Hump Day Giveaway: 110% Overdrive Compression + Ice Kit

Cached out and cool: Jack  and left-leg-mimicking Daphne
Chilling: Jack and left-leg-mimicking Daphne

The phrase, “I feel your pain,” can sometimes seem like an insincere platitude. But in the case this week of my poor husband, I have been empathizing like a, well, mother. Wincing and hobbling, Jack is experiencing a miserable recurrence of plantar fasciitis. I remember all too well that deep, sharp pain shooting up from my heel when stepping out of bed or standing after sitting for an hour or so. That shooting pain that reaches up from my foot and grips my calf after standing too long. And the buzz-crushing dejection when I thought about how long I might be sidelined.

Put relief into overdrive with 110% Overdrive Compression + Ice Kit.
Put relief into overdrive with 110% Overdrive Compression + Ice Kit.

In a nutshell: Plantar fasciitis sucks hard, and I feel dreadful that my man has it again—and I know it could just as easily be me. I’ve told him to make appointments ASAP with my “miracle worker” certified athletic trainer, Ali Novak, and my acupuncturist, Jennie King. And I had him slip on my beloved 110% Overdrive Compression Oversox + Ice Kit (good for him they are unisex—and he has string-bean calves like I do). This three-part kit includes incredibly high-quality compression socks, oversocks, and flat, flexible sheets of ice (well, they don’t become ice until you soak 'em and put them in the freezer for a few hours). The compression socks help relax overly tight calf muscles (a.k.a. “rubber-band balls” in most PF sufferers’ lower legs), while the oversleeve holds several pain-numbing ice sheets in place. The whole, brilliant get-up allows the wearer to put the kids to bed, fold laundry, and brush your teeth without missing a beat.

Anyone who has any type of calf or foot injury—Achilles tendonitis, sprained ankle, shin splints, foot pain, or plantar fasciitis—will be building a shrine to the 110% Overdrive Compression Oversox + Ice Kit once they feel the relief it provides. If you’re feeling some pain, or know you’re susceptible to foot and lower-leg injuries, you’ll want to win the pair of these beauties we’re giving away this week.

To enter to win, tell us who you’ve been empathizing with lately. Maybe you’re your running partner who is on the injured-reserve list with IT band issues; your sister whose preschooler is potty training; or your neighbor who is going through chemotherapy. The pain doesn’t have to be running related or able to be alleviated by wearing anything from the 110% line of compression + ice gear, just let us know, in the Comments section below, who you’ve been feeling for lately. (But please don't just hit, "reply," if you're reading this post on your phone. You've got to click on Comments ribbon under post on our site.)

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[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States and Canada. It begins on 7/31/13 and ends on 8/6/13; the winner will be announced on 8/10/13. One entry per person. The value of the prize is $1o0. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.



616 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: 110% Overdrive Compression + Ice Kit

  1. Honestly, Diimity. Running lately every time I feel like it is hard I think of you running 26.2 after a swim and 100+ bike ride and think I can handle 4 miles. I feel that I know you ladies since I run with you (podcast) every week and I have never personally known (sort of) an iron mother before.

  2. My husband was mowing the law and got stung by a bee in the ankle. He ran on Wed, no problem. Lifted weights on Thursday, no problem. Ran again on Friady and his foot started swelling. By mid afternoon, he couldn’t walk. He appearantly had a delayed allergic reaction and his foot ballooned up. He was in agonizing pain, yes from a bee sting. He ended up being put on a Steriod and Benedryl to help the swelling and pain. By the end of the weekend, he was able to walk again. Thank goodness! I had been empathinzing with him as he was knocked out of his workout routine and hasn’t been able to run since. He will be able to on Friday!

  3. My running partner was recently diagnosed with a knee injury, and it has sidelined her for a minimum of 6 weeks. Running is her one break from all the stresses of life, and I know these six weeks are torture for her! On the flip side, I am now lacking a running partner and am feeling bad for myself too!!! We all know how important those running buddies are to help us stay motivated and accountable 🙂

  4. One of my dear friends just had her first child. She delivered 36 hours after her water broke, and she was in active labor for 10 1/2 hours (after receiving the dreaded Pitocin) then pushed for 2 1/2 hours before giving birth to a healthy, happy baby boy. I think she may get a little empathy from every mother runner on here!

  5. I’m emphasizing with a friend whose son was just diagnosed with leukemia. I can’t imagine what she’s going through…but sending thoughts and prayers to her and her family!

  6. i just read a story in the news about an Italian woman who was killed on her honeymoon in Venice Beach. I’m truly feeling for her husband and family!

  7. I’m feeling for my grandfather, who is 96 and at the end of his life. It was a good life, but it is still difficult and emotional when the end finally arrives.

  8. I am empathizing with myself and my recent onset of heel pain. I listened with great interest to your podcast, have been reading your suggestions in you books and self-medicating based on information I found on the Internet.

  9. Right now I’m feeling a bit down on myself…..I am dealing with shin splints and calf pains and wearing compression for the first time ever. I’ve a great and amazing group of running buddies, that I just found this summer,giving me good advice and support (thank goodness), but I’m ready for the pain to cease!!

  10. I am feeling my husband’s pain! He is a stay at home dad, and I do a ton of traveling for work. I am feeling his pain every weekend when my kids get whiny, lol!! He puts up with it all week (as do all my stay at home mom friends) while I am sipping wine and sleeping in a dark hotel room by myself. Granted, most nights I would love to be with my kids instead. ;(

  11. My daughter decided to start running with me(hooray!), but she has bird calves and wound up with shin splints(boo!). These would be the perfect icing method for her since she can’t sit still for more than 3.2 seconds without getting bored.

  12. I am feeling for my friend who is struggling with foot pain that has been hard to diagnose. she had to drop marathon training and now drop out of a relay. all the whole I am training for both of these events. I feel guilty, but I enjoy our cross training swim days together. I try to not talk about running too much…

  13. My friend JWM who is going through an awful, bitter divorce that is putting an enormous amount of stress and guilt on her. It’s the best decision but gut wrenching to watch her struggle with helping her three children through this process and trying to protect them from the ugliness that can be divorce.

  14. My friend, Kim Brandt, as she approaches the one year anniversary of her daughter Campbell’s cancer diagnosis. Getting that kind of news just weeks before a child’s 7th birthday and then dealing with the roller coaster of treatment, ugly possibilities, life in and out of the hospital, trying to balance a “normal” life for herself and the rest of the family, and not lose her mind…she is so very strong, and a true inspiration.

  15. I’m empathizing with a new friend who has decided to start running. I remember those weeks before running became enjoyable – where you wondered why you started this crazy adventure. It’s nice to be on the other end and able to help someone thru it.

  16. This is the year that I have been dreaming of for the past 4 years. All of my kids will be in school for a full day. Totally looking forward to long leisurely runs while they are in school. Being able to shower before pick up
    Fast forward to conversation with hubby. You need to get a job:(

  17. Lately, I have been empathizing and praying for the Director of our afterschool program at school. She was been battling cancer in multiple organs for approximately a year. She was an avid runner and the doctors told her that her physical condition from running has helped her treatment. She has been running vicariously through us over the last year. She never fails to post encouragement on race days. I love her from taking awesome care of my kiddos and showing support to me even in her dark days. I often find myself thinking of her when my run gets hard..

  18. One of my running buddies has had to cut back her running to only 3 days a week. I go crazy on the 1-2 days I don’t run each week so I totally empathize with her.

  19. My best friend is a runner and has a 5 year old daughter with autism. She recently stayed with me for a month and wow does she handle a lot. Her child is a challenge. She doesn’t get much help from her husband. She has to schedule time to run. I totally admire how she handles it all and doesn’t go crazy.

  20. Empathizing with a dad I know whose wife is going through chemo. It’s hard to be the caregiver for all kids and keep the household running, while worried sick about your spouse.

  21. This morning I am empathizing with all the other mothers of three year olds out there–whoever decided to call it “terrible twos” was wrong. The threes are far, far worse. He is more active, more verbal, and way too full of attitude. Throw in a 5 month old baby to take care of, and I am FULL of empathy (and rage, and frustration, and often caffeine/wine). Ha!
    Side note: I could sooooo use these amazing socks, I have nasty recurring shin splints!

  22. I’ve been struggling with trying to train for my next race while having a sprained ankle and shin splints. These would be fantastic to try these out and be able to keep running.

  23. My husband has pretty bad sciatic nerve pain and I watch him stretch and ice (way less than he should) while I stretch my own ITBS and recent memories of PF haunt me 😉

  24. My son was in pain all weekend after twisting his back during a workout on Thursday. It wasn’t intense, but it was enough that he’s been suffering.

  25. I have been empathizing with my friend, a mother of four, who had a double mastectomy, went through full chemotherapy, and has had anemia throughout this process. I will say this hasn’t stopped her much, as I will be joining her at the IronGirl sprint triathlon at the end of this month!

  26. Lately I’ve been empathizing with my grandfather. He suffered a stroke last year and his quality of life has gone downhill. He has kidney disease and congestive heart failure as well. It’s heartbreaking to see him as he is now and remember how strong and robust he once was.

  27. Lately I’ve been empathizing with my sister, who is having problems with depression and her marriage. I wish she would pick up running, because I know that it would help in some ways to cope, but at this point she isn’t interested.

  28. I’ve been empathizing with my next-door neighbors who are moving tomorrow, especially since they have 2 dogs and 2 cats!

  29. Now, and since the first time I met my mother-in-law, I have felt for her…she lives with rheumatoid arthritis, complete with several artificial joints and chronic pain. She is an amazing woman and lives with a sense of determination that is admirable and inspiring.

  30. I’ve been empathizing with my sister…who has completed back surgery and is getting back into movement. Heck, she is the reason I fell in love with running!

    There are days where I just don’t “feel it”, but her determination to return to movement has be saying “suck it up Buttercup….get your butt out there!”

  31. I’ve been empathizing with my friend who had a failed round of IVF. My husband and I battled infertility for almost two years when we were blessed with our son via IVF. She didn’t expect to go down this road, no one ever does. She maintained her positive spirit and when she found out she was not pregnant she was shattered and my heart absolutely ached for her. I don’t know what I would have done if our first IVF was unsuccessful. She is currently getting ready for round number two. My fingers and toes are crossed for her and her husband. She’d be an amazing mommy!

  32. My daughter’s nine year old friend is having knee surgery this week. I’ve had four surgeries in the past two years, and it has been hard. I can’t imagine how hard it must be when you’re only nine.

  33. A friend of mine has been battling breast cancer since September. Her husband lost his job two weeks before she was diagnosed. She just finished chemo and has had a set back with the cancer spreading to her lymphatic system. If that isn’t enough, two days after she found about it spreading her 13 year old son was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. They find out if it’s malignant this week. She is an amazingly strong woman.

  34. My running group as we lost our Track workout coach this past week to heart attack (which happened as he was doing his own track workout); his wife is part of our group and we were able to get him to start running our track workouts a few years ago. He was an amazing person and will be missed.

  35. I dragged my husband into running and he is now
    suffering from plantar fasciitis. Feeling quite guilty
    Compression gear would go a long way to
    mitigate this

  36. I’ve just arrived back from India, a country that I lived in for many years and now travel to for work. I’m empathizing with the amazing young women I work with there who, despite all the things that could bring them down – lack of clean water or bathrooms, intense heat, often lack of family or community support to follow their dreams- remain among the most graceful, motivated, accomplished and inspirational women I’ve even known.

  37. For the past year I have been providing support for a friend battling stage 4 lung cancer. She is the most amazing mother of two adult children, one of which is autistic. For lack of any better description, she is rays of sunshine and goodness rolled into an amazing SuperWoman.

  38. I’m feeling for my cousin, who just had yet another surgery for uterine cancer. She is rockin’ the phrase “Living with cancer” but repeated surgeries and chemo sure is making it a bit more difficult. Having been through a similar experience, I can feel for her!

  39. I’ve been empathizing with my husband this week. He’s had big shake ups at work- mostly revolving around his brother. Lesson learned- don’t mix family and business:(

  40. I’ve been empathizing with my awesome sister who, 2 weeks ago, went through 22 hours of labor, ending with a c-section (and a beautiful baby boy). That was my experience nearly 9 years ago with my daughter, so I’m feeling for my sister while she recovers, and adjusts to her post-pregnancy body. I’m giving her your book, we’re running a marathon together next year!

  41. Today, I’m feeling for my 5 year old who is desperately missing her big sister who has been away at sleep away camp for 2 weeks and won’t be home for yet another week. After receiving her own letter from Big Sis, my 5yo burst into tears and completely melted down. This has been an eternity for her!

  42. My sister has 4 kids, aged 5 and under, and has just moved back to my town. While I had 3 kids in 2 years, my youngest, the twins, are 8. I’d forgotten how absolutely awful toddlers are. With 4 small kids, its like being in a triage unit, movinv from one calamitous moment to the next. I find my self costantly reassuring her (or me) “don’t worry , it gets better. “

  43. My running partner Amy. She was really sick, and in the hospital in early July and missed a lot of our training, but is really working her tail off to get back into the rhythm. I feel bad though because her feet and legs swell every time we run.


  44. My friend Michelle with shin splints: She has been unable to do the long runs for our October marathon but has been slowly working herself back into the distances. She is proving that having patience, like the tortoise did, can win the race!

  45. I’ve been feeling for my friend Sarah who’s in a wheelchair due to spina bifida. She’s been having a major leak lately that has given her some headaches. She’s a warrior though. She’s still rolling with me while I run/walk. I sure enjoy our time together.

  46. Man, I’ve been feeling for home-schooling mamas lately. Our summer is just about over and I am COUNTING THE DAYS til they go back. Perhaps I need a better mind set but I can’t imagine the craziness if I tried to home school my 3 wild men and their sister! 🙂

  47. I feel for some friends and family members who are dealing with recent losses. When I want to complain about my minor aches and pains brought on by running, I remember the pain that they deal with on a daily basis.

  48. I’m in my third week of training for my first marathon and I started feeling pain in my fascitis. I so empathize with my husband and it’s because of him that I suck it up. My husband served in the first Gulf War and only recently found out that his plantar fascitis and heel spurs was directly related to his service in the Marines. He’s received (my form of) Active Release Therapy, cortisone shots and has gone through several shoe inserts. Through it all, he tries to stay active by playing basketball and walks at least a mile every other day. He also marches as a color guard with his VFW Post. If he can do all this with the pain (believe me when I tell you I can feel his pain when he bites a towel as I massage his fascitis and heels), I can certainly run through my pain.

  49. I have definitely been feeling for my neighbor lately. She has 4-year-old triplet boys, and when they come to play at my house I get just a taste of what she gets to deal with every day!

  50. My sister. Not only has she and her family (hubs and 1.5 year old daughter plus baby boy to be) moved to a new (at least for my sister) town, started working from home for the same company as in her old town, but in a new position, but now her husband has been sidelined from work due to major back issues. My sister it trying to hold it all together for them, but I know she has to be thinking that life can really suck at times since her husband quit his well paying office job to follow his dream of working outdoors doing physical labor and now he isn’t working at all and in terrible pain.

  51. Just found out an old friend died way too young from colon cancer. She was a wonderfully creative person who was socially active, compassionate, and thoughtful. She fought courageously through 13 rounds on chemo and 1 round of radiation, but still succumbed to this awful disease. She leaves behind two young sons who have my greatest sympathy, empathy, and positive energy.

  52. I’ve been empathizing with my husband about having to go to work before the sun comes up because I had to do that up until a month ago. In terms of running, I’m empathizing with anyone who is just starting because that’s how I feel after taking so much time off from it.

  53. My 3 year old son. He has horrible allergies ranging from cats to dust to peanuts and most anything nature related. I’ve never had allergies until this summer. It’s like a switch went off and now my nose won’t stop running and I’m going nuts. I can hardly run. Makes my heart break for my poor little guy. I finally know how he feels!

  54. My friend Kelly…she finally was getting her PF under control and she jumped up to cheer on her daughter as her 4 x 400 team broke a school record and won States and she tore a ligament in her foot. I feel her pain and see how bad she wants to run. When I feel like skipping a run, I think of her!

  55. Empathizing with my husband right now as his works so hard so the rest of us can play this summer. Being a stay at home mom is hard, but I still get to go to the beach while he’s working:)

  56. My husband, who has worked well over 80 hours this week and my 6 yo old son who just finished up his first week of camp and has THE hardest time with new social settings..he,per his sisters report and his counselor, has spent most of the week observing. It’s tough to be both of my men right now!

  57. My running buddy….she is out for awhile with leg/ankle/foot issues, and I miss her terribly. Not only that, but she is walking the hard road of caring for aging parents and packing up the house that has been theirs for 40 years. Life is hard, but there is always grace enough.

  58. I’ve been empathizing with mothers who can’t run, due to injury or other challenges. I’ve always said–you can make time to run…but there are seasons that it just isn’t as feasible. Hoping that season in my life is coming to an end right now.

  59. I forgot to add that I am currently training for the Tower of Terror 10 miler this October at Walt Disney World. Even though I am currently suffering lower leg pain from shin splints, I keep plowing through because this race is for my grandma. She can’t run so I am doing this for both of us!

  60. I have empathy for my 85 year old grandmother who had a stroke back in April. Before the stroke she was very independent and lived on her own. Now (due to the stroke) she has lost the use of her left arm and leg and even though she has been in PT it does not look like she will be able to walk again. This is hard for someone who has always been independent and has always taken care of everyone else. Now it is my turn to take care of her and support her. It’s the least I can do for the beautiful, strong woman who helped raise me and turned me into the strong person I am today. I love her more than words can express.

  61. Several folks…my boyfriend who is petrified of getting PF again and so we really tailor our runs to suit his needs…and a fellow Strongman competitor who tore his ACL…not doing Strongman though, walking down the stairs at his house! I’ve had PF too, but so far *knock wood* lately I’ve been OK.

  62. 110% with my five year old son. He dose not take to change very well. Sending him to summer school. It takes me 30min to leave. And its with him screaming, crying, and running after mom. His teacher has to hold him back so I can leave. I keep walking away saying its for the better, he will calm down, just keep walking, as I’m filled with a horrible feeling.

  63. I can’t narrow it down. I don’t have to look very far or hard to see someone struggling with an issue or dilemma. Ack! The pressure!
    Ok, if I need to pick one I will say that I have been thinking a lot about the families of the 19 firefighters who died last month and that entire community. Such young and strong men gone so fast. So many of them were young fathers and I have great empathy and respect for their widows and surviving children. I wish for them some sunshine and laughter in what must be many dark days.

  64. Definitely my neighbor running partner. She tore her Achille’s tendon a few weeks ago and had surgery. She’s still in a boot and unable to do much. I feel so bad for her and she tells me every time I see her that she can’t wait to run again.

  65. I am empathizing for my five year old son. In two weeks we’ll be moving 1000 miles to a new city, and he’s just a ball of anxiety about it right now. It’s finally settled in that he won’t be attending kindergarten with his friends, and it breaks my heart. I’m so proud of him and of how hard he’s trying to be brave.

  66. Single moms…my husband has been gone a lot this summer (6 out of 10 weeks). My hat is off to all you mamas that do this day in and day out by yourself. Today I’m running12 miles with the double stroller. We are strong mamas and we do stinkin’ hard things sometimes!

  67. I feel for my 15 year old daughter who lost her glasses in a lake. She’s waiting for her new ones to arrive, but can’t see a thing without them!!

  68. Feeling empathy for my OB patients who are due soon. Being very pregnant in August is not much fun. Been there, done that!

  69. A family in my community who lost their 13 year old daughter due to an allergic reaction. I don’t think there isn’t a parent anywhere that can imagine a more devastating circumstance.

  70. Right now, with my husband out of town, I am feeling a lot of empathy for single parents everywhere. I don’t know how you do this for weeks on end.

  71. My daughter’s friend, who was in a terrible car accident 6 weeks before she was to graduate from high school. Thank God, she will be okay but she missed the last 6 weeks of school and is spending her summer before college doing rehab.

  72. My uncle passed away one month ago from stomach cancer. I feel so for his wife – to lose your life partner just when you are about to embark on the next phase of your life (they were just preparing to retire). Also my grandmother- the pain in losing a child no matter how old they are!

  73. I’m feeling for my own calves right now. They’ve never seen this much action in my life as I train for my first half marathon just six months after my first 5k.

  74. Totally feeling for my BRF and running partner Courtney. She had an extra bone removed from her ankle that was tearing up her Achilles Tendon. It’s been about a month out from surgery and out a cast and into a boot. No foot/ankle pain at all now. Can’t wait until she is back in the game full time!!

  75. I am empathizing with my husband who just broke his shoulder two week ago. Now he can’t lift weights at all and even his daily 6 mile walks have become painful and uncomfortable. Nothing worse than not being able to do the active things you love to do for 4-6 weeks (or for any amount of time!)

  76. My BRF! her boyfriend was just diagnosed with bladder cancer, its scary for all of them…. They are just beginning down a very long road!

  77. My husband! I’m getting back into a marathon training plan. 5 months of him getting up with our 2 year old, feeding her breakfast, and getting her ready for the day!

  78. I have a friend who has undergone a several-year battle with ovarian cancer, coming close to dying many, many times. She’s in the hospital again right now, yet her mood remains upbeat and positive. She’s an inspiration, and when I think I’m hurting from an injury or my stubborn Achilles, I think of her and think how grateful I am to be able to run, and how anything I am going through is a blip compared to all that she has endured.

    And on the really tough runs, I think of my mom, who died 7 years ago after suffering through a myriad of illnesses caused by heart disease and diabetes. I hear her voice in my head, the soft encouragement that tells me that every step I take is one step closer to health. I feel her urging me on, telling me to take care of myself and to be there for my kids and someday, grandkids, to give them all the kisses and hugs that she can no longer give. And when it rains, I tell myself those are kisses from her, and that I can make it one more step, one more tenth, one more mile, because she’s watching me and urging me forward.

  79. My empathy has been directed at my son’s daycare teacher. At almost 60 years old she has decided to get healthy through a gastric bypass surgery and beginning to exercise (swimming, biking and walking!). Her goal is to run a 5K by the anniversary of her surgery as well as to be able to continue her work taking care of infants for a few more years.

    She’s putting in the work and has been, in part, motivated by me and my training. It’s so exciting to see her motivation and enthusiasm as well as help encourage her efforts.

  80. When it rains it pours, or so the saying goes. My sister in law has been diagnosed with stage IV colon and liver cancer, my husband’s aunt has something wrong with her kidney that they have yet to diagnose and my brother has recently had his bowel backup and has developed sepsis. All these loved ones with their ailments sure keeps my head going when I’m out running. I seem to do my best thiking and praying when I run, so that’s the time I really dedicate to my ailing loved ones.

  81. My BRF and very good friend outside of running, Lori.
    Short story long……she was diagnosed with Lupus 17 years ago, and still managed to have three beautiful daughters, work full time, train for and run countless races.

    However she’s been thwarted in her Marathon dream three times…..first time because she was called away to Vancouver for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, second time because she broke her foot halfway through the Disney Goofy Challenge (on the marathon course after running the half the day before), the third time because she could not run the Red Rock Canyon Marathon in Vegas because of the broken foot.

    Then, on the road to recovery she had what they thought was a torn rotator cuff. Nope. Then the pain moved to her other arm, then her toes then around all over. Did I mention she’s signed up for TWO marathons this year? And 3 halfs too? Doctor after doctor, idea after idea. Pain so bad she can’t walk.

    Last month, they figure out she might not have lupus at all. She might have rheumatoid arthritis AND/OR lupus. Good times! Through it all she’s supported her 12 year old as SHE trains for HER first half, and never lost the shine that makes her one of my favourite people ever.

    Would I empathize…sure? Would I love to give her these super healing feel-better socks? You bet your Brooks!

  82. I’m feeling for myself 🙁

    I twisted my right ankle and had been in a boot for 10 days. Now I have a lace up brace and my PF on the right has flared up. So I’m so in need of this product!

  83. My Dad who used to be an avid cyclist is fighting CHF. His breathing has been diminished and he has such a hard time doing the things he loves. I wish In could run the breath back into his lungs so he an continue to garden travel and enjoy his activities.

  84. My bestest running friend. Our babies are both turning 5 this week and starting kindergarten in August! It’s going to be sad to send them off and we have already planned a running/coffee date together on the first day of school!

  85. I’m empathizing with my 8 year old daughter…who went for a little woods pee, and chose a leaf of poison ivy to wipe. What a tough way to learn you always drip dry in the woods.

    Oh, and I’m a long-time PF sufferer who’s gone through every single therapy and have just ended up running through it. Would love to give this a try.

  86. My son, who is 14, is going to PT for a severe calf strain which is sidelining him from a lot of activities this summer.

  87. My friend Maria who within the lAst 9 months has: had her dad die from cancer, Avery very bad breakup of a 5+ yr relationship, lost her job, her brother and family moved from MN to TX, and now her dog died suddenly this week from Undiagnosed spleen cancer. She needs a break!! I live 5 hrs away but try to text often as well as lift her up in prayer.

  88. I’m in a training group and one of our coaches is dealing with a running injury that is keeping her on the sidelines. She always makes running look so easy and can go for miles and miles and to see her if pain and not able to run is sad. She is on the mend and should be back with the group soon.

  89. My poor husband has been experiencing the EXACT same injury! He was signed up for a 30k this September, and has now had to put his plans on hold until next year. I feel awful for him as he watches me train for my first marathon, occurring this fall. He spends many evenings iced and compressed with ace bandages. This would actually be perfect for both of us!

  90. I’m feeling for my sister, who has had a cast on her broken foot for 9 weeks now, and is looking to have another 10-12 weeks! All this, with a 6 month old and 3 year old, and a husband who travels for work frequently. Poor thing! We’re all trying to help when possible, but she lives 4 hours away as well. 🙁

  91. My 3 year old son, who is dealing with a very grabby baby sister who thinks his toys are the best! We are all working on patience right now 🙂

  92. I hope I win this time. I’m trying to come up with more interesting posts but maybe they’re not novel enough to catch the attention of the judges. Well, here goes. I’m running for my six year old. She’s a sweet and smart little girl but she’s having the hardest time dealing with her older twin brothers whose mission in life right now is to be mean to her. At gymnastics class, she doesn’t know how to react to a girl in her class who is also mean to her. I know kids go through things like these but a six year old’s ego is fragile. So I’m running for my six year old who’s learning to stand up for herself!

  93. I have empathy & loads of love and respect for my aunt who has been battling lung cancer for almost 3 years. I dedicate my runs to her and the many others who aren’t able.

  94. I have been prayin’ hard for a sweet friend of mine who found out she has an abscessed tooth with complications requiring surgery. I had finally convinced her to get off the couch and start exercising with me and this has certainly put a monkey wrench in things! Although it is not a running injury, pain of any kind will slow down the most dedicated exerciser. I an hoping she will recover quickly and get back on our training routine soon. I almost have her convinced to do her first obstacle adventure race!!!

  95. I’ve been feeling for my sister in law- pregnant with #4 and last week got a call that her father was in a serious car accident which left him pinned in a burning car. Now in a a coma, has pneumonia and 40% of body burned….. And her mother has Parkinson’s and now my sister in law has been taking care of her ontop of being the advocate for her father and taking care of her three (almost 4) kids….. She’s in overdrive. I cannot imagine.

  96. I’m going to be greedy and empathize with myself! I’ve been struggling with this since Oct. I trained through it and ran Boston with it even. I’ve tried everything including cortisone injections, the boot and time off. In fact I’m sitting here typing this because not unusually the night splint I wear wakes me up in pain as it is right now. My foot so strongly wants to plantarflex while I sleep sometimes it just starts aching. I’ve got my first half-iron tri coming up in 2 1/2 weeks and am just now starting to run again after 20 days of no running, so I’ve been doing contrast baths 2-3 times a day for 20-30 minutes! Arh! Who has time for that? Feel sorry yet? I could put these baby’s to good use!

  97. I don’t know who I’m empathizing with right now….just feeling overwhelmed with what I need to do & frustrated with the feeling if no energy to exercise or unpack boxes….doesn’t help that my youngest has has a virus….poor thing, just been snuggling with him.

  98. I think my running buddies should be empathizing with me! I was in a car accident six weeks ago and have a back injury. 🙁 I haven’t been able to do a thing, and I’m losing lots of entry fee money in the meantime. Waaaaa!! Sorry to be so whiny, but it’s really hard to watch everyone else train and be the one sidelined.

  99. I am feeling for my Dad. He love to travel ans be active. He is diagnosed with congestive heart failure. He has a hard time breathing and doing the activities he loves. I wish I could run the breath back into my dad. He is a wonderful and loving father. He was never a runner but competed regularly in century bike races.

  100. I’m feeling for my running buddy, C. She trains and trains but hasn’t been able to break a 13 minute mile. I’d love for her effort to pay off, but I admire that she keeps at it.

    Also, my calves are screaming for these! I think I might sleep in the other compression sleeves I do have tonight!

  101. My friend Tom who died last week after an 18-year (!) battle with cancer! Eighteen years! Tom always seemed to me like he was at mile 22 of a marathon–ready to quit, but kept on going. He left his wife and two young daughters (ages 13 and 14) behind. It is these lovely ladies that I think of every single day with compassion and tenderness.

  102. Right now I am empathizing with my very dear friend and my favorite running buddy who is recently separated from her husband. She is a busy mother to an eight year old son and a boy-girl set of three year old twins. The separation was not her idea or decision. Since being blindsided by the new and unwelcome title of “single-mom-of-three,” my amazing friend has held her head high, remained positive, sought support when needed, and no matter what is thrown at her, she just keeps on keepin’ on. I truly am not sure I could manage a situation like this with as much integrity and strength as she has shown over the past few months. She is one of my best friends and I love her dearly and, while I know she will be just fine eventually, it is so difficult watching her suffer through this. Next week would have been her 15-year anniversary, so we are going to go out to dinner and a movie, then the next day we’re running a local “Summer Sizzler” 10K together to celebrate the start of what is to be her new life. Although there is no certainty about what the future holds, I am sure my friend and I will be there, empathizing with each other and holding one-another up through it all!

  103. A girl that I went through school with has ALS. She is only 41! She was a teacher and has two young boys. The disease has progressed quickly. I think of her and her family often – whenever I feel the “poor me” thoughts coming on, I think of her.

  104. I feel for my friend who is pregnant and doesn’t feel comfortable running anymore. She’s planning a big comeback in January (8weeks post partum) but remembering the challenges of starting over with no sleep give me the willies. Hoping that we can run a 10 miler together by April in Austin TX!

  105. Would be in heaven, if I could win the combination ice and compression sock. Been fighting shin splits. rarely find the time to ice the shins.

  106. My wonderful sister-in-law who is enjoying the independent streak of a 3 1/2 year old & the little sister, almost 2, who is working hard on perfecting the art of antagonizing her older sister. While I think they are the cutest little monkeys & can laugh because we’ve already been there done that, I remind her that our girls have made it to 20 & 16 so there is hope for hers too.

  107. I’m feeling for my friends who are injured, pregnant in last trimester, and anyone who can’t get out there and pound the pavement…These would be perfect after a long run!

  108. I am empathizing for my cousin’s wife who just had hip surgery and then emergency surgery for a kidney stone. It makes me feel grateful to be healthy enough to slog out of bed at 5:30 a.m. For a run!

  109. I am feeling for my 10 year old son/ running partner. Between running with me, he plays soccer and tennis. He has been suffering through horrible pf and I’d love to help him out.

  110. My good friend’s father who is fighting throat cancer, as I lost my mom earlier this year to same. More running-related, for a good running buddy, and for my husband, who want to run more, but BOTH have been suffering with PF for many many months.

  111. My training partner. Not only did she injure her foot, but her mom is getting ready to undergo a lumpectomy.

  112. Following A fall on July 5 and spraining both ankles I empathize with not just the injured but those who also because of illness are not themselves. We take our health and bodies for granted! I love running and it will likely be months before I am running again. I tell myself how lucky I am just be able to ride the stationary bike in the gym, as bad as I hate it! And I didnt realize how many injured runners were on bikes! Until now:(

  113. Can I commiserate with myself? My calves and feet are so tight, and my masseuse just had a baby and isn’t working right now. And I have a half scheduled for labor day. So, woe is me!

  114. I have a grade school friend whose mom is struggling through cancer and he is spending a ton of time at the hospital with her with a smile on his face. Thinking of them daily.

  115. I am empathizing with my friend Joyce. We are both fighting some sort of ankle injury. We take turns sending pics of our discolored feet, text exercises to each other, make videos of pt stuff, and encourage each other to do some cross training.

  116. I am epathizing with all injured athletes and trying to channel this empathy into gratitude as I slog out my runs in the heat and humidity of summer. I GET TO RUN!

  117. I’m empathizing for myself!! I believe I have a pinched nerve on my lower back. Got it during a H.I.I.T class and am suffering. Not a good time as I’m training on the marathon own it plan for my first marathon! Fortunately, it doesn’t seem to bother me when running, at least 3-4 miles, but hurts to sit, stand or lay down too long!!!

  118. My poor friend, Amy! She is struggling so badly with some knee pain, lactic acid and plantar warts:( Such a bummer, but somehow she keeps trucking along and I just wish that I could wave a magic wand and rid of her awful pains. She is a real trooper and we have a marathon coming up in 2 1/2 weeks. I really wish her pains away:)

  119. My girlfriend, Carol, and I empathize with each other over our husbands’ schedules. Each of them take a lot of call, miss alot of family activities and aren’t around when we need a parenting partner. We are each other’s co-parents much of the time. It takes a village!

  120. I’ve been empathizing for a family whose dog was missing in the Wilderness of northern Minnesota for the past 12 days. Thanks to many kind people, he was found dirty and tick-covered, but otherwise well. Gotta love a happy ending 🙂

  121. My hubby who wanted to train for a half this fall but got side lined with hip problems… in PT now. He was supposed to run my first 5k with me instead he cheered me on.

  122. I am empathizing with my husband that has had achilles tendon heel pain almost his whole life, but at times it flares up and he can’t enjoy his sports. Also, my crossfit friend that has plantar fasciaitis.

  123. My poor hubby has been suffering with PF lately. It has prevented him from running as often as he would like. I would love to win this so we could be back on the road together.

  124. My very dear friend….her brother has pancreatic cancer and only has days to live. What makes it even a sadder situation is her brother is 32 and has two young children. Wish there was something that could mend a broken heart!

  125. I have been empathizing for a friend of a friend whose son was recently diagnosed with cancer at 6 years old. This little boy is my sons age and I can’t even begin to process how she’s surviving. For all of you parents who have manages it through this type of pain, my heart goes out to you!’

  126. I have been empathizing with a really dear friend. Her brother just passed away at 32 from pancreatic cancer. He has two children so the impact of this situation has been very heartbreaking! Wish there was some sort of compression that can help a broken heart.

  127. I am empathizing with other moms who struggle with working when they want to be at home. It’s a daily struggle.

  128. My friend Donna… her IT band / hip is so buggered up, she can’t run anymore. Physio gets her to a certain point but she just can’t run. Sucks when you loved running before the injury!

  129. I’m feeling sorry for myself. Plantar fasciitis here too. I’ve been using massage but I need to get into icing. The thought of ice on my foot scares me.

  130. I’m feeling for a family friend. She recently ran her first half marathon, mother of two very young girls, caring young woman. Just diagnosed with breast cancer at a young age. I hope if she wants to run again, she soon will be able to!

  131. My sister. We are both active duty miitary, and with all her running she now needs to get uniforms…which are not cheap

  132. I suffer from plantar fasciitis too and it’s absolutely awful. I use KT Tape to help alleviate the pain and also use a ball and frozen water bottle to roll on my heel. This would be so perfect to win! What a great giveaway and I hope your husband heals soon!

  133. I’m feeling for my husband, who, on top of being about to turn 50, is suffering from PF in a big way…Poor dude!! I hope I win!!

  134. Feeling for my brother right now…he gets lots of leg cramps running in the east coast humidity. I’m lucky enough to run in Vegas and the dry heat. Naaa, they both stink!

  135. My husband and I used to run together often. Even once we had kids we did the tag team thing and each got our run in. He has been struggling with knee issues for several months which has kept him from running regularly. I feel for him… I am grateful for my daily run and I miss having my “running date”!

  136. My poor dh has been battling a bunch of different ankle/foot issues since he ran the last 7 miles of my half with me last fall. He just started running again and it has gone so slowly–poor guy.

  137. I am in a 9 month battle of wills will my plantar fascitis. It began with aching during training for 2012’s Rock n Roll Half. I bribed it into letting me run by showering it with gifts of dry needling, massage twice a month, rock tapr , foam roller, cold roller, sleeping boot, essential oils, and chiropractic. All the while promising I will give it a rest after “X” event. My plantar has decided to take matters into its own hands and is threatening a boycott by developing a bone spur. I’ve promised to take it easy after Ragnar CO…but its not buying it…sharp shooting pain when I stand up and after every run is my life. I have caved and am seeing an orthopedic surgeon in 2 weeks. I love running and triathlons… but my body doesn’t! I feel your pain! I say “mind of an Ironman…body of a couch potato’!

  138. My BFMR is doing her first sprint triathlon on Saturday and I have been doing the open water swim training with her. We also ran our first half marathon together this spring. We started goal setting and training together because her dad, to whom she is very close, is going through his second recurrence of kidney/abdominal cancer. The stress was VERY hard on her the first time around – she got sick, gained 40lbs, depression, etc – so this time she is determined to stay healthy while she is fighting through this with her family. I get to run and swim alongside her, and she is doing really well, but it is so hard.

  139. I have PF, too! 🙁 Just got my second cortisone shot today actually. The shot helped a ton the first time, but wore off after 4 months, and then the pain came right back. My doctor says I shouldn’t get any more shots after this one, so I HAVE to heal this time! Any other advice for PF sufferers?

    On another note though, I’m feeling for my husband who just ran 100 MILES (yes, he is a crazy one!) and is struggling to recover.

  140. The person I feel for most often is my 6 year old son. He is a pediatric stoke survivor that has come so far but still struggles with some things. Right now he is in swim lessons and is having a difficult time with strokes and kicks. His left side is weaker so he only wants to use his right arm.

  141. My new friend/running buddy who introduced me to compression sleeves/socks! I don’t know what I would do without the world she opened up to me!

  142. My poor husband, who just turned 50. While turning 50 isn’t so bad….he has started prepping for his “50 year old” exams…..meaning he is in preparation for a colonoscopy….he is not having fun LOL

  143. My friend John who hasn’t been given the all clear to run again after a back injury. He’s dying to hit the road again.

  144. I need these for my poor husband who has just started running again and it seems that his plantar fasciitis is flaring up. He did SO well dealing with it last time – he wore a boot to bed for close to a year, he iced it, he rolled frozen golf balls, he stretched, he went to physical therapy. My heart breaks for him because he SO BADLY wants to run again. 🙁 I would love for him to give this system a try. Thanks for listening (reading). 🙂
    Casey in VA

  145. I’m feeling for my sister lately. We’re both starting new jobs at our respective institutions and it’s both exciting and exhausting!

  146. My co-worker, every day I can tell her PF slows her down and she is always trying to stretch it out to help but for her doesn’t seem to give much relief and her gait has actually changed to accommodate the pain of PF, so sad and she’s a great person of course!

  147. I have been dealing with heel pain for a few months now :(. I’m not sure if its PF or heel bursitis but either way with three little kids to take care of a pair of these socks sounds amazing.

  148. My mom! She’s got PF, and I have it myself, but she’s much less open because she’s older and not in shape, about doing anything about it, just suffering through it. As much as I want to help her, I get that sometimes she just wants to handle it alone!

  149. OMG, I can’t believe you are talking about this. I’ve been dealing with PF since the end of June while still trying to train for a half on Sept. 1st. I just got on 110%’s website this morning and ordered a pair. Here’s to keeping fingers crossed that these socks will end my pain.

  150. Sympathizing with my husband. His feet are always in pain. He can’t find shoes that feel good for more then a few weeks. Running is not an option for him. Even walking long distances is painful 🙁

  151. I can sympathize with a couple of my friends who are slightly injured but still running. We are all quite the group, I with my PF and them with their injury woes. We encourage each other to find the best solution so that we can press on in our journey. These socks look great, I may be ordering them soon!

  152. I’m emphasizing with my teacher friends who, upon seeing August on the calendar, fall into a deep depression knowing summer has ended!!

  153. How ironic this is the Hump Day Giveaway! I was just telling someone that I bought a new brand of running shoe at the advice of a sales person at a running shoe store. 2 days with those shoes and I was dealing with PF on my right foot! I can empathize with anyone who has had this. It is so painful and scary! 2days of rest, ice and a tennis ball and I am back in my old brand shoe with no issues!

  154. I empathize with Kate Middleton. She just had her baby and when she walked out to announce their son she had a baby bump. I’m glad she didn’t hide it or that she felt the need to wear a girdle like I did. Unfortunately not too many people have been nice about it. I think she set a good example for young mothers of what your body will look like two days post partum. Lately she’s been on my mind.

  155. I need these socks!! I am dealing with PF while trying to train for Marine Corps Marathon (and 3 kids!). My husband is training for it as well so my running schedule isn’t flexible- if it hurts too much to run on “my” day, then I’m out of luck 🙁 not that my hubby isn’t wonderful, it’s just how we had to set the schedule between work & kids… Keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

  156. I have been thinking a lot about my mom lately. She had four kids and was a teacher. All summer long she was stuck at home with us. I am also a teacher, but only have two kids. I so ready for school, and I have three weeks left!

  157. I’ve been feeling for my almost 8 year old. She has such trouble managing her emotions. And even though it’s frustrating every time she stomps her foot or just grunts loudly as she crosses her arms and glares at me (use your words please), I totally remember that feeling. The apple does not fall far from the tree I’m afraid.

  158. Empathising with fellow PF sufferers right now. Been dealing with it for four months. Ugh. Worst sidelining issue ever!

  159. Oh my goodness, my dear husband has developed this for the first time last week. He is miserable. He works on his feet all day, all week. I have been researching massage techniques and any other remedy. He is still hobbling around. This may be a Godsend for my dear man.

  160. Coming off of a “Stewardship with Adults Under 40” conference (as well as AMR, I’m also a fulltime pastor), I’m empathizing with the vast majority of young adults who carry the stress and anxiety that comes with SERIOUS credit card and student loan debt.

    I haven’t been able to run in over 3 months because of what my doctor dubbed the world’s worse case of PF. I was non-weight-bearing for 2 1/2 months, and have just recently started walking without crutches. I am new to all the running and had no idea what this could be like. I also had no idea how much I would miss it. I was training for my first half marathon, which I missed, but I’m excited to hopefully get back out on the pavement in another month or so. This would be a HUGELY wonderful win!!1 🙂

  161. With my husband who is pulling double duty with a new job and coming home to take care of our very active son to give me a break and dealing with my prego nausea and exhaustion like a champ!

  162. I empathize with my friend Debbie that just strained her calf muscle and is starting PT today. I have PF and just got out of the boot for a stress fracture so I feel her pain!

  163. I empathize with my husband. Every summer he is overworked because he has to do the job of two people with no extra help. He gets very stressed out in the summer and I really wish I could lighten the load. I can also empathize with anyone who has dealt with plantar fascitis because I have been fighting this for over a year now. Yes – my feet are slowly getting better but I should really stop running for a while. I did 2 miles yesterday and I am still paying for it – so I could really use these socks.

  164. I feel bad for my sister who just lost her job. When one door closes another one opens. She is a great teacher and will find a better school.

  165. I empathize with my husband. He works 6 days a week and never complains just so I am able to stay at home with our 3 kids. Now that I have started my new journey in running he has become one of my biggest supporters. Never does he gripe about getting up early to watch our kids, although I know he would love and could use the extra sleep.
    I empathize with my fellow Mommy runners who run early mornings or late nights to make sure they don’t miss breakfast or homework.

  166. Feeling for my 18 year old son who’s just bought his very first car and just found out how much he’ll pay for insurance. Yikes! (And a bit for myself as I am battling PF as well.)

  167. I am empathisizing with those that can’t get out for a run. Two days ago I sprained my back and haven’t been able to walk or stand on my own since then. I feel lucky that in a few weeks I will be good as new, but makes me feel for those that have more permanent ailments. It’s reinforces one of my personal mantras, “run because you can”!

  168. I’m empathizing with my buddy Alan who’s on the mend from a strained calf. He’s doing an amazing job with 140+ pounds lost and will be running his first half marathon next spring. Meanwhile, we both have tortured calves. 🙁

  169. Feeling your pain as I head into another 1/2 marathon training session and deal CONSTANTLY with shin splints. Hope you feel better!

  170. I empathize with anyone who is suffering a chronic illness or injury. I have been struggling with depression and trying to make running my therapy but have nagging injuries in my hip and calf to deal with.

    I am also empathizing for my sister who has a 4 year old and 2 1/2 yo twins and is trying her best to be a good mommy, friend, employee and all the other roles we fill.

  171. A friend of mine who used to be a trail runner and marathoner had a traumatic brain injury about a year and a half ago. We struggled with adapting our activities to suit her new physical challenges. I have finally pushed through working too hard to protect her, and we have done two hikes together. It feels wonderful. I am also empathizing with my parents who had a huge house fire and are working hard to piece their lives back together. Life on the planet can really give us a “run” for our money.

  172. Wow – you heard us?! My bestest (who introduced me to your book and facebook page just days ago) was recommending I try these today – 8weeks post calf tear that had me on crutches for 4 weeks as could not get heel near the floor until then. Walked around shops for a few hrs yesterday and have knots and sharp pain on and off all day again today. Haven’t done more than walk and cannot at the moment imagine even jogging… poor me hehe 😀
    Even if I dont win as I’m in the UK 😀 – do you recommend?

    PS – been pouring your FB page all night!! 😀

  173. Being British, I empathise with new Mum The Duchess of Cambridge and baby Prince George. I’m sure not many would agree, but even with all her privileges, being a new Mum is difficult and bewildering at the best of times and maybe even more so with the world watching and criticising your every move.
    Love the socks idea.

  174. Oh boy – I am definitely empathizing with your hubs! My PF has flared up again this week (I think mainly from doing a million jumping jack tabatas in my cheapo sneakers without the nice orthotics) and I’ve gone through no less than three different night splints trying to find the perfect combo of effectiveness and comfort for sleeping. So far no luck, but my husband has created a homemade version using a compression sock and an old race number belt. He sewed one end of the belt to the toe of the sock, and connected the other to the top of the sock at the knee. Wear testing it tonight!

  175. well pity party of one- me! I got PF this year fierce. Last year a half marathon, this year I’m lucky if I can stand more than 10 minutes. Nothing is working so I’m def looking up these socks~ thanks for the suggestion!

  176. me!! i am the sufferer in my family with PF! i love to run and race several times a year but in the past few months my right heal has been in so much pain. i am a mother of 4 and running is therapy and enjoyment…hoping to not have to give it up anytime soon. would love to try out these socks!

  177. Lots of empathy and positive vibes sent to my BRF and fellow BAMR who fell down her stairs and is currently out of running commission due to a super bruised tail bone. She so misses running and I miss her too! It’s just not the same!

  178. I almost cried tears of relief reading about this product. PF is so frustrating and debilitating! I’d love to win a pair to give to my father-in-law. His activity has been curtailed immensely by PF this summer.

  179. I empathize with stay-at-home moms. I’m a teacher, and so each year I get this gem of 10 weeks where I get to focus on being a mom. But this is about the point in the summer where I’m reminded why I need to work outside the home!

  180. Most recently, I’m empathizing with a good friend and fellow mommy runner who was recently diagnosed with a chronic illness. She’s trying to make sense of it all while still parenting her three girls and training for a half we are running together in September. It’s hard to know how to be supportive.

    On a side note, thanks for featuring these socks. I have been battling plantar fasciitis for the past two years and will definitely be looking into getting some of these.

  181. I am empathizing with all of my friends who have moved this summer. There was a group of us who were already scattered around the country, and we all moved again this summer. Each of us is sorting through a zillion boxes, trying to make new friends, helping our kids make new friends, and figuring out summer activities for our kids in our new homes. Plus, our routines are crazy and we are all missing our regular running. I feel like a compression body stocking may be needed!

  182. I’ve been sympathizing with my 2 year old daughter a lot lately. It has been the summer of boo boos and band aids! Some severe but mostly invisible lol. Nothing that kisses can’t make better!

  183. I am feeling for my running partner that recently suffered all the not so fun stuff of an ectopic pregnancy. We didn’t know she was pregnant when we ran a 10 mile race in April. She was not at her best that day. We never said a word the entire time. We usually chat our butts off during a run. Shortly after, came the miscarriage… So, she is not 100%. But we are getting there again!

  184. empathizing with a couple of co-workers as we try to get through a heavy project this summer. lunchtime runs have been helping to keep perspective 🙂

  185. I am empathizing for a complete stranger. There is a woman on Facebook whose 9 month old son, Issac Radig, just passed away. He was born with Down Syndrome and had a imperforated anus. He began having unexplainable seizures and suffered brain damage. My heart aches when I think about that mother and the hurt that she must face. 🙁

  186. I have been empathizing with everyone I’ve known who’s been sidelined during my 3-1/2-year running career. I’ve been lucky enough to remain injury free but recently had some minor surgery that required me to take it easy for three LOOOOOOOOOONG weeks. I have missed the running but most of all have missed my BAMR buds and look forward to getting the all clear (hopefully) tomorrow! I fear for the doctor if he doesn’t clear me! 🙂

  187. Lately, I have been trying to empathize with my husband a bit more. After surviving a random act of violence that resulted in a near death experience about a year ago, he can be easily overwhelmed with the daily responsibilities of being a husband and father to three small children. After enduring months of therapy and countless medication changes, my patience was really growing thin. I had to remind myself that if the roles were reversed or it was a medical illness, that I would have to change my training schedule to help meet his changing needs too. So, even though It sucks, I have changed times and dates and lengths of training. I can see a change in him also. Sorry so long but thought I would share. 😉

  188. My poor sister has been having a hard go of it lately, she started running in may, wanting to follow with me. She injured her left knee, stopped running to let it heal. She finally was able to start again and had a great groove going until she seriously hurt her knee & is now on crutches. I wish I could take the pain away, I personally have struggled for years with ankle/foot issues & hope hers is not a constant battle.

  189. Empathizing with a few friends who have newborns…my littlest is 7 month now and I’m SO glad we’re past the newborn stage!

  190. Empathy is being able to understand what someone is experiencing because you’ve experienced it yourself. Right now I’m empathizing with my running partner whose grandmother is in hospice and isn’t expected to live out the week. I lost my grandmother 3 years ago and it’s like stepping back in time to see her family work though saying goodbye to their matriarch.

  191. Totally empathizing with my son who’s bored out of his mind this summer with no friends to play with. 🙁

  192. My dear friend Wendy, expecting twins. I was a miserable twin pregnant woman and didnt have to contend with heat waves!

  193. I empathize with my mother. As a very healthy older lady, she deals with friends and their illnesses on a daily basis. throughout it all, she continues to smile and make those around her smile too!

  194. I’ve been empathizing with my husband who is getting back in to running shape after dealing with melanoma earlier this year.

  195. My husband has been struggling with PF as well and I’d love to win so that HE can get some relief. He already went to the podiatrist and has the boot to sleep with (it’s oh-so-sexy). And he’s getting custom orthodics but he’s still dealing with the pain, especially after his morning training sessions. I’m feeling for him and I’m just hoping that he’s able to feel good again soon!

  196. I’ve been empathizing with my son. He’s afraid of flying and is going on an airplane today with his Mimi. Momma will not be there to hold his hand and talk him through his breathing to stay calm.

    I know he can do it though!! 🙂

  197. I am emphasizing with my a student from my second grade class who just lost his father to cancer last week. To see a young boy lose his hero is heartbreaking for me. I might just be his second grade teacher, but our class is like a little family. When one hurts, we all hurt.

  198. I’ve been feeling for a few friends who are late in pregnancy and not running or slowing down significantly! I know how it feels to be done and want your body back!!

  199. I’m empathizing with my sister who needs knee replacement surgery and can’t run.. I think of her when I go out for my own runs..

  200. I’m feeling for my very preggo lawyer sister in law. Her oldest is only 14 months. She was my brf but it will be a while before we can run together again.

  201. Myself:( in the past two days I have twisted my ankle and pulled something in my back! So much for running this week.

  202. I’m empathizing with my husband. When I was running in college I had shin splints so bad that I would cry when I ran. My husband, an avid runner, has “runner’s knee”. He was trying to keep me company on my 11 mile run and he stuck with me though he started to feel pain after the 3rd mile. I have never seen him hobble home before.

  203. A few months ago, a good friend of my husband just lost her 27yr old son. He went swimming in the ocean and never came back. It’s been so heartbreaking. Our own son died 2 years ago and my heart aches for her and the way her life has changed forever.

  204. I am empathizing with my neighbor, Mary who has been suffering with severe Planter Fasciitis. She hasn’t been able to run consistently or hardly at all for almost two years now. A very “down and out mother” 🙁

  205. My nieces both convinced me to do a 5 k and then a half. Then one quit and the other has tendinitis. Ugh I guessi will be alone.

  206. I’m dealing with some mystery foot pain…not plantar fasciitis, not really sure what it is but I’ve been off running for almost a week now… not fun.

  207. I’ve been sympathizing with my sister who has been diagnosed with two tears in her rotator cuff. Ouch!

  208. My running partner has been out since last January with plantar fasciitis! I miss our talks and giggles as we crawled through the miles!

  209. A friend who is going through a tough divorce right now. With 4 kids she is having a hard time getting her workouts in now that she’s on her own. And she really needs to work off that stress!

  210. A friend going through a tough divorce. With 4 kids she’s finding it tough to get her workouts in now that she’s on her own. And she really needs to work off some of that stress.

  211. I’m emphasizing with my two younger sisters who are training for their first half marathon in 6 weeks. They are both suffering with the same painful hip I had while training for my first half. Hopefully they take my motherly advice and start stretching, foam rolling and doing yoga.

  212. I’m soaking in a little self-pity/empathy. I had mostly recovered from an 18 month old SI injury. I went for a run and pushed the speed too much setting myself back several months. And then I remind myself that lots of people can’t run at all, so I’m still doing okay!

  213. I have been empathizing with my running buddy who has been in a slump recently. I know she will get through it and get her mojo back!!

  214. Lately, it’s been my poor BRF and cousin. She and her family are moving, trying to sell thier old house, her company is relocating and she is enrolling her little one in school for the first time. After going through all those and more in the last few years, I totally feel for her!

  215. I’ve been empathizing with my sister lately. She is due with her first baby in a few weeks and is loathing the heat and discomfort that comes along with being 9 months pregnant!

  216. I am feeling for my friend who is getting married in a few months. The wedding has been hijacked by her mother. And while I think it would be nice to have someone take over everything (including the payment!), she has had very little control over anything with it since she has taken charge.

  217. Well, I was feeling sorry for myself. Being sidelined by an old flare up of shin splints has me hobbling around unable to walk or feeling grouchy from not running, but reading some of these other comments I feel pretty blessed!

  218. My 11 yr old son, who was away at lacrosse camp this week, called me to see if I had packed anything for him for short chafing….unfortunately I had not….I totally felt his pain, as I had just run 16 miles, and had the worst chafing ever….holy ouch especially when showering!!!!

  219. First, I think those socks look great – similar to your story, my husband had a few occurrences with PF. However, that is not who I’m empathizing with.

    I have a friend and co-worker who is 26 weeks pregnant with her third boy and was just told by her doctor that she had to stop exercising until after the baby arrives. We all know that exercising does more than affect us physically, it’s a mental release as well. It’s also our decompression from tough days at work or at home. It is also our “alone time” – even though we’re in a room with 20 other people spinning our brains out. It’s that one hour a day that we can be our usual, non-pregnant self.

    Everything changes when we’re expecting, the exercising is the “old you” that is still inside your body that has now been taken over by an excess of water weight, raging hormones that make you cry when you see a sweet commercial and a little tiny human being who somehow is able to kick your ribs like a black-belt in karate!

    I know I use exercise for a multitude of reasons and when I am sidelined due to illness or injury, it’s hard on the body and the mind. For my friend, Liana – I am empathetic.

  220. I’ve been empathizing with my hubby – he’s really unhappy in his job and I feel so bad for him. Luckily he’s a triathlete — so at least he can escape this troubles through his swimming, running, biking!

  221. I’ve been emphasizing a lot with the friend who kindly shared his cold/cough virus with me, as well as the other friend who caught it …

  222. My daughter got her tonsils out on July 23rd. Poor thing is still milking the “Mommy sleep in my bed” thing!

  223. Recently I’ve been really feeling for my working mother runner friend who is going through a divorce while also having to work crazy ridiculous hours. Running for her often falls by the wayside when she runs out of time, so when she has a chance to meet me for a run, I do my best to go!

  224. I broke my ankle last Friday jumping into a lake from a rope about 10 feet high. I waited until late Monday before I went to the doctor since I thought it was just sprained. Oh, and I’m 800 miles from home on vacation. I broke the interior bone in my left ankle. I hope it heals well so I can run Boston in the spring.

  225. I am feeling it for one of my running girlfriends whose mom is sick right now. Sending her positive thoughts. Wish I could do more.

  226. One of the kiddos in the teen running class with my dgt; she is experiencing her first injury, and it mentally/emotionally not doing well with it. Aye – REST – such a hard concept for so many runners…

  227. PLEASE choose me! I struggle with pf constantly (my PT tells me to stop running, but this mommy feels so much better from the ankles up if I do run). I have been trying to empathize with friends who are having first babies; oh the trauma of that first time…!

  228. Lately I have been empathizing with a coworker whose 49 year old sister has terminal cancer and who most likely will not live to see her 50th birthday in November. So sad. 🙁

  229. I’ve been thinking so much about my neighbor whose son is doing chemo. I can’t imagine watching your child go though so much.

  230. I’ve been empathizing with my running group friends who are in the midst of marathon training. After training and completing an ultra last year, I’m feeling pretty good about taking a relaxed/no marathon year, but I know very well what those long slow distance runs are like.

  231. At the risk of sounding selfish, I’m feeling pretty sorry for myself these days. I’m currently sidelined with PF and going crazy. But…it could always be worse and as a cancer survivor, I feel for the other fantastic survivor women I know, some of whom have much greater challenges than I do.

  232. I have been feeling for my hubby. We are trying to lose those last 20# He He has never dieted before (always been high metabolism), but slowly gained twenty over the last twenty. He is realizing how hard I have been struggling all along finally to maintain my weight and it’s ups and downs. Although he empathizes with me, I totoally understand what he is going through too. However the good news is I am at 14# lost and he is at #18

  233. I have a very good friend that was diagnosed with Cancer in her Hip about a year ago. She went through extensive Chemo Therapy and was given a clean bill of health just 2 months ago. However, 2 weeks ago they discovered another tumor and she may have to go through the process again. She is such an upbeat and positive person, even through all of the pain and uncertainty she is the first to give an encouraging word when I post on facebook about my runs and struggles. I wish I could make the cancer go into remission for good and spare her more Chemo and surgery.

  234. I’m empathizing with two co-workers who have knee injuries. One had knee replacement surgery, and the other may have surgery for a torn meniscus. I haven’t been sidelined with a major knee injury, but have been injured enough to know how it can interrupt your regular life and make you realize how much to appreciate mobility!

  235. I’ve been empathizing with my husband for over 3 years now as he struggles with back/neck pain from a weightlifting injury.

  236. I’d have to say that today I empathize with a running friend who just can’t seem to keep everything working with running… about the time she clears one injury, another sets in…

  237. I am empathatic towards one of my colleagues at work – she is just getting started running again after having her second child. I was just in those shoes two years ago and was so happy to give her a brand new copy of my “bible” during that time – Run Like A Mother!

  238. I don’t nearly feel the pain of a cousin who’s been in the hospital since May22nd battling a second round of leukemia. I dedicated my last run to him and thought how insignificant my discomfort during the run was compared to his suffering.

  239. I’m empathetic for my husband. He’s got one triathlon left of a four triathlon summer season. He pulled his groin earlier this week. Watching him limp around the house makes my toe and stubborn left heal blister seem like nothing!

  240. I’m feeling empathetic for my best girlfriend who is also a runner because she’s having terrible morning sickness with her pregnancy!

  241. I am empathetic for my Dad who is currently battling stage 4 melanoma. There is no way I can even begin to understand the emotions he is going through knowing that in most cases the outcome is not always the best. I admire his strength and determination to continue fighting.

  242. I’m currently sympathizing with a member of my WW group. She broke her fifth metatarsal, the same bone I broke back in November, and has been in a cast for a few weeks. Although she seems to be healing faster than I did, I can totally relate to the anguish of having your running life so rudely interrupted!

  243. My poor husband who is also a runner. He’s been experiencing terrible cramps in his calves. Meanwhile we are less than two months from our second half marathon and he’s hardly able to run.

  244. Not sure it’s officially in the empathy category, but I’ve been sending all my strength to my sister in sport, Amy, who is helping her childhood friend cope with the sudden loss of her father. I don’t know Amy’s childhood friend, other than through stories, pictures and emails, but I’m doing the best I can to be there to support Amy and be strong for her while she is being strong for her friend.

  245. I’ve felt empathy lately for a neighbor (who is also a runner like me) who recently had surgery & hasn’t been able to run for the past few weeks…I totally understand they feeling of being sidelined.

  246. My almost 16 year old daughter who always seems to have some sort of pain when she runs, however, she just keeps training somehow.

  247. I’ve been feeling empathy for so many of my running friends this year! It seems like everyone is getting sidelined with some kind of injury. Stress Fractures, IT Band issues, random foot aches…

    I love running and just the thought of how much time they’ve had to take off makes me want to cry for them!

  248. I’m feeling sympathy for my neighbor and friend who just tragically lost her mother to a brain tumor. So incredibly heartbreaking to lose one’s mother.

  249. Lately, I have been feeling empathetic towards my mom, who suffers from fybromyalgia among other chronic health conditions. she has had to go on disability and is severly restricted in activities due to her constant pain and frequent muscle spasms. over the past six months i have been suffering from plantar fascitis and an undetected fracture in my left foot. I ended up wearing a walking cast for 6 weeks and am about to start physical therapy. It was very disheartening and depressing to deal with the pain, not being able to do the things I want to or am used to doing, and the walking cast made EVERYTHING so much more difficult. As a single mom, i still had to do my job, take care of my kid, house, and dogs. it was overwhelming. dealing with chronic pain is harder than many imagine it is.

  250. I’m feeling sympathy for a very good friend that is near the end of her first pregnancy! I remember how hard those last few weeks of pregnancy (and first few weeks with a new baby) are.

  251. My husband has 2 tears in his meniscus, and is waiting to hear when his surgery will be scheduled. He’s a huge biker, runner, busy guy- so watching him hobbling around makes me sad. It doesn’t stop him from doing just about everything but he’s always in pain. I can’t wait for him to feel better!

  252. I felt like my life was very easy this weekend, as a single mom to a 9 year old girl… while watching my 6month pregnant sister and her husband who has a hernia, try to keep up with their 4 year old twin boys! Feeling very empathetic toward them both… And also envious of their beautiful (and growing) family.

  253. Lately I have been feeling for my oldest son. He is about to start high school and is nervous about it. It is such an exciting but scary transition. I remember what it was like and I am just hoping his transition is as smooth as possible.

  254. I am really empathizing for a young woman in my area whose harness broke while bungee jumping! It’s amazing that she is still alive. She has a very long road to recovery ahead!

  255. My dear husband was in a motorcycle accident a few days ago. He flipped his bike because he forgot to apply the back brakes. He broke his collar bone and finger, and has a lot of skin abrasions. He is one tough and stubborn man. He refused to stay at the hospital and I have been nursing his wounds ever since. I am blessed that this was not a fatal accident. Luckily, he decided to wear his helmet that day!

  256. This summer my heart is going out to my 18 year old daughter who is enduring her first crushing heartbreak. End of her three year high school relationship. Oh to be young again 🙁

  257. I am empathizing with all mothers of young kids who are trying to fit everything into their day. I feel so fortunate that I have reached the point where I can leave my kids for an hour to get in my run, go to the store, or whatever. They grow up too fast but there certainly are benefits!

  258. I’m empathizing with my husband who just lost his father to cancer last week. He’s a swimmer, and I gave up my chiropractor appointment to him so he could get his back worked on this week. He has several back ribs that pop out of place from his swimming. He had to suddenly leave his appointment last week because his sister called with the sad news.

    He’s been my #1 supporter since I took up running earlier this year.

  259. My good running friend A, who was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer and is going through chemotherapy now. She is aching to feel well enough to run again.

  260. I’m feeling empathy for my running partner who is suffering from plantar fasciatis. I’m hoping that she recovers quickly – we’re planning to do the Philly Rock n Roll half marathon in September!

  261. My heart is hurting for my cousin and his family. I don’t really know this cousin…it’s been like 12 years since I’ve seen him. But his son was diagnosed with leukemia when he was only 6 months old. After chemo and a bone marrow transplant they recently discovered that it’s still there. They had the option to continue treatment for him but it would’ve been really hard on the little guy and there was a slim chance it would even work, so they made the painful decision to stop treatment. And my heart goes out to all of you who are hurting, physically or emotionally! I’ve had a real hard time getting motivated to run but I’m healthy and fine, just need more sleep!!!

  262. My husband. After urging him to take better care of himself, he finally started working out on a regular basis…remember all of the muscle pain you go through when you begin??? Just another reason to be consistent with your workout! 🙂

  263. I feel empathy for so many, but most of all for my 8 year old dog, she’s been sick for about a month and it’s killing me that she can’t go on as many runs anymore as I want her too.

  264. We are returning to the US after living for three years in India. While I have loved our time in India, and especially our amazing friends, I am overjoyed with the idea of living in the first world again. Most of my close friends in India arrived and are relocating about the same time. My heart is breaking for the friend who has been extended one more year. She won’t be here long enough to build another strong friendship but just long enough to start feeling alone. I am a little ashamed talking about packing and running outside in clean air while she is moaning about pollution and missing her Denmark.

  265. Both my husband and I have been using the ol ice treatment lately. I have a stress fracture and torn tendon in my ankle. So haven’t even been running. At least walking is getting better. My husband has been suffering with plantar fasciitis.

  266. I empathize with all of the injured runners out there. I was put on bed rest for months both before and after I had my son. I was going bat crazy not being able to exercise. I hope all mothers know that they will get back into it with due time.

  267. I hesitate to even share this, but it is all I can think about of late and the prize would go directly to a friend. Ed just finished the Lake Placid Ironman in 11.5 hours on Sunday. He will now join his friends tomorrow in Canada to ride their bikes to MA and join up with the PanMass Challenge. That is 500 miles in 4 days-all to raise money for his 8 year old nephew who has battled stage 4 neuroblastoma for the past 4 years and whose family has temporarily relocated from VT to MI for his last chance at a cutting edge treatment. This ride is the CanMass challenge and it’s hard to imagine doing an Ironman followed 4 days later by a 500 mile ride, but I know Ed would say it is nothing compared to what Christopher has endured in his 8 years. Wish them well.

  268. My heart is hurting for many of the above posts. Lots of prayers and hugs to you all! I sending extra love and prayers to a childhood friend’s mother, who was recently diagnosed with cancer. This woman is like a second mother to me. She is a loving and positive person surrounded by lots of love and support. I have to believe she will survive this.

  269. My husband. He recently started running. Last week his calf muscles tightened when he was running. he has been in terrible pain.

  270. I’ve been feeling bad for my next door neighbor who was put in a boot in the beginning of summer for an overuse injury. She loves to run & we do our long runs together & now I feel bad even mentioning running. I’m sending her some positive energy, but I know the process to get back out there is a long one.

  271. I have been empathizing with my husband who has taken over all the household duties of cleaning and cooking while I’m studying for my CPA. He has really stepped up to the plate and helped me out these last few months.

  272. a friend lost their job recently. I know how it is to be in this stressful situation my family went through it this year and I dont wish that on anyone.

  273. I’ve been empathizing with a friend who recently lost his job. I understand what a huge ego blow it can be. And how difficult it can be to figure out your barrings. It has also made me so grateful for my job.

  274. My heart is with my sister, geri, who just lost her best friend to cancer. She really showed me what it means to be a true friend. And reminded me to not take my dear friends (including my sister) for granted and to tell how much I love them and how much they mean to me.

  275. I’ve been empathizing with a friend who’s recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. She will undergo a double mastectomy and reconstruction in two weeks. She runs a 1/2 marathon every November and is determined that this year will be no different.

  276. I’m empathizing with my dear friend who recently lost her son. It’s been absolutely devastating. He was last seen on May 19th after a running event in San Francisco. All the evidence points to the theory that he went swimming in the ocean and drown and was taken out to sea. We may never know for sure… His birthday is in 2 weeks… Please pray for her and her family

  277. I’ve been empathizing with my husband who has to take over kid duties while I embark on another training cycle. He is a great dad but gets tired of two crazy kids.

  278. My BRF hasn’t been able to run in months due to a bum hip and now a lower back injury. As soon as one started to get better, the other happened. It has been incredibly frustrating for her and she is not only missing running, but just plain feeling pain for too long.

  279. I’ve honestly been feeling for my husband lately. As I’m working towards my short-term and long-term weight loss goals, he has really stepped up to the plate at home. He’s been Super Dad and Husband extraordinaire! From picking up our sons at night, to starting homework and dinner, so I can squeeze a workout in, he’s been a trooper. I don’t think I could be as successful in my healthy endeavors without his amazing support! (Thanks, babe!)

  280. I’ve been empathizing with my mom. She had one hip replaced last summer and now has to have the other one done. Uff! A lot of Icing and recovery in our house! 🙂

  281. I am emphasizing with my sister as we train for our 1/2 marathon. Having just moved to Colorafo, and her moving there 6 months ago, the altitude is killing me/us!

  282. Leg discomfort is a team effort these days in our household. Between my 8 year olds growing pains, my accessory navicular syndrome, and my husband’s shin splints everyone is icing below the knee. Happy to be an active household experiencing discomfort from exertion rather than a sedentary lifestyle! Ah the joys of running 🙂

  283. My niece has been struggling with back pain. She is going into her senior year of HS and is a HUGE sports player. It has been tough to figure out how to help her back stop hurting.

  284. It’s totally superficial, but I’ve been empathizing with people who are a one car family. The engine went out on our main family vehicle on our way home from vacation two weeks ago. Down to one car with hubby taking me to work, rushing home to get boys ready for the day and then he’s been put on a 2 week trial so he heads on down for jury duty. There’s my cry me a river story 🙂

  285. My running buddy and I have been together for about 3 years and it’s always me that is injured. Right now she has a minor injury and I am SO able to empathize with her!

  286. I empathize with my husband. Not only does my running and training usually take priority over anything else we might do — together or as a family — but when I’m tired and run down or injured he deals with that on top of things. He rubs feet, feeds kids, and keeps me motivated with his encouraging words. Really, behind every runner is a support team and my husband is it!

  287. I’m empathizing with my friend who is watching her sister slowly deteriorate from cancer. We all know that it’s terminal, but we keep praying for a little more time and some measure of hope. At the same time, another close friend has a brother who has a terminal brain tumor. It’s heartbreaking!

  288. My running buddy, who I signed up for to run my first marathon with, told me a month into training she is pregnant…now she is so so so sick and is unable to keep anything down. I remember that feeling and I wish I could make her feel better.

  289. My poor running buddy who has been having a very rough year. She’s on her second bout of walking pneumonia. She injured one ankle earlier this year and sprained the other ankle a few weeks ago. She was finally going to try running with us again this morning and felt her ankle “tweek” right after starting. She is signed up for the Chicago Marathon and she has barely been able to train. I wish I could make all of her discomfort go away.

  290. I have been empathizing with teachers! Not only is summer coming to a close, but I live in Ohio where schools are getting to implement the Common Core. they are all feeling the pressure! I know that going back to school can be exciting, but there is a bit of apprehension as my kids start gearing up for school this year.

  291. My pregnant co-worker (pregnant with her first) is suffering from a drastic case of pregnancy brain! I certainly can empathize with her and we have laughs about how “dumb” I was during my pregnancies. The giggles make her feel better!

  292. When life gives you lemons, ask for salt and tequila! We recently attended a family reunion out of state and our leader/father figure/father/husband/brother/grandfather/great grandfather/organizer of the family reunion at the last minute had to stay behind. Everyone was heart broken. Cancer sucks and each day it is a battle to make it an awesome postive day.

  293. My BRFs are all thinking of our friend whose father is in the final stages of cancer. She has been back and forth across the country to spend these final precious moments with him and her family. She has been so strong, continuing her marathon training in the extreme heat of her home state.

  294. I’ve been feeling for my BRF who has been slowly battling back from foot surgery in March. It’s been a long road and she just started treadmill running and is about to graduate to the track. I can not wait to have her back so we can run together again!

  295. My husband was just diagnosed with plantar fasciitis and he works a job that has him on his feet most of the day! I have never experienced this and from what he is going through I pray that I don’t!!

  296. I’m feeling empathetic with my best friend. We try to be active but she has arthritis in hips and has a good bit of pain.

  297. I’m empathizing with parents who’s had their kids start school for the first time. My son will be starting preschool here in a few weeks and while I know it will be fine, I worry about how he’ll do his first time away from any family member. I work with kids for a living and I am totally seeing why parents worry so much when someone who isn’t a family member is taking care of their kid.

  298. I just found out a running friend who had registered for the Disneyworld Marathon cannot afford now to fly to FL for the race and has to miss it. I know what that feels like – I’ve been ill for two races – it makes you feel like crap when you’ve put in all the training time and then have to sit at home 🙁

  299. I’ve actually been feeling my oldest son lately. I just signed him up for soccer – he is eight and he’s never played before. He super scared and intimidated. He’s afraid he won’t catch, on he’s afraid he’s the only one that doesn’t know the rules. I just really feel for him. but I’m also really proud of him because he’s doing it anyway. Despite his fear. That shows a lot about his level of guts and who he really is. Love that kid.

  300. Right now I’m emphasizing with my husband. I signed him up for a 5K at the end of August but he works 2 jobs and is trying to find a way to juggle work, family, training, and still finding enough time to rest/sleep. I’ve figured it out and I know he will too!

  301. I’m empathizing with my poor husband- he will recover from one injury, be healthy for a brief couple of days and get a new, different injury. It’s ongoing dr’s appts, physical therapy and being sidelined to heal.

  302. My co worker took an over use injury too far and developed a stress fracture in her hip. Then she fell, twice. One surgery and 4 days in the hospital with a broken hip later we are all a little more empathetic to her situation and our own mortality since she is only 34 years old.

  303. These days I am empathizing with my beloved sister in law who recently lost her job, very unexpectedly, at the age of 60. Her husband has been sporadically employed since he lost his job right after 9/11. She is also dealing with my aging mother in law and trying to balance her family’s needs with hers.

  304. I’m feeling for my boot camp/cross training partner and sorority sister who has been side-lined with Achilles tendonitis. She has been to several doc appts, wearing a brace, and now an MRI. Praying she heals and can get back to her regular routine. Its killing her that she is told she “can’t” do something.

  305. Some friends of ours have a granddaughter 11 months old who has cancer. Not only do I feel bad for this sweet child who is undergoing chemo, but I feel for her poor parents……how helpless they must feel!

  306. I have been empathizing with my coworker. My boss is being especially hard on her lately. She can’t shrug it off like I can by calling him dirty names behind his back.

  307. My friend, Johanna, who got a diagnosis of breast cancer and a mastectomy for her 36th birthday. She’s already back at work (as an OT) after the surgery a few weeks ago, and she just had her first round of chemo. She and her husband have two little ones. She is SO holding everything together and soldiering on.

  308. I’m thinking and empathizing with all the teachers in Georgia that had to go back to school this week! While, I don’t have summers off like they do, I do feel a sense of sadness that summer is coming to a close. Bring on the traffic and hectic mornings :(!

  309. My grandma had a stroke 3 weeks ago. She was just discharged from rehab and at home again. She is working hard and it is truly inspiring to me.

  310. My grandma fell and broke her hip, and is not wanting to do the PT required to get back up and around. Having spent many weeks in PT myself for various running injuries, I hate it too and know how hard it is when you are looking up a seemingly endless hill you have to climb to get back where you want to be. Trying to think of ways to motivate her…and remind her that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

  311. I have been struggling with plantar fasciitis for almost a year now. Last August I had foot surgery for a neuroma, and as I was ramping back up with my running to train for my first Ironman (CDA!), I developed PF. I did do my big race and had a great day, but still have a lot of pain from the PF. I am now taking time off of running to try to get rid of it, and doing uphill treadmill walks while listening to your podcasts. If it weren’t for those, I’d probably be crying on that treadmill! Thanks for the entertainment and info., and please consider contributing to my campaign to banish my nagging PF. 🙂

  312. My best friend… She has an 8 year old and 7 month old twins and her husband works evenings and goes to school part time so she never gets a break!!

  313. My BRF who is 8 months pregnant and can no longer run. She is so stressed and depressed and done with being pregnant. I am sad that I don’t have a running buddy and am training alone. As a mom of 5, I know how she is feeling at this point and there is really not a lot I can do to make it better…other than keep her laughing. We both can’t wait for this first baby of hers to be born.

  314. I’m empathizing with ME! I’ve been dealing with chronic Achilles tendonitis for years and now I am being plagued with knee pain! I refuse to believe that the Universe is telling me I am not meant to be a runner!:-(

  315. my friend is the parent of a very special needs child. she had just started walking regularly and we frequently tease each other about beating each other’s daily step count. a couple weeks ago, she ended up spending 2 weeks in the hospital while her son went through multiple surgeries. that meant no steps. if my heart hadn’t already been breaking over the painful surgeries, it would have knowing how the lack of exercise was physically and mentally crushing her. (I am glad to report that they are home now and she is back to keeping me on my toes! Even day to day, I am so impressed with her spirit.)

  316. My friends who are overwhelmed with daily life, being a mommy to little ones, and not knowing how they will get out of bed tomorrow… But taking one day at a time and doing the best they can.

  317. The love of my life, my husband, who has recently started taking care of himself instead of always putting me and our 3 girls ahead of himself. He has been eating better, moving more and lost 40 pounds. Now as he has begun joining me in running, he is being plagued with various foot issues but is refusing to give in!

  318. For me, it’s my husband. A former football and basketball player, he’s plagued with back pain all the time. He’d LOVE to do what I do, run, bike, swim, compete, but he’s lucky to get through a round of 9 holes of golf without severe back pain. I can’t imagine what it’s like to live like that on a daily basis.

  319. My aunt, recently my Grandmother passed away and she had been living with my Aunt who is now lost without her mother around

  320. I’m commiserating with my ironman husband who is 14 weeks from his second full iron distance. He recently injured his Achilles/popliteal area in his lower leg. He has been using my mop bucket every night to ice his injury! He has been workin so hard toward his goal, and I really hate to see him sidelined.

  321. I would love to have a pair of these for my husband. He always wears a compression calf sleeve when we walk and/or run. And he will also wear if he has been on his feet for awhile & his leg is bothering him. This would be a big help & an easy relief. This would be great!

  322. I’ve been empathizing with my marathoner friend who is experiencing back pain which is keeping her from the high mileage that she’s used to and slowing her pace. PF and generalized hypermobility syndrome sidelined me for almost 2 years. It was frustrating. PS-I found great relief with a chiropractor who performed the Graston Technique on my feet.

  323. My best running friend! She has a 3 year old who has been battling medical issues with lots of trips to Children’s Hospital. A house that she is trying to sell, with renters that are horrible and don’t pay. Her husband works shift work and isn’t home in the evenings. She just has a heavy load…. but it doesn’t stop her from being amazing, centered and kind.

  324. I’ve been empathizing with my virtual friends who have 3 year olds. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who is being tested on a daily basis by these little ones!

  325. This week, I am empathizing with the California parents who lost their beautiful daughter to a peanut allergy. As a mother of daughters with severe nut allergies, my heart breaks with them and for them.

  326. My tri training partner and her ongoing battles with low hemoglobin. She is my biggest cheerleader for my arch nemesis…the swim. She struggles with the run and I feel for her and admire her persistence, equally.

  327. My dad recently had an emergency procedure to put a stent in his “widowmaker” artery. As a result he’s been limited in activity in the few weeks since and I’ve been empathizing with him as it reminded me of being post c-section where you aren’t released to do anything and all you want is to do stuff!

  328. It would have to be my friend Tammy. Her brother has cancer and the tumor is growing so now he must do radiation and she has to take him. She works full time and has a family of her own. She is the reason I began running. She dragged me to a running group that I had to pay money for and I haven’t stopped running since then. I love her and miss her

  329. I empathize with your husband, too! I’m constantly battling PF and it’s in a lull right now. I know how painful it is when it flares up and just looking at this picture made me cringe, to be honest.

  330. Empathizing with people who are trying to raise a family on minimum wage. I honestly don’t know how anyone does it.

  331. I’m empathizing with my daughter who had a stress fracture last year and missed the entire cross country season, and was feeling pain still in her leg earlier this summer in the same spot!

    Also, a friend who is battling pancreatic cancer.

  332. I empathize with my husband, who has been injured for several months and hasn’t been able to do his beloved speed intervals. I also empathize with my sister-in-law, who is just starting on the fitness journey and working on walking, maybe walk/running in the future.

  333. My good friend who is struggling with weight loss… and gain!!!! It is an ugly battle! Thank goodness it is not life threatening but it sure is an exhausting battle!!

  334. My husband spent several months training for a half ironman only to have severe leg cramps and a heat (hogh 90’s and no shade :()injury take him out of the race just before the end of the bike. He’s working on building a new base to start from scratch per se, but it was really disappointing…I would love these-training for marathon number 2 right now!

  335. Empathizing with a mom friend, doing her best to care for her 4 children under 9, without Daddy’s help. Trying to find a job, move, keep all the balls in the air.

  336. I’m been emphasizing with everyone who lives with regrets – those people who won’t jump off the dock, although others are doing it because they don’t believe in themselves. Those people who think a 10k sounds like a great idea but don’t think they’ll ever make it to the 5k first. As I’m working through transitions in life I’m finding that those people who never make that next step and live through others need more of my empathy and push than any other.

  337. I am empathizing with a mom in my tri group who had a double mastectomy and is feeling less than womanly these days. We got into a discussion about modesty under race attire and she expressed her desire just to have nipples again! I can’t begin to imagine her situation but told her to rock her gear, no matter what she’s got!

  338. I’ve been empathizing with my poor husband – a runner for 20 years, 15 marathons and he is now possibly permanently sidelined with a metatarsal injury. Months of doctors later, he’s still no better. Very sad for him.

  339. I have 3 kids, but a lot of my friends just had their 1st babies. I feel for them as they complain about lack of sleep, and then thank God that my 8 mo twins are sleeping all night.

  340. I am empathizing with a friend who is a militay mom with 3 small children and is relocating again right before school starts and is in couples therapy to keep her marriae together.

  341. My friends battling cancer – cheering those who are winning and trying to work through heartbreaking sorrow for those who are not.

  342. Poor Jack! and I hope he heals quickly. (Too bad it’s not football season…)

    These days I’m thinking of my stepmother who learned less than three weeks ago that her only sibling, her beloved older brother, is dying of acute leukemia. Hospice has already been called in so this is all happening much too quickly. Makes me appreciate good health and all of my loved ones.

  343. Empathizing with my niece (and my sister!), who is one month away from going to college. Even after all these years, I remember the push-pull that comes with that experience: wanting so badly to be independent and an adult, and being scared out of my mind about leaving my family.

  344. I’m feeling for my 89 year old next door neighbor who has treasured her independence and now is recovering from a bad fall down her stairs. I am concerned that her sons will insist that she move out of the house she loves.

  345. I sympathize with my neighbor and running friend who has been sidelined with an injury, just as we both were kicking our running slowly back up into gear after a long hiatus. Deciding not to run is one thing. Being told you are not allowed to for “quite some time” is another…

  346. I am empathizing with my BFF who has a stress fracture and has been on crutches for 2 weeks. In fact I was so empathatic, I injured myself during a workout, straining my achilles on the very same leg she has injured. Now I really feel her pain, the hobbling, having to lay off all of our beloved running workouts, just when we were getting some momentum. Her for a marathon and me finally adding some distance to my runs. It was supposed to by my job to help her during weights workouts and now we will both be hobbling. Oh well. The compression socks are sounding really good right now.

  347. I am empathizing with/ my heart is breaking for a young couple in our community whose 11 month old daughter was just diagnosed with leukemia. She is in her first week of chemotherapy at Duke University Hospital. I am told that the prognosis is not promising, but she is responding and handling the treatments well. My friends and I are holding a fundraising run/walk to help with their expenses. The news of the event has spread and it is turning out to be much bigger than expected. Praise God for the love of a community coming together!!

  348. Love is blind, or so they say. I am supporting a friend that got involved in a relationship and let it go too far (wanting to help her/make her happy) even though his brain was telling him otherwise. Now he’s trying to figure out how to get out of it and minimize his damage. Who hasn’t chosen the “wrong one” at least once in their life?!

  349. I was the first of my friends to have a second child. Several are having #2 in the next few weeks. One had her baby yesterday. I feel for her as her and and her husband struggle to find their new normal as a family of four!

  350. I’m feeling for Princess Kate who is having her postpartum body critiqued left and right everywhere. Poor thing!!!

  351. I’m empathizing with my my BFF who had a string of house problems (water leaks,, hornets, sewage back-up) the week she was packing for a backpacking trip with enough members of her immediate and extended family to easily make it go from fun to frustrating, hope she’s hanging in there on the trail!

  352. I have been empathizing with my husband. He has gained a lot of weight is struggling to do anything to help himself. I’ve been there…lack of motivation. I am trying to work with him to set goals and help him enjoy mini-successes. It ain’t easy!

  353. Right now, my thoughts are with my mom. On Monday, she was diagnosed with kidney cancer. This is made worse by the fact she only has one working anyways. It puts my shin and foot pain in perspective when she needs a morphine drip for the pain. And my mom is tougher than most people I’ve ever met.

  354. I’m feeling for my husband right now, he is new to running and suffering from shin splints. I’m trying to convince him not to just turn in the towel and say runnings not for him!

  355. My friend Angie who’s best friend lost her fight with breast cancer last week after fighting it for over 5 years. She leaves behind a husband and 5 children. Angie got the call at work and it was devastating then this week she had to call one of our friends to tell him that his grandpa passed. She is dealing with s much but is such a strong person she will survive this!

  356. I’ve been empathizing with a pregnant co-worker and friend who has the same position at our company that I had when pregnant. I’ve since moved on and am happy, but man, I feel for her.

  357. I empathize with a friend of mine that lost his job yesterday. Puts all my whining about trivial stuff into perspective.

  358. I empathize with my sister in law. She was doing triathlons and running, her whole family has weight issues. Recently, her husband cheated on her, her son was diagnosed with a rare vein disease and is getting chemo, and she is moving her mother in with her. She has put herself to the side and has turned to food…I’m hoping we can get her back to her healthy self, once everything has settled.

  359. With all day school for my 6 year old around the corner, I am emphasizing with all the parents out there who are struggling with the first time their child is away from home for 6.5 hours a day.

  360. My poor hubby has been dealing with plantar fasciitis, a heel spur and a cyst on a bone – all in the same foot. Waiting to find our the MRI results to see if he needs surgery 🙁

  361. I’m training for the Dogfish Dash 10K and am planning on doing it with friends from various states – great girls weekend. Unfortunately all of us have had some form of setback which has slowed down our training. We’ve all been motivating each other through it and reminding each other that if we need to we can drop down to the 5K or just walk a good part of the 10. Either way we will have a great time together… Love my running buddies.

  362. A dear friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer last year – and I felt so much empathy, I could burst. But that empathy quickly turned to mad respect as I watched her (and supported her, in every way I could) fight it and beat it. Now, I feel empathy for her as she returns to work – but I know she can do it and make it work because her positive outlook can beat anything. And what a perspective changer! In fact, she is now training to run her first 5K in the CIBC Run for the Cure with the team I created for her last year. Empathy, yes. But mad respect and love even more.

  363. I’m feeling my mom’s pain these days as she deals with shin splints that have sidelined her running. Ouch!

  364. I am empathizing with my co-worker who has been training for an IronMan Triathalon next month. He injured his back last weekend and is in severe pain and probably won’t be able to enter the race that he has trained so hard for.

  365. My first grader is struggling with some focus issues. She gets it naturally (oooh, shiny thing!! What was I talking about?!?) but I still feel bad for her and am trying to teach her my own secret tips to get through life.

  366. I had my own pity party after fracturing my ankle a week ago running. Then I stopped to reflect on those around my going through much tougher battles. My daughter goes to school with 8 year old Braden who has beat cancer twice and is now preparing to fight for his life with another type of cancer. While I have 6 weeks of injury with no running he has been given 3 months to live. He has no pity party and instead lives his life to the fullest each day. A good lesson for me to remember and learn from this incredible child!

  367. My best friend who has just found out her mom has cancer because I lost my dad to cancer when he was 57. Love the idea of these socks!!!!

  368. My partner and my daughter have had some struggles adapting to the stepparent relationship. My mom remarried when I was around 12, so I can definitely empathize with my daughter and understand how the change is difficult for her.

  369. My mother in law is getting my empathy this week. She just finished baking 135 pies by herself for an order for her home baking business and is struggling with running a business on a shoestring budget. Since I am running my own business too, we spend time with each other trying to keep the others spirits up in this economy.

  370. Oh my, I really need to add this tool to my arsenal. In terms of empathy, I have been empathizing for one of my good friends who is due to have her first baby this fall. I feel for the struggle and stress of dealing with all the little details trying to get ready for the first baby, and working…

  371. Just when I think it is completely acceptable to wallow is self pity & piss & moan all over the place because Disney Princess was sold out before my little sister and I signed up, life remindsme that I am being ridiculous. A friend of mine that is 10yrs younger than me & a new mom just suddenly lost her dad. I cannot imagine getting thru my 20’swithout my dad when I was a new mom. He was always there ti help with my newly increased finances. To loose a parent when you need them most is heartbreaking. So I pray for her to deal with this loss & not let it overwhelm her. And I will go for a run, find a different race, quit whinning, & call my dad.

  372. I’m very empathetic for my husband, who is working a night job at the moment. He does heavy construction and their current project requires the closure of a major highway from 6 p.m. to 7 a.m. As a result, he’s always exhausted, trying to catch good sleep during the day and stay up all night. It’s a rough challenge for our family — especially the kids, who think Dad is way nicer than this grumpy mom they’re stuck with 24/7.

    Did I mention that this schedule has thrown quite a wrench in my running?

  373. I would say more sympathizing with friends right now, since I haven’t gone through it myself. Two of my friends are getting ready for their oldest children to start kindergarten. They are excited, anxious and full of emotion. I will be in the same position next year, so I am paying careful attention. 🙂

  374. I am empathizing with my 17-yr old son who just broke his ankle and shot the rest of his summer before senior year. He’s hoping recovery is quick enough to have him ready for the basketball season.

  375. Oh my aching IT band. I am currently training for Ironman Wisconsin on Sept 8th. Last week was a heavy training week. Ragbrai Monday 85 mile bike ride (longest yet), Tuesday easy swim/bike, Wednesday 3000 yard swim, Thursday 1.5 hr track workout at 5 a.m. and then taught spin class over lunch hour, Friday 4200 yard swim (longest ever), Saturday 80 mile hill bike ride, Sunday 1.5 hour ez warm-up with 13 mile brick run. Monday was a rest day and everything was fine. Monday evening I started limping around. Tuesday I had to teach spin class at noon and knew it probably was not a good idea but no way out. Took it easy but when I returned ti work and sat at my desk it set it. When I tried to stand I could barely walk. Trying the foam roller, Biofreeze, Aleve. My concern is I have Ironman training camp this weekend in Wisconsin. Plan is to ride the entire course on Friday. I understand IT band issues are caused by over-use. How do you avoid this in IRONMAN training? Only about 4 tough weeks of training left. I need to make it through this so I can taper and heal up. HELP.

  376. Me 🙁 I have sesamoiditis, and just recovered from a hairline fracture in my toe, which was the result of pushing through a race with knee pain. Lesson learned!

  377. I am empathizing with all the military families who are moving this summer. The details about moving from one state to another, or one country to another, can be overwhelming. This was our summer to stay put and I am enjoying the stability and familiar routine.

  378. I am battling tight calf muscles as we finish month one of our half marathon training. I am trying everything, rolling, extra stretching, strength training and massage to get these suckers to relax. I have decided they just hate me and this is the way it shall be.

  379. I’ve been hurting for my best friend. She just had her first baby and she had a rough birth. Now, she is dealing with the Baby Blues. She’s just had a rough go and I really feel for her, as I’ve been there and done that so can definitely understand exactly where she is right now.

  380. My friend and co-worker. She just had her second child and is deep in the belly of figuring out how to care for two little ones. I know that it is a precious time but I also know that it can be harder than running a marathon. I try to be a listening ear whenever I can.

  381. I am empathizing with parents coping with a new diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes. I am on the family outreach committee for our local JDRF chapter and I’ve been in touch with a couple of newly diagnosed families this summer. Everything changes in an instant and yet the world just keeps on turning for everyone else. It’s so very hard in the beginning and I just want to give them a little bit of hope that it does get better, give them practical answers to their questions and allow them a place to vent their fears and frustrations.

  382. I have feeling for myself. I have lately after running a lot of foot pain. I know it is from the muscle tare I had but those socks would be awesome.

  383. I’ve been empathizing lately with Jimmy Pena, exercise physiologist and friend. He has had back surgery and is recovering. I run every day for him, since he cannot right now. I am stubborn and would have a hard time following doctor’s orders if I were him. After all, running is my means of coping.

  384. An old friend of many years who lives a few hours away had been on my heart, so I contacted her via text. Found out her father has stage 4 liver/lung cancer and the Drs. say there is nothing else they can do for him. Needless to say, she needed encouragment and prayers! I lost both my parents to cancer 3 years apart I can truly feel her pain.

  385. Well, a little ashamed but my pity party is for myself! I’ve developed a frozen shoulder and when I run it feels like my arm is being sawed off. I’m faithfully doing my PT but have been told that it will most likely be months or even a YEAR before it could resolve!

  386. My 8 year old just got braces yesterday, and as a former braces wearer myself I literally feel his pain. Poor guy. I know it will be worth it in the end, but it kills me to watch him suffer.

  387. I have been empathizing with my mother, My sister just got married and my mom did so much for the wedding – the decompress was teary. Wonderful wedding, amazing mother.

  388. Thanks for offering the giveaway. What a nice question. I’ve been empathizing with my grandmother, who was an incredible role model and the most active grandma I knew (until a few years ago, when her body started giving out). Her 89 year old body is restricting her independence and fearlessness and leaving her in pain. :(. Perhaps that’s sympathy, not empathy…but I’m definitely feeling it.

  389. My mom who has had foot problems for the past year after tripping in a pothole at work. She’s had a few surgeries, been in a boot (yeah, for like a year), a cast. Awful.
    I’ve been dealing with a foot injury (thought to be a stress fracture but it’s not) since March. I’m empathizing now.

  390. Hubby has a tibial stress fracture that has been slow to heal. I know it’s killing him to hear about all my running while he’s sidelined:(

  391. I have been feeling bad for my husband lately. He has been sick for several months from unknown causes and it makes me think if being morning sick. Poor guy

  392. This has nothing to do with running, but my dear sister in law and brother just lost their baby at 35 weeks, can not imagine how they are feeling. Just keep thinking how I would handle that nightmare. Awful! Thankful for a big family right now.

  393. My friend, Holly. She had a horrible reaction to Cipro last year and it has really sidelined her. This girl, who loved nothing more than to stay up past midnight, running on her treadmill and working out, has been denied workout opportunities, left and right. My heart aches for her.

  394. I know someone who struggles with the day to day living, spends their life living in the past, wishing/longing for that life instead of enjoying the ‘now’. I can’t tell you how much my heart hurts for this person whom I love very much. 🙁

  395. Does feeling impressed count? My wife suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis and all the joint pain that goes with it, but since Memorial Day she’s built up a 66-day run streak. She wasn’t a runner before Runners World threw down its summer challenge, and after the official challenge ended she kept running.

  396. I am so proud of my husband! After knee surgery and battling crippling headaches, he is running again. He is training for two races at the end of August. His spirit and dedication to his lifestyle change is inspirational. However, his efforts to maintain his legs and feet need some help. Currently, he uses ziplock bags of ice after every run. I would love to give him the 110% Overdrive for the 120% he gives to his family, his work, and his healthy lifestyle choices.

  397. My friend, coaching buddy, and fitness/ running partner has been dealing with skin cancer and thyroid problems. She has 2 little ones and loves to run/exercise and hasn’t been able to do as much as she is used to. She has such a great attitude, but is also so frustrated by her lack of energy/endurance.

  398. One of my friends just had her first baby and has been posting her struggles from those first post labrum workouts. Been there three times! It’s so hard to feel like your body isn’t the same anymore and may never be exactly as it once was.

  399. I’m feeling for a friend who lost a loved one on Monday. The fact that the loved one was a kid makes it that much more heartbreaking.

  400. I’m feeling for my husband… He inspired me to start running about 5 years ago, and with his support and encouragement I am training for my second half-marathon. Last summer and fall, he did an amazing job of training for the NYC Marathon – getting up at 3am some days to do his long runs before work. Unfortunately, the race was cancelled and he deferred his entry to this fall. Now he’s stuck dealing with shin splints! I hope his slow recovery plan works so that he can actually enjoy the marathon in November.

  401. I am feeling for my husband’s uncle’s family – his uncle suffered a traumatic brain injury last fall and it has been a very long haul for them with no definite prognosis and many challenges. I thought about him a lot when I was training for a marathon this spring. I felt really lucky to be out there enjoying the views and company and especially my active life.

  402. I’m feeling for my husband. He’s been going through radiation therapy this summer (after multiple surgeries). This is a guy who is used to being very active and fit and on top of everything feels bad being sidelined from his usual activities. He’s looking an ironman in the next year or two as a back-in-the-saddle goal.

  403. I am feeling empathy for my sister who is planning her wedding. Months ago, I told her to give our mom a “project” and that would buy her some peace. She finally took my advice and Mom is off and running!

  404. Feeling for my husband, who is beginning half marathon training. Trying to squeeze in training runs before or after work and feeling exhausted!

  405. Feeling for my husband, who is beginning half marathon training. Trying to squeeze in training ru s before or after work and feeling exhausted!

  406. ME!!! I am getting over 4th stress fracture in a year!!!! The lastest is healed, it is in the tibia, helps to wear compression socks, but the scar tissue is taking forever to break up….I am massaging the calf area and iceing…..Please pick me!!

  407. Feeling for my kiddo, who is a bit anxious about starting middle school next month. He’s experiencing that mix of excitement and fear of the unknown. Hoping that excitement and the promise of a brand spanking new school year wins out in the end!

  408. Feeling for my sister who is currently having to squeeze in half marathon training between her husband’s tri training and three very active boys who all always have a practice somewhere!

  409. I am feeling for my dear mother, Rose. She has been battling colon cancer for the past five years and was just diagnosed with this crazy cyclospora parasite on top of everything else. She is such a fighter and does all she can to win this battle against colon cancer, along with spending time with her family.
    She motivates with my running and is my inspiration to keep going, when I want to stop on long run of 18+ miles. This past May $2100 was raised directing my first 5k in her honor and the fight against Colon Cancer!

  410. Right now I have empathy for my husband, who desperately wants to get back into a routine of working out and has even hinted at running with me! He recently taught our Son how to ride his bike without training wheels. He ran beside him every step of the way knowing he could possibly hurt himself. He’s my biggest cheerleader in anything I do, so its tough to see him sidelined.

  411. I am feeling for my friend Coni who is disabled with after effects of polio from when she was a child. She is phenomenal…she lives with and cares for two developmentally disabled young ladies. Her hard work keeps them independent and out of a big “group home”.
    Even though she cannot go far physically she runs circles around what most of us accomplish every day! I am struggling with calf pain and when I am hurting I think of her and what she would be able to do if she only had just calf pain!! Keeps it real for me !

  412. My stepdad was recently diagnosed with arthritis in his back. I hate to see him in pain, it’s bad enough when he has to ask me to move a piece of furniture, but he will get horrible pain all of a sudden and can’t stand up. I had no idea watching your parents age would be harder than watching your children grow.

  413. I feel for my Dad, who was a runner most of his life, and now has serious health issues including being on dialysis, and can’t run anymore – and envies every runner he sees, wishing he could run light-footed through the woods just one more time…

  414. My mom is dealing with PF right now. She is 76 and has been an dedicated walker for over 30 years…like 4 miles a day 5-6 days a week! This would be awesome to help her kick PF to the curb so she can get back to her beloved daily walks.

  415. I’ve been thinking about a local family who has a very sick little boy who has only weeks to live. The family is embracing each moment that they have left with with their cherished child. This has helped me stop and slow down and enjoy the everyday joys in life with my own family.

  416. Unfortunately, empathy for myself! Ugh…SI issue with lots of low back pain. Reducing/resting from workouts is SO hard! Plus the PT is starting to flair as well as shin splints! When it rains it pours! Just hoping to be good to go for my fall marathon and Dopey in January. Even through all these issues (they are nothing compared to what so many others are suffering through), I am thankful for my good health.

  417. Right now I am empathizing with my husband, who is just starting to run. A 2 mile run for him is really tough! I do remember those days when even a short run is taxing on your body the next day!

  418. I’m feeling for one of my running partners. She’s kind of in a funk. Struggling to stay motivated, busy with four kids and trying hard to sell her house and make ends meet. She signed up for her first half marathon as motivation. I’m excited for her for that!

  419. I am feeling the pain for my son who just found out he has a stress fracture in his foot AGAIN! He had the same injury exactly a year ago in the opposite foot and was sidelined from his cross country season. Tough break to have it happen again!!! All he wants to do is go out there and run!!

  420. Right now I’m empathizing with my son who was in the ER last night getting IV fluids for stomach flu (he’s 3). He is sooo resilient that it’s a huge inspiration for me if I feel like I can’t do something or that something’s too hard.

  421. I feel for my mom. She loves to run, but she has been sidelined and in a bit for much of the past 18+ months…PF, tendonitis, a stress fracture. She’s trying a new treatment now, dry needling, and it’s no fun…but it’s her last hope.

  422. Feeling for my two best running buddies – one inspired me to start running in the first place, the other suffered through our first triathlon together this summer. They are training for a fall marathon and half marathon, respectively, and BOTH are fighting bad PF that’s holding them back. Would love to get them some therapy!

  423. I am feeling for my sister-in-law & brother as they lost their son in utero at 36 weeks. So sad and wish I could do something to ease their pain….

  424. My husband, who had 3 wisdom teeth pulled on Friday. Poor guy said he felt so bad not being able to help me put the baby down, but the Percocet had knocked him out!

  425. One of my best friends is 8 months pregnant and we live in Oklahoma… Luckily it has been mild this summer!

  426. I would give these to my wonderful husband who just endured a bad case of PF, to now have a painful Achilles!

  427. The family of the young girl in California who recently passed away from accidentally eating a food containing peanut. As a mom of a child with a severe allergy, I can’t imagine the pain they are going through.

  428. A friend who’s struggling to stay motivated with her running. I’ve been there, but I have a great support system that manages to get me back on track when I feel like I can’t do it.

  429. This weekend I was empathizing with a cool chick that went through a spin certification with me. Like me, she is trying to figure out her place in this world of fitness and endurance activity. How to find a balance between training and family…how to reconcile the allocation of resources (time, money and whatever else) to something for yourself when it comes out of the family resource pool. Not being able to emphatically verbalize why we were moving in this direction, just that we had to do it. She made me feel less lonely. I love her for that.

  430. Does a fractured heart count? My best friend and I stood beside each other in our weddings over 25 years ago. Now her prince has found a new princess. I’m still standing beside her as she tries to figure out how to maintain her “inner princess” which no easy task in this heartbreaking situation.

  431. My friend who lost her mother to ALS. It is one of the worst diseases. My heart aches every time I think about the many who suffer with it and their families.

  432. My husband, who’s been naturally skinny most of his life, is trying to drop the extra pounds he’s packed on in the past few years and is experiencing the pain of dieting for the first time.

  433. I have been feeling for my foot-injured running buddy, who had been down for the count quite a bit over the last year or so. Why? Because now it is my turn to know what it feels like to want so badly to your up my shoes and head out but not be able to due to injury. 🙁

  434. I’m feeling sorry for my mom who is currently vacationing in Hawaii… poor thing. Ha ha. 😛 My real empathy is for a friend who is not only dealing with ITB issues but is also treadmill bound for the month because her husband is out of town.

  435. I’ve certainly dealt with my share of PF and calf issues over the past two years, although my PR for a 10K was run with PF 🙂
    Mostly these days I feel for my father. He retired two years ago. He has not had the opportunity to enjoy retirement due to constant pain. He has no cartilage left in his hips. Instead of addressing his pain, he spent his time taking care of my mother who was diagnosed with lunch cancer shortly after his retirement. He lost his wife six weeks shy of their 49th anniversary. Since then he had a form of streph enter his bloodstream and spent ten days in the hospital and fours weeks in rehab. He has had to wait for two months for tests to confirm there is no bacteria left in his system. Yesterday he received the okay to contact a surgeon for hip replacement. While PF and calf issues may keep me from running as much or as fast as I would like at least I’m moving. Many days my father has difficulty walking to the restroom. I’m glad to see pain relief on the horizon for him in the form of hip replacement. He is looking forward to his daily walks again 🙂

  436. Ironically, I am emphasizing with someone I don’t like … She was in an accident and is now left paralyzed, and what she was trying to run away from and what she didn’t value is now the thing that is caring for her 24-7, I hope she realizes the love and dedication someone has for her, it’s a love and dedication we would all want.

  437. My best friend has been diagnosed with exercise induced asthma and was told by her doctor to give up distance running and stop training for the Chicago Marathon! This is the most devistating news to my friend, who has hopes to once again qualify for Boston! I have encouraged her to seek another opinion!

  438. I’m empathizing with all of the pregnant ladies out there in the summer heat. I spent last summer hugely pregnant with twins, and I know exactly how miserable they must be!

  439. One of my BRFs is suffering from IT band issues. I dealt with them last year, and she was awesome during my struggles. It is time to rally around her!

  440. Me, unfortunately! I haven’t been able to run consistently since a tibial stress fracture this past fall and now consistent back pain!

  441. Im feeling for my SIL who is in her last week of pregnancy and of course not able to sleep and just wants to be done- I remember being so uncomfortable at the end and you can’t sleep and you’re swollen.

  442. My sister had a baby 2 months ago. She is in that sleep deprived state that you can only understand if you have been thru it. She has been getting a lot of my empathy lately!

  443. One of my BRF currently has tendinitis. We’re training for our first marathon & I feel for her. She’s keeping her spirits up & biking to maintain her level of fitness, but she wants to be running with us!

  444. I feel bad for my step-dad. He is recovering from knee replacement surgery. If he’s on his feet for over an hour it swells to double the size. He also lives in a two story house (beds & baths up/kitchen down), so he has no choice but to scoot up & down 21 stairs over & over.

  445. Two of my BRFs have or have had PF… they are miserable! the pain I see in their expressions makes me feel for them; and the longing to run through it, even though they know they cannot, is even worse!!!

  446. After reading this I’m empathizing with my mother in law who has plantars facscitis and could try these things. Best part is when she’s healed up from that I could borrow them for after my long runs.

  447. I am feeling for my running buddy who was in a biking accident and is now sidelined until her broken bones heal.

  448. I am feeling for my best friend of 20 years, going through a gut wrenching break-up. Also my new good friend of a year, whose mother in law just put a bid in on a house one block away.

  449. I work at a hospital in cancer research. I see people struggling with their illness on a daily basis. As I walk through the lobby my heart breaks from the women that have lost their hair, the men that are too weak to walk without assistance, and hearing an individual recite a birthday that is close to mine, etc. One of my co-workers was recently one of those women sitting in the lobby. Makes me appreciate and love my job knowing that I am doing my part to help fight cancer.

  450. We’re in the Navy Reserves and are seeing, via FB mainly, many friends in the process of moving to their next Duty Station. We’ve done it many times too, and it’s hard! Very emotional saying good-byes, physically exhausting, sad for the kids especially, and a mental nightmare of details, details, and more details. I empathize with all of them. They’re a tough group (Military Wives!), but we all wish the ‘let’s-re-start-our-lives-every-two-years’ didn’t have to always happen!

  451. I have been feeling for single moms. My hubby is ramping up training ahead of an upcoming deployment, trying to plan out schedules between my job and our 3 1/2 year old’s schedule feels like another job.

  452. My friend’s mother has Alzheimer’s that is progressing more rapidly. The mother has been living with my friend and her family for years now, but it is getting harder each day. The mother comes to help me with my two young daughters. She has so much love to give but her mind is starting to make life more challenging. I am thankful for these women imyblife and wish I could ease their burden!

  453. I am feeling for my sister – she just went back to work after her maternity leave and enjoying time with her 2 little girls. I remember how hard it was going back to work after spending my maternity leave with my 2 boys – you don’t know how you will manage and get through. Two years later and I am still trying to figure out how to manage it all – a big thanks to you all for the helpful tips and tricks! I find this site to be very inspirational!

  454. I am feeling for my sister. She is going thru a divorce and her youngest son going off to college. To top it off she twisted her ankle and zooma only a week and a half away. We r going to Chicago . Hope her ankle gets better in time

  455. My best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer last month. I wish I could do something to help. She’s in Chicago and I’m in NJ. I’ve been praying, but I feel so far away and inadequate.

  456. Right now, I’m sympathizing with my daughter. She is about a month away from her wedding which is being held 3 hours from where she lives and 3 hours from where I live. Details are coming together but she is starting to panic!

  457. I am feeling for 2 running buddies, Patti and Stephanie, who are both suffering injuries. Patti sprang her ankle just a week before a 50mi race and Stephanie is having mystery knee problems that the doctors have not found the cause of yet.

  458. I feel for a homeless mother of an almost 2 year old that I am working with. She is holding it together for her child, but having such a hard time! I am so thankful for all I have!

  459. My daughter. She is 15 months and has been sick the past few days. Thankfully she has been a very healthy child up until now. These past few days have been awful. I feel so bad for my little peanut.

  460. I am feeling for my 13 year old daughter this morning. 13 is REALLY hard and she is just trying to find her place. Fingers crossed she settles in.

  461. My BRF has been suffering from knee pain for the last 2 months:( it has kept her from starting her marathon training for an October marathon and (most selfishly) it has kept her from running with me!!! I wish I could heal her!!!

  462. Since my mysterious double vision got so bad that I had to quit running (until I figure out how to adapt) I’ve been very inspired and motivated by reading the stories of visually impaired runners / athletes. It gives me hope that I’ll be able to find a way to get back out there!

  463. I feel for my husband, he is a triathlete but hasn’t been able to run since January because of a NOW diagnosed torn tendon, is is SLOWLY getting better, he will have to drop out after the bike at Nationals and we are just praying he can finish the run in London at Worlds. All this and worrying about his sight as he has abnormal glucoma that is taking his vision away . . .

  464. a friend finished his first IM race last August, had some personal stuff go on soon after and he hasn’t been able to find his running legs again. it’s been a struggle to run with him, at a much slower pace/walk, i miss the “old days”

  465. My husband just broke his toe while ramping up training for an October half. It reminds me of when I sprained my ankle while training two years ago. It’s so frustrating to have a non-running (aka stupid) injury while training!

  466. Today I am feeling a little bit of sympathy for my son. He had braces put on yesterday morning. He is sore and afraid to eat anything. Being the good mom I am, he basically lived on ice cream and bananas yesterday. I know before too long he will barely notice the braces but, for now, they kind of stink.

  467. I’m feeling empathy for my daughter . With my new job and training for a 100k race her summer has become incredibly lonely, and she has been begging me for a sibling. (at age 10 her and 45 me that isn’t going to happen )

  468. I have been empathizing with my cousin who is expecting her first baby and as of today is six days overdue. Because I baby-sat for her growing up, I still think of her as “little,” but she is now twenty-five and more pregnant than I have ever been. Even though my babies were born at 38, 37 and 39 weeks, I remember well the physical discomfort of the last trimester, as well as the emotional difficulty of the last weeks—wondering every morning if today will be the day, feeling dejected when it wasn’t, worrying that maybe you’re not ready for this life change after all, feeling some sort of personal failure when people ask, “Haven’t you had that baby YET?” My heart (and my round ligaments) ache in empathy for her.

  469. I’ve been feeling much empathy for my best friend, who was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer roughly 6 weeks ago, and who had her mastectomy last Wednesday. If I could take this from her, I would in a heart beat.

  470. I am constantly worrying about and hurting for my brother. Poor guy. He just seems to have a black cloud following him around that just never goes away. From big issues (finances, struggles with a nasty ex), to small (someone/thing got in his fence two nights ago and took the three pineapples he has been waiting to grow and ripen for 3 months), the guy just can’t win. He’s a single dad with custody of two great kids and just deserves a break! What I wouldn’t do to be able to take away some of the stress he deals with! Sigh…

  471. Last week my medical assistant lost her father. He was younger than me! and had no health issues. It was devastating for her. I’ve been giving her all my support.

  472. I’m a Navy spouse and I have a friend who’s husband just left for an 8 month deployment. This is her first time experiencing a deployment. I know all the emotions you go through missing a loved one and having to run your household and care for your children on your own. The one great thing about military spouses is we provide great support for each other which makes these deployments more berable.

  473. I am feeling empathy for my mom. WE are dealing with her diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. it has been such a struggle. I run when not injured because one day I might not remember.

  474. I can empathize with my hubby lately. He has been having toe pain. we are awaiting mri results. Frustrating to have your running interrupted! We have had a challenging year as a family and running has been our mental health fixer upper!

  475. I’ve been feeling for my hubby lately. He is working weird hours, taking classes two nights a week that leave him arriving home after midnight, studying, mowing and trying to prioritize everything that he feels he needs to do around the house and in life while stressing about finding a better job.

  476. Oh its me right now! It hurts so bad in the mornings. I hobble around for a few minutes and it gets better. My husband doesn’t empathize very well. He doesn’t understand how it can be so bad on minute and fine the next. I would live ti give these a try. I haven’t found anything that works so far

  477. I have a colleague who jest broke his ankle and had to have surgery with plate and pin installed. After going through a similar scenario myself 5 years ago, I’m answering his questions on what to expect in the healing process. I think it helped for me to tell him I just ran my first half marathon last fall–there is hope!

  478. this is gonna sound lame, but i have been empathizing with myself? i guess a better way to say it is, i be throwing myself a pity party. i have been in an on going battle with my foot since march. i missed three races and couldnt run for 4 months, until i saw a guy who said i had needed surgery all along. so i had the surgery two weeks ago. im swollen but hope to be headed back to the gym soon?

  479. I’m feeling for those families receiving disappointing news from their doctors. No fun. 🙁
    It makes one appreciate doing long runs, speed work and hills…and for me that says a lot!

  480. I feeling sorry for myself lately as I am currently suffering from plantar fascitis and it sucks. I’m scheduled to mentor a 1/2 marathon program beginning August 17 and my PT isn’t sure if I will be able to do it. I would love to have this prize to expedite my “heeling” (pun intended) so I can get back on the road!

  481. I feel for 2 of my new running friends. One has just increased her distance running and is losing her toe nails!!! Ouch, bless her she doesn’t give up but tries to push through it thinking “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. My other friend didn’t lose her toe nails or her hair but has been battling cancer and other related health issues for 5 years. She is our resident “Job”. She never gives up no matter what craziness finds her, and find her it does, way way too frequently.

  482. I’m totally feeling the pain for my running partner, Wendy right now. She’s coming off a soul-crushing hamstring tear after months of putting in (too many) hard miles. She’s recovering with grace and humor and utmost patience, but I know it’s been killer to be sidelined, and then to slowly work back up to where she was. On all my solo long runs this summer, I’ve been sending her the healing vibes!!!!!!

  483. I am really ” feeling” for my running buddy. She is suffering from shin splints. She has a special needs child, so her runs are her “me time” and she hasn’t been able to have that.

  484. My mom suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis. Right now she is in the midst of a flare. Getting around is extremely hard with swollen joints. So, I feel for her

  485. One of my BFFs is in the process of (possibly) going through a divorce. She desperately needs her running time but has a nagging knee injury that’s kept her sidelined. She really needs her “me” time now more than ever.

  486. So many people immediately came to mind – but the first is my sister, whose sweetheart of a dog was recently diagnosed with Lymphoma. They will be losing him soon, and it’s like losing a family member for sure.

  487. I’m empathizing w my BRFs whose kids are out of school for summer & their running routines are turned on their head…

  488. My daughter will be 6 months old on the 12th. I have so many other friends with newborns and infants right now. Yesterday, one posted “ECSTATIC! Hit the five hour mark for sleeping!” I emphathize with all the mothers of tiny babies that are starving for a full night of sleep.

  489. This is so appropriate as I’m empathizing with MY husband right now. He’s started running with me and is going through Achilles pain in both legs. I’m pulling out all my runner knowledge to get him better so he can keep running with me!

  490. My running partner is currently in the CC, Crippled Corner for next two weeks.
    She’s dealing with stress fracture. She kept running long runs knowing she had injured her foot. Now, I’m also paying price bc I’m not running as fast or as long because I need her…. I mean, I miss her 🙂

    I’m counting the final days…. And the go ahead from Doc.
    We are running Run like a Diva in October & Philly 🙂

  491. My husband had cervical spine surgery earlier this month. While he isn’t a runner, exercise and outdoor activities are very important to him. He is sidelined for 6 months to a year! Missing out on the usual summer fun and simply not being able to get his sweat on has already been very challenging.

  492. My mom…she cared for my dad for the last 10 years (who was disabled and in a wheel chair) while battling her own health problems these last 3 years…we lost my dad earlier this year..she is still battling her own health while having double hip replacements too

  493. I have been empathizing with all those amazing single moms out there. My hubby is a youth pastor and is out of town, sometimes out of the country, for 4-5 straight weeks in the summer. I am transitioning to a new job, trying to train for a half at the end of August, taking care of two silly boys under 6, and trying to maintain my sanity. So grateful I only have to do this for a month and not all the time. My heart goes out to all the incredible single mommies out there!