natural for me for a long time. But I committed myself to a year. A year later, I can’t imagine it NOT being natural. The drive to hit the road or the treadmill, regardless of what is going on is pretty natural now.

  316. Being somewhat new to the running community (two years), I can’t say as though anything comes naturally to me just yet. I don’t have great form, a nice kick at the end, or even a smile on my face BUT I love the social component and bonding with my girls while out on a run. I have two different groups of women that I run with, and I enjoy our togetherness while on the run.

  317. Running has not come naturally to me. It’s has taken me several months to feel comfortable running & to really enjoy it. However, picking music & cute outfits for my run is quite easy for me. πŸ™‚

  318. My natural ability to find time in my schedule/routine/busy life to run – even if it’s only a couple of miles and maybe not even all at once. I can get ‘er done.

  319. I’m gonna say my quick turnover comes naturally. I’m fast-ish (at least compared to the other women runners in my town!) and look like a duck when i run, but it’s working for me! πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the giveaway! runner_girl5k at yahoo dot com

  320. Stamina has always come very easy to me. Apparently my body was built for the long slow haul. I grew up playing volleyball and basketball and whenever we had to run “suicides” or laps, I didn’t really care how many we did.

  321. It’s in my nature to set my mind to a task and persevere, but know when it is time for a break…generally adaptive and very helpful when I set out for a workout that is hard or long.

  322. Nothing feels like it comes naturally for me when I run, but I keep pushing. Maybe one day it will feel natural, I am looking forward to that day.

  323. Thanks for the chance to win some new kicks! I, too, have been struggling with modifying my form, and it is TOUGH!
    Heel-striking apparently comes naturally to me, which means Chi Running does NOT, and I could probably use something to help me on my way!

  324. STINKING after I run is what comes naturally to me πŸ™‚ Man, oh man, do I sweat and stink it up πŸ™‚

  325. hmmm. what comes naturally??? I’m a rule follower by nature, so having a plan and measuring my success by how I stick with the plan (or not). Breathing must – I hear other people talk about ‘getting their breathing right’ and I truly don’t understand what they mean, so that must just come naturally for me.?!? My desire (need, really) to talk incessantly about my runs and encourage others to do so as well. My LOVE of races! Even not winning, I love the feeling of signing up, checking in, pinning on my bib and crossing the finish line. Finishing strong (for me), regardless of how the rest of the race has gone. huh! I guess I am a natural runner, after all. who knew??? πŸ˜‰

  326. Tracking, calculating and planning as well as the motivation to go out and do what must be done come naturally. Running fast – not so much.

  327. Perspective comes naturally to me when I’m running; I can handle anything. All the silly bs from my day falls to the wayside when I’m facing a 6-mile interval run without my partner. Conversely, without my daily run, I cannot handle my in-laws!

  328. Sadly I think the only things that comes naturally to me during a run is the stopping part at th end! I try so hard to enjoy running to let it feel like an escape but I still haven’t gotten my stride right and always feel like I’m struggling.

  329. My ability to run by myself and get it done. I trained for my first full marathon and a handfull of 1/2’s all by myself. Guess I’m an introvert πŸ™‚

  330. Running is hard work for me, but I love having someone to run with and (naturally) to chat with. Without even realizing it, my running partner pushes me to keep going just a little bit longer!


  331. I would have to say my desire to trail run… even though we don’t have many trails around here, I long to get back out on one!

  332. Starting out too fast in a race…LOL I was a cross country runner when I was in HS and for a year at a JC, and you always started a race on a wide starting line and then very quickly would start on a narrow trail, so you had to start out hard to jocky for position. Well, 15-20 years later, I am NO WHERE near as fast as I was then and I have no need to”Jocky for position” any more but it is now so instinctual I have to really try to slow myself down at the start of a race. And even when I think I am slowing myself down, I am still going 30-45 seconds per mile faster than I want to to be able to finish the race strong!

  333. Nothing about running comes naturally to me. I have to pull myself out of bed just to go. But once I am out there, I love it! I wish I could go longer! Mom duty calls. And my body can’t go much farther than 30 minutes total at the moment.

  334. My ability to stick to a plan comes pretty naturally. I am a new runner and recently completed C25K. When I don’t have a plan to follow, I tend to slack on my runs. I need to find a new one stat!

  335. I naturally only do what is on my schedule. If it says 5 miles, that is what I do. I have no desire to go longer or shorter. I naturally love following rules and having a plan so it just makes me happy to know that I am right on track, not over or under training.

  336. Awesome giveaway! What comes naturally to me while running? Not much but the ability to put together a mental list of what I need to do what I get back home!

  337. What comes naturally to me is my desire to race. I’m not the fastest but I’m getting faster with every race!! I love the feeling of accomplishment I get after crossing a finish line.

  338. Some days it feels like nothing about running comes naturally. Lately, however, I have been working on my form using the exact method in the first image from this post and surprisingly, that has felt natural to me!

  339. Love the shoes! πŸ™‚ What comes naturally to me when running is sweating like a pig and my 15 m pace! Oh how I hope to be faster and less sweaty some day! πŸ˜‰ lol

  340. Pacing comes very naturally to me. I am a slow runner but very evenly paced so I never have to worry about going out too fast.

  341. Motivation comes easy to me. I never not want to run. Unfortunately, my body doesn’t always cooperate which is why I have also been working on my form (Chi Running, Good Form Running, cadence, etc).

  342. Kicking it at the end of a race & of course, wanting to look good while doing it! Interested in how these shoes feel as a ” slight pronater”.

  343. My smile is the most natural thing about running for me- whether it’s a smile at random people I see walking our local running path, or a smile at the finish that has had people ask if I want to run another loop, running brings out a big, goofy grin.

  344. what comes naturally to me is the sense of adventure with my runs…I want to be running when I’m 80 and in order to have that happen I need to stay healthy and motivated. To love running means you enjoy it for many different reasons.

  345. Being a good running buddy comes naturally to me. I will never ditch a run, if I know someone is waiting for me, although I may try to talk them into hitting a treadmill if it’s raining. And, like a Marine, I leave no woman behind and won’t leave until everyone has returned or crossed the finish.

    1. Please read that as “if I know people are waiting for me, although I may try to talk them into hitting a treadmill.” Oh, the public humiliation!

  346. I would probably have to say sweating comes naturally!!! It’s doesn’t take much for me to be soaking wet and I will continue to sweat an hour or so AfTER my run! Not fun!

  347. I’ve always been a natural runner, and I love hills and to kick it at the end, especially when I’m running a race with my hubby. I am too competitive and always need to try to beat him!

  348. The thing that comes naturally to me with running is the commaradarie with my own little “tribe” of mother runners here in my home town. The early morning division has grown now to 5 and the talking and running is great. Not sure I would get out of bed without them because NOTHING else about running comes naturally to me!

  349. My enjoyment of the beauty of the outdoors! I love seeing the flowers and trees in the spring, the beautiful fall leaves, seeing the wildlife out in their natural elements! And it doesn’t hurt if I have kick a$$ music playing in my ears either!

  350. Nothing really comes naturally about running, but I do have some rocking tunes, and a kick at the end. Not to mention, of course, a color coordinating outfit! πŸ™‚

  351. I have the natural desire to finish every run strong. No matter how tired I feel, I always try to put forth just a little more effort for the last mile or so. Right now, I am running most easy miles between 10 and 10:30 per mile. My last mile of a 4 to 5 mile run is always around 9:45.

  352. I become insanely good at math while I am running. Seriously, I mean like Rainman good! I am constantly running mathematical problems through my head while I run. My time, my pace, my cadence, my heartrate…however, when I am not running, I can’t even balance my checkbook! Go figure!

  353. The enthusiasm I have for running just seems to come naturally. Once I did my first 5k (where I walked most of it and ran a few steps here and there) I knew I was hooked! And people tease me because I am always smiling in all my race photos….so I’m going to say that comes naturally because I don’t even realize I’m doing it!!!

  354. The thing that comes naturally to me when running: thinking about my next race! It’s what keeps me from skipping a run or walking when I’m exhausted.

  355. I am naturally competitive. I race my husband, kids, Garmin, shadow….but it keeps me training. Chi running is super helpful for keeping me injury free!

  356. Definitely the desire/motivation, but also pushing myself the last bit of a run. It makes even a crappy run end on a good note and you always feel good that you were able to crank it up!

  357. I am naturally good at daydreaming while running. I always check out what other runners are wearing, look at new construction on homes, new landscaping, or when my run is over double digits I think about gow many more miles I have left etc. whatever it takes to keep the run moving along. It is similar to what gets me through church services when I have to go… Counting the candles, the windows, or pews; checking out what other people are wearing, how many more minutes do I have left?

  358. Smiling!!! I’ve yet to not find myself smiling on any run no matter if its a short one with my kids or a long run, I’ve always had people comment that I have a huge grin on my face! O and I NEVER let myself punk out on a run…ever…if its 10 on the schedule, even if it sucks….I will run 10!

  359. My desire to run outdoors no matter what the weather comes naturally to me. I feel especially badass running in bad weather. I do admit that really windy, below 20 degrees is not fun!

  360. The thing that comes naturally, getting up early for my run. I’m an early bird, and have better runs in the morning, and more motivation.

  361. A sprint at the end of my run comes naturally for me. No matter how far I’ve gone or what my pace has been, I HAVE to sprint the last quarter of a mile or so. If I don’t, I don’t feel like I’ve done enough.

  362. I am naturally good at pacing (while training, racing, just having fun, etc.). And if I do start a race a little too fast, I can usually still stay on track with what I started with and finish the race with the same or faster pace.

  363. Obsessing about running comes natural to me. I over-plan and over-think every training plan and run. I obsess about pace, mileage, injury, fuel and hydration…and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  364. As an overpronater I would say that I am skeptical as I love my cushy shoes, but would like to try this pair out.

    What am I natural at? EATING, especially after a long run!

  365. Something that comes naturally to me???? That is a hard one, as I am not a natural runner by any means. I guess I would say getting others excited about running. I have run with a couple of friends that are just starting out. It is a good feeling to motivate someone else, even though I have such a hard time motivating myself!!

  366. Something that comes naturally to me is my motivation. Ive never had to talk myself into getting out there and getting it done and I’m proud of that. I’m a runner. It’s a part of my blood.

  367. Not much comes naturally to me. If I have to say something it would be my motivation to get out there and get my miles in or how fast my heartrate jumps up (no matter how fast or slow I go, it jumps up fast!)

    By the way I overpronate and have wide feet and am frightened to change shoes – I so want these now!

  368. What comes naturally to me is my breathing. I have been able to control my breathing since getting back into the running scene. This has helped me greatly when trying to finish a training run.

  369. I’ve just thought of this recenty, but motivating ohers to run comes pretty naturally to me. Now that I’m a runner it seems that many of my friends are now starting to run too! Now, if I can only get them into the minimalist shoes just as easily, hmmmm….. We’ll have to keep trying!

  370. I think running in the morning comes naturally to me. I am able to get up and run before most people are awake and it is really truly my only alone time of the day which is so nice. Plus I feel happier when I have had a good sweaty run before starting my day!

  371. I naturally have a good sense of distance, even without my GPS…although I do have a fine-tuned playlist (Jason Derulo’s Breathing comes on at mile 3.5)

  372. Pushing hard at the end comes naturally to me, no matter how tired I am when I can see that finish line or know that it’s just around the bend I can dig deep and turn it on for one last push.

  373. What comes naturally to me? Call it stubbornness, determination, perseverance…whatever it is that makes me keep going – mile after mile, morning after morning, race after race. (my ultimate goal is to BQ and run Boston) Sometimes it works against me (overuse injury) but mostly it enables me.

    I’m interested in these shoes – I’m a 10EE in Brooks Ariel w/ orthotics (yes, I overpronate!) and so haven’t even looked at minimal shoes, zero drop shoes, etc. figuring there was just no way they’d work for me. Wish they weren’t quite so pink (but I see they have a dark gray w/ pink version as well as the light one in your photo).

  374. I had to laugh when you said “ability to coordinate your outfit”, because that’s exactly what I thought of… I pick out the cutest outfits for my run!! I may not be fast, but I always look good!!

  375. I have to say that my motivation to get up and run in them morning is the one thing that comes naturally to me! And now that I have a stress fracture in my foot, I’m still getting up early, but trying to be content with only my kettlebell routine and yoga. I miss running!

  376. My motivation is just the simple feeling that overcomes me as I cross the finish. That is my drive to continue to run and be better. Immediately after a race, I have to sign up for the next one. It never fails to amaze me at what my body is capable of doing!

  377. It’s taken years of training for it to come naturally, but I’m now able to make my runs almost like biofeedback. I didn’t set out to do that, but it developed on its own over the years. Breathe, shake out, stride, cadence, adjust posture, and start melting away the stresses so I can return with an endorphin boost that makes everything smoother.

  378. The only thing that comes naturally to me in terms of running is the cute running outfits. I’ve often said that I’m deceptively fast: I’m way slower than I look!!!

  379. Making running a regular part of my life comes naturally to me. I’ve been able to fit in in through grad school, new jobs, pregnancy, parenthood, and living in a foreign country. I can’t imagine not being a runner. πŸ™‚

  380. Feeling better after a run than before comes naturally as does feeling like I’m running with cement bricks for feet during the first mile of any run.

  381. I’m originally from Canada eh, so running in the cold comes naturally to me. I love running outside when it’s too cold for man or beast and getting my sweat on!

  382. I am a slow runner…but when I see the finish line something deep rises inside of me and I finish with a strong sprint.

  383. I always have the feeling of satisfaction when I finish a good workout. Also, as soon as I cross a finish line I always say the words, “done,done,done”.

  384. The part of running that comes naturally to me is the desire to run. I’d run everyday if I could stay uninjured, and at the end of every run I’m extremely thankful for being able to do it.

  385. My best runs include a running meditation that take me to a wonderful place where time, pain doesn’t exist. I’m able to take myself to another plane, while still keeping my surroundings in check. It’s awesome!

  386. Finding the camera man on the race course. I want a good picture of me running so I’m always on the lookout for the photographer. Really….I’m not as vain as that sounds…

  387. Conversation naturally comes to me when I run! I talk non-stop when I run and always hate it when I see people running with a group and they have in their iPod. I like to zone out to my music at races and when I run alone but not when I run in a group atmosphere.

  388. The thing that comes naturally for me is the need to tell everyone what races I’ve entered in order to hold myself accountable! That and the stress that I seem to have too much of for which the running helps.

  389. Chatting it up with other runners during a race comes naturally to me. I really enjoy the conradary of other runners!

  390. I feel like my motivation and dedication come naturally. I can roll out of bed at 5:30 when its pitch black dark outside and snowing and still log my miles for the day! πŸ™‚

  391. I naturally love life andit seems running has enhanced this natural feeling – at.some point in every run, I remember how wonderful my life is and I run with joy.

  392. What used to come naturally to me was telling myself I couldn’t make it through a long run. I’ve trained for 4 half marathons, and during the last 3 training programs, I cut every long run short then “hit the wall” after 9 miles. I guess my normal pace comes very naturally to me–when I go too slow, my form deteriorates.

  393. What comes naturally as I run is – well, everything about it. I feel like I was built for running, and I never feel more like myself than when I’m out there.

  394. What comes naturally to me is blanking out & thinking about anything but running. But this only works during my regular runs. During races about 2/3rds in I’m beating myself up mentally.

  395. Naturally? Dreading the run is the only natural feeling. But loving strong finishes is what motivates me for the next one.

  396. Something that comes naturally to me when it comes to running, are the nerves I get before a race…no matter the distance…I do my best though to use them to my advantage :)!

  397. Well I am still learning to run but what comes naturally is my competitiveness not really with others because I am to slow for that but myself. I always want to do one up on myself

  398. I’m a natural at coming up with excuses not to run! I always have to remind myself that I’ve never once regretted going for a run. That usually gets me out the door. πŸ™‚

  399. Getting a song in my head comes so naturally… unfortunately it’s always a song from my kids’ CDs, like a Dora tune, or a song from a Barbie movie we just watched. So annoying, but I guess it gets me in a rhythm and I’m just glad to be running, even if Nick Jr. characters have come along for the ride.

  400. Naturally I’ve always been able to forget a bad run pretty quickly … To want to run another marathon as soon as my stomach ache from my last marathon subsides… which is about 4-6 hours post-race. Thank goodness, right? It’s like child birth, as soon as you see those baby blues you forget the pain … until you look down and realize you lost three toe nails.

  401. I’ve always been pretty good at thinking about something else besides running while I run – it’s a pretty helpful disconnect that comes naturally. That helps because running doesn’t come naturally to me!

  402. I was going to say motivation but I’m not feeling it today. On the other hand, I flew to a different continent yesterday. My body is telling me it’s midnight but my garmin is saying it’s 6:30am and time to run. I’m listening to my garmin despite it being chilly out there so perhaps I’ll go with motivation after all.

  403. I’m certainly not a natural born runner in terms of running talent LOL, but I do love it, the desire to get out and run definitely comes naturally to me – particularly outside in our beautiful Arizona desert!

  404. My ability to instantly need to pee, get a side stitch, or find every tender spot in my shins. NO JOKE. Of course, with a few weeks of consistent runs, these issues subside and getting excited that I AM A RUNNER comes pretty easy πŸ™‚

  405. I think that the motivation to exercise just comes naturally to me, therefore running. I was always involved in sports when I was in school and have been a member of some sort of gym since I was 16. I just feel like me when I exercise.

  406. My motivation to run comes naturally, honestly there is not a day that goes by that I am not motivated to get moving. The problem comes with finding the time to run but I always find it (I think I would go crazy if I didnt:)).

  407. Wow… haven’t actually clicked through in a while. Like the new look!! A lot!

    Running with friends comes naturally to me as does trail running. Running in heat or doing speed work? Not so much. But I’ll take what I can get.

  408. something that has always come naturally to me when running… my ability to dig deep at the finish line. No matter how tired/exhausted/so-want-to-quit… I try (and usually succeed) to “chick” people at the finish line. πŸ™‚

  409. standing out with my running attire comes very naturally! its another great place to express your individuality!

  410. Oh no, I love these, and it’s my birthday this week — so that probably means I need to win these.

    The thing that comes naturally to me in running is sweating like a whore in church. My body is really good at cooling itself off.

  411. no matter what, no matter how tired I am, I can always kick it at the end of the race. I’m also just naturally fast and wold probably be a better runner if I actually “trained”!

  412. What comes naturally to me is involving my three-year-old daughter in every run. She gets dressed, picks out a special snack, helps assemble the stroller and climbs in. I’ve taken her on (almost) every run for her entire life. I want her to know that, whatever it is she loves, be it running or biking or hiking or ________, being outside and enjoying exercise, appreciating what our bodies can do, it’s what we do in this family.

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