Hump Day Giveaway: 5 (!!) Champion USA Sports Bras

Us, a bevy of Champion bras, and Dr. Sports Bra (aka LaJean Lawson, Ph.D.) (photo by Eryn Kesler Photography)

We've said it countless times: A supportive, well-engineered sports bra is arguably the most critical piece of equipment a mother runner needs. (Yes, even more important than a pair of running shoes.) That's why we *heart* Champion Sports Bras so much--and LaJean Lawson, the woman who engineers and oversees testing of Champions full line of sports support. To help you gals find the best bra for your gals, I asked LaJean for her five favorite Champion sports bras. Here are the bras, and what dear Dr. Lawson had to say about them.

The Champion Shape T-Back is almost cute enough to make me run w/o a shirt over it. Almost.

Timeless Favorites
1050 Shape T-Back
This pullover style "shows off your curves, yet offers support. It enhances your shape—B-cups gain half an inch, and it goes up from there." The boost-your-bust fabric, "offers shape while still wicking." Champion now serves up this racerback bra up in colors and a different print every season. "It's a classic like a Chanel jacket."
Best for: B- and C-cups

Bounteous beauty: the Shape Scoop-Back

6843 Shape Scoop
"With its adjustable rib band and straps, this underwire bra offers max support through D and high support for DD." With a padded, fully shaped inner bra, "the modesty factor is really high." This bra is "refreshed with color."
Best for: C, D, and DD runners

The Smoothie: so sleek, stylish, and supportive

New Favorites
The Smoothie

"The level of support for the amount of bra—it’s very lightweight—is phenomenal. It gets its form-flattering look with sleek, lightweight fabric." This lightly enhanced bra has "little shaping sides, inner cups, that allow it give support without underwires." With its adjustable back straps, "let’s you have it your way.
Best for: B-D cups

Spot-on comfort (and a color pop) in the Spot Comfort Full-Support

1602 Spot-Comfort Full Support
This beauty "goes up through 42DDD, really pushing out the size range for comfortable support." It's made from a lightweight fabric, with comfort gel straps on the shoulders. "It's such a body-friendly fabrication for longer runs."
Best for: C-DDD

Upcoming Favorite to Watch for
1666 The Show-Off
"This bra just blew me away by how supportive it is: It's tested up to D, even though it's sized S-XL. It offers high support in all sizes. It's a racerback, pullover style with adjustable ribs and straps." With flower-shaped, "concealing technology, it's absolutely smooth. Plus, it'll come in really hot colors--flamingo pink, neon coral, paradise blue." Look for it on in early February.
Best for: A-D gals

For today's Hump Day giveaway, five lucky gals will win their choice of one of these Champion bras. To enter, click on the orange ribbon below that says Comments (if you are reading this as an email, go to our site to enter), and tell us: What's your favorite recent run? It could be a route so scenic it made you forget your tight IT band; a basement-treadmill workout that provided you with 30 sanity-saving minutes of solitude; or a jaunt with a friend which gave your abs a workout from laughing. Give us a quick hit description of a stand-out recent run for your chance to win a stand-out sports bra. 

626 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: 5 (!!) Champion USA Sports Bras

  1. Last weekend, I ran 9 miles my longest in months and felt awsome afterwards. Previously, anything over 7miles, I’ve been feeling sick to my stomach afterwards..So encouraging while aiming to run a half someday, Cant wait to keep pushing my limit…

  2. My last Saturday morning run. There’s something glorious and rewarding about sneaking out of the house early on a weekend morning, going for a run as the sun is rising, and then coming back home to my family, knowing I can have a good weekend with that under my belt!

  3. I went to a wedding in North Carolina and decided to go on a run on a trail. It was beautiful!!! The leaves were changing colors and there was a nice creek that I ran by…much prettier than my normal views in Orlando

  4. My most favorite recent run was at the Turkey Day 5K on Thanksgiving morning. My 8 year old daughter, Katherine, ran her first race with me. For so many reasons, I will never, ever forget that morning!

  5. My favorite recent run was a Yurbuds party a friend hosted – it was supposed to rain (the weekend Sandy hit) but, we got out there & done before the rain started. It was my longest run ever (8 miles) and it was so easy and fun running with a great group of women. Plus, we all got awesome Yurbuds gifts! Thanks, Susan & Yurbuds!

  6. My favorite recent run was this past Sunday, coming off a stomach virus that sidelined me for a week. Running, and feeling healthy, alive, and just all-around great, was nothing short of fabulous.

  7. 11/24/12 – my 2nd full marathon this year. I saw a flyer that my favorite place to run…the trail I’ve been training on for over a year was hosting a marathon. I told my husband I wanted to do it. He then looks at me like I have 20 heads, smiles and say go for it if it makes you happy. Loved every footstep I took. I’m still flying high. I PR’d 21 min’s from my 1st one. Whooo Hooo I feel free!!! ( my girls need a new ride for sure… I only have 2 bra’s and well…they have seen better days )

  8. It was a 9.5 mile run I did a few weeks ago. I had been very sick and wasn’t sure if I would ever run a “longer” run again, so to be able to get back into longer runs made me very happy!

  9. My favorite recent run was a cross country race in Watkins Glen, NY. It was pouring and the course was a sloppy mess. So much fun!!!

  10. All of my recent runs have been good, believe it or not. But if I have to pick a favorite, then its the Women’s 1/2 Marathon I ran in early November. Despite not getting as much training in as I should have, I felt great the entire race and finished with a respectable time.

  11. My best recent run was a sunny weekend morning that I woke feeling good and ready to run. It was one of the first times that I felt so good that I just kept running past my usual mileage (I’m still kinda new, so going from 3-3.5 avg to a 5 miler). For me, it was more of a perceptive distance, I ran to a park that is a couple of neighborhoods away and just coming around the corner and seeing I’d gotten there on a run and still had juice to go was an awesome feeling!

  12. My best recent run was an 8 miler with a friend I’ve known the longest. We partied hard in our twenties, parted ways, got married, had children and eventually reconnected when we realized we both run now. We used to party all night long but now we meet before sunrise and run and tell secrets and laugh.

  13. Best recent run was yesterday (Sunday 12/2). Ran 4.75 miles. The “Best” part was the fact I did have any problems with the hemorrhoids. Still struggling to find the right combination of treatments to keep them at bay and yesterday something worked. Pain-free run!

  14. I ran 12.4 miles on Saturday. Around mile 9.5 I joined the pack of a local 5k where our SMART GIRLS were racing. It was fun to run along with and encourage the next generation of BAMRs. They encouraged me too. Longest run to date for me since a summer injury, feels awesome!

  15. I haven’t gone on a “real” run recently, but I ran a block after giving birth and it felt amazing. I loved the feel of the wind on my face.

  16. I ran an 8k a few weeks ago faster than I thought possible. It was tough, but I felt awesome and it gave me the confidence to jump to my first half-marathon in the Spring.

  17. My best recent run was 4 miles solo the morning after Thanksgivng. It was my longest post baby run to date and it felt wonderful! The high lasted all day.

  18. My favorite recent run was really the last run I did before my son was born four weeks ago. I ran a 5K with my husband (a non-runner). It was so great. It wasn’t my fastest or best race, but I felt so proud to be running while pregnant…and that I got my husband out there with me! So awesome.

  19. Savannah Rock N Roll Half Marathon really stands out simply becayse I did it. I have been battling a foot injury for several months, and didn’t have any idea how I’d do. Perfect weather and a really nice race with my BRF makes it one I won’t forget!

  20. Most recent favorite run, hmm…. probably the other day I ran 3 miles on the treadmill and normally I don’t allow the kids in the room while I run but I wasn’t feeling too motivated so my son entertained me, the run wasn’t all to spectacular but after I finished he asked if he could run. Normally he gets too bored or tired or something (he is 13 and is on the Autism spectrum), so I said sure, he walked/ran for over half a mile and I think he might be hooked :). Each day he asks if he can walk now on the treadmill, of course I say yes! My heart soars thinking he may have found a new interest. One day I hope to run a 5k with my daughter AND my son. 🙂

  21. Today’s 5k was a standout out for two reasons … I got to run the whole course with my 9 year old son by my side and I cut 6 minutes off my previous PR

  22. I have been running (consistantly) for about a year and a half now and my favorite recent run occured last Saturday. My husband decided to join me on a 3 mile run in 20 degree weather. It was so nice to finally welcome him to my little world. Thanks for the opportunity!! I know my girls would appreciate it!

  23. Thanksgiving morning gave me my most favorite recent run. Our running group (Bolingbrook Fun Run Club) hosted a free Thanksgiving 5k at Waterfall Glen in Darien and not only did I run 4 miles instead of 5k, but for the second half I got to run it with one of the group’s 2nd grade daughters. Her brother had left her behind and she was alone and not familiar with the trail. We had a nice chat while running back to the finish line!

  24. My favorite recent run was actually just yesterday…5.6 miles at a better-than-usual pace (for me, it was an average 11 min/mile for the entire run…usually I slip into 12-minute modes when I’m not paying attention), it was a beautiful morning, and I crushed the toughest hill near me. It was great!

  25. My favorite recent run was on Monday. It was the first snow of the season. The ground was just starting to turn white and the snowflakes were floating down at a phenomenal rate. It was absolutely beautiful.

  26. My best recent run was our local 5k Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving – it was a beautiful day with a huge turnout and everyone was in a good mood. My friend and I ran with smiles on our faces the whole way!

  27. A killer hill workout on Sunday – with a friend – which made it all the better. Gabbing, laughing and gossiping up those hills made them a little less horrible!

  28. My most favorite recent run might be this morning. I was not in a good mood, and all I wanted to do was crawl under the table. But, I realized two things: 1) it was mid-30s and 2) I had some time to play with. It seemed a BOB outing was good to go. It was quiet and the park was barren but the river was reflecting the early morning sun, producing a brilliant glow. It was exactly what I needed to recenter myself.

  29. My best recent run was the Indianapolis Monumental Half marathon on Nov. 3rd. My father passed away Oct 15th and really threw off my training. This was my 5th half this year and my goal was to break the 2 hour mark. I decided that even with the poor training I was still going to start in that pace group and attempt it. I did great until mile 11 and I still ended up with a 2:02. I was so close and I know I’ll get it next race.

  30. Favorite recent run was a trail run / fast hike through the trails at Mount Helena Park in Helena, MT. It was pretty technical at the start, but I was so psyched to be running somewhere new that I only had fleeting voices saying- “ya know, if you trip, this could be BAAAAD”. Then I got to the more northerly area in the trees and there was snow on the trail, so I decided to bushwhack over to the sunnier side, and I got lost. So, now the little voices were saying, “ya know if you trip now, no one will ever find you.” But, I persevered ( I used to teach mountaineering, so I had faith in my off trail route finding) and found the trail again, and then found lots of trails that were apparently frequented more by deer than by humans. After awhile I just picked the trail that seemed to be most popular with the deer, and least snow-covered. Eventually, I got to where I could see the surrounding neighborhood below, and knew I would find the parking lot (eventually)or burst into some poor person’s backyard. I thoroughly enjoyed the run/ hike even if it was closer to 5 miles than to the planned 4, had lots more hills, and was more like a scramble for a fair bit of it. It was a beautiful day, and I saw several of the previously mentioned deer giving me quizzical looks.

  31. Our DIY Turkey Trot race on Thanksgiving. See my blog if you want details: Plus, it was the last run I allowed my hurt leg to run before finally giving in to the fact that I am injured. Taking a few weeks off now. BTW, love the chapter in TLAM about Injuries: the Stages of Grief. Have to remind myself of that often to get out of my denial. ‘
    I still enjoyed that last run. I hold on to that for the next few weeks.

  32. My best recent run was a week ago when I went on a run after taking time off to heal a hamstring, and I felt no hamstring pain. I was so relieved and excited!

  33. My current favorite run was my last marathon. I ran as a pacer for the 4:15 group. It was a much slower pace than what I am used to but it forced me to slow down (literally and figuratively!) and enjoy my time out there so much and really appreciate the effort and dedication running a marathon is – for everyone! Not just the speedier gals. I am looking forward to my next chance to pace!

  34. My best recent run was my last one this week when my big kids were at school and a friend had my baby for
    a few hours. I felt light on my feet and totally off the grid since no one was waiting on me at home.

  35. Two days ago, with my MIL and one of our running friends that we have not been able to run with since summer. Her schedule changed and she could no longer join us for our weekend long run. But we figured out a way to fit in an early morning weekday run, and it was so fun! Great to catch back up and the time just flew by!

  36. Favorite Recent Run: 10k to the park and back, pushing my daughter in her stroller. Runs have been few and far between due to being busy and being pregnant and that 10k we did felt so good! It gave me hope that I really could keep running, even if pregnant!

  37. My favorite recent run was on the treadmill at the gym- but my contacts hurt so bad I took one out. I did the run making it a game to make out what was on the tv screens. Totally distracted me from the run 🙂

  38. My favorite recent run was last weekend. My husband decided to join me for the first time in a while. Neighbors were putting up Christmas decorations which gets me excited for winter runs.

  39. Every run is a favorite because I can and I show mastery of my mind that keeps reminding me if the thousand others things i have to do.
    But honestly mother runners i plead for this prize as a large chested mother who seems to only be getting bigger boobs as i age! I have always had big boobs and never liked them. What is worse, i have the same workout bras since 1992! These “girls” have had lots of mileage since then but i am scared to death to buy new work out bras because i figure. ” if it ain’t broke”. Honestly, as my boobs have gotten bigger the bras just squish them more flat. Trust me, it is not attractive whatsoever. But at least i’m not putting my eyes out (or anyone else’s).

  40. This past Saturday. I ran my first 18 miler since before children (7 years ago!) and it was awesome. I’m trying my second marathon. My first one was before kids and it was just awesome to know I could do it. Now I feel certain I can make it through the marathon in January.

  41. My favorite recent run was at a 5k a couple weeks ago when I finally hit the 30-minute mark for a 5k – a major accomplishment for me. It felt great!!!

  42. My favorite may have been yesterday, when I ran with a friend for the first time and the time really did fly by. I ran the first 5 miles of a virtual 10k with her, and then at 5.85 miles I looked at my watch and said “I got this”. And I knew that I did.

  43. I ran 8 miles on Saturday in the beautiful sunshine. There was nothing really special about the run. Maybe it was the crisp air or the thankful attitude that made it amazing? Anyway, what ever the reason it was awesome!

  44. Thanksgiving day 5K – fastest in my life!!!! I finally beat my best time from high school by 36 seconds to crush 21 minutes with a 20:24!!!! I was way more excited about this than winning the race LOL. I also didn’t really believe it was possible at almost 35 and post 2 kids!!!!

  45. My favorite run this year was my very first 5K race in October. I had done charity 5Ks but this was my first timed race. I had also just joined our local Moms run this town group so i met a lot of the ladies for the first time! They all did the half marathon and for some it was their first time doing a half! They inspired me so much i’m signed up to do a half next year!

  46. My best run was last night. I didn’t think I was going to get a chance to run, but the kid fell asleep and I hopped on the treadmill for a 10k in about 44 minutes

  47. Best one was today…I had 20 minutes to run and only used 17…but managed over 2 miles at under an 8 minute pace! The reason this makes me SO happy is because I’m almost 14 weeks pregnant and to know that I’m still in good running shape (even though I slacked a bit in the first trimester due to fatigue!) made me very happy!

  48. Best recent run would definitely be last Tuesday’s 2 mile run on an indoor track with my BRF. I was coming back from an injury and was so elated to be running again that I was almost tearing up!

  49. My most favorite recent run was on Thanksgiving day. It was a mile but what was great was that my 7 year old son joined. It was the first time he went running with me. Such a nice bonding moment with him. Still rocked out a mile in 11 minutes!

  50. The Turkey Trot I ran on Thanksgiving! It wasn’t a good run, per-se, but my whole family ran it with me, our first ever!!

  51. My best running buddy, Jen, and I took on the local Turkey Trot 5K with three kids between us and her two (very cool) running parents! We wore crazy turkey hats and ran pushing our kids in running strollers. The pictures of us were so cute until I realized that my own “turkey timers” had clearly popped! I was running in a new, form fitting cold weather long sleeve with my high beams on the whole time – how embarrassing, but still fun!!

  52. Over Thanksgiving I traveled from my normal elevation Michigan to 9000 ft Colorado home of my parents. Every morning I would “run” up the little mountain behind their house (1000 ft elevation gain) and then run down. The run up was awful and mostly walking, but the run down was fast and furious. The trail was very rocky and tested my agility. I felt like a mountain goat! And of course the views were heavenly

  53. A few weeks ago during a 5 mile trail run with friends. I have a husband that works long hours, so it was a welcome refief to be outside AND with friends:)

  54. My best recent run was the weekend before the Seattle Half Marathon; I ran 12.5 and could have done more. I tossed in some hills and survived. I kept my pace lively and the weather was perfect (for Seattle – overcast & no rain). It was such a liberating run, knowing I was ready for the upcoming race. It was bittersweet because I ended up not running the race, compliments of a chest-cold gifted me by my lovely boys…

  55. My run this past Tuesday with my girls. Our normal 6:00 a.m. run but it was the first cold morning (17*F). Not as many showed up, but it was so quiet and peaceful on the trail that morning. Makes you feel a little BA when there aren’t many runners out. And we got to have hot, delicious coffee afterwards.

  56. I think my favorite run (outside of Hood to coast) has to be my last run. Being 18 weeks pregnant, I ran a 5k in 28 minutes. The run was amazing, it was just what this mother runner needed to feel free again. I love running!

  57. This morning’s run, only because it was the first in four days (my husband had been out of town). The run itself was nothing special in terms of distance or pace, but being out there reminded me of how much I miss it when I don’t do it.

  58. A much needed run with my Hubby as we recently just moved. Our move has tested our children and ourselves but we know in the long run 🙂 this is where we need to be and where we’ll call home.

  59. I have been having a lot of problems with my calves getting super tight on my runs. I know it’s mostly in my head, as they don’t do it when I don’t think about it. I had a turkey trot last week and was worried that I would have problems on my 10K. DS (6) had a one-miler before my race and I ran it with him as my warm up. I had so much fun and was so focused on him, I totally forgot my legs! I went on to set a 4 minute PR for my race with absolutely no problems! DS was thrilled to help me and has happily agreed to be my warm-up partner from now on 🙂

  60. I’m in a new town, and recently joined a group of lady runners on the local bike path. The time sailed by as we chatted! It was a rush to know that having company on the trail, and encouragement when I need it, is now at my fingertips!

  61. My best recent run was last weekend while training for my 2nd half marathon. I reached 7 miles and when I stopped at the end it felt strange to walk because my legs just wanted to keep going! My long runs in my last training cycle were so hard for me and this built my confidence and made me feel so much stronger than when training for my first.

  62. Yesterday, 6:00 A.M. a full moon and my beautiful daughter-in-law Jocelyn and Dear friend Charlotte. A brisk morning that carried me through the rest of the day!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my running buddies for opening me up to running with friends!! I ran solo for 12 years!

  63. I have 3 little boys and my husband was really busy, but I needed to run. I put the 4 yo in the jogger and had the other 2 ride their bikes. We had so much fun running and riding all over our neighborhoods. Definitely doing that again soon.

  64. My current favorite run was last nite. It was cold and dark, I had worked all day. Really didnt want to go but was meeting a friend. Did 6 miles and ended up feeling great about pushing myself to get out there.

  65. I had a nice ten mile run with my husband along a lake trail on Thanskgiving morning. It made that pumpkin pie taste even better.

  66. My recent marathon where i had a 6 min PR and a BQ with 9 minutes to spare! The race was effortless and magical I never thought a marathon could be so easy.

  67. Yesterday’s run. I really needed some time out of the house and I ran as fast as I could for one mile (which is not very fast yet) and got a lot of things out so I felt better before I returned home.

  68. Funny your asking about our favorite runs when i just had one that entailed chasing my dog to get back my new running shoe he swiped. He’s a 110 pd Weim and it’s NOT an easy run by any means…. maybe I could have gotten it quicker had i had on one of these sports bras your giving away…extra support always makes a run faster for me!

  69. My best recent was the turkey trot 10k. Although they ran out of medals before I got there but it was my longest run to date and kept a pace I was gunning for, even with a bathroom stop!

  70. A 10k I ran last week near my in-laws’ home in NC. My usual run in CO includes an elevation gain of 800 feet, so running at sea level with almost no elevation change was pure fun. And fast!!!

  71. A couple of my friends and I are running 1 mile a day (no matter what) to equal the length of a marathon. So on Tuesday I went to run one mile before my boxing class and realized I forgot my music. I have never ran without it but I ran so much faster than normal. It felt great!

  72. My favorite recent run was a 10 miler a few weeks ago. I had cut back on my running after the Chicago Marathon to give myself a little break. I started doing Body Pump and increased my Spin classes. I went on this run not knowing how I would feel but it felt great. While running I was reminded why I enjoyed this sport so much.

  73. My most favorite (and memorable)recent run was the morning before the Hurricane hit the Northeast. There was no one on the road. Rustic orange/yellow leaves were all over the ground and falling as I ran. The weather was still warm and I was able to run just with a t-shirt. I remember feeling how nice it felt to be just me, alone with my thoughts, enjoying such a beautiful morning.

  74. During the week I usually run by myself. On weekends I run with my husband. My oldest daughter started college this fall and has started running. So my best recent run was with my daughter when she came home for Thanksgiving. It was so great to run with her and chat with my “new adult friend”. It is neat to see how our relationship has grown now that she is out of the house.

  75. Last week I did my last long run before the Seattle half. Clouds covered the Wenatchee valley so I was expecting to run in the dewy cloudy air. As I hit the irrigation ditch and some elevation the air clears and I’m running above the clouds. It was pretty awesome.

  76. I’m just getting back into running and so my recent run was this Sunday when I went out for the first time in ages with our jogging stroller and my 4 month old. She did great and I felt great!

  77. My favorite run recently was Thanksgiving weekend with my husband. We went to visit his family in north Alabama. In this section of the state there are lots of hills. Where we live it is flat, very flat. We ran three pretty big hills and a few smaller ones. I felt like a beast going up the second hill. Adrian took my picture running up it! I felt so awesome and super grateful to be running with him!

  78. My best and worse was just last Sunday on fresh snow. 12.5 miles to remember how much I love the cool winter air, the crunch of the snow and to listen to music with one ear since I need to be more aware of cars and snowplows now. Also one of the worse runs as I didn’t bring any water and it was a struggle to get through the snow and ice. Booo hiss.

  79. 18 mile run last weekend has been the best in a long time- mainly because it wasn’t hot and humid. I forget how pleasant a long run can be- when it’s not 80 degrees with 300% humidity. I felt like I could have run all day.

  80. My last marathon, Nov 10. I went slow and just enjoyed LIFE! I had so much left in the tank I just glided on it! I felt like a million bucks and cried in the pure joy of running without pain! Running for fun, what a concept right! Times and splits mean nothing if you are not having a good time! So with a negative split and no pain I finished in 4:13. Not a great time, but the BEST time. And its made me revaluate racing in general. Kara Goucher I am not so why not run for fun all the time? 3:56 killed my legs, I was miserable from 17 on. Not worth it. So I learned to slow down and enjoy the ride! Wahooo!

  81. my favorite recent run was my last 10K, sometime in early October, when I kinda, sorta managed to run without too much pain in my feet & ankles. since then, no such luck, sadly.

  82. My favorite recent run was today! I’m finally feeling (mostly) recovered from my first marathon a month ago and ready to get my miles back up, so I planned a 6-mile mid-weeker. This would also be the longest run I’ve taken my dog on, although he’s done 5 with no problem. We set off, but the first 2 miles my shins were killing me. (Maybe time for new shoes.) So I decided 6 was too much and was trying to decide between 4 and 5. I opted to push for 5, and I’m so glad I did. I ended up tacking on at the end and made it just shy of 6 miles anyway.

  83. The Run Anyway marathon was my favorite recent run. Run Anyway, you ask? Imagine traveling across the country to NYC and having that rug pulled out from under you. What do you do? Run Anyway. November 4. Central Park. No aid stations. No port-a-potties. Just many thousands of runners from all over the world, gracious fans, even a few with oreos, gummi bears, water and gatorade. A special shout out to the street vendor who must have thought I was crazy throwing him a $5 and wheezing, “Gatorade.” It was ugly toward the end, legs of concrete, but the photo with my runner gals at the unofficial “Finish” line and the 26.2 on my Garmin are lasting memories of why I run.

  84. My favorite recent run happened over Veteran’s Day weekend while we visited family. I forgot to pack all of my usual running gear at home (watch, water bottle, etc.) but felt I needed the sanity a run would bring me so I went out anyway. It was so terrific!! I got lost (literally and figuratively) … and loved every minute of it. It turns out that I ran longer and faster than usual. My favorite part of the run, though, was that I finished feeling invigorated, rejuvenated, and ready for the next run. It was a great adventure!

  85. My favorite recent run was 3.1 miles on Thanksgiving, just me, enjoying the hills in my old neighborhood and the peace & quiet before turkey day chaos!

  86. My run yesterday was my favorite run. It was my longest run since my hysterectomy in September. I was aiming for 3 miles and got up to almost 4 miles without feeling run down. Since my surgery, I had been feeling tired all the time while my body was still healing. Yesterday was the first day that I can say that I felt like I was getting back to my old self. I ran and felt energized again! It may have been dark and cold but I felt great when I was done!

  87. My favorite recent run was just last week – we were at Okaloosa Island, FL (near Destin FL) spending the week there over Thanksgiving,. and the run up and back on Okaloosa Island was about 3.1 miles for me – 60 degrees-65 or so, with a nice strong breeze on my face cool me off on the way back – plenty of happy runners and walkers waving to each other, and palm trees galore. Heaven! Can’t wait to go back!!

  88. My favorite recent run came with tears: DH’s coworker and fellow runner was killed while running to work (as he did every day) a third of a mile from our house this morning. He was a beloved teacher and coach. RB and I stopped at the little shrine forming at the spot where he died, which happens to be on a corner I round at least 4 times a week when running. I cried, prayed, and ran the rest of this hard, hill-repeat speed drill thinking of Randy. RIP Mr. T.

  89. I am recovering from a foot injury, so any run is a good run for me! I went out this weekend for a three miler, and it was great just to be out. It was 50 and sunny, and I was just rockin’ to my iPod. It wasn’t easy, but I felt like I accomplished something just being out there.

  90. My 10 mile run on Thanksgiving morning. 2 1/2 miles by myself to meet a friend on the trail, then 7 1/2 with her circling back around. It was a beautiful, beautiful morning and I had lots of time to give thanks for everything I saw.

  91. My favorite recent run was one where it started out warm with clouds in the distance. I went out without any rainjacket or cover. Eventually the clouds moved in and it started pouring rain. I had to run over half the run in a full fldge downpour without a rain jacket. I LOVED it. I looked like I had gotten out of the shower by the time I got home, but what a blast!

  92. My standout run recently was this past weekend when I was visiting my parents place where I grew up. I love being a tourist and sightseeing while I run. We ran past restaurants I want to try, landmarks that whiz by too fast when driving. Running past my high school brought back many memories.

  93. My best recent run was Thanksgiving Day. My dad and I ran a Turkey Trot together. It was a beautiful day, the path was along a lovely river, and running seemed to help my dad and I open up in ways we don’t typically do.

  94. My most recent stand-out run was my first half. Chilly temps, uncrowded route, and autumn foliage. I never once thought about walking, and I easily broke 2 hours.

  95. My most recent favorite run was in the mountains after the first night of a bachelorette party …. For whatever reason I found myself up at 6 am, no one else was getting up for hours so I threw on my running clothes and headed out. It ended up being 6 miles of gorgeous, crisp, mountain morning. It relaxes me just thinking about it. Ahhhh.

  96. Actually, my favorite recent run was today! I ran a mile on the treadmill after spinning class. It had too long since I had run at all, so this was a nice reminder that I CAN DO THIS!

  97. Just last week on Thanksgiving Day I celebrated my birthday with dear friends and the masses running the Turkey Trot. A glorious sunny four miles along the Willamette River in Track Town USA.

  98. My favorite recent ran happened just last night. It was cloudy but somehow the sky glowed. It was cold but not too cold. The run didn’t begin well at all but, I stuck with it & had a great finish.

  99. My favorite run was a half marathon race in September that was called off around mile 8 due to severe weather. I felt really good through the run and think I’d have had a PR if not for that dang lightning!

  100. Favorite this year was running Huntington Beach 10 miler with my brf, my sister, and her brf. It felt so good to run where there is oxygen after training at altitude. Nice overcast, drizzly day in southern CA!

  101. Lately all my runs have been a favorite, the weather is sooo much cooler here in the deep south AND I FINALLY met a BRF!! after 6 years of wanting one!! YAY!! Running just got even awesomer!

  102. Turkey trot with my two boys. 10 year old killed it – 3 miles in 20 mins! 8 year old ran the whole way with mom and loved every minute. Best run of 2012.

  103. My favorite run recently was this morning. I have been reluctant to run outside when the weather is cold. However, recently a friend of mine asked me to run with her. So, I am braving the cold and loving it. My friend is helping to push me which is exactly what I need to improve my times. I love the outdoors!

  104. My favorite run is any run with my sisters. Most recent was the turkey trot on T-day. I am so happy when I’m running with them.

  105. My favorite favorite run was a few weeks ago. It recently got cooler here in San Antonio. It was slightly misty and I so badly wanted to stay inside and cuddle with my 5 and 3 year old boys. But I knew it was my 10 miler before an upcoming half marathon. I gave them hugs and said I would be back soon. The early morning was so peaceful and quiet. And I made it back home in my shortest time yet without even trying. I was boosted by the fresh, cool air and light rain – some of my favorite weather to run in!

  106. I had a fantastic run on the morning of Thanksgiving. My lovely husband got up for morning duty with our 2 yo and he told me to sleep, but instead I got up and immediately put on my running gear (more evidence that “Don’t Think; Just Go” works!). I set out to run a 3.75 mi loop in my in-laws’ neighborhood. It was so quiet and peaceful. I had a great time admiring the houses in their development, while listening to the “Magic Fingers” AMR Podcast, then my Fun Run Mix. Now here’s the best part: when it was all over, I felt like I had just run down the street and back!! I could have easily kept on going. This is significant because for months, I have been struggling to get back my running mojo and I haven’t had a lot of success. Last year I ran a half marathon and then this year, I’ve struggled on even the shortest of runs. It’s been so frustrating. Then, last week I went on a number of pleasant runs, including the awesome one on Thanksgiving!

    The further cherry – or chocolate milk, if you will – on top is that later in the morning, our whole family went out and walked our own version of a Turkey Trot (about 1.2 miles). My mother-in-law just had knee replacement surgery, and it was her 2nd in a year. We all wanted to support her in her recovery. All in all, such a great day!

  107. My fave recent run would be this past Monday. Ran a slow,easy 2.60 miles by the river. Love watching the ducks & geese that haven’t flown south for the winter floating in the river.

  108. By stand-out recent run was my last one, 3 miles yesterday. Because I appear to be recovering from this stupid hip thing. No twinges during or after. Yay!

  109. Hands down it was yesterday morning! I’m on vacation with my family in WDW – The Happiest Place on Earth and motivation to stay on track is hard especially with ALL the walking you do and having two little boys in tow. But yesterday I kept to my early morning schedule (though thoroughly exhausted from the Magic Kingdom the day before) and ran the Boardwalk a few times during sunrise, and in the peace and quiet of that morning channeled my inner AMR spirit and just felt awesome : )

  110. My favorite recent run was the 5k I ran on Thanksgiving. I pushed myself and ran sub 8
    minute pace. Felt great to see what my body was capable of. Especially being less than a month removed
    from my marathon

  111. Last Sunday I did the RedRocks/Dakota Ridge loop trail run. It was my first slightly longer (6 mi) run in 2-3 months after following the Natural Running program. I felt great, the weather was perfect, and I even left my husband and our friend in my dust! (A nice change for someone who has been referred to as The Caboose!)

  112. In late October we had an unseasonably warm day here in Michigan — it was 70 degrees! I ran three miles with my almost-4-year-old on his bike alongside me. We had a great time enjoying the warm air and racing each other. When I checked my time at the end, it turns out chasing that crazy kid pushed me to beat my PR for that route!

  113. My training buddy and I both had babies recently and just got back into our running groove. We had a great 7 mile run recently on a beautiful Sunday morning. It was our first longish run and it felt amazing!

  114. My favorite recent run is not glamourous by any means. Last week, I started running over my noon hour at work – something I thought I would never do. This means running outside in freezing temps (I am not afraid to admit I’m a wus) or begging to use my brothers’ treadmills since I drive to work in a small town clinic. My brother and SIL have been letting me use their treadmill. This particular run, my brother was painting the room, he had tunes going and he was laughing and teasing me the whole time. It was a great to “run” with him and having someone with me gave me that extra drive to kick it up a notch.

  115. My favorite recent run was just 15 min speedwork on the treadmill with my running partner…it was just 30 sec on 30 sec rest…but she always encourages me to push my limits…which has helped me increase my speed on our long runs

  116. My favorite recent run was on Thanksgiving Day. I wanted to get 6-7 miles in to justify the pecan pie I wanted to eat, (yum!). We were visiting family, so I headed off in a direction that was mostly familiar. I was feeling great, and figured I would go for 8 and really give myself some calories to make up for. And then I got lost. Laughably lost. Normally that would stress me out, but for some reason it seemed hilarious. I stopped at a McDonalds and asked two older gentlemen if they knew where I was. Their faces were comical. But they helped me get on my way. I ended up with over 10 miles, my longest run for quite a while.

  117. My favorite recent run would have to be the TC 10 miler. That last mile was great! I just started running January 1, 2012 with a couch to 5k program and almost 100 extra pounds on my body! I was amazed that in 10 months I was in shape enough to complete the 10 miles!!

  118. My best recent run was this morning. By anyone else’s standards, it was probably pretty boring. 3miles on a treadmill in my basement, but for me – it was better than a basket of chocolate when you’re PMSing. 🙂 I had been sick with the flu for the past two and a half weeks, so I wasn’t able to run. This was the first time I felt the “itchy bones” feeling enough to try it and not worry about relapsing…and it felt GREAT! Needless to say, my stuff is laid out for tomorrow morning as well…

  119. My favorite recent run would have to be Color Me Rad with my 8 year old. No watch, no timing chip…just a fun (albeit messy) 3 miles with my daughter and some friends. It was a great respite in the midst of training for a half marathon that I wanted to PR.

  120. My favorite run recently was my trek into the woods. Well kind of the woods. I ran a trail near our house and it was wonderful. It was a little windy and all the leaves were falling and swirling around all over the trail. It was so peaceful and relaxing. I ran for an hour and a half and on the last mile I saw another runner. It was exhilerting. I felt so rejuvinated after this run!

  121. My favorite recent run was my first 6.3 miles straight with some new running buddies! It was a great time and I felt super accomplished after!

  122. Tonight’s run! I struggle to get out in the cold & dark, but tonight I went 40+ minutes while my daughter was at Girl Scouts. So now I get to relax!

  123. Thanksgiving morning I got to run with my husband – a rare occasion – while my in-laws watched the kiddos. We have worked opposite schedules since we had kids (8 years and 3 kids ago). It was an unusually warm day in Wisconsin and a great way to spend the holiday!

  124. My most recent, favorite run was 2 weeks ago. It was Saturday morning and I had gotten up much earlier than usual to get in my 6 miles. I went to the Greenway, a flat running/biking path that is so serene it is like running on vacation. It was a little chilly. In fact, it was so chilly there was ice on the path still in the shade. I felt like I was the only person out there running, spending time alone with God. It was awesome and I went back to my family refreshed and focused!

  125. Big sur half marathon earlier this month was truly special. I was very sick this fall and missed out on a lot of training. The joy of feeling well again and running with dear friends in a beautiful setting made this a race I will never forget.

  126. My latest run was the Christopher Daily “Turkey Trot” on Thanksgiving Day. Great to exercise before pigging out…hehe

  127. My hubby and I rarely get to run together because of schedules and kiddos, so my most recent favorite run was on Thanksgiving morning in a 5k Turkey Trot and it was special because we got to run together, it was the first turkey trot we ran in and it was my birthday, which hasn’t fell on Thanksgiving since I was little. 🙂

  128. My fav recent run was last weekend after Thanksgiving in the Trot for Tots race. I hadn’t run all week after my marathon and was totally excited to run. First run back and I cranked out a 8:00 mile/pace, which is amazing for me. Everything felt healed and ready to go again!!

  129. Double mother runners: I went for a run with my mom on Thanksgiving. She’s planning to train to do a half marathon with me, a month after her 70th birthday!

  130. My favorite recent run was the Turkey Day 5k. I ran with my husband, which we haven’t been able to do for awhile because we have two young boys. He has always been faster than me, but he’s taken a break from running recently and I have been working on my speed. The last .5 mile I asked if it would bother him if I took off and finished my strongest. I did and came in with a PR! It felt great!

  131. My favorite run was last month (a few days before hurricane Sandy hit). I was running with my 4 year old and 2 year old daughters in the double jogger. Just as I was about to finish my run my 4 year old, for the first time ever, asked if she could get out of the stroller because she wanted to run with me. We ran together as fast as we could until she got tired. We both loved it!

  132. I don’t have a favorite run yet; I’ve only been back at it for about 6 months now. Each week I improve and I love experiencing the seasons and my town through running again– further and/or faster each time! So, I can only say this far that each day I head out and come back sweaty and spent, it’s my favorite yet! 😀

  133. My most recent race. It was a 10k through our neighborhood. Great weather and great music! The right music and gear make runs so much better! Would love to win and add one of these bras to my running gear!

  134. my fave recent run was a Turkey trot that i did with my niece. Also turned out to be a PR for me!! I’m not sure which part was better…the PR or the joy of sharing something i love with someone i love 🙂

  135. My favorite recent run was accidental.Due to my lack of computer skills my registration for my and my husband’s( who is NOT a runner and was just trying to please me) local 5k turkey trot and my son’s fun run did not go through. The 5k was sold out, but THANKFULLY I was able to sign my son up for the fun run!!! We ran with him and all crossed the finish line together!!! The boys got medals( even the little guy in the jogger). It was awesome running with my guys!!

  136. My most favorite recent run was with my dad at the Youngstown Peace race in October. It was our 1st 10K, that we never thought we would do. The scenery was beautiful, waterfalls and the leaves changing colors. It was wonderful. Looking forward to future runs with my dad.

  137. My favorite recent run was the local “Hobble Gobble”. It was a prediction run and my friend and I predicted the same (moderate) pace and just ran and chatted. It was a beautiful day and we finished really strong. We were glad we did because in the end we were only 6 seconds off in our prediction! Also, it was my first run event post baby, so that felt great too!

  138. favorite recent run? Thanksgiving day and Black friday. I ran 3 and 4 miles respectively. I was so happy to be running….I had just spent a week in major back pain and had to miss a half marathon. But by thursday I was ready to give it a try, and was pain free! hooray!

  139. Ran 8 on Sunday — farthest I had been since April when I limped to the end of the Run Raleigh Half Marathon with a PR and a stress fracture in my hip.. Only worked on 5k this Fall but know after the 8 I am healed enough to run the Myrtle Beach Half in February!

  140. 6 mile run last week. Ran with my hubby part of the way. He cut it short & went home after 4. I kept going for another two. Run time with husband AND run time alone… best of both worlds!

  141. In Sept 2004 I ran my first Half marathon…DisneyLand! 5 years later, we went back to California for my daughters 4th birthday (and thanksgiving week!) and i laced up my shoes on a chilly foggy California morning. Though I didn’t run 13M, I did take a little jog around the area, reminiscing, and yes, tearing up. Nostalgia!

  142. My favorite recent run was a 5 mile trail run with 3 other mOther runners on a chilly Sunday morning. The woods were covered in frost and the sun was shining. It looked magical! And we were all feeling so blessed to be out there together in that beauty!

  143. my most favorite recent run was a burn off the turkey 5k… mother in law was there with my husband and kids to watch me cross the finish line. i didn’t PR, which was a huge bummer for me. but there was almost a mile straight of uphill which i not only ran up, but powered up. And i ran the entire thing without even a minute of walking. so i am pretty proud of it 🙂

  144. Last night I ran 5 miles home from work. Making my run a part of my commute is sometimes the only way I can get it in. It was perfected by a full moon and knowing my son was home taking a nap so I wasn’t missing any awake time with him.

  145. I’ve switched back to indoor/basement/dreadmill running now that it’s cold here. I was dreading it; but then I discovered Breaking Bad on Netflix. Each episode is about 45 minutes which is exactly enough time for me to run 4 miles. Time goes by so quickly and I get a few minutes to myself still!!

  146. My fave recent run is any Sunday morning long run. Its the only time in the week I get in a long run and get to run with my two running friends. Its a blast!

  147. My favorite run lately was the last longer run that I did on veteran’s day. I braved the rainy Portland weather and ran with the pooch from sabin up to the rose city golf course. Coming home we saw many gatherings and parades for veteran’s day in the Hollywood Neighborhood. I love my town!

  148. I just ran a turkey trot with my husband and my sister-in-law. It was extra fun because it was in a city where we don’t live and it was the first time I ever got to run with my sister-in-law who lives far away. It was a crisp cold morning on a nice level course with a large happy crowd — so fun!

  149. My favorite run is always the last one. So tonight…I knew it was going to be good when the first song in the shuffle was I’m sexy and I know it…I have certain rules that go with different songs and that one is I have to go super fast.

  150. 2 years ago, I saw a half marathon that a guy had posted photos of on It was entirely off road at Lake Mead in Las Vegas.I was awestruck at the scenery. (Lake and mountains) and thought that I would never dare to attempt something like that. Last month I was in L.V. for a week vacation and read that this half marathon was going to take place. I went the morning of and signed myself up. It is called Saints and Sinners and it was amazing! For 13.1 miles I was thinking to myself (I can’t believe I am actually doing this). Amazing experience for me. My son who was vacationing with me was very proud of his mom too.

  151. Favorite run was this past weekend….45 degrees with a slight breeze thru a ton of freshly fallen leaves….. That’s my favorite temp & crunching leaves makes me feel like a total badass! 🙂

  152. A 16 miler with a good friend from my front door to one of my favorite places, the MALL, and back in perfect weather. We saw the sun rise and a hot air balloon go by.

  153. My favorite recent run was the LONG overdue run. Did a few halfs late summer and early fall then gave myself a “few” weeks off that turned into a few months.

  154. My favorite recent run was actually a race. My BRF, Meagan and I did an 8 miler. The weather was beautiful, the people were beautiful and our conversation was perfect. We had a great pace, and finished strong. It was like everything was aligned for us. Simply amazing 🙂

  155. I’d taken a hiatus from my blog and was unable to write a restaurant review due to a recent suicide of a dear friend who went out that evening with me when I reviewed the venue. I felt wrong for talking about food when all I wanted to do was reflect on my moments with him. A long run with my running partner and friend allowed me an opportunity to talk about him and the quiet moments allowed me to reflect on him and my loss. A few days later I wrote that blog post and it was cathartic and just what I needed. THAT goes on record as a favorite run and defines what this passion of mine does for my soul.

  156. My favorite recent run was about 3 weeks ago at the Lawrence, KS Glow Run. I ran with my sister. I was just going for the atmosphere, but in trying to keep up my sister’s pace, I ended up running a 28:20 5K! I have never run that fast (usually 10:15-10:30 miles) and I probably won’t again!

  157. Lately I’ve had some consistently good runs on the treadmill…like the one I just had…a quick 2 miles with some 1/4 mile interval speed work. I don’t normally do speed work. Lol. But tonight I wanted to see what I could do. It felt great! We’ll see how I feel tomorrow! Second to tonight’s speed work would have to be Sundays 9 mile run with my neighbor and BRF. We haven’t run together in quite some time due to schedules. I was reluctant to go because I haven’t run long in what seems forever. I was so glad I did. My intention was to do just 5 and let her continue. But the morning was pretty perfect and we just ran…talking, laughing, and now I remember how much I love a long run.

  158. My favorite most recent run was my very first half-marathon! It was prefect weather and the course was through historic Newburyport MA. I cried like a baby when I crossed the finish line. How could that not be my favorite recent run??

  159. 8 miles on the treadmill at the YMCA near my grandfather’s house. I LOVED running at sea level, I had the BEST view of the falling leaves in Ohio and I cranked out those miles.

  160. My most favorite recent run was today – my FIRST run in my new town and state – Simpsonville, SC. I did a neighborhood tour which turned into a great hill repeat workout. It was an AMAZING feeling to be running and not really know what was up ahead.

  161. When my son turned one earlier this month, I decided it was time to do something for me. So we bought a really nice jogging stroller and last week I took it out for a spin. It took a little getting used to, but I felt so fantastic when I got home. I felt like me again. So I’d have to say that that first run with the new jogging stroller was my favorite run so far. I’m looking forward to many many more!

  162. My favorite run was actually my most recent. It was the Route 66 Half Marathon in Tulsa. I don’t do a lot of big runs like this one so I enjoy the change of pace from the smaller ones. This one had great support and volunteers and I will definitely be doing it again next year.

  163. Yesterday I had my best run recently. We had a speedwork class at the track. I don’t do these workouts unless there’s at least 1 other person, because, let’s face it, it’s not the most fun running, right? Anyhow, we had probably 8 women; did a warmup, plyo’s, drills, then a 1600/1200/800/400 ladder. Felt good, had fun. Some of us felt good enough for a 4miler on the trails afterwards. After injury and sickness all too often recently, that was a great running day! (and I feel good today too!) PS – my DD girls need all the help they can get 🙂

  164. It is so little, but it was my new fav. I ran home from dropping my son off to school. Between sick kids, being sick, and being pregnant, I haven’t done too much. But that run kept me uplifted all day! (I made good time too!)

  165. My best recent run was a crisp and cool 7 miles through my hometown on Thanksgiving morning. I don’t get back often, and wiggling around on the back roads and running the main strip really let me see how things have changed and how they’ve stayed the same.

  166. Favorite run recently: the Detroit Turkey Trot. Easy 5K, with an amazing view of the sun rising over the city at the 1-mile turn around.

  167. It would probably be the 5 miles on time change Sunday because there was a beautiful sunrise and crunchy leaves underfoot 🙂

  168. My favorite recent run was the Philadelphia half marathon…it was a beautiful day, and it was wonderful running past places that hold so many memories for me from college and my twenties. It was also the day before my birthday and was a great time to reflect on all I have accomplished this year and over the past twenty (!) years since I graduated.

  169. I ran 9mi, my longest distance two days. 4.5 mi uphill (or more like up mountain) into a strong headwind followed by 4.5mi downhill being pushed by that same wind, loved it. Super beautiful and super proud!

  170. My recent favorite run was for the Four Diamonds Fund 5K. Obviously, it wasn’t a long race, but it was the most rewarding one I’ve ever completed. The last leg of the race had “Hope Diamonds” commemorating children who are battling (or have lost their battle) with cancer. I just felt fortunate to be able to run for these kids. And I felt lucky to have two healthy ones of my own.

  171. My favorite recent run? Trying out speedwork in my neighborhood in the early morning hours. Instead of just counting the mindless loops as they went by, time flew because I had something else to concentrate on!

  172. My best recent run happened just last week. I took the dog out for a just him and me run and upon returning my son said for the first time,” How was your run mommy?” I smiled and said it was good but puppa ran more than mommy. He responded well then, you should run more. Encouragement comes in such cute forms.

  173. 2 days ago. I have not run (or done any exercising at all really) in a few month due to a nasty cold going around my house. So I went out two days ago and did 2 miles – that almost killed me! roflol 🙂 a stand out for sure!

  174. It had to be the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I was in Indepedence, MO and ran a 10 mile run on the Little Blue Trace trail. Got to see 4 turkeys that had “survived” Thanksgiving, as well as blue birds galore. The trail was beautiful and the morning was gorgeous!

  175. My running buddies and I (who are all board members of our local running club) went out and ran a course in our State Park that’s going to be a future Half, Full, 50k race that’s coming up in March. We were testing out the trails and we found the perfect 13 mile loop that has a little bit of everything. Flats, hills, rocks, sand, open, and full of trees. Our race participants will not be disappointed with this one! Bring it on Crazy Desert Trail Run!

  176. My best recent run was last Sunday with my husband. We never run together b/c we take turns running and watching our two kids. However, we scored my father-in-law to watch the napping kids so we could do 10 miles in the very cool, crisp, sunny fall afternoon. It was perfect.

  177. My best recent run was RunDisney’s Wine & Dine Half Marathon because I was so happy and strong the entire 13.1 miles!! I’ve never felt that good during a long run before – the whole race rocked!

  178. My favorite recent run was an early morning run today with a close friend. The quarter is coming to a close, so life in grad school is even more intense then usual. But we had a great run by Lake Michigan, and went out on our favorite pier. Looking back towards shore, we saw the moon, on the way to setting, and it was HUGE!!! I got teary and just felt so lucky: that I can run, that I was with this dear friends, that I was on the lake, and that I got to see that gosh-darn beautiful moon. Oh, and right, I picked grad school too, so I guess even though I hate the stress, I’m happy to be here too!

  179. My favorite recent run was (while short) with my hubby on Thanksgiving morning…we ran for 30 min, but every 5 min we would stop to do a set of 15-20 push-ups and then continue on our way…by the end of the run, I ended up doing a total of 100 push-ups!

  180. My favorite recent run was the Nike Women’s Half. It was a great girl’s weekend, and it was a race that said “I’m Back!” after a year of back pain. And was one of the few lately because my back pain is back. But not for long- I’m determined to put an end to this cycle!

  181. My best recent run was a 6 miler done with my brf, Paula, the day after thanksgiving. We had had a rough run the Wednesday before and I was dreading getting out there again after all the food I’d put away on turkey day! But the weather was awesome and the company was terrific, and once we got started we took our time and just enjoyed the experience. It was the kind of run that reminds you why you fell in love with it to begin with. 🙂

  182. My favorite recent run was just yesterday. I had taken some time off, then tried to get back to it last week when hormones, traveling and Thanksgiving eating wreaked havoc with my digestive system and my runs were horrible. Yesterday was a beautiful, chilly, 4 mile run with two tempo miles (from TLAM 5k Own It Plan) that went perfectly!

  183. Last Saturday’s 8 mile run. Perfect weather. Perfect pace. Feeling strong and capable. But by Sunday morning, the runner’s knee trouble that had been stalking me for the last 2 months made it clear that I was going to have to take a break from running. So without knowing when I will run again, I will appreciate that 8 miler for a while.

  184. My favorite recent run was last Saturday afternoon. I grew up in upstate NY, but for most of my running life have lived in Hawaii. I’ve never run in the cold, but since I was home in NY for Thanksgiving, I gave it a shot. Saturday was freezing, super windy, and briefly even snowy, but the breathtaking scenery and memories from growing up there made me forget the cold and totally enjoy the run!

  185. My favorite recent run was a simple 4 miles on the indoor track because my knee FINALLY didn’t hurt at all after almost 3 months of injury!

  186. Standout run… a gorgeous fall day, on the trail with my dad and his dog, running along a perfectly clear lake… I even took a hard fall onto my elbow and felt it for a week, but it was still the most lovely run in spite of that!
    Sidenote… I took your advice a few weeks ago and bought a Champion Smoothie bra. LOVE IT! And I already ordered a 2nd 🙂 Will never wear a cheap-o bra again. Totally worth every penny!

  187. My favorite recent run was on my treadmill. (Can’t believe I just typed that!). I don’t love being on a treadmill because I prefer the great outdoors but I’ll take my run however I can get it and sometimes it’s just indoors. So up until this recent run that I loved, the longest I had ever gone on the mill was 7. Even that was a bit of a stretch because I just get bored. So one Saturday I needed to do 10 and it was biting cold outside so I decided to hit the mill. The miles FLEW by! I felt fantastic and couldn’t believe I had actually gone 10!

  188. In October, I ran a “Trick or Trot 5K” with my BRF and despite being surprisingly hilly and running in costume, without really trying too hard we almost PRed & went sub 30min. Too bad we weren’t really paying attention to time and we would have. It’s amazing what you can do when you are running with a friend in a tutu 🙂

  189. 6 weeks ago I ran for the first time since having my third baby in late August. It sucked – but it was magical to be out on the road again, sweating, and enjoying a few minutes to myself (even if I did feel like crap!).

  190. Favorite recent run was along a local beach – it is a mile long (and marked every quarter mile) so I can keep track of my distance while in view of the ocean. Nothing is more spirit lifting than running at the beach!

  191. This morning! It was poring down rain in Portland (shocker, right?) and I met my friend Sarah at Southwest Comm Center to run on treadmills. Talked and laughed my way through almost 90 min of running! Unbelievable! but walked out of there feeling fabulous.

  192. My best recent run was with my two best running friends at the Hot Chocolate 15K in Columbus, OH. We live in Cincinnati so we made a girls weekend out of it and stayed the night- one which was sooo appreciated away from the hectic family lives we lead. Race morning was perfect- chilly cool air, flat interesting course, and chocolate at the end- what could be better?!! We had a great race! Only later we realized in the photos that we all need new sports bras- the headlights were poking out if you know what I mean and I realized I have not taken the time to take care of my ladies as I have not bought a new sports bra in over 2 years- yikes! I always go for shoes and running clothes. I love the sound of these bras and would love to try one!

  193. My group of running buddies trots through our neighborhood v. early n the am. The first few start before 5. Others are pick up as we go up and down the streets. As one can imagine it’s D-A-R-K, dark running in our rural area! The last full moon made for an absolutely beautiful run! The moon shadows were wonderful.
    Even the fact that I couldn’t get the Cat Stevens song, “Moon Shadows” (Yes, I’m dating myself.) out of my head for most of the day didn’t change how beautiful it was that morning. 🙂

  194. It had been a busy week and a half at work and the Tuesday before Thanksgiving I just needed to GO. RUN. Some days are just like that, right?! I headed to my favorite trail – I hadn’t been there since my half marathon training this summer and decided to follow a new part of the trail – it was a glorious, invigorating 5 mile out and back. I felt so much better afterwards – leaving it all on the trail. It’s fine. I ran today!

  195. My favorite recent run was last week. I was having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day so decided to go for a semi-long run. I set out to do 8, took a wrong turn and did a little more than 12. I felt a whole lot better and pretty bad ass after that accidental run.

  196. My favorite recent run was the local 5 mile turkey trot with my 12 year old son. I thought I’d have to slow down for him but he actually made me go faster ! Of course he had to sprint past me at the finish … Almost tripped me ! I’m hoping its only the first of many races we run together ! I was so proud of him !!

  197. My father passed away this past August. On Thanksgiving Day, he would have turned 73. I ran an 8K race in his memory. It was the fastest 5 miles I have ever run and the last mile was faster than the first. I listened to some of his favorite music and wished he could have seen me. I’d like to think he would have been pleased.

  198. My 15 year old and I did a 5K race a few weeks ago and I lost her after a couple of turns. I was feeling really good and then realized I was running mostly by myself. Not sure whether I was in the front or back of the pack, I just kept pushing myself to the finish line where it turns out I placed second in my age group! The stars must have been aligned perfectly that day, because my watch clocked some of my miles in the 7:xx range!! Totally Awesome!

  199. My best run was with my husband, the day before we left Memphis for Texas. We ran around the base, talked, laughed, enjoyed the view…it was beautiful! Usually, I can’t keep up with him, but we were preparing for him to be deployed (he has returned) and just making the best out of what we had at the moment. Remembering this run always makes me smile.

  200. My favorite recent run…well I have 2. The first being my first run without pushing kids 2 weeks after giving birth to my 3rd child. I ran the fastest mile in years…8:34/mile for a distance of 2 miles…2 weeks after baby- I was PUMPED.
    The other run that ties with this is the first run I took pushing my 3 kids in the new triple jogger 8 days after giving birth to my 3rd. It was a slow run, but pushing 3 kids ages 3.5, 2, and 8 days was quite the load!!

  201. My best most recent run was a few weeks ago. My boyfriend watched my kids so I could run solo (which NEVER happens) and at night in the cool weather (which is my second favorite after rainy/snowy runs). It felt so good to just escape and get away that before I knew it I had cranked out 4 miles without a problem after not running for a few weeks prior to that. It was amazing 🙂

  202. My best recent run was a basement treadmill run, but what set it apart was a brand new running song list. I was pushed by the songs to run harder and finished feeling so much stronger. <3

  203. My favorite run recently was a 1 mile treadmill run but it was with NO pain. The first run in 3 weeks and the first one in awhile with no pain. Felt good to be back.

  204. My favorite run was on election day. I just started running in March after taking 8 years off to have 4 kids. While watching the election coverage, I finally ran 3 miles without walking once!!

  205. My favorite recent run was a half-marathon: I PR’d, came in under 2 hours for the first time, and took no walk breaks for the first time in a race of that distance. Triumph!

  206. My favorite recent run would have to be my first marathon that I just ran 2 weeks ago. It was amazing. It was a beautiful day and I was with my training group for most of the run. It felt like the miles just went by and before I knew, I was at the 21 mile mark and feeling good. My family drove around and popped up at 8 spots from start to finish. I loved seeing all their smiling cheering faces and that pushed me on through each mile. It was a truly an amazing run for me.

  207. My favorite recent run was this morning on the treadmill. I’m loving wearing shorts and a t-shirt instead of all the cold weather layers. It’s getting harder to put on winter layers over my 7 months pregnant belly!

  208. My favorite recent run was the Pensacola Marathon. I got injured a week before and showed up to the race half-expecting to drop out with a gimpy knee after a few miles. As it turned out, I made it all the way to the finish line pain-free, and set a 23-minute PR on top of it! I love it when the body beats the mind!

  209. My favorite recent run was just yesterday. I went out with no purpose in mind, no planned route, no idea how far I was going, no iPod – I just ran for the joy of it, something I had not done in a long time.

  210. My favorite most recent one was my very last run…on June 23. I did 6 super slow miles after finishing my marathon the weekend before, and it felt great to stretch my legs and enjoy a run “just because”. I was hit by a car a week later while riding bike, and haven’t been able to run since. I dream about that run. Hopefully soon I can start making more running memories soon!

  211. Best recent run was with my BRF, who also happens to be my mom’s boyfriend. We just did a lite 4 miles but it was great! We laughed and had fun and pushed ourselves at the end. Not only is my mom lucky to have him, but I’m lucky too!

  212. Two weeks ago: 5 mile training run after being off for 3 weeks due to a nasty cold. I was in training for my second ever half and was feeling pretty discouraged. However, the staff at my local running store gave me so much encouragement to just get out there and go for a run. It motivated me so much. Sadly, on my run, I came down pretty hard on a rock and did some major foot damage. My half had slipped away. But, that run did more for me than any of my other training runs had done. It reminded me that I LOVE to run! I’m already planning for my next half in February!

  213. My favorite recent run was my son’s first-ever one mile “fun run” just before my Turkey Trot 5k in our hometown this Thanksgiving. He really wanted to run it but he’s only 4 years old, and I was not sure how it was going to go, but we signed up to run together anyway. When he got tired, he asked me to hold his hand and to my surprise, he kept on running right to the finish line! Then, I ran my 5k race with such pride after seeing him accomplish what he set out to do that day. 🙂 It was actually two great runs in one!

  214. My favorite recent run was when we were in Chicago for Thanksgiving and I was able to run on the lakefront. It made me realize how much I love running!

  215. My favorite recent run was a 10 miler a few weeks ago. Temperature was in the 40s with no wind and I felt good. If I didn’t have to be home at a certain time, I probably would have run longer!

  216. Favorite recent run was a short random 4.5 miler with a friend down the street. We hadn’t ran together since our last half marathon and she randomly texted one morning. I knew I only had a short amount of time to run and I took her up on it. So great to get out and chat 🙂

  217. My favorite recent run was a 4 miler with my daughter! I live in the country and run our rolling hills usually but drove to my daughter’s house and ran with her in her neighborhood and was able to run without being too nervous of all the barking dogs (although my grip on my pepper spray would tighten occasionally, lol) I was attacked by a pit bull back in May while out on a run and it has caused me to be anxious now while running when I never was before!!

  218. My favorite recent run was a 5K Turkey Trot I ran with my husband last week. I’ve been fighting a sore leg since I ran the Disney Wine & Dine 1/2 Marathon at the beginning of the month and was really thinking I’d end up having the walk instead of “trot”. Not only did I run the whole race, but I set a PR! I was beyond thrilled!!

  219. On Monday, I met my friends Katie and Kimberly for a run on Green Mountain. We were celebrating Kimberly’s 39th birthday. We typically start from one location but we started from another. It was foggy and snow/ice was falling to make our hair all frosty. Even though I run this 7 mile trail run at least once a week, it felt like a completely different trail because of the conditions and where we started. It’s always good to mix things up!

  220. Favorite run to date is the Turkey Trot just last week! I have always walked/jogged never have I ran or jogged even a mile without stopping to walk some. Something kicked in tHanksgiving morning, and I jogged the complete 5k without stopping. Yes, it’s only a 5k but it’s a huge accomplishment and I was just so excited! Although my legs felt like jello, I loved every moment!!!

  221. This Sunday I ran my final taper (10 miles) before my first ever ‘thon. Over Thanksgiving week, I had had a stomach flu, so missed a few short runs, yet the 10 miles went by quickly. We ran in a new section of trail – along the river, and it felt easy and strong.

  222. My favorite run was my treadmill workout yesterday, which is funny because I hate the treadmill and run outside if at all possible. I was tired and decided to walk, with a few running sprints. Usually I’m pretty slow, but I must be getting faster because the 11-min. mile pace seemed easy! I didn’t expect to see improvement because I’ve just been slogging through my runs lately, but that was a nice surprise.

  223. I am just back from a great run – 7 miles in the rain, every mile quicker than the one before it (except one hilly mile in the middle). And now I’m back in my nice warm house, knowing I’ve done my hard work for the day!

  224. It was a simple 3-miler through my hilly neighborhood. I got to run without the dog, without the baby, and for the first time in years the hills didn’t get to me. It felt like some kind of a break through.

  225. My last favorite run was neither scenic nor fast. It was the day after Thanksgiving and we went on a family run with my husband, his sister and my little 6 1/2 month pregnant self. I am slower these days but they still stayed with me the whole time, just enjoying to run as a family.

  226. My best recent run was an easy 5 miler with a hill that used to leave me sucking wind but now just lets me know I had to work a little bit harder.

  227. Yesterday! My BRF and I did a quick 3-miler through the local arboretum. It was beautiful, crisp, refreshing and the conversation was wonderful.

  228. My favorite run was with my husband 2 weeks ago. We went out at 9PM, due to an injury, he normally rides his bike while I run. 1/4 way through our run he hid his bike in some bushes and joined me. On our way back, we couldn’t find his bike. He told me to go ahead with my run while he searched the nearby bushes. After 1/2 mile, I actually found his bike — he had actually gone further than either of us knew! I actually ran back to tell him where his bike was and added an extra mile to my run. Each time I think of this run, I laugh a little.

  229. My fav recent run was this morning when I let my thoughts run away thinking about my deceased sister and how I want to honor her and her memory this year. I’ve decided to run a half in her honor to raise money for brain tumor research. I’m having shirts made for our “Team Lisa” run!

  230. This past Saturday I ran down by the river on a new route. Passing a barn and beautiful fall leaves everywhere, I was very impressed by the run. Turning down a new road I cam across horses on the left and a marsh with ducks and geese on the right. Magnificent!

  231. Thanksgiving morning I went out to do a 3 mile run per my training program. I have this problem, I can’t only do 3. I have to do 3.1. It’s a compulsion. Anyway, I had been running on the treadmill, and I have a tendency to run much faster outside. It was only near the second half of my run that I looked at my nike watch and realized I was running about 30 seconds under my normal OUTSIDE pace. As a result, I ended up running my fastest mile ever, and my fastest 5k!

  232. Choosing a favorite run would be like choosing a favorite child – I’m not able to do it! I pretty much get something each and everytime I step out the door – even when it’s not ideal! They are all my favorites 😉

  233. My favorite run recently was the Diva Dash. I ran with two of my all time favorite girlfriends. We started to together, we finished together and the scenery was beautiful! All of us PR’d and to top it off, the Diva Dash is charity run to fight ovarian cancer. Win, win, win!

  234. Favorite recent run was Thanksgiving. I wasn’t able to do the local Turkey Trot, so I made up my own 5K in my BIL’s neighborhood. I managed to pull 7:45s, my first stretch of sub-8 miles since having kids!

  235. My favorite run ever was a one hour run on the beach with my best friend. We live apart (UT and MT) and when we get to run together we feel lucky!
    My best recent run was on Thanksgiving morning — my own little 5K. Solitude, nice pace, and sunshine!

  236. My most favorite recent run was last night. i did a speed workout by myself in the dark, and ran 2 one mile repeats in 7:30. I have never been able to do that!! It was so empowering!

  237. My favorite recent run was my 10 mile training run before work on Monday. I’ve been in a bit of a training slump and was supposed to get this training run done on Sunday. Instead, I opted to catch up on TV and have a lazy day. So – I had to motivate early on Monday morning to get this run out of the way. I was concerned that it wasn’t going to go well since I haven’t been as motivated recently. Considering that I have my 5th half marathon coming in less than 2 weeks, I felt I didn’t have much of a choice.

    Alarm went off and I stopped thinking…and went! The run went surprisely well and I’m feeling re-motivated!! I realized that I’ve been getting in the majority of my training runs and I am ready for the race. I just needed to give myself a break. This has been a great running year and a little slump can be overcome!

  238. I’m slowly building my miles back up so when I only had six on the schedule this past Saturday I was so exciting! My six mile route was one I take often. The wind was so bad I felt like it was actually picking me up and throwing me backwards. As soon as turned around at the half way point and the wind was at my back I felt a burst of energy. The last three miles were fast for me and for the first time in a long time I didn’t count them down. I was done before I knew it. Runs like that make me feel like I can do anything!

  239. Been going through a lot of tough stuff in my personal life. On Thanksgiving, I ran a Turkey Trot. It was cold and I was not too comfortable for the first 2 miles (as usual), but when I got into Mile 3, it was as if my music took over and I was able to just step out of my life and BE…I felt my body working, was inspired by an empowering song and suddenly realized that I have all the strength inside me that I need to get through any situation in life.

    Just a little old Turkey Trot…empowering me for life.

  240. My favorite recent run was last night, in my head while trying to fall asleep. I’ve been sidelined since the Trenton half (my first DNF damnit) on November 10th, because of an “irregular surface behind the knee cap creating friction resulting in intense pain and inflammation”. Not exercising for nearly 3 weeks has my head and heart in a funk; let’s not even mention the full-on insomnia now. So, lying in bed trying not to panic about not falling asleep – I realized running relaxes me, so why not run – in my mind’s eye? I created a 40 degree morning, blue sky, bright sun, empty roads, most awesome playlist, favorite running cap, no time restrictions, no one waiting for me to get back home to serve them, I flew up hills, I coasted pain-free down hills, I soared on the flats – I savored the good-pain-tired-strong feeling in my legs. Most favorite run to-date …. Until tonight. 🙂 Run strong Ladies!

  241. My favorite run recently was a bit different. I’ve been struggling a bit with a conflict in our local swim club and on Saturday a short quick 4 miler helped me to gain some clarity of thought. The turning point was during a run through our local cemetery. Hilly, wooded and simply beautiful, many local inspirations are buried here. These include a terrific local leader and our state’s 1st All-American swimmer, whose biography and a brief moment standing at his grave during my run provided just what I needed right now.

  242. Hands down, favorite run to date has been the Presidio 10K in San Fran. The weather was perfect, the view was breathtaking, and it’s been to date, my best 10K time.

  243. My best recent run was on Thanksgiving morning. It was chilly but dry (no rain which is big living in the Pacific Northwest)and even a little sunny. My body felt good and I came back recharged, energized and ready to enjoy the day with family. It was a perfect way to start the day!

  244. I had broken up with running after some hard weeks of dwindling motivation. I decided to get back together yesterday and went for a run. It was clear and cold, my favorite weather to run in, and I fell in love again.

  245. Did an all women’s 10 mile run on a beautiful fall morning. I went into it thinking of it as a slow, training run for an upcoming half marathon. Ended up doing a negative split with a really strong finish with a friend by my side the whole time. Awesome!

  246. Ten days ago I got to run the Big Sur Half Marathon… running on the edge of the western world! 🙂 It was the most beautiful run I’ve ever been on. The hills were hard, but they could not outweigh the beauty of the run. It was supposed to rain, but the weather turned out to be perfect. Sunny and gorgeous as I ran along the coast of my Pacific ocean!

  247. Yesterday’s run was fabulous. About 1:00 I started feeling sick to my stomach and knew my planned treadmill run wasn’t going to be fun – so at 2:00 when the students left, I sprinted to my car, drove home, changed as quickly as I could and ran as long as I could as fast as I could until the bus came to drop off my son. I managed to get in 7 glorious miles with zero stomach issues on a crisp, cold day and felt like a rockstar.

  248. My favorite recent run was a Sunday 3 miler with just myself and my dog. I hadn’t run outside in a while and my Boxer mix was super excited when I grabbed the leash. We set off for an almost effortless run that we both enjoyed!

  249. That’s an easy question! My favorite run was today’s. It was an early morning trail run that ended up being just over 6 miles. So happy that I was able to do it- especially because just was diagnosed with bursitis in my hip. The trails are what is allowing me to run without pain. Love!

  250. I ran with my BFF last week. We didn’t run together all summer and it was awesome to hit our favorite trail together again.

  251. Almost two weeks ago I started having horrible stomach cramping. Four days later and with some time at the ER, I was sent home to rest, eat a bland diet and visit a gastroenterologist. My best run therefore was Thanksgiving morning. When I finally got up the confidence to go for a run and hope my stomach wouldn’t start hurting. Once I got out there, it was beautiful, and I ended up running 5+ miles. I am so thankful for that run and that I still have my good health.

  252. My favorite recent run was this past Thanksgiving morning. I ran with a great group of friends. The weather was gorgeous and the sky was so pretty that we wished we had a camera to take pictures. What a wonderful way to start out a thankful day!

  253. I ran three glorious miles yesterday after battling bronchitis. It was nice to get back out there, and I wasn’t coughing with every step!

  254. My Thanksgiving day run (the Flying Feather 4 Miler). For two reasons, I ran a “smart” race with negative splits and at 4 months post-baby my pace was faster than it has been in 2 years!

  255. Just last night I did a grueling 6 STEEP hill repeats with a fellow gal from our local running club. Halfway through I realized: this was the first hill workout I’d gotten to do with a partner since my college running career eleven years ago! SO nice to have someone else there with me, pushing up those hills. Camaraderie!

  256. One of my most recent favourite runs was on a great cool crisp sunny Sunday morning. I ran the country roads around my house, not one car went past and the sun just made it perfect.

  257. My most recent fav run was the Monumental Marathon November 3rd. I ran with a friend…her first marathon, my fourth. As always, Indiana weather performed its well known variety! We started with mostly clear skies, no wind, 40ish degrees PERFECT weather. By mile 13 we had steady drizzle, mile 19 sleet, mile 23 downpour. When the finisher medal was put around our necks, we could only laugh and know we truly earned it!!!

  258. I’ve been on vacation for nearly a week. In the 4 runs in this different state has given me a new set of legs. I feel like I have the legs of a twenty year old–they are so light and have little fatigue after 36 miles. I can’t figure out what the cause is but IT’S WONDERFUL!

  259. My best run (and first race since I was 17 years old, I am now 34) was at the 2012 Ft. Worth Marathon. The weather was awful, but it all disappeared when my two boys ran with me to the finish line. I hoped to finish in 4:30 and finished in 4:18!

  260. I had to travel “home” to Illinois for my grandmother’s funeral over the Veteran’s Day weekend. (I currently live in NH.) I’m training for a half, so that weekend called for a 5 mile run – the longest I had ever had to run (in my whole life!) up to that point. Not only did I need the run for my training, but also for quiet therapy time, between grief and various family stressors. It didn’t hurt that I got to do it in the flat, flat, flat farmland of home. I set a PR for overall pace, had time to breathe, and felt good that I got it done, even in a horribly busy time. My immediate family was very supportive of me going, as well.

  261. My favorite most recent run was Thanksgiving morning…much like a lot of the previous entries. A beautiful morning here in Colorado, a Turkey Trot to benefit a worthy cause and a bag of Grandma’s Noodles in the goodie bag!

  262. My favorite run is that I ran at all! After 3 surgeries, graduate school, a toddler and a new job I have let taking care of myself fall to the wayside, until this week!

    We are climbing back into those running shoes and taking care of business!

  263. Thanksgiving Day with my youngest! It was great bonding time for us. We ran a 5K run in fits and starts! I let my son set the pace as I wanted him to learn to enjoy running. We sprinted then we walked then jogged AND we finished in 41 minutes! He was proud. So am I.

  264. I ran a 5K with my 9-year old girl. She huffed and puffed, pushed herself to the limit. I ran behind smiling and encouraging her the whole way. She even sprinted across the finish line and then asked when we could do the next race! Worst time ever, best moment ever.

  265. This past weekend, I went out for a “whatever feels good run” and ended up really enjoying a 3 miler that started out with a hill that was about a half mile long and then a nice stretch of road. After running mostly on trails or on the treadmill for the past few months, it was a nice change of pace to be able to be outside but not worry about tripping over roots, rocks or other pieces of mother nature. The sun was out, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and it was a brisk 40 some degrees – perfect running weather in my opinion.

  266. My best recent run had to be back a bit ago in October, when I ran my second half-marathon. Around mile 4 I approached a group of women who were chatting it up about all the races they had completed recently or were getting ready for (in between breaks in the conversation when they broke out in song!) For about 2 miles I laughed at their antics and finally by mile 6, I worked up my courage and asked if I could crash their running group. They were pacing one of their friends so she could get a new PR. Around mile 9, one of the women said, “You’ve got a lot more in you…catch up to my friends. You can totally run their pace!” So I did, and made my new PR…going from 2:38 in my first half to 2:08 in my second!! I had a great experience, and I am so grateful to those fun women!!

  267. I have cut way back on running since my disappointing marathon in October. About 2 weeks ago I was running about 3 miles and felt so loose and easy. Awesome. My legs loosened up and strides felt effortless. Love that feeling.

  268. My runs are not as frequent as I adjust to the colder temps and my husband’s busy work schedule. Last Saturday morning I ran with my Lululemon run club- it was great to reunite with some friends who I haven’t run with in a while. Good company and positive vibes kept me smiling through the entire chilly morning run 🙂

  269. My favorite recent run was with one of my girls from the Couch-to-5k group that I have been leading. In the course of 9 weeks Crystal went from not running to completing my usual 5k route with me. Yes, my pace was a bit slower than usual but I will gladly run alongside someone as dedicated as her. She showed up for every training run (2x weekly) and also did a run on her own no matter how challenging she found it. It felt SO great to share my love of running with someone who is so excited to start her own running journey.

  270. A run shortened by injury but therapeutic nonetheless as I was able to speak freely about a terrible diagnosis we had just received. Now if that injury would disappear my sanity would appreciate it! Need to run more then ever…

  271. Recently I was able to hit the pavement right after work, watch a beautiful sunset, see deer in a field near my house and just have a stress relieving run. Can’t beat those days!

  272. My most favorite recent run was with my 2 year old! She’s the best little coach continuously shouting, “Momma runnin’ so fast! Wheee!” and “Good job Momma!” How could I not keep going! … even when I ate a bug, she said “Momma ate a bug!! Spit it out!!” 🙂

  273. Late in the day several weeks ago, started out through the neighborhood with a loop through the fall colored woods nearby. Not too long, abut 5 miles total.

  274. My favorite recent run was one where I set out for just a quick run to test out my IT band injury and I ended up doing more miles than planned because I felt so dang good.

  275. Thanksgiving day – the rain stopped it was cool and clear. I got to run with my best running friend who I hadn’t seen in awhile. We set out to do 8 easy miles just catching up. She just moved to a new neighborhood, so we were exploring and ended up running 11 miles instead. Didn’t feel guilty about one bite of food I had later. 🙂

  276. My favorite recent run was along a paved trail through the woods in my small city. It was cold and clear and quiet. So peaceful!

  277. Being a new runner..almost all recent runs stand out for some reason or another: Training with a group of friends, high fiving and sweaty hugging PR’s or record distances…But last Saturday, two of us logged our longest runs, ever: 9 for a half marathon in January. Being able to share the moment with a group of B(R)F’s..priceless!

  278. My favorite recent run was a trail 10k I did the weekend after my first half marathon. Smart training? Maybe not, but to me being out there AFTER finishing my goal run for the year meant that I wasn’t going to give up like I’ve done so many times before. Plus it was a BEAUTIFUL day, and for a great cause. Hooray for finding & keeping the running LOVE.

  279. On Thanksgiving day I ran with one of my closest friends, Meagan. She and her family live in Chicago and I live in KC. We rarely get to see each other and get caught up. We ran 1.5 miles to a park with her 9 year old daughter and 7 year old son. We met our husbands with the younger kiddos. She and I ran the quarter mile trail around the park stopping to make up our own strength intervals then the 1.5 miles back to house. We decided along the way home that we are going to run the Chicago Marathon in 2013 and train together long distance. I can’t wait!! P.S. My sad, recently non-nursing boobs are begging for a new sports bra 🙂

  280. My best recent run was the Turkey Trot. My average Pace is around 10:40 per mile. But this race was a 4 mile race and i was set and determined to do it in under 40 minutes. I DID, i ran the 4 miles in 34:36, and 8:40 Pace!!! I just proved to myself that day that it can be done!!

  281. Oh my gosh Dim & SBS!! I was just telling my husband last night that as soon as we get a little bit of money, I need to invest in some new sports bras and here’s why: So, yesterday was my BEST recent run. I have been working out with a personal trainer since the birth of our last baby (#4) and one of my goals was to go from a 12 minute mile to a 10 by Dec 3rd. So yesterday was the day to test my progress and I ran it in 10:06!! YES!! Then we did some strength and followed that with sprints. During my last sprint, I pumped so hard that my DD’s popped right out of my lousy sports bra. I pretended to bend over and “catch my breath” when really I was trying to discretely tuck the rebels back in! Aagh!! I would love to put one of these Champion bras to the test!! Thanks ladies!! 🙂

  282. Favorite recent run: Finishing my 1st half-marathon this past October – totally welled up with tears at the end, awesome accomplishment achieved. Have also had some good “quickie” runs in the past week where my legs have felt “not so heavy” and runs were, dare I say it, “fun”?

  283. My first run after my second baby, without the jogging stroller, all by myself. I ran about 1/2 mile and suddenly I was overcome with emotion and I stopped and started crying (and I never cry!!) They were totally tears of happiness. LIFE IS SO GREAT!

  284. I am in the midst if moving so no recent runs…but I am excited because we are moving to Co where they have indoor tracks!!!!

  285. Probably the run where I took a different route than usual and the trees were changing. I felt as though I was enrobed in gold and orange through the biggest part of the run. It was gorgeous.

  286. My favorite recent run was my Sunday 6 miler on a beautiful trail through my favorite city.
    I get to run that trail every other week, and I love it every time.

  287. Mine was a 5K Turkey Trot that we renamed the Gobble Hobble because of my recent injuries(rolling my ankle and spraining/straining ONLY the Posterior talofibular ligament~which my Dr said he had never seen that happen before!~the day after I turned 40) But I finished it in 42:38 which is no where near a personal best but was really good for this hobbler AND I did it with both my daughters running by my side, 11 &13. Onward to the Santa’s North Pole Dash and longer races in the coming year!

  288. My greatest run was last week when I ran 6 miles and for the first time EVER I made it up that impossible monster sized hill!

  289. Most favorite recent run was when it was warm out and the days were long. (I prefer summer running…cold & dark just isn’t my thing! I hate treadmills!) It was about 5:45 AM and a deer wandered onto the path. I stopped, he stopped and we starred at each other. Then he meandered off the path to munch on some grass. I stood there for what SEEMED like forever just staring in awe at the beautiful creature before me (that I have NEVER seen so close! Just FEET away!) – and I still ended up with a record time for the run.

  290. My best recent run was doing a 5 mile tempo and what made it so great was that I went out thinking I wouldn’t have time to complete it but I did! I was so thrilled to get in such a great workout…unfortunately, since that run my knee has been very tender so I’ve had to slow down and rest it. But I’m anxious to have a great run like that again in the near future!

  291. After recently completing my very first Half Marathon (Rock N’ Roll San Antonio) the high had dwindled and I was feeling a bit low about my recent weight gain. So, I decided to get back on track and got up at 4:30 a.m. to go run at the gym yesterday. When I got to the gym I felt very uncomfortable as I looked around because I was the ONLY woman there! I don’t know why but I almost cut my run short as I felt out of place in a gym full of men. Then something clicked and I suddenly felt very empowered and I thought to myself “why feel intimidated by this.” I left the gym yesterday with so much confidence that lasted all day! I am ready for 4:30 tomorrow morning when I go back for another run at the gym 🙂

  292. This mornings 3 miler..I can count my AM runs on one hand, I’m just NOT a morning person, as much as I wish I was. I have late meetings at work today, so I forced myself to the gym for 3 miles. The gym was actually very warm, and I was a tad dehydrated so I wanted to stop after 1, but I kept going.

  293. My most recent stand-out run was the first time using my Belly Band…I don’t have a HUGE belly yet, but I wanted to see what it felt like and get used to wearing it. I completed 6M and was surprised by how comfortable it was. I can’t even tell its on! This will most definitely come in handy these next few months.

  294. Last week my neighbor and I did a pre-emptive run on Thanksgiving morning (make some room for that turkey!). Since we usually run super early in the morning when it’s dark, it was nice to run in daylight for a change.

  295. What’s your favorite recent run? Will always be when my family runs/walks TOGETHER. We did a Thanksgiving 5k and my 7.5 yr old son wanted to run/walk with me. My niece (10yrs) ran with us and this was her first 5k. I am the only one in the family that runs on a regular basis. My 12 yr old son stayed back with my husband.

  296. It was the morning of the Seattle Marathon. I couldn’t run because my husband and a friend were running the race, leaving me with the kids. It was freezing, foggy, and the Sunday after Thanksgiving, but I loaded the kids (all 55 lbs of them) into the double stroller and did my own half marathon, stopping a couple times to re-up the snacks in the stroller and switch podcasts on my iPod. The trail was quiet. The fog left dew on my eyelashes. And the air felt so clean and brisk in my lungs. Best part? Getting home before the husband and being first in the shower!

  297. I love Champion sports bras…I have quite the collection! My best recent run was hands down last week on Thanksgiving. I ran a 5k Turkey Trot with my 6 year old son. He made it the WHOLE way. I was so proud of him…his very first race! It wasn’t fast, but my heart was beaming at his HUGE accomplishment!

  298. My recent favorite run was my very first turkey trot. I have run a ton of races but never a “turkey trot”. It was 5 days post having 6 teeth removed so I ran much slower and had a pounding face ache for about 10 minutes afterwards. However, I did it with one of my favorite mother runners and it felt sooo good after having surgery and being stuck in a house with a 4 and 2 y/o to get out, have girl time, and run in the cold!!

  299. My favorite recent run was last week’s first post marathon run. My legs were so fresh and rested, and it felt great to run for fun – without following a training plan!

  300. Two weeks ago I went out for a solo run on a Friday night. (Lame, I know, but with four kids age six and under, that’s our idea of an exciting Friday night. ). A few miles into it I realized I was loving it so much I called my husband and asked if he was okay with the kids so I could go longer) He agreed and we were all better off for it.

  301. I put in a fierce long run last Saturday. Due to a hectic work schedule, including working the holiday, the only opportunity I had for a long run was on Saturday night. Temps were in the 20s, the moon was full, and while my pace was slow, I got in my full scheduled mileage without any complaints from my knee. I was so glad that I made myself power through!

  302. On Thanksgiving I ran on the beach at Rockaway Beach. It was a beautiful, serene run with partly sunny skies (which is lucky in Oregon). My body enjoyed the softer running surface as well. 🙂 I even found a whole sand dollar on the run, which I brought back for my son.

  303. My favorite recent run was at the park near our house. A short 30 min run around the lake on a cold morning was just perfect.

  304. My favorite recent run was a 9 miler in the mountains of New Mexico. It was so beautiful and peaceful. I wish I lived closer so I can enjoy it every day.

  305. My 10 year old daughter ran with me on Thanksgiving morning. I was crabby before we left because things weren’t going as I had planned and my daughter often gives up quickly when she joins me for a run. We took a quiet, wooded route that I usually love running by myself. We had such a fun time talking and enjoying the scenery that she ran further than she’s ever gone before! The rest of the day was perfect!

  306. My favorite recent run…the first “run” after surgery! I had arthroscopic surgery to fix a labral tear on my right hip. Just this week, I was allowed to “run” in place for 5 minutes on an extremely padded surface. I have not run since September, so even though it was itty bitty and running in place, it was RUNNING to me. 🙂 I have 4 more weeks until I can get outside and go for a real run!

  307. My first ever Runch on Monday! I’m proud of myself for not making any excuses and getting out there despite teasing from co-workers! 🙂

  308. My favorite recent run was Saturday, the first cold run of the season, with my running buddy Kita, a husky/malamute mix. The quiet, crisp air, along with the “woo woo woos” from my running buddy, was perfect for getting me back out there after recovering from a knee injury during a half in Oct. Ahhhh feels soooo good to be out running again!!

  309. My best most recent run was a 5K I on Nov 3rd with my 6 yr old daughter. It was her first 5K and she won her age group (10 and under). I was so very proud of her. She smiled through the whole run!!

  310. My favorite run was Monday. I’ve been running for a little over a year. I’ve been doing intervals. 1 min walk : 1 min run. I’ve gotten pretty far that way. Completed a ton of 5ks. But a few months ago something clicked and I wanted to push myself. Monday I ran my first full mile without stopping! Then I came home, registered for my first half marathon and ordered Train Like A Mother.

  311. Recently my 12 year old an I hit the cross country was full of footbridges, hills, and eneven surfaces. It was only 2 miles but physically more challenging than my long runs. My dear daughter ran like the wind and pushed me much harder than I would have done on my own. I haven’t enjoyed a run as much.

  312. My most favorite recent run, and I am a new runner…anniversary of beginning to run- January of last year- was an early Saturday morning in a neighborhood near where we live in Georgia. It was a beautiful fall morning. The sun was shining, and it was one of those days when the sky is a beautiful turqoise blue!..People were working in their yards, and some even waved to me as I ran by, as if to say, “Good for you…Keep going!”…Or, maybe they just felt bad for me because they knew something I didn’t at the time…The neighborhood is full of hills!…It was a great fun, and I came home all sweaty and feeling great!..I sure could use one of these bras!

  313. My favorite recent run was only 1.5 miles on my treadmill a couple of days ago. I had taken two weeks off with a sore ankle so it was a “test run”. No pain during or the next day – woohoo!

  314. My most recent would have to be my 8-miler on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It was my first outside run in a LONG time. The air was crisp. There was no wind. It was a perfect respite from a chaotic, guest-filled house.

  315. My most memorable run happened this morning. It was 5:30 am. Frost was crispy on the ground. Gorgeous and bright full moon lit the darkness like a flashlight. I ran with my ‘hill repeats’ partner, and together we tackled the hill, as the frost on the crunch brown hay twinkled like diamonds in response to the bright moon. Peaceful, beautiful, perfect.

  316. I had a great 3.5 mile run last night. Just me and my Knuckle Lights. I actually ran almost the whole thing! Training for my 1st Half Marathon this Jan in Baton Rouge.

  317. I am normally a trail runner but must admit I got immense satisfaction out of an almost 10k training run (on asphalt!) with a DailyMile friend while visiting my parents for Thanksgiving. She pushed my pace and I PR’d at the 5k and (just shy of) 10k distances. My pace over 6+ miles was faster than my previous 5k PR pace! So glad I dragged myself out of bed at 4 a.m. for that one!

  318. Last weekend I set out at 5am in the pure darkness for a 16 mile run. I don’t love running in the dark- but there was something so peaceful about it that morning. I returned feeling alive and so happy!

  319. A couple of weekends ago I finally joined my BRF for a run after several months of not running together due to a variety of reasons. It was the first run of the year that also required our yak traks. Running 4 miles throughout empty streets while the sun shined with nothing but blue skys above us and 6 inches of fresh snow on the ground was simply glorious. My lungs were a bit “worked up” about the 20 degree weather but I didn’t let it get me down, it was too perfect to not enjoy this run.

  320. 2.5 weeks ago I ran my last long run before my marathon last weekend. The assignment was 20 miles with the middle 14 at race pace. I felt like a million bucks – it was the best run of that distance I’ve ever done, both pace and feel-wise. (Unfortunately, the marathon itself didn’t go as well, though I did manage to eke out a PR.)

  321. My favorite recent run was a 3 mile easy run where my baby was happy and I was able to sprint the last 1/10 of a mile just for fun faster than I thought I could! It was great. 🙂

  322. I am a solo runner that always runs with headphones in. Last week, I went out for a quick run around the neighborhood and started really noticing how beautiful everything was. The leaves had turned and were starting to fall. The sky was so blue that day. I took my headphones out and ran with no music that day – to really soak up mother nature. This was my favorite recent run.

  323. Thanksgiving Day, 7 am. It was 30 degrees, 3 miles, and cleared my head for church at 9 then 20 family members here for a couple days of over-eating, Husker football and giving thanks together! It was one of those runs when I came back crying, so happy and thankful for health and family!

  324. My favorite run was the 5k Gobble Jog I ran last week. It was the first run I have ever trained for and when I crossed the finish line I actually felt like a runner!!!

  325. I ran through my neighborhood on Friday morning. No spectacular scenery and it was hot. But I pushed out 10 almost effortless kilometers and felt fantastic. This has been my longest run since a bad injury in July. I kept thinking ‘Yes! I’m back in the game.’

  326. My Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving that I ran with my 9yr old son! Our little community does a free event, but they wanted people to “register”/check in so they know how many people run it. The line was a good 75 people long at least-and that was 5min before start time! We didn’t want to stand in line to register (especially since we weren’t gunning to win any prizes or anything), nor did we want to wait that long to start, so since the course ends just around the corner from where we live and is on a paved path that is my normal running route (no roads involved!), we started early and just ran it on our own. We were totally solo till the last 1/4 mile or so when the leaders came tearing through. It was so great to just be out there with him, chatting the WHOLE time, and to not have to worry about dodging through herds of people/kids on scooters/wagons/strollers. And at the end we just turned for home without wading through the finish setup. I think we may do the Turkey Trot that way every year now!

  327. My favorite recent run was a turkey trot I ran on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I ran the Turkey Trot with my 22 year old niece who has never done a race before. Samantha placed 4th in her age group which I thought was amazing for a person who has never raced before. I was so proud of her. I also ran a sub 30 5K for the first time with a PR of 28:59. Despite the very cold and windy day, it was a terrific race.

  328. My recent runs have not been that great. One of my kids had surgery so I have had to use the treadmill in the basement. Not the best, but at least I get on there and do a quick 5 miles before he needs me again.

  329. I’ve been in a bit of a running slump since my October marathon. It’s cold in Minnesota and I don’t have any running races planned till Spring so my motivation is at an all time low. 🙁
    I’m praying for snow, lots and lots of snow, so xc ski training can begin. Bring on the Birkie!!
    So to answer the question, my most recent run was last Friday, and it was short but fun, I was trying out my new beautiful Asics and I love them.

  330. One of my favorite recent runs was a few weeks ago. It was pouring down rain and I had just recovered from an injury this summer. Something about the crisp fall air and the refreshing rain and the fact that I was finally injury free made it a fabulous run.

  331. I ran a 4 mile race on Thanksgiving to raise money to support local homeless shelters. It was an amazing event. There were so many people…..everyone was in a great mood, the weather was perfect, and it was full of some killer hills!

  332. Thanksgiving Day, I let my 3 year-old come on her first run with me. We went (mostly walked) 2 miles and had a great time just enjoying each other’s company.

  333. My favorite recent run was my marathon 3 weeks ago. I got to accompany my BRF as she completed her first one. We talked, laughed and enjoyed meeting the people around us (if anyone out there knows who marathon maniac extraordinaire Larry Macon is, I got to meet him and he is a super nice guy). It’s why I love to run.

  334. I ran a six mile tempo run on the day after Thanksgiving that was awesome! It was warm and the scenery was just South Texas brush country, but I felt so good. I came back inspired to run hard in Vegas. Here’s hoping I can pull it off!

  335. My favorite recent run was on Thanksgiving. I ran 7 miles (round-trip) to my local Walgreens to pick-up the HUGE t’day newspaper with all the black friday ads! The run was great because it gave me an hour of solace on a hectic day while allowing me to feel a little better about the days indulgences. (I never actually got the time during the rest of the day to read the newspaper!)


  336. My fav most recent run was last night. I fell down the stairs a few days ago, and have been out of commission. I hit the dreadmill for an easy three, and surprisingly, felt WAY less stiff after than I did before. Was so happy my back didn’t hurt. 😉

  337. My latest favorite run was a short & sweet 2 miles. It was a beautiful, cold morning and was my first run in my new Brooks Glycerins. Wanted to take it easy and just give them a try….ended up doing those 2 miles faster than any two I’ve ever done before! It felt amazing to see my progress since April, when I started to wog (walk/jog) – those same 2 miles would’ve taken me about 8 minutes longer to do back then!

  338. Did the first annual Thankful 13 half marathon on Thanksgiving Day. It was a small race and the first race I’d done since breaking the 3-hour barrier at the St. George Marathon. It was freezing and my training hadn’t been great since it’s really my off-season. I decided to run kamikaze-style, though, to see what I still had in my legs. It was a small race, but I’m proud to say I was the first female! I even got lost since the course wasn’t marked and ran an extra half-mile. When I realized I’d taken a wrong turn, I found myself behind two women, so I just sprinted with everything I had left to reclaim the front spot I’d been in since mile 2. I’m proud of myself for not giving into my panic and disappointment when I realized the mistake I had made. I’m proud of myself for pushing as hard as I could. The second I crossed the finish line, I told the race director what happened. Apparently many runners got lost at various points along the course.

  339. My 15 Year old son ran for the first time with me at the Thanksgiving Turkey Trek. It was great to have him with me and I think he even had fun with it. Added bonus was the beautiful Albuquerque weather.

  340. On Thanksgiving day, I ran around my college campus. I go to Western Kentucky University: home of the Hilltoppers. We’re known for our hills on campus. On thanksgiving, even though I’m thankful for every day I’m given, I decided that I was thankful for the ability to run. So, I ran up and around campus for a short 4 mile run. At the end, I felt so empowered and thankful that I was able to complete it. Just a few years ago, there is no way I could have run up that hill, much less walk up that hill, without being extremely winded. 🙂

  341. I’ve had a lot of good runs lately but my favorite run was June’s Boston’s Run to Remember. It is was my final half to become a Half Fanatic.

  342. Favorite recent run…. last Thursday- Turkey Trot- PR’d the run and shaved a good 45 seconds off of previous 5k’s. it was a wonderful feeling to kick butt on a course I had never run before… it reminded me how good it feels to run the shorter distances!

  343. I ran a 5k turkey trot in thanksgiving morning and as my two year vegan anniversary approaches (it’s on November 29th), I think back to a day where I was over weight and could barely run 5 minutes without being short of breath. I’m currently training for my second half marathon where I will run the entire way again! (even at my slow pace 🙂 … On thanksgiving morning as I’m running with the slow pack I see people around me who have the need to use all their energy to run and then walk and run and walk ( NOTHING wrong with that BTW), but it was empowering to have been their at one point and it helped me realize that all the hard work I’ve dedicated to my newfound love has paid off in a bigger way than anyone can imagine.

  344. My favorite recent run was when I set out to run for an hour, not feeling like I was up for it, and got to about minute 55 and realized I felt great… and ran for another 25 minutes.

  345. On Black Friday I ran on a trail I have only previously run in the summer time. This time of year the colors were beautiful, and the secluded area and completely leaf covered path made it serenely quiet. It was a great respite from the crazy holiday week, and I ran so long I missed most of the Black Friday doorbusters, so I didn’t spend money I shouldn’t have anyway.

  346. Best recent run was last Wednesday. We were traveling for Thanksgiving and I knew a long run would be hard to come by. Also the afternoon high was in the fifties. In November. In North Dakota. I took the afternoon of work for 10 miles on the beautiful bike trails of Fargo.

  347. My favorite recent run was my Black Friday run with just my husband (my in laws kindly babysat). It is rare (and awesome) to get out and run just the two of us without kids, strollers, or dogs.

  348. Lunchtime runs from the office have become a saviour. I try to plan them when I have no afternoon meetings so that my less than fresh post-run appearance is not as noticed. I hit the ravine trails in the city and it’s a complete escape from an easy 4mile to an 8mile tempo. at this time of year, it’s also pretty much the only time to get a weekday run in the daylight. favourite.

  349. My latest fav run was a thanksgiving day 9 miler. The weather was beautiful and it made me thankful for my healthy legs and lungs!

  350. I’ve had a cold and a sinus infection, so definitely not felt like running lately. But a friend and I had already signed up for a 5K. So I persevered. And proud I did it. Ended up with a nasty cough after, but I did it!

  351. Favorite recent run; 1st ever double digit run, 11 miles.
    Was supposed to be 10 but I have bad “math” skills 🙂
    2nd favorite- 5 miles on Thanksgiving morning, fairly sure I’ve never run on Thanksgiving.

  352. My favorite recent run was a 10k I ran with my brother a couple of weeks ago. It was at a metro park, which turned out to be quite hilly for Ohio! It was scenic, and it was fun to run a race with my brother, who is a newbie runner. 🙂

  353. My most favorite recent run was over Thanksgiving with my sister-in-law, Emily. I love sharing running with her, and can’t wait to do our first 13.1 together this spring!

  354. My best run was Saturday 8 miles with my cousin and long-distance training partner. We had never actually run side by side together before. We have done the same races, Nick’s Race trail 5K in honor of her brother, which led to the Disney Princess Half-Marathon, which led to this years Chicago Marathon ( yay us!). She was home for another very special cousin’s wedding (he has run 13 marathons and has been a huge supporter of our running) and we got together. It was great fun to run and talk running! Next up, the Disney Marathon. We will be running that one side by side, along with my cousin who got married and his new bride!

  355. My recent-ish run that was my favorite was my first half marathon earlier this month. (I’ve run three marathons so far, but have never “raced” a half.) The perfect song came on my iPod while I was running down a hill…I realized I was almost done, I was in Vegas, with girlfriends, a long awaited and earned girls weekend..I almost threw my arms out and Little House on the Prairied my way down that hill.

  356. My most fave recent run was the day before the Chicago Marathon. I decided to get out there and warm the legs before the big day. I ran from my hotel, toward Lake Michigan at sunrise. Having never been to Chicago before, I was captivated by the beauty of the lake. Before I knew it, I had gone 6 miles! It was so beautiful. It was the kind of run you remember forever (and stop to take pics for because you never want to forget it!).

  357. I’ve bEen injured with hip/back/sciatic pain since January of this year. Took most of the year and many many Dr visits to finally realize it was in fact a “lady” problem. I’m finally able to get back on the road after soooo many obstacles. And just in time too. Last week, I laced up with no set mileage in mind and just went. It was AWESOME! First run back that felt I’d found my “groove” I just cruised along. I was stunned to get home and finally see my Garmin mark 6.38 miles! Longest best run all year. Hands down.

  358. My most favorite recent run was on 11/11…. I PR’d the “Hog Jog 5K”, and came in 3rd place for my age group. I finished with a sub 9:30 time, which qualified me for a seeded spot in the Gate River Run for March 2013. It was my first 5K under 30 minutes, and I was very proud of my accomplishment. That run also has special meaning because it was the day AFTER a 9-mile run (I never run 2 days in a row)!!! And… it was also my last good run before hurting my achilles tendon… which squashed my dreams for running in my first 1/2 marathon on Thanksgiving morning — I had to sit that one out… after training for a few months.

    1. I also ran the 1 mile “Runt Run” with my 3 year old daughter after the 5K. It was her first race, which she finished in 11:32!!! Very proud of my girl for running a hard race at such a young age. And… she crossed the finish line before me too!!!!

  359. I had a fun 4 mile run through my neighborhood last night. Many houses had Christmas lights up and that made me smile! Merry Christmas!

  360. 5 mile Turkey Trot around Rockland Lake, NY. Hilly course around the lake, with Deer trotting next to us, and barely missed one running across the route too!

  361. I was supposed to run 10 miles with my sister last week, but the wind was way too much so we scrapped the date. Instead I ran on the treadmill and my planned seven turned into the 10 I had originally planned on!! Turned out to still be a great run!!

  362. A quick 3.75 miles this morning at 6:30, and the moon was still in the sky — big, fat, yellow, and gorgeous! I wanted to knock on people’s doors as I ran by to tell them to come out and look at it!

  363. My favorite run recently was also my shortest in a very long time. It’s not my favorite because it was only a mile, but it’s my favorite because it was in the pouring rain!! It was fun splashing through the puddles like a little kid and feeling the rain hit my face and seeing the drops come off my hair! I think every runner needs to run in the rain once in a while, if for nothing more than to feel like a kid again!

  364. My favorite recent run was last Sunday. In the middle of training for the Dallas Marathon in order to raise money for one of the local children’s hospital that treats my son, I ended up with Achilles tendonitis so bad that I had two steroid shots and a walking boot for a week. Sunday, the boot came off, and with only two weeks before the race, I tackled 10 miles. I still hurt, but I’m confident that I can at least run the half marathon. I had been so nervous about letting myself and everyone who donated on my behalf down, so to know that I will be able to do something that day gave me a new surge of motivation. My route also took me right in front of my son’s main hospital several times, and each time I run TO the hospital and back home, instead of FROM the hospital and back to it because he is inpatient, is a really good day.

  365. May best recent run was this past Saturday, two days after a not so good 10 mile Turkey Day race. My pace was about 30 seconds faster than during the race. I was glad to consider the race just a bad running day and it didn’t affect my next run!

  366. I haven’t run for a week and a half because my heel hurts and obviously needs rest. My best run will be whenever and how ever long my next run is. I am missing my endorphins big time!

  367. I had major ankle surgery in March, and I am FINALLY running again. First run in a loooong time was a birthday 3.1 on the treadmill this past Sunday. It was beyond awesome!!

  368. My favorite recent run was a 6 miler Thanksgiving week. It was 60 here in MN. – 60! I broke out the box o summer stuff and wore a skirt in November 🙂

  369. My boobs thank you for this giveaway!! My favorite recent run was last weekend Sunday. It was the first run where I had to break out the winter running clothes, which made me groan at first, but the beautiful sunny day (despite the cold) made up for it.

  370. My best run recently was a nice four miler with a good friend that I haven’t seen for about six months. We met at 5:45 in the morning in order to get our run in before our kids woke up, and the miles flew by! We just chatted and chatted. I treasure times (and runs) like that!

  371. My favorite recent run wss a three mile loop around the neighborhood with my twelve year old son. He actually pushed my pace!

  372. Last week’s turkey trot! Got up early before the family, ran a strong race in my new fave minimalist shoes with 20,000 other racers, then went home and cooked the feast. It put me in a great mood for the holiday weekend!

  373. This year’s Thanksgiving 8K was on a new course. It was crazy hilly. Since we just completed a marathon 10 days prior, the husband decided to run with me for the first time ever (he’s much faster than I am) and we’d just have a nice and easy run. I acutally contemplated running a solid 2 minutes slower than my usual pace just to mess with him – I’m tricky like that. However, I guess the race mentality go the better of me and we took off crazy fast – for me, still pretty slow for him. He did a wonderful job keeping me going and getting me up the insane hills. I even got a PR on the distance! On a much hillier course! I may have to run with him more often.

  374. My run on Thanksgiving morning after tossing the turkey in the oven. Went an extra 1.5 miles than planned because I felt great, the weather was unseasonably warm, and let’s face it that turkey wasn’t wasn’t going to be done anytime soon!

  375. I am so fortunate to have many options for spectacular runs just outside my door–river paths, a UNESCO World Heritage Site 19th century canal just steps away, and trail running in a national treasure of a park. My favourite recent run, however, involved running along the St. Clair River, near my childhood home. I moved away for university and have not visited often over the years. It was incredibly moving to run by the homes of my childhood friends, and various small landmarks such as my elementary school, and to remember small things I had not thought about in years.

  376. Recently I was so angry, I just left for a run. As I was gone, I was able to get so lost in my thoughts and my focus of running, i completely calmed down. It was so amazing just to turn my spirit that easily and I didn’t even need wine!

  377. No question – my favorite recent run was my return-to-running run on Thanksgiving day. I’d been off running entirely for 3 weeks following several months of horrendous IT Band Syndrome pain. On vacation at Disney World with my son, we chose to skip the theme parks and take a long walk through Fort Wilderness. The temperature was just right, the sun was shining, I was with my favorite person, and I felt so good that I chanced some running… and completed 2.3 miles pain-free!

  378. A 20-miler down the Seminole Wekiva Trail in Orlando while visiting family. With the cancellation of NYC marathon, I had to extend my training and do a second 20-miler (usually I only do one per marathon training cycle) to prep for the Palm Beach Marathon. Getting to run it on this beautiful tree-lined trail on a fall morning made me forget all about the distance. As a bonus, the trail is filled with friendly runners and bikers along the way.

  379. The day after Thanksgiving I ran just over 5 miles on a rather hilly route. It was a cold but gorgeous day and it was one of my fastest runs at that distance for a while (maybe the serious carb loading the day before helped :)) I would love to win this! My sports bras are all beyond well-used!

  380. My favorite run was almost a year and a half ago. 🙁 I did my first ever half marathon in Erie, pa and was so proud to finish. I soon after got pregnant and stopped running for yoga. Now that the baby is here and I can run again I’m struggling to find the right bra for my large nursing boobs. I’ve always loved Champion bras and my pre-pregnancy ones are all from them.

    I’d love a chance to win! Thanks for the opportunity.

  381. This morning, when I got out and realized it was full moon – and perfect running temps (50s)- loved it! Also, a recent race where I beat a male colleague :).

  382. My most recent great run was this morning simply because I talked myself out of staying in bed and got out into the cold 25 degree morning. Nothing like that to make me feel good from the inside out.

  383. My favorite recent run was our 5 mile Turkey Trot. The run was not my best or fastest, in fact I struggled with the humidity, but I ran it with my 11 year old daughter. It was her first 5 mile run! At mile 4 I had to walk but told her to go ahead. She finished 2 minutes before me!

  384. My best recent run was this years Turkey Trot. It is my first race since my son was born in February. I had a tough pregnancy and birth and am very lucky to have lived, let alone be able to run.

  385. I was having a horrible day- felt like a failure as a mom, wife, and just in general. I got some pretty devastating news in the morning. When my husband got home from work I looked at him and said, “I just need to run.”. He, of course said, “Go for it, just go.”. I just did a quick three and a half miles but in that time i was renewed, I felt strong, and my mind was cleared from the clutter and lies that say, ” You are a failure!”. I realized during that run that as long as I have the gift of health I will be running, not just for the physical benefits but for my peace of mind and ability to handle things that come my way.

  386. I have several favorite recent runs. THe first was having my son complete the 5k turkey trot with me. He didnt have to stop and walk at all and he completed it in 32:23 which I think is great for his first 5k. Second, this past Sunday I went out for a run and forgot my new Garmin. I just ran to a pace that felt good and when I got back I realized I nailed a pace I haven’t seen for a while.

  387. My run on Monday. I hadn’t run in a month due to vacation and the holidays. I was in the mountains (12K ft elevation) during vacation, so I still had all those extra red blood cells. It was 30 degrees and breezy, so I wasn’t expecting a good run. I went out for an easy run and I ended up pushing it the whole way. I felt great! My lungs didn’t burn, I didn’t notice the cold (well, after I warmed up), and it reminded me how much I love running.

  388. I was running in the neighborhood, and it seemed that my feet were light as air, and the wind seemed to blow just right to give me energy, and the music was perfect. Just a great run. I am a brand new runner, and I ran for the most minutes in a row that I have ever run!

  389. I am a fairly new runner, so I’ve just recently discovered hills. I had been a little afraid of them, but–turns out–I love them, and have been logging some of my fastest miles powering my way over the top.

  390. Best recent run was Nov. 17, I was coming off a knee injury and was able to run 6 pain-free, walk-free miles! The giddiness I felt brought on a runner’s high! 😉

  391. I really enjoyed the Turkey Trot as a family. I’m 21 weeks pregnant and can’t quite run like I was, so my husband and my son kept pace with me through the entire 5k. I knew we were going slow, and it meant a lot to me that they were willing to sacrifice their typical paces just to stick by my side. Not to mention, my husband said I was the most beautiful woman out there running in all of my pregnant glory! 🙂

  392. Where I live we have no hills (I mean, none!) so we went to Texas hill country over Thanksgiving, and I got to run down a hill (felt like I was flying) and then up (and felt very accomplished). I’d have to say that was the most fun. It wasn’t very far, but it was very rewarding!

  393. Last night’s run around town with our boxer, Rudy. He’s two years old and we adopted him two months ago. It’s taken some training, but he is now a good run buddy; last night he did not attempt any cat, squirrel or road kill emergency detours!

  394. My favorite recent run was just last week. It was special because I ran with my husband. This is something we never get to do for one reason or another — for years our paces did match closely enough to run together (I was the fast one — whootwhoot!), I’m an early morning runner and he’s a night-time exerciser, etc. But last week we were at my parents’ home for Thanksgiving and when I said I was going for a run, he asked to come along. Yippeee! What a great idea. Our paces are both pretty slow right now, but it was great weather and a great chance for just the two of us to do something we enjoy. We ran without regard to time or distance, just choosing which way to go at each intersection. I only wish we had more opportunities to do it!

  395. My recent race run is easy…I started out with my five year old son in the running stroller for 2.5 miles to his favorite local park, got there and started playing, and a random guy drove up into the parking lot…my protective mama side came out, but he rolled down his window and I noticed his young daughter in the back seat…he said they had noticed me about 1.5 miles away, and he said thought he’d never seen someone looking so strong and so happy at the same time, and he just wanted to basically cheer me on. Then they left! What a great run and a great day! As a mom of all boys, I love that a dad of a girl pointed that out!

  396. My favorite recent run was last week. It had been a long day at work and I really didn’t want to run but went to the gym anyhow and hit the track after I was dome I was in a way better mood and glad I did it. Yeah for running endorphins

  397. Had an awesome 11 miler on Sunday. It just felt amazing, everything fell into place. I felt light, fantastic and could have gone on, but chocolate milk started calling my name.

  398. i’m still riding the high from this morning’s track workout: 2 mi WU, 4 x 1200 with 400 recovery in between, 1 mi CD. i have a lot on my ‘mental plate’ right now and taking out my stress on the track with friends helped immeasurably.

  399. My fav recent run was a few weeks ago at the San Antonio Run Rock and Roll Marathon on Veteren’s Day. I got to run the whole race with my husband who ran in his full army gear in honor of wounded warriors and fallen soldiers! It was an honor bc he himself is a wounded warrior!! He said he would do one race with me it will be hard to top this fav run!!

  400. On Thanksgiving morning, my sister and I met early to get a run in before the day took off. It was especially quiet and peaceful, a nice way to start out the day!

  401. I was out on a trail run not long ago. There were a few deer in front of me running (probably away from me) and it felt like I was running with them. Also on the run, I saw a couple of wild turkeys and other various wildlife. I love nature. I feel so ethereal.

  402. My favorite run lately was a run put on by our LRS – Vertical Runner – the Tryptophan Two Hour Two Mile run. A two mile course is set up – every time you pass the start, you enter your number into the hopper for the chance to win fun prizes. Just a huge group of runners out there, and slow or fast, you always have someone to run with and you are never by yourself on the course. I planned on a short 4 miler – ended up doing 8!

  403. My favorite recent run was when I ran farther than I even thought I could and with decent time too. It’s an inspiration to hear about all of these miles you gals rack up–I’ve just gotten into running about 4 months now. Anyway, I had intended to run up to a park from my house (about 2.6 miles away) and back, but when I got to the park, I felt great, so I did a loop around the pond at the park and then went even more north. Total mileage was about 9 and I was shocked that I could even do it.

  404. My most recent favorite run was this fall, the air was crisp but not cold, the sun was shining, the weather was perfect. I started out with plans to run about 3 miles but felt so strong, I picked up my pace and increased my distance … 5 miles later, I returned home. I love those kinds of days!

  405. My favorite recent run was with a friend I haven’t run with since mid-summer (we live about an hour away from each other), it was fun to catch up and have an invigorating run at the same time!

  406. My most recent stand out run was completed last Thursday, on Thanksgiving, a 5K Trail run. I had a High School friend from out of town join me and agreed to pace me to reach a new PR. I told her I had 2 goals; 1) to run the entire way-something I’ve never been able to do yet and 2) finish in under 30 minutes. Well…we made the first goal and although I didn’t hit 30 min, I set a new PR of 32:33. The icing on the cake was that it was just a couple minutes behind my hubby who also ran the race and when we were done he said that the reason that he finished so well was that everytime he hear women’s voices behind him, he kicked it into gear. In his words, “I was going to be damned if you and Shelley were going to beat me”…haha…you’re on!

  407. I just started running last Spring, and I’ve always been training for distance… and I’m slow as dirt! But four days before my last race, the Pittsburgh Turkey Trot, I decided to go for speed! I had been running roughly 12:30-12:45 minute miles… but I wanted to do the 5 mile race in under an hour. A big stretch for me, but doable… maybe. That day, my running partner/best friend/sister (all the same gal!) paced me into reaching my goal! I did the race in 1:00:02! At first, those two seconds over really irked me, but then I realized it was two measley seconds. I think we so often set a goal and even if we get close, we disregard our progress since we don’t hit the objective. I effectively met my goal… so it’s time to celebrate! (My boobs deserve a gift.)

  408. Most recent favorite is the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning. My sister and her two boys, my daughter and Marine son (home for the holiday) all ran it. It was great to chat with my sister and have the boys (who finished before us) cheering at the finish with my parents.

  409. I’ve had a bunch of good runs here lately…we’ll go with the two most recent…we hadn’t planned it, but on Thanksgiving Day, I was able to go run early with my sister. We both loved the fall leaves (we don’t see colors like that here in Texas) and the early morning sun shining through the clouds. The second run was Sunday. I was on Day 3 of camping with my in-laws, and I got up and ran 5 miles near the lake and through the campgrounds. Pretty chilly, but amazing!

  410. My husband and I did the New Orleans Color Run with some friends a couple of weeks ago, it was just a fun good time. We ran some, we walked some, we laughed a lot!!

  411. After a week off post-half marathon, I ran six with two acquaintances I had never run with. It was a great way to start fresh (mentally) after training.

  412. My favorite recent run? That’s easy! Like many others, I ran a Turkey Run 5 Miler the Sunday before Thanksgiving. I had decided that I was going to put it all out there and see what this body could do. My friends and I generally average about a 10 minute pace (we run as much for out chats as for training), and I ran a 9:09 in a recent half marathon. My goal was a 9 minute pace, which I thought was reasonable, yet still challenging. I ended up running an 8:20 pace! I never dreamed I could maintain that pace for 5 miles, but a nice older man fell into step with me at mile two, and for the remainder of the race, he talked with me and encouraged me. He said that he had never run that fast either. This stranger and I crossed the finish line together, and I am forever grateful to him! I ended up placing 3rd in my age group, and am so very proud of my little bitty trophy! And my grandson carries it around (I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that he is one, and it is shiny – he is proud of his nana!)

  413. My recent “stand-out” run, has got to be last weeks local 5K turkey trot. This was our first turkey trot. My husband, two sons (8 yr old and 10 yr old), and I all ran this together as a family. My boys did great! They ran the entire race, never stopping until they crossed that finish line. My heart swelled with pride, running with them, and seeing them excel in the sport I love.

  414. My favorite recent run was a couple weeks back, work was super stressful and instead of having a beer and vegging out for the night I did about 45 minutes of speedwork on the treadmill. Changed my outlook for the rest of the week!

  415. my favorite run was my 5 mile run Thanksgiving morning with my family. It was such a beautiful day…lots of sunshine and smiley faces. My husband and oldest son were on their bikes and our other twin boys took turns riding with daddy on the back. I had the double stroller too…thank goodness there was only one child in the stroller…they are just getting way too old and heavy! It was just one of those ‘I’m so thankful, so lucky’ moment to have all my boys and everyone is healthy.

  416. Almost all of my bras are Champion – I would love to win! My best recent one was one with my husband – last week – when he ran slow enough for us to be together. Ha!

  417. My favorite recent run is today’s 8 miler on a gravel loop in a local park. Cold and clear but I’ll be warm in a few minutes! Anytime I can run outside is my favorite run.

  418. CHAMPION Sports Bras are my favorite! My favorite recent run was the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I was up at 445am (thanks to my son singing in his crib) and since it was dark outside, I went to the lonely and empty gym and did a 7 mile + interval run on the treadmill watching Bravo reruns, music videos and the news. it was such a ‘different’ run but so nice to have the gym fairly empty and have my workout done before Sat. morning coffee and muffins with the family.

  419. Yesterday I ran 3 miles with a friend who is training for her first half-marathon. After about a mile, she began asking me questions – how to best make it up a hill, pre- and post-run stretching techniques, what types of cross training works best – and I suddenly realized that I have something to offer other runners! I’m so used to asking questions myself that I never stopped to think that someone else could learn from me!

  420. My favorite most recent run was with my son on thanksgiving morning. We live in Minnesota and it was abnormally warm that morning so after I put in the turkey my son jumped on his bike and I chaced him for 3 miles! He’s finally at the age where he can go longer distances on his bike and I love our conversations when we spend these miles together, an 7 year olds mind is amazing!

  421. My favorite recent run was about a month ago when our run club started a new session. It was then when my 19 year old daughter Jordan decided to join our group for the first time. It was a great run and it made me so happy that my daughter wants to start running and train for races. It was a quiet, dark, before dawn run on neighborhood streets and not only me but everyone in our group was so excited to have her join us!

  422. My Favorite recent run was just on Thanksgiving Day. A 4.7 mile Turkey Trot in Plymouth MA. The race course wound through the town where I grew up and where the Pilgrims made landfall; Plymouth Rock, the Mayflower and the site of the first houses. It was fantastic to run through town on such a holiday.

  423. A Thanksgiving morning run with my husband. We rarely run together but the timing of kids’ schedules worked out so that we could run together this past Thursday. We got engaged on Thanksgiving in 2000 so it’s a romantic holiday for me as well as a family-steeped one. Starting the day off with a run with my man was an ideal way to ring in the day.

  424. I just completed a 5K this past Thanksgiving weekend with my Cousin, and 2 aunts! It was the first time we have all run together and even though it was FREEZING outside, I had a great time! There is something special about sharing a race with 3 other women that you love. We have already made plans to do this particular race again every year together and have started looking for other races in the upcoming months.

  425. My favorite run was yesterday’s. I have just started running again (really, last Thursday I committed to doing the Runner’s World mile a day challenge until New Year’s because of a couple of inspirational friends). My son is 4 months old and I’m still breast feeding. I decided I would run in the neighborhood instead of the gym, believing I could beat the rain. I planned for 1.5 miles, and wouldn’t you know it, the rain came down around when I was around 500 ft from my house. Just a steady sprinkling, but still a mood killer for me. I could have easily turned around, but I didn’t. I finished my 1.5 mile run, and so proud of myself for not giving in.

  426. It would be yesterday, when I toughed out a 3 mile hill work out on the treadmill….after getting to the gym, I realized I had forgotten my earbuds…..I thought about scrapping the whole idea….instead I toughed it out….a real accomplishment for me since I hate the treadmill.

  427. My best run was a 15k/5K race. I was doing the 15k and this other guy was doing a 5k. He’d pass me and then I’d pass him and so on. On one of the times that he passed me, I said, “Good job! You are doing great!” As he was heading for the 5k finish line, he made a point to turn around and tell me how much my encouragement meant to him. Wow! It brought tears to my eyes and definitely helped make the rest of my 15k better.

  428. My most recent fav run was running up to the Conundrum Hot Springs in Aspen with my Sole Sisters. I think that we laughed the whole way up and certainly the whole way down after sitting in the hot springs with 2 naked guys. We had one of the guys take our photo after he got out and put on his towel, of course. Unfortunately, when he took our pic, he was squatting down and was a bit above us giving Jenni the opportunity to have us all say “nuts” to pose for the camera (yep, they were visible!). I am not sure I have laughed that hard on one of our excursions in a long time, but I know it is one that I will remember forever! Love those epic runs:)

  429. My faves are always those that I get to share with a BRF. Recently, a run with my friend Megan when we competed in an adventure race and won!

  430. All my recent runs are melding together..and are forced training to 1) get through this holiday season without needing sweatpants, and 2)continue my base training for a spring marathon (my first full). My fav most recent would be the October Columbus Half Marathon. The entire race felt like I was flying, like my feet weren’t even touching the ground. It was an awesome PR and just a great day.

  431. My favorite recent run was a week after moving back to my home state. After all the craziness of moving and unpacking tons of boxes, I laced my shoes and took off. I now live in a rural area, so I was running a farm-to-market road-I passed bait shops and little bars, a farmer selling produce from his tractor on the side of the road, a small marina. It was my first real glimpse of my new community, and I came home from that run full of optimism and a sense of home.

  432. I had a great afternoon run last week on a sparkly sunny, perfectly fall day, pushing my one year old in the stroller. My pace wasn’t fast and my miles weren’t too many but his kicking feet and giggles made it memorable and sweet. Plus, singing “The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly” while running is an extra workout, right?

  433. My favorite race was the Johnnycake Jog, a 5 miler I ran with my 3 year old in the jogging stroller. We had so much fun training for the race. We run on a metroparks trail that has lots of animal life along it. We saw deer, rabbits, birds and many other species! I had been wanting to run it since my son was born!

  434. The day after thanksgiving I joined my BRFs from my old town where I used to live. They have a system of roads so even if some are slower and some are faster, they all weave in and out of each other and meet up at certain spots. “Hey there goes E! Hey S is coming around the corner!” It was like being in a fun race where everybody wins!! It even made me forget all the hills!

  435. I just started running about a month ago, could barely even run for 5 minutes straight.. I’ve been running every day now and yesterday I finally was able to run 2 miles non stop! i felt amazing!!

  436. It was a 22 miler a couple of weeks ago in preparation for the Honolulu marathon. It was sunny and wind-free, but snowy and cool. I love feeling strong and being able to finish strong at the end of the longest long training run. As it happened we finished going up a hill so I pretended it was Diamond Head (mile 9 and 24 on the Hololulu course). I’ve taken the tapper a little overboard since then.

  437. My best recent run is my solo 5.22 route around downtown Colorado Springs. I try to get this one in every weekend. I move quickly into the zone with my fav tunes and familiar sidewalks and forget where I am – a nice mental vacation for sure!!

  438. My favorite run was thanksgiving morning. This would’ve been my 4 year of doing the Houston turkey trot, but my husband and I are saving money for our upcoming adoption (we need a new furnace before our house can get licensed). I was slightly bummed at first, but as I was running, I realized I had so much to be thankful for. Each step I ran made me feel one step closer to adopting my child.

  439. Yesterday it was 17 degrees and sunny when I hit the road at 7am. I ran 6 miles in 53 minutes, and shook off a lingering bad mood that was plaguing me for a few days. Definitely my most favorite recent run. There is nothing better than triumphing over winter weather AND a mental funk!

  440. It was the 6 miles I did on Sunday! I have been in a total funk and it was the longest run I did since my half in September! It felt so good! I was on a high all day!

  441. My favorite recent run was on Sunday morning when it was 34 degrees and windy. I ran just over 2 miles near my home and achieved a new PR.

  442. My fave was a couple of weeks ago of “hill” running: a bridge run (I live in SW FL, bridges are our hills) with no stopping on the steep part. The humidity was way down, a nice cool breeze, wonderful after our hot humid summer, and no walking, awesome!

  443. A recent fave was just yesterday– it was reallly cold and dark, waaaaayyyy early in the morning. . Really wanted to stay in my flannels, but got my bootie out there. Rewarded by a big full moon setting on the horizon and sense of “ready to go” for work that day!

  444. I ran in our local 5 mile Turkey Trot with over 800 other runners which was a record for the event. It was awe-inspiring to see all those other runners enjoying the beautiful Thanksgiving morning. An added bonus was the turkey dress up contest where a couple had balloon turkeys tied to their wastes 🙂

  445. My favorite recent run was just this week! I started reading “Run Like a Mother” on Sunday and felt extra inspired to head out early on Monday morning. It was a beautiful morning, a strong 6 miles, and extra special when I realized that Monday was the 10 year anniversary of my back surgery – a surgery that I thought would end my running days. Thankfully it didn’t, and I am so grateful for health and the ability to be a mother runner!

  446. Would have to be my first half on November 11. I have had good runs since then, but that was one that will keep me inspired for a long time. Got to run looking out along Pensacola Bay, paced myself well, felt really strong and super energized by the race atmosphere. I was on a high for days.

  447. My favorite recent run was a Thanksgiving Day turkey trot in my home town. It wasn’t my best 5k time, but it felt good to be surrounded by people who have known me a long time, and to surprise them with my newfound running ability (I was NOT athletic in school). It was not cool, however, when two brothers I used to babysat blew past me right after the start- made me feel old, especially since I couldn’t catch up to them for the life of me! 😉

  448. My favorite run here lately was last Friday, here at home with a new running partner. Ten miles just flew by and with so much ease, it was like I didn’t want to stop!

  449. My favorite recent run was on the treadmill next to my daughter just a few days ago. I injured my Achilles tendon in a half marathon in May and haven’t been able to run since then. This last run, I was able to go a mile without stopping, and then walk another mile. It was glorious!

  450. Running my first half-marathon a week and half ago! That was an awesome experience! But most recently, my run on the treadmill last night. My personal best of 9:08 pace overall on a 4 mile run! Not bad for a 4’11” girl!

  451. LOVE Champion Sports Bras! My most memorable run happened this past Sunday when I ran a “dress rehearsal” for my upcoming FIRST 5k. I was, for the first time ever, able to run the ENTIRE thing without a walk break. 🙂

  452. my recent favorite run was my 5am thanksgiving 10 mile run. It was so quiet and peaceful with no cars out on the roads. I ran through all my favorite neighborhoods and just enjoyed the quiet before the big day of food, fun and family!

  453. My last half marathon 2 weeks ago My husband had been out of town for a week but because the start was delayed and he flew in early, he got there just in time to see me cross the finish line! And I mean just in time because as I was running down the last 100m he was running down the street at the same time! I was laughing, crying and gasping for breath at the same time. Needless to say, my “finish photos” were less than stellar.

  454. I completed my first half marathon last month, 2.5 minutes shy of my goal. I had a couple weeks of just not feeling like a run and had a few forced runs alone. Last week I got together with a couple other mother runners and did my first speed workout since the race. It felt awesome!! I felt strong and ready and confident! As a result of that run, we are starting a moms running group at work twice a week!! Definitely my favorite run recently!!

  455. Standout recent run was just a 1 miler, out and back. But it was beautiful weather (60ish followed by a 30ish day) and just pleasant. No real time to beat, no music, just me and the road. Awesome.

  456. Yesterday, because I forgot my watch. It was a normal run, a tad over 3.5 miles, but without my watch pace meant nothing. It was freeing to run without it. To just run whatever I felt like running and not be worried about how fast or slow it was. I did have an good overall time but no mental math in the middle.

  457. My local turkey trot last week. I’ve been slacking since running my first half at the beginning of the month so it was fun to be outside with friends and just get those legs going.

  458. A few weeks ago I struggled with a series of challenging / disappointing runs. It was very disheartening. After having to take two days off due to a busy schedule I took off on a solo run just as the sun was setting. It was beautiful! The 6 miles flew by, my muscles felt strong, and at the end I was in love with running again.

  459. My favorite recent run was with my 2 running friends (we head out at 5 am) and encountered owls, a fox, and 2 deers and I live in the suburbs! It was a fun distraction!

  460. In February, I tore my hamstring and had to stop running. I have been going to PT for months and I was finally able to run (almost pain free) with my 11-year old son in our local Turkey Trot. I loved running with him and it made me realize how much I had missed running.

  461. I ran Buffalo, NY’s 5-mile Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving–my first “race” (in quotes because my pace was so very slow) since my now 6-month-old daughter was born. It was a beautiful morning, and I felt great. Plus, weaving through the 14,000 other runners gave me a lot of fun distractions. Two of my sisters ran, too, and though we were all different paces, it felt like a morning run with my siblings.

  462. Last Sunday: I haven’t been running much lately due to a funk and was so relieved and happy to have a wonderful trail run to remind me how much I love it. It helped re-focus my efforts.

  463. Favorite recent run is the last couple of weeks, it’s still dark when I start and I get to see a beautiful sunrise as I finish. Glorious!

  464. My favorite recent run was a quick 2 miler on a snowy path with my dog. It was dusk out and quiet, just the 2 of us and the snowfall!

  465. My best recent run was definitely Thanksgiving morning, when I got out for a little over four miles, and clocked splits that my pre-three-kids-in-two-years self would have been proud of. And, given that my twins officially turned six months old the next day, I felt like a total bada$$!

  466. My best recent run was my 5 mile run on Sunday. I hit the running/walking path near my house that runs along a creek. It was nice to just run for fun after half marathon training for the last 2 1/2 months!

  467. Stand out recent run: our elementary school held a 1 mile Turkey Trot the day before Thanksgiving. My 5 year old daughter ran a whole mile for the first time. I was so thrilled to get to run with her.

  468. My first race after the MCM was a local Turkey Chase. It was so much fun. Not only was it a PR but I was reunited with so many of the amazing runners I trained with all last summer.

  469. Standout run? Anything lately, lol. I have chronic bronchitis and am really just learning how to gear up for cold weather when previously cold weather meant being stuck inside on a treadmill. To be able to run in the great outdoors in the cool air has been a gift. Most especially when I killed my mile time last week right before a house full of relatives descended upon my house for Thanksgivng!

  470. My favorite recent run was just this past weekend. It was the coldest morning of the season so far, but the sun was shining and I ran on my favorite trail with leaves crunching underneath my feet. I had a cold start, but warmed up nicely. I remember at one point during the run, I wondered “How can my face be so cold and my torso be so warm?” It was one of those runs that reminded me why I enjoy the sport.

  471. Marine Corps Marathon was my favorite recent run. Even though my time goal didn’t happen, the course, support, etc., were so inspiring and gave me plenty of ways to keep my head in the game.

  472. Was up in the mountains recently and took off for one of my regular runs. Half way thru I took a different route and thoroughly enjoyed it. I need to lighten up on my control issues sometimes…….I may just like it 😉

  473. I took a couple months off of running and have started again this week. The temperatures are cold but I do enjoy the fresh air after being in the office all day.

  474. I haven’t run in a few months due to being pregnant but this summer my favorite runs were my early Saturday morning ones with my dog. We’d get up early and enjoy the quiet of the neighborhood before everyone else, including the kiddo, were up!

  475. Standout recent run…doing the South Park Turkey Trot with my 8-year old daughter (her first race!), then running back to the start line to do the 8K and killin’ it with my time even though I was bobbing and weaving through a sea of turkeys, topless indians, and three-wheeled strollers.

  476. Best recent run was a couple weeks ago – it was cold and dark and I was kind of dreading it. But I got out there and there was a full moon and it wasn’t as cold as I thought (20 degrees really is pretty nice in MN this time of year!) and I had the best run.

  477. My favorite recent run was Mickey’s Jingle Jungle 5k! My cousin and I dressed up in elf costumes with jingle bells all over it and we didn’t worry about our time and just had fun! Followed by the Wine & Dine Half later that night.

  478. My favorite run will be the one I do on Saturday after taking a month off. I’ve been trying to heal from a trail run ankle injury. I’m so ready to start again.

  479. Our first snow was Sunday and I couldn’t wait to get out in it! I strapped on the Yak Trax and ran 4 glorious miles in gently falling snow. My favorite part was when I was making the first set of footprints. That’s a special kind of solitude that was needed after our noisy, busy holiday.

  480. My recent favorite run was yesterday in my basement, on my treadmill. I am just 14 days away from having my second hip resurfaced, (and thus, a forced 6 month downtime from running), and I ran 5 miles. My left (already resurfaced) hip felt so incredible! I look forward to rehab and finally getting back to running the way I want!!

  481. My best recent run was the 6 miles I got in about a week ago- the run BEFORE my last run that lasted about 2 minutes due to horrible calf pain. Yuck, now I’m resting and hoping to get back out there soon!

  482. My recent favorite run was a 3 mile loop in my neighborhood. The route itself isn’t anything spectacular but I felt fast and strong. After suffering a stress fracture, returning to running has been a slow process. This particular run was awesome and I felt like my old self again.

  483. My favorite recent run was a 5k PR on Thanksgiving. For the first time, I had an average pace that was sub-9 minutes. Unfortunately, the course was measured incorrectly and was 3.25 miles so the official results didn’t reflect my PR (boo!), but I didn’t think I would ever see that pace on my watch! Last year, I couldn’t run a 5k at a sub-10 minute pace.

  484. My first race (last week)! It was so inspiring to see all the people spread out ahead of me as I headed down the first hill. It was especially cool to see so many families running together. I can look forward to that with my kids.

  485. M very favorite run ever was in February. I took a mini-vacation just for me — two days at my favorite Lake Superior resort — something I’ve never done since my kids came along. The first morning I was there, I wandererd over to the exercise room (it was way to cold to run outside) for my scheduled 5 mile run. The treadmill was positioned in such a way that it seemed as though I was running right ON Lake Superior – and I began my run just as the sun was beginning to rise. Everything was perfect — my playlist was spot on with what I needed, the place was one of my favorite places to be on the planet, and I felt completely, wholly at peace….and I had the best run I’ve ever had!

  486. Just this past Sunday, 7 miles through my neighborhood. It was bright sun and a crisp 30 degrees. This was the first run that has felt good post marathon, 5 weeks ago. I finally had that feeling again that I could run forever.

  487. My favorite run recently had to be the 3 mile run I did on my treadmill at 37 weeks almost 38 weeks pregnant. My second daughter is due to arrive in 3 days and I’m so grateful I’ve had a strong, healthy body that has allowed me to run throughout my entire pregnancy. (well, I guess run, up until the last couple of weeks :))

  488. On my best recent run I started out in the dark and watched the sun rise in colors so beautiful it looked like a painting. I had to keep stopping to take pictures 🙂

  489. My favorite recent run was a 3 miler after 3 days off to rest my foot. It felt so good to run outside and work up a little sweat!

  490. My favorite recent run was back on Oct 16th when I ran my best 5K so far. A week after that I broke my ankle running. So I am getting antsy to run again….soon in about 1-2 weeks.

  491. I had been out injured all summer with PF and had my first run with a friend since last May! Last Sat. morning I met my friend Christina and it was glorious to be out there running with someone again. I have been building up my miles on my own and while I have been joyously happy to be running at all, that first run with a frined had a diffeent level of joy to it:)

  492. My recent favorite run was when I accidentally left my Garmin watch at home. It was a great run because I was able to JUST RUN and not worry or care about my pace. My neighborhood at 6 am was beautiful and my running pals and I had a great conversation, too.

  493. My favorite recent run was with my sister and her running group on a trail that leads to an extremely cool view of New York City. The trail was very rocky and hard on the ankles, but the company and view was so worth it.

  494. My favorite recent run was the day after Thanksgiving with my unofficial neighborhood running club. I ran 6.2 straight for the first time ever inspired by these awesome mamas.

  495. My husband and I ran in the early evening through beautiful Frankenmuth and the whole town was beautifully decorated for Christmas! It was a cold, but clear night and was very calming!

  496. My favorite recent run, my running partner cancelled but I went out for at least a few miles and ended up doing 8 because I felt great, the weather was perfect and everything just fit together that morning.

  497. My best recent run was 5 miles of loops on the deck of the Norwegian Dawn cruise ship. It was a windy run while cruising throught the Gulf but watching the sun rise over the water with each loop….priceless. The feeling when I was done was ABSOLUTLY amazing.

  498. my fave ran was in oct when i ran 22 (me! 22) during my training for my first marathon this fall. i ran strong and had some kind of super second wind at mile 18. i knew i had that marathon 🙂

  499. After dealing with an injury for around ten weeks (multiple fractures in my pelvis), I took a 20 minute run on my basement treadmill–nothing beautiful or transcendent about that, but I enjoyed and appreciated every minute. It was so amazing to feel like I’ve given my body the time to heal and am rewarded with healthy legs that will be able to carry me through more miles.

  500. My most recent awesome run was this past weekend when I went out saying I would run 16-18 miles then actually ran the 18 instead of quitting at 16.

  501. My most recent favorite run happens to be Thanksgiving morning. After getting up and preparing the turkey to go in the oven I laced up my shoes and headed out. It was such a peaceful morning.

  502. I recently ran 10 miles with a close friend of mine through 2 parks of New Jersey… We ran and talked extensively about all the damage and debris that was caused by Hurricane Sandy.. We hopped over branches and navigated around countless down trees.. How do such enormous trees, that grow so big and pull up sidewalks because of the strength and enormity become so fragile and snap from wind???
    We are grateful for our lives.. For our friendship. For our safety. And of course, for running!!!

  503. My most favorite run recently was a Color Me Rad run that was insanely fun and such a high energy event I was woeful to stop running at the race’s end. There was something so naughty about getting paint bombs thrown at me and throwing them at others while having the “right running” feel. A true diabolical run!!!!

  504. My standout run for me this year would be the 10 mile Lighthouse Run, I was nervous going into it because my goal was to PR, I had to beat 1:34:07, I was on track the first couple miles, actually paced very fast, I had a few rough miles on the middle and self doubt started to appear, that’s when this cute old man, probably 40 years older than me passed by me, I call him my race angel because I looked over at him, my face must have looked in despair, and he smiles at me and says: “you got this”, and that was exactly what I needed to hear, exactly when I needed to hear it, and it gave me strength …. I went on confidently to PR at 1:29:05 🙂

  505. My favorite run was this past Saturday! I have been running with a friend for about two weeks. We’ve both just started running and we both ran 2.25 miles non-stop!! It felt amazing!! I’m definitely psyched about running!

  506. My fave recent run was my longest to date – 10 miles – since having my fourth child (and first girl) five months ago. I’m following teh TLAM Half Marathon Finish It plan and used some of the tips I’ve picked up in that book and on running blogs, like fueling with gummy bears stashed in my skirt pocket (I start at the 45 min mark and reward myself every 15 minutes later that I’m still running!) and stashing my water bottle at the halfway point. Best part of the run – I do it from my boys’ school, so I can take boys to school, park my car, run for 10 miles, and go home 2 hours later to my other two babies!

  507. My best recent run was one where I met friends for a 6 mile run in the dark with freezing temperature. Those are runs that only happen because you know your friends are expecting you. I love that accountability!

  508. My favorite recent run is my 20 miler 3 weeks ago. I am running the Naha marathon this Sunday here in Okinawa, Japan and 20 was my farthest distance for training. My long run buddy (and fellow Stroller Warrior Okinawa member) Karen and I set out on a new route. It had everything, hills, flat, bridges, ocean side. We knew it was going to be a great run but had no idea Mother Nature had big plans for that day. It rained for 18 miles of our run and while crossing a bridge were hit with 40mph winds. We did not let wind or rain slow us down and killed our run with a time of 3:16.

  509. My favorite recent run was last week. It was short and slow, but it was my first run after having my first baby a few weeks ago. It felt great, physically and mentally. I still have two weeks before my doctor actually releases me to workout, so I’m taking it easy. But I can’t wait to get serious about running again and to start training for my first post-baby event.

  510. Three weeks ago I did my first run postpartum and it felt sweet – definetly a contender for the “favorite run” title. Still, my favorite run was one week after that when I was able to run 2.5 miles at my pre-pregnancy pace. My body might not be the same but my endurance and drive are happy to be back in action.

    And thank you for a bra-centered post! As a 1st time mom who is breastfeeding and who just jumped from an A cup to a D cup I’m extremely confused by the world of sports bras for true support. This information is extremely helpful!

  511. My favorite recent run was the Walnut Creek 10K Turkey Trot. The reason this run was special to me was because I went home to be with my family for the holidays. I hadn’t been home for the holidays in over 10 years. It was special to me because this run allowed me to reflect back on how much more focused I am on fitness now than 10 years ago!!

  512. My favorite run recently was a simple 40 minute run on a weekday morning the week before Thanksgiving. My husband went into work a little later so I was able to go running as the sun was coming up instead of in pitch black early morning darkness. The world is so beautiful at that time of the morning and the temperatures were brisk, but not bone-chillingly cold. It was a fantastic way to start my day. It reminded me of summer when I could run in the daylight, even in the early morning hours, but I prefer the cooler temperatures.

  513. My favorite run, and one my husband and I hope to do for years and years to come, is the Newport Half Marathon in Jersey City, NJ. It takes you through Jersey City and Liberty State Park, which brings you along the water with an incredibly awe inspiring view of the Statue of Liberty and lower Manhattan. Maybe it’s the Jersey girl in me who has always been wowed by the big city, or the memories of living in Jersey City and working in NYC, getting engaged in the city or being there with my husband on 9/11, but I can think of no better run in the world. As I ran along the water and Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer” started playing on my iPod just about at my halfway point (“Woa, we’re halfway there!…”) I wanted to pump my fists in the air and sing and not care who was watching. I’m entirely too self-conscious for that, but I was close. 😉

  514. Best recent run was a 5K race I did! It was at Rocky Neck State Park in CT! The entire run was a in a wooded area, it was a crisp Fall morning and you could smell the campfires! After the run I just sat on the beautiful beach and stared out over Long Island Sound! It was beautiful!!