Hump Day Giveaway: 2 (!) TriggerPoint Performance Therapy Ultimate 6 Kits


Running Ultimate 6-page-001You're cruising along in life and in running, feeling like the rock star you are, and then somebody comes knocking.

Hello, it's your old friend Shin Splints!

Haven't seen you in a while, so I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm IT Band Syndrome!

Your feet seemed lonely, so I—Plantar Fasciitis—decided to keep them company.

And suddenly, a different sign is posted in your body and mind. (This is a sign, I—Dimity—know all.too.well.)

injury with X 2-page-001

The TriggerPoint Ultimate 6 Kit: Release, Relax, Run.
While nothing is a 100% failproof injury preventer, the TriggerPoint Ultimate 6 Kit is as close as it comes.

The comprehensive TriggerPoint Ultimate 6 Kit, when used correctly, regularly, and with focus, can release nearly every muscle you use for running. (And if you're concerned about the "used correctly" part, know that it comes with an easy-to-use, step-by-step manual.) You can release your calves, your glutes, your shoulders, and just about every muscle in between.

The "in between" part is vital, btw: even though your shin may be barking, your tight hip flexors may be the cause. Or if your IT Band feels about ready to snap, your tight arches may be the culprit. Your body is a kinetic chain, and everything is intimately connected—which you, a badass mother runner with smarts and mental toughness in spades in your brain, probably already realized.

The hard part with the Ultimate 6 Kit comes in with the "regularly" part. Just like a vaccum cleaner that's not plugged in doesn't suck up cat hair and stray Cheerios on its own—even the Roomba has to be turned on, right?—a TriggerPoint kit that goes unused isn't going to do you any good. I—Dimity—have found such sweet relief by making sure I roll 10-15 minutes, 3-4 times a week.

Despite my entry into the Pikes Peak Ascent (less than two weeks!), my body isn't a fan of climbing—and it tells me so on a daily basis. When I roll my calves, my quads, my inner thighs, my glutes, something magical with my lower back—my Achilles heel—happens. It doesn't bark. It doesn't whimper. It just does the job it's supposed to do: Support me as I climb and climb and climb. And the rest of my body feels fresh and ready for the next workout.

Yes, you've been asked to play Go Fish for the 8th time; yes, you'd rather go to bed; yes, the dishes need to be done. Do that stuff--but also make time for a little muscular release; TriggerPoint makes a range of products. Because consider the flip side of taking away running? Hello, frustrated, sad, angry mother runner. Trust me—especially if you've never had a serious injury—being proactive about releasing and helping your body recover goes a long way to preserving your very, very important-in-so-many-ways miles.

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 11.13.54 AM
A small muscular sampling of what the TriggerPoint Ultimate 6 Kit can release, heal, help.

Six mother runners have found amazing relief and healing through the AMR Ultimate Traveling 6 Kit, and now two lucky mother runners will each have a kit of their very own. In order to win, you have to do two things:
1. Promise us, if you win, the sweet Ultimate 6 Kit won't just collect dust. (Yep, we're demanding like that.)

2. Tell us, in the comments below, where you are, injury-wise, right now on a scale of 1-10. A "1" means you're running free, fluid, zero  pain; a "10" means you've been laid up for weeks, if not months, and you can't even find the dang tunnel, let alone see the stupid light. (But no, you're not angry or frustrated or anything.)

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of United States and Canada. It begins on 8/6/14 and ends on 8/13/14. One entry per person. The value of each prize is approximately $155 The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.

Important change about winner announcments. Starting with this giveaway, we will announce our winners on Facebook and we will also email the winner, so we'll be sure to reach you if you win. We will post the winner on FB and email the winners for this giveaway on August 14. If you're wondering, podcasts will, after this Saturday, be posted and live on Saturdays, and Sunday will be a day of rest around the co-mother-runner-in-chief households. 

677 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: 2 (!) TriggerPoint Performance Therapy Ultimate 6 Kits

  1. Hi! I am recovering from hip bursitis after having to quit my training for my first half marathon a month before the race. I am trying to maintain my cool after finding that my running partner achieved MY target time… I am a nice person really, I just morph into a bitch when I go without a run for too long :)I am probably about a 4 now – the hip still aches when I try any exercise. I am struggling with the motivation to keep up my physio exercises, so this kit would really help.

  2. I’m about a 4. I have lower back/glute issues that keep re-appearing and causing pain in my hamstring. I’m in the process of working with at PT and would love to try this tool!

  3. Was a 10 and happily moving WAY down that scale. I am just wrapping up a 5 month injury. I was in PT working through some pretty rough glute medius/piriformis injuries that kept be out of my beloved Brooks for almost 5 months. I’ve had to cancel every race this year (including my first marathon that I trained through a polar vortex for). Although my physical therapist was VERY easy on the eyes, I am not sad to see him leave my life after 17 visits. I have been eyeing this kit for a long time. As I am very keen not to repeat this injury, this kit would get TONS of use from me!

  4. I promise, I promise!

    I’m training for my first marathon, but I would say I’m a ‘2.’ I’m nervous about what is around the corner and would love to tackle this monster in a smart way! Plus, my husband is about a ‘9’ right now. It would be nice to see him pain-free (maybe he could help me with my last 6?).

  5. #1 I promise to use the kit and not let it collect dust! I sooo need this right now! (See #2)

    #2 Collectively, my pain is about a 4-5. I am going to PT for a compressed disk in my neck that has been bothering me off and on for a few years (only recently found out about the disk, thanks to an x-ray). Mostly, however, I need this kit to help with an IT band/piriformis issue that I have off and on and, thanks to a 3-day relay, something in my foot/ankle that I think is my anterior talofibular ligament. The neck thing doesn’t affect my running too much, but this crap in my leg does. I need something to really dig into that piriformis better than my Grid foam roller.

  6. I’d say I’m about a 2. A few aches and pains every so often, but nothing that has me hanging up the shoes for a while.

  7. I’d say I am a 7. I am healing a broken big toe right now. My foot is in “the boot”. Before the break though I was having some hip pain. I would be very interested in giving the trigger point program a try, promise it won’t collect dust!

  8. A 5-6 right now & it’s no fun. Plantar fasciitis is kicking my behind & I’m about 75 days from running the Marine Corps Marathon. I’ve actually cried on my last two long runs (scared my running partner/husband to death!). I’m forcing myself to cut back miles & get off the roads as much as possible

  9. 2. But, I think it’s impossible for me to be a 1. I always feels some part of my body (mostly in a good way). But, I also make sure to roll my legs out nightly with the TP foam roller. I’ve been pining over a kit for years…

  10. I’ve been dealing with lower back pain & a gluteus medius issue for over a year. It took a while to get an accurate diagnosis. I’m probably at a 7 now. I’m running/walking a few days a week but am limited to the amount of running I can do. I have my daily leg & back exercise regimen, including some foam rolling. But I’d love to try the TriggerPoint to release my glutes!

  11. I’m at a grateful 1-3 depending on the day, a few of the usual suspects (lower back, PF) flare every now and then but for the most part I’m a happy running camper just wish I had more time to run;)

  12. I am at about a 4 right now. I run continually about 25 miles a week, but often feel pain at odd locations. Usually nothing that bothers me too bad but when I do feel pain I often to try research remedies, but often end up more confused than when I started. I look this product as it has visuals to find the trigger points. I often think about doing a full marathon, but I am afraid of injury. If I am lucky enough to receive the product, I promise I will use and it will not collect dust! This looks like an amazing product!!

  13. I’m about at a 3 or so….after two consecutive summers devoted to marathon training, I’m enjoying a more leisurely summer this year. But, that also means less running (it’s easy to find excuses for sleeping in when I am not training: lesson learned!).

    But I can still get out and run 5 or 6 without a problem and no soreness after…but I attribute the (significant) decrease in running. Hopefully once summer winds down and kids get back to school, I can amp up the running.

  14. I am a lucky #1 right now! However, I am horrible about stretching after a run. I promise to faithfully use the super sweet Ultimate 6!

  15. I’m an 8. I’ve had a hamstring pull since March and I just keep running on it. Duh. A little trigger point therapy might do me some good…and maybe a little rest.

  16. About a 7 when I wake up and get out of bed. I feel like an old lady in the morning because everything hurts. While running, maybe a 1 in my hips. While driving, my piriformis is killing me from my right butt cheek down to the knee at 9/10. While walking around, PF is about a 3.

  17. During a run, I’m a 0 on the pain scale but afterwords, my hamstring gets really tight and then my pain goes to a 2. It’s nagging and uncomfortable but hasn’t knocked me down yet. 🙂

  18. I am about a 6… Run like I should and my IT band is screaming, avoid it and it is not happy but not disruptive either, really should use the trigger point therapy daily!!!!!!

  19. Oh I am a solid 10+ on the injury scale. I have had a bad spell of injuries both running and non-running for nearly 2 years. Yes, 2 years. I spend quality time with my foam roller, but have noticed it’s starting to creak In a way that leads me to think it has outlived it’s bargain basement life. Nothing like winning this kit, which my PT actually suggested I buy anyways!

  20. I’m training for my first marathon and could totally use this to make sure I see the start (and finish) lines. I have a hip that’s probably a 4-5, maybe higher the day after a run. And, my daily job, other than ‘mom’, in the medical field wears on my back and shoulders….so help there too would be welcome!

  21. This so will be used in this household not by just myself. I would have to say I am around a 3. Very lucky I know. Hips were a bit of concern yesterday on the long run, but doable. I am pretty sure it was just the use over the miles and not an injury. Thankful!!

  22. I’m sitting at an 8 staring down a possible 10. My hip has bothered me on and off since I started running, but this spring it was quiet and other minor aches stepped up to the plate. After a few races this spring, I took time off to do some serious strength training and rest those other aches. Sadly, when I came back to run a month later, my hamstrings joined the party, and that made me worry. I rested and only ran a bit and the pain and tightness continued. A PT consult two weeks ago put me on full rest and scheduled me for a full evaluation next week. So I haven’t run in almost 4 weeks, I’ve hit most of the symptoms of withdrawal (including the pounds) and the pain is no better :(. I am worried I will be down for the count when St Jude training starts in ernest next weekend, and this after getting iced out at the race last year!!!

  23. Starting week 9 of training for my 1st marathon (Chicago!) and I have been pain free but now am feeling twinges in my hips and the dreaded plantar fasciitis! So, on a scale of 1 -10 I’m about a 2

  24. I would say I am at a 2, it seems most of my “pain” is just my tired old body asking me what heck are you doing?!

  25. I’m currently a 4 on the pain scale with shin splints and tight hips. I’m afraid of ending up seriously injured, so I’ve scaled way back on my runs. Which stinks.

  26. Now at an 8 pain wise. At a 15 mentally missing running and its only been a week. I have a cracky hip for a few weeks now and I just thru my back out.

  27. I haven’t run since March as I am currently 39 weeks pregnant with baby #3 and he had taken a serious toll on my body compared to his sisters. So I would say my day ranges from a 6 to a 7 with the 9 or 10 day coming real soon!

  28. Sad to say, 10. I am on crutches for at least 3 weeks with a femoral stress reaction, a precursor to a stress fracture. I’m more sore using crutches than when I run! But, I swam laps today for the first time in a very long time and enjoyed it!

  29. As far as injuries, I’m free (knock on trail wood) but as far as hurting, I’m in the 7-8 for hamstrings and calves after today’s trail half marathon. I’m thinking a nice cool roll would help quite a bit.

  30. Oh, I need this to keep myself from getting injured! I was talking to an exercise physiologist and she told me that my symptoms put me on the cusp of developing plantar faciitis and that I should be using techniques and tools similar to what TP has. That’s what she was using to demo some of the techniques. So injury wise, I would put myself at a 3. And I absolutely promise to use it. I have several halves I want to fun.

  31. Right now I am at about a 2. My old friend Plantar Fascitis keeps trying to rear its ugly head. I got a new pair of shoes (which is helping) and I am trying to do some stretching, have been eye Trigger Point Therapy as a way to make it go away .

  32. Just started training for my first 26.2. My injury level is currently a 2-3, lower legs including calves, shins and feet all complain the first few miles and then loosen up. My shins have always been my biggest problem area so my foam roller is always close by.

  33. Pinky swear, it will not collect dust! I’m at a 3… got a bit of a nagginess in my right hip, but not enough to take a break. Stretching after a run offers relief. I’m not complaining though, since having had intestinal surgery on June 6th, I’m just so darn grateful to be running again!

  34. I promise that it won’t collect dust! I have been sidelined from running for the summer since I have been working on rehabbing a sciatic nerve issue. It’s about a 7 after I run.

  35. 8 – This time it is bad, but it could be worse. I had to take the last two weeks off from half marathon training (It is in a month) because of Sciatica. After 3 Seperate injuries in one year I finally went to the doc and have a bulging disc. The good news is I started physical therapy with an awesome sports medicine doc (ultra marathoner himself). He has a plan to get me back to running comfortably soon. Not soon enough for the half, but I will take what I can get at this point. I’m thinking injury prevention will be in my future.

  36. I am at a five. Something really weird is happening to my hip. Let’s just say it hurts…not when I run just always.

  37. I love Trigger Point! Well, really love/hate–however, with all of the running and biking miles I’m putting in right now training for a ..wait for it…wait for it… Double Ironman…I need to be on top of my prehab/rehab exercises. Currently I’m using my old, white foam roller….enough said;) Right now my achilles and IT band pain bounces between 3-5 most days. I need the trigger point to help me get to my race in October and of course I’ll use it!

  38. i’d say about a 3 – have some lingering soreness in my shins from some increases in running intensity… hopefully some really slow easy miles will help

  39. TriggerPoint would erase my pain point of five to make me feel way more alive.
    When my running aches get to a seven, TriggerPoint ultimate kit would feel like heaven.

  40. I promise I would use the kit! It would be one of the few things in my house with no dust. I am a 3-4 right now. My right heel is really render – I fear full on PF is right around the corner. I’ve been wearing the boot and icing, but this would help tremendously!

  41. For the first time in a few years, I’m finally at a 2-3. I’ve been at 6-7 for a while. But a great physical therapist helped me identify the root of my issues and showed me how to work on it–and it’s made a world of difference.

  42. For the first time in a looong time, I’m hovering between zero and 1. I credit a weekly pilates class, rolling, and a few minutes of yoga every day. Also, got some new shoes that have helped with some foot pain that was creeping in.

  43. I’m at about a 3 right now. I have a history of IT band issues that (knock on wood) I’ve kept at bay with core strengthening and targeted stretching (hello pigeon pose!). Lately, I’ve had mild shin pain that I’ve managed with compression sleeves, but I’m keeping a close eye on it.

  44. Some days I’m at a 4, needing to ice my knees after what should be easy runs. Weirdly today, after a long run with a 10 min strong finish, my knees feel pretty good. (Could be the rolling before the run and sticking to a slow pace for most of the long distance workout?)

  45. I’m at a 2. Training for a marathon and hoping that some lingering aches will be resolved with some good old foam rolling and icing.

  46. I am at a 2. Unhappy right quad, tingly right arch. I’ve had to cut back on my miles to keep quad happy, but not keeping me happy. Here’s hoping things will improve.

  47. I’m currently nursing an IT band injury. Things have gotten better over the past few weeks, but I haven’t started running again just yet. I’m currently at a 4 or so. Having this kit would help me to prevent further injury, so I’d use it all the time. I’m keeping my fingers crossed! 🙂

  48. I am a 5 thanks to Philadelphia Marathon training (right knee pain) and Barre 3 (left hamstring pain) cross training.
    I would definitely use these products every day! Once the RW 1/2 and Philly Marathon are over, I will have the Philly Love Run and Broad Street Run in the spring. These TriggerPoint products would really help!

  49. I would absolutely use this…wish I had it several weeks/months ago. I ignored a crabby knee and quad for too long. It would flare up at the end of long runs and turned into an IT band issue. Eventually the pain started within 1-2 miles of a run, pain level of 9 was too much to take. After 12 weeks of “own it” marathon training I finally turned to the bike-to-run plan. I’m hoping to start running next week and make it to the starting line in 4 weeks. Fingers-crossed.

  50. Been a runner for a full two years (yeah!) and found this site today (another yeah!!) training for my first full marathon and have experienced heel pain (boo!) on a scale of 5 after long runs and now a 2. These tools for rolling look like something we all need.

  51. I’m about a 2. I always have twinges here and there and my sciatica is SO random and seemingly unconnected to running but still. I always feel like I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop…

  52. I am currently at a 2-there is a nagging burning pain in my butt that flares from time to time. Dad-gum piriformis!

  53. Around a 4. I have one ankle that always gives me grief. The new thing has been a bit of piriformis pain. and I actually own a Trigger point ball… like a charm.

  54. I am a 5. My feet are never well -plantar fascitis. And I have achilles and calf pain. But I love love love to run – so I keep stretching, etc….. Would love to win and try something else to help!

  55. I’m probably around a 4-5 right now… I finished Ironman Boulder this past Sunday, so while I’m not really “injured”, but body is certainly in the foam roll, ice, compression, elevation, recovery phase.

  56. I am a fairly new mother runner. Discovered you guys a few months back and you inspired me to get back to it! I am at about a 3 right now–have a sore Achilles’ tendon, probably because I pushed it too hard, too fast on my 6 mile long run last weekend. :-/

  57. I’m at about a 3 with a sore right hip that only twinges for a day or so after my long run. I promise to use the kit and to share with my husband who is a badass daddy cyclist.

  58. 4: back up to ling run of 8.5 miles, but feet still hurt esp during the week with work shoes. Promise to use it!

  59. I keep a travel foam roller and ice packs at the office and a full size one at home. It would be great to knock out two steps at once.

    I’m at a 3-4 right now. Seeing a functional movement specialist to work on imbalances to keep the knee and hip issues away on attempt number 2 for my first marathon.

  60. I am on a roll-streak right now with my beloved black foam roller (over a month straight of at least 1x/day rolling!), so I promise I will faithfully use the TriggerPoint kit. I’m at around a 3 right now. My IT band flares occasionally. My knees are sore. But training for marathon #2 is going well!

  61. I’m at a zero (pain-free) right now, but I’m sure as I type this, my body is planning some sort of evil revolt that will knock me on my arse.

  62. Currently I’m at a 2. I have been getting in a lot of 8-14 milers lately and I’ve added in some vigorous bike sessions for cross training. My legs have just felt a bit trashed these last few weeks. I’ve begun using my foam roller and “the stick” again for my hamstrings/calves/quads. If I could just find a way to protect my toes…they’ve been paying the greatest price lately.

  63. Pick me! Pick me! I have a nagging Piriformis injury that rears its ugly head from time to time and never seems to go away completely. I have a foam roller but this set seems to be just what I need. My injury has been anywhere from a 10 (not able to go to work or get off the couch) to a 1-2. My husband offers to give the butt massage but I think I would prefer the trigger point!

  64. Since I hurt my Achilles’ tendon 4 years ago, I’m always at about a 2-3 but keep it at bay with PT exercises and deep tissue massage. I’d love to try trigger point to see if it would make it better though.

  65. I am at a 5. About 6 weeks ago, I ran when my knee was bothering me, and seriously irritated what I think was one of the medial tendons around my knee. The pain seemed milder and overall not what I thought would be consistent with a medial meniscus injury. What I did was to get a foam roller, and to look up rehabilitation exercises on line. I did this pretty faithfully, and got down to almost no pain at all. Then, after my Sunday long run, pain came back, but more mildly, and only with occasional movements. So now I’m looking at working into my mileage pretty slowly, being very respectful of my knee, and yes, doing my rolling.

    So yes, I promise with every fiber of my knee and my frustrated being, if I am lucky enough to win it, I WILL USE THE TIGGERPOINT KIT!

  66. Wow, is anyone really ever a 1? (maybe my eight year old, hmmm) I guess I would say I am more of a 3 because I am RWO (running while old 🙂 ) Tight Calves causes plantar problems and knee pain, which in turn causes IT band and tight hip problems and shin splints and back aches. I’d say my whole lower body is a balled up mess that will definitely get a lot of use out of the kit — if I could ever wrestle it out of my hubby’ hands (he’s also a runner) 🙂

  67. A 3? While I would never describe anything to do with my running as ‘fluid’ and ‘free’ I am pretty injury free. I used to joke that I didn’t run enough to get injured but now training for my first marathon I am sore everyday…

  68. I am a 7…on the injury related to running. Rolled my ankle heading out to the gym. Couldn’t run at all for 4 weeks. Then only twice a week with pain. Unfortunately, lost my conditioning to continue at the level I was during my pregnancy. However, I could use those babies right now for the calf pain from my dang pregnancy leg cramps at night because they are what is keeping me running!!

  69. I’d use them immediately and religiously – am always between a 4-6. Have old runner legs with almost 30 years of wear and tear. High arches and two pregnancies on a petite frame = constant PF, and after knee surgery my right leg has IT band, hip flexor and SI issues. Still training for my 13th marathon this Fall, and doing my best with stretching, yoga, foam roller, frozen peas and Topricin. I’d love and cherish the TriggerPoint performance kits!

  70. I would say I’m at a 5- I am recovering from Plantar Fasciitis, and so I’m just getting back to slow and steady. I have the Lululemon half marathon in a couple weeks, and I’m signed up for the Chicago full in October, so hopefully my recovery happens quickly!

  71. Collect dust? Quite the opposite, I would WEAR THAT THING OUT! I would say that right now I am a big fat 12 (yes, I realize the scale only went to 10), because I have been side-lined for WEEKS. No running at all, listening *begrudgingly* to my PT and my body and trying to resolve my lingering IT band issues. I would love to try this out for some relief! 🙂

  72. I guess a 5 right now. One of my annual goals every year is to get through it ‘injury free’. Wasn’t successful with that goal this year. Since April I have been laid up with lower back, S I, and I T issues. Countless trips to the chiropractor and PT, I am now (slowly) moving again. But, I realized these PT exercises will be with me several times a week for a very, very, very long time. The Kit will DEFINITELY be put to use, come Hell or high water!

  73. I’m at a 3… My horse stepped on my foot a few weeks ago and mangled my 5th toe. I haven’t run since then due to the swelling and toe pain. I ran my first 1/2 on 5/31 and was planning on an October 1/2 until this casks along. This morning on my walk with the dogs we went further than we should have on our out & back, so we ran to get back to the car on time. The toe didn’t whimper! Hallelujah! I’m scratching any idea of a fall 1/2 but maybe a 10K wouldn’t be out of the question!

  74. I am a 7…I have chronic pain but if I can get to four miles, its like I am cured for the next three until I stop.

  75. Can I say holy IT BAND?!! I stayed run-free x 8 weeks per ortho doc orders and am slowly getting back into my groove. So..about a 3 but man it was a screaming 10. I would definitely use it! 🙂

  76. I promise it won’t collect dust! I’m around a 2 right now. My feet keep going numb for some reason–not painful, but troubling. To the orthopedist!

  77. I feel so incredibly lucky to be at a big fat 1!! When I first started running 5 years ago I was always in the 5-7 range but after getting custom orthotics I’ve been injury-free for almost 4 years!! I trained for a marathon last fall and can run 5 days a week with no problems! I do foam roll 1-2 days a week, cross train and lift weights twice a week so I am sure that helps!

  78. After a car pedestrian injury last Summer, I’m still at a 7. I’ve been doing PT since December and it has gotten better. I’ve also started more cross training adding in swimming two or three times a week. I’ve also started working with a trainer to get new strengthening exercises to see if that helps. Love to be back up to running 4 days a week and being able to run consecutive days again.

  79. I promise it won’t collect dust!! I’m taking 4 weeks off running due to a non-running related surgery. Before my time off I was about a 4 or 5 with shin splints. I really hope that they are much better after a four week rest!!

  80. For the first time in a long time I’m running at a 1! I feel great and the miles are a welcome reprieve from the four kids 🙂

  81. I promise to use the kit! Right now I am using a rolling pin. I am a 4-5. Off running for 4 weeks for a muscle strain in the quads.

  82. I’m hovering between about a 2 and 3 depending on the day. I’ve been battling issues with my hip flexor/psoas for many months now.

  83. I’d say I’m about a 4 right now, but only running 3 days a week is helping it stay low! I’m currently training for a half marathon this fall and hoping on progressing to a full marathon in the spring and I promise I will need and use this kit as my miles are adding up! I’ve already had to do some extra hip stretching to alleviate knee pain, something I never thought was connected until I started running.

  84. I consider myself to be at a 5 right now…delicately running that line between “I feel great!” and “Aargh! What now?!?” I would love to add the Trigger Point kit to my recovery collection. I have been faithfully going through my rolling/stretching routines, but the items I have are a bit cumbersome. How nice it would be to have a great travel ready set!

  85. I’m thinking I’m at 2. Just a few aches and pains but I’m thankful there’s nothing significantly miserable going on at the moment!

  86. First of all, my promise: If I win, the sweet Ultimate 6 Kit will NOT just collect dust. I PROMISE. I am diligent (read: slightly neurotic) these days when it comes to injury prevention, thanks to spending the last 4 weeks and countless dollars with a PT trying to get me to the point where I can run without pain. I’ve been following a daily stretching routine that definitely seems to be helping. I think I can see the light! I would love to try rolling though. It’s always intrigued me, but I haven’t bit the bullet and gone out to buy a roller yet. Right now my pain scale varies on a daily basis. Yesterday I ran without pain for the first time in recent memory. I felt so good that I was literally signing along to my play list while I ran (what a concept!) And then last night, unloading groceries from my trunk, I must’ve twisted wrong and the pain flared up again. I would say on any given day I’m somewhere between a 2 and a 6… I tend push myself further than I should just because I’m too pig-headed to give in to the pain. And then I land myself back in my PTs office. It’s a vicious cycle (sigh).

  87. I’m a 10. SI joint pain for over 18 months now. Hobbly “running” that you can hardly call running, intermittently at best. Grrrr.

  88. I’d say it’s about a 3 with a cranky hip. I’ve been making a point of foam rolling more often to help it. I def promise to use the Ultimate 6 Kit!

  89. Running wise my pain gets to about a 4. But if I have to push the stroller, it’s cloasr to a 6. Yesterday I drove 270 highway miles without cruise control,and got 15k fitbit steps at an amusement park and was awakened with shoulder pain at 3am. Today is a 7. Oof.

  90. I’m about a 5- currently doing PT for my hip and plantar fasciitis. It seems to be going well- I have signed up for the Twin Cities 10 mile, which I’m so excited about, it’s my first big run back after my 2nd baby!

  91. Oh, a 3. Earlier this summer I injured my feet, but now am back to running pain free—so grateful to be running again. However, after quite a few weeks of non-running my legs feel thick, my glutes are ham-hocks and am feeling a little jalopy-ish in general. So even though I’m running, it’s not exactly “fluid” and fancy free. Got a bit a work ahead to live that svelte dream.

  92. Maybe a 4? Some complaining from my peroneal tendon and my piriformis on the opposite side is testy off on.

  93. I think I am around 4-5. Since I have taken my running to the trails I’ve been having some sensitivity to my shins, and some aches in my hip and back.

  94. I am a 7….my achilles and piriformis are talking to each other on my left side. I am trying to figure out have to pack my foam roller into my carry on so I can taking it on vacation with me.

  95. I’m at about a 3 – I had ACL replacement a while back, and that knee is really sensitive to overtraining, so I have to be *very* careful about increasing mileage or speed. And I have to mind my form pretty closely. As long as I do those things, it’s a bit sore after running but nothing of concern. If I don’t take care of it – OUCH!

  96. I am a 4 right now. My right butt cheek, giving me fits!!! I have a soft foam roller but its really not doing the job. My BRF advises me to get the roller with the nubby things on it. Or the triggerpoint! If only my other half would rub my a$$ !!

  97. I have metatarsal pain in my left foot. It’s currently at a 1 as I type but when I run it becomes maybe a 4. It just started hurting about a month ago and again in May. I did have the same problem about two years ago in my right foot, so I am hopeful that it will get better.

  98. I would say I’m anywhere from a 4 to an 8. I have somehow managed to take PF to a whole new level and actually injured the plantar fascia. The frustrating part is that some days I’m almost pain-free and others I can barely walk. Likewise, running sometimes helps and sometimes makes it worse. I can tell on those “worse” days, too, that changes to my gait are causing a whole chain-reaction of other pain. Sigh. This kit would be a cherished and non-neglected addition to my household. 🙂

  99. I’m at a 4 right now. My left knee hurts, but it’s not truly injured yet. I’ve been ordered to do core strength building and to FOAM ROLL like I’ve never done it before. With any luck the knee will hold up for my first half ironman on Sept. 7th!!! I NEED THIS KIT! 🙂

  100. I ain’t too proud to beg!!! I’m 12 weeks PP. Started running 6 weeks ago. I’m EBFing and go back to work in 3 weeks. (I think sitting criss cross applesauce for 3+ hours a day is contributing to my problem). Last week I started being plagued by knee pain, when I am not running. At its worst i am about a 6. I cringe when my 30 month old asks me to carry him upstairs! I started looking up my symptoms and I have runners knee. I’ve only just begun! I was just getting into a groove. I was doing a solid 5K averaging a ten minute mike. My goal was my first 5k at the end of the month. My next goal was a 10k in October, and my next is the @RunDisney#GlassSlipperChallene that I registered for in February. With a two an a half year old, a 3 month old and full time job I don’t know how realistic PT will be. I need stuff to do at home so I can get back at it! I don’t want to lose my groove!! Please help!

  101. I think I’m a 2 right now. I’ve decreased my miles this summer, though, so my pain had better be low right now! Just fighting a little with a weird pain in the ball of my right foot.

  102. I promise to use this kit daily! I am a 5 or 6 on my pain scale. Last summer (June 2013) I developed a hip “thing”. Sitting for long periods of time = red, hot poker feeling on butt bone! After almost a year of complaining, my DH let me get some help. PT gave me stretches that I do daily. Massage helps too. Foam rolling just doesn’t cut it. The sciatic type referral pain is driving me crazy. My yoga teacher uses these in our sessions and they have helped get me down from a 10!

  103. I PROMISE not to let the kit collect dust if I win! I’m a 4 to 5 with tightness and generalized discomfort all the time with my neck, hips, feet and knees. Often, PF flares up to a 10. Currently, I’m a 10 in my hip due to bursitis. All this makes it difficult for me to motivate daily and has had me sidelined for 3 weeks. Totally interrupted my training plan for my first 10k. I’m not even sure if I will need to start over or if I can pick up where I left off . . . I’ve started over many times over the years and it is disheartening. I would LOVE this kit as a solution!

  104. If this could really blast out the PF that has been nagging at my foot…I AM IN! podiatrists, chiropractor, massage therapist, and PT seem to all be leaning toward surgery BUT NOT ME!

  105. I’m at a 2-3 most days lately. Shin splints have had me slow down a bit over the last few months but more recently I haw been doing a lot of cross training. Over the past 2 weeks my runs have started to get back on track though and I have tried so many new classes at my gym!

  106. If this product really helps, sign me up! I’m just embarking on a running journey that will culminate at the 2015 Disney Marathon in January. What I didn’t count on as I mapped out my training schedule is that apparently I’m bringing along some new friends on this trip – neuromas in both feet (for which I am in the process of getting orthotics) and what might possibly be the beginnings of shin splints. As if that wasnt enough, my hip flexors have begun to ache – an issue i havent dealt with since i first started running just over a year ago. Nothing has been debilitating so far, so I would put myself at a 3 or 4, but my podiatrist says that “tight calves and Achilles’ tendons are the root of all evil,” and I’m beginning to believe him. Save me, TriggerPoint, save me! 🙂

  107. I’m at about a 4 or a 5 – nothing specific, just lots of generally annoying aches and pains that make it hard to motivate myself to get out the door. I’ve been trying to stretch more, but this kit looks like it would really help!

  108. Well, I’m probably a 9. Training for 13.1, I had a flare of Tibialis Posterior Tendonitis that I was able to keep in check. But then, on the way to the start line, I rolled my ankle on some uneven pavement. After a few minutes of acute pain, it felt ok and I think the ankle support in my shoes carried me through the race. It swelled up afterwards though. So that was the end to my training… the following week we left for a vacation in Seattle and Alaska (read: lots of walking). Now that we are home and back in a more normal routine, I’m seriously focusing on it – doing all the rehab things it needs and hopefully starting tomorrow, getting back in the pool for some non-weight bearing exercise!

  109. I cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle in my eye promise to use the TriggerPoint Ultimate 6 kit! Right now I’m about a 4 on the runner’s pain scale. I seem to alternate between PF, knee pain and lower back pain. I frequently ice and I’ve used some foam rolling but I’d love to try some other alternatives. A few years ago I gave my extra kidney (I only need one!) to my husband so I can no longer take anti-inflammatory medications-even if I wanted to! I’m always looking for new alternative ways to manage minor injuries and just the “normal” aches and pains of running!

  110. I am running around a 4-5, with my beloved plantar fasciitis. I had a procedure in late February which helped a lot, but stretching it seems to be the best thing. I had to take 6 weeks off from running and even though I’m a newbie runner, had only been doing it for a little over a year when procedure was done, it drove me crazy! I also seem to have more pain when I am not running than when I do.

  111. I am currently at about an 8 or 9 with plantar fascitis pain. I have had this pain for quite a long time but it was manageable with stretching. In May, I started training for a 5K and the pain got worse. My thought to just push through and it will go away did not work, so I ended up seeing a doctor. Today, I just had my final round of cortisone shots, but the doctor was not all that optimistic the shots are working. He would like to pursue a surgical option…all this after registering for my first half marathon this morning. I was really hoping for a non-surgical solution to the problem, so I am hoping something like this would help?! Anything that will not derail my weight loss and training goals for 6-8 weeks…I can definitely promise to utilize this the best way I can, especially if it means possibly avoiding surgery! 🙂

  112. On the “injury” scale, I’m lucky to be a 1…. No current, nagging issues FROM running. However, I contracted a Dengue-fever-like virus in Haiti in June, which has resulted on poly arthritis. Each day is a new adventure in which joints will be stiff and/or sore. Trying to balance my workout routine with rest/healing is soooooo difficult!! I’m sure some body work, using rollers/etc, would at least free up some of these concerns. 😉

  113. Right now I am about a 2 or 3. I am constantly battling shin splints but since I have added swimming g to my cross training mix it has been helping with my other aches and pains. Now I just have to worry about what will do when summer ends!

  114. Right now, I’m about a 2. However, after my first 10-miler in *gasp* years, I was more like an 8. I could have rolled pretty much my whole lower body!

  115. I’m a 1 or a 2 depending on the day. I have a tailor’s bunion on my right foot that occasionally acts up but usually feels fine (as long as I’m using good- not old, used up- shoes.).

  116. I am a 3. I am worried that I may have plantar facitis. It is not too bad right now, but I am hoping it does not get any worse.

  117. I promise to use this kit regularly. As a massage therapist, I know the importance of regular treatment. Of course, I don’t always have time to get a massage myself, but this kit would certainly help me work on my trouble spots. Right now, I’d say I’m at a 3. i have chronic bursitis in my left hip, which is mostly manageable, but I did tear my Gluteus Medius tendon on my left side about 2 years ago while training for a 1/2. I also suffer from occasional tendonitis in my arches and right now my back is killing me. I just moved, so i’m lugging heavy boxes trying to get everything in the right spot in the new house as well as doing a lot of yard work. My usual trigger points in my Upper Traps and Rhomboids are making themselves known! Well, after all that I guess I could really use this kit to treat several problem areas. Hope I win one!

  118. I’m a 2 (crosses fingers that it stays that way) with just a little bit of pain in my knees after I run…guess that means I should start rolling more regularly!

  119. I’m at a 1 for the moment – no complaints and that’s heavenly considering a year ago I was just getting diagnosed with a stress fracture that would take me out of commission for 6 months!!!! I’m loving every day and every mile 🙂

  120. I am nursing some knee pain that started months ago. I have a race tomorrow and hoping it won’t set me aside for good. I have been using a foam roller before runs which helps a bit! I would love the kit and would use it heavily!

  121. With my third half marathon scheduled for October, I have the pleasure of training with the beginnings of plantar fasciitis & a nagging left knee. Wavering between a 4 & 5, I’m learning the joys of rolling out the kinks. Lord knows this mother runner “kneads” some healing direction!!!

  122. 10 – I have been battling foot pain for over a year. 3 doctors, 2 pairs of custom orthotics, acupuncture, PT, lots of ibuprofen, 3 cortisone shots, x-rays, mri’s, ultrasound, ice baths, 2 versions of the dreaded black boot, lots of foam rolling, and I still can’t walk without pain. I have an appointment with doctor #4 in a couple weeks… Sesamoid removal may be the next step. Ugh. Almost forgot to mention the 25 pounds I have gained without walking and running in my life. I am so due for healing!!

  123. I’m a 1…right now. I am just coming back (I’ve been running for 3 weeks now), from a 1-month layoff of a cyst in my knee and a calf strain.

  124. 2–no major pain complaints. just the usual aches and pains from getting older 🙂 hope i didn’t just jinx myself.

  125. I’m a 2 and trying to keep it that way or better, so have been doing my stretches and strengthening exercises, and promise – if I were to win – I’d be using these!

  126. I’m happy to say I’m a 1 right now. I’ve been strength training and stretching and all my little nagging pains have gone away. We’ll see what HM training brings.

  127. Well I recently went from a 10 (layed up with a stress fracture in my heel) to a 5. I’ve be struggling with chronic Achilles tendinitis for over two years. My doc said to become a swimmer–I told him he was crazy! I’ve trained through a half and a full with this injury. That’s when he told me the tendon could snap ***Ow!*** so we settled, I’ll do therapy and be a part time swimmer if I could also be a part time runner. He said, “Ok.”

  128. My pain is at a 3 when I am not running rises to around a 6 when I being running and then goes down once I put a few miles in, then the next day it starts back up again.

  129. I promise it won’t collect dust. I’m a 4 out of 10 right now. 3 months out from the NYC Marathon training for the Tourette Syndrome Association, and my daughter who has Tourette’s. I turned 40 this year and am feeling it in my right calf and shin and let’s not leave out the hip. I ice and stretch and roll out that side every day. Please, please…. Choose me!!!!!

  130. 4…I’m 23 weeks pregnant and while I’ve tried to continue my running during this (my 2nd) pregnancy, the added weight and pressure is getting to me…especially in my tail bone/ lower back.

  131. I promise, promise, promise to use my kit! And I am happy to report that I am a 1/10 on the injury scale {knocking on wood!}.

  132. I am at about a 5-6. I have recurring plantar Fascitis in my right foot. Along with a twinge on the side of the same foot that could possible be a hair line fx. I am training for a triathlon in 2 weeks as well as a 1/2 marathon coming up in October. I do great for a few days then I do a couple of 12 hour shifts (critical care nurse) and it starts back up and I am hobbling around.

  133. I have been suffering from plantar fasciitis for almost 10 months now. I am now scheduled for an MRI of my foot to check for stress fractures since traditional treatments have not been working. Very frustrating!

  134. Maybe a 3. I don’t have any injuries, but as I’m
    Upping my miles, I’m starting to feel the aches
    and pains after each run.

  135. 10000000 I have been out for over 8 weeks with an Achilles issue! It has been a hard 8 weeks and I don’t see me running anytime soon!

  136. I’m at about a 3-4 these days. I’m marathon training, so aches are common but my left butt/hamstring/piriformis really hates me right now. Got an appointment tomorrow with my massage therapist so I hope that helps. But having the kit would be perfect for in between visits and I promise to use it frequently!

  137. I have remained at a frustrating “5” for months now! Finally got plantar fascitis to calm down and now piriformis is acting up. I would love to try trigger point, getting ready for a marathon in October.

  138. I’m at about 4… Achilles tendinitis. I babied it for a whole month, did my doctor approved stretches, finally got out and did a very slow and easy 5k fun run. It was great, felt awesome! I took it easy for the rest of the weekend on hopes of starting to get back regular running, and woke up two days later and could barely walk! It’s feeling better again, but I’m back to babying it and feeling scared to try again! I’d love to get my hands on anything that could help!

  139. Help! I’m a 4 with medial meniscus tear and other knee issues with two upcoming halfs and a full marathon in the fall – right now my foam roller and my PT’s exercises are my saving grace – save me now!

  140. I’ll use it! I’m about a 2-3 depending on the day . . . pain in upper leg when running that then seizes up hours after runs are finished. Maybe this would help!

  141. I’d say 3. I’ve been dealing with periformis pain for about 6 months… It gets worse the longer I run and I’m training for a full marathon. I cld use some trigger relief 🙂

  142. Yes I will use it! I wish I had it right now!! I’m about a 6 on the injury scale right now. I had the worst run in a long time tonight and my calves are cramping:I

  143. Yes I will use it!!! And I’m at a 10 🙁 I have plantar Fascitis on both feet that aren’t healing that well and stress fractures on both tibias so no running for 6 months.

  144. I am a consistent 2-3. A nagging hip twinge can get tight and lead to a back thing which leads to a hamstring thing. I see my chiro every other week which seems to keep me in this range. This kit would not be collecting dust in my house. I have a tennis ball in most desk drawers. Oh yeah, there is the piriformis too…

  145. Hi! First time blogger here! I was introduced to you two last year from a friend…. and found inner joy. My goal a half marathon. I was up to 10 miles. I ran two 10ks last fall. After the first one, I realized I could run faster. Then the IT Band kicked in. The physical therapist tried to retrain me from being a heel strike runner to a ball of foot runner. I subsequently developed plantar fasciitis and achilles tendonitis. The joys of the 40s! I spent the winter trying to heal my body and soul….including acupuncture which did help. I promised myself I if I could run again I would look no further than 3-5miles. Well, reading your blogs and listening to the podcasts ( one of my favorites is the mom who created Nutzo) still has me itching to not give up my dream of a half. My aches range from a 3-10 if I’ve been on my feet all day. I was going to sign up for your online training program but my podiatrist has put a temporary halt to my running…and my sanity/escape. As many of your moms, I juggle the craziness of kids and being a physician. I find myself chatting with patients about running and refer them to your sight. This only fuels the fire! I would love to win the therapy kit for my mind and body. Thanks, Julianne

  146. I’m at a 7. Been nursing a knee injury for two months now missing two awesome half marathons. Boo! It’s slowly getting better thanks to my amazing doctor, all my rolling and exercises. But this would be amazing to add toy daily routine. It would never collect dust…promise!! I have one of the tiny balls and I use it daily!!!

  147. Thankfully, I’m at a 2. I had a few minutes of 4 yesterday starting out, but somehow, my legs got it all worked out and my run was fine.

  148. I’m at a 4 right now. Coming off four weeks of rest due to strains in my psoas and glute med caused by sitting too much and marathon training with TIGHT muscles. Mostly back on track now but it’s constant maintenance with a foam roller. I would love to have some new tools!

  149. I would love this for my sister!! She is about a 6 due to a new IT band issue. We are training together for Chicago and I know she would love this (of course it would be nice to borrow too!) I’m currently pretty good with only minor IT band/ feet issues that if I roll and stretch seem to stay at bay! Thx.

  150. I think I am at a 3ish. Most of the time I feel pretty good but when I do a real long run or a run with a few long hills I can feel my calf’s calling to me. It used to be my lower back but that has gotten a bit better. I would Love to have this gift to help me run strong.

  151. I’m probably a 3 or 4. I feel fine on shorter runs but start to struggle with my longer runs. I’m signed up for my first 10k in September so hopefully I can stay healthy that long!

  152. I cross my heart, swear up and down, mega promise to use the Ultimate 6 Kit if I win – PROMISE! I started running last year, a couple weeks before my 40th birthday. Although I absolutely love running, it has come with a lot of lessons in stretching, strengthening and rest. Right now I’m dealing with hip discomfort and am in my 2nd week of pretty minimal running 🙁 I think it’s IT band stuff. Bums me out! I’d say my hip pain is around a 6. Even though I can technically run and get the weekday mileage in, I don’t feel particularly good and am worried about doing more harm than good. I wish it was 1984 and Mr. Miagi could just clap his hands, rub my hip and WAH-LAH!

  153. I am currently about a 3. I seem to visit my chiropractor every other week for my hips. I promise I will use it…cross my heart!

  154. If I win, I’ll be grabbing these, instead of my running shoes, very often! I’m at a 10. As of last night, I decided to sit out for some time. Hopefully a short time. I’m dealing with a strained hip flexor

  155. I’m a 4. As in, no running past 4 miles due to the Achilles’ tendon that takes 4 minutes to wrap before each run, which I can do no more than 4 times a week and this has been my life for the past 4 months. I miss my long runs… I promise no dust will settle on these bad boys!

  156. I would put me somewhere between a 5 and an 8. Why the range? Frustration! I took a full 6 weeks off of ALL high impact (yep, no running, no long hikes with the dogs, and no hardcore biking- even deep water running was hurting). I have been back for about a month now and can’t get over 2 miles more than every other day. So yes, I am running, but just 4 months ago I was running a half marathon. And come on, it takes more than 2 miles to clear the mind.

  157. I promise I’ll be proactive & use the kit. Right now, it’s all a 3. My fractured ankle barks sometimes, my knees haven’t been happy, & I realized my hips were tight because I hadn’t stretched them lately. Off to do a trail strong routine.

  158. Hurt calf (working the foam roller, heat and ice) and to top it off, just diagnosed with early Lyme disease and am on some crazy meds. Still aiming for my long weekend run (and my second marathon in October).

  159. I promise! I’m at a 2, hopefully it will go away! I had PF a few years back and just a couple days ago, I started having some heel pain. I’m icing and hoping just some bad shoes with no support are to blame. Don’t want to go down that path again!

  160. I’d say between a 1-2, and I realize that I’m extremely fortunate! I’m sore from weight lifting, but I know that strengthening my muscles will make me a stronger runner and less prone to injury!

  161. A 2.5 right now with heel and IT Band pain after long runs. Not only would I use this regularly, I would share it with my injury plagued running group!

  162. Been trying to wrangle right knee/IT and left foot plantar issues…mild right now (like a 2 or 3). Hoping to head a 9 or 10 off at the pass! And my husband, a very new runner (!), is wrangling shin splints. We regularly use a foam roller; this system looks sooo much better. I promise it would go to great use in my house.

  163. A 3! longer runs are flaring up the IT band and hip, this would be extremely useful during my marathon training and for my 11 year old son who is running his first half in 4 weeks!

  164. I promise this would not collect dust!
    At about. 3, my knees seem to give me trouble at about mile 3. I try to roll out my hips on a roll of my kids’ craft paper. This kit would be so much better!

  165. I would absolutely use this!! I’m at a 3.5 right now with my plantar fasciatis and having pain in my left hip as well (about a 4)…pick me as I’m training for my first half marathon and would share with my training partner!

  166. I’m a 3. Have had shoulder pain since a run last week and lower back pain that just always seems to hang around no matter what I do.

  167. I’m at a 3 1/2 to 4. I run with plantar fasciitis and I’m training for not one but two fall marathons (my first ever in October). I was told after foot surgery I would never run again, but I’m out there because it’s my therapy. I promise if I win this it will go to good daily use as I’m striving to keep myself & my feet in great shape. I run because I can, and I will for as long as I can.

  168. I think I’m a 3 right now- I have persistent right heel pain that just won’t go away. It’s not plantar fasciitis or a stress fracture- not sure what it is but it won’t go away.

  169. I am at a solid 8. My body is re-adjusting to running after a break from a whiny hamstring that I angered from over training a few months back. Before that I was running the fastest and strongest ever. I would love to have TriggerPoint Performance Therapy Kit. Please, please, please select me. I promise to use it regularly.

  170. I would definitely use this kit! I was cruising right along training for my first full marathon and have now been side lined with tendinitis! Physically I am at an 8, but mentally a 10. It is really hard to finally decide to try a marathon and enjoying the training to now have to stop for injury!

  171. Probably a 3 (yay!). Just the usual niggles and ongoing negotiations with cranky hams, glute mins, tight calves, PTT irked, bunion hurts. Almost all things trigger point can help with. 🙂

  172. I’m at a 6! Just signed up for my first marathon and a week later injured my hip. Feeling discouraged and sore! I promise there would be no dust collecting at my house!!

  173. Promise, promise.

    I am a 2, which is like a -4 since it’s also my first summer since 2011 without sometime in the dreaded BOOT!

  174. I sincerely promise to use the Ultimate Kit 6. It’s the hurt that feels so good. 2. I’m probably at a 3 due to weird right side tightness from shoulder to heel. Icing after hard workouts and I’m having bi-weekly bodywork done. The kit would be perfect for in-between appointments. Still running, got a marathon to train for!

  175. A 2, but only because I switched up some of the exercises in the strength training classes I teach, so I’m just a little sore and tight. Feels good to feel good!

  176. Probably 2…enjoying the extra runs before teachers report back to school next week…a little sore from longer runs with my BRF.

  177. The timing of this give away couldn’t be better. I just wrote about my current injury on my blog:

    On a scale from 1-10 I am at a 5 right now. My gluteus medius has been bugging me for a few weeks. I finally admitted it to my coach and she’s confident we can work through it. I’ve got 100 days to go before Ironman Arizona, so any tools I can get will be well utilized. Rest assured, these TriggerPoint Performance Therapy Kits will NOT collect dust in my house between my Ironman training and my husband’s marathon training (and two 6-year-olds who will no doubt see them as toys)!

  178. I’m at a 2…sore!! Could really use Triggerpoint for release right now! 🙂 #halfmarathon #training #halfcrazy

  179. Oh man will this thing get regular use!! Girl Scouts honor!

    I’m probably at a 5-6. Post tib tendonitis and tight calves, coupled with what I suspect is a mild degree of shin splints vs compartment syndrome are my biggest problems. This kit would be such an amazing asset!

  180. 1. promise 🙂
    2. i guess i am a #2 right now….. training for a sept marathon ( 2 weeks until my taper!) and knocking wood that i stay there….

  181. Ugghhhh! I would have to say I am a 9. Plantar and other foot issues have kept me out of running or very minimal running for over a year. PT, Chiro and now a second trip to the podiatrist. Hoping something will help. I am officially out of the AMR

  182. Ouch… On a scale of 1-10, I’m at about a 9.5. I’ve tried rest, rolling, Chiro, pt + exercises, and I think I’ve officially had to move on to seeing an ortho. 🙁
    This kit is on both mine and my newly running Hubby’s wish list. In fact, I may need to buy it for us for our upcoming anniversary!

  183. I WANT THIS SO BAD!!! The fleet feet people showed me how to use some of these things and it was AWESOME! I am probably a 1 or a 2 right now but training for 3 half’s this year and hoping to pr. I have chronic hip issues since baby #3 (he is 3 now) and as I increase my miles I know that number will rise.

  184. I’m going to say that I’m a 2 right now. An occasional pain here or there, but mostly good. But I’m training for the Tower of Terror 10-Miler and the Princess Half Marathon after that, so I promise to use the kit (if I win) to help prevent injury!

  185. Ugh!! PF is nasty, nasty. Rolling the frozen water bottle nightly. Hopefully soon..maybe with prize it’ll be gone..bye,bye.

  186. Right now I would say I’m a 2 & praying to stay there! Just re-entering the runner world post child 2. The ultimate 6 kit could make a lovely friend with my soon to be achy /getting back in shape body:)

  187. SO SAD RIGHT NOW. Not running regularly and the stress is piling on like butter on a roll (or fat on my body). Achilles tendonitis has me at about a 7 most days, and running is more like a 9, so I’m relegated to walk/jog or swim/bike until it calms down. Trigger point would be VERY NICE to add to my already-rehabbing-it with yoga and foam roller routine. Keep up the encouragement, SBS & Dimity. We love ya.

  188. With my feet on an ice pack and propped elegantly on the couch (RICE, right?) my PF settles down to about a 4. But up and about and being mobile, it can reach a 7. TriggerPoint me!

  189. 8 – Just finished a half on 7/19 at the beginning of a week’s vacation. Last day of vacation – fell while trying to walk in the dark in our hotel and hit the corner of the tv stand. Cracked or bruised rib was the diagnosis. Looking forward to running again without pain while breathing.

  190. I’m at a 2 (is anyone ever totally pain free?) and I am eager to keep it that way. I’m very prone to overtight muscles so this seems like a fantastic adjunct to my training!

  191. I’d say I’m an 8 right now. So bummed because the plantar fasciitis is kicking my butt. Can’t even run. Waah. I could definitely use this giveaway!!!!! Fingers crossed, and my left heel is BEGGING to win.

  192. Having been injured over a year now, this will not go to waste on me! I am probably about a 6. My foot is not healed but I can run a bit on it. I just don’t push it.

  193. I PROMISE to use the Ultimate 6 Kit!!! I am near desperate and depressed. I’ve dealt with plantar fasciitis and now it’s shin splints. My pain is at a 5… fact I’m icing right now. I have a Half in Oct and our whole family is running that weekend. Please, I NEED the Ultimate 6 Kit!

  194. Right now I’d say I am a 3, sometimes a 4. I have been having very tight calves, and tightness in my left arch that comes and goes. I recently got a foam roller and have been using that on my calves, but I am really not sure what’s up with my left arch!

  195. OOOH! How much would I love to win this! I have been dealing with tibialis posterior and anterior tendonitis. Just today I was researching tibial tendon trigger points and their pain referrals. I have pain inside my ankle bone, inside the arch of my foot, and at the top/inside of my foot near my ankle. I’m trying to self-treat right now with a tennis ball and foam roller; they help somewhat but this trigger point kit looks like just what I need! I’d say I’m a “5” on the injury scale; I’m running, but my mileage is scaled back, I have mild pain afterward, and rolling and stretching is a part-time job. 😉

  196. I’m about a 3, but I am constantly monitoring my knees and ankles as they are rather sensitive after runs. I can’t run two days in a row or my pain goes up to about a 6 and pushes me out of running for a few days.

  197. I’m going to say 2 on this. I’m 10 weeks postpartum with baby #2 so still working out all the kinks and getting back into the groove of things.

  198. I’m going with a 2 on this one. The increase in weekly runs since starting 13.Fun has my brain clear and my body feeling stronger. Unfortunately, my legs are constantly aching for movement. All of a sudden I am experiencing RLS symptoms 24 hours a day. I’m currently working with a foam roller and cold baths which provide temporary relief, which I will say is better than nothing!

  199. I’d say a 5-6 right now. I have self diagnosed piriformis syndrome and I’m training for a 1/2 with 13.FUN. I would love to win the ultimate 6 kit!!

  200. I Guess I would say I’m a 4. I am finally almost over the shin splints but just starting to run/walk again. Still nervous about reinjuring myself.

  201. probably a four…I have had a nagging groin/hip flexor injury for awhile and have only been half ass working on it…need to be more on top of it to take care of it (says the PT who is too busy/tired to treat herself!)

  202. I’m around a 2 right now. I had some ankle/ inner calf barking while running this morning… that’s a recurring issue that I hope to keep at a minimum level!

  203. I am between 2 and 3….my calves and Achilles are ALWAYS tight and I tend to have flare ups of plantar fasciitis. This kit would never collect dust…my only problem is I would probably have to fight my husband over it!!

  204. I am at a 1 right now and want to stay that way! Have had knee issues and hip flexor issues in the past — not fun.

  205. I am at a 10 right now. Problems with my knee, specially the knee-cap, which is going to be “scoped” in 2 weeks (whatever the heck that means.) I can’t wait to get back to running!

  206. I am about a 6 right now with my first running injury of plantar fasciitis. I know I need to stretch more, rest but when you are in the middle of training for something important to you there is no time for rest. It is just a matter of managing the pain. So tired of my golf balls rolling away under my desk.

  207. I have been a solid 3 for a few months. My hamstring has been nagging me for some time now. Stretching and foam rolling hasn’t made a difference. My aching feet have been good, but as soon as I start upping the miles, my feet join in the fun.

  208. I would say between 4-5. I’m attempting to get back to running after baby #3 and some significant health issues following his birth. Ummm, I should probably mention that baby #3 is actually 18 months now and the health issues were fairly resolved about 4 months following his birth! I’m slowing getting back into it but, man, is it slow going!!

  209. Yes, I promise it won’t collect dust. I’m a (1) because I stretch, strength train, foam roll, and when the aches appear I rest. Sleep is a great cure for injuries.

  210. I’m a 10. I tore my meniscus about 3 weeks ago on an easy run for my 13.FUN training. Just had surgery on Monday, but there’s no running in the foreseeable future…which is driving me a little crazy!

  211. 3-4. I have a little tightness in my right hamstring but nothing that is sidelining me. I have been stretching it and doing yoga. However, I have had to scale back a bit this week due to an ear infection/Swimmer’s ear from cross training with swimming and doing triathalons this summer. The dr thinks dirt/bacteria festered in my ear causing irritation which led to some tenderness and swelling on my jawbone for a week now. Who would have thought I would have been sidelined from running from swimming?!?!?!

  212. I’m at about an 8, unfortunately. I’ve been out for about six weeks due to some tendonitis. I’m out of a doing a race I really wanted to do for the second year in a row, which is really disappointing. It does seem to be getting better though, so hopefully I will be able to start again soon.

  213. Sitting here, I am a 2, but between 8 and 10 miles on the trails I am a 7. My left hamstring likes to sing for those couple of miles and somehow works itself out (or I just can’t keep paying attention to it) after 10 miles. I took my first “Roll & Recover” class last night and loved it. I am a big fan of the foam roller, but this was my first exposure to the magic of rolling on balls. OOOOWWW – in a good way!.

  214. I’m not sure if it counts as “injury” but I’d say I’m probably a 4 or 5 – just coming back to running post-baby. Between the north Texas heat, new baby demands, 4-year-old-adjusting-to-new-baby demands, and getting used to my post-partum body (again), I’m happy to average 2-3 (short) run/walks again. Most days that I get out, though, I’m just happy to be back to it.

  215. Probably about a 2. The plantar fascitis continues to let me know it’s there…not a lot of pain… just won’t go away completely. If I run too steep of a hill, the old left knee will whine for a while.

  216. I’m running at roughly a 3. I have some tendon issues in each foot: anterior tibialis inflammation on one, peroneal on the other. I have a busy fall season, so I’m trying to say on top of active rehab!

  217. Holy Moly!! I’m a good 7 maybe 7.5-IT flaring up, shin splints still nagging, and plantar fasciitis in full effect!! Ugghh! Trying to figure out how I’m going to manage Dumbo Double Dare in 3 weeks!! HELP!!

  218. I would say I’m about a 2. Running is thankfully pain free for me, but I just ran my first 50-miler and there’s some residual soreness for sure!

  219. Right now I am just getting back from a weeks vacation and a lot of air travel, so I would say that I am a little sore and achy from sleeping on hideabeds. But in terms of running I am at a 2-3 right now. A tweaky calf or hip from time to time but not usually keeping me out of the game. I had a pretty serious calf strain 3 years ago and after having that experience I am much more aware of the need of cross training and personal care. Sometimes I still over do it, but I think that I would use this system regularly and it would be a nice complement to my stick and foam roller.

  220. I am normally around a 1-2. During tough training weeks my hips might go into a 3. Nothing to bad just reminds me of all the hard work I am doing

  221. I feel very lucky to say 2 or maybe even 1.5 today! After months of plantar faciitis and going two steps back for every one forward, I feel really good today!

  222. I solemnly swear to use the Ultimate 6 Kit, in fact it will be a dream come true. When I run, I may have a twinge of pain around a “1-3″…however, when I am not running my pain is an “8”, weird, huh? My PT thinks its sciatic nerve pain located on the back of my leg, behind my knee. I don’t even know what doctor to go to next. If it doesn’t hurt when I’m running, I can keep running, right?

  223. I am a 2, but headed towards 5. I am in week 6 of an 18 week marathon plan, and I am starting to feel little twinges. Glute, plantar, IT, tendons. I would LOVE the TriggerPoint kit. I use their roller and it is great.

  224. Today I am a 1 (holla!) I have been running for under a year, not including time I had to take off for PT. I am injury prone and I have to be very careful. I would love this. And I promise I wouldn’t just let it collect dust!

  225. I am at a 3 right now. I have rolled my ankle a few times and it is slow to heal. I think I am more nervous of getting reinjured than I am injured right now!

  226. One a day to day basis I’m probably at about a 3. I’m having issues with continual pain after prolonged sitting which I think might be caused by my sciatic nerve. When I’m on long runs it shoots up to a 8-9 due to pain in my IT band. To say that I’d put this to good use is an understatement!

  227. OMG I really want one of these! I’m pretty much always a 5 because of issues with my body (definitely NOT built for running). But the biggest concern is my heels (plantar fasciitis)which I think is linked to my flat big clodhoppers 😉

  228. Probably only around a 2-3 depending on the day…..I’ve been having some unidentified heel pain in my right foot and then my calves have been sore after some of my runs. Of course I have the unwelcome shin splints pop up from time to time as well.

  229. I’m probably at a 2-3 right now, but that’s only because I’m doing some foam rolling and stretching and trying to get yoga back in the mix. My ITB and plantar fasciitis injuries from years ago are always knocking at the door. I would definitely put the trigger point to good use!

  230. Today it’s probably a 4 – due to way too many miles on hills and trails last week during vacation. Time off from work? More time to put some miles in!! But the recovery run is done so tomorrow will be the usual 1.2 rating.

  231. Right I’m happy to say I am at about a 1 or 2. Running injury free…feeling good but occasional aches and pains that come along with running which is why I’d love this kit. I have a foam roller but thinking this is a much better at being pro active than what in doing to prevent level 10!

  232. Right now, I’d say I’m a 3 – have some hip pain but not much to stop me from running. I know I need to “work out” the kinks before the pain becomes a 10! Ouch 8-P

  233. I don’t even known how to rate what I have. It doesn’t even have a name beyond “leg pain.” I can run, sometimes I don’t even have any lateral calf and foot pain when I do, but other times it hurts horribly, limits my performance,and morphs into quad pain too. ART and rolling have helped, mainly with some neurologic symptoms and medial calf pain, but I just want it to go away! It has been going on over 18 months now — am I a 3 or an 8?

  234. I am almost afraid that I will jinx myself to say that I have no real issues right now, because sure enough, I’m going to do something to injure myself now and will then desperately need the AMR Ultimate Traveling 6 Kit!!!

  235. I’m at about a 6. Just went to see a PT about a nagging pain in my right knee (it’s always a little bit off). She says quads aren’t strong enough, which makes sense, I’ve been focusing on my hips and calves, which had been giving me issues. If it’s not one thing, it’s another! 🙂 I LOVE my foam roller, I’ll bet the Trigger Point kit will get the same kind of love.

  236. I am about a 7…. my left foot/leg/shin is slightly swollen etc. No stress fracture, maybe a bruise? Anyway, most days it is ok, but i am paranoid! Marathon season is almost here!!!!! I roll, roll, roll and ice, ice, ice, but still somehow it lingers! lol

  237. Probably a 3. Tight calves causing top of foot and inner shin pain. Trying to make it go away for my first Ragnar next week!

  238. I think I’m hovering around a 3 – not bad but I injured a calf muscle a few weeks ago and I’m trying to be careful with it. Plus, I am starting to suspect that post 40 there will never be completely pain free running again!

  239. So I’m hanging around in the 5-ish-range these days. A lasting relationship with Plantar Fasciitis has led me to be a diligent (read that as obsessive) foam roller, an ideal chiropractic patient doing my exercises without fail every day, and a slowly-learning ChiRunner. I wonder if using the trigger point kit might be just the thing to help move me through as my body adjusts to the changes ChiRunning brings to getting my sweat on. My runs are less frequent and not very long. I’m happy with any running time but I would sure love to start racking up the miles again.

  240. I’m around a 5. Tight hips, calves and scar tissue from an ankle surgery have slowed me down, but haven’t stopped me.

  241. 6 at the moment. I have a left ITB, adductor, psoas, hamstring … okay basically a left upper leg that is giving me grief. It started out as a slight twinge at the finish of my longest runs (10+ miles). It has gradually increased to annoying pain even on short runs and I have intermittent pain the entire day following a run on the left side. I have been attempting stretching and strengthening. I believe consistent trigger point therapy and rolling along with hip strengthening will be my ticket to improvement in this injury.

  242. I’m probably a 7, left foot, pf. I took time off, sleep in a splint, got orthotics and was in a boot and it’s still there. I still run but no run is without pain;(

  243. About a 2. I have toned down my running after 2 stress reactions in my hips, and I’m okay on that issue right now but I’m dealing on and off with a case of chronic bursitis in my right heel. So, overall, not too bad, but I’m cautious about upping my running.

  244. Generally I feel pretty good…a 1-2 I’d guess…I do some rolling out with some unusual household items…my handy dandy ceramic rolling pin, the spiky plastic dog ball that my poodle never cared for…and my yoga blocks. I’d love to try something actually designed for trigger point usage!

  245. I am 100% convinced that foam rolling is what kept me injury-free during my hard core half marathon training last spring (and I PR’d!). I would LOVE to upgrade from my basic foam roller to the Triggerpoint Kit! Today I’m at a 3-4. I did a really intense hour long HIIT workout yesterday morning and my groin muscle wasn’t happy. I went on to play softball that night and ran hills this morning. Ouch. Where’s that TriggerPoint when I need it?!

  246. 1. I do solemnly swear it will be put to good use.
    2. I’m about a 2 right now. This numbness and PF threatening again. More mentally on the fritz from not running enough.

  247. I am ‘knocking on wood’ as I type this comment. Very gratefully, I manage to keep in a ‘1-2’ range as I continue to lengthen my daily runs and incorporate more steep hills. I just don’t know enough about these rolling tools to make the investment in something at this point in time. My right hip consistently bugs me each day as I sit at my desk. I promise that I stretch after each run, but this dull pain is tolerable, but never dissipates. Suggested solutions are always welcome!

  248. In the words of my 3 year old, I triple promise to use it! I have a feeling I will be needing it soon. I’m currently at a 10. I had a c-section six weeks ago and have been benched from running for nearly my whole pregnancy. I should be cleared to run on Friday and I’m psyched, though I have a feeling aches and pains are in my future as I try and regain my fitness level!

  249. I guess I’m at a 4 right now. Foot injury in November, but have been able to start increasing my mileage slowly and thoughtfully. So far no residual foot issues, but have to be VERY careful not to push too hard and cause an overuse injury someplace else!

  250. I’m at about a 6 or 7, I guess? I’ve been battling PF. Took a week off, then tried running 5k last Thursday (after being pain free for 24 hours), and every step I took after the run was painful for 2 days. So I’m taking another week & a half off, trying to figure out how to ease back into running, and trying to decide if running a 10k at the end of September is going to be a possibility, or if I should just sell my number now.

  251. I promise this would be used! My husband and I both need it. I’m at a 1 right now … I think. I don’t want to say that too loud.

  252. I’d say I’m at a 3. I’m starting to get back to wear I was after tearing my MCL in April. It’s taking longer than I thought, and my knee still doesn’t feel quite “right. I always have tight shoulders, and I think I must hunch them when I run.

  253. About a 2 but I hobble pretty good after longer runs. As a baby runner I am listening and taking advice to prevent injury.

  254. After dealing with a broken hip (and subsequent surgery and months and months of PT) and a broken wrist in the past several years, I’m incredibly happy to report I’m injury-free at the moment: I’m a 1 and very glad of it!

  255. I am a very happy 1! After some nasty IT Band issues last year, I have worked hard to keep myself feeling good. Took things very easy after the Pittsburgh Marathon in May and it has paid off.

  256. I’d say a 3, which is about my best steady state these days. I have a constantly niggling left hip and upper calf, but neither are acting up right now. I could use this kit on my whole left leg/hip area and I’m sure it would help!

  257. I’m probably a 3. Definitely have tightness in both hips. Stretching and foam rolling have kept the pain away, but once my marathon miles start building I’m afraid for how my hips will fare.

  258. I’m between a 3 and 4. I’m training for my first marathon in November and my upper hamstrings are really tight! Seeing the chiropractor on a monthly basis, but it doesn’t seem to be helping. I’d love to win this kit!!

  259. I’m about a 2. Some nagging shoulder soreness and neck strain, but once I get running I tend to forget about them. Sure could use this kit, as could my husband!

  260. I’m at a 3… had foot surgery in December and still working my way back, but every month gets a little better! My husband has been dealing with some bad shin splints and I would love this kit for both of us to deal with our issues.

  261. I am running pain/ injury free, but I’d like to nominate Mikee Gildea who returned to her 13.FUN training on Monday after 2+ weeks off due to a calf injury.

  262. Probably a 1-2. I’ve been taking it a little easier this summer and my body is thanking me for it. Hope it stays that way as I get ready for the Market to Market Relay Race in October;)

  263. This week has been a 3-4. My left hip has been aching and now I am starting to feel the beginning of a shin splint. Nothing some Alive, ice can’t seem to numb for a little relief, but it is always there. Then today my Achilles(sp?) tendons seemed really tight, even stopped in the middle of my run to stretch which I never do! I would love to save me some money and win the foam rollers! They would be put to good use at my house!

  264. I’d say I’m at about a 6-7. Battling PF and heel bursitis for the last 18 months. Things had been going well in current training regime until about 2 weeks ago when things started flaring up. Took a week off, a visit to podiatrist and chiropractor, the accupuncturist and some steroids … Things will hopefully get back on track. Trigger point would be great because all my issues stem from hip issues and tight calves!

  265. I am about a 4. I had a stress reaction while training for a recent 1/2 marathon. Luckily it did not turn into an actual fracture! I have been using a rolled up yoga mat to try and do some muscle massage and lets just say, that doesn’t work so well :)I have even resorted to using the dog’s tennis ball – ew! This product would get a ton of use by myself as well as my daughter who is a ballerina. I promise!

  266. I’d say a 4-5. I had been having some sciatic nerve pain which is starting to manifest itself as knee and back pain. Still running, but I’m thinking I should do something about it soon. I’m hoping, like every runner, it goes away on its own tomorrow 🙂

  267. I’m about a 4. I’m still able to run but as I sit here I have a nagging right heel, bilateral hamstrings, calf and right glute/low back. It’s all there kind of like a toothache.

    I paid to get a “sports massage” two weeks ago and while on the table the guy told me he likes to focus on neck and back muscles. I asked about the lower body and he said “Of course I’ll get to that” which he did but spent maybe five minutes on my legs and feet. And then Oopsy, he didn’t realize he cut the session short by 15 minutes. Money well spent!!

    I would love to win this and I pinky-promise I will use it religiously!!!

  268. I’m probably about a 3 right now. Just dealing with some calf and arch tightness. This kit would be great to loosen them up before it becomes something more serious.

  269. I am about an 8 at the moment. I am doing a back to running program after a stress fracture in my right foot that occurred late April. Now having recurrence of a tight puriformis muscle on the left. Could really use this kit!

  270. I’ve had the misfortune of having both a running injury and of having to recover from multiple foot surgeries, leaving me sidelined for months. I hope to never again have to be completely sidelined again, though I’m always at about a “3” because of lingering foot swelling. But I can live with that! I’d love to have this kit to help me keep everything else humming!

  271. I’m at about a 3, achilles tendonitis, knee pain, all manageable but would love to be running pain free.

  272. I’m at about a 4 right now. I’m having issues with a quad muscle but it actually feels better when I’m running or moving and only bothers me when I’m stationary.

  273. Amen! I am injury free at the moment and want to keep it that way. While training for my very first half I was prone to tendonitis in my right foot – the surgery foot! On the 7 mile run last week I felt little twinges so I used my hand held weights to roll under my foot. The Trigger Point kit would amazing to win. I have to resort to other items as with three teenage daughters (one headed of to college in two weeks) my budget is well no existent. 🙂

  274. I am right in the middle at a 5. My pain is manageable, yet constant. Fortunately, it is in my neck and shoulder so I am still able to run!! It is starting to affect my form though so things are getting more achy, but I’m grateful not to be sidelined from any of it!

  275. I promise it will NOT collect DUST.
    Injury – a 9 – laid up for weeks but trying tonight! Might need it soon!!

  276. Yes, use, YES I will absolutely use this–how cool! On a pain scale of 1 to 10, it depends on the time of day. At the end of the day, I’m hobbling around and can’t quite get very comfortable. While I’m running is when I feel the best, all warm and loose!

  277. I am about a 2 right now. Every once in a while my bunion or plantar fasciitis talks to me, and my glutes and hamstrings are often tight , but no major injuries (knock on wood)!

  278. I’m at an 8. I’m still recovering from childbirth four months ago during which I burst an artery (yikes!) among other things. I’ve “run” just twice since then, reawakening an old hip injury. I’m going crazy, but still hanging in there. One step at a time while respecting this amazing body that runs marathons and gives me babies.

  279. I’m a tight 2 going into an 18-miler coming up Sat., followed by a 20-miler the following weekend (Train Like a Mother Own It for NYC Marathon.) I’ve been using my foam roller on my upper legs and hips and a golf ball on my calves, but I’ve been eyeing the various Trigger Point kits on Amazon ever since you featured the Cold Roller last year. Hard to justify the cost when my existing rolling works adequately (keeps me at a 2,) but would definitely use it if I win. This Masters runner wants to continue running for a long, long time and preventative maintenance is key.

  280. I’m definitely a 10 – I’ve been sidelined by an ankle injury acquired while backpacking. I’m definitely itching to run! In the meantime, I’ve taken up swimming to keep run-ready!

  281. I have been dealing with plantar fasciitis for past 3 months or so. I took off a month of running and that helped but it still flares up. The soreness is always there(about a 2) but can go up to an 8 after a boot camp workout or short run. Would love to finally be RID of this! I also have hamstring issues lingering from last summer that I did PT for. I miss my pain-free running days!

  282. I’m one of those unlucky preggies who just can’t run right now. I am absolutely longing for that first run post-bebe…even though I know it’s going to be brutal. Pre-bebe, my IT band was causing constant grief and I’m sure some other issues will arise in my post-preg bod. I promise, I will use the heck outta this kit!!!

  283. I am forever about a 6-7. I have arthritis in my knee from an ACL replacement many years ago, and while my doctor advises I shouldn’t run, it’s far too therapeutic to me not to do. I really wanted to win this kit last night at your event. 🙂

  284. On a scale of 1-10 I am about a 3. I’m keeping injury free so far, but keep feeling twinges that have me concerned that I need to keep on top of them. My pecs and piriformis could really use the trigger point massage ball!

  285. I’m at 3. I have just a touch of shin splints in week 9 of marathon training but ice and massage and lots of TLC keeps it in check so it’s not slowing me down too much. My sports doc told me about the trigger point kit, that’s quite an endorsement!

  286. I’m a 3, I think. I have some shin splints and my bunion has been burning a bit, but it’s nothing that will really stop me from getting out there.

  287. About a 3 right now, and feeling pretty good compared to a few months ago! But lately my ankles, feet & calves have been achy and tight, especially in the morning. The TriggerPoint looks like it could really help with this new tightness.

  288. I’m 12 weeks out from the Marine Corp Marathon. If I say ‘1’, I’m afraid that will jinx it so I’ll say ”2′, but we all know that things can change in an instant. I was once derailed by a sprained ankle while walking the dog.

  289. I’m about a 3-4. I’ve been trying to be proactive and stretch and stretch so I don’t end out for another month and a half. Like I was in the spring:((

  290. I’m probably a 2 right now. I didn’t think I had any calf issues until I went to a new sports massage therapist yesterday and she found them for me! Yikes, I definitely need to foam roll my calves more!

  291. I’m a 3 right now. Being in week 7 of marathon training, my feet are not happy about all of the increased mileage. I’ve started to roll more and ice, but would LOVE a full set of trigger point resources!!

  292. I’m sitting at around a 7 right now. SI joint problems are killing me! I just discovered rolling to help alleviate some of the pain. This set would be phenomenal!

  293. I’m at about a 3. I don’t hurt but I’m tight and so worried that I will reinjure my dang hip! This would be awesome to have around to work out the tightness.

  294. About a 1 – my knee hurts for the first couple blocks then I’m good … except for the running days close to boot camp when I need a GOOD warm up for sore muscles!

  295. I am a 3 right now. I am dealing with some shin splints from running too long in the same shoes. I was on my last pair of stocked up Sauconys and had to try some new ones on. I am hoping the new shoes on payday will take some of that away!

  296. I’d have to say that I’m about a 2 or 3 right now. Both my shin splints and my IT band make me aware of them every couple of runs or so, especially if I am not stretching and rolling like I should. I would love to win the Trigger Therapy to help me get through an 82 mile relay this month and a marathon the first week of October.

  297. About a 1 – my right hip flexer is not the happiest of campers but as long as I stretch (and stretch) its not bad.

  298. I’m about a 2, thankfully. My old buddy plantar reared its ugly head the other day, but I slept with “the boot” on and felt better immediately.

  299. I pledge to use the tools…I use my trigger point foam roller faithfully and this kit looks amazing. I recently recovered from Plantar Fascitis and a metatarsal stress fracture, and I’m thankfully a 1 right now (just went for my first post-injury run this week and it felt awesome!)

  300. Hmm, prob a 4. Knee likes to talk back at the moment. I have had (too) many injuries from not listening/taking care if my body; I’m trying to be much better about that now!

  301. I would say I’m at a 6. I am still running but I always seem to have some pain! Right now my IT Band is flaring up and I have a bit of Siatica! Still trying to run even though it’s painful. This kit looks awesome!

  302. I’m at a 2 right now, however I just completed my first race out of a 3-race event called the Triple Trail Challenge. I am feeling my hamstring from going hard on the first race and have a lot of miles to cover before the last race – which is a tough trail marathon. Would love to stay injury free!

  303. I guess I am at about a 3-4 on the scale. An MRI revealed some tendonitis in my hip that I am trying to get through.

  304. I am at a 3. I bought a new pair of shoes and believe they triggered heal pain. It is an annoying pain on the outside of my left heal. It seems to feel better after I run. Maybe that is all mental, but I would love to try the triggerpoint kit to prevent future pains/injuries like this.

  305. 3. Things are mostly good, but being on the postpartum recovery train means that there are still a few things out of whack, and I can tell from different twinges that I’m overcompensating for those things. Working to keep my body from going any higher on that 1-10 scale!

  306. I’m at a 3 right now. Was dealing with some plantar fasciitis after running a marathon this past spring and it just wouldn’t go away. I decided to take the summer off and it seems to be less angry but I’m a little worried about starting up again and having it flare up. Promising to follow through on number one is much harder for me to promise as I am awful about stretching or doing fitness at home. So often at night I lie in bed thinking about how I’m going to start stretching/lifting/running more consistently and the next day gets up and gets away from me. Dealing with an injury though is also not fun and even though I’ve enjoyed the summer off, I’m ready to get back into running shape.

  307. My plantar fasciitis is at zero, finally! But my IT band is creeping back up from 5 to 6 and I’m trying everything to keep it from going higher up the list during this round of half marathon training. My massage therapist friend has taught me a few tricks but I promise to use the trigger point goodness on a very regular basis. 🙂

  308. I’m not sure where I’m at…maybe a 5. I just found out that I am pregnant with our 3rd child so my body is so out of whack. Things hurt that didn’t before, like my joints, side of my neck, and I have a throbbing in my ear! Supposedly this is normal. 🙂

  309. Well unfortunately I am a 7. I injured my knee I think or it’s my quad. I start physical therapy today. It hurts going up stairs and running. I have 2 half marathons coming up. Praying for recovery.

  310. Currently at a 1 and don’t want that to change! Thanks to foam rolling and strength training, I’ve no problems crop up so far in this training cycle yet 🙂

  311. I am currentyl about a 2-3. I ocassionally have a back/shoulder pain. Although that not the worst pain level i have been in before. In the past i have ended up with knee pain and i am always looksing for ways to prevent that injury from resurfacing, as well as prevent others.

  312. I would say I’m at a 3. I am taking a week off from running, not because of an injury, but because my whole body has been complaining. The past few weeks I’ve been slower than usual, and then Saturday after my long run I started having mild bowel issues which lasted for 2 days. Since no one else got sick, I think my body is just telling me to back off and get some rest. But when I start up again I’m a few days, I’d love to have a way to keep that lower back tightness at bay!

  313. A 3 at the moment with pain I can get through. I could use some help and have not been admitting the pain/stress while training for an ultra. I feel like I run better than I walk 100% of the time. PF may be knocking on the door of my right foot and my knees, quads, hamstrings and IT band talk at once like my kids repeating “mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom…”. I wouldn’t say I am injured but I am hanging on.

  314. My piriformis muscle has been a literal pain in my butt for the last month. Injury wise I am at a sore and stubborn 7. I have made friends with my arch nemesis the foam roller and yet it still does not quite hit the tiny specific spot. This set would be a welcome treat so I can stop spending a bloody fortune at the massage therapist. With 7 more Half Marathons by the end of the year I am looking for any help to get back to running happy and pain in the butt free.

  315. I’m at a 3-4. My Achilles’ tendon is bugging me. Additionally I’m recovering from a fall that have me huge bruises, but that’s a short term injury while the Achilles’ tendon is semi chronic..

  316. Scouts honor I will use the heck out of it! Currently I bounce between a 2 and a 4. Nothing too terrible, but I’ve had regular appointments with my podiatrist to try and stay on top of things as I’m training for my marathon in November. First foot pain, then shin, and of course IT band issues which I’ve had for years. This kit would be awesome!!

  317. I’m at about a 4 with shin splints at the moment. I’m still able to get out for 2- 3 runs a week but there is a lot of post-cooldown work that I’ve been doing to keep myself moving- icing, taping, DIY rolling with a rolling pin and tennis ball, and lots of stretching. I can see the end of the tunnel but I may need a little help getting to the end and staying out of the injured zone. This is the first time I’ve even been able to continue with running through my shin splints because before I would just give up but the 13.Fun group has really got me motivated to take the time to rehab and continue safely!

  318. Just a two short months ago I was a 1 on the scale after a six-month battle with plantar fasciitis. Then I got all excited after placing second in a really, really, really small 15K and upped my mileage a little too fast. Wham! The plantar fasciitis came knocking once again. I can’t complain though; I’m only about a 4 on the injury scale right now.

  319. Currently I am a 1, and would like to stay that way. I do get a lot of tightening in my lower back and hips and would love any tool at my disposal to work out these areas.

  320. I’m at about a 2 or 3. (or maybe I’m kidding myself?) I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis in April and was forced to take 5 weeks off from running. I was diligent with icing, stretching, foam rolling my calves, and rolling my feet on a golf ball. I’m back to running and looking to PR at a half in October (since I missed my PR by 7 minutes in July). I still feel my feet talking to me a bit on occasion, so I know I need to keep up with the good practices I had before. This cute kit would definitely help!!

  321. 1) I promise! 2) I’d say I’m at a 4 or 5. Some of that is pregnancy-related, but before that I’ve struggled with some recurring lower back/glute pain, if that makes sense.

  322. #1 – there is absolutely NO WAY that this would become a dust collector in my house! 🙂 I am a firm believer in using sticks, foam rollers, golf balls and more to release all those muscles that tighten up from running. Critical to my survival!!

    #2 – injury-wise I would say I’m at a 3 about now…but since my first full marathon is only 4.5 weeks away it feels like it’s a 100 because it just makes me SO nervous! I’m dealing with some anterior tibialis tendonitis (Dr. Google helped on that one…) so I’m spending a lot of time using RICE and foam rolling/sticking the heck out of my shins/calves these days. Hoping for the best!

  323. Thankfully, I’m only a 2– hopefully on my way back to a 1! I’m coming off of a minor injury and ramping up mileage, so while I don’t have any real injuries right now (yay!), my legs are stiff and sore from adjusting to lots of miles again.

  324. I would say I am at about a 3-4, only because when I run I feel pretty good (despite an occasional squawk from my right achilles), but it’s always post-run that I feel it. My right upper glute is a daily pain in the a** (excuse the pun), and I have been starting to notice what may be some piriformis tightness…hoping that it doesn’t progress into a mid-run pain! Man, those massage balls are calling my name!!

  325. I’m at a 6-7. My biggest issue has been nagging IT band issues on both legs, for over 2 years. I foam roll, and foam roll, then foam roll some more. I use The Stick, KT Tape, and the Rubz Ball. I got some great relief from a trigger point massage therapist once when I traveled out of state to a race, but sadly there aren’t any in my area. This Trigger Point Performance Therapy kit looks like just the thing I need.

  326. On my honor, I will do my duty to quads, glutes, calves and achilles to maintain ease of movement in my body by rolling and applying pressure to various points to improve and keep me running healthy.

    As for level of pain, 2+ in achilles tendons. ;-/

  327. I’m at a 3, I have IT issues although they aren’t flared up currently. I roll my calves, quads, hams and glutes before each run with TP products.

  328. At risk of offending the Out-Loud Gods, I am currently a 0 and intend to keep it that way. In addition to keep my runs short and frequent, I am trying to incorporate strength training into my regime so I can PR in my next half marathon in December. Long runs begin in mid-September, around the time I turn 45 (yikes!). I could use a structured approach like TriggerPoint. No dust will gather on it at my house!

  329. at a 2, but probably it’s a 7 due to back pain, but have had it for 12 years so learned to manage or deal I guess 🙁 would love this to work out sore and tired muscles, training for an October marathon.

  330. Probably a 5. My feet who have supported me for all these years are acting up this year. I have a neuroma, which had laid dormant for many years that is acting up, PF that comes and goes but has been with me more this summer and the balls of my feet that feel like they are burning when I go more that 5-6 miles. Working with a podiatrist and trying to get sorted out before my half in September. Taping with KT tape, rolling on an iced water bottle and using a boot for the PF. Working harder on not feeling sorry for myself and being grateful I can still run, just slower and less mileage.

  331. Oh it would not collect dust for sure. I am at about an 8.5. Just spent 6 weeks in a boot for achilles tendinitis and am trying to slowly get back into my running. Bought new shoes, new inserts. And have hit the very flat road twice doing a 2:1 run walk ratio. Excited to get back but nervous about injuring again.

  332. Probably a 4-5. My knee (which I really think is because of my IT band) isn’t happy for at least the first mile or two of any run.

  333. 10+ for me. Calf pain, knee pain, toe issues. I have not run in months. It’s been so miserable, I deferred my last 2 races (13.1 and 26.2) till 2015.

  334. 3. I just got over a sprained foot. Weeks and weeks of not doing anything. So the only pain I feel know is in my other knee that took up the brunt while staying off the injured foot. My marathon next month will be fabulous!

  335. I am at a 0! Last year I was in a bad way with crazy tight IT band/knee issues and, thanks to my foam roller, am running free from injury today. I completely understand the benefits of self-care and am now trying to harness that perspective in terms of recognizing how important preventative care is. I would love the trigger point therapy tools!

  336. About a 2-3. Feeling good while I run but tightness (esp. in hips) afterwards. Some muscle release would do wonders for me!

  337. I am sidelined right now with IT Band Syndrome. My chiro has me backing off my mileage and hills are absolutely out of the question. I’m probably about a 4 on a scale of 1-10. Last week I was a 2. I would love to have some tools to help deal with my issues!

  338. I would have to say a -1. You know when everything is just going great and you feel strong and fast and unstoppable?… That’s me right now. I must embrace this while it lasts. Strong is the new skinny! WooHoo!

  339. 3.5…As I am increasing mileage, my IT Band is feeling tight and sore, my calfs are alternating, and one is always tight on my runs now, and occasionally my inner knee nags. Nothing that is excrutiaingly painful, just areas I need to stretch, and roll.

  340. I promise this will not collect dust. Because, nagging PF pain since last spring. It’s down to a 3.5 on the injury scale. I’ll take it over the IT band pain I experienced 2 years ago.

  341. I’ve been laid up with PF for the last TWO MONTHS! I’m about at a 7 now, it’s starting to get a little better as time goes on, I can at least go grocery shopping without hobbling so that’s good. I would definitely use this, anything to get me back to running again!

  342. I would use this on a daily basis! Right now probably 3-4- PF flares up every once in a while (think flip flops and lots of walking). I am tight in many places- need all the help I can get!

  343. Promise to use this!!!!

    I am a 4 right now – doing everything I can think of to make this PF (and a tweaked hip) go away as I am training for my first marathon in Dec (yikes!) Starting to get nervous as the PF is getting worse instead of better as my mileage rises (go figure!)

  344. I would ABSOLUTELY use this kit! Wow, it looks great! At the moment my physical pain is a 1, but the emotional stress of the kids home on summer break getting in the way of my runs is an 8!

  345. I’m at a 3. I’ve done a lot of racing lately, and my calves are not happy with me 🙁 I need to get back to rolling them religiously! This kit would help me out a lot 🙂

  346. 1.) Pinky Promise!
    2.) I am a 2… not totally ever without any aches or pains but healthy and GRATEFUL! Let’s keep it that way!

  347. Yes, I will use it! Sadly, I’m probably a 9 right now. Hip pain sent me walking home the last time I ran (runner’s walk of shame?). I’d been running through it for a while, but this time it was serious! I’m trying to strengthen and cross train, but I’m afraid to try running again. I am considering taking the drastic (to me) step of going to the doctor. I didn’t rank myself as a 10, as I somehow have maintained my mental health, even with the kids being out of school.

  348. I just ran my first trail marathon a week ago, Grand Island, MI. What an adventure! I was the oldest mother/grandmother runner there! I took several tumbles so my injury level is a 3 (4 if you count bruising!). Hamstrings are my nemesis and am always looking for ways to stretch. Quads are next on the list! I promise, with no doubt in my mind, to be consistent in my use of the trigger point set! Seriously, I’m very disciplined!

  349. I solemnly swear I will use the kit. I am at about a 4. I have had a persistent heel pain since this winter, but was adamant that it was NOT pf (I had that a few years ago, and this was different). Then, I found an article on irunfar that seems to fit. I believe I have nerve pain from a restricted nerve pathway. So, I have been doing the nerve glides for the past 3 days and more butt-buster exercises to strengthen my glutes and (dare I say) voila! It seems to be receding. I would love to have the kit to roll the tight spots and mobilize my muscles as well as my nerves.

  350. Super thankful that I can say 2! Earlier this spring I broke/sprained a pinky toe chasing after my toddler and was sidelined for 2 months. Luckily that is healed and I can run again, whoopie! I do have a twingy IT band that makes itself known when I run, but luckily (knock on wood) it’s been fairly quiet as of late.

  351. I’m a 2. No specific injury, thank goodness, but achy legs as training ramps up has me focusing on prevention. Lots of stretching to care for legs and I am also very foot-aware after losing a year to PF. Never again do I care to go down that painful path!

  352. Funny you should mention shin splints. I’m at an 8 right now. Running sporadically, in pain constantly, and the frozen dixie cup trick just isn’t cutting it. With HM training starting in 3 weeks, I need some serious help!

  353. 1. Yes! I promise to put this to good use if I win!

    2. I am at a 4 on the injury scale. I am coming back from calf injuries that were caused by improper pelvic tilt. After a large PT bill (that I am still paying off), I am running mostly free of calf pain. In order to make sure my calves do not hurt in a run, I lengthen my stride (along with making sure my pelvis is properly positioned). Because of this lengthening of stride, I am now dealing with a nagging pain in my proximal hamstring….Where the tendon attaches to my “sit bones” whines after I put in any length of run. It is a tricky spot to try to stretch and roll! Hopefully the trigger point set will help me get the issue addressed! 😉

  354. I am so blessed to be a 1 … feeling no pain or lingering effects after each run (even the double digit ones)…

  355. Sadly, and shh, don’t tell my Ragnar Race in two days….but I think I am a 7. My achillies is so bad I hate getting out of bed. But I’m trying to ignore it until after this weekend. I swear to lavish it with daily attention after that! So far acupuncture is the only thing that fixes it. That and my ridiculous tolerance for pain 🙂

  356. 1: Yes I promise!
    2: level 1. I am running great, but I have developed a couple blisters on some toes that kind of bug me when I run. Not to mention they look pretty ugly. Lol. So grateful to be healthy and pain free right now.

  357. I’m a 3 right now. My left hamstring is perpetually tight along with the left knee creaking. I had some foot pain but that’s gone for now. I definitely need to be doing more preventative care!

  358. 1. YES!
    2. 3-4 — my piriformis is quiet right now and running is relatively pain-free, as long as I roll out the piriformis with my tennis ball. (Old school, I know! That’s why I would LOVE to have this kit!!!). But a heel spur is starting to make itself heard and I’d really love to solve that problem before it gets too nasty, and keep the piriformis at bay too.

  359. I wish I could say I was running completely at a 1 right now. I normally am, but if I’m being honest then I’ll have to say a 3. I’ve been having some hip twangs the last few weeks so this would be a wonderful prize as I’ve just entered week 2 of training for my first full marathon!

  360. Right now, I’m at a 4. I am verging on issues but am trying to avoid them. Friday I was supposed to run 4 but my left calf was so tight it screamed and spit at me for 2 miles until I cried mercy. I’ve been resting and doing yoga since then in hopes to stay healthy for my fall training cycle that begins in a few weeks. I have a race before then but it is not an A or B race so we aren’t worrying about that… much.

  361. I’m at about a 4. I am 24 weeks pregnant so I’m dealing with some not-so-severe hip flexor issues. It’s too bad that there isn’t a trigger point tool for easing the urge to pee every ten minutes!

  362. I’m a little afraid to jinx myself here, but… I’ll go for a 5 out of 10 on the injury scale: I haven’t had a major ITBS flare in a while, but I can pretty much always feel it lurking in the wings.

  363. Right now I am about a 6. ITBS had me sidelined at a 9 for months but with foam rolling I can now make it about 2 miles before it starts talking to me- but at least it is improving. Alas, now my feet want to get in on the conversation and I am occasionally hearing the whispers of plantar fasciitis. The 13.1 that keeps popping up in my brain? I wish. Let me complete a 5K then 10K pain free and we will talk.

  364. I don’t think this giveaway could have come at a better time. I am a solid 10 and have been for what feels like forever even though it’s really more like 4 months. I have the dreaded plantar fascists and a heel spur. It has been so bad after running that I had to use a crutch to go to work. And more than the physical pain – the mental pain of missing out on the joy of running is really difficult. Like most of us, the run provides so much more than a calorie burn. I promise to use this all the time – I will do anything to get back to running! Thank you!

  365. I’d have to say I’m around a 3. A few nagging sore spots that I can’t seem to shake. But I’m still out there running!

  366. I do promise I would use it! This kit looks fantastic!!
    I’m somewhere around a 2-3 in my running right now, my knees and back aren’t always happy, but I have no injuries, thankfully. I’m docking a point also for the various life-related crud and plagues that have tried to get in the way of some of my runs…

  367. I’m at a 2. I can run but I’m not flexible. I really need to stretch more. I just celebrated my one year running anniversary. When I started last August, I couldn’t run a mile with out walking. On Saturday I ran 10 miles w/out walking. My first half is on 9/6!

  368. My weird squingy spots rank about a 4 on the pain scale. Not stopping the runs, but kind of achy throughout the day. I’m interested to try the Trigger Point 6 system to see if it can release hips, calves, & lower back more effectively than my foam roller.

  369. Well-timed! Training for my first full–am a 4 w/ something (Morton neuroma? Metatarsal- something?) in my foot. Golf balls on the foot are my friend. I’ve had 2 friends suffer major knock- you-out injuries. Will pass along those awesome graphics!
    I’ll be faithful w/ the Trigger Point kit– it would be another 5-10 minutes of “getaway” time, right? Ha!

  370. Very blessed to be at a “1” for now! I truly believe that proper stretching, yoga, and foam rolling has helped keep me injury-free.

  371. It definitely would not collect dust. I almost bought one of these last night at the Salt Lake Running Company event but had to stop myself because my husband would have killed me if I’d come home with more massage gear. Right now, I’m relatively injury free, in that I do need to stretch and foam roll more then I am, especially my ITB, but it’s hard with my big roller. I don’t feel like I hit the right spots. I think this kit would really help with hitting the spots that actually need to be massaged.

  372. I am running at about a five. I know that is the easy answer, to go middle of the road, but that is where I am. I training for my first marathon and I continue to struggle with recurring knee pain. My family practice doctor (who is a long time runner) told me that I have a tight IT band. I try to be diligent with stretching and rolling, but you’re right..there is always one more game to play and one more shirt to fold. When I stick to the plan, I feel so much better…my knee feels great, my back isn’t barking and my running feels more free. If I had this amazing kit, I promise that I would make it a priority for “me” time! I will use this kit to treat my body like the machine it is! Every machine needs regular maintenance and tune ups! 🙂

  373. I just got over plantar fasciitis and now I’m battling piriformis syndrome which leaves me at a 3-4 most days but sometime it’s a 7-8 especially if I’m in a hurry and I haven’t stretched well after a run because I have to go pick up the kids from school to make it to their various activities on time. My muscles are calling for this!!

  374. I’m at a 4 and hoping it doesn’t go any higher. I have the start of plantar fasciitis and am working on getting rid of it myself…foam rolling, calf stretches etc. I was just looking at this kit online last night!.

  375. I would give myself a 3 right now. I have been having some pain in my right heel that isn’t horrible – just a reminder that it is there. My low back is something I always struggle with. Would love to win this kit!!

  376. I promise to use it everyday. I have a calf issue deep in the muscle. I try to keep it stretched and it will feel good throughout the day but when I go to run it starts to tighten up and each mile get worst.

  377. I’m like a 4 in all sorts of parts of my lower half. I’m training for a marathon and faithfully use my foam roller and this has kept me running instead of being injured by now. I know when I increase my mileage I’m prone to IT band issues, plantar faciatis, and piriformis issues. I finally bit the buck to buy a foam roller and it has saved me. What I would love about the Traveling 6 Kit is that it has an instruction booklet and other tools that can aid me in ways the foam roller can’t. I promise I would use the kit faithfully. 🙂

  378. I’m at a 3 right now possibly on the verge of my first injury, piriformis syndrome, which scares the bejeezus out of me. I’m training for the third and fourth half this fall.

  379. After spending the last 3 years oscillating between a 5 and 9, I am finally down to a 2 hoping to be a 1 very soon. Still, I think it will require constant vigilance to stay there.

  380. I’m coming off plantar fasciitis and a slight twinge of shin splint pain. You are so right, Dimity. It’s all connected. The older I get, I’m over 50!, the more I know this to be true!

  381. I’m at a 7.5 with plantar faciitis. It’s slightly better after not running, using orthotics, rolling it, etc. for most of the summer. However, my well-being is at a low now that I don’t have running to clear the cobwebs. Bad tv and wine are not good substitutes!

  382. I would definitely use this kit!! I just started foam rolling a couple of weeks ago due to pain (off and on) in the ball of my foot (currently just a 2-3) and left butt pain (currently a 3-4). Still running thanks to lots of stretching, foam rolling, and core work!

  383. I am about a 3. Training for my first full right now and am at the mid-way point in the plan. My muscles are sore and tired pretty much all the time. I do yoga once a week and it is just ugly, ugly, ugly but it helps. I could really use that Trigger Point set.

  384. I’m in denial and calling it a 4. My hip barks all the time- except when I’m running. So, I think running is good for it! I’m trying to wish the pain away with extra stretching.

  385. I need this sooo bad!! I’m at a 9-10. Plantar fasciitis –severe:((. Have not run since early March. Going to physical therapy–not helping much:((. Got some orthotics yesterday. Need relief!!

  386. I’m about a 2 or 3. I’v had some bursitis in my hip since my (now 7 year old) was born from carrying him on my hip. I also have a little soreness in my calf. None of these bother me during my run, but do afterwards – so I’m not sure if they’re really injuries or just nagging soreness. I’m training for my first half and super paranoid that I’ll hit a real injury before it. My husband has been dealing with an IT since he trained for a half last year! I’d love to use this to ward off anything major!!!

  387. I’d say I’m at about a 4 injury wise. My hip aches most days but it’s nothing I can’t run through. I know I should probably take a week off or so to allow it to heal but who has time for that, hahaha! I do foam roll it but these trigger point rollers look fantastic in a painful sort of way!!

  388. I think I might be at a 4. Since the first week of June, I’ve run a handful of times in the past two weeks. No way can I do two days in a row. My husband tries to sympathize and asks “how’s your back?”. My response, “oh, it’s fine today but my hips hurt!” I have been foam rolling on a daily basis and it’s the best purchase I’ve made all year.

  389. I am going to say four for the moment. I have been a 10 and maybe a 1 the first day I started this running journey. I am training for my first 70.3 and am feeling it in a few new places, like my IT band. My PF is doing ok right now, sometimes I feel it after a big day but basically under control and my back issues are really great at the moment. All this is bound to change at a moments notice and I think the Trigger Point Kit will be used daily to keep things in check.

  390. I would say I am at a 3. I am finally running after my second child was born last year, and I can tell the old injuries are just around the corner. I have knee, back and leg pain that seem to come and go – but are all things that have been precursors to serious injuries in my previous experience. I am trying hard to keep it at bay as I increase my miles and train with the 13.Fun group, but I don’t really have the right tools and would LOVE to win this kit!

  391. Thankfully, I am only riding around a 4 these days. I am in month 2 of marathon training and praying my knees hold out and get me over that finish line before they crumble!

  392. I’m around a 2-3. The kit would help me so much because
    I finished my first half marathon early this year and now
    I’m training for my first Disney half. Everyone keeps
    Telling me I need to “roll”. As a mother of two, this traveling
    Pack would be great for me. I promise to use it and comment back to your readers!!
    Thanks for the helpful posts!!

  393. I recently finished a Ragnar and really upped my mileage for it. Loved running 20 miles a week and I want to keep it up. By body feels tired though and so I took done weeks of doing lighter weeks. Now – back at it. Love it. My hips have been so sore and I know it is my IT band. Trying to roll it and take care of myself. I would love this resource.

  394. On a scale of 1-10, I am a 4/5.After my long runs I have to get a yoga class in for the stretching. Lower back, hip flexers, knees and shins all pay after a long run. And sitting all day at work really does not help my lower back.

  395. I promise,promise, promise I will use the Ultimate 6 Kit!! I am a 9! I have had severe PF since December 2013…I was stretching, icing, going to chiropractor for Cold Laser Therapy…finally gave in to cortisone shots and have had 4 so far…ordered the best orthotics and am trying to work with those…still wearing the boot at night and still limp upon waking. And still not running. 🙁 I want this darn foot to be better so I can run free again!!!

  396. The only time I was ever injury free was when I came out of the womb! My legs are always in some sort of pain, especially my hip flexor. However, I have ways to block the pain, like taking a daily supplement of Glucosamine or just plain denial. I would love to be pain free or somewhat in striking distance. For today, I would rate my pain between a 4-5. Always there but not a show-stopper.

  397. I’m at about a 4 – struggling with a tight right calf causing pain in my ankle. Also the ever lurking IT Band syndrome. I have been using my Trigger Point foam roller everyday to combat these issues, would certainly make good use of this kit.

  398. I’m at a 4 or 5. I’ve had a nagging pain in my hip flexor that I can’t shake. I’m still running ( in denial). I know. I know but I’m hopeful it will self heal.

  399. On a scale of 1 to 10 I’m probably around a 5 waiting to jump up. I’ve had PF on and off for the last two years and have recently developed some achilles tendonitis. Yay for tight calves!

  400. I am at a 5. I’ve been falling apart for the past 2 weeks post marathon but doing everything I can not to get to a 10.

  401. I’m a 5. After two years of being no more than a 2, I’m not happy. I’ve had reoccurring foot/achilles issues all summer, and although, I’m running through it, I’m still not happy.

  402. Girl Scouts honor to use it! I would say about 3…broke my leg about 10yrs ago in three places so I always have some issues here and there. Just thankful to be running though!!!!

  403. I’m at about a 7, I’d say. Finally starting to recover from some knee and hip issues and started back to running — VERY slowly — a couple weeks ago. Just got sidelined with a nasty upper respiratory infection that has knocked me out and put my asthma into high gear. Trying to look at it as more time for my knee to recover?!?!

  404. 1. I promise to use it!
    2. I think I’m at a 3 or 4 right now. There is something
    Going on with my foot. Haven’t been to the doctor yet but
    I think I might head there sometime soon. Trying not to let
    It stress me out

  405. I promise to use it. :). Currently I’m at a 1 (sorry!), but I know my time is coming soon. I’m training for my second marathon and currently my legs feel like lead. I’m hoping I can pick it up before my new Frankenstein stride leads to injury!

  406. I’m about a 5 – I hae a reoccuring hip issue that I’m ignoring for four more weeks until my next half. If I won, I would definitely use the trigger point kit- my new focus is learning how to stretch and prepare my body to do what I want it to do. Not a demanding question – reminds me of what I ask my daughters when they want something 🙂

  407. I’m at a 10 and have been for a few months. Pain in my lower back has translated to a nagging hip problem, which then moved into my thigh, down my calf and into my heel. I’m working towards being pain-free before I (gradually) begin running again. It won’t be an easy path, but I’m willing to do the work to get back out there safely.

  408. (1) I promise to use it
    (2) I’m around a 5. I have been seeing an Airrosti specialist (soft tissue chiro) for a nagging left hip pain. I think the story is that I strained my psoas muscle and my hip flexor has been overcompensating. I’ve learned all about the kinetic chain! And if I can just work to tighten my mommy butt, all goes well in the hip world.

  409. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’m easily an 11. I have had plantar fasciitis for 2 years. The first year was moderate and I was able to stretch and run with it, but now it is very, very angry and I haven’t run since Christmas. At this point, I don’t know who is suffering the most: me, my family that has to live with me, or my bank account. I could have taken all 6 of us on a Disney vacation for the money I’ve spent on my dang foot. My heart goes out to all the other injured mother runners. It’s brutal.

  410. I’m a 4 when running and a 6 when I’m not running. Sounds strange, but this is the recovery road from plantar fasciitis and patella femoral syndrome. It’s the after running that hurts more. I’m 2 months into recovery, 3 weeks away from an 82 mile relay (6 person), and 2.5 months away from the Chicago Marathon. Yikes! Craziest thing though. My knee and foot injuries both stem from WEAK HIPS, probably from my two pregnancies. Talk about your mother runner issues. So glad I have an amazing female doctor who understands my running addiction and sent me to an equally amazing physical therapist. I could totally incorporate the trigger point therapy into my home routine!

  411. I solemnly swear on my Adrenalines to use the kit, should I win. My regular pain is about a 2 right now. I had a case of plantar fasciitis this past winter. While it has almost healed, there is still some stiffness in the bottom of my foot on occasion. Mostly if I run more than two days in a row or push too hard. I’m still babying it.

  412. I am giving myself a 3. Marathon training and extra workouts these last few weeks have been causing my plantar fascia to wake up and a twinge in my back that comes and goes. Hoping neither of these become serious enough to slow me down! The trigger point kit would be just what I need! BTW kudos to you both on the Sundays of rest-we love your dedication to the community, but so glad you are going to take a little more time for yourselves/families!

  413. My plantars has been at a 2 since getting some new kicks but I’m sure it will rear it’s ugly head once I get further into my training plan. I’m sure some rolling would shut my feet up for good.

  414. Right now I would say a 3. Some soreness after running but no official injury.
    I would love to be able to roll out some of the tightness in my legs & hips though!

  415. I have recently been introduced to a nagging IT Band injury- just started therapy this week. So I would say I am anywhere from a 2 to a 8. I could certainly use some new rollers to make me excited to do my prescribed exercises!

  416. I am at a 7. I just did a test run this morning to see how my hip was doing and made it five minutes. Off to the doctor tomorrow to try to figure out what is going on because so far my symptoms don’t match anything on Google, except a stress fracture and I refuse to believe it might be that! I am really good at denial:-).

  417. I am hovering between a 5 and a 6 right now and it is all directed towards the left side of my body. Had a car accident 2 years ago and just finished physiotherapy last month. Shoulder pain is still there and it radiates up to my neck and head. Now my left hamstring is squawking with the increased mileage and strength training. I definitely need to pay more attention to using a foam roller (roll out 3-4 times a week)and a trigger point kit would go a long way in my household.

  418. I’m at a 2. Feeling good (really good) physically right now…..but waiting for my feet to seem perfect before I say a 1. I’ve struggled with synovitis on my right foot for a year now. A couple of weeks ago I had a flare up on my left foot in the same spot. Not much I can do, besides rest, to heal.

  419. I’m lingering around a 6! I have achilles tendon issues and plantar fascitis. I’m also training for my first marathon in 7 weeks and have to keep regular visits with my sports doc to keep on top of my issues with A.R.T. Having tools like these at my disposal would be wonderful and I’d be able to stretch out my visits with the doc! A win-win in my book. Plus, I could keep an item or two in my purse to use at work 😀

  420. I continue to struggle with piriformis syndrome, which causes nerve pain down my entire left leg. Also on my left leg I have an IT band issue, which I’ve had before and pops up at least once per year. So, depending on the day, I am between 3 and 7 with pain. I would love to use the trigger point kit, especially now since I have just signed up for the Big Sur marathon next April. I would absolutely use those magical tools, Promise!

  421. I can definitely use this! As for injury… I’m still nursing my nine month old son and my shoulders and mid-back are just in a current state of “ache” as I just cannot figure out the most correct posture to nurse and still move correctly. 🙁 Other than this, I’m usually pretty good, but this “mommy duty” is rough on the posture!

  422. I’m about a 4….I’ve been in PT for this weird pain in my foot that comes in goes for a few months. Also my ass hurts…either SI joint or piriformis. Looking to get ready for some fast fall 10 milers and a January marathon so this would get a lot of use!

  423. First off – I promise, promise, promise to use this! On a scale of 1-10, I’m a 7. I’ve had some issues in the past couple years with my achilles tendons, but just last week I went for a (slightly) longer than usual run and my left hip hurts so bad, I can hardly walk. I want to start training for a half, but, not until I get a handle on this hip pain.

  424. About a 4 right now and am watching it as my miles increase for my end of summer and fall races.
    I did a number on myself last year during fall training and just couldn’t figure out why my back kept hurting despite TONS of stretching… then a lovely, wonderful PT simply suggested we stretch too much in forward flexion versus the reverse so I started doing more “chataranga” type stretches and some foam rolling and IMPROVED. I don’t have the rolling stuff at home and was able to try this out once and would love to use more regularly!!

  425. I’m a nice 2-3 and have been for quite a while. I finally took cross training seriously, so that’s helped immensely. Also, finally started foam rolling…my feet have always been a nuisance, but even they are mild right now!

  426. 3; I’m just over one year into being AMR, and I have yet to be a 1 for any extended period- there is a definite learning curve to this running thing, especially for us new MRs. As I discover what new injuries I can acquire, I’ve learned the importance of regular and deliberate stretching. I would be ecstatic to get the opportunity to incorporate the TriggerPoint Ultimate 6 Kit into my routine! I’m on the cusp of 40 (years old, not the pain scale); like many fellow BAMRs I’m chasing a preschooler and work full-time; we’re in the midst of moving (great the house sold so fast, but right NOW?!?); I’m in the midst of a complicated and stressful job transition; and I’m running my first Hood to Coast relay in less than two weeks. So, I’ve been putting in more miles than ever and perhaps running too many consecutive days, but am maintaining my sanity (did I mention I LOVE RUNNING?). I would like to remain on the lower side of the pain scale, so please consider my entry. Thank you!

  427. I’m currently sporting two seperate challanges: a 4/5 for my piriformis, but daily stretching and rollers are helping (would definitely use this fabulous kit as part of my routine). My shoulders and neck, however, is a 8 – really slowing me down.

  428. Well, I’d say I’m at a 6. While finishing a run in March my beloved 4 legged running companion Trigger (AKA The Terrorist!)decided he was a bowling ball and I the pins and took me down hard. Thankfully the x-rays revealed nothing broken (except my heart!) and I was instructed to rest to let it heal. Well that worked for a while, but hey, I’ve already signed up for races in June & August with June being my ‘goal’ race for the year. So after June’s race,I really slowed down and only ran a couple of times a week….until I fell down the steps in July! Yep, I’m a BAMR with a wild and crazy clumsy side! Hence another trip to the doc….again no running, but August’s race was coming! So against my docs wishes, I ran the Rocky Mountain Half race on August 2 along with 6 other BAMR’s! Surprisingly, my back doesn’t hurt when I run, it’s always after, so a product and treatment like this would be wonderful. And YES, I am now officially grounded…..BUT I’m hoping to be back running wild in November!

  429. I’m a 2. Super sore muscles today and have battled IT Band soreness in the past but think that is working out. Until I add miles anyway! Would love to use this system.

    Climb Dimity Run!

  430. As a brand new personal trainer, I would hope to use the Trigger Point Therapy with my clients, share the love, and let them learn the magic of rolling out their tight muscles. Dimity, good luck at Pikes Peak!!!

  431. I would definitely use these rollers religiously and have a space of honor for them in my living room. Foam rollers are not the best living room decor, but I’ve realized if I have one out where I can see it, I’m much more inclined to use it!
    Currently, I’m at at 3-4 on the injury scale. Little IT band and foot soreness as I build into fall marathon training (following the TLAM own it program!). 🙂

  432. Since I was awakened an hour earlier than needed by a screaming hip flexor, I’ll say 3. I’m training for the Chicago Monster Dash Half and while I’ve got nothing chronic, sometimes the little aches & pains add up as the mileage does too! I’d love love love this kit!

  433. THis would be a godsend! Sometimes I am a 4 sometimes a 6+ … i have a priformASS that won’t chill out! I am trying Active Release, foam rolling (but Mr Foamie is getting old and isn’t what he use to be). I need to make use of such an amazing kit!

  434. I am currently a 2 and very thankful. I seem to be injury prone and it really really stinks. I have been trying to incorporate the things my PT taught me to do to deal with my hip flexor and ITBand. So far so good, but if I skip it I can feel the things creeping back. I need to be more diligent about foam rolling though. Why do I hate it so much?

  435. Right now I’m doing pretty well compared to last year around this time when I was introduced to the IT band, which I had never met. I’m a smarter runner (foam rollerer) now. At present I have a nagging (about a 2 on the pain scale) ache in my left butt cheek (piriformis), that flares up if I’ve overdone it, which I have over the past few weeks. I need to sit on my tennis ball. But oh how I’d love to win this package and have all those wonderful tools at my disposal and I PROMISE I’ll use them regularly. I know what it feels like not to be able to run and I don’t want that feeling to return. There’s a lot on my running calendar!

  436. I’m in the 3-4 range right now, courtesy of some cranky left hamstrings. They are not keeping me from running, but they nag me all day long.

  437. First, I just have to say, what a brilliant idea to have a system that can address every major muscle that’s likely to get cranky at some point or another :)I’ve been running for about 4 years, have completed 2 marathons and a lot of 1/2’s and am signed up to do the Goofy challenge this January with some friends! I’ve been fortunate to never have been really sidelined for long with a running injury ( though I did break a rib 3 weeks before my first marathon).I know I have a weaker right hip, and that has at times given me little issues, but nothing major. Fast forward to this year…a major move, the loss of my home gym for 5 months while we reconfigured things into our new home, stress from a few other things that life threw our way, a 10 lb weight gain over 5 months…you get the picture. I’m grateful that I’ve still managed to run consistently, and for the balance and sanity that that has brought me, but my hip…SHEESH! it’s angry, hurts even when I’m not running, and while I think it’s all muscle/form related, it’s definitely a pain in the butt! SO, all that to say, I’m probably a 7 right now, and I know what it’s like to feel totally fluid and pain free…no dust would collect on that kit in this house 🙂

  438. I’m about a 3-4 right now. I’m not laid up, but I’m definitely not 100%. My bulging L4/L5 has been nagging me due to all of yard work I’ve been tackling and the fact that I’ve been slacking on my core work. So, now my upper back is tight and my legs feel sluggish. I stretch and use my stick, but I need a good massage and regular trigger point therapy. This kit will get plenty of use if I win 🙂

  439. I have bilateral foot and ankle swelling. Possibly PF but not that straight forward. Cannot wear anything but my running shoes. Cant walk without them on. Have tried almost everything and still have not run in over six weeks. I was halfway through my marathon training! So disappointed! I would use this diligently!

  440. I promise this will absolutely NOT collect dust! My pain level is around a 5. Relatively pain free until the end of the run when my hips and back start to yell.

  441. 1. I so promise I will use the kit – and would especially appreciate the manual as I don’t know how to do any of the exercises. I currently have 1 foam roller (given to me) that I sort of use occasionally, but not really sure what I am doing. 2. Injury-wise, nothing too bad currently (I am scared to type that). I would give myself a 2 or 3 – my right foot tends to be my trouble area. I tend to curl my toes on that foot when I run, then it tenses up my foot, my calf, etc. so I am left with a cramped foot/calf/hamstring/etc.

  442. I’m at about a 6 at this point…lots of aches and pains developing, threatening the fear of an injury during this marathon training.

  443. I’m pretty close to a 1 right now, I have one calf that’s tight that I’m rolling like crazy, but otherwise I feel good, which is awesome because I’m 4 weeks into my fall marathon cycle!

  444. 2 or 3, my heel started hurting yesterday 🙁 I’m hoping that it’s just a freak thing and will be fine. I have a 1/2 that I start training for on Sept 1st.

  445. I don’t know if I want to say anything because I don’t want to jinx myself….but – I’m feeling pretty good and injury free right now! (knock on wood….)

  446. I will use it, I promise!!!

    Currently I am at a 2, just some foot pain and IT band issues. But I have my 70.3 1/2 Ironman this weekend, so hopefully no furthur issues…….

    Thank you!!

  447. I’m at a 7. :0( Dealing with knee pain and swelling that has my mileage severely reduced and I somehow have to get it together in time for Marine Corp in October. Hoping the rest now will pay off later. Already withdrew from 2 events, a tri and Ultra, so I’m trying to play it smart even though I just want to run.

  448. I would say I’m about a 4-5. My legs consistently hurt, and my kids know exactly how to sit on the sore parts.

  449. I solemnly swear that if I win these torture devices, oops, I mean wonderful injury preventing/rehabilitating mechanisms they will be featured front and center in my living room where they will get regular use.

    Currently, I’m at a 2. I have a tight IT band that I have to stay on top of and an Achilles that likes to make itself known if I let my calves get too tight. I’m a regular foam roller and stick user, would love, love, love to make regular use of this kit.

  450. well, I will admit to being a 5 or 6. My foot did some things that seemed like PF and the Dr said 2 weeks no running (though it didn’t really hurt to run all that much) and my fingers are crossed that with cross training and more core strength I can get back on track for the Philly half and 13.FUN!

  451. I’m probably at a 2. I keep some consistent back pain and tightness in my calves but overall I’m running really strong right now!

  452. I am the Queen of chronic injury! I have foam rolled, PT’d and stretched my Achilles to a level where it makes running relatively pain free. After the long runs I feel the most pain. Often I will break up running into 2 shorter runs to minimize pain. I am a 3 but can reach 7 after a “bad day” I reserve 10 for labor without an epidural!

  453. I’m at a 10 as far as running (none since early July), but I’ll rate it a 7 overall, since I can bike, walk & swim (and do PT)! I’ve still got bursitis & inflammation from 2 badly bruised toes before my spring half marathon, but my current problem is strained ligaments in my knee.

  454. Probably 4-5. Right now my hips and lower back have been very tight and bothering me during my marathon training runs. Thankfully my feet have been cooperating lately. My big toe joint is about a 2 these days.

  455. I promise, I promise, I promise!!!
    Had Plantar Fasciitis for 7 months and can finally run again (as long as I continue to stretch and wear good shoes). But this past weekend (on my bday no less) I hurt my hamstring. Because of the PT, I’ve been swimming and biking and had decided to do a Try-a-Tri or a Sprint Tri. I was at a 2 but am now at a 7. Frustrated but as you say… There will be more races and you only have one body. So.. I promise I will use the kit!!

  456. Before this week, priformis issues put me about a three….but then I got shingles (yet again) and I’d up that to a nine. Exacerbate the priformis, shooting up my back and down my leg. UGH!~

  457. Hmm… maybe about a 3ish. My left foot is mysteriously swollen and my left hip is achy. Not bad enough to stop running though!

  458. The TP kit wouldn’t collect dust in my house. My hip and IT band give me trouble. But I can run with it. So I guess I’m about a 5.

  459. My body is at a 5. Subtle aches especially my hips. However my mind is at a 9 it sure gets in the way of everything.

  460. My injury level is about 4-5. I have a bad heel at the insertion point. I know that trigger point massage will help my calves and smooth out knots in my muscles. It will really help me prior to a run to loosen up and after for my recovery.

  461. Pity party for 1, right here. *L* I am a 10, broke my foot a week ago (today), walking through a garage of all things. While I am grateful it happened at the tail end of our vacation, I am having issues with the fact that I am not able to continue training for a Half that I will now not be running the beginning of October.

  462. I can easily guarantee this puppy will not collect dust!! I am battling plantar fasciitis right now. I’m still running, but definitely not pain free!! Using this daily will definitely help me to get better and stay better!!

  463. 2 to 3. Lingering twinge from old plantar fasciitis, and slightly tender ankle on the other foot from turning it on a rough trail run. Nothing that is slowing me down.

  464. Just yesterday my left hip (flexor, maybe) started talking to me again. So I foam rolled before bed and will do so on a regular basis again (I promise).

  465. I would say a 5…I am taking it slow after not running for a while due to leg issues…hoping to step it up so I can do some races this fall

  466. I, VaNessa, do swear to use the Trigger Point pack!
    Right now, I am at about a 5 on the injury scale. :/ I CrossFit for Xtraining, and my shin ate a box a couple weeks ago, and it’s still not healed. Also, I unexpectedly had my 1 yr old nephew for a week and apparently carrying him bothered my back. Oh and did I mention I slipped and fell down my deck stairs the other day? For real, I swear I would use it, I sure need it! Lol

  467. I am at a 2. I am 6 weeks from my next half and have managed to keep my aching shins from bothering me or progressing to full blown shin splints through very slow mileage increases and lots of stretching. Trigger Point Kit would be an awesome addition to my workouts!

  468. I am at about a 2 or 3. After my first half last fall I had some IT band issues and had PT. Then I stopped the exercises and it flared up again for my spring half. So I am dedicating myself to doing the exercises to keep the issues at bay. I won’t let my kit collect dust!

  469. 2
    One way to prevent injuries for me is not to run consecutive days. This has worked pretty well, just a few aches and pains. I am recovering from a separated shoulder (nordic ski fall) and trying to keep a strong back to prevent nursing-related back injuries.

  470. Probably a 2 right now. I’ve been increasing my mileage / intensity slowly but surely this training cycle. My IT band and my calves are my problem spots. My IT band is starting to quietly whine…definitely need to make more rolling time. What’s 15 more min of lost sleep when the alarm is permanently set for the 4 am hour! 😉

  471. I’d say I’m at about a 3. I have some tightness in my hamstring that is murmuring loudly. I’m keeping it calm but trigger point therapy is appealing.

  472. I’m just starting to get back in shape after having a baby four weeks ago. So I don’t have any injuries yet, but I want to prevent them from happening! My muscles are pretty weak and knotted up from the pregnancy so I’m trying to tone my muscles and foam roll as I get back to running.

  473. I am at about a 4, just ran a half on Saturday and recovered fine but my behind was sore during the race, part of age, part of tight piraformis, have been trying to do the foam roller bit figure the trigger point would really get to the source of my problems!

  474. I would have said I was a 1 until I went to the chiropractor yesterday! Now I am a 2-3. (Some running related, some not.) My left piriformis has been reminding me it’s there occasionally. During my adjustment, it was brought to my attention just how “out of whack” I was! So now I need to get back to the foam rolling and better stretching. If I had the kit I promise it would see regular use!

  475. About a 5.
    Still recovering from some serious knee pain. I’m trying to keep it in check but it flares up often. Good news is now I know where it comes from and I can be proactive with some foam rolling (if I am diligent about it). These blasted hips, glutes and hamstrings!

  476. I’m at a 9. I’m in week two of a 6-8 week “no run, low impact” prescription due to either severe shin splints or a stress fracture (results of a bone scan will be revealed on Friday). I’m swimming and biking but it doesn’t compare to running. I need to get and remain injury free!

  477. I’m at a 3-4 injury-wise. I started training to BQ this fall and strained my hamstring during some speed work. I’m afraid I might be developing IT band issues now, but am trying to do lots of massage and rolling to keep issues at bay. I think if I can stay injury-free, I will have a decent chance at qualifying for Boston.

  478. I’m at a 6 with my sciatic and lower right calf. I’m ok when running, but after everything aches! Foam rolling has become my new evening pastime…

  479. 9…just coming back from an 8 week set back in the groin. Still feeling it, so I’m incredibly frustrated. I always have trouble w my knee, and posterior tibial tendonitis as well. ALWAYS something :/

  480. I’m at a 5 I guess. I haven’t been pushing it because I’m 32 weeks pregnant with #4 but I haven’t yet put in the recovery time to ‘really run’ after a stress fracture finally declared healed last month. Just trying to stay pain free and healthy for the next few months and then will get after it when the baby is here!

  481. A 1! Sweet running happening right now and I’m keeping up with the yoga and pilates to try my part to keep it that way!

  482. I’m at a 2. My hamstrings are so tight! And I always have to be careful of my IT band, it gets mad at me sometimes.

  483. Shockingly I’m about a 2 right now. I was laid up with PF for about 6 months at a 10 and was starting to feel pretty hopeless, even after PT. I got new orthotics and that seems to have been a huge help. I’m currently doing a running challenge against my younger brother and my half-marathon training program starts next week. I usually get injured during race prep so this would be a huge help to me!!

  484. About a 3. Nagging hamstring, and something is up with the ball of my right foot. Oddly, I think it is an inflamed grain of sand from a recent camping trip.

  485. I’m at about a 7.5 right now. My latest injury is a hamstring strain that, like a bad houseguest, refuses to leave. Before that it was a quad strain. I currently roll with a rolling pin so I would love this kit!

  486. I am in just a month away from my first half in 13 years or aka before kids. I have been able to keep the ITB and piriformis in check but still feel likeI am on the verge of a huge flare up. Rolling it out could keep the miles rolling a little more smoothly.

  487. I’m probably a 3 or 4 at all times. I figure that’s the price of being over 40. All the little aches & pains associated with that. But, knock on wood, I’ve never had an injury to prevent me from running.

  488. I am running at a 2. My pirifirmis started complaining this week (eek!) and my arches are always yelling at me!

  489. about a 3.. feel great when I’m running and when I stop I get a very weird/painful feeling on the tops of my feet!

  490. I am thinking of doing another half, so I have been trying to increase my miles. That always leads to foot and hip pain and pure tiredness, so this would definitely not collect dust!

  491. I’m a 5. I had a big non-running injury last year but it was my ankle. It’s been slow going getting back to where I used to be.

  492. Right now I’m at a 2 or 3, which is really good, but since I’m usually at a 1 I feel like something is creeping up on me – a tight hip on one side and a slightly sore achilles on the other… this kit seems like it might be a really good idea!

  493. I am at 6-7 but because I am stubborn I just keep going. With PF and the IT band acting grumpy I would love to give the kit a whirl. I don’t have time to be laid up what with an international distance tri and a fall marathon on the schedule.

  494. Weeellll,right now I’m at 7~8 on a regular daily basis as I’m battling the dreaded plantar fasciitis. I’m also a professional server by trade,so something had to give and it’s been mileage. I did manage to run the biggest loser half this past Sun,most I’ve run since mid June. Working twice a week with a PT, plus home schooling. This kit would SO help the home school aspect. 3 halfs and a full on the books yet this year already paid for, yup I’m a Half Fanatics #7502!!

  495. I’m probably a 3 right now. Coming back from a piriformis and gluteus maximus issue so I’m excited to be all running instead of my run/walk recovery strategy of the last several weeks. I am now a faithful post-run stretcher and roller! Although I love my PT, I am happy I’m not seeing her 2 or 3 times a week anymore!

  496. I’ve been sidelined all summer with an angry hamstring and heel issue. Both on the same leg so must be related 🙁

  497. Pinky promise I would use this all the time. I’m at an 8 … just coming back from a terrible run in with achilles tendinitis (see what I did there). I’m at the very start of coming back, 1 (very slow) mile at a time. This kit could literally be a lifesaver for me.

  498. I’ve been drooling over this for ages. I am currently about a 4. PF keeps nagging but not enough to stop running. I promise to use it after I run and on days I hurt. I’ve started seriously stretching after every run and that is helping.

  499. Ooh, I’ve been eyeing this kit for a while, and seriously considering buying it recently. It would be fabulous if I could win it! I would say I’m at a 3 currently. Marathon training right now so I’m constantly sore, but my right hip and IT band are acting a little cranky which has me concerned. I think this would help me tremendously!

  500. I’m feeling pretty good right now, probably a 3. My knees still make me feel like the Tin Man before Dorothy found him and oiled up his joints and I’m nursing a major blister, within a blister, within a blister on my big toe OUCH!

  501. I’m at about a 2 right now thanks to a total change in how I train. I withdrew from my first half marathon a few weeks before it happened last fall because of an IT band. I recently decided to give it another go this fall, but only if I can get back to 8 miles by the end of this month without injury (and build from there). My focus now is injury prevention (rolling, yoga, cross-training, losing weight, massage), not just logging miles. I’ve had my eye on this kit for awhile, and promise I would use it, a lot!