Hump Day Giveaway: Summer, Summer

Insert yourself here: the *best* place to be, after a beautiful trail run, during the dog days of August.

First things first: Happy National Running Day! Certain you all know how to celebrate accordingly. I'm planning a little 45-minute jaunt that involves plenty of hills--and gratitude that I get to run.

But because I suck at staying in the moment and can't stop obsessing about what is coming next, I have mentally already skipped June and am fixated on July and August. Can you blame me? It's going to be almost 90 here tomorrow.

I've finally got everything settled for the kids--everything from watercolor camp to soccer camp to swim team--so I can exhale and focus a bit on what I'm going to do. I get to shift gears a little bit this summer, which feels good; as much as I love a half-marathon, I'm glad to be out of the 13.1 mindset for a bit.

A slice of the tribe vibe at ZOOMA.

On July 17, I'm going to race--note: not just run, but race--the ZOOMA Colorado Springs 10k. (There's also a half-marathon if you're in the 13.1 mindset.) I haven't run a 10k in over two years, and although this course has a slight uphill for about 2 miles, I'm ready to let it rip. (Or I will be in about two months.) There's something so crisp and challenging about a 10k; it's short enough to really push my pace, but it's long enough that I have to be smart about doing so. Plus, SBS is coming to my turf for the first time, so it'll be fun to show her around and, of course, hang out at the dynamic and chick-centric ZOOMA expo together.

August 18-21, my running is going to take another hard left when I head to the lovely (and cool: one benefit of being at 9,200 feet) Vagabond Ranch near Granby, Colorado for the 2nd annual Run Wild Retreat. (SBS will be there too, gasping in the thin air.) So psyched for this camp for trail running women, which is a combination of my most favorite things: trail running; getting my ohm on in yoga; eating great food (and going back for seconds without a second thought); spending kid-free time with like-minded, strong, cool women. Plus, this four-day, three-night escape is right before school starts, which is the perfect way for another great big exhale before life gets crazy again.

Needless to say, we would love to have you join us at one or both of these events.

These chews are Starbursts for grown-up runners. But no unwrapping required--and they're way better for you.

What are your summer plans? (Hint: This is the time to make some time for yourself, if you haven't yet.) Are you racing a new distance? Finding some routes on a vacation? Joining a running club? Let us know, and we'll buzz three random winners into summer with a box of two kinds of Honey Stinger products. On the run, the perfectly bite sized organic Energy Chews, which come in unique flavors like fruit smoothie and pink lemonade, are an all-natural way to fuel your body. Post-run, the Organic Stinger Waffle is a super sweet, smartβ€”just 160 calories!β€” way to reward yourself for miles well-run. (Note: do not share either Honey Stinger product with your kids, or I guarantee you'll regret it.)

Let us know what your summer plans are to throw your stinger into the ring for some fuel to get you through them.


Thanks for being game for filling out the Viv survey. The winner of the Asics gift certificate is Sarah LJ, who wrote, "Homework downloaded and will probably be done later tonight!" Sarah: e-mail us at runmother at gmail dot com and with your address and we'll get the certificate off to you asap. We'll be sure to keep you all updated on the story.

160 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Summer, Summer

  1. I’m doing several Tri’s, all with friends, and then going to do one in Boise in August, after that I have a tri in Sept and a bike race in Sept.

  2. Next up is the 180 mile, 3 day Trek Across Maine (bike). Then it’s a more concentrated focus on running. I am running my second marathon October 16-lovely MDI.
    I love the Stinger Chews but haven’t tried the waffles.

  3. taking the kids on a trip across the country to visit national parks such as Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Arches, etc. And will get some running done along the way.

  4. Hopefully maintaining the nice 5 day/wk running routine I built up to in May with the help of my neighbor and also running as many of the weekly 5K trail races as I can and maybe racing one too? πŸ™‚

    And making sure that my 3 and half year old daughter’s new found love affair with running everywhere stays fun and part of her life….

  5. My summer plan are to continue training for my 2 half marathons in the fall. And…. to follow my training plan as closely as possible!

  6. Unfortunately, I’ll be recovering from surgery this summer, and probably going stir crazy because I can’t do anything. A note to all your readers: Take care of yourselves and listen to your bodies. I’m having a mass removed from my intestines, and I’m only in my 40’s. However, I’m lucky that this was found early and it is not cancer. Don’t ignore your gut feelings to have something checked out. As active women we have so many aches and pains, and it’s easy to ignore a pain that just doesn’t want to go away. Don’t be embarrassed to go to your doctor. It just might save your life.

  7. That trail camp looks like a lot of fun, I wish it was on my agenda. I am going on a trip at the end of the month to St. George where hopefully I’ll get the opportunity to do some trail running through Zion National Park. I’m also hoping to run another trail marathon at the end of July and then Hood to Coast in August!! I’m super excited!

  8. My summer plan is a 1/2 marathon on August 27- I’m excited and terrified. I’ve only done 1 race (a 5k) but I’m going on my 3rd year of running so I know that with the proper training I can do it.

  9. I’m yet again torturing myself with another summer full of marathon training in the heat of Austin.

    And somewhere along the journey back to a full,maybe I’ll conquer my fear of 5ks. πŸ™‚ give me long miles over short and fast any day!

  10. Running around town…swimming, baseball, camps…road trip to Oregon Coast with one grandma. Road trip to California with the other. Walking Pilot Butte (Bend, Or) for 3Thirty3 (3 hours, 33 minute)…help kiddos. Cascade Lakes Relay in Aug. Half-marathon in Sept…phew…

  11. I’m actually not doing any races over the summer as I am finishing up an accelerated nursing program–next year, though? I’m thinking my first marathon!

  12. This summer I start my marathon training. I ran one 10 years ago, and have really come full circle. I feel like I have come back to myself, after being lost in motherhood for a while. This summer will involve hard work, but work that I must do for myself.

  13. I feel like I have committed myself to a couple of big things to train for over the summer. I am participating in my first triathlon in September. I will also be in the beginning phases of training for the Princess Half in Orland in Feb. I have completed 2 half marathons before, but I completely walked them!! This is my first attempt to RUN a half!

  14. This summer I’ll be in full marathon training for the Nike marathon in October in San Francisco. Whoo-hoo!

  15. This Sunday is the See Jane Run 5K in Alameda. I haven’t yet decided whether I’ll do the 5K or 10K on July 4th as part of the local celebration. I’m doing the Angel Island 12K trail race in August (gorgeous, but mostly uphill) and then a nice quiet stretch until the Nike half in October. I think that my goal for this year is to figure out my ideal distance (5K? 10K? half?) and plot out a series of races for next year, hopefully involving interesting travel to get me there.

  16. I’m running my first marathon on June 18 and then I’ll take a few weeks off to rest and recover before starting some training for a 10 mile run in October. I’m really hoping to get some work done so I can increase my speed.

  17. This summer I’m upping the training in an attempt to crush my half PR in September, and the husband and I are planning a couple of bike races/tours also.

  18. I am currently registered for 3 races this summer in Alaska. On June 3, I run the Twilight 12K. This one is fun because it doesn’t really get dark at night in Alaska in the summer, so the race start is at 7 pm and they have beer and pizza at the finish line. πŸ™‚ Then I have a half marathon on 6/18 & a marathon (my first!) on 8/21. Whew!

  19. First half June 19th! Then not sure just focusing on making it thru that first… and it would be great for the rain to stop around here anytime now!!!!

  20. Probably a 10k at the end of July/beginning of August, and definitely the Disneyland Half Marathon at the beginning of September. Other than that, I’m working away from home for the summer (I’m a dental student and I get a temporary license this year), so my kids and I are moving to a whole ‘nother city. I’m about to sort out the whole hockey camps/sport camps/dance camps/babysitter thing. Oh, yeah, and I plan to NOT get injured this year!

  21. After giving birth two months ago, my summer plans include losing the last 10 pounds of pregnancy weight and doing a sprint tri in August, hoping to beat my time from last year.

  22. My summer plans are to continue training for my first 1/2 marathon, the inaugural Empire State Marathon and 1/2 Marathon in October. I also bought a new-to-me Fuji bike, and I hope to get a little crosstraining in this summer as well.

  23. This summer I hope to PR in the 20K (actually it’s this Saturday) and a 5K in July, then training for fall. We have a busy kid swimming summer, then we’re off for a family vacation on the NC coast. Can’t wait!

  24. Summer plans…. survival in the Alabama heat, a local Fourth of July race that is part road, part trail and is straight uphill for 3.5 miles, and marathon training starts in July. wow. it’s going to be a busy one.

  25. This summer my tween decided he didn’t want to spend endless weeks in camp, so I will spend lots of time arguing and laughing with him–the push-pull of adolescence. We’ll do a c25k program to get him ready for his first season of x-country at his new school. And I will be training for one or two halfs (my 1st, I haven’t even run a 10k), definitely the All women and one lucky guy on 11/6 (the 1st run with my inspirational aunt) and maybe Zooma Cape Cod so I can meet my gurus!

  26. I’m hoping to run my first half marathon but the weather here in Japan will be scorching so I am considering flying to Seattle where I have some family and doing a race there!? Not sure yet!

  27. I will be plugging away at (slowly) training for the Air Force Half marathon in Sept. In June I’m running with Ben Does Life in Denver for a informal 5k then in Aug I’ll be getting my “warrior” on in the Warrior Dash at Copper!

  28. Zoom half marathon in CSpgs, Tri For the Cure in august (swim and run, doing relay w another woman doing the bike), and Rattlesnake Triathlon relay in August. Only doing the run portion (thankfully!)

  29. I had my whole summer mapped out. Call schedule arranged around races and boy’s baseball tournaments, kids signed up for a few camps and training for first marathon, alas my Achilles tear has prevented any running. No races, still going to baseball games, kids not psyched about camps. It’s not even officially summer and we are already complaining. Oh well, there is always running in the fall….

  30. I am running my first 10k at ZOOMA in the Springs…I am also enjoying alone time with my husband while the kids spend the summer in NH with the grandparents! YEY!

  31. I am having a baby this summer! After kid number 3 arrives, I am hoping to get back running after about 6 weeks (mid September). I have been using my old running time to read some books on running form and the beauty of running…throwing around the idea of trying those Merrell Trail Glove shoes-maybe my time away from running due to my eventful pregnancy will make a good transition to a new type of shoe…we’ll see.

  32. I’m heading home in September to spend some much deserved time with my folks, and taking my husband with me for the first time… to Australia! While there I’m going to race a sprint triathlon in Townsville, so will do a little swimming, biking, and finish with a 5k run. Though technically it will only be spring in Oz, it will be nice and hot, and will be my first ocean race. Plus I’ll have my family to cheer me on. I can’t ask for much more.

  33. This is a summer of crazy first for me. I am running my first sprint tri in August and am training for my first marathon to be run in October. So for me, lots of miles and lots of cross training!

  34. Starting my summer with an Olympic distance triathlon on June 11th, followed by lots of camping with the hubby and kids. Will be swimming the Long Bridge Swim in Sandpoint, ID in August which will be a major milestone for me…1.76 miles!!! September brings my 2nd marathon in Winthrop, WA with the local Moms in Motion team that I am a member of. Going to be a FUN summer!!!!!!

  35. I just started running and signed up for a 5k on June 25th. Then I will be going to Florida with my 3 kids to visit my parents for a month. When we get back I will be doing another 5k at Yankee Stadium with my husband and 9 year old son.

  36. We have just celebrate the birth of our second child. I am hoping to do a slow first 5K back at the Summer solstic in Salem, OR on June 26th then working on building some miles and strength back to hit the Oktoberfest run in September in Mt. Angel. All working towards that second half marathon in January (the Cascade half). Long term goals but I’m still working on this juggling two kids thing πŸ™‚ Hoping to add a few others in between to keep the motivation up.

  37. I’m running with a mom group twice a week and trying to decide when I want to attempt my second half marathon…probably waiting until September when the humidity isn’t as stifling.

  38. This summer I was hoping to do the Annapolis 10 miler but it filled up before I signed up….grr! Instead, I’m planning to either do the Philly Midnight Madness Run (how cool to run 8.4 miles at midnight) or the Sea Isle City Island Run (10 miles) in August. Still deciding but I know for sure that I’ll do at least five 5Ks….I’m fairly addicted to them!

  39. My First Sprint Tri was in May. (Loved it!) Up Next: Hoping for a Sub 2 hour Half (read 2:00:59) on June 19th at the very first Vancouver USA Half Marathon. Then it’s marathon training, baby! It will be my second Marathon in Portland. Hoping to run the whole time and be under 5 hours.

  40. I am usually an upbeat happy person but tonight I found out I didn’t make it into the Stone Harbor triathlon lottery. I have been training for this race since February… graduated from my doggie paddle to real swimming and was very pumped to have my number picked. I never did the lottery system before this so I just thought hey it’s my 1st go at a triathlon and it would be a great way to celebrate my 40th. So, July 17th will totally suck for me being a spectator again at this race. (and I know I will eventually do a tri but I wanted this one, this year. I need to search for another tri… with a gentle short swim). Enough of Debbie Downer… I am signed up to run the River to Sea 92 mile Relay in NJ with a few RLAM girls along with my kids’ library teacher. We still need 2 runners so hopefully this race doesn’t bail on me, too. Finally, the summer ends for me with the Wildwoods Half Marathon.

  41. My summer line-up includes a team triathlon and a 6-hour ultra run (June), a 10K & marathon (July), followed by a 50-mile bike race, a 15K, and another marathon in August.

  42. June – Century bike ride..after that looking for 5K’s that work with a weekend trip for me and my BF. Although my toes haven’t fully recovered, I’m thinking about another 1/2….late summer!!

  43. I can’t believe that it’s June already! I wanted to run the Disneyland half-marathon with my kids, but it’s sold out… oh well… We will have an easy cruising/running summer, no races to train for; just RUN FOR FUN!

  44. I will be competing in my second half Ironman distance triathlon in July. Beyond that, a couple of sprints, some 5K and 10K races, and plenty of fun in the sun with my boys. I can’t wait! And I really, really love Honey Stinger products.

  45. Already this spring/summer I was able to run at my aunt and uncles beautiful lake house. It was the first time I did any major hills and they HURT! But the route was scenic and I got to check out nature and some gorgeous houses on my way. I plan on doing it again when I go back in August for our family reunion. My son is going to King’s Island with his grandparents in 2 weeks and I plan on enjoying the day he’s gone with my husband for some outdoor alone time. We hope to go kayaking and maybe biking. Our family is also going to Chicago for a long weekend to see the aquarium, Field Museum, Navy Pier, etc..

  46. planning on going to Hocking Hills Ohio for a warrior dash this weekend with three of my brothers…and then on the Charleston SC for a week long beach retreat with the family. Hoping for some solo run time in there too to make it a really sweet trip!!

  47. My summer plans, besides enjoying the weekends with the hubby and son are:
    train for my second sprint triathlon-first one in open water (yikes!)-on July 9
    train for my first Olympic distance triathlon on August 14
    Keep the mileage high so I can run marathon number two in the fall and shave some time off of my first (and only thus far) PR
    Learn how to properly shift the gears on my Specialized Dolce road bike-yes, I’m THAT girl riding the bike in the back of the pack who has no idea what she’s doing
    And work on that six pack so I can rock a slammin’ two piece over the winter when I travel somewhere warm for my Half Ironman. So, not really doing anything this summer. Really. πŸ™‚

  48. Looking forward to relaxing with the family and taking few trips to the mountains. I’ll be training hard for my third and fourth half marathons coming up in August and September. The race in September will also be my first trail race… It’s shaping up to be an awesome summer!

  49. Looking forward to an awesome running summer! June: 1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut Half (hopefully!) and Midnight Madness 8.4-mile Run, July: Revolutionary Run 10K and River to Sea Relay with my “7 Kinds of Crazy” team!, August: Amp up the training for my November marathon. I’m a teacher, so I look forward to the days that my kids are in camp so I can run run run!

  50. I will be working this summer. I also plan to run as much as I can. I will be training to run every mud run in Arizona for 2011 (which is only, like, three) and run the Tough Mudder in January.

  51. I’m running my first half, the Summerfest Rock ‘n Sole Half Marathon in July in Milwaukee. It could be hotter than Hades, and humid as all get-out, but I’m really excited!

  52. I just registered for my first half marathon today and am so excited! So, what will I be doing this summer? Trying to follow my training plan to a T to prepare for September…and that includes training while on vacation, which will be something new for me.

  53. Waffling on what to do running/race-wise, but looking forward to a few fun vacations with the family and just having some downtime with the kiddos.

  54. This summer I am finishing my doctorate, savoring time with my daughter before she starts kindergarten (can it be already?) and training for a 10 mile race- my first back after a nasty hamstring strain sidelined me all winter/spring

  55. I’ve got a local 10k in the middle of July and than the next week ending home for my 15 year High School reunion! I probably won’t race again until at least September but I will keep in racing shape!

  56. This summer, I am going to be facing one of the biggest challenges of my life. I will be training for three marathons with the hopes of racing the JFK 50 in November. My training schedule kicks off at the end of July with the “Around the Lake” marathon in Wakefield, MA, and nicely rounded out by the “Wine Glass Marathon” in Corning, NY and the “Mohawk Hudson Marathon” in Schenectady, NY. I am going to be quite busy training…yikes!! So, that means playground camp for my three little sweeties…along with soccer camp and an extended trip to my parent’s house in Minnesota, where running is anything but easy.

  57. I am hoping to heal the hurts in my feet soon so I can NOT fall off the running wagon like I did last summer. If I can maintain some regular mileage over the summer and get some beach running in on vacation I would like to try to run my first ever 10K in September and maybe find a 1/2 marathon to run with my sisters-in-law in October.

  58. I’m running the Cascade Lakes Relay with 11 other moms…. I’m walking Portland to Coast because my running was unable to get a spot and I’m doing the Muddy Buddies with a mom who is new to running

  59. This summer I am building a solid half-marathon base for a September half, beginning training for said half, running a 5K or two, and running a 5K/obstacle course.

  60. Completed Bayshore Half in TC Michigan and next it the Charlevoix full in June. Possibly the Cherry festival 15k in July. Then on to two more races this fall.

  61. I’m kicking off summer by running a half marathon relay with one of my best gal pals! The rest of the hot months will be spent training up for a couple of fall half marathons. Summer is training time for me!!!

  62. I am doing the Beach to Beacon and Falmouth Road Race in August! YAY!!!!!! Also starting to train for the Chicago marathon. Wish me luck!

  63. I will be spending the summer training for my first marathon, the Marine Corps Marathon on Oct 30.
    My oldest son (7 in July) will have swim school for 2 weeks, and cub scout camp for another week. My little son will be 3 in Sept and has no camp plans. we are planning a week long family trip up to VT in July. We are in NJ. So excited for the end of school. Only 10 full days and 3 half days left, but who’s counting?

  64. Running my 3rd 1/2 marathon in Seattle at the end of June, running a 7 mile trail race in Bend, early August and hopefully invest in a lovely road bike… and I am searching out info on possibly running my first marathon sometime soon.. and also a marathon training buddy πŸ™‚
    Other than that.. playing with my 6 yr old son and husband as much as possible!!!

  65. Starting a half marathon clinic – training for October – on the 16th. Doing Warrior Dash with a bunch of running buddies in Whistler in August! And, if I’m extremely lucky, maybe, just maybe, doing HTC with nuun in August? (still working on my app for that).

  66. Summer 2011 will be dedicated to all of my passions. I have enrolled my kids: 10 months and 3.7 year old into half day care…. I’m a teacher, so I really don’t have to. I’m going to take a class, volunteer my time, and focus on increasing my weekly mileage for my second marathon post kids on 9/25 in Montreal. So excited to get in my long runs with Audible book downloads.

  67. June – Century bike ride; July – sprint tri; August – nothing planned but will probably start the training for the Nike Women’s half in SF in Oct. But that Run Wild Retreat sounds like a ton of fun! πŸ™‚

  68. In July we are heading to Maine on vacation so I signed up to do the Luv2Run 5k in Portland. The rest of the summer I’ll be training for the Women’s Half Marathon in ST Pete in Nov and the Ragnar Relay in Jan. I’m sure I’ll sign up for a few more raves before then but haven’t decided which ones yet.

  69. I am running the “Dirty Half” marathon on June 12 and then the “Pacific Crest” half marathon on June 25. After 2 in less than 2 weeks, I might just have to sit in the shade with my feet up and watch my kids play for the rest of the summer … or at least for 2 weeks!! πŸ™‚

  70. Looking forward to beginning training for my first half marathon with a new running buddy. Wish me luck!! πŸ™‚ Thanks for all the inspiration!

  71. Im beginning the summer with my very first full marathon June 5th at the Casper Marathon! Then running any 5ks, 10ks or even a half marathon that is happening some what close to me!

  72. Running the Steamboat Springs Half Marathon this Sunday, then I start training for a triathlon in August! I’m tired just thinking about it…

  73. This week marks my “official” start of training for another marathon while nursing a 12 week old! As my runs get longer, hopefully my sleep does too!!

    Plus planning our first vacation as a family of 4. My 2 year old continuously votes amusement park πŸ™‚

  74. Kicking off my summer this weekend with my first ever 1/2 marathon! Heading to MA to visit my mom and family in July and going to run on the beach! August brings a trip to VA Beach to see my brother in law, who is a quadriplegic, SURF with the organization, “Life Rolls On.” In between, lots of running, races and pool time with my little girls and BFFs! I LOVE Summer!

  75. I’m doing my first marathon…on trails…on June 18! I am SO excited! I can’t wait!! Honey Stinger products rock!! The gummies are my fave, but I love the waffles in the winter b/c they don’t tend to freeze as easily πŸ™‚

  76. This season I have started cross train on my bike. It’s great to alternate activities. My IT Band problems have gotten much better and I feel like my leg muscles are more balanced. I can’t wait until I can swim in the lake! BTW have a 5K mid-June nothing else in the works. Happy National Running Day πŸ™‚

  77. This summer I’m training for my first marathon (Chicago). I’m also running two halfs, hanging out at our cabin with my family, taking my daughter to her first swimming lessons, starting a personal training business, and hopefully having a ton of fun!

  78. I am riding 150 miles over two days in June to raise money for MS. In July, I am doing a sprint triathlon and during the summer, I am contemplating training for a full marathon in the fall. It has been 4 years since I have run a full- getting a bit scared to try it again!

  79. I’m spending the summer training for my first half-marathon on September 17. Gotta take advantage of the few months when there’s not snow on the ground in North Dakota!

  80. Yesterday, I registered for my second half marathon the Rock’n’Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon (and can’t way to see Dimity and SBS at the Expo!) with my best friend. We’ll be meeting up for our first race together. However, since it’s too early to start training, I’ll be working on just getting into a running groove and running early to stay cool in this Texas heat. I’m hoping to break a 60-minute 10K before the end of the year (and I missed it at my first attempt), and I’d love to break 28:00 for a 5K as well. I’m not sure those will fit into half training, but I’m going to try.

  81. I’m running the Seattle RNR 1/2 in the end of June and an Evergreen Trail 1/2 in August. In July, I’m starting to train for the Chicago Marathon – my first! I’m excited and nervous to up my mileage and see how much I can push myself!

  82. I started training Monday for my first marathon. Mornings this summer will be filled with runs. Afternoons will probably be filled with pool time with the kids!

  83. Training for my first marathon(St. George) in the Texas heat! Also racing the Freedom Half in SLC on the 4th of July and hoping to find a couple more races to keep me going!

  84. I’ll be taking up juggling, as in juggling how to coordinate our schedules. I’ll be training for my 2nd 1/2 and trying to fit in my long runs based on my 2 boys soccer schedules. Not to mention my husband training for a full marathon.

  85. Heading to Maine for the summer and will train by the ocean for the Zooma Cape Cod Half Marathon on October 1st. Can’t wait!!

  86. Yes, my 3rd grader reminds me every day how close we are to summer vacation!

    I’ll be training for my first full marathon (PDX in October) and probably doing some 5Ks and maybe a 10K along the way. Also contemplating joining a girlfriend for a half marathon through the Oregon Wine Country over Labor Day weekend.

    Then there’s the summer camp, art camp, swim lessons, camping, reunion, and hopefully a full week away by a pool. And I would SO love to attend the Run Wild Retreat–it’s back in my home neck of the woods and sounds divine. Unfortunately, it’s probably not in the stars for this year…

  87. I’m going to be running to improve my time in 2 halfs this fall. But, I may be spending lots of time in the pool—for fun not training for any type of tri!

  88. I’ll be attempting to keep my running regime up while perfecting my cute while pregnant and running look.
    Any suggestions? ; )

  89. This summer I’m going to completely disregard my aversion to running in the heat and train for my second full marathon. I’m also going to throw in a 10k and half during training for good measure.

  90. I’ve just come off of a racing streak, so I’m letting my legs recover a bit. In the meantime, I’ll be training for another 5K (The Dirty Dash – Billings, MT) in July and my first 10K in September. All of this is in preparation for my first 13.1 in December. I’ll also be in TX for a few weeks and learning some valuable hydration lessons! I’m used to running in 50-60 degree weather. My TX runs will be much warmer!

  91. I’m running at 15k on July 4th! A first time for me running/racing that distance. I’m excited about it though–a chance to push myself a bit since most of my races are 13.1’s. I’m hopefully getting a Garmin for my birthday in a few weeks and I’m hoping to use it this summer to push my pace more!

  92. My plans for the summer are to train for my first half in the fall and to get out and enjoy the sun (once it gets to CA, it will only be 66 today)!

  93. I will be training for the Milwaukee marathon in October. I just turned 40 and haven’t done a marathon since before I had triplets over 7 years ago. I needed a big goal this year, and just want to see if I still got it!

  94. Well, technically my first marathon of the year (marathon number 2 for me – I’m officially an addict) is still in Spring, but 6/18 is pretty darn close to summer. Then, after recovering from that I jump into training for my fall marathon – med-tronic twin cities. I know there will be smaller races in there somewhere, and a 5k that I’ll either be working or participating in in August. Plus, my oldest daughter wants to train for a 5k.

    whew. that’s a lot of running!

  95. Oooh Honey Stinger. YUM.

    This summer, I’m running a 10K, a half-marathon, and training for my first full marathon in the fall. Plus eating lots and lots of s’mores.

  96. So far this year, I have run in my first half marathon, my first marathon, and I am looking forward to adding another first to my racing resume! This summer I will be participating in my first sprint triathlon. It is an all female race and I am really excited to be a part of this event!

  97. Hoping to stay on track with training and run the Gothic to CB 1/3 marathon and then a half marathon later in the summer

  98. I would love to write that I plan running as far and as long as my heart desires but realistically with 3 kids home for the summer, I will be happy if I can get 2-3 runs in during the week I find that having the kids home to be my biggest challenge. I am trying to talk them all into becoming runners but they haven’t bought into it yet! Hard to convince them that going to the track running in circles could be fun!! I figure at least at the track everyone can run at their own pace. Right? They aren’t buying it. We will see…

  99. Doing the Warrior Dash with my husband– celebrating 15 years by crawling through the mud and jumping over fire! And training for my first marathon, going on that sweet running retreat and a few assorted long weekends “up north.”

  100. Just did a half marathon last weekend so now I am planning for a 10k festival race in July + a 10k trail race in Sept. Something different!

  101. What a timely give away-I just had my first waffle this morning before my run-to die for! My husband loves them (and nuun-thanks to your recommendation) for riding but I had been holding back, waiting for that early morning run. Good advice not to share with children-my daughter got ahold of them and now I’m going to have to keep watch on the stack. This summer I will be stregthening and rebuilding a base of running. I will be cheering other racers and hopefully starting a mom’s running group. Next year I would LOVE to do a running retreat!

  102. We just moved to Seattle a month ago, so I’m trying to get used to all of the hills! I’m in the middle of training for my first half marathon, which is on July 17th. And if I can get over my fear of the hills, I’d like to sign up for the Seattle Marathon!

  103. Summer plans include tryig out Bikram yoga and getting in shape for a trip to the Outer Banks @ end of July. Starting training for a fall marathon- probably mid Octboer. No summer races planned but I’ve got 1 planned for September, 2 in october, and 1 in November!

  104. Knee issues had me down for a while, but I’m back and training for the Sizzlin’ Summer 10k in July in Arlington TX. Nothing like being down with an injury to make you appreciate running, even if it’s hot! First time back on the road I was grinning like a crazy person! I remind myself how good that felt whenever I try to talk myself out of a run.

  105. Lots planned for the summer! Hopefully selling our house and buying a new one, getting ready for my sister’s wedding, vacation in ID for the Ironman and relaxation, and most importantly… I am the captain for our Hood to Coast team! Go Runners in the Mist!

  106. I’m signing up today for a half-marathon in September so I plan to use the summer to train πŸ™‚ I haven’t done a half in about 7 years so I’m excited to lace up my shoes (new ones hopefully soon) and get to work. Yeah for warm weather!

  107. I am running the New England Warrior Dash on June 25th. I plan on rocking my BAMR t-shirt and a viking helmet.

  108. Training for my first marathon, hopefully throwing a couple of shorter races in to the mix. Lots of hiking with the kids and soaking up some sun!

  109. Vacationing in Colorado for a week. Hubs is doing his first century ride in August. I’m just looking forward to trail running in some beautiful scenery, even if I’m sucking wind running in the altitude. I’ll be about half way through marathon training at that point, so I’ll have plenty of miles I’ll just have to get in!

  110. Summer plans at chez moi are taking summer courses ~ that’s me time, right?
    And training for SF Half Marathon in July ~ that really IS me time!

  111. This summer, I’m having a baby. Hopefully, I’ll get to continue walking until my due date. So far, I’ve run/jogged/walked 240 miles since the middle of January (all while being pregnant). And my goal was to get 250 miles before Parker was born, and I still have 6 weeks.

  112. The training is just getting ramped up for the Portland Marathon, my first! So, I’m conquering new distances almost weekly!

  113. I will participate in the Seattle R&R half marathon June 25, start training July 9 for Race For A Soldier in Gig Harbor, WA Oct 16, A week vacation in Seaside, Oregon for some great beach running, a trip to Twin Falls, Idaho for some hiking, trail runs with the Dirty Girls and hikes and walks with my teen girls. I wish summer was longer than 10 weeks.

  114. I’m training for several sprint and olympic ditance triathlons this summer as well as my first half ironman(Beach2Battleship)!! I’m very excited.

  115. Hill repeats training for the Lacamas Lake 4-miler that kicked my butt last year so I can shave off mad time!

  116. Training for the See Jane Run Half in October. I typically run pre-dawn, but this time half of my runs will be done in the evenings. This is a huge change for me, and I am nervous. I live in Texas where temps are already over 100, and the evening runs are going to be HOT!

  117. I am running the Hood to Coast relay with a great group of friends. We are all virgins to the race so this should be very interesting!

  118. If this morning is any indicator of the heat to come this summer I will be getting up many very early mornings as I train for my first marathon in October. Other summer highlights include the NYRR Women’s Mini on 6/11 and a couple of weeks in August when my son and daughter-in-law come to visit! They are SO supportive of my running.

  119. My goal is to keep running. It’s going to be hot! I want to be ready for a fall half marathon so I need to adapt to the heat & the summer schedule.

  120. My summer running plans include a 15K on the island of Coronado to celebrate July4th and a half marathon in Springville, Utah in August! No marathon training since I didn’t get in the lottery for the St. George Marathon but I plan to run lots of trails!

  121. My big exhale will be the last week of summer before school starts back up again. We’ll hit the beach for a week which will include, slow bike rides, walks with the dog on the beach, diving in the water after a long run and just sittin’ on the porch sipping a cold one.


  122. This summer I’m running my first two half marathons and my first trail 10K. I love to trail run, so that will be fun, especially in Utah. Both halves mean something to me. The first is for cancer research. My husband is a cancer survivor, two years clear. We went through a lot with the cancer, so this will be an emotional one for me. The second half is an all woman run. I’m really excited to be surrounded by all these strong ladies running 13.1 miles.

  123. This summer will be about running just for fun and fitness. So far haven’t found a race that fits into the equation of finances, time, and family schedule. πŸ™

  124. This summer I’m training for a half marathon with my husband for the first time. He has not run in over 3 yrs so I’m excited to show him how to train and then run with him in the race. The best part of my summer plans is taking a true vacation to my parents. We are all getting on a plane (daughter 4, son 2, me and husband) for the first time and flying from MD to CA non-stop…a bit stressed about it but it will be well worth it!

  125. I foresee lots of sweating this summer as I train for a half marathon relay with a good friend in August, then two solo halfs, one in September and one in October. My goal is to become a half fanatic before my son’s first birthday! In the meantime, I have a 10k scheduled this weekend and will probably do a few other “smaller” races before the halfs. I am stoked and keeping my fingers crossed for an injury free summer!

  126. Just sent off an email to a friend who is getting back into running with 5Ks that are local through mid-August. I am not a huge 5K running but I did notice I told her I was running four or five of them.

    Also, August looks like a fantastic month to be in love with the 13.1 distance as I have 3 I am looking at. One is only a possibility if I am heading to Rhode Island with the youngest for a college visit but the other two are as good as done.

  127. I’ll be spending the 4th of July in Maine and hopefully scoping out a race to do. I’ll be in NC in August, right after I do the RnR half in Chicago. Have fun!

  128. First I’m going to rest myself out of my lovely boot…urg! Then I’m going to do two tris. My big goal is completing my first Olympic length tri. Yippee. If my foot heals quickly I would love to do a half in September.

  129. I’m focusing on losing my last 20 lbs of 2 yr old “baby weight” and training for two more halves, Heart and Sole in August and Denver R ‘n’ R in October. My sister is trying to convince me to do a tri, but she’s sidelined with some weird hip injury, poor girl, and isn’t doing much in the way of training.

    The retreat in Granby looks amazing and all logistics of time and cost I’d be there in a heartbeat, but of course reality … it’s a bitch.

  130. My summer plans also include training for my first marathon in October: The Marine Corps Marathon. I’m pretty pumped, but also dreading the hot weather.. it’s been in the 90s here all week in North Carolina!
    I luuuuurve Honey Stinger! Just discovered the waffles and gels recently (big fat yum!), and am very excited to try the chews (just in case that helps!).

  131. Running in the evening to beat the Georgia heat…training for my first half. Registered for the Atlanta Peachtree Road Race 10K, first time! And, not to persuade anyone but I love Honey Stinger Waffles, so does my dog. He found my stash in my running bag and helped himself one night to three of my waffles. He couldn’t stop wagging his tail that night! πŸ™‚

  132. I am doing the Warrior Dash this coming weekend and then I’ll be training the rest of the summer for the Outer Banks Marathon in November.

  133. This summer I felt like a change, so my focus is on trails, which is kind of a challenge when you live in Chicago. This weekend I’m running a 10k trail race, I have a 10-mile trail race in July, and I’m considering an off-road triathlon in August.

  134. I will spend the summer training for my first marathon, which is on September 18th! Although, I am seriously questioning the sanity of this after running my first 95-degree run of the season yesterday…..

  135. I will run the Storm the Dam half marathon (trail run!) on June 11th in El Dorado, KS to qualify for Half Fanatics. I’m also eyeing the TATUR Mud Run in Tulsa in August. I’m sure I’ll throw in a few more there somewhere, but man oh man does this heat and humidity kick my butt. Salt pills are a godsend.

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