Hump Day Giveaway: 4 Tubes of Nuun x 5

Not me, or the ReBoot class, but this photo just screams "foot-and-hammie cramp" to me!
Not me, or the ReBoot class, but this photo just screams "foot-and-hammie cramp" to me!

Despite not being much of a drinker, I've been bellying up the bar(re) lately. A ballet-style barre, that is. Instead of doing the boot camp-style workout I'd been doing for a couple of years, I've switched to a barre-style class for my 2x/week cross-training sessions. The ReBoot class is taught by Ashleigh, the same badass mother of four who designed the Get Ripped Like a Mother workout in Train Like a Mother: How to Get Across Any Finish Line - and Not Lose Your Family, Job, or Sanity. In her infinite fitness wisdom, Ashleigh knew the hip-opening, core-strengthening, posture-improving moves of the class were just what this inflexible, hunched, flabby-bellied gal needed. My legs get worked so hard they shake, and even my feet feel stronger and less stiff. (We do the moves sans shoes.)

Not surprisingly, all the leg lifts, clamshells-with-pointed toes, and squat-pulses done while balancing on the ball of our feet result in eye-crossingly painful foot and calf cramps, especially for Ashleigh. As she laughingly proclaimed this morning, "All this summer drinking makes me get terrible leg cramps!" To which I blurted out, "nuun. You need nuun."

Nuun, as I explained to the gals in class, is a wonder tablet: In fewer than seven calories, one tablet delivers all the sodium, magnesium, and potassium a hard-working, sweaty body needs. Drop it into a bottle of water, and voila, you have a lightly flavored sports drinks. Ashleigh's mother, Denise, always at the barre beside me so we can both feel the breeze from the open door, nodded, saying she'd recently bought some at a bike shop. Moms: so savvy.

This summery 4-pack of nuun makes me salivate just looking at it.
This summery 4-pack of nuun makes me salivate just looking at it.

Whether you are a nuun-devotee, like me, or a nuun-newbie like Ashleigh, you're going to love today's Hump Day Giveaway: Five of you will each win four tubes of the most fancy-fresh flavors of nuun. Cherry Limeade with a kick of caffeine; Lemonade (my latest fave flave); juicy Watermelon; and tart-yet-sweet Grape. To hold the summer-fresh electrolyte-goodness, each winner will also get a Summer Edition nuun bottle decked out with a cute watermelon graphic.

For a chance to win, tell us what new thing you've added to your exercise regime this summer. It could be a new class like ReBoot, yoga, kickboarding in the pool, hill repeats, intervals on the treadmill, or one of the training plans from Train Like a Mother. Just click on the Comments ribbon below this post on our website (if you're reading this on a mobile device, do not just hit reply!) and tell us what fresh-as-nuun-flavors workout, moves, or exercise you are doing these days.

The water(melon) bottle
The water(melon) bottle

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States and Canada. It begins on 6/26/13 and ends on 7/2/13; the winner will be announced on 7/6/13. One entry per person. The value of each prize is $24. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.  

1,060 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: 4 Tubes of Nuun x 5

  1. I have added more stretching, stregnthing and core work! I was tired of always being in pain at the end of a long run. I have also started to carry water with Nuun or Gatorade powder to drink while I run, I always failed at that and paid the price, especially in the Michigan summer! I’m finding that staying hydrated keeps me going and slows down the crash and burn!

  2. I have add ripping Sheetrock out of our house and throwing haybales. Talk about a good core and upper body workout.

  3. Finally running again after breaking my leg last year- and it feels great. It’s superhot and humid in MD in summer and Nuun Is a great help.

  4. I recently started taking Barre classes, to add to my half-marathon training. (I plan on doing the Rock n’ Roll Philly half in September.) I bring Nuun Lemonade with me on my long run days, especially now that we’re having a heat wave!

  5. Just started the TLAM Half Marathon: Finish It plan for my first Half Marathon in October. Excited about adding some push-ups to the runs, I’ve no upper-body strength. Loving the pink lemonade nuun I have for part of my hydration plan.

  6. I’ve added running every day on a summer running streak. I think that is what helped be get stronger to finish my first Ultra Marathon. Crazy. I think I need to add Nuun to my regimen

  7. I added Zumba! Was totally afraid of embarrassing myself because I’m tragically uncoordinated when it comes to anything remotely choreographed. (I couldn’t even let my dad give me away properly at my wedding. Cannot follow instructions. Lol). I love Zumba and I’m seeing the crosstraining benefits! I know I’ll be strong enough to meet my goal of running my first marathon in six months! I bring Nuun with me to class every time. And on every run. Even my short ones. Love that stuff!

  8. I just started running this March, ran a 5k, 10k and now training for a half marathon! I’ve also started biking in the evenings.

  9. Not something I just started this summer, but I always incorporate swinging a baseball bat into my exercise… Usually balancing on one leg! It’s a fun and beneficial addition to my daily exercise routine. Cherry limeade sounds great!

  10. I’ve been focusing more on strength training for glutes, quads, & hamstrings since I’m suferring with ITBS. I’ve also been doing some aqua jogging, swimming las, and yoga. Love Nuun! My favorite s grape, but have been curious about Watermelon & Cherry Limeade.

  11. Consistent cross training! I’m using workouts from various Jillian Michaels DVDs to add some strength and variety to my training.

  12. Actually, everything is new this summer since this is my first summer as a mother runner, but my most favorite thing is my Train Like a Mother Own It half training plan! Getting ready for the Chicago Half Marathon on September 8!

  13. I am going to start doing Insanity and other videos that I will find on YouTube to change up my workout routine!

  14. I have added aome purpose to my runs, in trying to actually get faster insread of “morning head-clearing jogs.” so i actually do need to nuun it up.

  15. I have just started biking… I was stuck in a running routine that needed a change, incorporating more cross training w weights and biking!! Yikes

  16. Packing, I’ve added packing to the workout regime. 5 weeks until moving day and it all needs to be packed! Then when we move, I’ll add in swimming again! 🙂

  17. One thing I add in the summer is laps in the pool and treading water while the kiddos are swimming! It’s a nice change.

  18. I go to The Bar Method three times a week as my cross training. I love what it’s doing to my butt and tummy!!

  19. I’m following the Half-Marathon: Own It plan and incorporating Pure Barre classes at least once a week. I did them before right after having my youngest, but it’s a whole different thing now that I’m running!

  20. I have been struggling with a few different injuries recently (IT bands and a possible stress fracture), so I’ve added spinning classes to strengthen my quads and deep water running to get the same benefits of running without pounding the pavement. It must be working, cuz I just got cleared from my doctor to restart marathon training!!!

  21. Does laying my butt by the pool while the kids swim count?? No but seriously, trying to pick it up tempo wise on my runs at least one day a week!

  22. My trail running partner has been building endurance, so we recently made the leap from the 4-mile trail to the 8-mile trail! This means that once a week, now, I get to knock out 8 miles on the gorgeous wooded trail after dinner, when it has cooled off a little. It’s a great way to end a day.

  23. I’m doing a weight training program 4 times a week in addition to using the “finish it” marathon plan in “Train like a Mother.”

  24. Does running the kids to and from the pool and swim team practice and swim meets count as cross training? For as tired as I feel the day after a long, and often rain/storm delayed meet, it should 🙂

  25. I’ve added biking in this summer! It’s been so much fun and I had forgotten how much I enjoy doing it. Now just to keep it up once summer is over and I’m back to work!

  26. What I’ve added is more a change of attitude that I learned from Mother Runners that getting injured means you just have to come up with a creative workaround until you get stronger. It doesn’t mean you give up and cry in your ice cream. (Well maybe you do the workaround *after* you’ve cried in your ice cream. ) Right now I’ve added the bike trainer to help get over this hurdle. My friend also gave me a nuun tablet last week before our long run. Now I’m trying to score some, but the running store was closed when I got there. Maybe sometime this week….

  27. I’m not very inventive. But I’ve added the 30 Days of Planks. I’m a total beginner, so hopefully this brings some start to core strength for me!!

  28. How old is your son? I was thinking about doing the same with my kids, only having them ride their bikes instead.

  29. I have started a weight training program with the Women’s Health DVD set “Drop 2 sizes in 2 weeks.” 3 weeks into it, and I can run farther and faster than before. But instead of dropping weight/sizes, I’m up 5 pounds! What’s up with that? 🙁

  30. After having an angry knee for a while and not being able to do much of anything as far as exercise for quite a while, since almost everything made it hurt, I will be adding exercise back into my exercise routine. 🙂

  31. I added crunches and other exercises for my stomach muscles. I do some after every run, even though my work outs have not been as frequent as I wish they were. Good intentions though!

  32. I added my son to my summer workout. Since it is challenging to get the workouts done when the kiddos are home I take them with me. He runs by my side until he eventualy takes off to beat me home!

  33. I have never tried Nuun. I began walking over the winter and jogging (very slowly)this spring. Now I am incorporating hill work and speed work once a week.

  34. I am training for my first Half Marathon, and I have added speedwork to my training. It’s been fun to see my run time decrease with every long run.

  35. I’m adding in strength training. I think that is what I was missing in my previous race training. My core is weak and strengthening it will help on many levels. Yay – nuun!

  36. I have added in weight training this summer with a personal trainer. He is amazed at how strong my legs are…thanks running!

  37. Trying to get a lot more cross training in. Bought the Insanity Videos…which are awesome, and doing pilates and yoga videos at home as well. Hoping this gives me some add strength to rock a PR this fall in the 1/2 and full marathon I’m doing!

  38. In the process of recovering from my first ever injury in 15 years of running, I have incorporated a routine of yoga and stretching. I hope to never be injured again!

  39. Due to TMI issues with running I am doing more cross training with bike riding and weight lifting, things I used to do and then fell in love with running and left them behind. I am training a new way this summer with my running – training by heart rate = ever so slow, but hopeful. (MAF Training)I’ve been training for a month and have not had one ‘issue’. Happy Dance!! I love, love, love using NUUN!!!

  40. This summer I plan to continue with my runs (although some have moved inside to the treadmill rather than outside in the sweltering heat!) and working with my trainer. However, I’ve decided to return back to a tried and true favorite – yoga! Found a place right near my house that has a schedule that works within mine so I’m ready to go!

  41. Summer is hard for me to do structured workouts. After the long winters up north it is just nice to do something, anything outside. Swimming at the lake is a nice change or even yoga on the beach (early before others wake to watch) or biking.

  42. Since I work with the schools and now out for the summer I wanted to do some cross training with my running. Tried a turbo kick class at a yoga studio and it was great! only one who attended the am class so I had my own personal trainer.

  43. I have added riding my bike after my run at least 3 times a week. I am slowly trying to get myself into the ironmother mind set. I’m not a big swimming fan so I am easing myself into the transition.

  44. Watermelon is my all time favorite but I use all of them. I’ve been floundering since finishing my half in May but am gearing up for a race in October so am starting longer runs and hill repeats again.

  45. I have added 2 new things to my running regime this summer. One, I am now wearing a water belt, which I never have before, but am starting to figure out. Runs are getting longer as I train for my first marathon and its handy to always have water instead of only where I stash it. Also as I train for a marathon, I am trying a walk/run strategy. I am loving having a little break recovery time during the walk and I’m finding my paces aren’t that much slower overall!

  46. I’m doing yoga 2x/week. It’s been a tremendous help for my knees (all those warrior poses) and hips. Not to mention it just makes me sit (and run?) a little taller!

  47. On week two day five of TLAM Marathon Finish it…but will have to add swimming to keep the aging joints happy. Also toying with trx, but am intimidated and don’t know how to use it.

  48. I started swimming 2-3 times a week inbetween running days to boost my endurance a little bit. It doesn’t seem like much, but there is a certain satisfaction saying you just swam a mile!

  49. I have added Piloxing and am thinking about adding Kettlebell Kickboxing. I haven’t ever really done cross-training before but this seems to be helping with my running.

  50. Vinyasa yoga. I am loving it. Not sure if its the class atmosphere, the heat, the instructors, my dear friend at the class, or the actual yoga. Whatever it is, it is so good for me!

  51. I’m training for my first 5K in July and I have two more 5Ks lined up in September and October. I’m a beginner runner and I’m enjoying the process!

  52. Shortly after donning the bathing suit for the first time this summer, I realized it is time to work on those abs. My youngest is almost 3. No more hiding behind that excuse of “just” having a baby….so I invested in Jillian Michaels 6 pack abs workout. OMG, that is a total body sweat-fest but hopefully will prove helpful. I won’t ever have 6 pack abs but a little less belly wiggle would be nice!

  53. As I continue the slow recovery from the mysterious knee injury, I have added much more foam rolling, stretching and strength work. Better to take a few minutes away from running than to not be able to run at all!.

  54. I live in Phoenix, AZ but am spending almost a month in the Midwest humidity, St. Louis to be exact. So running in the humidity is new for me; I would much rather run in the dry heat of the desert!

  55. Daily early a.m. walks have become part of my routine…the 55 pound chocolate lab puppy demands them…and my tush is reaping the benefits!

  56. I have added yoga back into my training. I found a muscle pump class at the Y I really like and yoga is the following day during my daughters gymnastics class so it works out perfectly!

  57. I have started swim training with a triathlon team! I did a few sprint tri’s last summer, swimming on my own. I’m loving getting coached, although I am the slowest in the group! Hoping training with them will make me faster 🙂

  58. I am training for my first marathon this fall…anxiety ridden! I am using TLAM Finish It and beginning to cross train with Jillian Michaels body Revolution DVDs!

  59. This summer I’m training for my first half marathon in October. I don’t know what I was thinking when I thought training in the summer would be no big deal! ha. I’m trying to figure out what to add to my water and/or runs to make sure I’m getting the most to my body.

  60. This summer I’m adding strength training to the program as I’m doing my 1st Dirty Girl in a couple of weeks and Spartan this fall!

  61. SQUATS! They are my strength exercise of choice at the moment – gotta tone those glutes! (And hopefully I’ll be adding more Nuun to my exercise regime, too!)

  62. I started the summer with the TLAM Finish It Marathon plan but I am taking a temporary break to focus on physical therapy exercises for the quadricep tendonitis I developed. Hopefully I will be back running on the marathon plan soon to finish my first ever marathon!

  63. Swimming, biking, running and trying to remember to do some strengthening! Training for 3 sprint tri’s this summer and a 25K trail run in Sept. Slight set back last month, but I am getting myself back on track. LOVE love love nuun!!! drinking the lemon tea (caffeine enhanced) right now to prepare for my Ultimate Frisbee game tonight!!
    Thinking about trying CrossFit, too!!

  64. I have been doing Bob Harpers Inside Out Strength videos. Boy do they kick your butt!! Just because it is Bob instead of Jillian doesn’t mean it’s any easier….trust me! 🙂

  65. I haven’t added anything yet to my routine. With two young boys on summer break and training for a marathon, my schedule is fairly full. But, I do want to add in some strength training to strengthen my core. Now I just need to find the time.

  66. After taking 4 weeks off from surgery…I’m getting used to running hills again. And running with a new set of “knockers” definitely takes some getting used to. 🙂

  67. I am training for a marathon so I am adding a lot of long slow distance-and in hot and humid Chicago I will be drinking a lot of nuun!

  68. I have added a kettle bell to my routine, thought I am not consistent I do use it and my son has gotten in on some arm curls as well.

  69. I’ve been adding some biking to my running workouts, trying to mix it up a little. I had been doing some of my 30 Day Shred DVD also, but now due to a water loss our kids are rooming in our living room and have taken up my workout area for a while!!

  70. Beach ball soccer with my 3.5 year-old! He makes up the rules as we go along 🙂
    It’s a surprisingly good workout!

  71. I’ve added cycling — because my heel is currently injured and I can’t run on it. Also more abs, to battle the pear shape that genetics gave me and having a baby enhanced. 🙂

  72. My friends and I signed up for a group training class, focusing on strength and spinning. So excited to start crossing training!

  73. I finally left the cycle class at the YMCA and started riding outside. Had to start training for my spring tri…

  74. I’ve added mountain biking to my trail running routine this summer. After suffering terribly from IT band syndrome after my 50K, I knew it was time to do some cross-training. Biking allows me to get a good workout in, keep up my cardio and endurance, and do it in a low-impact way. I feel stronger than ever before on my runs now!

  75. No matter how much I workout, I am not able to do a pull-up. I finally figured the only way to actually DO a pull-up is to practice them. So I did some google-ing and discovered “pull-up bands” that are basically a huge rubber band to help give some lift. So… my new thing is practicing pull-ups…. and hopefully soon I’ll actually be able to do one (or lots)!!

  76. Instead of spinning class, this summer I’m actually bicycling around with my 4 year old daughter (I know it’s not as intense, but it’s good quality summer fun for us both).

  77. I signed up for swimming lessons. I thought it was finally time to learn how to swim. And maybe I can tackle a sprint triathlon in year or so.

  78. My new thing for the summer is trying to fit in 10 different workouts in one week. These include, 3 runs, 3 bike rides, 2 swims and 2 strength sessions. Most days I’m doing workouts 2x/day, and that’s new for me. The hard part is keeping them challenging without overtraining!

  79. I’ve been trying to take an extra walk on off days and do some jogging in our pool. The latter can be difficult as the pool is usually full of wild boys (mine & their friends).

  80. I’ve added 2 new things 🙂 I’ve been going to a yoga class every Monday, and I’ve been taking the girls to the pool twice a week. The pool is a big workout cause both are under 4 and we are working on swimming – no reading a book poolside for me 🙁

  81. I have added in the Finish It plan from Train Like a Mother for the marathon. I will be running Twin Cities in October, my first marathon!

  82. I have added in cross training, I have been so focused on running that I haven’t made time to strength train

  83. Starting taking Tuesday night yoga class (donation only) at my local running store. I am feeling areas of my body that I had forgotten about!!!!

  84. I have added a yoga class and a fitness class offered at work for my cross training sessions. Up till now I have mostly just incorporated running. Really liking the results so far!

  85. I just started taking a strength training class at the Y. I am taking my second class Thursday morning. I do not enjoy weight training, but I know I need to have more total body strength if I am going run my first marathon.

  86. I have added Pilates, as well as running once a week with a MUCH faster runner to try to increase my speed. I am a huge fan of Nuun! I really think it is a miracle tablet!

  87. I’ve increased my runs from three a week to five…along with continuing cross training (dance, resistance traing, etc)

  88. I’ve added boot camp and yoga to my routine this summer. Hopefully they will strengthen all those places that running doesn’t reach!

  89. I’ve added water jogging and core strengthening exercises while in my pool. I’ve got to watch the kids swim so I might as well make good use of my time out there!

  90. I added swimming – who would figure you would sweat enough while in water that you would need to rehydrate. I love Nunn!!

  91. I am currently adding the 30 day challenges to my workout: Squats, Arms, and Abs! I am also trying to take my baby girl out for a walk every day this summer since I am home (teacher) and can do that! 🙂 I would love to win this to try it out as I am training for my first half marathon in Oct. 🙂

  92. This summer I have purchased a real training plan from a old college cross country team mate who turned pro after college. I’ve always looked up to her, and felt “unworthy” of being on her team she was/ is so good. But, I learned to get over myself— or my shame (as Brene Brown would call it) and call her and pay her to design a 16 week training plan for me. I love this plan. It’s so much better than downloading a free plan from the internet, or a training peaks plan. I hope Dimity and Sarah don’t take offense that I did not use their plan, but I’m training for an Ultra, and I don’t see any plans in your book for that. Also started Strength program 2x a week.

  93. Have never used Nuun but may have been helpful while completing a half marathon this past Sunday in Kona, Hawaii. The course was different this year and included a killer hill, a trail run and running through part of a hotel including up and down some steps. As a result, I will be working more on hill training during training for my first marathon (Honolulu). Maybe I should throw in some sessions on the stairmaster too, just in case the next race has stairs. 🙂

  94. I’ve added lots o’ strength training to my exercise regimen. Extra focus on abs and inner/outer thighs! My thighs look like they’re going to swallow my new swimsuit bottoms.

  95. Nuun is a family affair here. We actually have a name for our family DFRU (Detta family racing unit). My 10 yr old daughter is a swimmer year round and does the triathlon scene throughout the summer. My husband is training for his 4th Ironman & working on qualifying for Ironman Hawaii!!! My 6 year old also does triathlons and supports me on his bike while I run for 2 more 1/2’s this summer. We go through Nuun like loads of laundry 🙂 Cheers to all the those doing work!!!

  96. I was so stoked by my first marathon in May 2013, that I stopped procrastinating and signed up for my first sprint tri. So now I’m swimming with newfound purpose with technique in mind rather than the previous general endurance and relaxation. I’ve also started training on/falling off a new road bike.

  97. I started using a kettle bell. That little sucker kicks my butt! I love how the exercises uses so many muscle groups. Hoping it’ll help tighten up my batwing arms! 😀

  98. I have added ChaLEAN extreme to my routine! Hoping to build muscle strength & endurance! Can I just say that my body is changing but it’s hard to feel muscle fatigue when running in the heat! Makes for difficult runs now, but hopefully will improve in the long run! 🙂 never tried nuun before! Excited to learn more! 🙂

  99. I have been doing runners yoga every other day and it has helped my running so much!! I’ve never tried this product but it sounds like something awesome to win and try out!

  100. I love Nuun, used it in both of my last 2 marathons plus over a thousand miles of training runs. My new addition to training is pool running, it has allowed me to keep running even though I am suffering through a plantar fasciitis issue.

  101. I have added a water running class to my exercise regime. For my running on land, my family adopted a second dog. She is making a great running buddy!

  102. I have more time in my schedule so I have been able to practice yoga at actual yoga studios rather than just at home and that has been so much fun!

  103. I’ve been hitting the trails lately as much as possible. I so love trails but with our Canadian winters, they are a summer activity and I’ve been reveling in them, and also getting an extra workout for my ankles and glutes (all the hills!!)

  104. I love this stuff but have had trouble finding in in our area. I love it as I’m training for my 2nd half & a then a full

  105. At the long given advice of AMR I have finally decided to start weight training and add it to my summer routine! Excited and nervous and lifting!!

  106. I used to focus on core mostly in off season and now I try to keep at least one core workout a week even during race season.

  107. I have been wanting to starting running a quick mile with our young dog (the geriatric Rottweiler is not into running!). Was afraid to do it earlier due to being too close to my marathon – didn’t want to trip on the leash or something and hurt myself. But now that the marathon is over, I’m going to starting trying to do this 2-3x/week. She will love it!

  108. Oddly enogh, i have added running! I was mainly doing a circuit of things at the gym and after winning an entry to a mothers day race, a 10k, and feeling good afterwards, i decided to go for a 10 miler! So, i have added running, more than the 10 min on the gym track 🙂

  109. I just tried out a Spartan X workout class at my gym today – holy moly what a workout! I’m thinking of doing the eight week session starting next week.

  110. Its ALL new to me this summer! I had baby number two March 9th, and have embarked on an ambitious get-my-butt-in-shape plan. I have never been an athlete, but I’ve found happiness and sanity in running nearly every day and doing crossfit style training 3ish days a week. I could definitely use some yummy ways to keep hydrated! (especially when the baby wants to marathon nurse right after a run–I get soooo parched!)

  111. I’ve started doing morning runs to beat the heat. Being a single mom, this means my 3 yr old son has to come with me. Since he won’t tolerate a jogging stroller, we go to the local elementary school that has a small track. I run in circles (literally:) ) while he plays in his jammies on the playground. Win-win!

  112. I’m currently training for my first open water triathlon…after that I will be following Run Like a Mother’s Own It plan for my second 10K!

  113. In two weeks I’m starting the finish-it marathon plan. First time for a marathon and first summer to not take a “I can’t take the heat” summer running hiatus. Some Nuun would definitely help!

  114. New for me as of late is trail running. I love how it gets my family out and about each weekend exploring a new (or old) park in our region.

  115. All summer I add swimming to my workout: exercise and fun with the kids. It’s also nice to jump in right after a run.

  116. Crossfit 4-5 times/week with runs before and in between. Possibly add done light swimming in there. A busy summer.

  117. Finally added strength training 3-4 times a week using the Nike Training Club app. Also using the TLAM half marathon Own It plan for an August race. Feeling great!

  118. About to start training for my first sprint tri (during marathon training) and picked up a kettle ball. Love the cherry limeade!

  119. I started going to Pilates every Monday at the gym to add core and hip strength. I felt weak during the last few miles of my half marathons this year and want to build to a full marathon in 2014.

  120. nuun! desperate to try the watermelon is me!!

    i am *actually* doing speed workouts at the track this training cycle. i have neglected this aspect of my running for much too long.

  121. I started running in 90 degree weather and what feels like 1000% humidity. It’s been exhausting but also powerful. I can do it!

  122. Therapy is my new addition. Ok it’s really just running with my gal pal but what a difference a few “sessions” can make!

  123. Training for my first half iron distance race, so I’ve had to take into consideration nutrition/ hydration on long runs/rides more than ever before. That’s what’s new for me 🙂

  124. I’ve been trying to include lots of hills in my runs…I love the challenge of running up and the joy of running down!

  125. Increase my mileage and strengthen my core (I recently went through a stage where I was avoiding core work and the results aren’t pretty!)

  126. Patellar tendonitis came roaring back in late spring, so I’m doing everything the chiropractor tells me to do: clamshells, bridges, lateral walks (with a band) … and it’s working!

  127. I will be training for the Dopey which includes my first ever marathon…but working on strength training to help get through it

  128. Actually- I’ve added Nuun to my workouts! I was getting a little light-headed after my runs. Turns out I needed those electrolytes… Nuun to the rescue!!!

  129. Running again! I am trying to Follow finish -it marathon plan, but doing it with a 10 week baby is hard. But one step in front of the other, never looking back, and know in 100 days I will be doing my first marathon.

  130. This summer, I’m running regularly & confidently. I know I can do it – I just have to get out there and run!

  131. This summer, I’m actually following a training plan instead of winging it. So tempo runs and hill repeats are part of my running agenda for the first time.

  132. I’ve added tempo runs and Bikram Yoga (90 minutes of yoga in a 105 degree room at 40% humidity…phewww baby!)

  133. Thanks to Physical Therapy to prepare me for my first marathon this fall I have added more intense and longer stretching sessions every day and some ankle strengthen moves…. also using bands. This week I will be adding bike riding as cross training, this should be interesting!

  134. Aside from adding in some swimming and biking as cross training for my half training (also training for a sprint tri), hubby and I are taking a core fusion class at our local YMCA. It combines yoga and pilates moves to focus on core strength as well as flexibility in the hips. Love it!

  135. I’ve been told that I need to strengthen my core, so I’ve been doing ab exercises. Also, I’m trying harder to I get three runs in every week, and not just two.

  136. I’m currently sidelined with a back injury, so lots of back extension and some walking :/, but I love NUUN and I’ll be back in action soon!! (if I listen to my PT, I’m told 😉

  137. I added strength to my workouts. I’ve been running for years and am finally getting around to that. New idea, right?

  138. I have added chin ups and pull ups on alternating days for upper body strength. The Cherry Limeade flavor is the best 🙂

  139. I just had a baby 4 weeks ago, and I’m getting back into the running game. I plan to do the half-marathon plan from Train Like a Mother to try to do the same half-marathon I finished last year at 8-weeks preggo!

  140. Just this week I started the Train Like a Mother Finish It Half Marathon plan. I choose to start my training during the heat wave up here in CT. I enjoyed my 4 mile run last night at 9PM when it was cool enough to run and ran 10 circles around the block. I added in a Jillian Micheals DVD for my cross training days and well today it was putting my 14 month old daughter to bed and speed cleaning the house for cross training.

  141. Inspired by all of you BAMRs, after 23+ years of running primarily solo, this spring I started meeting up with a few other local mother runners a couple times a week. The miles totally seem to fly by .. Even on hill repeat days! There is no better way to start the day than with a good run .. And that is even more true when that run is also with some good friends. It’s been an awesome way to spice up my running. I love nuun and would love to try some new flavored .. I’ve had lemonade, fruit punch, and citrus .. Love them all!

  142. I added a deep water free work out hour as a cross training day. I’ve gone 5 times in the last 5 weeks and really enjoy the zero impact work out!!

  143. Ultra training…So many hill repeats and no speed work. Very different then the marathon cycle I just finished. I miss the speed workouts that I used to lose sleep over!

  144. This summer I have added lots of swimming with the kids. I also just started going back to Pilates class at the Y. I’m loving it. I got inspired to go back to the class after reading Train Like a Mother. I also like Nuun. I’ve only tried two flavors, neither of which are the ones listed. I would be very excited to win. OH and this summer I convinced my husband to train for a 1/2 with me. YEY!

  145. Love Nuun! It’s great after a long run and my children enjoy half a tablet in their water bottle during soccer games. It’s a family hit.

  146. I am adding one more run – from 3 to 4 per week. I am looking forward to my first 5K ever in Guelph, Ontario in 2 weeks!! Have never tried Nuun and would love to 😀

  147. I’m adding walking back into my routine. I’ve been focused so much on running, that I forgot how nice it is to move at a (slightly) slower pace. Plus, when I walk I listen to audio books which is a nice change of pace too!

  148. Finished first marathon last weekend. Next up: working on speed and strength. Need a new strength plan – weights at gym are boring. Ironically I looked up Barre classes yesterday.

  149. I added Line Backer Training to my strength training routine to make me one “Badass Mother Runner”!

  150. This year I am doing the IronGirl Triathlon in Seattle (August) and my first half marathon (Portland – October) – very excited and other than running, I have added some core/cross training to mix it up!

  151. My newest adventure this summer is training with my sis in law for her very first half! After doing my first half marathon she was inspired to start running! Her and a friend started joining me for 5k’s and now a half marathon! My main goal is to just keep them motivated and positive! I am so excited to share this experience with her!

  152. Training for an Olympic Distance Tri this summer and adding more core work to my summer Tri plans! Winter/Spring marathon training and new 2nd job made me have to set most of my cross training on the sideline in the spring.

  153. I’ve been benched from running for months now because of a foot injury (so frustrating!), but in the meantime I’ve been doing slow-motion strength training. MUCH harder to do a rep in 10 seconds up and 10 seconds down! So then you’re done faster – complete muscle fatigue is the goal. Btw, I adore nuun!!!

  154. To avoid the humid heat wave, I’ve been hitting the treadmill. To keep my training varied I have been doing interval training. I like chunking up the time so it seems to go by faster.

  155. I’ve started doing a speed workout once a week. The combination of the heat outside and intensity of the workout leave me so dehydrated – I look forward to a nuun after every workout!!

  156. Swimming! I decided I might as well do something useful while my kids play in the pool at the Y, so I swim laps.

  157. More early morning workouts to beat the heat and leave the afternoons open for fun activities with the kiddos!

  158. I have started swimming to get ready for my first triathlon. I would love to win since no place in my small town sells Nuun and so I am feeling very wilted this summer.

  159. Yoga for Runners, to try and get a little more flexible and maybe stave off anymore bouts of achilles tendonitis.

  160. I am training for my first sprint triathlon so right now, all the training is new!!! Yes I’m doing things I’ve done in the past but this trifecta is a whole new ball game!!!

  161. I actually just added Nuun to my summer routine! I had read about it from AMR and finally decided to stop in to the running store and pick some up. Love it!! And I would love to try some other favors.

  162. Running with the jogging stroller. My husband travels during the summer and it’s the only way I get a mid week run. I feel like I get a hard workout pushing my 25lb toddler!

  163. I have added spinning, and LOVE it. It might have something to do with the fact that it means 2 hours of child-free time at the gym, but I seriously think I am addicted. Now I just need to get my lady parts on board. All I can say is Ouch- those seats hurt….

  164. Run/walking 2 miles each work day with my kids. It’s more for their benefit but they are doing great and so far have not missed a day and are up to 12 miles total!

  165. This summer I am focusing on playing with my kids–especially now that I am a month post-marathon. It’s so nice to get my life back into balance!

  166. Running. 🙂

    And I’m serious. That IS what I added to my life this summer, with significant help of RLAM/TLAM.

    I just ran my first 5K this weekend. So, yeah. Running!

  167. I’m adding more weight work. I stopped doing it during my training for my first marathon because I needed to get the longer runs in and was running out of time. Now I’m back at it, stretching and foam rolling more too. Never tried Nunn but thinking I should because I get horrible leg cramps, especially during the summer outdoor runs.

  168. Piloxing!! Great mix of cardio and Pilates-elongates all the muscles that I tend to tense and tighten when I run!!

  169. I am now getting ready for my 10K using the treadmill when its too hot, always used the programs before and this is actually awesome too!

  170. My goal for the summer is to be able to do a pull-up (or two) by the time my Tough Mudder comes around in September. I didn’t realize how weak my back has become, but I’m determined!

  171. I’ve been training for a triathlon, and the cycling is my new summer workout. Since having kids, I haven’t been on the bike very often.

  172. I started some short but intense leg, core and arm workouts I found on a blog called “Blond Ponytail Fitness”. I want to get stronger to help with my marathon training.

  173. Working on SPEED this summer and will be jumping on the TLAM Own it Plan for a fall half marathon. I did my first half in June using the Finish It plan, and I’m already chasing a PR!

  174. I have recently started a 12-week training program, and have amped up my running endurance training, with the goal of completing a half marathon. This hot, summer training is tricky!!!

  175. I have set specific fitness goals, starting back in Nov, including running my first 5K (which I accomplished head on this June and have 3 more scheduled this summer)…and I have dedicated to eating healthier and including our children in this journey!

  176. It’s TRI season so all week I swim/bike/run.. But during my sprint intervals I am doing LUNGES and BUTT SQUATS!! OwWEe!!! Unless you count changing out flat tube on mile 12 of 30… Curse those bullhead thorns!! On tube #13 since Feb.!!! So technically, that routine isn’t so new… But dang I am fast on changing flats!! Haha This desert girl sweats up a ton of salt… I would love to try the Nuuns!!

  177. This Spring I added Pilates and Boot Camps and what a difference in my core strength and posture when running!

  178. I love adding a little yoga stretch to my workouts between runs. It really helps me recover. I will be running the Louisville Sports Commission Half Marathon in November and would love to try something besides water for hydration. It will be my 2nd half this year. I am really looking forward to comparing my training for winter/spring to the summer/fall training.

  179. I was dreading the addition of speed work to my weekly runs, but I LOVE it now! I can already tell a difference in my speed and endurance! Woop woop! 🙂

  180. I love biking with my family! My husband doesnt run and running is typically my “me” time so I love having this time to exercise with the family!

  181. I have been walking and hiking a lot in addition to the running. Not only has my weekly mileage gone up quite a bit, I find that I am so much less sore and/or achy! He was out of town for a week and I was just running. I def felt the difference!

  182. I’ve added trail running and it’s so much fun!!! And SO different than pavement!! I have also just recently used nuun for the first time completing my first ever 10 mile road race!!

  183. A friend is training to be a Willpower & Grace instructor so I am willingly her guinea pig and love the barefoot workout!

  184. I’ve just started a Powersculpt yoga class to offset my swimming/biking/running. It’s a hybrid of a vinyasa flow yoga class and weight lifting. It’s intense and I’m sore for days but it’s a good sore!

  185. I took a 4 week hiatus from weights to focus on family,running & biking. Now I’m back to weight training 2x week, running 4 days & biking 2 days. The 9 year old on is on summer break, so when I’m not training, I’m trying hard to keep up with him!

  186. I just started training with a local running group so more speed workouts for me! I have also started to incorporate swimming into my cross training.

  187. I’m going to add in Aquafit because I have a knee injury right now and u don’t want to lose the fitness I’ve accomplished through running

  188. I am a relatively new runner (ran my first half this past May). This summer I have added in 2x/week cross training. One day of Jillian’s 30 Day Shred, and one day of elliptical & weights at the gym. Hoping this is the extra boost I need to drop my half time this fall! 🙂

  189. I’ve added some treadmill workouts to my running routine. We live in South Florida, by 6:30am the humidity and heat has already kicked in so taking some workouts inside is a must. Oh and I also have added chasing three kiddos around the pool to my workouts, that counts as cross training right??

  190. I already do alot of cross training with my running schedule so I have added some trail running! I also just made some NUUN Popsicles for this nasty heat & humidity in Florida!

  191. I’ve started interval training to push my endurance. My goal is to do the Women’s half marathon in November! I’d love to try Nunn, especially during my long runs as I’ve been looking for something different.

  192. I’ve added the TLAM Marathon: Finish It plan to my regime!! Training through the hot summer for my first marathon, Nuun is a lifesaver. Oh, and I’ve added speedwork too, but don’t like to think about that very much…

  193. I’ve added in my bike and the rowing machine so strengthen my core and give my legs a much needed break!

  194. I’ve started focusing on core work. I’ve always had great cardio, but my core has been weak. I am a runner and triathlete and I’ve found that adding core work has made me a better and faster swimmer, cyclist & runner! 🙂

  195. This summer I start the Train Like A Mother 10K Own It Plan. I could really tell a difference until I got an injury. I had to take 2 weeks off and then I got all thrown off. My 10K is next week. So I will be starting the 1/2 marathon Own It Plan. Even though I didn’t complete I still saw improvement in my time.

  196. Accountability. I joined a FB group of runners. Our first goal was 100 miles from May 1 to June 30. I’m 7 miles away from reaching my goal. 🙂

  197. I’ve recently added TurboFire, a program that encompasses Cardio, HIIT Training, Yoga & Strength Training. It’s kicking my butt, but that combined w/ running 2-3 dys/wks, has helped me to already knock 30 seconds off my average pace. Sub 2:15 Half, here I come!

  198. I LOVE LOVE NUUN. It gets me through the hot summer months. Today I added interval training on the treadmill because it is too hot to be outside and the gym has childcare!! I forgot how hard it can be to get a workout in during the summer when the kids are out of school.

  199. The half marathon finish it plan is my new summer addition. Never tried Nuun, but have heard much about it from you guys. Would love to give it a try.

  200. 8 Minute abs at least three times a week before bed- I can feel the difference! I’m training for my first 70.3 in October so there’s lots of running, swimming and biking happening this summer!

  201. I have been doing more interval training, and actually following a plan – in addition to my “really need nuun after” Bikram classes. Training for some fall Disney races among other things!!

  202. I’ve added bootcamp three days a week to my summer schedule- I’m instructing and really excited! It’s geared towards moms 🙂

  203. Adding a jogging stroller to my runs so I can bring my son out with me and he can see the world while I get my sweat on!!

  204. I have been running hill repeats in the Columbia River Gorge two times per week, in order to prepare for the hills at Western States 100 miler this coming weekend. My “big bertha” hill (my nickname) climbes 1160 feet in 2 miles. I go straight up, then pound back down the hill. Then I do it again. And again. With nuun in my water bottle, I stay completely hydrated and have no stomache issues. I have been an avid nuun fan for several years now and it is my go to product for my water bottle. Also – I have had to add in the sauna 4x per week in order to heat train for WS100 (hard to heat train in Portland where it has been cool and rainy) and I use nuun in my water bottle while sweating like a piggy momma in the sauna. Gotta keep the electrolytes in balance, and nuun is the champion product for that.

  205. Having just completed my first marathon I am dialing back the running and upping the core fitness with a DVD at home. Nuun has been a staple for me since I began running 1.5 years ago. My recent favorite is the Cherry-Limeade. Watermelon I avoid. I found out in the middle of a Half marathon that I am allergic. My throat started closing but one of my BRFs had an inhaler, and yes I finished the race.

  206. I’ve added a newborn into the equation! I got a double jogging stroller and have been pushing both kids. I’m planning on starting the TLAM half marathon training plan in 3 weeks (when baby boy is 8 weeks).

  207. I discovered Nuun during the Cape Cod Ragnar Relay Race and loved it! This summer I will be signing up for a Dip N Dash and begin swimming again in the pool. Looking forward to giving my knees a break and working other muscle groups. Nuun will be a part of my workout regimen whether running ir swimming!

  208. I am training for my first Women’s Triathlon this summer. The heat index and humidity is very high where I live so my motto is Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!!!

  209. I am training for my first full marathon so I added more speed work and am trying the marathon plan! We are moving to Tucson from the St. Louis area after the 4th and this military spouse would love to try Nunn!!! I am already looking for ways to hydrate in the desert!!

  210. I’ve added biking in to my summer training program. I am a new Coach for Team in Training and I bike along next to my full and half marathoners on their long runs, as well as get a long bike ride in with my husband and with my son in the bike trailer.

  211. After my next 10K race (July 1), I’ll be switching gears and following the “Finish It” Half Marathon Plan!

  212. ECOR-Extreme Obstacle Course Runners. After my first fun and supportive practice I hurt from my knees to my neck. What really ticked me off was how bad my quads and glutes hurt. I don’t hurt like that when I run 13.1. I can’t wait to go back for more.

  213. Love the new watermelon flavor. Am running an Olympic Tri and several hilly sprint tris this summer so I am adding in climbs on the spinner and open water swims. I’ve also accepted the fact that no one makes non grandma longer running shorts anymore—so I bought the shorter ones in hot pink–and am pleasantly surprised!!

  214. Instead of just running this summer because it so hot, I have added in more cross-training. I have been doing the elliptical, upper body work and more ab work…its been fun!

  215. I’m completing my first week of the Run Like a Mother 1/2 marathon training so that’s what I’m adding to my routine this summer. So far, so good!

  216. I have just started biking this summer. I pull my two boys in the bike trailer and do a couple of hours once or twice a week. I run 4 other days a week and have been doing that for 4 months.

  217. I’m a brand new runner and I’m training for my first half in September. I’ve been training for 2 1/2 months and so far I LOVE it. I’m still learning how to stay hydrated and get calories on runs. It’s a lot to learn. 🙂 I alternate between running outside and using the treadmill since I can focus more on pace while on the treadmill.

  218. I’m adding in trail running on some of my long runs and I’m actually going to DO the speedwork this time around! (10K Finish it Plan!!!!) 🙂

  219. I have started to train for the local fall challenge of 3 half marathons in the fall all about two weeks apart. I have done so not only by running but by adding boxing and daily challenges to my routine in which my daughters get in on the action :). We are doing a daily jump rope and ab challenge and it is so much fun to be active and competitive with me girls. Teaching them to be strong and healthy makes my heart smile. I currently use Nunn to help replenish what I have lost and help with recovery days. I like watermelon (as well as my daughters do) and lemonade. 🙂

  220. I’ve been on the injured list for the last two weeks, but getting back into the game now to train for my first half marathon in September!! just in time for the heat!

  221. I am in the 4th week of training for my first marathon. I’ve added some yoga and Ripped in 30 DVD to change it up a bit!

  222. I’ve added some strength training. And with the tropical heat I’ve been running in on my new island home I’ve added some pretty intense heat training.

  223. A group of us are rocking Weds. night track work. 2 X 800, 2X 400, 2 x200 and 2 X 100. It sweaty, tough and thrilling. Lots of endorphins kick in and we get very thirsty.


  224. I’ve added an 8k training course that meets 2 times a week. It incorporates speed, distance, and this ridiculous core workout!

  225. I started with a personal trainer and waking up at 4am to boot. I am soooo not a morning person but like how I feel once I get started.

  226. I’ve added hill repeats and longer long runs… lol… I’m trying to actuall stick to a program for my nect race… I’d like to shave off 3min from my last 5k race time!!!!

  227. I have added speed work and also running stairs (203 of them 4 times) plus trail running and playing beach volleyball. Looking to beat my last 5K time and my last half-marathon time. Which both events are coming up soon. And Nuun is my drink of choice before working out.

  228. I’ve added some core training using a medicine ball. The core crunch 15 min workout on Nike’s app is tough!

  229. I have added Community ED track to my summer fitness…it is mostly for jr high and high school kids and a few of us crazy moms that join them…I love it and it keeps me motivated during the week!

  230. Added hill repeats and speed work – before I was always super excited just to cross the start/finish lines, now I want to improve my time!

  231. I’ve been taking a fitness boxing class in town to xtrain. It’s a circuit class made up of 5 stations, 3 min per station: heavy bag, speed bag, cardio (i choose jumprope or burpees), strength, and last but not least – the Ring!

  232. I started a couch to 5k training program this summer and have my first 5k in late August, I’d love to try this.

  233. I’m currently recovering from an injury (compressed meniscus) so I’ve started pool walking/jogging and a bit of gentle lap swimming.

  234. Just getting back to running after a solid 8 month hiatus, so I’m using Jeff Galloway’s (just to finish) 1/2 training plan for my third half this October. So far, so good!

  235. This summer I added gravity yoga to my workout routine. I love the feeling of being suspended while lengthening my back. It is an awesome accompaniment to running.

  236. I’ve re-added doing crossfit some days. it helps with my running days. Add a little yoga to help stretch and lengthen the muscles. Learned one thing – always change it up and always do something new.

  237. After running a late spring full, I’ve been riding on the lazy train…but, I’m excited to get back out there with my running group and train for a half in the fall. I’m also adding swimming to my workouts.

  238. I actually added a personal trainer to my workouts. She has been unbelievably helpful with ideas and correcting my form. She has me on a very nice HIIT for the treadmill that I have a love hate relationship with.

  239. This summer I have added yoga, CrossFit, Pilates and P90x to my training. I found a Groupon for 30 different fitness classes so I’m trying all sorts of new stuff. Dave Ramsey budgeting. Gotta make the best of what I’ve got.


  240. I started training for my very first half. So now I am adding speed work to my runs. Very new for me. Also I joined the YMCA this month and started some cross training. Hoping it will make me a better runner. 🙂

  241. My goal is to run 12 half marathon’s and 1 full marathon this year! I’ve run 7 of my half’s and have the other 5 scheduled. My full is the NYC Marathon and in preparation for that, this summer I have added 2 additional days of strength training. Gotta be strong for all this NY bridges 🙂

  242. I have added being a coach at our local No Boundaries program through Fleet Feet Sports… I will be helping others who have never ran before to love to run!!! I started in the program last year and wasn’t able to finish the first Minute!!!! So I am really looking forward to this new adventure! Also I’m starting to train for a half marathon that I will do in October and I’m heading out now!!!

  243. Today I joined a trail running group! It kicked my butt but I loved it! My Strawberry Lemonade NUUN kept me going =)

  244. I’ve added speedwork to the mix. Makes me want to puke every time but making myself do it. I need some nuun!!!

  245. I’ve added an actual training plan to my routine this summer, no more winging it! I think the structure is good for me.

  246. I actually started drinking nuun at your recommendation. Was awesome when I traveled last week, no problems with TSA!

  247. I’m hoping to PR in a half this September, so I’ve added twice weekly strength training, along with an extra weekly speedwork session to my regular training.

  248. I am training for a half in September that I REALLY want to get under 2 hours (which is a huge goal for me) so I am adding speed work into my routine. I am going to the track once a week and adding in tempo work outs as well. Hope it helps!!

  249. I added hill training to my summer regime. Beautiful views and stronger running legs, it’s a win-win situation!

  250. I have an 7 week old baby so I decided to use the train like a mother 5k finish it plan to get back into running this summer. I am in week 2 and it feels great. I am also thinking about trying insanity or p90x.

  251. I just started training for my fourth half-marathon. I am dedicated to incorporating at least one day of cross training a week in some form of a group fitness class. Last week I did Pilates and really enjoyed it, hoping to make it back this week!

  252. 2 girlfriends and I started your Train Like a Mother half marathon own it plan on June 3rd! It has been great so far and definitely has us increasing our normal mileage along with hill repeats and interval training. We are in training for the Women Rock half marathon in St. Paul, MN on August 31st, my 36th birthday!
    I am a mother of 2 and love your podcasts, websites and facebook updates!

  253. My new thing is joining a triathlon club. One just started in my city and it has been just the push I need to improve my racing season. It’s so much fun to be with other people as crazy as me; people who don’t think I’m strange for waking up at 5:00 a.m. to swim in a cold pool, push myself to the limit at a track workout, or bike up a mountain just for fun. And no, I’m not being paid to say it, I drink Nuun while doing all of these things!

  254. I’m trying my best to add more strength training. But my husband is gone a lot this summer so currently it feels like just working in running is hard enough. But what I’m definitely making certain is in the mix is hill training because Hood to Coast is around the corner and those hills ain’t gonna run themselves!

  255. I’m training for my first-ever Olympic distance tri so my summer includes far more bike riding than ever before. I was just saying I need to drink something besides water on these long rides… Nuun would be perfect and that bottle would fit in my bike cage so nicely 🙂

  256. I have added stand-up paddle boarding to my exercise regimen. Being from New England, it’s a sport that I am unable to do year round so I always look forward to the warmer temps when I can hop on my board and get out on the water!!

  257. My fitness challenge this summer is incorporating a 7 month old into my running routine. Running my August half marathon without pushing a jogging stroller is going to be a treat on race day. Hopefully that will improve my time by a few seconds.

  258. I’ve added crossfit and kettlebells to my workout routine this summer. I’m also following the Half Marathon Finish it plan. I would love to try Nuun! It would be a great addition to my Rock N Roll half training!

  259. I have added more milage this summer!!! I did a half marathon in the spring and loved it so im trying to keep up the miles during the summer

  260. Last summer I wasn’t running or working out at all, so one big thing I have added this summer is…exercise!! I’m 3 weeks in to the Half Marathon Finish It Plan and am swimming as my XT with plans to complete a run-swim-run duathlon in August. Pick me!! =)

  261. Call it a re-reboot of sorts, I’m adding core work back into my regimen this summer. Was quite disciplined about it all winter long, but in the past few months I’ve focused on swimming and biking as cross training and let the core work slide… no bueno!

  262. The new workouts I’ve added to my marathon/triathlon training mania are a renewed love for strength training and yoga. Both of these I use the P90X program to incorporate into my morning workouts. It’s been phenomenally effective in burning fat, building muscle, and increasing flexibility. Push ups anyone? Namaste.

  263. Hot yoga–I sprained my ankle a few weeks back, so I’m concentrating on yoga until I can hit the pavement again.

  264. I just added strength training to my workout routine, and since April 30, I’ve built up my weekly mileage to 25 miles. I started getting up to run every morning, instead of praying that things would work out so I could fit it in after work. I’m so much more consistent this way!

  265. I added a spin class, perfect for me as I come back to my running after a plantar fasciitis break. We burn up to 550 calories in 45 minutes–it is a dizzyingly hard, and often nauseating challenge and I love it! I am a lemon-lime Nuun lover but I would like to go a little crazy and try watermelon.

  266. I’ve started biking again and I love the cross-training! I use this time to check out new long run routes so I can find places to refresh water, pee, etc.

  267. I’ve always done yoga, but this summer I’ve added kettlebell. I’m doing weighted squats, Turkish Get-ups, presses, and snatches. I feel strong. And I’ve been using Nuun for a few years. It is a staple for my summer runs.

  268. This summer I’ve been doing strength training for 20 minutes every morning before work. Since I’m not training for anything I’ve been adding cycling every other day

  269. I have added TRX classes, which are killing me! So hard. I want to add swimming, if I can just get brave enough to be seen in a swimsuit.

  270. I’ve added speed and hill intervals to my treadmill runs, mostly because they make the time go by faster, but I hear they’re good for ya’, too. 😉

  271. about six weeks ago, i finally took my first swim lesson! so excited to have this as cross-training in my attempt to qualify for boston at the end of august.

  272. Love this giveaway! I’ve wanted to try Nuun for awhile (I definitely don’t stay hydrated when I workout)!

    This summer, I’m trying to incorporate cross-training in addition to running. I’m mixing it up with the elliptical, recumbent bike, and swimming (mostly just with my kids, but still a workout!). I also had the opportunity to try spinning last week and I really enjoyed it, so I’m hoping to regularly add that to the mix, as well.

  273. I’ve added speed work this summer. For some reason I had previously believed I would just get faster as I got fitter. I’ve seen my pace drop considerably now that I’m on board with speed work!

  274. I’m going to do yoga for the first time in years tomorrow morning. I also have big plans to start swimming again after our family moves in July.

  275. I’ve been trying to increase my speed by doing some interval training. I have also joined two bike riding groups that ride once or twice a week. I love replenishing with Nuun, just enough flavor and not too many calories!

  276. I’m adding swimming and Max T 3 workouts to my running schedule. I’m training for my first marathon in October – Chicago here I come!

  277. I am planning shorter races and doing hill repeat on the treadmill ( I know fun, right??) I’m running a 5k in July in Texas with friends and family so I’m excited to do that. Also a sprint tri… So, keeping busy and fit while beating the heat too!

  278. I added intervals on the treadmill during the humid hours of the day when I need to get my workout in and swimming when I can. I love switching things up!

  279. I have recently added tabata group exercise classes twice a week. Two and a half years after having my son, I realized running just wasn’t cutting it anymore. I needed to add strength training and these classes leave my legs and core burning!

  280. I have recently added tabata group exercise classes twice a week. Two and a half years after having my son, I realized running just wasn’t cutting it anymore. I needed to add strength training and these classes leave my legs and c

  281. I’ve just started yoga classes and love them! I also purchased Run Like A Mother and Train Like A Mother this month so I’d like to try those training plans.

    Wish me luck! 🙂

  282. Now that its summer I can go swimming at the local pool in the mornings. Its such a great full body workout! The breath control is hard, though.

  283. I have added biking to my cross-training list. I am going to run my first 10K and maybe first half this fall and I thought I should have a little variety of exercise.

  284. CrossFit! I’ve been soaking in your “stronger core; stronger run” speeches and since I am looking for my first half in October (Eeeek!) I went to a class and LOVED it. Definitely a great addition to my running/Zumba routine!

  285. Despite all my running, I was feeling a little flabby and knew I should actually do some strength training other than lifting my four year old, so I met with a friend who is personal trainer and have been following her 2 times a week workouts at home. And its probably a good thing nobody but my kids see me do a burpee.

  286. Of course I can swim; I live in the land of 10,000 lakes, but I wanted to improve my technique so this spring I added a Swim Stroke Development class at my local YMCA.

  287. I’ve not yet added anything new but am looking to give yoga a try. I’ve checked out local class offerings and am looking forward to going to one next week.

  288. RUNNING! I ran my first 5k race on June 1, have another on the docket in August and then a 10k in September. I love it and I love the website and I love the tribe–I’ve learned so much and feel so validated in my quest for balance between self and mommy hood (3 kids–4,2,6 mo) knowing all of you are on the journey too

  289. I just got back from a trip to Israel, and I ran on a new rail-trail in Jerusalem twice, around a park there once, twice up by the Sea of Galilee and twice along the beach in Tel Aviv – all new experiences for me! I used my phone running app since I could get data there, and it was great. I only got lost a couple of times and found my way home by GPS. Whew!

  290. I am committed to finishing the 5k training program from Train Like a Mother. Got myself some new sneakers and am ready to go!

  291. I haven’t added a new move, but my family is taking a vacation to Europe, and I’m going to try to run at least every other day while there. So, no new moves, but old moves in a new place. Does that count?

  292. I went to my 1st ever track/speed work night hosted by a local (awesome) running store the other night. Thought I was going to die during the workout but loved the feeling of accomplishment I had after I was done. Definitely going to make that a new habit!

  293. I started following the TLM:Own it Plan in preparation for NYC Marathon, (1st marathon) contact boxing for xtraining, AND I started drinking Nuun to hydrate!! Loving all my new things this year!

  294. I’m training for my first marathon and found myself, on the last few miles of an 18 miler, dreaming of a cold glass of lemonade Nuun with ice. Nothing better after a hot summer long run!

  295. I have added heart rate training for my first 10k along with mental strengthening and positive thinking! 🙂 I am reading your books now and I loved the small list of motivational statements. 🙂 Thanks!

  296. I started coaching a group of learn-to-run ladies for Moms on the Run. This is the most motivating part of my training!

  297. I completed the 10k Finish It Plan and loved it…. especially the speed and intervals on the treadmill. It helped the time go so much faster and although I don’t think I”M that much faster, I noticed an improvement on my endurance 🙂 My goal this summer is to start on the Own It Plan.

  298. I am joining a training group through our local Fleet Feet Sports shop to train for a duathlon in October. Looking forward to incorporating some cycling into my workouts. I usually drink the Limeade Nunn, but happy to try out the other flavors and share them with my running buddies!

  299. I’ve taken a year off of doing marathons to focus on training for my first & second triathlons this summer. So I’ve added a consistent training of swimming & biking outdoors not just spin classes. It’s been amazing to really be focused on 3 different disciplines. I can’t wait until my first one in Aug!

  300. I’ve recently added yoga to give my body a little break and (just last week) learned about PureBarre- a ballet based workout company. We don’t have one in my tiny little mountain city, but I’m ordering the dvd today to be able to do a great workout at home while kids are napping. yay!

  301. I don’t know how great of a cross-training workout it is, but because my 4-year old loves to be out in the woods, we’ve certainly been hiking a lot more this summer!

  302. Interval training and more strength training specific to my knees…i wanna kill it in the half this fall!

  303. I’ve added strength training to my routine. The videos are killer! I hope it will help increase my times and I’ll get a few PR’s this fall!

  304. I bought a double jogger to run with both of my boys this summer. I am also doing some at home strength training videos and stroller strides for cross training.

  305. I’ve added more stretching to my running routine; previously, I rarely stretched. Hopefully, it will increase my flexibility and help prevent injuries.

  306. bootcamp 1x per week but also just started learning to play hockey with some friends (yes, on the ice). So, once we week we learn from our awesome Women’s Gopher Hockey Asst Coach. It comes with 30 minutes of dryland training and then 60 minutes on the ice – full gear and all. Followed by a beer afterward. Actually the most strenuous part might be getting the gear on…. 🙂

  307. I added actual outdoor bike riding. You know the kind you have to pay attention to so that you stay in an upright position. Who knew bike riding involved balance. LOL

    Love, love, love the cherry limeade NUUN. I pop one in my morning bottle of water for my commute to work. So fresh tasting and I’m awake by the time I get there with no coffee breath.

  308. I added an actual training plan. Rather than winging it, I scheduled my runs on my calendar. I am still running on the treadmill, but now the hubby understands how important it is for me to actually get it in and complete it. And he is holding me accountable. I also hope to start swim lessons next month. 31 and I can’t swim. I think it’s time to fix that…

  309. I am starting one day of strength training (usually a Nike Training club workout), and also dragging myself out of bed early at least one day a week to finish a run before 6 when my husband leaves for work. Hoping to add in more ST and start a TLAM FM own it plan as the summer wears on!

  310. This summer I’ve started Jillian Michaels Body Shred videos and have definitely been feeling it in my legs, abs and arms. Great full body workout!

  311. This summer, I have committed to doing at least two days of strength-training exercises. Many times this comes in the form of a circuit of sorts…I’m seeing results and loving it!

  312. I’ve started doing yoga in between training runs. It’s helping with my flexibility which is pretty much nonexistent at this point!

  313. My running partner and I have been exploring new trails. It’s a great way to beat the heat and it’s easy on the old body.

  314. I’m going to Own It! 5K-style using your plan. That means I’ve changed up my speed work (and, frankly, I’m still not sure I’m doing it right!). I also play with my kids during the summer – does running count if it’s through the sprinkler? In my book, YES!

  315. I have started doing a Bungee Boot Camp. It’s fun! We do lots of different moves with other folks and bungees between us, providing resistance for each other. The more people that are involved, the more fun and creative it is.

  316. I’ve started swimming. My pre-running self couldn’t make it across the pool one time, so I was surprised this summer when swimming seemed a little easier. Maybe a tri is in my distant future after all!

  317. I’ve added stand-up paddleboarding. Remembering to use my core to paddle rather than just arms makes it a great workout while being on the water is calming.

  318. Plank, planking and more planking! I’m not very imaginative when it comes to working on my core and this is simple enough for me to do whenever I think about it. 🙂

  319. I am keeping up the speedwork that I started when I was training for my “Own It” 10k. I also need to get back to pilates, my core is getting weaker before my eyes!

  320. Master’s swimming! Usually I swim alone, but since I’ve been swimming with other people I’ve gotten good tips on my form and been pushed to keep pace with strong swimmers.

  321. The goal this summer is to keep up the weights, they often get forgotten in the sunny, warm weather when I just want to be outside.

  322. I’ve never done this many bricks this early in the summer but more specifically never done swim+run bricks. I’m also working out more this summer with a buddy who is much faster than me 🙂

  323. I run 6 days a week but have now incorporated a walk day. That’s a new thing for me. I feel like running but I know walking is good for me and keeps me uninjured The other new summer thing I am doing is running long runs on the treadmill. It sounds terrible I know but it’s too hot outside so I record shows that I really like and only let myself watch them on the treadmill. Easier on my knees and not so dang hot. Plus I have a guilt free tv spree!

  324. I am in this special group called “Train Insane” which most of us came from the RLAM facebook page. We are doing Insanity and running as a hybrid program of Coach Motivation Rhonda. Pretty much makes my runs feel like meditation.

  325. Bootcamp as crosstraining! Started lifting weights through a local gym and found out what a difference doing squats with barbells on your shoulders, etc. can make. Also led me to do my first box jumps. I think I like it!

  326. I’ve been using Sworkit, an app of customizable, no-equipment-needed exercises. I’ve also starting hitting the weight room with my husband. I’ve heard so much about nuun lately and would love to give it a try!

  327. My son turns one year old the first week of July. I’ve been working on fitness and speed since I resumed running and cycling. Now it’s time to commit to strengthening my neglected abs with 10 minutes of post workout ab work (yoga/Pilates style). My lazy abs have let my hips and back muscles do all the work for far too long!

  328. I was hoping to train for a December marathon, but have been sidelined with a hammie strain. So, it is yoga and strength training for next few weeks.

  329. I’ve cut my running back to 3 times a week and I’m doing yoga/pilates on the other days. Trying to get out at the crack of dawn, before it gets too hot.

  330. I’ve started going to a spin class for some extra cardio since I need interval training — it really kicks my tush! Literally, the seat sometimes kicks my tushy.

  331. I’ve combined biking and running in the same workouts. Start with 2-4 mile bike + 2-3 mile run + 2-4 miles bike home. I like this because it makes the short run a challenge and I don’t mind the heat/humidity as much.

  332. This summer I am adding in showing up, both physically and mentally. I’m recovering from baby #2, and haven’t been doing a good job of eating right and being kind to myself. So, I’m adding in reminding myself that I am responsible for taking care of me even if it does involve pushing a jogging stroller at 5 am to get. it. done.

  333. I’ve added some crossfit type workouts to the end of my runs and just today did the speed workout from TLAM Own It 5k last week plan. I love Nuun and watermelon is my all time tops favorite flavor!!!

  334. The best thing I’ve added to my workouts is friends! I’ve been kind of on my own over the years with my exercising – specifically running. I used to just get in the zone with my headphones on and shut out the world. It was a big change to join a group of ladies that meet a few times a week to run. The usual stuff made me nervous-will I be too slow, what if I can only run one mile that day…
    Well, I’m happy to say that running with my new friends is so MUCH better than being on my own. The time flies by as we chat about our very different lives. They keep me motivated and on track and in return I do the same for them. Cheers! Abbi (ran five mi at 6am with my girls today)

  335. I am adding Pilates back into my routine. I dropped everything except running and now I really need to get back into other things.

  336. I’m adding strength training to my workout schedule. I just finished my first marathon and know that I need to do more cross training if I’m going to improve my speed. Love Love Love Nuun. Grape and Pink Lemondade are my favorites…. and maybe tri-berry….well watermelon sounds good too, will have to give that one a try!

  337. I’ve started going to a group power class and two spin classes a week to cross train. I am amazed at how much is has helped my running already!

  338. I am incorporating strength training. Something I used to do but as I started training for endurance have given up. Taking baby steps but steps forward NUUN-theless. 🙂

  339. I have added biking to my running (or what I really do, runalking)b/c shin splint are plaguing me. The bike has been sitting idle for a long time but it was happy to be put back into service, as am I!!

  340. I added in a bootcamp class and more regular workouts. My son goes to camp five days a week now instead of three days of school so I have more time to exercise and try new things.

  341. This summer I’ve started interval training (R-W-R) as well as bike riding on my off days. I’m working towards my first 10K the end of July, and trying to speed up my running times.

  342. Baseball, baseball, baseball…

    Being a mom of 2 very active boys summer means a lot of time on baseball fields doing drills and game simulation. And who says mom can just bring game treats and snacks??! This mom brings her own mitt to help the coaches on the field too. (and yes, I also have the snacks in the car fellas)

  343. I’ve added the Scientific 7 to my 3 mile run days. I modify it, though, by doing each exercise for one minute with a 30 second recovery. I also added more exercises to target my abs and back. It rounds out the easy run days and I feel stronger and a teensy bit more badass.

  344. Less treadmill and more road running. We had a long winter and I am loving being able to run in the sun again.

  345. Added Asylum to my cross training days (already did Insanity) and started actually working on speed…what a novel concept-doing speed work to get faster!:)

  346. This is my second year of running. Last year I ignored the interval days of training, but I am all business this year. I like to pretend I am Carmelita Jeter on interval days. That helps.

  347. I have added intervals on the treadmill. I am trying to up my speed before I start training for my first marathon next month!

  348. I have recently added (the last 3 weeks) a Boot Camp style class and a Kickboxing class each week (2xs per week) ALSO, it has finally got nice enough, and hot enough, to swim in my lake here in Massachusetts! So, i also try swimming back and forth between docks for about 30 mins 1x per week and switched all my long runs (for my marathon training) to trail runs only (much lovelier on my IT Band for some reason) and 1x per week barefoot running. I started cross training more due to all the injuries I have been getting lately and so far, it seems to be helping my IT band Needless to say, I am a busy girl!

  349. I have added more morning workouts and more spin/sculpt. Exercising earlier in the day is so tough but waiting until later in the heat makes it unbearable. I have really enjoyed more morning runs with friends

  350. I’ve added a baby!!! Having an infant changes my running schedule dramatically! I can no longer just head out the door. Instead, I have to plan how long and how far baby will be able to deal with being in a stroller. Plus, I have to make sure w get going before it gets too hot! But at least now I have someone to talk to 😉

  351. I have been swimming one or two times per week. I am training for a sprint tri so I do have to swim, but I really enjoy my pool time and I always have a water bottle at the end of my lane filled with Nuun. People underestimate how hard you work in the pool!

  352. I’ve been looking for something to add to my routine this summer. Still trying to decide between yoga and pilates.

  353. I’m adding running consistency. Have slacked a bit since my first 10K at the end of April, so I’m committing to 4x/week this summer. Have I mentioned how much I hate running in heat/humidity? This will be a challenge for sure. But nuun would help. 🙂

  354. I’ve added some yoga moves that target my quads. I’ve also begun trail running. I had no idea that I’d love trail running as much as I do.

  355. quiet meditation. with a more than full time job, graduate school, training for another half and a relay later this summer, and a bunch of other things that keep me chronically over committed…I am making time for 10-15 minutes in the mornings and evenings to just…BE