Hump Day Giveaway: Opposites Attract

Trade stilettos for running shoes and tights for naked, Body Glided legs, and this could be SBS and I.

Scene: Start of the Nashville Half-Marathon

SBS, of course, is wearing her trusty amphipod belt, stocked with nuun, a couple of the ultra endurance Roctane GU's (the regular stuff won't do the job) and our hotel room key. Also stashed in there is her caffeinated gum, which, as usual, she chews a few minutes before the race. In order to chew the gum, she—natch—has to take out her Under Armour mouth guard. Her headphone cord is neatly threaded through the back of her shirt, and her nano is stuffed in her skirt. She won't need access to it during the race since her playlist, which is titled Nashville Noise, is ordered to go from slower to fast as the race increases; no random shuffle for this organized chick. Her Garmin 110, which she turned on about 25 minutes pre-race time, is ready to fire off stats. When the race starts, her pace is steady and, although she hits a dark place, it hardly wavers.

Meanwhile, at the same starting line, I have three GUs stashed into one pocket of my skirt, where I also have crammed my hotel key. I am desperately trying to push in the stubborn buttons to reset my Timex Ironman, which I've picked over using my Garmin; I don't want the data. Unbelievably, my music is new--yeah, country music mix!--but my headphones cord, a pair I stole from my husband since mine only work in one ear, is laced under my sports bra, looking all spaghetti-ish. Before we take off, I realize I might lose the hotel key when I pull out the GU, so I stash it in my Moving Comfort pink padded bra. Within 10 steps of crossing the starting line, I realize my skirt is venturing into plumber's crack territory, so I pluck two GUs out of my skirt and stuff them in my bra. (And, in case you were wondering, yes, there is plenty of room in my bra.) My pace, as usual, starts out too fast and comes to a screeching halt. I walk 3 times from mile 12-13.

Summing it up in a cupshell, the Moving Comfort Juno provides amazing support.

There are certainly days when I wish I were organized, but I've got my racing style, and most of the time, it works for me. Similarly, SBS's penchant to accessorize on race day helps her get the job done. We realize it takes all types to run like a mother, but we want to know: Are you more Dimity or Sarah when it comes to racing and running? If I--Dimity--is a 1 (little forethought to the course, brings only one outfit, drinks whatever is served on the course) and SBS is a 5 (studying race profile days before the race, brings a few outfit options, chews caffeinated gum (!)), where do you rate from 1 to 5?

Let us know and five of you will win a Moving Comfort bra of your choice. Not sure which to choose? No worries; you can find the right one for you by using their brand new sports bra fitting room. Truth be told, I do plan a little; having my fave MC bra for race day wasn't just random luck. I love that it never chafes (except, ahem, if I overstuff it on a humid, hot race day), keeps the headlights at bay and is barely noticeable. As many of you know, MC engineer bras that emphasize support, comfort and style for every chest from Hershey kisses to serious heavy hitters. (If you can't wait to order your own, MC is offering free shipping through the end of May.)

So where do you rate on a plan of 1-5? Do you stuff your hotel key in your bra last minute, or do you turn on you Garmin a half hour before the race starts?


p.s. The two winners of the Sof Sole giveaway of socks and insoles--and the coolest place their feet have taken them are:

Geli: I like running across bridges that are usually only for car bridges. I’ve been across the Coronado Bay Bridge in San Diego, the bridges from Pensacola to Pensacola Beach, and most recently across the Fremont Bridge in Portland (which is I-405).

Maggie: My feet have taken me to the small village of Barugo, which is on the island of Leyte in the Philippines. That’s my dad’s hometown. I wanted to go for a run before it got too humid, so well before 7am. I got up a 5am to run nut it was so dark and the streets were unlit. The town square had the most light as people were headin to an early morning church service. I ran around the town square until the humidity got the best of me, which was after about 20 minutes! I love running whenever I’m in a new place. It is the best way to see a new place.

Congrats to you and your feet! E-mail us at runmother at gmail dot com to claim your sweet feet treat!

448 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Opposites Attract

  1. I don’t even understand how I ended up right here, however I thought this submit was once great. I don’t recognize who you’re but certainly you are going to a famous blogger in the event you aren’t already. Cheers!

  2. My first thought was that I am much closer to 1… but then I thought about it and maybe I am a bit OCD. (Yes, I turn on my Garmin 30 minutes before the race to make sure it finds its satellites on time. And I do lay out all my gear the night before like a little girl the night before the first day of school). So I’m going to have to say maybe a 4.

  3. I was a 1, but now that I have kids I am a 3. I need to plan (and plan and plan) all my running around my family!

  4. I am probably a 3. Depends on on far I am running and who I am running with. Right now it’s easy to get ready because I don’t have anything to get ready for! I am about to start training for a Marathon in Oct. so I better get more organized! I also need to replace my Ipod, running belt, buy some Gu’s and another couple sports bras that can really support me since I am nursing and look more like Pam Anderson then I want to!

  5. I plan to be like Sarah but usually work more like Dimity! And while I try to think about what I need to have ready for a race a bit early right now, I suspect it’s only going to get more disorganised with time – with only 2 races under my belt (one yesterday!), my race kit is not yet second nature. I will think it is eventually, though, and that’s when I’ll start forgetting things…

  6. I am definitely a Sarah. I can’t leave the house for a run without all my gear, and I make sure I test-drive every piece of clothing before race day. Whenever I travel, at least half my bag is running/workout gear!

  7. I am more like Sarah. I try to plan everything out–sometimes to my detriment. I have lists upon lists of things to do, think about, and bring.

  8. I’m a 1, no doubt about it. I just ran my first 5K — the first 2 miles were completely uphill. Everyone I know said that I should drive the course, check the elevation maps on Google, etc. so that I would be prepared. Actually, I didn’t want to KNOW what the hills were like. My goal was to finish the race, hopefully not walking any of it, but just to finish and I knew that the hills would be tough — the word hills is in the race name! — but didn’t want to psych myself out ahead of time.

    Needless to say, I had a pretty good race time for a first 5K (31:20), and seeing that the first 2 miles were uphill, I’m pretty darn proud. For a mother who never thought she could run, who struggled with it in gym class all her life, I am one proud woman and momma! I like being a 1 — I guess I just like to be up for a challenge and to fly by the seat of my pants 😛

    (on a side note, the MC Juno is THE BEST running bra — hands down!!!)

  9. I am a 3.5, always have a tried and true few outfits ready to go, but nothing is organized, just thrown in a bag. I have running lists but no way are they going to be in any order! I do register in advance and have some knowledge of the course. Granted the last race I did was an 8k and had no idea how far I was really going!

  10. I loved this post! I’m somewhere around a 2-ish. For an away race I pace a couple outfits, but have been known to buy something new at the expo. I freeze water bottles for the week, but tend to forget them at home. And as I head out the door, I hope there is Gu in my bag ( there is usually 5 or 6.) Lol!!

  11. I’m definitely more like Dimity. I’m a procrastinator, through and through. I’ve tried to change and I envy people like Sarah! But I’m just me and that’s just fine!

  12. I am a 5 for sure. I stash laminated lists in my cycling backpack and running workout bags so that I can be sure I never forget to pack something for a workout. My husband mocks me, but I’d rather be anal than get to work after a bike ride and realize I forgot my underwear! I have printed checklists for every race I do. I study the course, bring my own Gu and Nuun and I own the Garmin 310XT which is waaaaay more watch than I need but it makes me feel hardcore. I like being a 5. It helps me be a good employee and a good mom of twins in addition to being a runner. Don’t know how I’d remember to do it all otherwise. O.k. now off to make another list.

  13. Dimity, I laughed out loud at your plumber’s butt reference! I’m more like you — I have plenty of room in my jog bra. No, seriously, I don’t like to plan too much. I like to be flexible so if something goes wrong, I don’t freak out. I like to be prepared and most of the time I have goals, but having fun is more important to me.

  14. I am a solid 2.5! I wish I could be more Sarah like in my preparation, knowing the course, having my music organized and running like the wind. I usually have a coordinated outfit picked out with a back up in case the weather changes. I am Dimity like in that I do alot of running around prior to leaving my house to make sure my race belt is packed and ipod and Garmin are charged. I am always making last minute changes to my fuel belt, my playlist and occassionally my attire. For me, this is a good mix, although I still would love to be faster!!!

  15. I started out as probably a 1–10 years ago as I ran to try to impress my now husband. Now, I would say now I am a 4. I have planted people to bring me perpetuum drinks, extra clothing packed, flip flops ready for after race, plan my breakfast days in advance. I am always overplanned (I teach young children; over-planning is part of what I do everyday) I don’t always know the course as well as I’d like too or have the best planned playlists (but, hey I only got an i-pod last year).

  16. I would say a 2 at this point, however, I think I’ll need to move up to a 3 or4 as my distance increases. I’m planning to do my first 1/2 in the fall. So far, I’ve done several 5ks and one 10k. Does it ever get easier???

  17. Wow… is there a level lower than a 1? I actually thought I was organized because I tend to get to the race in plenty of time to stop by the porta-potty. But I wear no watch, pick out clothes the day of, and have been known to scramble for gloves or other gear in the wee hours just before leaving. I’m happy if I find my MP3 player (and that it has juice), but have never yet gotten around to loading it with music. I’ve been known to carry a shot block in a half, but that’s as high tech as I go. Nice to know I’m underachieving as an organizer in this area of my life, too!

  18. I am more of a 1. I like to run because it’s a low maintenance sport. I don’t have to have all kinds of gadgets to get it done.

  19. Definitely a 5. I’m like SBS in that I’ve planned, studied, and am orgainzed and ready to go for the race. If not, I get really stressed out. I cannot control the race outright, but I can control how prepared I am and that helps keep me calm.

  20. I’m probably a 2, only because I bring different outfits with me. Day of the race, a minimalist – IPOD a must, a few almonds, my handheld water which I fill with whatever is on the course. Mind you, in New Orleans, in Feb before the race, I was freezing, I did steal a L/S shirt that I could ditch from my friend who is a 4.5. My new strategy for fighting the morning chill is to keep the blanket from the last race, bring it to the next race and ditch it. It takes up way less space in suitcase and much easier to ditch than a shirt.

  21. I am Diminty runner for sure! Just reading Sarah’s description I was no where near her! I am also the runner wearing a cotton tank top with holes and maybe a bleach stain on it, IPOD shuffle – maybe and I have many songs I have to fast forwarded through, garmin – This is my only yes – it is always on my arm and since I live in Colorado I need sunglasses.

  22. Since reading your book for the first time, I always felt I connected more with Dimity’s sense of running. However, I find myself leaning more towards a Sarah-esque style. It seems that the more I train for something, the more time/effort I put into it, the more serious I am about the results. So without knowing it, I’ve changed…kinda.

  23. I’ve only run one race so far and tried very hard to be a 5 – I had several choices of outfits set out the night before, but come the next morning I felt out of sorts and wasn’t quite sure what to do, so at that point I was just a sad old 1. I will try to get better when I run a distance that requires all the “extras”

  24. I was going to post that I was free spirited 1, but then I realized that I totally plan out my outfits (based on weather and comfort) and will still pack a back-up outfit just in case I am wrong about the weather…. and all this planning is just for my week day runs! Since I like to think of myself as free spirited I am going to say that I am a 4. :>)

  25. I’m much more like Dimity. I’d call myself a 3. I like to be somewhat organized but often find myself dumping new songs onto my i-pod the night before a race (and scrambling to find my non-chafing shorts). For me, I like to leave a little to chance 🙂

  26. I would say that I’m a 3.5, but that kind of angsty precision means that I’m really a 4. I don’t bring quite as much stuff as SBS, but everything I do and bring is planned to the T well in advance, including the outfit down to the socks and fully charged Garmin.

  27. I’m about a 2. My last race taught me I might need to bump that up a bit. I left my house and the temp was 56, got to the race an hour away and it was 46, windy and pouring rain. I was cold, wet and unprepared!!

  28. I am somewhere in between…a 2-3 depending on the day, the race, and my nerves. I always use my Garmin (love it) but dont have much else to accessorize with. I do love my MC bra and my body glide though…

  29. Sometimes I am a 5 wanna be, but have accepted that I am a go with the flow drink what they are serving kind of gal. The only steady items for my very new running venture are my Addidas Bounce and my Enell no bounce sports bra…everything else is up for grabs. My music is up to the random shuffle and I have a strong belief that I will always end up where I need to be so it is easy to let go and enjoy whatever path lies before me.

  30. I’m probably more of a Dimity, but I also have a little of SBS starting to surface. I’m still pretty new to the running sceen- I’ve done one 1/2 marathon and am trainging for another in June and then a full in October. I don’t have all the latest and greatest gear, but I have enought to get me by and keep me going…except for some good sport bras! 🙂 🙂

  31. On a scale of 1 to 5, I’m a 6. Just for my regular morning runs this morning, I go through a whole process the night before, checking the hour-by-hour forecast, selecting and laying out my running clothes based on the forecast, checking that the ipod and garmin are charged, and laying everything out on the kitchen table. My race-day routines kick it up about 5 notches. I like to have control over the things that I CAN control. I’m completely anal, and totally okay with that!

  32. I’m a 4. Not too obsessive but everything that I can control is under control. So far my races have been local which makes it easier. Travel seems to add a whole other tricky element to the process.

  33. Definitely a 1. I always wear the same clothes, including shorts with lots of pockets that have been stuffed full to bursting on many occasions. I don’t really warm-up or do a lot of prep. My music is somewhat thought out but not programmed to tempo.

  34. I’m somewhere in the middle. I am a planner and sleep better knowing that all my ducks are in a row in advance. But I don’t have a lot of special gear — one thing I love about running is you don’t NEED much, it’s a matter of choice — and I love having a random mix of music so I never know what’s coming next. I would love to have a new, supportive bra! I was ample before having a child, so having the right support is crucial!

  35. For training, I wing it like Dimity (around a 2) For race day, I plan it like Sarah (around a 4.5). LOVE Moving Comfort bras, they are awesome!

  36. I am a 1.5 for sure! Don’t like to do too much planning, but leave it to chance. Sometimes it backfires and I end up running longer than I wanted to because I took a wrong turn or was too busy enjoying the trip and not paying attention to where my feet were taking me. Sadly, much of what goes in the sports bra, has to be anchored just right, of it may fall through – ha ha!

  37. Fully, obsessively, a 5. Everything needs to be perfect, and everything must go on my body in the right order. Tiny bit of OCD here – but it works for me 🙂

  38. I’d say I am somewhere between a 4 and 5…somewhere between obsessing and telling my self I need to relax.

  39. I would have to say I’m more SBS, because I am organized and like to be prepared… however, I don’t have a lot of “gear/gadgets”, no music, I just drink water during races, but I do put 2 packs of fruit snacks in my pocket. I also make sure to body glide the sensitive areas and put on sunscreen. Then ready to go!

  40. I’m definitely more like SBS. If not totally a 5, I’m firmly a 4.5. A lot can happen on race day that’s out of our control (weather, sickness, dark places), so I like to have as many of the within-my-control ducks in a row.

  41. I am more like Dimity–I’m easy going about my runs. I can’t remember when I added a song to my playlist. I only use my iPod for races. I may carry my own drink, and maybe I won’t. I may forget something but I love to Run Like a Mother!

  42. I am probably about a 3. I plan ahead to make sure I am prepared but I am also kind of a “whatever” runner. I’ll grab some water or Powerade on the course, the cord to my ipod is usually all over the place and I actually almost dropped it in the porta potty once cause I forgot I had just shoved it onto the band of my shorts sometime during the race!

  43. I rate myself a 3 with my phone in my Spibelt and all pockets and my brastrap packed with Chocolate Outrage GU. And my clip-on MP3 player makes it easy to carry music. I only rate myself as a 3 out of 5 because I don’t go the Garmin, heart rate monitor, or Camelback route….yet!!!

  44. Definitely SBS. Although normally I’m a light packer when traveling, whenever I have a race I bring different layers just in case. I’ve also been known to loose sleep over logistics of the race not to mention anxiety. My fuel belt has a little pocket for things like keys and my inhaler, and yes, I did by that particular model just for that feature.

  45. I’m about a negative eleventeen. The procrastinating perfectionist in me is convinced that I won’t actually pick out the best clothing and gear until race day, and of course when race day arrives I normally oversleep and can’t find what I’m looking for anyway. I’ve refused for years to buy new headphones, even though mine will only stay in my ears if I tie a handkerchief around my head, and the same goes for my iPhone – rather than purchase an arm band, I’ve always worn a jacket – and I live in the South!! – so I have somewhere to put it. Two races ago, I spent the first half mile just trying to get the GPS function to turn on because I arrived at the starting line right as the race began, but somehow it always works out – I placed first in overall women in my most recent race! Whatever works, right? 🙂

  46. I am probably a three. With a three year old and a 4 month old I don’t have time to be any more organized than that. But some routine/planning helps me with pre race nerves. Did I mention nursing the 4 month old? I could REALLY use a new super supportive sports bra!

  47. Definitely organized! I am much more like SBS than Dimity, but sometimes wish I were a little less anal retentive/OCD about things! By the way, I desperately need a new bra! I am pg with baby #4, and my old running bra just isn’t cutting it anymore . . .

  48. I am more like Dimity, probably a 2. I pick out an outfit the day before and that’s all for my preparations. I don’t carry water or keys (I hid the car key on the tire!)

  49. I think I’m around a 3. Organized enough to never forget my iPod, but yeah, I’ll use my sports bra as a pocket from time to time.

  50. I think I sell myself short….I was thinking I was a 2, but I too lay all my clothes out and have an extra bag of ‘stuff’….just in case….so over prepared with ‘stuff’….probably under prepared in training! Final Answer—4!

  51. Being in wanna-be-a-runner-again mode – I’d love a new MC bra! I’d be a 1 or 2.. but that was back in the day when there wasn’t a lot to put together. Shoes, socks, key. Good to go! Maybe a water bottle on a 12 mile.

  52. I’m definitely more like SBS, a 5!!! I have everything set out the night before; I don’t want to think about anything the morning of a race. I must have my watch, 2-3 GUs, my hat, and my sunglasses. I do study the course beforehand, A LOT!!

  53. I am a solid three. I make sure I look good – gotta love an outfit that matches – esp when I’m running in the light of day with other people – but – I really try to ignore the fact that I’m racing the next day – maybe so as not to get pre-race jitters? – and have forgotten lots of stuff in the process… this most recent race I have done was my watch… kind of important if you think about it!

  54. I tend to act like a 4.5 for days before, over-thinking and over-planning. Then on race day I have to tell myself to shake it off, things will be FINE and I need to relax. Because really, all I am doing is running; it’s just me. When I once again remember that, it is all OK.

  55. I’d have to classify myself as a 3…I know it seems non-committal, but I am a 5 in terms of my shoes, socks, back up socks, sports bra, warm weather outfit, cool weather outfit, wet weather outfit, hat, sunglasses, etc. And a 1 in terms of prep for the actual race, I just show up, follow the others, and stash the free fuel options in my pockets at the first few race stations (something I learned after picking up an open but not empty packet of Shot Blox from the ground in desperation near the end of my first 1/2 marathon).

  56. I’m probably a 4. Usually eat what’s on coursebut bring a little of my own—not anal about running or memorizing the course, but I do spend way too much time on the website and stressing over my Italian meal the night before. -and precisely which outfit, bra, and undies to wear. Gotta be prepared.

  57. I use to be a 4.5 but after 14 years of running and racing I’m more of a 3. I don’t think I could ever be a 1.

  58. I’m probably a 3. My daughter however is right there with ya Dimity. Her style fits her and mine fits me and we have a lot of fun together.

  59. I’m probably a 3, I bring one outfit, and hope that the weather is right (although I do tend to check the forcast the night before), I run iwth whatever music I happen to have, and if I’m lucky, I’ll remember to put on my heartrate monitor. I’m pretty careful about pacing though, and tend to stick very closely to whatever pace I planned for, as long as I am feeling up to it that day.

  60. I am definitely more like Dimity. I would say I am a 1 on most run days and maybe a 2 or 3 on a race day. I am usually so excited to be getting out for a run with or without the kids, usually on trails, that I put little planning into it. My MP3/iPod is seriously lacking new music so I usually skip through songs or just listen to the radio. I often forget a watch and just guess-timate my time/distance, I rarely plan a course ahead of time. The only thing I am anal about is remembering my water belt. Partly for water, partly to carry my keys, my phone and my credit card, you never know when you might need it for a snack or a cab ride!

  61. I go with whatever flow there is that day very little planning trying to get better but I always revert 🙁

  62. Oh, I’m so much closer to a 5… 4.99???

    My playlist is perfect – to the point I even know about how long each song is, and which mile I should be on based on the song! I have my favourite shorts, socks, bra and shirt. I have my GUs, my Garmin, and my plan.

    I don’t fall apart if everything doesn’t go right, but I sure try to control any possible unexpected event!

  63. These tata’s need tamin’!!!!

    I’d like to think I’m a laid-back 3! Love a new running jacket, 3 wardrobe changes on race day and never enter a race without scoping out the swag but always forget to research the race route & sync my new playlist!

  64. My first 5k run will be in October but I am the super organized type so I am sure I will be planning for every little detail for days and days before hand.

  65. 3.75. Traveling out of town I usually have a second outfit. Not sure how far ahead I turn on the Garmin, but long enough to have to start and then hit reset so it won’t leave training mode, multiple times. Key goes in my pocket, or, better yet, with a family spectator. Fuel — I might carry a Gu or 2, but usually rely on the race if they have enough stops. I carried toilet paper on my last marathon. Ok, maybe a 4.5.

  66. I definitely am a 5. Everything is laid out the night before. My fuel belt is stocked and organized. My garmin is ready to go and I start it before the race to make sure the satellite is located in time. I read runner’s blogs, magazines, etc. to feel “prepared”. Yep 5 all the way!

  67. I’m TOTALLY anal and accessorized! For a simple 5k training run, I have my Garmin 305, my iPod with my running playlist, my phone(at hubby’s insistence-I’m running alone on the highway), my water bottle with chia and lemon juice, and my running hat. When I get home, I upload my run onto dailymuile AND SportTracks, to keep track of how I did and to see my pace. And I’m not even into serious training yet! 🙂

  68. I am probably a 4. At 42, I am relatively new to running, my running partner and I started 14 months ago. I still don’t know all the tricks or have the latest gear, but thanks to being a mom for the last 8 years, I try to come prepared for any eventuality.

    Nashville was my first 1/2 marathon and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I packed instant oatmeal for breakfast and even brought my own coffee (bit of a snob and insist on bringing my own Peet’s as Starbucks won’t cut it.) I packed two types of running bottoms, fearing that come race day, I might prefer one over the other. I made sure to load on the sunscreen before leaving. The hotel key, id, a little cash and credit card were stored nicely in the picket of my running skirt. Sport beans and other jellys were in another picket. The mp3 player was loaded with “angry” running music (load and fast) and the earphones were threaded through the back of my bra and shirt so they would not get in the way. I was ready to go! While I may not have had the best finish time for my first 1/2, I definitely felt prepared.

  69. Maybe it’s a Sarah thing, but I rate myself around a 4 because in order to get my head in the game I need certain details in order. Such as, I need my headphones tucked through the back of my shirt, I need to eat peanut butter on toast and have some form of caffeine 30 minutes pre-run, and I need to wear as little as the weather will allow, because I perform much better when I dont feel overheated. If any of these details are not in place, I still manage to push myself through the run and it gets easier as I get further into it, but it definitely takes more mental work to have a good run.

  70. Since I’ve only done one race (a 5K last Saturday in which I came in 16th out of 125 in my age group!), my running style has yet to be determined. But since you want us to put a label on it, I’d say I’m between SBS and Dimity. Running is a lot like life in general. Most of the time, I’m pretty organized and I have my routines, but I don’t plan to the nano second.

  71. I am definitely a 1, Dimity-style, probably because I am hyper-anal in all other areas of my life. I’ve learned in the 3 short months of my daughter’s life that if I don’t suit up and hand her over to my husband as soon as he walks in the door after work (yes, he has learned to live with this) then I get sidetracked by all of the OTHER things I could do with two free hands. If my i-pod is sort of charged and I can find a sports bra I’m pretty happy.

  72. In “real” life I’m a total 5…but when it comes to running – well, it’s the time I get to be a 1. I just relax, trust and go…it’s incredibly refreshing!

  73. I think I am around a 3 – I have lots of “stuff” – Garmy, belt, phone, etc. and even have specific places for my “stuff”, but I end up looking a bit disheveled with my bib pinned on awkwardly, etc. I don’t plan too much for races (but so far have done only 5k’s – training for 15K and 1/2 marathon right now) and just kind of “go with the flow”. The one thing I am rigid about is eating a banana before I run – that is one of those nutty things – I always think I will have a bad run if I don’t eat a banana! Anyway – I think I am right in the middle of the continuum.

  74. I would love to be a 5. I strive to be a five. I am more a 3. I have the best of intentions to plan everything out, but it never quite works out that way.

  75. I’m about a 4. I’ve only run a few short races, but I’m pretty obssessive about being ready, but I just give the race map a quick review (seriously, I won’t get lost and am not advanced enough a runner for elevations to mean anything to me). I travelled for one race in Feb and I had every possible combo of race clothing, my iPod charged and running playlist freshened, pre-race foods ready, various hair taming options available, my running shades, and sports watch strapped on. I did, however, forget to pack much for the non-running social part of the weekend. Oops. 🙂 And I do like to be early enough to have plenty of time for a pit stop and to settle into my spot behind the line.

  76. Totally a 1 or 2. Which is funny cause when it comes to my kids I’m totally a 5. My kids have everything they need to last throughout the race (especially since I won’t be the one with them. I make sure everything is packed the night before, clothes laid out the night before. Me? I have my one outfit and my stuff I think I need in my bag. I have a theoretical plan for how I think things will go. And then I have my moments before (or during) the race where I’m rearranging where things should go. For instance at my last half, apparently that really awesome back pocket on my capris? Great for an mp3. Add some shot bloks? Pants start sagging. Had to rearrange. Wish I’d have thought of putting it in my bra. Ended up running with it in my hand for most of the race. Not fun. :-/

  77. I am definitely an SBS, 5, Type-A runner. I have been known to wear BOTH a Nike+ AND a Garmin at the same time just in case one fails because I MUST know my pace and where I’m at during a race. I have my fuel belt carefully packed, and if I get my bottles in the wrong spot (water up front, sports drink in back) it throws me off. Oh, and I don’t just make playlists, I CRAFT them. I put certain songs at certain places because, “Oh, I’ll be at mile so-and so here, or this one should hit right at the bottom of that hill…” I’m obsessive. Now that I ‘ve actually written it down and think about it, it’s kind of sick. 🙂

  78. I’m a 3. I’m organized, but travel with very little gear. My running watch is from Target and alarms every day at 6:00 and 2:00 and i can’t change that. I don’t race with tunes, so my iPod just sits tracking Nike+ data. And I am the only runner in the South who will not buy a water belt. (I did ask for a hand-held single bottle for Mother’s Day… finally…)

  79. I used to be super organized, but it started stressing me out. I was finding that all of my forethought about the race, and what I was going to wear was causing me to panic about forgetting something. I thought being prepared would make me less nervous, but really it just made me over think it. So, I guess I’m more like Dimity now!

  80. I’m a 5 in prep (plan everything) but I’m a 1 at execution when it comes down to executing, I’m a procrastinator. Case in point: ran my first marathon. Didn’t put on my bra because I knew I needed to get one more pumping session in before the run (still breastfeeding). Pumped, put my bra in my pocket and went into one of several hundred portapotties and pulled it on. Came out, put my garmin in place and we lined up. 26.2 miles later, I have the most awful chafe burn from my bra and chest strap rubbing. It will easily be a week before I can comfortably strap on a sport bra or the chest strap and I will probably have a scar. Now I wish I’d taken time to put body glide on (I had it), adjust the strap a bit more meticulously. Needless to say, I’m shopping for a new bra and pondering a dif strap. And wishing I was more of a 5 in all around execution…

  81. I’m usually a 3, I guess…I like to have things for race day laid out the night before, because I know I’ll sleep better that way. But, on most days and most runs I usually just lace up and take off.

  82. I’m so much more like Dimity~it stresses me out to be too planned and organized. I have my race music ready and try to remember to find a satellite on my GPS before the whistle blows, but sometimes that’s pushing it. I usually choose what I’m going to wear the morning of the race (based on what’s clean or not too smelly). This is how I live my life, and overall, I’m pretty badass.

  83. I’m a 4. Outfit planned and practiced, race bib pinned and re pinned to align on race T (pre washed to prevent chafing) just right. Spibelt neatly packed with ID, Visa card, $20, Insurance card , cellphone and key. Always arrive early to get parked, gear checked and “bathroomed” ahead of the crowds. Ipod ready, watch set , Shot blocks open and in hand so I can squeeze out a couple at even intervals throughout the race and I’m off. Still, despite preparations I always feel harried and not quite sure that I haven’t forgotten something important….

  84. I’m more like Sarah. I try not to over think it but I guess worrying and fretting come naturally to me…thus planning is something I must do to stay sane.

  85. I’m right in the middle – 3. I’m always fidgeting with my music as I cross the start line, often accidently pressing the mute button. However, I’m pretty anal about getting to the start in plenty of time to pee of few times before the gun goes off.

  86. I would be a 1. Only 1 outfit that is usually mismatched and my iPod. No fancy gadgets for me, just the road and my tunes.

  87. I like having as little on me as possible! Long runs mean a camelback, but I don’t like special gear. Or I forget it if I have it.

  88. Between 4-5. I always have all the necessities (and then some) in my purse while out and about and it seems to translate to running too. Still learning to edit it.

  89. I probably hover around a 4-5. But I don’t carry a lot. But I NEED to be certain places at certain times, check and recheck myself (iPod ready, correct Propel in water bottle – as if it would change after *I* poured it) and will happily bounce in place for 5-10 minutes at a start line so I’m not scrambling. And all this after I’ve only run 6 races in my whole life. My first ever half marathon is in 2 weeks. Wonder what I’ll be like then…. Probably mid-divorce over my anal-tivity.

  90. A resounding 4 leaning into a 5 because I have only been running for under 6 months and I haven’t figured out all the things I can plan. When I was biking I had all the accessories and then bought a second kind of bike so I could have more. (I still want a third kind but, being a mother, I can’t afford it and running is cheaper after you buy all the stuff).

  91. Hmm… I think I’m a pretty good (or bad depending on the perspective I guess) ballance between them both. I generally have all my gadgets and tricks when i make it to my run but generally i’m running all over the house before hand. I almost always have my music but it depends on how charged it is to what i listen too. My cord is usually haphazzard and usually coming out of my sleeves or neck hole. It tickles and it irratates but its playing the same play list that I’ve had on for a year and a half. I have my spi-belt or nathan belt full of water that was all ready the night before. My Garmin is almost always charged and ready to go. I generally have enough GU’s or chomps to share but never put them in my bra (I spent good $ to fill those babies up after two children and breast feeding, I’m not taking a chance in popping them with the corner of a foil GU Packet!!!!). So I’m a little SBS and a little Dimity. I’m proud to say that I have a little of both of my favorite writers styles. 🙂

  92. I use to be a SBS 5+ then, I found, for me, the beauty of running was the “just do it” attitude: No tunes, there is always lots to see and take in on the course, no timing gadget…….it is what it is for that day….. yes, I usually pack more than a couple of running outfits…and yes, I mean outfits, ie, I match head to toe! I have to A) fell good about how I look when I hit the wall and B) be weather comfortable, or this ol’ gal will have nothin’ to do with finishing! and since that isn’t acceptable in my book, I need to be prepared. Having said that, I guess I must fall somewhere around a 3 . Oh, but, did I mention I have a “Gu Sherpa”? My amazing husband runs with me carrying the ibuprofen, Gu, Room key, chapstick, glide, list of motivational, aka suck it up and finish list of sayings. Oh, and hugs waiting at the finish lines to celebrate! Perhaps I really am a SBS 5+ kinda runner!

  93. I’m on the inexperienced side (running my FIRST half marathon next weekend), and so I’d say that I’m a 4 right now. I am trying to prepare for everything, but trying not to overthink things. And for the record, I will be wearing a Moving Comfort Juno… !!

  94. I’m definitely a 1. I’m a new runner, though, so I’m not as into “time” and “speed” as much as most more experienced runners. In fact, I don’t even have a watch, and everything gets stuffed into my bra (ipod included)!

  95. I’m probably a 3 – a SBS wannabe, but I can never quite get my act completely together. I’m usually dashing around at the last minute gathering up all the equipment I remember I “need.”

  96. I’m a 4, but might be bordering on a 5. When I trained for my first marathon last year, I never missed a workout, even when it was pouring down rain. I was new to running, so I took a year to train (when I started I could not run a mile. 11 months later, I completed my marathon.) Sure – I am slow, but my goal was to finish while the roads were still closed. I paced myself perfectly, and finished at 5:55 for a 6 hour course! I had my iPod music timed perfectly for finishing. I figured I spent so much time and effort to achieve a goal, I needed to execute it well so that I wasn’t disappointed!

  97. I am a 2. I am not a one because I am new to racing and I need to impose some sense of order on the whole thing. Last time I went for a run from a hotel I put my hotel key card in my sports bra. All was fine until I returned and I had a perfect rectangular shaped black outline of the card stained on my boob and my card would not open my door!

  98. I’m probably a 4. Lots of outfits (too many!), lots of accessories, but no caffeinated gum, no scoping out the course (I actually prefer NOT to know!). But I do like to set a race-specific playlist!

  99. Probably around a 2. I just shuffle the songs on a playlist that hasn’t been changed in a year! But I do think a little about outfit (good job my dh doesn’t run too as he is my walking wardrobe just before the start!) and I worry incessantly about pit stops so have probably scoured all available course info in advance too….ok that said maybe I’m more of a 3-4!!!

  100. I’m more like SBS. I put my Garmin on the porch while I get ready so it’s ready to go when I am (when leaving from my house). I lay my clothes out the night before so I’m ready to go. My weekend runs include my stroller which is my running shopping cart!

  101. I think I’m about a 4…perhaps I’ll reach into high-five territory as I get to be a more experienced runner (and this frigging knee quits bugging me). What I really need is a new bra for my knee.
    But in truth I’ve never owned a really kickass sports bra so I’d love to have one. Thanks to all for your (wait for it) support!

  102. I am -1 that is why I love running with a group there is always someone who is more organized, who has it all together. I show up run and enjoy the race, no stress, no worry.

  103. Dude, I plan to plan. I try to go with the flow but my brain enjoys having all the answers. So Sarah, I got your back…I just need to know when and where (<;

  104. Was once a 1, until i ran a rainy race in a lacy bra and chafed something wicked. Now, I’m a 1.5. Of course, the rainy race was when i was 14 so i had significantly less to support. A good sports bra is what i spend my gear money on.

  105. 2 – not too many accessories. I used to own a Suunto T6 and a Cycleops Powetap computer but sold them both in order to buy a nice triathlon bike. And I’m pretty disorganized with my running gear – lots of time I cannot find a shirt or shorts because they are in the laundry. Most of my workout clothes are from thrift stores or occasionally I will splurge and get something new from Sierra Trading Post. I am pretty organized for my triathlons because they are gear-intensive races. Maybe more like a 4 on race day.

  106. I’m somewhere in the middle…a 2 or 3 depending on the race. I usually have an outfit planned, and need certain things with me in the right places. I’ve never really mapped out a course and while I train with a fuel belt, I usually rely on water stations for races without stressing out about it.

  107. I’m a 3 – I like to plan a bit, but I also go with the flow when it comes to race day, especially if it’s a race I’ve done before.

  108. I am definitely a free wheelin’ laid back style runner – go with the flow – although I like to have my routes mapped out so I can choose how far I’m going. Is that anal?

  109. I am defiantly a 4.5. I am a organizer in so many ways of my life so I have to have everything organized and planned out a week before hand. I sometimes think I need to let go of some control in my life and let things be the way they are since I obviously like to be in control!

  110. I am somewhere in between sort of. I want my phone or iPod to be timed down to the second, so a little anal retentive with that one. I have to have music or I go nuts.

  111. Well, I’ve only run one race so far and planning? Well, how well can you plan for something you’ve never done before. That said, I’m pretty structured when it comes to training so I’m gonna put myself at about a 4.

  112. I’m getting closer to a 5 because I can tell it makes a difference. I have a favorite shirt, have to have the IPOD and the watch. Bring all the right fuel and fluid. I know I’ll have a great run if I plan for it.

  113. I’ve always been a 2. Now that I have a Garmin and a heart monitor I might be edging more toward a 3. As the races get longer & harder, the need for being prepared and organized seems to increase. With the Iron Man in my cross hairs, I could indeed be on my way to a 5.

  114. I think I am a 2. I would LIKE to be more self-sufficient and carry everything with me, but I probably lean more toward the “if I need it, it will appear” philospohy. I have run 12 mile training runs (more than once) without water because I didn’t think ahead (you think I would learn!) or thought that I would find some along the way- but somehow it just works out. Mind you, I have also found myself walking miles out of my way because the path I mapped out on was left on the kitchen table as I went out the door and I got a little lost, but it just makes for better stories with your training group, right?!?

  115. I’m an SBS type planner all the way! I will start my race prep and planning a week out from race day! Luckily I have a big office floor space, where I can set out all of my “can’t live without items” for race day.

    All of it, of course, has to be pre-tested. No new items/gear/clothes/food etc. for race day. Tried and true is a good formula.

    I think much of my need to plan takes me back to my favorite childhood book…….(I’m makin’ my list, checkin’ it twice, not leavin’ the house without my chicken soup with rice!) I figure if I pack it along, and I don’t end up needing it, that piece of gear just ended up being sort of an “insurance policy”. (Like packing an extra rain coat along, just to ensure that it doesn’t rain).

    I am type A, and my more “B” hubby so does not understand my advance planning styles. While we do not understand each other’s method – we humor each other. To each his own! Cheers!

  116. I’m a 4. Pretty darn anal retentive. I love organization, and I have been known to get a little manic on race day when not everything is in order.

  117. Definitely a 5. I double, triple and quadruple check everything the night before and the morning of. I start watching the race-day weather report as soon as it hits the extended forecast window, and I’m making mental lists of everything I need about two weeks prior to race. Already making mental notes for my next half on May 22nd.

  118. I’d love to brag about how organized I am…because really truly I try to be and want to be but I’m usually not. I would have to say I’m a 2 on the scale, so def more Dimity-ish. 🙂 I’ll look over a course map previously but don’t memorize it or pay THAT much attention. I try to stay paced but always go out too fast. I always forget extra snacks and just hope they have something that’ll work for me. And music…well….let’s see if I even remember to bring it. I gave myself a 2 instead of a 1 only because I DO try and prefer to be organized. LOL Now bring on the sportsbra! This momma needs some replacements.

  119. Definitely a 5… Very anal and everything planned out in preparation. But that’s how I like my everyday life too, even though it’s hardly like that! 😕

  120. Sadly , I’m probably a -2 🙁 I hold my shuffle (ridiculous, but clicking through my songs distracts me from the pain). And , oh yeah , I need to click cause I can’t figure out how to only have running songs on my shuffle so I have the kids’ music as well as lovely Christmas tunes. “Let it snow, etc” just does not do the job! Hate the belt, so I stuff wherever I can – it ain’t pretty !!!!!

  121. I’m a 5 all the way….I’ll make lists so I don’t forget anything on a race day. I must have everything ready the night before. I’ll pin on my bib # the night before. If I’m not super organized I’ll feel like I’m not prepared, which I hate!

  122. Total disorganization. I showed up 4 minutes before three races last year. Warm up? Ha. Lucky I know where the start (and portapotties) are.

  123. If its not possible to bike or drive the course in advance, I def need to study the map. I need to mentally be able to break it down into short term goals.

  124. I am so a free spirit. Although, at times I wish I could be a little more structured with my runs! I tend to totally forget about pace and instead focus on the scenery or do some lesson planning in my head! Sometimes that leads to longer runs (good) and other time I give up too easily :(.

  125. just starting running…I’d say I’m not a planner
    thanks for the inspiration for starting my running though!


  126. just starting running…I’d say I’m not a planner
    thanks for the inspiration for starting my running though!

  127. I’m about a 3. I like to have my gear all laid out, but I don’t tend to bring too many extras. I don’t run with music. I’m deaf in one ear, so I feel completely unaware of my surroundings if I’m plugged in. I did forget a sport bra for a recent race, but luckily we were near family who were coming to babysit my 6-month-old daughter while my husband and I ran, and my sister-in-law was able to lend me a sport bra. Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite up to supporting my excellent nursing bosom, and resulted in some chafing, but it was better than running in a nursing bra! I do think that after that event, I may have to elevate my race day preparation organization to a level 4!

  128. I guess I’d round out at a 3! I love to get super organized in terms of what to wear, and if I match my running buddies :), but I don’t really obsess about the race or course, etc… I just hit “shuffle” on my iPod, and off I go! Maybe as I get to be a more experienced runner, I’ll have more of a routine…

  129. I think I am probably a 2. My husband will tell you that I love to talk about organizing, but struggle with the follow through. Running is a way to get away from all of the pressures of life, so I refuse to stress about it. I do what feels good mentally and physically. That changes on a daily basis, so I go with the flow.

  130. I would say I’m a 4 when it comes to clothes, a 3 on other gear (ipod, fuel belt) and a 2 when it comes to my fuel and nutrition planning. Hopefully as I learn more and race more I can move up that scale!

  131. How do people run if they are a “1”? I am a 5+++. I ran a marathon this weekend, my 3rd, but my first in 5 years, and the level of ridiculous overpreparation was mind-boggling. Two outfits, one on me and the other in my bag to take – just in case. Gu’s squeezed out into my water belt bottles and dissolved in water, so I wouldn’t have to mess with those packages later on in the race – which turned out to be pure genius. Ipod Shuffle music list updated, and the cord packed under my clothes. Sunglasses, sunscreen, Garmin. I figure if I worry about all those details, that leaves me free to concentrate on the running! Better to be overprepared than do poorly because of an important detail.

  132. I’m so Dimity… I’ve certainly realized this through reading the book and the blogs! I’ve only…get this…. ben running for 8 weeks, and already realize I’ll never be the runner described above! 🙂 You know what though, what I’ve realized is that it is OK!!! It is OK to stumble out the door, accidently weaving my earphones up my shirt the wrong way, having music that’s not perfectly organized from slow to faster, etc. What I’ve realized is that I’m running…for the first time in my life! I’ve never ran anywhere — until now! Never knew that I could! Most of all, I’m setting an example for my 9 year old daughter, to always go for what you want, to try new things, and never, I mean never give up!!! So even if I’m an unorganized, imperfect runner…. I am another mother runner! 🙂 Thank you to both of you for your inspirtation!

  133. Everyone tells me I’m a Triple Type A person, but when it comes to running, I just show up. I’ve never figured it out…so I have to give myself a 1. Like my last half marathon, I just showed up with chapstick and 3 Gu I had to safety pin to my waistband since I didn’t notice the capris I chose didn’t have a pocket.

  134. I’m a 4.9 … don’t like gum. Data junkie too. I can tell you how many miles I’ve run since I’ve started running, average heart rate, and average pace. I can also tell you what my outfit was on a daily run a year ago.

  135. I think I would be a little bit more like Dimity. I’ve never actually ran a race yet (I am doing a 5k in two weeks). So, my first one might be a bit more anal, but that is not who I normally am.

  136. I come in somewhere in the middle. I like comfort and knowing I have it all together but after years of working as an Outward Bound Instructor and running end of course (some 21 day backpack/canoe/rockclimb courses) runs (10 or more mountain miles) in whatever clothes I might have left that are not totally gross, or wet and not having anything to munch on but leftover course food, I can pull it together to run in rain, mud and sweat (over 21 days without a bath is stanky sweat). No MP3 player there. But having it all, the clean outfit, music, food, prep…pretty nice!

  137. I will fall somewhere in the middle. I wear the same outfit to every race. Though I do over prep for races I travel for, mostly for weather variances. Caffinated gum, who knew there was such I thing, I must go look for some.

  138. I am definitely more Dimity than Sarah. Oh, heck, let me just say it I am a 1 in races as well as life. I’m pretty minimalist when it comes to races and usually eat/drink whatever is provided at the race. Although a 10k I did ended at a bbq place and included a free bbq plate. I wished I had brought some other food because that was not the most appetizing thing after a run!

  139. I’m close to a 5 in preparation but on race day, I give myself permission to settle down a little and deal with the unknown of each event. Sportsbras are critical for training and race day — it’s fascinating how many options are out there for different sizes, needs and cost! Fun descriptions of your race prep!
    🙂 Sara

  140. Slightly organized but not really. Usually bring more than I need to bring! Garmin, change of clothes, bug spray, sunscreen, fanny pack to hold ipod, phone, keys, etc. Some gets left in car, some I carry and usually ask why I brought everything I did! Would rather have too much than regret not bringing it with me though!

  141. I am closer to a 1 if not below that. I usually just show up. I have ran with my car opener in my underwear because I didn’t have pockets and worried the whole time that I was going to drop it!

  142. I am going with a 3.75…..while I like to think I am happy go lucky like Dimity I share SBS “OCD” traits. For a race, I plan what I am wearing a week ahead of time. I lay it out on my dresser days before until the “look is complete”. I often seek input from my tween whom would never leave the house looking thrown together so she ensures I am looking top notch. When I arrive at location I immediately unpack my running stash in a pile. My Garmin is charged up/probably overcharged and fired up as soon as I hit the race location. God forbid if I could not find a sattelite signal. Stashed in my pockets are my gels (whatever looked good at REI) and my package of Cottenelle Wipes………… saver in the over used Porta Jon or the woods if “duty” calls.

  143. I would rate myself as a 3. I think I tend to be a little more like SBS but because I am a new runner, I may omit something “important” on race day due to general lack of experience. But now I am proud to say I have one half marathon and one full marathon under my belt so next time I will be a little more organized!

  144. I would have to say a 3. I always make sure I match and look cute. That is usually all I have going for me!!! I always start out too fast or last race too slow and got brainwashed into making that my pace for the first 8 miles….ughh. I’m slowly learning thanks to this fantastic tribe!

  145. I’m probably a 4. Being organized helps me calm down. Ironically, I’m a 2 when it comes to competitiveness in a race.

  146. I am somewhere in the middle. I am addicted to my Garmin watch and have to see the results at the end, yet I rarely look at it while running. I did order a new outfit for the Nashville 1/2, so that was my first and only choice. Other than that, I just run (and drink whatever is on the course)!

  147. I am a definite 5. Highly organized, very methodical, and a list making queen. I keep detailed logs of everything. I can tell you how many miles I ran, what my splits were, and what I ate on a random Tuesday, 7 years ago!

  148. Organized to the MAX! No rolling out of bed and out the door…….I am known as “Julie, the cruise director” in my running girls group…..I wear the Garmin, tell them how far we are going, what direction and how our pace is! I feel a need to be in control… least they let me!

  149. I have had every intention in the past to be a solid 4…however, some things get lost from the planning to execution stage. I’d have to be honest and say I’m about a 1.5. I try to just get out there and run anyway. 🙂

  150. Since i’ve only one run organized race i’m not quite sure yet… 🙂

    I like to say that I’m pretty OCD in life so i tend to think I’ll be that way on race day. But with being such a newbie, not knowing what to expect or what my needs will even be I’m a bit going to be winging it!

    And P.S. I desperately need a new bra! I’m currently wearing 2 cheapie ones and it’s just not cutting it. 🙁

  151. I am definately a 5. I look at previous results to see where I “compare” to others my age and pace. I watch weather reports and lay out clothes and plan my gu’s and… and… and… You get the point. Lol

  152. I would currently be about a 3, and moving toward SBS…I’m running my first half in 11 days. I’m not as anal as SBS yet, because I don’t quite KNOW what I need….but I’m getting there. I do know the course, have studied the elevations, water and bathroom stops…and ordered a playlist from slow to fast….but I prefer leggings, don’t own a Garmin and always start out too fast…. 🙂

  153. I’m a 4. I feel naked without my Garmin Forerunner. I don’t feel like I’m finished with my run until I’ve uploaded the data : ) I also wear my iPhone in a tuneband. It would make since to try runkeeper and eliminate the Garmin, but I don’t want to miss anything. Yeah, admittedly OCD traits: )

  154. I’m a solid 4. I have a little routine for getting dressed, how I wear everything and what I bring. It’s pretty anal, but I don’t study the races before, except knowing where to park and get my swag!

  155. I think I’m a 3 but heading towards 4. I’ve only done two races but on my last race I brought a few different clothing options, I do look at the course but don’t study elevations or the like. I like to be prepared with fuel and water but only recently and I do have my playlist but on shuffle for the element of surprise.

  156. I’m a 3 for local or 5ks and about a 4.5 for anything else. I’m a huge planner everywhere else in my life, why wouldn’t it spill over into my running?!

  157. I am a 1. I’m doing well if I have matching socks, or both a top AND a bottom (I have been known to buy running gear because I forgot mine), and I’ll pick warmth and comfort over style any day. TFR – total frumpy runner!

  158. I pack everything! Yes I over pack but I guesss I would be a 3. I over plan but then usually wear the same outfit at every race. Don’t break what works. It does not matter if it is a 5K or an half marathon, I am always a bunch of nerves. I do were a pack with everything I may need with me. Then only really needing my ipod say I don’t need all that next time. Someday I will listen to myself. Mother always knows best !

  159. I guess you could call me organized, but I would call me minimalist. My son and I ran a half-marathon last weekend too… I had with me: my cell phone (to find my son later) and a car key.
    The cell phone goes in the back pocket of my shorts and the car key is secured in the shorts waist tie.

  160. I’m a 1. Right now. I still carry my phone because I keep forgetting to buy an arm band thing. I squint because I need sunglasses that don’t fall down my sweaty nose and I generally wear my daughter’s old gym or volleyball tshirts.

    And only because I am a newer runner and learning about all the STUFF! Silly me for the first 18 months just thought I needed running shoes. Oh I had no idea that there was gum, GUs and camelbacks. So I see myself creeping up to a 5 in a short time span. I may need a secret bank account to pay for it all.

  161. I am definitely a 1! I love going out and getting a good run in, but I am always scrambling for gear and fuel to get me through. Twice I have even forgotten a sports bra (the horror!) for after-work runs and survived with my less-than-heavy-hitters. Would love a Moving Comfort bra that would look cute and do the job at the same time. Pretty sure I wouldn’t forget to pack that! 🙂

  162. I would rate myself a 4. I tend to check the weather and plan clothes accordingly and always have a back up outfit. My garmin sits in its cradle overnight to be sure it has a fresh charge. And when I have a fashionably coordinated outfit (doesn’t happen during winter races in minnesota – that’s all about warmth) I always feel good about myself and know I can accomplish anything. : )

  163. I’m a 1 in the scale…besides maybe having new(er) shoes, tank, bra, etc before a half…I pretty much show up. I don’t over think anything because I’m out there to have FUN!!! The training is OVER and I’m lining up to celebrate. Yes, I set pacing goals, bring a playlist (oh, wait, my one and only running playlist), and can’t run without my gum (non-caffeinated) but entertainment and cheering on others is priority. Running helps me deal with stress, not create more!!!

  164. I am more like Dimity, though I have tried to be like SBS (returned a Garmin and reverted to my digital watch, when I forget to buy gu I raid my kids’ candy stash, have typed up lists of “essential race day stuff” to reference the night before when I am SUPPOSED to be lying everything out ahead of time, etc). In the end, I have found that all I really need is a clean sock: it holds my gu, my keys, and my inhaler and I can use it literally as a sweat sock to wipe at my face. I’m not unorganized, I’m low maintenance.

  165. I always intend to be a 5 but in reality I’m a 3 or a 4 on a good day. I manage to plan the things that are most important to me so I guess that’s what counts. Unlike Dimity, I have no extra room in my sports bra 😉 which is why I love that I found the perfect Moving Comfort sports bra for me.

  166. I’m probably a 4 to 4.5 -a wannabe 5. (Hell, a wannabe SBS and Dimity, regardless of organization/prep level!) LOVE you two!

    Thanks for all you do!

  167. I’m a 5 if not a pathetic 6. I think it to death for days! Its mostly nerves being that I’m newish to this mad game. I’m always terrified I’m going to forget something, and in doing so will set myself up for failure. I hope with more experience I will tone things down to a 3.

  168. Much more like Dimity, but I can get pretty anal like SBS. Just like her story in RLAM, I think I haven’t skipped a day of working out for more than I can count! 🙂

  169. I too am totally Dimity. I usually end up grabbing someone else’s ear buds from my house and rarely remember to charge my IPOD. Look forward to whatever they have at the race and usually only bring my Nathan water bottle. Being a breastfeeding and running mother, I am slightly well endowed right now and could really use some extra support!

  170. I’m somewhere in the middle. I have my favorite “race wear’ and my amphipod with my phone/mp3 player stuffed in it with my ID. The ear bud cord goes up my back, then loops under my bra strap. I have my running sunglasses, my buff to hold my hair back. I like to know the course and where I’m going.
    If I’m running local, I tend to be more carefree about stuff. If I’m traveling, I freak out that I will forget something, so I pack everything I own. Actually, I usually end up with 5 running outfits, a t-shirt and a pair of underwear. What im planning to wear outside of running, I never think through.

  171. On the number scale, I’m probably a 2. I have my favorite outfit to wear, but I’m definitely the type of person who is running along and thinks “I wish I had brought such and such, or done this or that…” and then the thought passes and I go on my merry way.

  172. I’m a 4. In the weeks leading up to the race, I study the course, tailor my training based on it even, and scrutinize the weather reports so I know what to wear/have on me for the race. But on race day I also like to be as fuss-free as possible so I bring the bare minimum and do not bother with options. I make the best informed decision I can before I head out the door, and whatever I’ve got on me is what I run with.

  173. I am probably a 3 – sometimes very organized and sometimes I simply show up to run. Nothing worse that waking up on race day and realizing that my Garmin is not charged. I do always try to get a good night sleep and allow time for a good breakfast before a race. But I don’t lay out my clothes and usually don’t plan what I am going to wear.

  174. Somewhere between a 4 and a 5 is where I sit – or am I just a 5 and won’t admit it? My first marathon this past Feb, I took every piece of running gear I owned with me. Got it all laid out the night before and all electronics charged – even if I wasn’t taking the mp3 player with me. I even went so far as to bring two different pairs of shoes as I was not totally sure which pair I would wear for the race. I always run with my own water and sometimes with water and Gatorade.

    The biggest issue for the marathon was I realized somewhere between upstate NY and Myrtle Beach that I had left my visor home. I bought a new one at the expo and wore it around that afternoon to be sure it was “doable.”

  175. I’m about a 3. I like to be prepared and make sure I have a place for the stuff that I want to carry (iPhone, sport beans, etc…), but I do depend on the water stations along the race and I usually have no idea where I’m actually going since I barely look at the race map.

  176. Oh, I so wish I was a Sarah, but I fall far short. I try…I’d rate myself a solid 3. I like to be organized, but besides always encountering something that I don’t plan for, I just can’t always seem to get my *stuff* together. I get my outfit organized, set out everything, hope for the same old songs to hit in a decent order on my ipod, pray I don’t lose my keys, and try to remember to take off my glasses.

    A new running bra or two has been on my list of “I really oughta gets” but it still (somehow) has not made it to the top of the list. I know how important it is and it makes me sad to think of the girls getting all saggy…..oh, I need new running bras…..

  177. 5!! I have everything organized and ready to go, but I do not carry any gear, so it’s easy to be a 5 in my world!!

  178. Much closer to a 5…maybe a 4.5. My obsession begins the week before and doesn’t let up until post race.

  179. I am definitely a 1-1.5. I try to have a plan for every race but it is never the same and seldom works. If it does work I can never remember what I did to duplicate it again! I always wear the same skirt and tank combo, original I know, but it is comfortable and that’s all that matters to me. I’m quite scatter brained race day morning and never have any organization. I’m lucky if I remember to brush my teeth and put in my contacts in in the morning. My ipod usually runs out of battery life during a race…not because I am that slow…but because I have forgotten to charge it. My biggest worry race day is if I have my camera for after race pictures with my favorite gal pals. But in the end, I enjoy the race atmosphere and the self accomplishment and wouldn’t trade it for anything!! :)…no matter how scatter brained it may be!

  180. I am totally a Dimity. I’m never coordinated to put together much more than bare necessities (even *those* I have trouble with!). I’m just happy to make it out the door without my four kids 😉

  181. Probably more like Dimity. I’d like to be more like Sarah, but never get my act together to plan ahead. 🙂

  182. I’d say I’m a 3 or so. I have my playlist mapped out, I’ve been playing around with long run snacks and have found I don’t like to chew while running (amazing, huh) so jelly beans are out, I use my nikeplus app but usually kind of know where I’m running and ad-lib along the way if some other way looks interesting. I ALWAYS use my moving comfort bra (I have 2, so one is always in the wash), and my sports ear-buds are usually snaked down my back, but attached to my iPhone in my arm band and resemble the spaghetti look as well.

  183. I JUST finished my FIRST half marathon, and I am DEFINITELY a 5 — handheld water bottle, gum, Hammer Fizz tablets, hydration belt, ipod, etc.

    I had the bathroom stops all marked out, then the COURSE CHANGED two days before! Argh!

  184. I am a 2 -I love my garmin & the data but other than that I’m a mess! You should have seen me at my half last Saturday- stuff tied around me, holding things in my bra & my hands -a total mess! I also am constantly losing headphones, forgetting gu, losing dollars out of my little pocket. I wish I could be more organized!

  185. i think i’m like a 4 1/2 i wish i was more like a 2 though. ha!
    i’ve only done a couple of races and didn’t even have my ipod charged for the first one! UGGG!

    (totally crossing my fingers…those bras look AMAZING)

  186. I am probably a 2.5. I have the playlist ready, clothes picked out, and key stashed. I am always running around trying to figure out when, where, with who, etc.

  187. I’m totally SBS. But, I’m a planner all the time, not just when it comes to running. I like to know how things are going to play out. I know it doesn’t always go as planned, but when it does…that’s almost as good as a runner’s high!

  188. I would say I’m a 2 or 3. I haven’t raced much but the few I’ve had, I wear what I have and carry water (or Gatorade stuff) and an iPod. This last race, I should have at least checked the weather. It was cold and I had a long-sleeved on but was still cold (w/ 2 shirts on) so I put on the race shirt…3 was too much. If I’d had a hat or gloves, I would’ve been fine. Anyway…

  189. Usually I am more like Sarah. I have a plan, a pace in mind, and accessories organized. However, my last few races have been much more Dimity-like. Scrambling to get to the start, fiddling with my clothes the first two miles, and crap! I forgot to start the garmin. Which way do I go again?

  190. Perhaps 1.5 is where I fit in. My ADD and OCD kick in the day before and I set out my race wear (warm/cold options, depending on weather), get my playlist in check and charge my iPod Touch. Then I often check the previous year’s finishing times for the race I’m doing (if they’re online). I go to bed at my normal 9PM. I set my alarm early so I have time to have some coffee, get my race wear out, check the forecast, get all my pins, and obsess some more about the forecast (unless it’s July or August when it doesn’t rain much in Chicago). I get to my races when the volunteers get there and wait in my car (if it’s cold), or mingle until race time.
    OK, so maybe that’s closer to a 3. Hmph.

  191. I am not anal at all on race day formyself, but when I am supporting hubby, that’s different stpry. Gotta get the 3 kids up dressed and out the door and take care of his stuff as well. WHen I race, I leave it in his hands and somehow he manages!

  192. I definitely plan!! Otherwise I forget things 🙂 I like to set everything out the night before, nothing too crazy to eat the few days before a race and for anything over 5 miles I wear my camelbak backpack so I can stash my phone, shot bloks, tissues, band aids…..I’d rather be prepared than get to a race and need something!

  193. Accesories….my friends joke that I am a running CVS. Gu’s, mini granola bars, motrin, chapstick, phone, id, $5, ipod, arm sleeves, headband, extra water.

  194. I’m like a 2.5 – I like to have a general plan but I feed off of life’s little surprises, good or bad!

  195. I am a 4….but I would be a 5 if I had more accessories!! Running races makes me anxious enough and being prepared for them makes me feel more confident!

  196. I’m going to say I am a 3…I have certain rituals that I have to follow (certain socks, watch exactly right, road id exactly right, visor, etc) but my earphone cords are always creeping around, I almost always forget to SET the stupid watch and I never have the music set the way I really want it (I can’t get the damn shuffle off). Sometimes I think it would be easier to just run without all the stuff….

  197. I would have to say a 4 I pack ahead and plan for weeks depending how important the race is to me but inevitably I forget something. Thank god for running expos!!!!

  198. I’m probably about a 3. I bring my own bottle and my own food. I pick out one outfit I will wear. I don’t bring much else, though. I don’t stress over the course too much, well okay, except Boston. I like to keep it as simple as possible. I’m gearing up for the Cape Relay right now, and the amount of stuff I have to bring is overwhelming!!

  199. I am a 1! New runner, so it is more out of ignorance I suppose. Running my first official 5K in two weeks and at the risk of backpeddling to TMI Tuesday, I have yet to find a running bra that supports my 34DDs that nursed three kiddos! Please pick me!

  200. I’m more like Sarah…for long runs I must have:

    elastic headband
    the GOOD pony tail holders
    my Native sunglasses
    chap stick
    ipod (I do use a shuffle, but will serioulsy consider Sarahs method now!)

  201. Probably around a 4, I’d say. I can be a bit of a free spirit when it comes to my training, but for race day, I am super organized. For Country Music (which I ran too!!) I made my what-to-pack list a couple of weeks in advance, and laid out all of my racing stuff so I didn’t overlook anything. I bought my favorite kind of fuel (honey stingers) at home so I wouldn’t have to go looking for them in Nashville. The night before I bought breakfast supplies so I would have my favorite foods to eat before hand, and packed a post-race bag of supplies including a towel, some water, a bit of food, and other such things. So yeah, for the big show, I planned it out as much as I possibly could!!

  202. Definitely a 5 like SBS! I need to obsess over every aspect and have options for clothing. You never know what mood you might be in and I may decide I need to switch outfits at the last moment. Although, I also enjoy debuting something new in every race…shoes, skirt, bra, shorts, socks, Gu-like products, etc. so I’m not afraid to just pick something up at an expo and just give it a try.

  203. I would like to say I’m super organized and ready for a race but that’s only in my dream world! I plan and plan and then the night before I forget to charge my ipod, can’t figure out how to make a playlist, can’t find the capris or shirt I want to wear. So I guess I’m prepared in my head but not in reality! The last race I ran with my daughter I was at the sporting goods store 45 minutes before race start to buy us rain jackets and hats. The weatherman had been predicting rain all week and I knew I had to do it but just couldn’t get there. Funny part is we saw another mother/daughter team shopping and then we saw them later at the race – so I guess it isn’t just me!

  204. Definitely more like Dimity. I’m a noob for one thing so I’m not running more than 3 or so miles. My first 5k is Saturday and I do have a plan for what I want to wear/bring but I don’t have a lot of gadgets or hyperorganization. But who knows, I may have a chance to become SBS as I start piling on the miles.

    Right now I’m somewhere in the middle : 2.5

  205. i am definitely a 1. . . and regret not having a playlist ready sometimes– but sometimes I end up with great songs on shuffle. I think if i ran longer races i would be more prepared though.

  206. I am a 2.5 – pretty middle of the road on this scale. I haven’t worn my new ACS Determination tank on a run yet and my half is in less than two weeks. Not sure what I’ll do if I forget my shoes… Maybe I should make a list? Does that push me farther up the scale? I do like my lists, but I don’t use them when the time comes! Where is my iPhone? There must be an app for this!

  207. I am like a 5+…a total creature of habit, but it works for me. I have the same thing to eat before every race no matter the distance. I have tried everything out on training runs and don’t vary from that. The two times I did not look at the race course map again and again I was shocked by some hills. I mentally sank because of them and I won’t do that again. I am definitely a PLANNER!

  208. so I would say maybe a 3….I’m pretty type A, I like to have a plan, but tend to change it up depending on how i feel… of course there are plenty of days when I go to run when my MP3 isn’t charged, or I have too much clothes on, forgot my headband…sometimes it is just a miracle to make it out the door!

  209. I would say I’m a 3. Like SBS, I bring multiple outfits just in case the weather changes on race day morning, and like Dimity, I’ve had to stuff life saver candies in my bra at the last minute and many times I’ve anxiously waited for GPS signal to fire up RunKeeper on my cell literally seconds from my wave start. I like to have all my race essentials ready (outfit, music, cell, timing chip on shoes and bib pinned night before), but I’m horrible at studying the race course. To be honest, I’d rather not study the map and rely on directional markers because it freaks me out too much. Guess I won’t be running any trail races, lol!

  210. I am a 4. I do drink what ever they have at the race, but check on it before I go. I want my hands free, my ipod charged and loaded, plus everything else I need set out the night before.

  211. Do you accept negative numbers? No music, rarely any food, I’m lucky if I wear socks that don’t give me blisters. I seem to always assume that I’m going to turn around in a mile so it doesn’t much matter. I’m getting better now that I’m training for my first half. Now I think fuel and water.

  212. Though I’ve not run a race in years (but plan to this summer!), I’m definitely closer to a 5 than a 1. Okay. Who are we kidding? I’m a 5. I know I’m an anal and uber-organized sort, and I accept that. 😉

  213. Definitely 5! Just one example – my training plan has multiple training runs w/ the exact clothes, fueling/hydration & music I will use for the race, run at the same time as the race. (and many more such endearing quirks)

  214. I have not run a race yet, but if life is any indicator, I would say I am all in line with Dimity! Giving myself a 1. 😉

  215. I am definitely a 5, like SBS. I like to be in control of my situation as much as possible. I’m a geeky engineer and everything has to be organized and in place prior to the start of a race.

  216. On the scale, I think I would be a 4.5. I am just this side of obsessive compulsive as I stop short of the mouth guard and the caffeinated gum.

  217. I think I’m a 4 or 5 before a race (I love to make lists! lists to-do, lists to-eat or not-to-eat, lists to-wear, lists to-bring…you get the picture) but more of a 2 or 3 day of – since I made my lists before hand, I shouldn’t have to worry, right? 🙂

  218. I am a solid 1. I’m trying to work myself up to a 2, but I just am not organized enough to do it at this time. At the moment, I don’t even know where my Garmin is.

  219. I am right in the middle. I definitely make sure I’m prepared with food and clothes the night before so I don’t have to wake up any earlier than possible, however I don’t run with music or fancy watches and spend most of my time during the race calculating pace. Let’s see 8:35 but another 8:35 would put me at 8 plus 8 is 16, 35 plus 35 is 70 so that would be…8 plus 8 is 16 plus one more…you know how hard it is to do math and run? I can spend the whole 6 miles just trying to figure out what each split might be and adding the times and re-adding the times together in my head, it does seem to make the time pass. I also recently started carrying a hand-held water bottle as it seems to help me stay more hydrated. Don’t really care about the clothes although prefer bright colors and decent socks.

  220. I am a planner! Totally a 5! I read about running the week or two weeks before about the race I am running. I start planning what I am going to wear months in advance! I bombard my sister (who is not a planner when it comes to running) with thousands of questions, which drives her nuts, just so I can have a good race! Everything is planned down to the socks and position of the iPod!

  221. I’m more of a Sarah. I have to know where I’m going on the course or I feel like I don’t know where I’m running!

  222. Probably a 3…I tend to plan, but not overly so and am usually a even keel handle whatever comes my way kind of girl.

  223. For my first couple of races, I was probably about a 4. I was SO prepared and spent a ton of time thinking about my outfit (a new cute one for each race), my playlist (new one for each race) and fueling. I’ve gradually dropped down to about a 1. My last half-marathon was a mess — at the starting line I realized that my playlist wasn’t long enough, so I thought I hit “repeat all” on my iPod, actually hit “repeat one” and had to listen to the Black Eyed Peas “Let’s Get It Started” for the first 4 miles before I had to stop to dig the iPod out of my belt. Fuel was an issue on that race too — didn’t study the course map and got dehydrated because there was a 4-mile stretch without H2O. Went to a wedding & ate rich food the night before and had tummy troubles. I did have a smokin’ hot new outfit & a fresh spray-tan though. 😉

  224. Well, I’ve only run 2 official races but I am for sure a 5! I plan & over plan, think & over think, obsess & … well…you get the picture. ;0)

  225. I’m a total 5! I train in my outfit for race day. I carry a camelpak for anything over 10 miles whether it’s training or running. I pack my own food if I’m staying in a hotel overnight before a race. It works for me!

  226. I am a 4. I am extremely anal about being prepared, but at the same time, I don’t like to carry a lot with me. If I don’t have a place to stuff it, it won’t go.

  227. I am going to rate myself a solid 3, this is because I am very SBS on some things and think I have my game face on, feeling all cocky and organized only to find that I possibly have not worn those pants before and they fall down every third step. Then I have to fashion some kind of belt out of hair elastic or pin them with race bib pins mid race, which I always seem to think I can do whilst continuing to run. I never seem to think it is worth stopping to do the fix. I believe I provide plenty of entertainment for others.

  228. 4 … or, maybe 5. For my first sprint tri I had multiple lists (and lists of lists) to help me prep for race day. 2nd tri had just a single (but very thorough) list!

  229. I would give myself a 3. I think i have what I need, but at the end of the race, think about what I had wished I had! I will just use that wisdom for the next one!

  230. Dimity, it’s a shame we don’t live near each other because I think we would be the best of friends! I am definitely a 1, a 2 on my really good days. Fortunately for me, I have been “adopted” by my running buddy and his wife who are the same age as my parents. They take good care of me (and my youngest child!)on long runs and at races and keep me from doing anything too stupid.

  231. On a running organizational scale of 1-5, I think I’m about a 2.5. I do check the weather and look at the course, but no cool gear or race day rituals to keep me focused. Maybe with this giveaway, I can start my collection of racing necessities. 😉

  232. Funny, I would think I’m more like SBS, but in reality I’m probably a 2. When I first started racing, I was definitely more like a 5, planning out every single element of my race day outfit, where to stash things, music, etc. Now, I usually decide as I’m heading to the start line if I’m using music or not, how many gels I’m bringing, etc.

    1. Ok, the more I got to thinking about it, the more I realized that while I’m very type A in my real life, my running isn’t quite the same. I’ve done long runs on everything from tacos to migas to bbq. I’ve tried new things on runs. I’ve just dressed and run before. I didn’t even have my breakfast before my first half planned…stopped at a Walmart the night before on the hotel so I’d at least have a banana and grabbed a granola bar at the start line. And the cool thing? It works.

  233. I never really thought about this, but I guess I am a 3/4. I think (or so my kids tell me) that I really “over” think each race. I prepare ahead of time – from the outfit to the food and even drive and run the route so I can be prepared. Sometimes this totally stresses me out, but most of the time it helps calm my nerves. Thanks so much for this site…I love it!!!

  234. I am kind of in the middle. I plan ahead, but still end up scrambling at the start. Like when I did lose some not so well placed gu during my marathon a couple weeks ago. But planned ahead enough to have my wonderful husband have some along the route “just in case”. BUT, I bet if I had a moving comfort bra anything I stuffed in there would stay put!

  235. My gut instinct was 3.5. Then I read all the comments. My gut was right. I am a 4-5 before (track my stats with Nike+ AND a free app on my Droid AND a spreadsheet), and a 3 the day of, because I don’t have quite as much gear, only one outfit (but lots of layers), and always forget at least one thing! GREAT thread!

  236. I probably rate a 2 on this scale, though I wish I could be a little more prepared most of the time. I always regret not studying the course map more thoroughly. For example, I just ran the Eugene marathon and ended up waiting in line for four minutes to use the port-a-potty. If I had known there was another bank just 2 miles up the road after the half marathoners split off, I would have used that one for sure (no line!). As it was, I missed a PR by a minute and a half.

  237. I’m a 5 for sure! I’m a planner–from the gum I like to chew down to my playlist–organized by the way I intend to run. Can’t think of doing it any other way!

  238. I have to say 4.5. I like to know exactly how things are going to operate. I need my water belt fastened just so, my exact half piece of Wrigley’s Winterfresh (which, yes, is different from Extra Winterfresh) gum, my ponytail holder twisted 4 times, my Garmin with the satellites located, and then I’m good to go!

  239. Yeah..i’m a 5..i’m a is a control thing..I will want everything that I can control to be done so that I won’t feel like there is something more I could have done, no regrets!

  240. I’m probably a 3. I plan everything out in advance and have all of my gear organized but as I’m getting ready to walk out the door to a race I start to second guess everything and start changing things out of my belt and throwing things in. It usually works out just right in the end though.

  241. Happy Hump Day! I would rank myself at a 5. I had my possible race outfits set aside for … ummm… for 2 weeks. Because I didn’t want to stress.. WHERE are my favorite pants, my good thong, my comfy socks (I don’t have many)… I ordered a new sports bra to match my sneakers (electric GREEN!!!) too bad I dont think it was seen.. but made me feel hot!!! I did not have the caffeine gum though (sounds awesome!),, but had been drinking nuun (thanks to you) My playlist was beyond perfect… found alot of recommendations from you… (crazy about music – I sing abit while i run, helps relax me.. wish I sounded like rihiana though!!) I recently got a “shuffle” and clipped it to my sports bra …happy early mother’s day to me. Funny…I had my garmin 110 ready.. although it started to power down seconds before the gun went off. I hit dark places but dug deep and popped the jelly beans/power bar gels and it helped!

  242. I’m a 3. Love to accessorize but still am scattered walking out of the door. I have forgotten to charge my Garmin a bazillion times!

    LOVE MC bras! I will now only wear these bras after looking like someone whipped my back from other brands.

  243. Oh my, you mean there may be other (neurotic) planners out there like me?

    I sooooo want a second Moving Comfort Juno, but keep delaying the cost . . .

  244. I’m actually borderline 3-4. I like to think I’m a little of each. At times I will over-kill and check my Garmin every minute as I run, have a million outfits to choose from, look at an upcoming race website over and over to make sure I didn’t miss something. Other times, I just kick back and think let it go and we’ll just see how it is when I get there. I know that if I over-think it, I will be a mess come race day.

  245. I’m probably about a 4. I plan everything out the day before. I have tested my clothes and fuel on all my runs and know what will work. But I don’t go to lengths of organizing my playlist, I prefer it to be on shuffle and let the laws of chance do their magic.

  246. I’m a 3 for local races and a future 5 for out of town races. I did not pack multiple outfits for an out of town marathon and suffered in too much clothing for the weather!

  247. Hmm. While I’m still fairly new to racing (almost at my one year runiversary), I’d say I’m a 4. I did my first out of town race this weekend, and I did over pack. (you never know when you’ll get doused with rain here in the PNW!). I packed my amphipod belt and bought a new handheld…I like to bring my own fuel. I turned on my garmin 30 min prerace. But, I don’t obsess about the course. And, in real non-running life, I’m definitely a 1.

  248. I’m a 3…solid 3. On normal runs, a 5 like SBS. Races have me worked up, which is why I only do 2 a year. I’m solid on bringing everything and being uber- organized. BUT on race day, my panties, YES I wear them, are always wrong, my pants too high or to low, or something!!! I feel like my twitching 6 year old at church! So this 3 only does 2 races a year!

  249. I so used to be at least a 4, if not a 5. Now I have a 5 month old baby girl, and I am maybe a -1… no seriously, probably a 1, 2 if I stretch the truth. My last race I got there just about 10 minutes before it started, waited in line to pee for over 5 minutes, and forgot to ‘find my satellite’ before hand so I was at the starting line (well lets me honest – in the back of the gaggle of people!) saying ‘come on Garmin come on!!!’ – hey but at least I made it right?

  250. So I am definitely a 4 and on my way to a 5. I always have to be prepared and make sure that everything is planned out. My husband is definitely a 1 or 2 so I guess when we are racing together we are a in the middle 3. Luckily he keeps me grounded but also lets me do my crazy race prep. I am the type that has the race course printed, will go check out the course if it is a race close to home, start thinking about what to wear and what I will bring weeks ahead….yeah thats me! Crazy have to be organized running chick =0)

  251. I’m a 1 all the way. I can’t stand a change of plan so I don’t make one. No plan, no plan to get changed. The one exception on race day, I too make sure I have my one Moving Comfort bra ready, the only one that does not chafe on long runs. 🙂

  252. With only two 5ks under my belt, I’m still learning this about myself. My tendency in “real” life is to be a 4. I’m guessing that as my distances increase, I’ll lean toward a 4 in my “running” life as well.

  253. I would probably be a 4 on the scale. I like to bring multiple outfits, sometimes even to the starting line, and chapstick, blocks, and sometimes even a throw away poncho. But I do drink whats on the course, don’t really pay attention to the map course. I am trying to let things go a little more in life, and in racing.. so I don’t get too worked up!

  254. Gotta say I’m close to a 5. I’m a list maker and plan out everything in great detail and also have a contingency plan too. Then I check off my items out loud multiple times. I even prepare my song playlist based on the race route.

  255. I only do 5Ks. But I am a 3. I study the map, try and be prepared, but don’t overdo. I’m worse at just training. Stuff my phone whereever it doesn’t fall out, try and remember where I left stuff on the county road to pick up…

  256. I’m probably a 2… The night before, I have my outfit, shoes, bib and chip laid out, but am otherwise pretty laid back. I did have a trail race last month, and discovered the night before the race that I had NO IDEA

    1. sorry bout that… NO IDEA where my trail shoes were, and a few years ago my husband (then bf) and I got to the starting line for a 10mi as the gun was going off. Not my preferred way of starting a race, but ya gotta roll with it…

  257. I’m a 4 at least. Too new with my Garmin to have that matter much to me, but I’m already poring over every twist and turn of the October race I intend to run, and already thinking of playlist songs. Maybe a 4.5?

  258. I’m a 4. I sit everything out the night before and make sure my watch and iPod are charged and ready to go (and with 2 outfits just in case the forecast changes by morning). I would have said a 5, but as I don’t check stuff as much as my husband I don’t think I get that high of a ranking. (He checked the course map 3 times in one day! Like the course map was going to change???)

  259. I would have to rate myself a 2. And I would probably be less, but I run with my sister and we, so far, have done all of our races together. She likes to study the course before hand and be prepared and then shares the info with me. She’s the one who makes sure to bring plenty of fluids and gu for both of us (BTW, she’s my older sister). I don’t do any of that. If I was to do a race on my own I would pretty much just show up with my iPod:) I get REALLY nervous about races so I feel like the less I know the less nervous I am.

  260. I’m a 3. Check weather at least a week out, plan outfit, pack roctance (vanilla orange) in my belt along with tissues and purell for clean hands along the route. Music is added for each race, however, I have no idea how to program it from slow to fast. Your post made me LOL b/c my brothers are exactly like you guys. One brother is very much like SBS while the other 2 are similar to Dimity. Thanks for the laugh!

  261. I’d have to give myself a 3. I need to plan to keep the jitters at bay, but I’m inexperienced enough to not be able to plan to the degree SBS does. Maybe someday I’ll get to that point.

  262. I would say I am a 4. I have a routine by now for races but tend to make some last minute changes if I am not comfortable. For example, last race I ditched the amphipod b/c it was pulling my shorts up a few minutes before the race started. Garmin & shuffle are always prepped and ready to go. Outfit choice doesn’t vary too much b/c it’s year round warm (and warmer) weather.

  263. I’m a 4 or 5. I have my standard pre-race “To Do” list, which I start working through at least two days pre-race. The list includes formulating a playlist for the race that starts slower and ramps up throughout the race. If I can, I choose my outfit a few days ahead of time. I always get a bagel or english muffin ready the night before. I try to get my daughter’s stuff ready too, so I’m not waiting on the hubby too much the morning of the race. I’m generally very structured and do much better on such structure. Recently, though, my training has become a 1. I’m really not used to winging it so much, but it’s a nice departure.

  264. I’m probably in a 3. I’m super Type A and like to be prepared about other things, but I’m pretty easy-going when it comes to running. And I can’t do prepared playlists–I love skipping around.

  265. I guess around a 3 because my packing lacks focus. I aspire to be SBS, but I lack the decisive thinking required to have a final plan in place. I pack way more than I could possibly need and then typically end up forgetting one key component or struggling to make a decision on race day. For example, 2 outfit options, 4 packs of gu, a chest strap for my hr monitor, 5 sample packets of biofreeze and other products from the last race I did which I may or may not ever use, Advil, Tums, 1,000 safety pins (just never know), body glide, headphones, spibelt, ear warmers, arm warmers, jacket and extra pair of shoes (what if something happens to one pair – I can’t just go out and get a second pair at the last minute!).

  266. I’d say I’m a solid 3.9. I’ve made my list and checked it twice (every day of the week leading up to the race). I’ve layed everything out the night before, checking and re-checking to make sure it’s all accounted for (and appropriately matching). My next project to get up to a perfect 5.0 is perfecting the all-important playlist. Once I get that down I’ll make SBS proud!

  267. I am such a 1. That could have been me. From the stashing of stuff to the pace. And I feel much better knowing we are alike Dimity.

  268. a 4.5. Just slightly shy of over-the-top insanity…but overly prepared in an anxiety releasing way!!

  269. I would say I am about a 1 1/2. The extent of planning I do for a race is glancing at the race course online and laying out my clothes the night before so I don’t forget something (which I have a tendency to do).

  270. When I was “just” a runner I was probably a 3 on the scale but now that I jumped into the trialthlon world I am all about the plan….there is so much stuff to bring with you for a workout…drives me a little crazy sometimes

  271. I’m a 2.5 🙂 More Dimity then SBS. I put thought in ahead of time as to what things to wear, bring, eat, I pick up supplies ahead of time, go to bed early, drink less wine the night before…….and then comes the 7am alarm before a big race and out the door I go without half of the items I wanted or needed. After the race, you’ll hear me say aloud, “Note to self, always bring the bag-o-running gear, they always have a coat check” or “You’re not a rookie, stop making these mistakes”. I tend to improve as time goes by however. After the Shamrock run, where I left behind a coat or any rain gear because I didn’t want to lug it around with me (forgetting the coat check was there) and was caught on video, which was posted on the news, dancing around in a post race tired, “I’m freezing, I’m numb” dance, holding my pint of beer……. I immediately went out and bought running in the rain gear and I’ll never forget to bring it 🙂

  272. I am definitely a 1. I love running with people who are a 5 though, because they are constantly achieving goals that I just don’t really have on my “daily run.” Maybe someday I’ll slide over to the dark side (a “5”), but for now I just enjoy running outside with my dog and not a care in the world about my mile time. Love you SBS

  273. I’d say I’m a 3. I have a couple of outfits. Most of my races are local though, so I only take 1. I start my Garmin ahead of time, but not that much ahead. Sometimes I look at the course, sometimes I don’t. I’m doing my first half and while I have looked at the map, I really haven’t examined it closely and haven’t looked at elevation at all. I cannot run anywhere around here without running hills, so I really didn’t feel the need to obsess about elevation. For my first half, I am taking my own water and my own nutrition, however, I do plan to get water from the aid stations as well. I *try* to be organized, but rarely seem to actually make it.

  274. I love to be organized but it never seems to work out the way it’s played out in my mind so I am going to say I am a 2/3. I pick out my outfit and have my I pod/headphones, Gu, etc sitting out but I don’t study the course. It will freak me out more than help me 🙂

  275. I’d say a 1.5ish. I do bring my own food, just in case aid station fare doesn’t seem appealing. Most of the time I end up eating what is available because it is quicker to grab and go. But it is always nice to have something available between aid stations, especially when aid stations are an hour or more apart.
    When it come to race planning, I tend to jump in head first and figure it out as ‘it’ goes. If I happen to remember to look at the course profile, I usually don’t really comprehend it. This has caught me by surprise a few times as there have been times when I wasn’t quite expecting that brutal of a climb. I’ve done this enough to not dwell on the situation, hike up my big girl panties and just ‘keep running’ (moving forward)!!
    As for the ‘what to wear’, often times I wear some sort of costume (usually a tutu) or if weather is predicted, additional clothing is stashed in drop bags. so I do put some thought in to the ‘what to wear’ issue. But do I end up matching most of the time? Heck NO!!! The more I look at photos of me running and my attire, the more I realize my 6 year old must have gotten her sense of fashion (mixing colors, textures, and shapes) from me and not her father.

  276. I am probably a 2. I am not normally very put together. But, I have never run a long race. My longest is only a 5K, so all I need is my MP3 player, sunglasses and my amphipod running bottle. But, there have been races where I have forgotten the last two. I would love to be a “4” by the time my first half rolls around.

  277. I’m a 4 or 5–always a planner, even when I try to be laid back! I’ve carried my own fluids for years and whatever gels, etc I’ll need. I always study the race course and get as much info about it from others, if it’s new to me. Clothes are laid out the night before and if I’m traveling to a race, I’ll definitely have different wardrobe options. My husband, on the other hand, is a 1 and we’re lucky if he shows up to the start line with his running shoes!

  278. As much as I would love to be a 5, I’m a solid 1…My husband is always there to give me whatever I’ve forgotten or hold whatever I don’t want to/can’t carry with me. I don’t have garmin or even a watch, my ipod is a shuffle (that was a gift) so I don’t have a playlist, my bra is from walmart..I just hope to make it thru the 1/2!
    I would love to finish in under 2 hours, but I guess I should be happy if I finish.

  279. I’d love to say I’m a 1 and carefree but I am probably more of a 3. Juggling three boys makes it impossible for me to plan everything out just so. I’m always “winging it” to some degree whether I like it or not.

  280. Very much a 5, SBS, Type A runner. Just cannot function without everything planned, laid out, double checked, and ready to go.

  281. I ran a 10K last year and it was my first organized race and I would say I was probably a 2 or a 3 for that one. I had brought several options as to what to wear, which I was glad about because it ended up being crazy weather. The only other thing I brought was a watch. I drank what was provided and listened to the beat of my own two feet. This year I’m running my first half marathon and I’m doing a little more planning for this one….but I still don’t want to overload myself with a bunch of stuff either! 😀

  282. I’m a very solid type A racer. I pack a few outfits for various weather conditions. My music player is pre-programmed. I plan my food and hydration to detail and in advance. I travel the race course and study the map. I lay everything out *neatly* the night before. Day-of I’m in a very focused place. It’s a bit silly, considering I’m such a slow runner.

  283. I wish I were a 2 or 3, but honestly I am a 4 or 5. I plan everything from which races to run to which clothes to wear to whether or not I listen to music. I also design my training schedule around what my target race course looks like – hills, flat, etc. I’m a planner inside and out.

  284. A 1 for sure . . . with aspirations of being a 5 some day. But, maybe I should just give up the ghost and accept that I am a mess. Thankfully, my running partner is a 6. The yin to my yang.

  285. I am a 3 – right in between you two. I shuffle the i-pod, always forget to have my Garmin ready (don’t want to waste the juice) and drink whatever they are passing out. But I also analyze the course like crazy (satellite, map, drive it, run it, etc), plan two outfit options for the weather (which I also check for the hourly forecast), and plan my pre race food/coffee (not too much, not too little). It is fun to hear about the extremes between the two of you!

  286. I am more of a 2. I do pick out my outfit and have everything nicely laid out – but I have whatever drink they give me, I wear my Timex Ironman and I have a shuffle.

  287. I am a solid 4. I have my outfit picked out (after checking the hourly weather forecast a MILLION times), carry my own G2 (always orange) and GU, Garmin, and ipod cord tucked behind me so I don’t knock out the earbuds with my Pheobe-esque running arms. I’d be a 5 except that my ipod is a shuffle so I have no idea what some is coming up and how it will effect my pace. I also sometimes don’t listen to music but soak up the race fun!

  288. OK, I would love to say I am a 3 – that I can balance between the two and not be overly crazy or relaxed. But to be honest with myself, I have to admit I am more of a 4-5. I lay everything out, I focus on the course, I check and recheck everything at least 3 times. I’m a 5.

  289. I am a 3; I select the race day outfit and headphones but I am the one that looks tangled in the headphone cords. 🙂

  290. I’m a 5 for sure! I tend to over think as far as prep and what I’ll need that day, then I have a tough time deciding what to bring, what to leave behind. I even pack a race bag for my husband to have for the kids that could feed and entertain them for a week!

  291. I was thinking I’m a 4, but no, I’m a 5. I don’t do the caffeinated gum thing, but I have my outfit options picked out, study the course profile, know which snacks work and bring a selection so I can choose whatever I feel like that morning, etc. Racing makes me unreasonably anxious (unreasonably because I’m not going to be an age-group winner and I’m not going to be last, so why the worry? I don’t know…) and it helps to have everything in place so I can just get going in the morning without any extra trouble.

    This may make you laugh: I’m organized to the degree that when it comes to the Bolder Boulder 10K, I have a note in my PDA about what time I left to catch the race bus in any given year, what time I arrived at the park and ride, what time I got on the bus, what time the bus arrived at the race and what time my wave start was, along with notes about how long I waited to check my bag at the mobile locker. It keeps me sane and gives me a much more pleasant running experience, so I’ll embrace my neurotic organizer self!

  292. Oh I’m such a 5! I lay everything out at home before packing, as I’ll lay it out the night before the race…overpack gus, espresso for the hotel room, last minute choices for shirts….pin the bib to the race belt the night before, lay the socks out on top of the shoes….5 all over the place.

  293. Definitely a 5. On race day, I trust that my training has me ready to run, but I stress about EVERYTHING else! What time should I get there? What if something is chafing? What if I’m too hot or too cold? What if I slow down for a water station and can’t get myself going again? So for my first 1/2 last weekend, I wore my fuel belt (even though I felt like a dork) so I could have my preferred drink and gels, had a new playlist all set on my iPhone, and tried on my outfit at least 7 times to make sure it would be comfortable. Oh, and I also checked the “What should I wear” calculator on RW several times with every imaginable wind condition and amount of sun in case the weather changed. The race went great, I was very comfortable and I finished in 2:06, so I guess I’ll just keep being an obsessive freak.

  294. I am about a 2.5. I like to be somewhat prepared, but I like simple running. That’s why I love summer running, tank and shorts and I am good to go.

  295. Probably a mix of both. Sometimes I overanalyze the whole running thing. I typically pack too much and end up wishing I could chuck it all. I often have tangled headphones and an iPod dangerously low on juice. Other times, I rock the organization.

  296. I’m a 6 at least…I study elevation charts and for longer races I drive the course if possible. The night before I lay out 2-3 outfits, fill my water bottle, pin everything on that needs to be pinned/attached, pack extra clothes/socks, take necessary fuel, charge and re-charge my Garmin.

    It sounds like a lot, but I’m very forgetful so I have to do it all in advance or I’d show up with no shoes or worse!

  297. I’m definitely a 4 – lay everything out the night before, know where I’m going, what I’m eating, get there early. Let’s see what happens Saturday. My daughter and I are running our 1st 5K together and she’s far from organized 🙂

  298. I’m a 5. I’d be a 6 if it was allowed. 😀 Ran a 5k with some friends over the weekend. For many of them, it was their first race. We are usually hiking buddies, and they constantly call me the Team Mom. When I went to pick up my race packet, I picked up all of theirs as well. I then dutifully added 4 safety pins to each bib, and doled them out on race morning. I had my Natan water belt (more for the pockets and less for the water) and everyones car keys ended up in my possession. iPod was set and ready, Garmin was charged. I even brought a camera to make sure their first race was documented.

    We all met again for a hike on Monday. I brought enough food to feed three extra people. 😉

  299. I think I’m some where in between, say a 3. While I lay out my clothes the night before and have an outfit planned in advance, I haven’t done enough races to know what I want to have and what I don’t want. As long as I’m running, I’m happy to just go with the flow!

  300. Well, I would have said I was a 5 until I read the description of Sarah’s organization and now I think I am a 3. I have a couple of outfits as backup and definetly have my watch all ready. My biggest thing is being there on time so I get up way too early to make sure that I am ready to go when I want to go so I can be there when I want to be there. I admire the extreme organization, I think it may serve as an inspiration for me to work towards! Keep OCDing Sarah!!!!

  301. I had never thought much about this, but I surprised myself when I did: I am probably a 1. This is surprising because in the rest of my life, I am much closer to a 4 (with attempts at being a 5). First, I didn’t know half of that stuff SBS used even existed. Second, in my first (and only, so far) 10K, I stuffed two shot blok things in the little pocket in my waistband. I had never even tried them – saw them at the packet pickup the day before and thought I would give ’em a go. (I know, that probably breaks multiple rules.) I was almost late to the shuttle because I hadn’t mapped out how to get to the shuttle pickup from the parking garage. I did make a playlist – but put it on shuffle. And I didn’t even know what the race course was before running it (except where the start and finish lines were). I am thinking I may be one to climb towards a 3 or 4 with experience, though. Most of my issue was plain old ignorance.

  302. I’m about a 2.5. I desperately want to be a 5, but I usually only make it about half-way there before I say, “Eff it,” and just start shoving things places and last-minuting stuff.

  303. I’m probably a 1.5. I do think of things of ahead of time, but it is usually just a passing thought not a clearly developed plan. The morning of my last race I had no idea where I was going to stash my stuff when I remembered my husband happened to buy a spibelt at the expo. He wasn’t running that morning, so the spibelt became mine and now I’m a believer. It worked so well! No bounce at all even with an iphone, room key and all. One thing I would like to be better at planning is the playlist! I’m working towards that. New ,or at least newly organized, music is such a motivator.

  304. Dimity, as much as I HATE living organized in my everyday life, I freak out if I’m not uber-prepared for running… even during the week. I think it’s my latent control-freak having a place to express herself. I don’t like getting “stuck” out on the road w/out hydration or tunes that don’t irritate me or in discomfort. I guess I’d be about 4. (but admire those, like my sister-in-law that can just “wing-it”!!)

  305. I’m a 5 wanna be, but probably rate more at a 3. I tend to be organized and plan things like my outfit. But I don’t even know HOW to organize my playlist. I’ve never quite figured that out. And like Dimity, I’ve learned the bra can hold many items without loss. 🙂

  306. I am probably a 4 – very organized, but I’ve never done a playlist to increase in pace as the miles go along! That takes it to a whole new level!

  307. I am probably a 3. I am uber organized about what’s in my belt (phone, ID, keys) but my fuel is all over the place, and my playlists are never organized.

  308. I am definitely SBS. I also take at least three complete outfits – bras/socks included. I make a list of all things I’m taking. I make a list for each bag I take with what goes in it that stays with the bag so everything makes it back home.The night before I have everything laid out in order of dress for each outfit. My fuel belt is packed including room key. I have tripled checked the courtesy bus/taxi pick up time and place. Set my watch alarm, room clock alarm and have a wake up call for the next morning. My pre-race food is ready for the morning. I am like this in my “regular” life as well. Drives my husband and kids crazy but I never get to race, event or vacation spot without everything I need. Nor do I come home without everything I took.

  309. I am completely unplanned on the route, bring what the road takes. I do however make sure I have my music and my gum. No way to do it without gum.

  310. Two – too many details overwhelm me before race day and on race morning. I usually bring the essentials. It’s interesting how different we are and how much we run love running.

  311. I would say I’m a 3…I plan what I am going to wear, study course maps, and make sure I have all of my “supplies”. But since I have only run a few races I am still developing my style. I try to be as prepared as I can be, but I don’t like to freak myself out! I try to go into each race almost like it’s another training run with lots of other people…I get less worried until the last minute that way!

  312. I’m probably a 2…I like to register in advance, read up on the course but come raceday, I’m wearing what I’m wearing, drinking what they’re offering and hopefully I remembered my Nike + sportband and smartwool socks.

  313. Great post. Some days I am a SBS and others a Dimity. It all depends on the race, if there is travel involved I turn into SBS, a 5 but if it is a local race and a half marathon or less, I go Dimity and just chill and take what I get. I just got back from Boston and I was a full on 5, every race detail was covered and packed into individual clear plastic bags. Once we landed at our pad, the bags were placed in order of how I would use each bag. So… after that I am ready for an easy Dimity race. What a great pair you ladies make.

  314. I would say I am a 3. I have a must wear outfit for races but other than that I just kind of go with the flow. It makes my husband crazy. He needs to be at a race start a good 1 -2 hours before the start to as he says “get pumped up and ready”, I on the other hand prefer getting there 1/2 hour before the start and do not find it necessary to stand around “getting pumped”. My last 5k a couple of weeks ago (small local race), my girlfriend and I left for the 8:30 start at 7:15, he wasn’t even going and was crazed that we left so close to the race start. I joke to him, it’s a race even to the starting line!

  315. I’m a 1. I was running around the house on Sunday looking for socks and pins for my bib, and checked on the map about an hour before race time where the start line was located. While I did get out my GUs and plan my pace in advance, I forgot to check if my Garmin was getting the signal until the gun went off and I noticed I wasn’t getting a reading. It took a couple of kilometers before it was tuned in. Doh.

  316. I ran my first long distance race last Saturday. (11 miles) I thought I was a 5—I had read, followed the training plan, followed my diet, drank my water and ate my pasta the night before, etc, etc., etc. I ran with my daughter in laws who showed up Saturday night. It was going to be colder than we thought so I had to change apparel plans—–I couldn’t decide so they helped me. AND They convinced me I shouldn’t wear my ipod strap/holder around my arm, (which I had never done before), because it just wasn’t working so at 10:00 the night before the race I erased my husbands little mp3 player and put my music on it—having never used it before!! I had my gels ready but the girls brought some so I ended up switching to theirs—again some I’d never tried. The morning of the run it was cold so I took off with gloves and a coat. (I never do that because I know I will warm up soon.—In less then a mile I was shedding clothes. Thank goodness we had family on the road to hand it to.) AND to top it off the morning of the run I changed the socks I had planned and the insoles of my shoes!!!—Two different types of insoles with an extra small one for the foot that always hurts. The one thing I did stick to was my same breakfast and my favorite sunglasses. Chuckle!! All in all, I ran my best time EVER and LOVED it so much. I am signed up for the Rock n Roll in Denver, Oct. 9th. I hope to do a half before then but either way, I am going to be ready and stick to my plan!!—Well, wait, I ran my best time so maybe change is o.k………hummmmm

  317. I think I might lean more towards SBS. Nashville was my first half- woo hoo- so I had “practiced” a long run in my running day outfit, had my songs in order on my ipod and had it all stuffed in my spibelt. I chewed 1/2 piece of gum right before I hit the start line and ate the other half around 5 miles. My only error was that while I had run with the spi belt before, I had never run with my ipod in it, because I always needed to shuffle my songs around. So the spibelt was moving all over the place with that extra weight in it. No fun. I also drove the course the day before, so I knew about the hills, but was still taken aback by those lovely hills.

  318. I’m a 3/4, can’t commit, but try to travel lite. I still check elevation levels, we have slight hills even in Kansas, though it doesn’t matter once you’re out there. Dropped the car off at the mechanics and just stuffed my small wallet/change purse inside MY MOVING COMFORT BRA on the run back home!!! It’s perfect for nursing moms too.

  319. A 3. I lay out all of my things the night before, still I seem to be rushing to get to the start line and forget something at the last minute. Like going to the bathroom. Or taking my sport beans. No more obsessing about music for me. I figured out that that’s what was holding me back on long runs – the music was getting in my head too much and I would start over-thinking my run, so I ran without it this last weekend at a half . . . which surprisingly went very well!

  320. I’m probably a 3.5. I prep everything the night before so I make sure I have everything I may possibly need. But I don’t obsess about my music. I’m willing to save my nuun in lieu of what is being offered on the course.

  321. I’d say I’m a 2. I plan an outfit and make a playlist and that’s the extent of my prep. Although I’ve only done 3 races so maybe as time goes on I will creep up the scale toward a 5…

  322. I’m more of a 1. I have on my outfit, a water bottle in the car, and sometimes I remember to charge my Sansa Clip before the race. I like to procrastinate and just see how things go.

  323. I’d probably be a 4. I plan outfits, have spibelt prepped, calculate GPS, etc., but just glance at elevation ahead of time to know whether I even want to do the race at all :-).

  324. Well, in running life – I’m more SBS – organized to the T, every thing in it’s place, bag packed, checked, repacked, hydration prepared, and rituals performed in order… and since I was at the start an hour before the race, I’ve had plenty of time to turn on the garmin…

    In my “mommy life” – I’m more likely to be stuffing the keys to my life down the front of my shirt as I stack a(nother) bag of groceries on my hip or under my arm so I can make it in one trip while asking, no, begging, the 4 year old to please please please get out of the car without jumping in the puddle…

  325. I’m a solid 2… okay, maybe a 1. I really try to do better but I always find myself ill prepared. I’m one of those who is always rushing out the door at the very last minute (read: late) because I try to fit everything I possibly can into a day. I think that’s what keeps me from moving up beyond a 2 (or 1, whatever).

  326. I think I’m about a 3. I travel fairly light (just Clif Shot bloks and kleenex), but I do like to be prepared and have everything ready to go on race morning.

  327. Since my first race is this Saturday I can’t say for a fact, but I think I will fall around a 4. I like to have everything organized/ laid out/ready to go for most things in my life. I think races will be no different! I make lists for everything, and over plan until I’m nearing crazy!

  328. I rank right around 4 for race days. Mostly my organizing is geared towards not forgetting something at home. I make sure my Garmin and MP3 player are fully charged and I set things out the night before. Additionally, I make a list of eerything that needs to go in my bag and another list of to-do before leaving (put on sun block!). Despite all this I have never ad a race go off without a hitch. I forget to turn on my Garmin or don’t remember to start the timer. Or I forget to drink water. Maybe I’ll make another list for to-do at the starting line? Kidding! I think.

  329. I have a tendency to organize everything in my life. That, coupled with the fact that I’m a new runner and want to be prepared puts me at about a 3-4.

  330. I can say I’m a 2.5 🙂 I do look at the course, but I do not pre-run all the time… I also am fairly new to the sport, so I have 1 of each type of clothing… I look at the weather report and hope I choose wisely (can’t tell you how many times I have been TOO cold and TOO hot)… I do not own that fancy watch and usually forget to time myself, but somehow I seem to run very consistent to my pace at the end. One thing I can say that works is that I am VERY organized as to what and when I pre-eat so that I feel good the entire run; which so far has been a max of 7 miles.

  331. I try to be a 3 but am actually a 1.5. I’m a minimalist so I don’t have to remember all the stuff to forget.

  332. Can I pick a 6? Not only will my outfit be laid out the night before (with bib pinned on), but I will have two alarms and will know exactly what I’m having for breakfast.
    For my half marathon last month, my fuel belt contained the following:
    * 3-4 band-aids
    * small container I’d crammed some Body Glide into (you never know)
    * honey packets (in lieu of Gu)
    * Burt’s Bees
    * car key
    * extra ponytail holder and extra hair clips (what if one breaks in the middle of the race?!)
    * water bottle and bottle of Gatorade
    * travel packet of Kleenex, under the stretchy cord on the outside of the zippy pouch, for easy access (was just getting over a cold, but I normally do carry at least one or two tissues.. have not mastered the Snot Rocket)
    * finally, I clipped my phone to front of my belt, like it was my BatBelt! Wanted to have tunes available, just in case.

    My running buddy calls me The Quartermaster. I could probably take 30 seconds / mile off of my time if I could bring myself to leave a few things off!

  333. Probably a 2. Though I’m a newbie, I do like my gadgets and stuff to be ready. I think it goes back to all my Girl Scout training- be prepared!

  334. I am probably a 3, like to be prepared (check out the race course ahead of time, plan out outfit and food), but it always seems like no matter howmuch prep I do, it’s a mad dash the last minute to get out the door!

  335. I’m much more like Dimity…but I’d probably rate myself as a 2, not a 1. If I got any more serious about things, I would drive myself crazy (I’m very type-A normally).

  336. MUCH closer to SBS (right down to the Amphipod belt!), but I don’t bother organizing my playlist. I run sans music LOT (sometimes by rule…I prefer trail races), but if I carry music, I either go shuffle or, more often, let Pandora pick the tunes for me. Want to feel young, again? Seed a Pandora with Duran Duran! Yep. Showing my age, but we’re all friends here, right?

  337. I am more like SBS! I actually start a list of what I need for race day, two days before. The night before the race, I lay everything out so I am sure not to forget a thing. I would say on a scale of 1-5, I am about a 5 1/2! Lol

  338. Definietley a 4…outfit options laid out, ipod, watch, bib and glasses options on the counter, shoe chip on the night before.

  339. I’m a nice even 2.5/3. I always pre-plan my outfit, and make sure my iPod is charged, etc., Too much planning and I’d be a stressed-out mess come race day.

  340. I am an SBS runner. Last weekend I ran with a friend (her first race!) and I was amazed how unprepared she was! I study the course, know where water stops are, etc. She was upset that there was’t water available at every mile. She also didn’t prepare/train that well, so it was a tough one. It made me glad I’m a bit overzealous in my preparation/training.

  341. Ok I am probably a 2 and only because I have a friend who is a 5 and is often sleeping over at my house the night before a race because she lives about 40 miles away from Portland where most of our races are – otherwise I would definitely be a 1. 🙂

  342. In the middle? I’m new to this running thing so I tend to plan something excessively (What WILL I wear?) and then get to the race and realize I forgot something important (My WATCH! How can I run without my WATCH!) Last weekend I ran the Eugene 1/2 and didn’t forget anything! So I’m getting better…..

  343. Oh, I’m probably about a 2. I know what I’m wearing (usually), and sometimes I take music (I only run 5Ks, so there is plenty of conversation from other runners that I can listen to!). I have a Garmin – which I’m still learning how to use – and the fanciest “running food” I eat might be a Larabar, but sometimes I opt for simple pb on toast. I haven’t mastered carrying a water bottle yet, though that’s coming soon now that the weather’s warming up!
    BTW – I wear the Juno, love it, and need one or two more so I’m not washing them constantly.

  344. SBS! I am finally more like you! Probably only a 4 but definitely take more than one clothing option, Garmin with multiple data reports, everything in it’s own little spot and my own water. Suuuure, would love a new sports bra!

  345. I’d say I am a 3. I am mostly a planner, usually. Lol. But if thing don’t go the way I plan, I adjust and go with the flow.

  346. I’m definitely a 4-5. Outfit is laid out the ight before, if it invovles travel I’ll pakc multiple outfit choices (even though i checked the weather 9 million times that week) several pairs of socks (in case oen spontaneously sprouts a hole)The jsut right hair elastic, headband, etc.

    Fuel, water, post run recovery food all planned out & packed the night before.

    Now that I have a garmin I have to have that too, and my playlsit will get a test run before race day then i tweak it to be “right” for the race.

  347. I TRY to be like SBS, end up like Dimity (no offense!)

    I usually have everything I need, but because of rushing, losing track of time, etc. I am cramming things in and dropping things.

  348. I’m probably a solid 3. Half the time I’m so organized it’s scary, and the other half I’m lucky if I remember both shoes.

  349. Since I’ve only done one 1/2, I can only reflect on that experience. With that said, I’m a 2. I loaded my ipod the week before, had everything laid out the night before, but was still unprepared. Only 4 days before the race did I find out about GU, sports beans, etc. Maybe I’m a 2 just becasue I lack experience.

  350. I’d have to say I’m about a 3 or 4 on your scale of runner OCD-ness. I definitely plan things out, have my favorite race outfits, and make sure I’ve got all my music and timing figured out. I just use a watch, but my iphone gives me my pace and whatnot while my music plays.

  351. i’m a 4. i would be a 5 if i had more gear. i really love the idea of just running to run. i love it. but more than that i love knowing exactly what i did- how far and how fast and what time. i thrive on it. and i’ve had too many runs where i forget to bring some sort of fuel and nearly die. so i stuff what i can up my sports bra and hit the road. and then i just pray that i hit start on the garmin so i feel a little more accomplished at the end.

  352. I’m with Dimity on this one…definitely a 1. I usually get to a race and realize I forgot my sport beans and I drink the water they provide along the course. I’m just happy to be running. So as long as I have my iphone/earbuds to pump my music, then I feel like I’m good to go. 🙂

  353. I’m probably a 3.5 or so. I think being bit in the arse before for being disorganized has caused me to up my level of race “stuff” organization. You only have to show up at 1 half marathon 6 hours from home with a pair of mismatched shoes to learn that lesson. HAHA I pack outfit options for every weather condition – short and log sleeves, tanks, shorts, capris, regular socks, funny knee socks, coordinating headbands and/or visor. Plus I bring my fuel belt, my hand held water bottle, GU’s, gummies, Nuun, iPod, Garmin etc, etc. I sometimes feel like a pack mule during a race. But I’d rather have something and not need it than need something and not have it. And one thing I will always, always do – is triple check that I have a matching pair of shoes.

  354. I am somewhere in the middle. I like my Garmin and my stats, and I do get things set out a bit, but …I am always rushing around that morning for the things I forgot to set out and I am usually stuffing things here and there (although I did just buy an SPI belt to try to help with the stuffing of items 🙂 )

  355. I would say I’m abouta 2.5…I do “plan” by making a list of things not to forget when I run (Garmin, fuel, drink, visor, sweat band, gum, etc), but I’m not overly attentive to detail. Now, when it comes to races, I essentially do the same thing. I guess if I was a little bit of a better planner I wouldn’t have forgotten my knee brace during my last half marathon race. Oh well! BTW, I LOVE Moving Comfort sports bras! They are the ONLY ones that I own. They are AMAZING!

  356. I’m about a 3. I feel like I have so much STUFF with me for racing, so clearly I accessorize, but it’s somewhat of a disorganized mess at times. I’m definitely not a race strategy planner.

  357. I am an SBS 5. It drives me crazy. Sometimes I wish that I could be more relazed about racing but I am a 5. My race is next weekend and on my to do list today is to print the map and elevation profile so that I can plan what I want for my splits.

  358. I’m around a 3. I like to have multiple clothing options, know the course and usually double check to make sure I have everything.

  359. I am more of a 4. I am more of a planner but I probably wouldn’t pre-run a route to figure out strategy. I am very concerned about my outfit, and try not to wear the same thing from another race, so it doesn’t look like the same race in the photos.

  360. It varies – if it’s a “big” race I’ve trained for, I’m a 2; if I roll out of bed and decide to do a local 5k, I’m a 5…

  361. I think I’m a 2. I want to be organized and ready, but I just can’t seem to do it! And I LOVE moving comfort bras – wore my favorite one (Juno) yesterday!

  362. I am definitely a 4. I lay everything out the night before (if not earlier), go over it a few times to make sure I’m not missing anything and fill all my water bottles for my amphipod belt. I don’t usually pack extra race-wear, but I try to bring a change of clothes and shoes because I hate the post race sweatiness.
    I also arrive at the race super early so that I am not panicked about parking, potties or positioning in the starting chute (look at that alliteration!). I am a control freak and a worrier, so the more I can be in control over myself and my stuff, the calmer I am.

  363. Ok, call me a 3. I’m still a fairly new runner and haven’t done that many races with only two 10Ks as my longest. I am still experimenting with the best outfit (the one with the most pockets probably), whether or not to wear a fuel belt on race day, should I take the car key or just stash it behind a tire, do I eat a Cliff Shot Block before the race or wait until I need it, and a ton of other considerations I probably haven’t even considered yet. All I know is that a visit to the port-a-john before the race is key!

  364. I definitely fall somewhere in the middle, so I’ll rate myself a 3 on the SBS-Dimity scale! 🙂

    I plan to be uber-organized, but tend to forget SOMETHING each time! I’m running my 4th full marathon this Saturday… so, here’s hoping I’ll be organized this time! Garmin and iPod charging, I’m MOSTLY settled on my outfit-of-choice… we will see! 🙂

    That bra looks awesome! As a runner in need of Serious support, I’m definitely going to have to look into that brand!

  365. I am a 2 …. I plan, a little, but always end up with some last-minute catastrophe that sends my plans awry! One area where I definitely need to plan more is to “sneak-preview” the course so I know what to expect? Do I ever do that? No, despite my fear that someday I will get lost. 🙂

  366. I would say a 3 – somewhere in the middle – I plan a bit so I have what I need and am comfortable but I don’t go crazy studying and planning.

  367. I am definitely around a 4. I don’t have a belt to carry my stuff, but I do get all my gear prepped the night before. I plan out what I’m going to use as fuel and when (I have only used Lara bars and those work great), I try to look at a map of the course if it’s out of town and try to eat right and sleep well the days leading up to the race.

  368. I’m going with -3. I haven’t run a race yet (Sunday! WOOT!) and my preparations are so screwed up I am ashamed to admit it. I’ll be lucky to find the start line…

    I’m buying the socks I want to run in today (Wed) so at least I’m not picking them up on the way there. And there’s plenty of room in my bra, too. What, exactly, should I put in there?

  369. I’ve only done a 5K/10K and have my first half coming in June (ZOOMA Annapolis) but I am probably a 3-4, falling into the SBS category (I write down all my runs/workouts too!) Definitely have everything planned and laid out as best I can. I am already thinking about what I need for my half and making sure I’ve “tried” things to make sure they will work for me at that race!

  370. I’m on the SBS spectrum- a 5. I’m a complete planner and nearly neurotic when it comes to analyzing and planning races. My goal is to relax to a 4 (or maybe the occasional 3) for a training run every now and then!

  371. Can I be all over the map? I start out as a 5 the night before (or maybe a few days before), but I slowly slip to a 2 on race morning. The only thing I stay anal about is arriving to the race with plenty of time to spare. To the point of sitting in the car or standing in the cold forever. Lucky me that my friends humor me with that one…..

  372. Probably a 3. I love to be organized (and love to think I’m organized), but sometimes forget to do the basic things like charging my ipod.

  373. I’ve only run one race so far (the George Washington Parkway 10 miler)….I would rate myself a 3. I picked out my cute running skirt from, had to have my gymboss timer since I run/walk, my gobelt that carried the Iphone and jelly beans, money and ID card!

  374. I’m probably a 2.5…I usually have an outfit picked out–but only one–and my snacks but I rarely obsess about the routes or terrain. I even–gasp!–dared to wear never-been-worn socks on a whim for a half marathon once!

  375. I’m a 2. I always manage to get the right gear for a race, after I actually race. I can’t stand to wear a watch, because I obsess about time, which almost always slows me down. Music shuffles as it seems more spontaneous. As I type this, I almost feel as though I’m a 5 about being a 2. Go figure.

  376. Type A…EVERYTHING is laid out the night before. I have a strict race regime I enforce a week prior to the race (in my defense, gluten and most food in general does not bode well for an intestinal distress free race for me so I am meticulous about what I eat). I head to bed EARLY and am up early, ready to race.

  377. Definitely more like SBS, but not quite up to her standards. Maybe a 3. I’ll only bring one outfit, but after I’ve checked and checked and checked the weather. I’ll plan the “right” number of gu-s and water and such. But I’d never place the gu in my bra! Unless it had a space for such things. I run long races with a wast pack. It all fits in there.

  378. I’m a 2. A sad, sad, sad 2. I wanna be a 5. I INTEND to be a 5. But I’m a 2. I try to tell myself it’s because I’m so well-rounded and have a million other interesting things happening in my life. But, as you may have heard, I am a 2.

  379. Definitely closer to a four or five when it comes to preparation! I study those race elevation profiles more than I studied biochem in college. 🙂 Even before just a regular run, I have everything set out: headphones, outfit, nuun, water bottle….as I type this I realize I am much more organized than I thought I was!

  380. I am a 3/4 – If it’s a travel race weekend I often have as many race outfit choices as I do regular clothing, I pack my own nuun and gels (sensitive stomach), the Garmin is charged and ready. I run sans music so I don’t have to worry about play lists and cord management.

  381. I’m definitely a 1. The more I prep and plan, the more freaked out I get, so I just don’t plan. My husband is the total opposite, so we make a similar running pair to you two.

  382. Okay, sorry. That’s four races in TWO days, not one. I’m a nerd, not insane. 5k and 15k on Saturday, half marathon and 8k on Sunday. Find out more at

    1. Wahoo Tampa! I miss running there and wish I was there running the distances I am now. Gasparilla 15k was a goal for me, but since the move…. Great job!!!!

  383. I’m definitely a type-A, SBS, organized racer. At my last event, where my partner and I raced four races in one day, I had everything laid out for each distance, from outfit to fuel to shoes, and one of the difficult things about the weekend was how much of it was out of my control–races 3 and 4, a half marathon and an 8k, were so close together we decided it wasn’t worth it to change shirts. And Garmie died, so I ended up running blind to pace, which was disconcerting. I admire runners like you, Dimity, and I always think one day I’m going to try the type B approach, but inevitably when race day approaches there I am with my spreadsheets. Go ahead, print the nerd card now.

  384. I am definitely more like SBS and no, not because my name is SARAH too! I am always super organized and even bring along extra things for my running buddies just in case they were under prepared. For my first 10K race I prepared the night before my recovery smoothie (tucked in the freezer and took out and set by the door the moment I woke on race day). I also filled my camelbak packed a cooler w/ several mini chocolate milks, mini ritz cracker packs, a few fruit bars and a small camelback bottle with my nun tablet and water. Oh and a few precut and sliced oranges for everyone. I had my iPod all ready and in my pack along with a change of shirt!!!!

    1. I’m a 1 when it comes to running. No prep, no signs of organization. Just a full-on free for all. Perhaps that is because I am a 5 in every other aspect of my lift. And just like Dimity, I tend to use my bra as extra storage~ whether I am running or not!

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