Hump Day Giveaway: 15 Minutes of…

My house is a pit. As I was bemoaning that fact--combined with my lack of desire to do anything about it--to my mom (again) on the phone one day, she said, "Just set the timer for 15 minutes and clean. You'll be so surprised at what you can get done."

We all have one of these baskets, right?

I Tazmanian-deviled my kitchen; unloaded the needs-to-go-upstairs basket permanently parked--and always overflowing--at the bottom of the stairs; and swept the front hall and felt infinitely better. Once again, my mom was right.

One day, when SBS was feeling overwhelmed by the state of her abode, I shared the great advice. She too turned on the timer and had at the Lego/marker/dirty dishes/random socks littering her main floor, and emailed me 20 minutes later with a sense of satisfaction.

Even though the so-so-busy mentality pervades everything we do, we all have pockets of 15 minutes here and there which, ahem, if you aren't on the computer, you can put to good use.

Here are some other things I can do in 15 minutes:
1. Make dinner (o.k., it's nothing special--pasta or eggs or quesadillas--but it's dinner nonetheless)
2. Go from a sweaty, just-run mess to clean, lotioned, dressed BAMR ready for the day (provided my kid interruptions are minimal)
3. Run approximately 1.7856 miles if my jets are blazing
4. Do my PT exercises

Jessie prefers to spend most of her day this way. (Who can blame her?)

5. Walk Jessie, our hound (she's blind, old and super slow, so we go for one verrry slow block)
6. Get ready to ride: get dressed; fill my water bottles; pump the tires; fasten on my shoes; make sure I have my phone, Road ID, GUs, sunglasses, helmet.

Let's go back to that getting dressed to ride part. I just spent 56 miles in the saddle on Sunday, and that is a very long way to ride if your most delicate parts aren't happy. Fortunately, I was wearing these Bontager Race WSD Shorts. The "WSD" stands for women's specific design, which means these shorts are made for all our parts: a notched waistband that doesn't bug the belly; leg grippers that keep things covered; and most importantly, a perfectly designed chamois (pad in the shorts) that makes things as comfortable as they're ever going to get while riding a bike.

Badass mother biker shorts.

But let's be brutally honest. No matter how well they're engineered, bike shorts are never going to be super cute. So balancing out the bottom half is this very adorable Bontrager Race WSD Short Sleeve Jersey, which pedals the line between fashion and function. Function: a full-zip, so you can blast the A/C as hard as you need it; three generous pockets to haul the kitchen sink and more; and a gripper hem so people don't mistake you for a plumber.

Minty and speedy.

Completing this utopia of a cycling outfit is, of course, a jacket. But not just any jacket. The Convertible WSD Windshell, which multitasks as well as all of us BAMRs can: protects against the wind and wet, switches from jacket to vest--and stores the arms when you zip 'em off.

Is it a jacket or a vest or an airplane? A superjacket?

We've got this sweet Bontrager trio queued up for one mother runner/cyclist, but in order to enter you have to tell us in the comments: What important task can you get done in 15 minutes or less? (And let's pretend this is family-friendly entry, so keep things PG-rated if possible...).

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States. It begins on7/18/12 and ends on 7/24/12; the winner will be announced on 7/28/12. One entry per person. The value of the prize is approximately $225.00.Ā  The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.

493 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: 15 Minutes of…

  1. I can load up the dishwasher, wash all of the pots and pans (by hand). Wipe down the dining table and sweep the dining room floor.

  2. I can get my kiddo (6yrs old) ready for bed. Important task! Brush teeth, go potty, wash hands, read story, bedtime prayer, KISSES and lights out! phew!

  3. As a teacher, I can bring 30 students in from recess, pass out paper for the spelling test, sharpen the pencil for the kid who is always breaking his pencil, make sure the class cheater isn’t cheating, stop the talker from talking, and get the distracted ones, engaged. And be ready to transition to the next activity.

  4. 15 min? Depends on the day.
    Optimal – stretching while reading the mail, paper or processing e-mail followed by shepherding a dish-free sink.
    Turbo – water the plants, take out the recycling, make lunches, feed the dog and change into my workout clothes for a relaxing run!

  5. In 15 minutes I can give both of my kids the attention and mom time that they need by playing a game of memory with them. It is like a reset button for all of us & even though there is always a task hanging over my head, I am always glad I took the 15 minutes to focus solely on my girls.

  6. In less than 15 minutes in the morning, I can prepare a gourmet salad to bring for lunch so I don’t need to go out for lunch. Keep it fresh & healthy. That time involves washing up the included veggies, chopping, tossing, packing it up and heading out the door!

  7. In 15 minutes, I can do 2 sets of [8 x 30 seconds as hard as possible, 10 seconds recovery] with a few minutes to recover between sets. It’s only 15 minutes, but every ounce of effort gets me closer to winning my next race.

  8. In 15 minutes I can get the kids to the local park with their “water shoes” on, swimsuits, towels, the cell phone in a plastic bag, and spare water containers in a backpack, all ready to go “creeking”. Of course we spend much more then 15 minutes wading through the creek, exploring, but it gets us started on our adventure.

  9. I can settle a fight over a toy, put one kid in time out for hitting another kiddo, comfort the kiddo who got bit, make a snack, play hide and seek and go to the bathroom!

  10. I can snuggle and talk with one of my girls before they are so old they don’t want to hang with me any more…

  11. In 15 minutes, with a baby on my hip I can empty the garbage, run dishwasher, breastfeed while vacuuming, throw laundry in, and check email and finish my coffee. I have 7 kids to clean up after so every little bit is an accomplishment!

  12. In 15 minutes I could run almost 2 miles :), bike 4, play soccer with my kids, finish a paper for my masters degree, or watch a good portion of housewives of orange county.

  13. I have 4 children. My boys are 5 and 6, my girls are 9 and 10. We play a quick tidy game where we set the timer for 5 minutes and hit a room as a team. We race to beat the clock. My boys race to beat each other. When the timer goes off we move to the next room, done or not. In 15 minutes I can have 3 rooms done. I think working as a team gives everyone encouragement and competition. Mom is happy that chores are DONE!!

  14. In 15 minutes, I can put away the kids’ laundry, (check my email – usually nothing), empty the dishwasher, (sneak a page or two of my latest book), and then try to come up with an idea for dinner (not always successfully!). Or I can let myself be distracted by the computer….

  15. In 15 minutes my super powers kick in. i can put in a load of laudry, fold a load of laundry, make 2 beds, start a pot of coffee, paint my toenails, and check facebook.

  16. Give me 15 minutes and will show you a laundry that is folded and put away, toys that have been picked up, and water bottles filled for our next adventure!

  17. I can hook my pup up and walk around the block practicing sit, stay, heel, down, come… we’ve been in training for a long time and part of the success is practicing frequently for short periods of time because little pups have short attention spans!

    BTW — he loves riding in my bike basket.

  18. Fifteen minutes is a lot of time. I can make my coffee, make lunch and pack snacks for all three kids, make their breakfast, lay out their clothes, and throw on my running or cycling clothes. In fifteen minutes I could fold and put away laundry, swap the just washed into the dryer and start another load (three kids and two parents that exercise daily makes for a lot of laundry). But I think my favorite fifteen minutes would be doing a craft with my kids, playing a board game with them, baking with them or just snuggling on the couch. The best fifteen minutes are spent taking the time to breath and enjoy family or exercise and appreciate yourself!

  19. In 15 minutes, I can climb the last 100 feet of a 14er in Colorado with my husband and dog, high-five and kiss my hubby, pat my pup’s head, take a hero shot, eat my pb&j, and start down before the dark clouds start to build. This is really only necessary here in July with the summer storms. Awesome way to spend 15 minutes!

  20. In fifteen minutes, I can be up, showered, brew coffee k-cup while taking dog outside; prep breakfast; recycle; pack diaper bag; prepare 2 year old son (diaper change, get dressed); load vehicle; and be on the road for a morning of swimming, cycling, or recreation!! Love the weekend!!

  21. In fifteen minutes, I can spot clean the bathroom (I have two small boys, and trust me, I have to “spot clean” on a daily basis or it just gets really icky), empty and reload the dishwasher, pack up a lunch for me to take to work, put out the trash, sweep up the crumbs under the table (again, did I mention I have two small boys?!), prepare my bike to commute to work (take my bike out of the garage, get my helmet ready, check tires, etc) all while listening to relaxing music on my iPod to put my mind in a quiet state for the start of the day.

  22. In fifteen minutes I can get my husbands his work clothes get my four kids up and getting ready, get my self dressed the three dogs out and fed the lunches made breakfast on the table ( special k bars and baked juice for everyone!!!) dogs back in the kennel and on the way to school we go ……. Wait did I unplug the coffee pot????

  23. I can easily kill 15 minutes on the computer. My biggest problem is the computer! Must get off. My house is a wreck but the computer is so much more interesting!

  24. This is like my daily life.. I am constantly working multiple tasks at the same time – just to get it done so there is more time for the fun things (running, cycling, kayaking, snowshoeing, etc) In 15 minutes I can run downstairs and take a load of laundry out of the dryer – put one in the dryer and another in the washer.. head back upstairs and load and start the dishwasher – start dinner and fold the first load of laundry while waiting for the oven to be pre-heated.. load up dinner in the oven, put away the laundry and sit down and watch 5 minutes of TV to catch up on the news.. This way things are ready when I want to drop them and put on my running shoes and hit the trail or grab my bike shorts and hit the roads!!!!!!!!!

  25. In 15 minutes I can get up & dressed in my chamois, water bottles filled, snack ready, helmet on, ready for a ride. Would love this outfit to wear in my first 100k bike race in three weeks!

  26. I took a week of 15 minutes to tackle a daunting pile of paperwork. By the end of the fifth day, I had reclaimed my desk. Papers were filed, tossed, or dealt with. I do this with my kids too – called the “15 minute pickup” in various rooms.

  27. I can walk two blocks to the park, watch the sunset, and have a nice walk home again. A mini-getaway to end the day on a positive note.

  28. 15 minutes is a LONG time
    full dinner (its my profession) fully dressed and ready for work, fully cleaned bathroom, lightening fast dusting, mow my tiny yard…..

  29. Gee – the first 15 minutes of almost every morning; The coffee pot is on a timer so I just make a cup. While drinking I transfer the clothes from the washer to the dryer and start a new load to wash. I unload the dishwasher (on a timer to run during the night)and re-load any that were used after I “closed” the kitchen for the night. I turn on the garden sprinkler (want a timer for that). Make breakfast and begin to log the kids into school (cyber school) while they begin to eat. I read and respond to teachers messages about their work, class attendance, face to face meet ups… Coffee is now gone & everyone is working.

  30. In 15 minutes, I can start the oven and make a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough; hug my husband and dogs (in that order); text my sons to tell them I love ’em; check my training calendar to see what’s on deck for tomorrow’s run; and ponder my place in the world. Zip. Bam. Boom.

  31. In15 minutes…or less….on a Friday night before going to bed…..I can squirt toothpaste in the bathroom sink, trash the playroom, crush cereal on the kitchen floor…and strategically place Legos so we can step on them when we wake up in the morning. Just trying to take the pressure off the kids so that we have a smoother Saturday morning! šŸ˜‰

  32. In Fifteen Minutes: I can clean multiple toilets, sinks, & mirrors. I can jump out of bed and be ready for bootcamp & out the door (i.e. i overslept to get to class so have to move fast), and I can get dinner on the table for three crazy kids so we can move on to the next event of the day! FIT MOM’S RULE! šŸ™‚

  33. I can load up my Swiffer and run a dry cloth over most of the hardwood flooring upstairs. Cat hair and dust bunnies, out!

  34. Haha, in fifteen minutes I managed to spend $200 at the Patagonia Outlet Sale last Sunday before they closed. Fastest shopping trip ever!

  35. In 15 minutes I can put the dogs in the yard while I gather the garbage cans and bags and take them to the garbage can, gather the recycle bins and take them to the recycle can, take both the garbage and the recycling to the street, get the dogs’ food ready and go bring the dogs in to have breakfast.

  36. In 15 minutes I can wash the dishes (yes, hand-wash…no dishwasher) and clean the rest of the kitchen…of course – allowing no other distractions to interfere!

  37. In 15 minutes I can load the diswasher after a family meal and get it started. Boy, haven’t times changed? 2 decades ago, it took me an hour or more to hand-wash those dishes, which was time spent away from the family I love!

  38. In 15 minutes I can thank the Lord for all my blessings, read a story to my four year old, and read a chapter to my 10 year old. A clean house isn’t the most important thing, a clean mind is better.

  39. Wish I could blow you away with some crazy 15 minute cleaning task, BUT HONESTLY, I am cleaing ALL the time. It IS important, but I have really realized that in 15 minutes, I can just let it all “BE” and sit and play with my children. It is the most rewarding and by far, the most IMPORTANT task I can complete wholeheartedly in 15 minutes!!!

  40. Our new nap or bedtime routine- my daughter has fallen in love with Max and Ruby and I have been reading some of the books to her. They are the perfect length for a toddler and a busy mom. I may even be able to read two within a 15 minute time frame. Thank you Rosemary Wells!

  41. Get my whole family breakfast, which is usually a task since both kiddies want something different, I have my own special smoothie I like to make, and the dog has me trained to mix in all sorts of human food into her doggie kibble. Four meals for four people/animals in 15 minutes. I’m tired just thinking about it:)

  42. In 15 minutes I can see that I have won this fabulous prize, email you my postage details and transfer enough money into your account to cover postage to my little house in Australia all while daydreaming how good I would look in that awesome gear on top of my beautiful Trek Lexa SLX. Giddy up!

  43. In 15 minutes, I can have both of my kids bathed, lotioned, PJed and in bed…provided they don’t get too crazy with the naked running of the halls…

  44. In 15 minutes (from 6-6:15 a.m.), I can
    1. Drive home from bootcamp
    2. Replenish with chocolate milk
    3. Ice sore body parts and check email/facebook OR
    if there are no sore body parts, clean the kitchen before I jump into the shower and get ready for work.

  45. There is so much you can get done in 15 mins, after all we are bada*** mothers šŸ™‚ I like to get dishes done, stray toys picked up, and a load going in about that time then get outside! I feel better that I did something but it is short enough that my kids aren’t complaining to much.

  46. In 15 min I can pick some raspberries, cut up bananas, strawberries, open a coconut and blend it all together for an amazing smoothie. Of course check all my emails and facebook while drinking. That’s my 15 min morning ritual……so peaceful!

  47. I can “clean” the main part of my house in 15 minutes because I’m good at hiding things. Life’s too short to worry about it so I just toss it in a drawer or hide stuff in the closet. I can always sort it out later on a snowy day.

  48. prep the crock-pot, pack swim bag and cooler for the pool, empty the dishwasher, actually remove the folded piles of laundry from my kids’ rooms…the timer makes it more of a game for me to see how much I can actually get done…I love to tell my husband how efficient I am.

  49. Helpy kids start their breakfasts while I pack their lunches. Can you tell I’m already starting to think about the coming school year?

  50. In 15 minutes I can throw on my running clothes, brush my teeth, grab my water and drive down to the village to meet my running buddy. Pretty good for 5 am.

  51. In 15 minutes I can get in a killer set of push-ups, sit-ups, squats, and lunges while my 5 kids wipe down all the bathrooms with Clorox wipes!

  52. 15 minutes, counting from waking up on a weekday morning: Make a cup of coffee, make breakfast (the frozen waffle/ pancake variety), get the kid dressed, pour coffee in travel mug, spread some pb&j on waffles/ pancakes for his favorite “sandwich”, order him to go in the car and buckle up, grab bag and coffee mug, get in car, drive off to school.

  53. What I can accomplish in 15 minutes:
    Fill the sink with soapy hot water and let dishes soak, and then jump into the shower. Once Iā€™m done with the shower I wipe down the shower walls and get dressed. My 15 minutes are up but in another 15 minutes I can get dishes done and get on with my day!

  54. I’ve got to say, I love the idea of a 15-minute cleaning spree. That’s something I could get the whole family into. In 15 minutes, I can go from a nasty sweaty mess to a showered, dressed, make-upped, and 99% presentable business woman (the damp hair will be dry by the time my office opens). Granted, with children, my 15-minute regimen can sometimes take up to an hour. šŸ™‚

  55. In 15 minutes I can install clipless pedals on my road bike and conquer riding with them on (with only falling once). In 15 minutes, I can hop on the firetruck and put out a car fire, a brush fire, or assist someone who’s been in an accident (other things we do take 1+ hours). In 15 minutes I can shoot a mini portrait photography session (and take hours to edit later). In 15 minutes I can write a letter to my brother, a Marine, in Afghanistan. In 15 minutes I can bake my Dad’s favorite cookies, chocolate chip cookies (add time for baking). Or in 15 minutes I can clear my mind by sitting on the back porch and watch the birds while enjoying a cup of homemade coffee. šŸ™‚

  56. In 15 minutes – I can usually pick up the family room. Getting all the toys picked up off of the ground from my 3 and 5 year old can really change the entire feel of the house!

  57. In 15 minutes I can:
    *unload the dryer, fold a load of laundry, move clothes from washer to dryer and start another load in the washer
    *vacuum the main traffic/places company might see in my house
    *drink a cup of coffee in peace & quiet

  58. Make a grocery list/meal plan. Granted, I’m lazy about this and employ an app/website combo to help me do it. But, hey, I usually pick relatively healthy meals.

  59. In 15 minutes I can clean the kitchen. I used to dread doing dishes or anything in the kitchen really but now I know that if I just get started I can get it done really quickly and get back to doing something more fun.

  60. At work , I can process 24 pairs of Nikes. I work for Nordstrom processing shoes for the Rack. We remove all the paper from the shoes mark them and sensor them, and I can do just about 24 pairs in 15 minutes.
    At home, it takes me 15 minutes to bathe my 3 year old and 18 month old twins.

  61. I can put a pot of pasta water on to boil, pop a cake in the oven, drive kids to cross country practice and get back in time to take the cake out and put the pasta in.

  62. With 15 minutes, I can get the whole family to pitch in to clean up the house. The other day a friend was stopping by and the house was literally a disaster. So, instead of assigning jobs, I said, OK, everyone take a room and clean it up. Wasn’t perfect, but it was much, much better and at least semi-presentable within 15 minutes. Often having a time deadline makes it easier to start, when we have a whole day or hours of cleaning lying ahead, it’s much hard to get a move on.

  63. In 15 minutes I can delegate chores to the kids, they are all old enough now that we can all clean up together at the same time! makes it more fun and easy.Then we can all have more time for FUN and mom can enjoy her new found sport of road biking! and desperatly needed bike apparel šŸ™‚

  64. In 15 minutes I take the time (usually on Sunday evenings) to pre-portion my lunches/snacks for the upcoming work week so I am prepared each and every morning and can just grab and go! The payoff is huge for what little time it takes. Planning is essential.

  65. Laundry is the main, most neglected thing I can do in 15 minutes. For sure my least favorite thing in the world!! Though I have to agree, that a 15 minute dance party in the kitchen with my favorite two little ladies is time way better spent!

  66. In fifteen minutes, rolling out of bed and feet hit the floor, I start the coffee, feed the cats, collect the paper, unload washer, start dryer, reload and start washer, pour coffee and start reading paper……in peace and quiet……before everyone else comes in the kitchen to start their routine!

  67. In fifteen minutes i can, unload the dishwasher, collect and dispose of junk or already read mail, start a load of laundry, make the bed, and put clean clothing away.

  68. In fifteen minutes I can scoop the kitty litter, run the recycling to the garage, sweep the kitchen and front porch and fold up the blanket on the couches that ALWAYS end up in a jumble. Give me fifteen MORE minutes and I could probably conquer the world! šŸ˜‰

  69. I can clean up breakfast and hand-wash the dishes in 15 minutes, that is if I didn’t leave last nights dishes to do also. šŸ™‚

  70. In 15 minutes, I do what we call a “sweep.” We set the timer, and pick up everything that isn’t supposed to be in the kitchen/dining rooms.. like dirty glasses, newspapers, jackets, books, etc. and put where they belong Then load up dishwasher, clear counters, and give everything a quick wipe.

  71. I can prepare healthy lunches for everyone for the next day. I love knowing that we can all leave the house with a nice meal and not have to resort to fast food!

  72. In 15 minutes I can take time out from my already task filled day to have a dance party in the livingroom with my 2.5 yr. daughter and hubs. Or I could build a killer duplo tower or read several Olivia the Pig books to said daughter. If I HAVE to clean, I could vacuum the whole upstairs in 15 min. plus clean the toilets! šŸ˜‰

  73. A lot of different things:
    1. start laundry and fold and put away clean load
    2. water garden (it has been needing it daily with this dry spell we have been having)
    3. make healthy lunch
    4. run (but only 1.5 miles!)

  74. This is sooo cool how I just found this article, I recently made a 15 min a day chore list to hep me keep my house better organized and clean, so I will have more time to balance family time with my running/riding. In 15 min. I can do a quick bathroom clean, sort the laundry and put the first load on, change into my workout clothes and out the door I go for my bike or run. That is how a utilize 15 minutes ever Wednesday before my exercise. I have been running for 2 1/2 years and just started biking. I would soooo LOVE this outfit as my first biking attire. This runner really needs some padded shorts šŸ˜‰

  75. 15 minutes? – list for tomorrow, brush, floss, breathe deeply, clear head, give thanks, hit pillow. 15 minutes becomes 7 hours!

  76. I can give my son 15 minutes of undivided, no cell phone, no tv, just mommy time. It’s the best time I can spend all day. And I can get more done the rest of the day once he has had some special mommy time!

  77. 15 minutes is not enough time to ride my bike but I can put on some running shoes, run a mile, do a quick stretch, and an even quicker shower. If I only have 15 minutes I can do that!

  78. In 15 minutes I can file away the mail, put away the dishes, and clear off the pile of stuff that always seems to migrate onto the kitchen counter.

  79. In 15 min I can take the main areas of my house (kitchen/family room/dining room) from a cluttered mess to a company-ready house. Clearing the counters, gathering up mail/newspapers/stray homework/paper planes…it makes a huge difference!

  80. A super quick bath, brush teeth, wash face, a drop of coconut oil in sunscreen for facial moisturizer gives a dewey radiance, throw on some mascara and some tinted chapstick, put the hair up in a messy bun, and throw on a pair of earrings to make it all look intentional. Out the door, feeling fresh and clean and pretty good. I don’t feel rushed. AND I get to sleep in just a little. Just have to remember that today is not a short skirt nor is it a tank top day because the ol’ razor is still dry. No, not for every day but an occasional treat.

  81. I can empty and reload the dishwasher, fold the laundry, sit and watch a few minutes of TV until I realize the clock is still running, take out the recycling, make the bed,and if I’m real fast…get out of my PJ’s. And I’m a GRANDmother so I’m slower.

  82. In 15 minutes, I can clean the litter box (while the cat “supervises”), move the laundry from the floor to the laundry basket where it should’ve been in the first place, and grab a cookie from the kitchen to reward myself for a job well done. šŸ™‚

  83. In 15 minutes this morning I let the chickens out, scooped a few shovels of chicken poops into the compost, gathered the eggs, walked back to the house up the hill and cracked those eggs into the pan…scrambled them up, added salsa and avocado and cheese. Yum.

  84. In 15 minutes I can “Flip” the laundry, empty the dishwasher, sweep kitchen floor, and straighten up living room.
    Or I can just clean one bathroom.
    But I would rather get dressed, pump my bike tires, put on my garmin, put on my road i.d., get my helment and go for a bike ride! šŸ™‚

  85. In 15 min I like to catch up on all the laundry wash,dry, fold and put away as much as possible. I hate to have it piled up waiting for me.

  86. In 15 minutes I can:
    1) Wake up in a panic, realizing that the alarm clock didn’t go off
    2) Take a shower, brush my teeth and apply necessary grooming items
    3) Get dressed, run out the door, then run back in the door and grab my laptop
    and finally…
    4) Get to work *on time*!

  87. In 15 minutes every morning, I pack my sack lunch for work, brew a giant mug of mocha, fix my hair, put on my shoes, feed the cat, organize my husband’s day for him, including reviewing his calendar and to do list (he is post brain injury in a bike crash that took out the parts of the brain that hear, smell, taste and organize) and get out the door for work.

  88. 15 minutes! I can get kids breakfast (well, pour milk on their cereal), throw another load of laundry in, fold the wrinkled clothes on the couch, shove all the shoes under the bench, pet the puppies as I walk back to the kitchen to unload the dishwasher, and throw on my favorite running clothes!

  89. 15mins is good for me to…. pick up 2bdrms, the living room, vaccuum and be able to pair up dryer load of kids socks!!! Guaranteed to end up w a few missing socks, lol. Where do they go?!? OR Make a good cooked lunch for my kids, do the dishes and the kitchen. I’m in a small apartment. 15mins works well here!!

  90. When you’re pressured by the amount of house work 15 min doesn’t seem like very much, but when you think about it, you really can take care of A LOT! I have a one yr old, who wants to “help”, so in the 15 min after dinner, I can clean him up, wipe down the messy high chair, sweep up his mess as well as the rest of the floor, run the mop, load the dishes in the washer, pick up the dishes he threw in the floor from trying to help, run his bath water, and set out his clothes. Whew! Moms sure can get a lot done in no time, and the 15 min rule really helps you keep your sanity!

  91. In 15 minutes I can decompress by reading at least two chapters of your book and drink a half cup of coffee. Then the dryer signal goes off and it’s back to reality.

  92. I’m with Deb, in Canada! I can put on the Tour de France to record so I can go out and play with my dogs, water my garden and load the dishwasher…all in 15 minutes šŸ™‚

    I need a pair of the shorts! Those look fantastic. The last time I was at the local Trek store, I didn’t see them..

  93. I can relax my mind, give me some me time or do a HIIT or WOD and be ready for anything that is going to happen that day!

  94. Spend time with my kids. Sometimes after a long day at work/school, 15 minutes of focused time with them keeps the fighting and arguing to a minimum!

  95. In 15 minutes I can change a diaper, pick up all the toys in the toddler room’s floor, go through the mail basket, wipe down the counters, sweep kitchen floor with dust mop, and take a load of laundry downstairs!

  96. 15 minutes – I move all the “clutter” from the den (where our family spends the majority of our time and also drops what ever we have in our hands) to the rooms where it belongs with the hopes that my husband and children will catch on and put it away from there. I am still waiting for the catching on part šŸ™‚

  97. I can vacuum the entire house which always helps me feel like my house is less messy.
    I can give the cat her medicine- and trust me, it takes 15 minutes to get her to take it.

  98. Well, in 15 minutes I can get myself ready to go out for a blissful ride in the outdoors! šŸ™‚ Or I could get the kitchen tidied. Hmm. I am thinking I would choose the ride! šŸ˜‰

  99. In 15 minutes I can catch up with a friend. Sometimes it is really hard to keep in touch and too easy to put it off. If I am busy and don;t have too much time. It is still god to make a call and hear a friend’s voice.

  100. In 15 minutes I can send a group email to my whole family – a necessity because otherwise we can guarantee that I will tell (x – 1) people in the family important news where x = the number of people who need to know… things like our vacation plans, a travel itinerary, when a grandparent is in the hospital, important news about Dad etc., etc. – only communicating with 3 sons, 2 parents, a spouse, a sibling and sibling-in-law, but I always miss one unless I do it by group email.

  101. In 15 minutes, I can read some sweet bedtime stories to my kids. I can also clean some stuff, but I’d prefer not to know how long that takes!

  102. 15 min is my allotted amount of time to be in any store before my kids go nuts! I can do a mean grab and dash at the grocery store! (and wouldn’t I look so much cooler if I was making my mad dash around the store in that stellar biking outfit?!?)

  103. In 15 minutes, I can workout with Jenny McCarthy on the Wii with Your Shape! It comes with a camera so she tells you to get moving the whole time or cheers you on! Like having your own private trainer in your own living room!!!!

  104. Empty and fill the dishwasher and wipe up the counters. Always seems like a big task, but I feel so much better with a clean kitchen!

  105. Last night I got home and had 15 min to straighten up my house before company came over. I emptied the dishwasher, threw in a load of laundry, did a quick dusting of the living room, lit some candles, vacuumed the living room and changed my clothes.

  106. OK I am setting my timer right now. Back: I stripped the bed, threw it in the laundry and got the clean sheets on the bed! Woo-Hoo! I might just adopt the 15 min. plan and do one thing every day. That way it won’t feel so overwhelming.

  107. In 15 minutes I can (pick one):

    a. fold the week’s laundry
    b. drive 1/2 way to work
    c. get in 1/2 of a quick workout or 1/3 of a good workout
    d. read 4 books to the kiddos, rush them to bed, and be out the door for my bike ride (summer only)
    e. hit snooze twice and get a little more shut eye and peace

    I will admin, (e) usually wins and is a personal favorite.

  108. I get my “work” spot cleared off and the papers there sorted, filed or recycled. For years I have subscribed to the “you can do anything for 15 min” philosophy. I use it with my kids too when they have to clean up. We set the timer and GO!

  109. In 15 minutes I can fix a cup of tea, toast an English muffin, empty and reload the dishwasher, put almond butter and jelly on the English muffin, sweep the kitchen and dining room floor, eat the English muffin, and wipe the table and counters.

  110. Let’s see…If I had this SWEET biking gear I could get dressed for a ride, pump up tires on the bike and fill water bottles!

  111. In 15 minutes I can unload the washer and hang them on the clothes line, water and weed our veggie garden and of course play peek a boo with our son in the clothes line. There is usually time for a little sweep of the back porch also.

  112. I take a 5AM CrossFit class so I can be up, dressed, and fed in 15 minutes. Also- I can whip up some sort of dinner, to pick up the kitchen or living room in about 15 minutes (notice I said pick up, not CLEAN)!

  113. In 15 min, I can sit and listen to a kiddo read a book. With several struggling readers in the house, this is a 15 min task I need to do more often…

  114. In 15 min I can water all the veggies and flowers I have growing around my house. Makes me slow down and appreciate my great space.

  115. It takes us about 15 minutes to set up the slip-n-slide and the kiddie pool, get everyone in pool attire and covered in sunscreen, then find the towels and head out to enjoy some fun in the sun!

  116. I work from home and feel like I’m always either working or picking up the house. Lately I’ve found myself needing to spend time actually listening and paying attention to my kids vs. telling them to pick up their toys, shut the door, flush the toilet etc. So…15 minutes? I can play a game of Cooties, read a couple of books and sneak in A LOT of great little girl snuggles. The laundry? It can wait.

  117. In 15 minutes i can wipe down my bathroom mirror and countertop, quick swish of the toilet, and do a quick clean up-and-throw-away the crap that has accumulated in my bathroom drawers. I just did this last week! It was awesome to have done.

  118. In 15 minutes I can deligate chores to our 6 children and together we can get the house presentable!! Bathroom, kitchen floors and the dust removed from any flat spot. Having 6 children is a blessing!

  119. In fifteen minutes, I can unload & reload the dishwasher and vacuum the kitchen. Or I could be good to my body & foam roll all the kinks an active mom gets. But my favorite thing would be to spend it w/ my three beautiful kids! šŸ˜€

  120. In 15 minutes I can put aside all that housework I do day & night, sit down with my two little girls, and read them the books they’ve been asking me to read. And then eat the pretend birthday cake they’ve made me for my pretend birthday, and ooh and ahh over their drawings & scribblings that are my pretend birthday cards. šŸ™‚

  121. In 15 minutes I can clean out the fridge: get out old leftovers and expired food, wipe down the sides and bottom, and straighten up the door shelves!

  122. I know this is supposed to PG so I’ll keep it that way, sort of. In 15 minutes, I can reconnect with my husband. šŸ™‚

  123. Turn it around the other way…instead of “getting one more thing done”, knowing I can be a bit snippy when things are on my mind, I can sit down with my kids, focus, snuggle, read a book with them, and be the mom I strive to be for a few minutes. Those 15 minutes may make us all more centered on one of THOSE days.

  124. In 15 minutes I can literally get a breath of fresh air and get an attitude adjustment. After trying to get out for an early morning run (sometimes successful… sometimes not) and packing lunches, stopping fights, brushing teeth, checking homework, etc. etc. our mornings feel rushed and I’m on edge. But as soon as we get out that door and walk to my daughters’ school (15 minutes for their little legs to get there!) my whole mood has shifted and I’m totally refreshed. It’s not entirely about dropping kids off though- going back at the end of their school day is another 30 min. roundtrip that makes me smile.

  125. I can get a dryer load folded and put away, another one in the dryer, and another in the washer in 15 minutes. I love using a 15 minute timer telling me when I can quit!

  126. I seem to be inept compared to so many of you. My best one is getting a load of laundry out of the wash machine, up the stairs, back down the stairs into the backyard and hung on the line. Sometimes I still have time left to put water in the birdbath too. Everything else I do is constantly interrupted by kids needing food or needing to pass the byproducts of the food–often both within a 15-minute time frame.

  127. Each morning in 15 minutes I: Make coffee. Wake kids. Make my breakfast. Make the kids’ breakfast. Drink coffee. Drink more coffee. Load work bag, exercise bag, kids’ bags into the car. Empty dishwasher. Drink more coffee. Yell at kids for not being ready. Check Facebook. Brush kids’ teeth since they won’t do it themselves. Grab my coffee mug. Load everyone in the car. Head to work.

  128. In 15 min I can:
    do jumping jacks, crunches, push ups, planks
    wipe down all the door knobs and light switches
    prep the next meal
    do a 15 min pick up
    clean the counters
    I love the timer, I am sure my girls will have nightmares when they grow up, we use it all the time! 15 min of homework, to clean, etc! It’s like magic!

  129. In 15 minutes, I can unload and reload the dishwasher, pick up all of the toys and books in the living room, and get my daughter a glass of milk.

  130. Wash, dry and pack my twins’ lunch boxes followed by packing snacks for after school pick-up and then finish the dishes and wipe down the kitchen . . . or watch my husband do all of these activities while I chat with my twins.

  131. I can make dinner, start a load of laundry and fold a load of laundry. There are always dirty clothes to be washed and clean ones to be folded at our house!

  132. I can sit reading facebook posts and live vicariously through some awesome BAMRs, get inspired, and feel connected. But right now I better spend 15 minutes getting laundry into the dryer, ironing clothes for morning, and getting my tired butt to bed! Night ladies.

  133. In 15 minutes, I could spend a heck of a lot of time scrubbing my shower trying to get soap scum off because my husband refuses to use shower gel and his bar of soap makes my shower disgusting. šŸ˜‰

  134. My laundry is always piling up, especially running and cycling clothes. In 15 minutes I can start a load in the washer, remove a load from the dryer, and fold. I could also be really productive and let the dogs out and start the dishwasher at the same time.

  135. I can fold the couple of baskets of laundry that have been sitting in the livingroom all week and if I’m feeling exceptionally speedy, I can even get some of it put away.

  136. I can unload and reload the dishwasher, wipe down the counters and kitchen table, and make school lunches for the next day … OR I can almost complete folding an enormous load of clean laundry … OR I can do a quick strength training or ab workout … OR … the sky’s the limit on what I can do within a free 15 minutes, limited only by my imagination (and energy level). šŸ™‚

  137. Start the laundry and clean my (1 and 3 year old) kids’ rooms… When do they start cleaning their own rooms?!

  138. In 15 minutes I can start a new load of laundry and fold/put away the clean laundry that has been sitting in my dryer.

  139. In 15 minutes, what do I think I can do or what can I actually do? Realistically — carry basket to laundry room, shift loads from washer to dryer, start machines, let dogs out, whip through kitchen and move dirty dishes to washer or next to sink, hand wash non-dish washerable dishes, wipe counters, sweep kitchen floor, let dogs in and give treats, carry clean laundry to bedroom for folding. Whew! Now why don’t I actually do this?!

  140. In 15 minutes I can ride my bike to the store to get the Sunday paper or collect, sort and start laundry or unload the dishwasher, do dishes and clean up the kitchen.

  141. 15 minutes is huge… if i can stay focused. Unload, load. Weed 1 section of yard. Shower while i clean the shower. Water the dry pots on the patio. Start 6 other projects…

  142. no time for happy hour, I will sit with my mom and dad before dinner and declare a happy 15 minutes. 1 bloody mary, a nibble then off to finish cooking!

  143. In 15 minutes I can swim my 550 yard training swim. I signed up for a sprint tri 6 weeks from now, and have only been in the pool about 6 times in the last three weeks. I’m pretty slow, but I’m starting to believe that I might not drown! Dimity, so proud that you’ll become an Iron Mother Runner a year from now.

  144. The most I can do in 15 minutes is to stop, slow down, put my iPhone away, and make time for my child. I am ashamed to admit it, but that is much harder for me than getting the need-to-do jobs done around the house.

    I am the sole breadwinner for my family; have been since my son was born 9 years ago. My husband is a decent man – he takes my son to school in the mornings, picks him up in the afternoon, and ensures the homework is done. But that’s it.

    I walk in the door at 6:00 and hear “what’s for dinner?” I look at the piles of unwashed/unfolded laundry, or the dirty bathrooms, hairy floors, and hear “we need a maid.” On top of working full time, I schedule (and attend) all medical appointments, complete all school shopping and permission slips, take time off on sick days, plan all parties, socials, dinners, camps, you name it. I have determined that I NEED A WIFE!

    My stress level went down (waaaaay down) when I did two things: I finally told myself that “his only job is to keep our son alive until I get home – it’s all he’s capable of, but it means a lot to me”, and I started running in January 2012. Fortunately, my husband has realized that when I run, I am less stressed. He encourages my workouts, and questions me when I don’t follow through. He has no idea that if I were to walk into the house and smell dinner cooking, that I’d take my clothes off in the living room! But, I digress….

    I envy my girlfriends who have time at the park, time at the gym, or time in the house to themselves. For me, I have learned since I started running that my time with my son is precious, and 15 minutes to me (sans iPhone or other distractions) is a memorable moment to him. When I walk in the door, I no longer survey the landscape and determine “what can I get get done?”….I look at my son and ask him “what do you want to do?” Fifteen minutes is a blink of an eye in my day, but it’s a potential memory that my son will cherish. Dinner, dishes, and the laundry can wait.

    So – in 15 minutes I can slow down, spend time with my son, and be much healthier for it. I could list everything I REALLY could get done in 15 minutes at home, but it wouldn’t be important in the long run.

    Life is simply too dang short.

    1. Hey Jen, Your life sounds a lot like mine, and I’m so glad you’ve found a positive way to manage the stress. Just keep running & appreciating the good moments, sister. It’s got to get easier at some point, right? šŸ™‚

  145. Do you consider checking for FB updates an important task?
    If not..shower. I could take a 30 min shower (that’s my me time), but 15 min. will do.

  146. In 15 minutes I can wash the big windows that are covered in tiny hand prints, clean the patio table for dinner, sweep the patio, and light the grill. (And probably pour chilled wine for dinner too!)

  147. I suppose I can do a lot in 15 minutes…but what I’d really enjoy is just sitting in silence with a cocktail on the front porch for 15 minutes.

  148. I can now pack lunches, snacks, & towels for camps in 15 minutes. Very proud of this fact since it took so much longer in the beginning. I think it took longer because I dreaded it. Can’t wait for school to begin!

  149. In 15 minutes I can:
    *Run a mile and a half with my daughter šŸ™‚
    *Empty/reload dishwasher and washer/dryer
    *make breakfast and lunches for hubby and I for work
    *or take a relaxing soak in the tub after work/exercise

  150. As a mom of three, I have mastered the art of speed cleaning, and can now get both my bathrooms cleaned in 15 minutes. Not a huge task, but it makes me feel very accomplished!

  151. In 15 minutes I can bath the dog, brush her teeth, brush her fur, clean her ears, and give her a mani and pedi complete with color!!! Lol it takes 3x as long if the kids ‘help’!

  152. In 15 minutes I can do the dishes, clear the kitchen countertops, and wipe them down. Not what I’d call a “clean” kitchen but at a glance it looks clean and as the center of the house it makes me feel better about everything else that I probably won’t get to!

  153. I can read a couple of chapters with my daughter, wash the dishes, or clear off part of the dining room table…

  154. I can run 1.65 miles, play a game of Candyland with my 4 year old, ride 4 miles on my bike trainer, read a boring work newsletter, or get an amazing back rub from my hubbie (but 30 minutes would be better).

  155. In 15 minutes I can wake up my 2 tween sons, take a shower, and wake them up again 3 more times before they actually get out of bed.

  156. Give me 15 minutes and I can:
    * clean up the first and second floor of the house (with my kids’ help)
    * give the dog (and me) a good, fast run
    * get dinner ready
    * snuggle with my daughter

  157. Hmm, let’s see… brush my teeth, pee, get baby out of crib, change diaper, make pancakes for three boys, one husband and myself, make coffee, eat pancakes, do dishes, and check Facebook from my phone. šŸ™‚

  158. In 15 minutes: sort clothes, load & start the washing machine, unload/load the dishwasher, clean the kitchen sink and run back to get the clothes in the dryer that are ready to fold.

  159. In 15 minutes, I can create a healthy menu of dinners for the week and make a grocery list to go with it!! There is nothing better than getting to that time of the day, actually knowing what you are going to cook AND having all the ingredients!! Love that feeling!!

  160. In fifteen minutes I can give my middle child a piano lesson while fielding interruptions from the oldest and youngest children.

  161. I’ve never tried that trick, but my favorite “filler” chores are doing my PT stretches or Estim on my back. It’s also about what I spend tidying up the kitchen in the morning.

  162. In 15 minutes, I can tell the oldest child to vacuum the house, tell the middle child to unload the dishwasher, tell the youngest child to feed the pets, and I can clean the bathrooms (because I actually care what the bathrooms look like!)

  163. I can pick up my downstairs, clean my kitchen and unload the dishwasher.This is a great reminder during the busy summer months. Remember trying to have a clean house with children is like stapling Jello to a tree or shoveling snow during a blizzard.

  164. In 15 minutes I can iron a week’s worth of work clothes. It keeps me from making bad wardrobe decisions the morning of. šŸ˜‰

  165. Let’s see in 15 minutes.. I can put my bike on the indoor trainer and do interval training, while giving my children instructions on how to clean up their rooms :). While doing all this I can check email and catch up on the latest TiVo of grey anatomy. All the while I am burnin some c’s as in calories and teaching my kids exercise is important and getting rooms clean in at the same time.

  166. I MIGHT be able to read a couple of chapters in a book, but I’d probably fall asleep before the 15-minute mark! That tends to happen if I sit still for too long.

  167. 15 minutes = one killer ab workout; or the required time to properly stretch and foam roll; or one awesome dinner for the fam; or packing two kids for the weekend away including making them try on “party shoes” that haven’t been worn much since last wedding season; or…and, i wish..reading the paper, alone, with a cup of hot coffee…just for 15 minutes. šŸ™‚

  168. Lay out clothes, prepare coffee for the morning, brush and floss, set alarm, let dog out and be in bed with stupid plantar boot hooked on.

  169. My grandmother used to tell me that if the floors were clean the rest of the house looked clean. To this day, if I run the vacuum cleaner in the living room (and straighten a little and fluff the pillows on the sofa and chairs) the house looks tons better. That is my 15-minute miracle!

  170. Oh 15 minutes, wipe down every inch the bathroom, sweep, mop, spray the shower and tub with cleaner, scrub the toilet and then go rice the tub and shower.

    Or, skim the pool, sweep the patio around it, pick up doggy poo and grab all the toys, goggles, towels, random clothes and put them away. I’d rather do that. šŸ™‚

  171. If I multitask in 15 minutes I can unload the dishwasher while making coffee, cooking quinoa, and flipping a batch of pancakes. This sounds like my typical morning in trying to get my breakfast, kid’s breakfast, my lunch and coffee ready to go for work. All of this after my morning run is the norm. At times I also run my Roomba while walking the dog.

  172. Downstairs: Unload and load the dishwasher, breakfast for me and kid, lunches for me and kid. Upstairs: wipe down two bathrooms and clean two toilets, put away one load of workout clothes and start a load of kid clothes.

  173. Having never tried it that way, I’m not really sure! I’m betting I could do both bathrooms or do a pretty complete job on the kitchen. But I’m loving what I see here, and may just try to use that attitude to tackle the sweeping and mopping of the kitchen floor! Thanks for hosting the giveaway, I’ve just started riding my bike, and don’t have any bike-specific duds!

  174. 15 minutes? Tons of stuff! My best 15 minute chore is to simply unload and reload the dishes. Sometimes even get some hand wash done too. I don’t understand why the rest of my family thinks it takes an hour to do the dishes!

  175. In fifteen minutes I can clean up the kitchen after dinner, poor myself a glass of wine, and get a good eight minutes of reading time in. (knowing that I already went for a long run earlier in the day)

  176. My favorite 15 minute chore is to make home made energy bars! A friend gave me this recipe which is unique because every single member of my family enjoys it. Making these also saves lots of money on pre-packaged bars:

    2 cups chopped dates
    1.5 cups peanut butter
    1/4 cup + 2 Tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
    1 cup coconut flakes

    grind it up in the food processor, spread it out in a pan and refrigerate it for a few hours.

    NOTE- if you have your preschooler “help” with the recipe, the 15 minute prep time can be doubled šŸ™‚

  177. In 15 minutes I can pick up the living room…load the dishwasher….wipe
    Down the counters and start a load of laundry…OR make a list dividing up these chores between my two teenage daughters and going on a very slow 1 mile 9 month preggo paced run!!!! šŸ˜€

  178. I can go through the mail that’s piling up on our kitchen counter, recycle the envelopes, shred the stuff with my name on it, and attend to the 1% of the mail that actually is meaningful.

  179. If given 15 minutes or less I can:
    Look online for upcoming races. If a bottle of wine is provided to me (and me alone) prior to said 15 minutes I will sign up for a race that I:
    A. can’t afford
    B. My husband will not approve of due to extreme training schedule

    EAGLEMAN HALF IRONMAN 2012- completed in around 5hrs 36 mins)….

  180. In fifteen minutes I can unload the dishwasher, make the bed, clean off the bathroom counter and switch the laundry. Or I can get dressed, blow dry my hair and put on my makeup. Or I can knit several rows of a baby hat. It’s all about wisely using those little pockets of time.

  181. In 15 minutes I can either get ready to go for a run/some other outdoor activity with my husband OR I can clean the bathroom, empty the dishwasher and start a load of laundry. 15 minutes is a great amount of time if you are determined!

  182. I can change diapers, dress 4 children, and get out the door in time for cycling class (breakfast not included)… really I can!

  183. In 15 min. I can unload the dishwasher and fill it right back up with dinner dishes while putting dinner leftovers away…or read my boys a few bedtime stories, share some snuggles, say goodnight prayers and send them off to sleepy land…or clean both my bathrooms..maybe vacuum. I really like the 15 minute cleaning idea since I hate cleaning! I’m going to remember this šŸ™‚

  184. I love this idea…Thanks Mother-of-Dimity! In 15 minutes I can get my kitchen straightened… It’s our most lived in room and so its get cluttered up pretty fast. When its clutter-free, life seems better!

  185. In 15 minutes I start to clean up the huge glass of spilled milk on the table.. oh wait my 2 year old is climbing the counter to get the gum above the frig. I get her down, get another towel for the mess only to realize there are no more towels in the kitchen. I ask my oldest to check the dryer while I check the garage for more paper towels. Phone rings, 2 text messages, middle child NEEDS my help IMMEDIATELY, she just can’t find her shoes ANYWHERE. I remind her they are at the back door. 2 year old is now taking herself potty and starts to empty the potty bucket into the toilet herself..pause to make sure that doesn’t spill. Rinse it out, wash her hands, get the towel from my oldest, wipe & clean the spill. Realize 2 year old is running around naked about to unlock the front door. Sprint to the door, get her clothes on and BREATHE šŸ™‚ Time to get the kids OUTSIDE on a bike ride. PHEW! No planned cleaning for me unless 2 year old is napping šŸ™‚

  186. I get a load of washed laundry on the clothesline, feed and water chickens, water veggie plants, an use the quiet outdoor time to take a breath before headin back in to the kids.

  187. i make myself do the 15 minute trick at least once a day. At home it is usually get rid of a pile. A pile of papers on the desk, a pile of clothes on top of the dryer or a pile of dishes by the sink. At work I make myself turn away from the email and internet and tackle the item that on my to do list that I have been avoiding.

  188. In 15 minutes I can fold and put away a load of laundry OR sweep all the wood floors in the house OR clean the half bath.

  189. In 15 minutes I can find some of my wits, empty & reload the dishes all while cooking dinner. Did someone say Multi-task?

  190. I can…load dishwasher, start laundry, sweep entry, kithchen an ddining room, pick up living room and swipe the worst from the bathroom (closing the shower curtain – of course) – shut the door to my son’s room making the main part of my house more or less presentable…..OR….I CAN SIT DOWN AND HAVE A WELL EARNED GLASS OF WINE!!!!!

  191. In 15 minutes, I can load the dishwaher, feed the animals, turn on the sprinkler, bring in the eggs and the mail, layout jammies and morning outfits, line up my pre-dawn running kit, and brush my 3-year olds teeth. Phew.

  192. i can unload, reload, and start the dishwasher. which, frankly, is my least favorite task EVER. and it always needs to be done, so i should probably start setting that timer… šŸ™‚

  193. In fifteen minutes I can do laundry scrub the toilet and sink and sweep the floor. Not that I do any of things things in 15 minutes but I can! I can also run a little more than 1.5 miles(which is the most likely for me to do!)

  194. Love the wide variety of responses!
    In 15 minutes I can get the DVD player rolling and do a circuit of “10-Minute Trainer” with a minute or two to spare!

  195. In 15 minutes I can complete my super fast quick clean of our main level in house; dust, vacuum, bathroom wipedown and then on to relax

  196. In 15 minutes I can get all the sprinklers going and the flowers watered. Now if mother nature would cooperate I could just get these 15 of my life back!

  197. In 15 minutes I can get a kick butt Crossfit workout in for the day!! Amazing how intense, efficient, and energizing CF is! šŸ™‚

  198. In 15 minutes I can run in after a workout, shower, comb hair, dress and be out the door to meet the girls for a movie and drinks!

  199. With real focus, in 15 minutes I can clear/fill the dishwasher and get the entire sink and counter to a clear and clean state (either after breakfast or after dinner).

  200. In 15 minutes I can walk my three year old son to daycare. Takes me less than ten to get back home and then walk to work! Small town life is great!

  201. In 15 minutes I can usually fold the laundry but I prefer using that 15 minutes to get a Crossfit workout done. Eventually the laundry will be worn again and the basket will empty itself. RIGHT?? Maybe in a perfect world.

  202. I can usually get all our household “office” stuff done – pay bills online, balance check book (ok, really it’s an excel spreadsheet, but you get the idea), clean out emails in personal email account, make necessary appointments, and sort mail that has been piling up for a few weeks.

  203. In 15 minutes I can hang (almost) a whole load of laundry on the line; I can give the baby a bath and harrass his big brothers to get through the shower; I can make and eat breakfast (while checking FB); I can unload the clean dishes and load the dirty dishes into the dishwasher.

  204. In 15 min I can start the coffee pot, start a load of laundry, wake up two kids, get those kids breakfast, make my bed and water the garden. Then I get to have some of that coffee.

  205. On my days off I conquer the world in fifteen minute incriments, I am a clock watcher so I will charge hard in the housework for fifteen minutes, and then reward myself with 45 minutes of me time. Whatever I didn’t get to in that first fifteen minutes will be there at the top of the hour when I reset the clock again. Everyone is happy because the house work gets done but I’m happy because I still get to do my me things too.

  206. In 15 minutes I can get my 3 year old twins to use the potty, find shoes for all 4 kids, put shoes on the twins (the older two usually can handle that one), load the kids in the car, go back into the house for snacks, make sure I have all my stuff together, pull out of the garage, run back into the house because somebody has forgotten something…. then off we go!!!

  207. In just 15 minutes I can:
    -start a load of laundry
    -make the coffee
    -let the dogs outside
    -wash the dishes from last night (oops!)
    -put away the clean dishes (didn’t I have kids for this reason? Sheesh!)
    -Do my leg stretches for my IT Band injury
    -Let the dogs back in (again, where are the kids?)
    -Pour a cup of coffee

    This is how my day starts ALL the time. Yikes!

  208. In 15 minutes, I can sort through a week’s worth of mail and tidy the kitchen (unload dishwasher, reload dishwasher, wipe down counters and stove).

  209. There is a lot I can do around the house in 15 minutes but my favorite thing to do with 15 “free” minutes is lay down on my bed and close my eyes. It’s just enough time for me to rise a better person.

  210. Since having kids, 15 minutes is plenty of time to take a quick shower, change, and even apply some makeup!

  211. I can swift, vac & put away toys on the main floor of the house or clean 2 bathrooms or put away laundry.

    I can also foam roll my angry spots or do a set of 10 burpees, 20 push ups, 30 sit ups 40 weighted walking lunges and 50 jumping jacks and keep myself from vomiting in the end.

  212. Love the look of that bike gear, wow!

    In 15 minutes I can empty the dishwasher and make headway on cleaning out the plethora of water bottles that are always occupying the counter next to the sink. Between my running handheld, bike bottles, and the kids’ bottles, there is always a lot of washing I don’t feel like doing.

  213. I could clean a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen (sometimes). Not all at the same time. I could water all my outside plants.
    I could sit on my butt and eat peach/blackberry crisp while reading this post!

  214. I remember when I was pregnant with my twins, being really worried about ignoring our pets–who are like my first babies. A good friend said “five minutes can go a long way,” and I’ve always remembered and tried to apply that. So, with 15 minutes, I lay on the floor and pet my older dog, play catch with the younger one, and scratch my cats for a few minutes each behind the ears. My now nine-year-olds often stop what they’re doing to join me. Bondng time for all of us šŸ™‚

  215. In 15 minutes I can make a margaritta, put the blender away, clean the kitchen, and pack my breakfast/lunch for the work day.

  216. I love the 15 minute timer concept! Learned it from Anyway – there are TONS of things I can do in 15 minutes! Read 2 chapters from one of the Little House series of books to DD8. Clean the powder room and wipe down the kitchen counters (of which I have more than average). Do 15 minutes’ worth of the 20 minute workout in TLAM. Clean out my personal email inbox. Read 3 articles in People Magazine (my guilty pleasure). Weed the front flowerbed. Make brownies from scratch (okay, then you have to wait for them to come out of the oven, but still). GREAT giveaway!

  217. In 15 minutes I can fill up an Epsom salt bath, pour myself a glass of wine (plastic glass of course) and melt away the stress of running around all day (devolves both running around with 2 year old and 1/2 training).

  218. in 15 minutes I can fold and put away one load of laundry and switch the clothes so I can do it all over again in an hour, then unload the dishwasher.

  219. In 15 min, I can do a spot clean of the floor, wipe down the kitchen, throw in a load of laundry and make a list! I’d rather save my bigger chunks of time for running!

  220. 15 minutes will get me slightly de-cluttered — the counters cleared and slightly cleaner, the miscellaneous stuff building up on the kitchen table sorted and dispensed to children for return to their rooms or cubbies, and my own things returned to a place close to the actual storage spot. I can totally shower and get ready in 15 minutes too. I could also fold about half of the laundry, but put none away (there are 6 of us!) I do de-clutter most days and I usually shower, but rarely do I fold. Those 15 minute blocks start to add up you see and that is 45 minutes that I could be running!!

  221. In 15 minutes I can clean out my car, pack my and my 3 kids backpacks for work/school/camp the next day, make progress on laundry, or check emails and respond to the take care of quickly responses.

  222. As long as edging or hedge trimming is not involved, I can mow my front or back lawns & sweep the driveway/walkway!

  223. In 15 minutes, I can conquer the world! Not really, but sometimes it feels like it. I try to clean for 15 minutes each day. This is my detailed cleaning so I never really need spring cleaning. Works really well….when I do it!

  224. As my family can attest, clutter makes me crazy, which I am sure makes them crazy. I like a challenge so I surprise myself with what I can get done in 15 minutes. This last week our small school community has been grieving the unexpected loss of a very sweet 4th grader, who was so very kind to my son when he was the new kid in class last year.

    So as my thoughts scramble while I make my mental list of life’s priorities…my 15 minutes have looked like this lately-

    1- Not getting frustrated when my son turns on his DSi the minute he gets out of bed and being excited for him when he reaches level 33 in his new game.
    2- NOT begging my daughter to eat breakfast when she replies “I don’t feel hungry right now”
    3- NOT breaking out in a rash when I look at the mound of papers on top of the counter, and get a glimpse of the heap of clothes on the laundry room floor
    4-NOT asking my children in excess to stop doing “this or that” and to put their dishes in the sink.
    5- NOT letting my daughter see me sneak a couple of spoonfuls of her cake-batter ice cream while pretending to search for that pound of hamburger in the freezer šŸ™‚

    I’m sure I will revert to my old ways before I run out of ice cream, but for today I am even more grateful for those 15 minutes.

  225. In 15 minutes I can brush my teeth, wash my face, put on deodorant, apply lotion/sunscreen, get dressed, wake up three kiddos and get them downstairs eating a bowl of cereal. I consistently wake up late and have this routine memorized!

  226. In 15 minutes I can fold a huge basket of laundry, while watching Dr. Phil, and talking to my sister on the phone. MULTI-TASKING is the way to be!!!!!

  227. Do four yoga poses: downward facing dog, child’s, lying down big toe, and savasana. And I need to remember this because I always think that if I don’t have an hour, there’s not time. But even a minute of slowing down is enough to help calm the waters, so to speak!

  228. If I clean up the kitchen every night – I can clean it in 15 minutes. Now…. that assumes that I clean it EVERY night instead of letting the dishes pile up so they look like a Tower of Pisa.

  229. In 15 minutes I can pick up all the random stuff lying around my apartment and shove it in my closet and then do a wipe down of the bathroom and kitchen! And maybe even have a few minutes leftover to vacuum a bit….the joys of living in a small space!

  230. In 15 minutes I can pick up the daycare toy mess and load the dishwasher and wipe off all the counters and the table so it is ready for dinner, all while cooking dinner for my husband and 3 beautiful children! šŸ™‚

  231. In 15 minutes – I can empty and load the dishwasher, clean up the kitchen, prep the coffee maker and lunch for the next day, and take my two wonderful beagles: Morgan and Johnnie out!!

  232. Chopping up my veggies + putting together a salad to take to work for lunch. I always end up buying one in our cafeteria (I work at a hospital) even though I have all the stuff to make one at home. But I never feel like taking the time in the morning…

  233. 15 minutes can settle my world in a single meditation session (ideal). Or can include emptying the dishwasher, dish drain, starting a load of laundry and picking up the majority scattered items through the house (more likely).

  234. In 15 minutes I can water all of my outdoor potted plants and vegetable beds, and set up the sprinkler for the lawn.

  235. 15min or less…hmmm my initial response was the fact that most days I want to hit the snooze, but let’s face it, who has time:) I can be showered and out the door, looking put together, in 15 minutes.

  236. Wow, I would love this trio!! Every day, in 15 minutes or less, I walk in the door from work, get my house tidied up and the dishes done, maybe even a load of laundry started, so I can get back outside to start my run!!

  237. In 15 minutes I can give my little one a bath and clean the bathroom. I can also dig out all of the bikes and my kids and I can ride to the park/pool/library for way more than 15 minutes of fun.

  238. Vacuum upstairs or down; empty dishwashers (2), drive kids to bus stop and get back home; shower (including shaving); Get through a bunch of the sewing pile; Pick up shoes/coats/socks/papers, etc… from entryway; Read part of my book; Look through a magazine; Eat dinner; Pause my snooze button!!

  239. In 15 minutes I can recruit every member of my family to work on chores, too, which gives us a power hour getting things done – cleaning the bathrooms, sweeping, emptying the dishwasher, sorting laundry, and watering the plants.

  240. since we are all superhero’s!!!! In 15 min, I can get the kiddo fed, empty the dishwasher and reload while heating up something for myself to eat šŸ™‚

  241. In 15 minutes I can pick up the room, pack lunch, get clothes out for the next day, and read for 5 minutes before going to bed šŸ˜‰ Thanks for the giveaway!! šŸ™‚

  242. I was in this spot just yesterday- my two nieces had to stay with my two daughters and me unexpectedly for the afternoon and I had things to do but very little time to do it! So in 15 minutes I got 2 bags of popcorn popped put in 2 movies (upstairs & downstairs), put in a load of clothes and swept my carpeted/hardwood stairs (which I hate to do!) but it got done-the girls were all entertained & not underfoot! Success led to more stuff getting done before the nieces were picked up! Yay!

  243. Sort and start laundry and clean up the sink full of dirty dishes–at least that is what I need to do with my 15 min this morning.

  244. Lunches & snacks packed for the day (and placed in proper containers for travel to work or the park) for two adults, one preschooler, and a teething, solid-food loving nine month old.

  245. What a great reminder to set the timer!!!

    In 15 min I can pick up the toys/shoes/clothes or SWEEP! We have tons of tile and a big dog so sweeping must be done but seems daunting, but it really doesn’t take that long.

  246. In 15 minutes I can make picnic lunches, pack the pool bag, dress myslef and my boys (3 y/o and 4 m/o) in our swimmies, and load up my car and my kids for a few hours of fun in the sun. šŸ™‚

  247. In 15 minutes I can come up with an idea to post about what I could do in 15 minutes. I can empty the dishwasher ,clean the counters off and restart the laundry. Probably wipe down the counters in the main bathroom too.

  248. Luckily I have two (somewhat) willing recruits. So 15 minutes in my house I basically hold a whip and call out orders while my son (5) puts his clean clothes away, cleans his toys up, and makes his bed. My daughter (2) sweeps (she’s amazing) and washes the downstairs walls … no, I’m not kidding, and clears the dishes and helps me unload and reload the dish washer.

    What can I say, my fulltime job is being a mom šŸ˜‰

  249. In 15 minutes I can make coffee, empty the dishwasher, sort laundry and get the first load in the wash….. while simultaneously wishing I was out biking!

  250. I can get through the house wiping down countertops in kitchen, bathrooms, tidy each room as I go, run vacuum cleaner over bedroom carpets AND have a glass in wine in hand as the timer is going off.

  251. In 15 minutes I can walk home from work and do just enough dinner prep to get things going before I do my “real” commute and pick up the kids.

  252. This is how I do my cleaning too! But I set it for 20 minutes. I also have to have music to clean, just like running. But let’s say 15 minutes. I can unload the dishwasher, load it back up, sweep the floor, wipe down the counters and throw a load of laundry in the washing machine! Whew! I’m tired already.

  253. In 15 minutes I can get my back yard mowed (its really small!), pick my yummy fresh veggies and water the plants.

  254. I can: A) squeeze in a quick mile and half run (I’m kinda slow)
    B) bike 3 miles (still slow)
    C) clean the kitchen counters, load the dishes, sweep the floor
    D) fold and put away the laundry, change the sheets, and pick up the clutter on the stairs
    E) hang out after dinner with my husband & kids, and laugh the whole time, at their funny stories and at my crazy dog’s antics
    (I pick E :} )

  255. In 15 minutes I can unload the dishwasher, put the new dirty dishes in, catch two kids to put shoes on their feet, get them into car seats and buckles, grab the newspaper and mail, feed the dog and get out of the driveway.

  256. I typically use 15 minutes to do the dishes the next day! I get up just a few minutes before the kids do and eat my breakfast and then while they’re getting their breakfasts, I’m doing the dishes from the night before.

  257. In 15 minutes I can (different sets of 15 minutes):

    Get my kids to school
    Pack lunches and clean the kitchen
    Pick up my apartment
    Clean both bathrooms
    Fold a load of laundry
    Wash all the floors that are vinyl
    Vacuum all the carpeted floors
    Get my strength training done
    Read a story to my kids

  258. In 15 minutes, I could mow the lawn, clean the garage or wash the minivan–all my hubby’s chores–in exchange for an extra workout! He never asks, but I’m willing to help out so that we both have time to do something other than chores at home. Or I could use 15 minutes to read posts from other BAMR on YOUR Facebook or website that give me inspiration and help me realize we’re all in the same boat trying to stay afloat!!!

  259. Love the 15 minute timer idea…

    In 15 minutes I can sit down and organize my training schedule for the next couple of weeks, get it into outlook (I’m a bit of an type-A on scheduling), move days around to accommodate the kids baseball, soccer, school, camp schedules and commit to doing it (or recommit as it goes sometimes)!

    (I can also do a quick scan through my google reader and catch up on blogs and reading!! Which I love) šŸ™‚

  260. My line of work is very email-heavy. So in 15 minutes, I can typically sort through 10 emails…all while receiving 20 more.

  261. 15 minutes (or less) is usually all it takes to clean the kitchen (do the dishes, sweep the floor, etc) after dinner. Even better if my husband helps and we can get it done in half the time, leaving an extra 7.5 minutes to snuggle/read with my son before bedtime.

  262. In 15 minutes I can give the dog her breakfast, clean up the kitchen from the night before, vacuum the downstairs (which always makes me feel infinitely better), and have a cup of tea!

  263. I use the 15 minute clean up rule in my house all the time-and lots of time multiple times a day. My husband and I have a motto of “Make things better not worse” and in 15 minutes lots of things can get better from the state of our home, paying bills, walking the dog or just 15 minutes of uninterrupted attention to each other, our baby or the dog.

  264. In 15 minutes I can organize my email inbox, delete, sort, and organize emails to be read later into their proper folders. If time is left, then go into one folder and read, delete, evernote or print out email. Boring, but something that needs to be done, otherwise that inbox can get overwhelming!

  265. 15 minutes alone, I call my bestie so we can chat and solve all of our problems. 15 min with kids, pitch about 25 balls and gather them up to do it all over again! Both great ways to spend 15 minutes.

  266. In 15 minutes I can wake-up, get dressed, put on make-up, do my hair and make breakfast for all 3 kiddos. 10 years ago just getting myself ready would have taken 3 times that long!

  267. In 15 minutes before I go to bed, I can make tomorrow’s coffee. I know it’s not a huge accomplishment, but doing so enables me to tackle my other to dos (15 minutes or not) the next day!

    P.S. Thanks for offering the giveaway — after my first ride in a bike jersey with pockets last week, there’s no turning back. However, that jersey is on the bottom of _my_ overflowing laundry basket now, so a spare would be perfect! šŸ™‚

  268. cool clothes! In 15 minutes I can… whip out that pile of dishes on the counter. Typically, more than one nights worth.. Great accomplishment!

  269. Sure, I could spend 15 minutes cleaning a room, decluttering the kitchen counters or folding some laundry. But the best use of 15 minutes? Waking up and getting ready for a run or ride with my friends.

  270. Now that I am breast feeding newborn once again…I have to sit for at least 40min. per session. SO – 15 min on one boob, 15min on the other boob and some time in between for burping… however… I have come up with ways to multi-task… like emailing or web surfing for items I need to buy off amazon at the same time as breast feeding the new little one. Sometimes I even have to hobble (baby attached to boob) to the bathroom to help my 2.5 yr old wipe her butt! Good times, Good times!

  271. In 15 minutes I can take our sweet lab Cocoa for a walk, that’s about all she can do now, but does love it!

  272. My best spent 15 minutes would be a nap. My most productive would be cleaning the bathroom—I HATE cleaning the bathroom. So I race through it and get out of there as quick as I can.

  273. I can take a deep breath, relax, and pray to calm my squirrel-like mind! That’s probably the biggest help to me every day, because then I can think straight and accomplish the mundane tasks:)

  274. I can unload the dish rack, pick up anything on the kitchen floor and start the roomba. Or – I can read “Marvin K. Mooney”, “Ladybug Girl” and “Roar of a Snore” but I prefer not to set a timer for the latter.

  275. I can get all four of my little people ready for church. This feat includes showers, getting dressed, doing hair, and packing bags. Unfortunately, I have had to do it more than once. If they all look coordinated then that’s a plus.

  276. 15 minutes includes cleaning out both the kitty litter boxes, vacuuming the upstairs, while the little one gets directions on cleaning the upstairs room where she hangs out. That does not include taking down the sheet/towel/blanket encampment or fort that she insists will never come down.

  277. In 15 minutes, I can completely clean a living room that has been destroyed by 3 kids under the age of 10. It’s amazing what a quick laundry pick-up can do for a room!!!

  278. Dishes. Yep, I am that quick. A clean sink makes everything else possible. Or a shower?! Being clean myself…that make me want to make other things happen. (I really want this prize.)

  279. I can fold and put away a basket of laundry, empty and load the dishwasher and clean off my kitchen counters. Thanks for the awesome giveaway, I’ll be crossing my fingers for the win!

  280. I can wake up get dressed, brush my teeth, drive to my club and be on my bike for spin. If i could shave even a few more off in exchange for sleep , i would. Maybe i should sleep in my workout clothes ;o)

  281. Awesome giveaway; thank you!! One task that I can complete in 15 minutes or less is cleaning the pool. It certainly isn’t “up to my standards” in 15 minutes but it is good enough to let the kiddos get in and stop asking “Are you done yet? Can we go swimming now? I’m soooooo hot; could you hurry up????”

  282. I can take a nap, do some reading or clean something. Lately I’ve been taking naps – as I have been exhausted!

  283. Also love your mom’s timer idea, may do that in a few once I get off my computer!!
    As for what I can do in 15 min, I am going to say play a board game or read to my kids. Sometimes my day gets so busy with what I need to get done, and where we need to go(beach, pool, grocery store) and forget to just sit with my kids for some quality time. So going to go clean for 15 min, then sit down with my kids for 15min!!

  284. In 15 minutes I can usually make a cup of coffee, delete all of my junk e-mails and check my calendar for the day. Alternatively I can put a dent in the mountain of to-be-folded laundry that always seems to grow if I don’t keep it in check.

  285. It takes me 15-20 minutes to ride my bike to work. When I first started to ride to work it was on a whim. Now I find myself wanting to ride to work. My oldest can drive now, so if I get in a pinch for a ride or the 2nd child needs a ride. I can depend on 1st child. I love getting in my cross training while getting to work. Two birds with one stone! My boss is super supportive of biking to work. Sure could use some bike clothes for my ride!

  286. I’d probably intend to use my 15 minutes to tidy up but then think of something REALLY important I need to look up on the internet and then get distracted and spend the 15 minutes fake shopping online.

  287. In fifteen I can wash my face,put contacts in,brush teeth,get on work-out clothes,drink about 1/2 cup coffee,check iPhone, and finish by lacing up shoes and getting out the front door to get my stink on!

  288. I first have to say that I love the tip to set the timer and clean for 15 minutes. I am adopting this one tonight!

    What can I do in 15 minutes? A quick interval workout by running short 30 second sprints around my block with decreasing rest periods between sprinits. Works well when I have no time and it is a hard workout!

  289. In the first 15 minutes of my day: I get up, start the coffee, do my PT stretches, read the AMR blog while drinking a glass of EmergenC, grab a cup of hot coffee, and get 5-10 minutes of work done in the quiet AM before the house wakes up.

    All this cleaning talk is inspiring, kind-of. Gotta try the “10 minute tidy” with the kiddo and also the 15 min timer for myself.

  290. My usual after work program:

    Start dinner cooking, load the dishwasher, transfer 1 load of laundry (to fold later).

    But my most important time saving or getting things done rule is one I try to live by: do any chore that takes you less than 1 minute. So if you see a stack of books or your running shoes or the kids’s jackets, put them away as long as doing so will take you less than one minute. And honestly, you’ll find that most things like that take less than 20 seconds.

  291. I love the 15 minute thing. I usually do that when I have piles of clothes to put away. Works like a charm. It’s also a great way to tidy up the clutter in our living room/dining room/kitchen…makes a huge difference!

  292. In 15 minutes, I can unload and load the dishwasher, get dinner almost done, set the table, entertain my daughter, change my clothes and pour myself a nice glass of wine šŸ™‚

  293. In 15 minutes I can pick up the stray toys (it usually looks like a tornado went through my living room), run the vacuum to pick up dog hair, and sort through the mail. I target our “dump sites,” where things tend to collect, and the house looks immediately better!

  294. In fifteen minutes I can teach a focused lesson about reading/math/life to a group of first graders. (School on the brain…) I can get two boys ready for school. I too, love the 15 minute clean up. We can get the “first floor” tidied up in 15.

  295. In 15 minutes, with the kid in the chariot with Milk,toys, and cheerios, the dog on the bike leash, the water bottle loaded, get approximately 2.76 miles down the road. We resemble the pig in the geico commercials. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  296. Around here we call that the ten minute shuffle. We blast happy tunes, set the obnoxious timer on the iPhone, and tidy like crazy. Even though this place usually starts off looking like a sty it looks amazingly good after 10 minutes of tidying up.

  297. In 15 minutes I can get my 2 year old bathed, teeth brushed, PJs on in bed (15 minutes because some nights thats all the patience I have left before bedtime)

  298. In 15 minutes I can make lunch for 9 kids ranging in ages from 3 months to 7 years and have them sitting at the table washed and ready to eat.

  299. I have about 15 minutes before my next meeting, so I can comment on here, print out the agendas, prepare my notes, hit the ladies, grab a coffee, fill my water bottle, boot up the computer, and breathe before starting the meeting. Or I could run 1/2 my lunch route.

  300. In 15 minutes I can put the kitchen back to original state after cooking. It would include emptying & filling dishwasher, hand washing dishes that don’t fit, wiping down counters, and putting away ingredients. I love the idea of setting the timer.

  301. wow! 15 minutes…for a mom alot can be done in that time a mom we all do 10 things at once so here goes…throw some wash in, fold the stuff in the dryer, empty the dishwasher, wipe down the kitchen, sweep the floor..all while tending to and answering the questions of 2 little ones

  302. Breakfast on the table for the boys and then fold and put away all of the little boy laundry, assuming the dryer has’t left them damp and in need of another cycle!

  303. In 15 minutes I can: whip up a mean fruit filled, dairy-free smoothie, empty the dishwasher, fill my water bottles for the next day’s long run, pack my kids’ lunch for the next day and run through 2 (MAYBE 3) tracks of the next Body Pump release that I’ll be teaching. That outfit looks perfect for a BAMR!! I am working up to getting back on my bike regularly as my marathon training allows and that outfit would provide some serious motivation!!

  304. In 15 minutes I can unload & reload the dishwasher, get dinner started, pick up downstairs, make snacks for the kids, say the same thing to said kids a few hundred times, stop a few fights of said kids, pick up all the things said kids pulled out again… get the idea.

  305. In 15 minutes, I could probably sort, fold, hang the two baskets of laundry that always seem to be in my bedroom and then put clean sheets on my bed and put the dirty ones in the wash.

  306. In 15 min, I can have a quick power nap, read an article (or 3) in Runners’ World, write a meal plan and shopping list for the week, go for a walk around the block, do some Spanish with my son, play Legos with my other son, share a beer with my husband, format half the references for an article I’m about to submit, make packed lunches for everyone… whatever comes first! Also, just started to ride my bike more regularly, and would absolutely love that outfit!

  307. In 15 minutes I could do a multitude of chores such as get all the golden retriever hair off the floor by sweeping and vacuuming, quick clean the kitchen, deal with dishes, or fold the laundry. Better though would be reading library books with my kids or playing a game or toys with them.

  308. In 15 minutes I can water my entire garden and check to see if anything is ready to pick all while talking to my daughter about her day.

  309. I think I’ll try that 15 minute trick today, I haven’t done it in a long time, will probably make me feel better. I will be able to put away clean dishes, load the dishwasher again, scrub the counters and put away the clutter in several rooms.

  310. I can sweep my kitchen floor, mop it, take out the trash and unload the dishwasher.

    And thank you by the way for a great reminder of what we can accomplish in just 15 minutes, and an awesome give away.

    1. I had the chance this past May to run w/my daughter during her first marathon. 15 minutes on the road w/ your daughter is a blessing.

  311. In 15 minutes I can do my daughter’s hair, put suntan lotion on her then take the dog out while she gets dressed and brushes her teeth. Love multi tasking and getting it all done quick!

  312. I can straighten up our main living/kitchen/dining area in 15 minutes. I can also clean a bathroom (but not both!). I love this idea to set the timer. Thanks for the giveaway!

  313. Sweep the kitchen floor and load the dishwasher while entertaining the 9-month-old with Cheerios! Of course, then I need to sweep half the kitchen floor again…

  314. In 15 minutes I can call and/or text my adult children, just to make sure everyone is ok!
    Making sure they are ok makes this mommy very happy!

  315. I like to set the timer for the kids at the same time so if I am cleaning, they have to either do their rooms or play area at the same time, bam…instant multi-tasking! (We’ll pretend in this instance that they actually clean during this time and not just fight). If all else fails, yep I just use that time to do some of my exercises.

  316. I can write a blog post. I can make a tater tasty slow cooker meal- well, pile in all the ingredients so we will enjoy it later. I can braid my daughter’s hair. I can do hill sprints with my oldest daughter. 15 minute pockets of time are my lifesavers!!

  317. In 15 minutes, I can shower, pull my hair back in a ponytail, throw on some makeup, get dressed, and get out the door. If I have to. I live in a house full of men (my husband and sons), so they aren’t the most patient when it comes to getting ready! šŸ™‚

  318. In 15 minutes, I can sew together a split 16 patch block, or cut up fabric scraps I’ve been hoarding so they finally get used. Or, I can clean both bathroom- tub, shower, 2 toilets, 2 sinks (the secret is to spray everything down first, so by the time you get back to bathroom #1 the cleaner has done most of the work). Or, i can unload the dishwasher and reload it with the dishes my husband leaves as a scavenger hunt around the house. My favorite, I can run 1.75 miles before spin class. But a close second favorite would be a 15 minute power nap.

  319. I can put away several loads of laundry or vacuum the car, or knit a row or two or three on my current project. Actually setting the timer is a great way for me to address my long to do list when I feel overwhelmed and know I just need to tackle it bird by bird.

  320. In 15 minutes I can sort through the pile of mail/paperwork/school stuff that accumulates on the corner of my kitchen counter.

  321. I can have my daughter up, dressed, teeth brushed, pottied, lunch packed and out the door. This is on a need-to-do basis only, though.:-)

  322. in 15 minutes I can restore order to the kitchen (unload/load dishwasher, hand wash the wine glasses, clean counters, quick sweep of the floor) and for some reason if the kitchen is clean the rest of the house doesn’t look so bad to me! But I’d rather be getting ready for a good bike ride in those snazzy clothes!

  323. In 15 minutes, I can get all of my online bank transactions done. Pay the stack of bills cluttering my desk, transfer a portion of my daughters’ allowances to their savings accounts and reconcile my checking account. Then I can file all those bills away so my office is more zen. I think I’ll set my timer today šŸ™‚

  324. In fifteen minutes, I can decompress by trolling trashy websites, make lunches for a school day, switch loads of laundry and go to the bathroom alone, uninterrupted. šŸ™‚

    Side note, as I push my tri self to consider braving a longer race, I would LOVE this gear!

  325. How about making a batch of chocolate chip cookies!?! That was my second thought, my first one was that I can clean the bathroom in 15 minutes

  326. In 15 minutes I can load up the diaper bag for the sitter, pack my lunch, and pick out an easy breezy work outfit to put on in the dark during my 15 min-or-less morning routine, and read my 2.5 year old a book before bed.

  327. In 15 minutes, I can sit down and read a book and de-stress a little bit. Keeps me sane for the rest of the day!

  328. In 15 minutes I can sweep, and mop the kithen floor,and vacuum downstairs….just the bits one can see, if I wanted to vaccuum behind/under stuff that would take another 15 mins.
    OR I can wash the dishes, prepare dinner while watching the news and supervising the kids’doing their homework, us women sure know how to multi task! šŸ˜‰

  329. I’ve been using this 20 minute method for many years! Most importantly, I buy myself some motivation. Because usually when the timer goes off, I hit re-set. I’m so into cleaning, straightening, organizing, that I WANT to keep going! Yep, definitely most important 20 minutes of my productivity!

  330. In the 5:30 in morning, I can easily take 15 minutes to enjoy a cup of coffee and read a chapter before heading out for a run – and before kids are up! Or, as I did yesterday, I can put together and stock a new ‘organization station’ for school supplies!

  331. I can clean the kitchen, start a load of laundry, and fold whatever clean laundry is lying around. Or, I could take our 3 legged dog for a walk (she tires out quickly, so we can’t go too far).

  332. I can empty and refill the dishwasher and get lunches started for the next day. I feel like I can’t relax until lunches are done…

  333. In fifteen minutes I can get things ready for the next day. This can mean work clothes, running or gym clothes, school lunch, you name it! This makes the next morning so much easier and you know we all need that!

  334. I can help my son complete three 24 piece puzzles, if he lets me help that is. I can get my race outfit washed on the gentle cycle and hung on my kitchen chair to dry, and if there’s a minute left, I’ll sweep up the dog hair under said kitchen chair . Or I can remove and re-sew a button on my hubby’s shorts so they fit. Which means I can also save our family $20 in fifteen minutes. I can bike 10 or so miles, run a fast 1.5 miles. I can put my feet up and relax while hubby and son are having tubby time.

  335. Right now the best thing I get done in 15 minutes is nurse my 4-month-old, or else pump so that someone else can feed my 4-month-old while I am working/out running/out running errands etc. I’m hoping we can make it to his first birthday using 15 minutes like that.

  336. In 15 minutes I can get dishes done, get a load of laundry going, and fold the laundry I did earlier (I’m not good at folding it as soon as it’s done so clothes are sometimes a little wrinkled).

  337. Decide on my work clothes for the next week. Put up the mountain of clean laundry thats been sitting in baskets for days. Vacuum the white carpet in our room that shows every speck of dirt. Read my Bible n pray which brings peace to a crazy day. Weed a flower bed. Paint my daughters nails. Find out what high school is like for my son. Read and snuggle with my sweet baby boy. Call my BFF and do a quick catch up.

  338. Powernap! On days when I am dragging I allow myself to close my eyes for 15 minutes. Then I have the energy to keep checking off the “to do” list!

  339. On a really good day, I can get myself dressed, my 2 boys dressed (ages 3 and 2, so this is a daunting task some days!), and out the door to with the double jogger or to the gym.

    Monday, that did not happen…I had to reinstall car seats in the pouring rain and the next thing I know, the boys are outside running around in the rain splashing in the gutters. They were having so much fun I couldn’t even be mad….but I then spent ANOTHER 15 minutes getting everyone REdressed, down to new underwear and shoes!!!

  340. The timer is a great idea! In 15 minutes (if I move fast) I can quickly clean my two bathrooms and sweep and vacuum the remainder of the house.

  341. In 15 minutes I can clean the bathroom (shower, toilet and sink included), swiffer the furniture, and run the sweeper over the wood floor. I know I can do all this in 15 minute because that’s how long I had last time one of hubby’s relatives called to say they were dropping by (if it was convenient). Yeah, like unexpected company is ever convenient!

  342. In 15 minutes I can start a load of laundry, and put the wet load Into the dryer. Cuz we all know I didn’t get to it last night!

  343. I can put 3 of my 4 kids to bed in 15 minutes and enjoy the quiet rewards that follow. In another 15 minutes I can sort through that ever growing pile of stuff that I always wonder why I didn’t toss most of it in the first place.

  344. I call it short bath days. When pressed, I can bath two small children, diaper, dress, brush teeth & put the girls tO bed. OK, OK, I’m not reading to them the prescribed 20 minutes per day (Bad Mommy) but they do get some version of a book (few pages skipped here & there). I feel accomplished with a glass a wine and some TV.

  345. I can tackle the small pile, which has turned into a mountain, in my room of ‘stuff’ that needs to be put away

  346. Ummmm…I can choose between an ice bath or legs-against-the-wall, or I can prepare overnight steel cut oatmeal for myself while washing the dishes and cleaning up in the kitchen. Normally the leg drain wins.

  347. In 15 minutes I can vacuum and mop the kitchen floor. And pretty much need to each time the kids eat a meal! šŸ™‚

  348. I can shampoo, condition and wash my 2 year old and 4 year old. Granted, I may become sopping wet in the process but it gets done!

  349. I can pay all my bills on line in 15 mins. I must say I like Karen’s “10 minute tidy” mentioned above. Gonna try that!

  350. I am always amazed by just how much I can do in the garden in such a short time. Not only do I finish with a sense of accomplishment but I also score a few minutes of doing quiet work with my hands…well, this afternoon I did have a short intermission after two kids practicing cartwheels collided head-to-head. Even so, with the timer running I got to sit down, clean out and weed one of our raised beds. Now I’m ready to plant a full bed of kale! Yahoo kale chips here we come! Bring on those quarter hours!

  351. I can fold half a load of laundry, empty the top rack of the dishwasher, and fill my sink with water to mop. I need the second 15 minutes to complete a task. šŸ˜‰

  352. I can start a load of laundry, empty the dishwasher and wipe down the counters. OR, I can take a shower, yep, just a shower. OR my favorite sometimes, absolutely nothing. (although that sometimes stretches to 30 min)

  353. In 15 min or less, i can vacuum – which is one of my fav household chore b/c of the instant improvement in how i feel about the messiness of the house…if the floor’s clean, it can’t be that bad, right?! šŸ˜‰ runner_girl5k at yahoo dot com

  354. In our house we call it the “10 minute tidy” and I can get all 3 of my kids to participate with me as we pick up and put away all of the STUFF that kids and husband (and I guess me) can leave all over the house. Once we get going I can usually extend it a few minutes and sweep the floors and wipe down the counters. aaaahhhhh! Feels good!

  355. I can do the dishes, clean up the post meal mess, dress my boys, wrangle them into the car…and drive to the local drive thru coffee place. Fancy coffee = happy mama.

  356. I can get to the closest fro yo place, get what I want, pay, and be home in 14.5 minutes. Or I could run 2 miles. Yeah, I should probably just stick to the running šŸ™‚

  357. As a musician and a mom of 4, I find it difficult to fine the needed time to rehearse my music. But, in 15 minutes, I can practice all my major and minor scales, yep, 24 of ’em! Maybe I can fit in the arpeggios as well!

  358. 15 minutes…I can be showered & dressed & have my cup of coffee in hand! The 15 minutes before that would have been spent wiping down sinks/toilets in 2 bathrooms, sweeping, & picking up dirty clothes to start a daily load of laundry!

  359. In 15 minutes, I can do my daily commute to/from the office. Approx 7.5 minutes there and 7.5 minutes back! I love working so close to home.

  360. In 15 minutes I can: fluff the dryer for 4 minutes, fold or hang everything in it, change the lint filter and move the washer stuff into the dryer. In fact, I think I can do that in 8 minutes…leaving me 7 minutes to open and eat a yogurt!

  361. For 15 minutes I can usually reply to all important work and PTA emails and phone calls for the day, if I keep them to the point. This helps minimize having the kid get mad about mommy attempting to actually get work done while at home.

  362. In 15 minutes I can put clothes in the dryer, load and start the washer, fold the clean clothes and put them in the respective rooms, load dishwasher and pick up living room. All the while letting the doggies out to potty, watching tv with my son, getting daughters itinerary for the day and getting sitter lined up for date night. Goodness maybe I need to delegate :).

  363. In 15 minutes I can: empty and reload the dishwasher, clean up toddler toys, put away clean clothes that have been sitting in a basket for over a week, organize my possessions for work in the morning, and brush my teeth.

  364. I can straighten up and sweep out our mudroom…it’s the main entryway into the house so it needs to be clutter-free and hopefully kind of warm and welcoming too. šŸ™‚

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