Hump Day Giveaway: Jennie Finch Goes From the Mound to the Marathon

Olympian ennie Finch, putting the miles before she goes 26.2 on Sunday.
Olympian and mom of two Jennie Finch, putting the miles before she goes 26.2 on Sunday.

Purposefully bringing up the rear in this Sunday's New York City Marathon will be Jennie Finch, a name you might recognize from the Olympics. Finch, 31 years old, pitched the USA Softball Team to a gold medal in 2004 and a silver medal in 2008. Retired but not ready to quit, Finch, who is the mother to two boys—Ace (age 5) and Diesel (four months)—took up running as a way to stay fit and clear her mind. Oh, and to run a marathon.

I had a chance to talk with Jennie about three weeks ago, and asked her about her latest athletic endeavor.

Why did you start running?
It was a great way to get my competitive fire going after softball. When I committed to running the New York City Marathon, I didn’t realize it was going to be four months after giving birth. So I started out with a two-mile run and ran a half-marathon when I was 20 weeks pregnant to give my body a little jump-start on the training. I couldn’t pass up this opportunity though.

What opportunity?
I’m going to be the very last person to cross the starting line, and Timex is going to donate a dollar for every person I pass  in the marathon to the New York Road Runners youth program. What a better way to run a marathon? I love team sports, and I still feel like I’m on a team.

Jennie's arms doing the work at the Olympics; her legs will do the work on Sunday.

So how did you get ready for a marathon in four months?
Two weeks after giving birth, I got on the elliptical, but I didn’t start running seriously again until six weeks after he was born. I’ve run 17 miles, and think my longest run will be around 19 miles. I've run the hills of Central Park, so I know what I'll be facing during the last few miles.

What do you like most about your newest sport?
I feel so empowered on the longer runs. I just think, Holy Cow. I never thought I could run 17 miles, but here I am. I love interval training too; today I ran ten 800’s in Central Park and really like pushing myself. My training has been much more enjoyable than I thought, but it’s also been a lot tougher than I expected too. I will say I am looking forward to the day where I don’t have three-hour runs hanging over my head.

What are your goals for the marathon?
It used to be to finish, but now I want to finish somewhere around 4:10 or 4:15. Really, though, my biggest goal is to pass 25,000 people. I’d love to make $25,000 for youth runners.

How will softball help you on race day?
There are so many aspects to softball: hitting, pitching, throwing, running. Running is just running, so there isn’t much skill-wise that carries over. But my mental toughness will definitely come in handy. It’s not a matter of if I can do this. I know I can, and I will.

The training tool can take your running to the next level. (No gold medal guarantees.)

Timex isn't just generous with the little runners of NYC; they're also giving away a Timex Ironman Run Trainer with heart rate monitor the same GPS-enabled device that Jennie has been training with, to one random winner. The Run Trainer tracks all your important data--pace, mileage, heart rate, route--and displays it on an easy-to-read screen on your wrist, and then downloads it seamlessly onto your computer.  It also has important bells and whistles: alarms to remind you to drink or eat; interval timers; and ranges you can set for your heart rate or pace. (Love the alarm to drink and eat, btw: genius.)

In order to be entered into the contest to win this great Timex Run Trainer, you just have to tell us in the comments below if you started last in the New York City Marathon, how many runners--there are approximately 45,000--do you think you'd pass?

303 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Jennie Finch Goes From the Mound to the Marathon

  1. I would aim for passing exactly 2487 people, and not one person more. I like the number, and if it’s that low, there’s a pretty good chance I would injure myself from overstriding. The probblem I have been working on 4 months to correct.

  2. Hard to guess. Just finished my first marathon (PDX) about middle of the pack. But I probably started middle of the pack too. Maybe I’d pass 3000? Best of luck to Jennie and others running!

  3. Hopefully a hand full! I’ve only run two half marathons and have my third coming up in two weeks. I would like to think that some day I could run a full.

  4. My goal is to run a marathon one day. I have dealt with ITB syndrome and dont feel strong enough….yet. So If I started last in a marathon I would do my best and finish as strong as I can. If I passed people..that would be the icing on the cake!

  5. I usually finish around the middle of the pack in most races but I also usually start in the middle of the pack sooooooo maybe around 10 000 people! Cool…..

  6. That is a very cool idea and motivating thing to do. I would love to be running a marathon now 4 mos post but of course I was just working on getting out of bed and lying down comfortably after 2-3 weeks post C. But I’ll get there in time. I’m a mid pack runner at best so I say 15000.

  7. WOW!! I had a baby 2 months ago, so I think I might pass 2 runners. 🙂 (the guy who jumps rope and the guy who juggles the whole way) Then again, I might be a little too optimistic here!

  8. I’m a midpacker for sure, but although I start out about 2/3 in, I kept going when alot of people slow down. I’ll say 2-3000? (man! 45,000 people, I’ll bet THAT expo is CRAZY!)

  9. 26000! What a great goal to push you to run faster. I’m just hoping to get back to a marathon soon now that baby # 3 has arrived!

  10. if she’s going to try for 25,000 with a time of 4:10-ish … that’d be my goal too. I’d love to beat 4 hours though … eh, it’s happened and it hasn’t so that’s a legit goal in my book!

  11. As an OB/GYN who supports moms-to-be to maintain healthy active pregnancies, I would hope I could pass any pregnant women in their third trimesters! I love the pregnant woman in the Chicago marathon who gave birth after finishing the marathon and she beat her husband!!!

  12. Wow, having never run a marathon, I have no idea. But, during my first half a few weeks ago, I made mini goals to pass certain people I spied ahead of me. It is a mental game. At my current training level, I’d like to say I could pass 500-1000 people. Probably more if I kicked into marathon training mode and was healthy enough to do more speed work. What an awesome way to train, knowing you are helping so many others. Plus, what an incentive to leave it all on the course!

  13. Oh boy, are you kidding me?? Um, Well I think maybe if iwas extremely lucky I will go with 1,000, but not guaranteeing they would not pass me after!!

  14. Hmm… maybe a thousand or so? I’m too nice though, I could never do this challenge–I’d feel bad about those I was passing and try to encourage folks to at least keep up with me! So good luck to Jennie, and hopefully I’ll start somewhere near the middle if I’m ever at the NYCM 😀

  15. Oh my gosh wouldn’t it be great to pass them all!!! You’d have to seriously be super mom to do that! I would aim to pass about 5,000

  16. What an awesome fundraiser! Under the assumption that I trained for it, or in other words, wasn’t running it this year(!), I would hope to pass 25,000 to 30,000. Woah, I can’t believe I just typed that I think I could pass that many people. That’s insane!

  17. What a great idea to raise funds for a charity! Wishing Jennie a great race. For me, I have yet to race anything with the word “marathon” in the title 🙂 Since I’d be a newbie let’s say 1,000. Of course if I had a nifty Timex Ironman Run Trainer with Heart Rate Monitor to do intervals with, I could blow that number out of the water.

  18. I would pass at least 44,999 fellow runners. That is only if I had a fancy Timex watch, a few years to train and my children pushing me in the jogging stroller past the finish line!

  19. I’m just not a fast runner, though I enjoy it so much! Marathons are painful but such an amazing experience! On longer races i usually chat with the older runners in the back and try to encourage others to keep going, as hokey as that sounds. I would probably manage to waddle past about 1500 or so.

  20. I think its awesome what she is doing! I would hope around 13,000 or so. I haven’t done a marathon yet but hope to do my first one by this time next year.

  21. I kind of like being part of the “caboose club” so maybe on a good day I could pass 1,000 other members of the caboose club.

  22. Im guessing not too many. Maybe a few thousand? I have just recently gotten under a 10 minute mile and I have only recently run my first half (1 1/2 weeks ago). I’ll guess 3433. Asking for a GPS watch for Christmas, but not sure my husband can afford it. Still running “naked” here.

  23. I would hope to at least pass 10,000. It’s hard to say because I’ve never run a race that big before- I’m running my biggest so far this Saturday- Rock and Roll Savannah which will be about 23,000. But I would like to think that I’m faster than at least half the runners of any given race.

  24. At a time goal of about 4 hours how many people would I pass? I really have no idea, but it would be awesome to finish somewhere in the middle. So I’m going to say I’d pass 20,000!

  25. At least one 🙂 I’d like to think I could pass all of the walkers. If I look at my historic finishes it would probably be about 10K. Damn, that sounds much better than finishing in the both third!

  26. Good question – I am going to guess around 15,000 without doing a lot of research and figuring out how many start per corral and all that. Probably way off, but the watch looks and sounds pretty cool!

  27. Ummm..I would hope I could pass several hundred :-/ but could I stay in front of those runners or would I fly and die? 🙂

  28. hmmmm probably 18,000. Somewhere not near the middle, but not too far from the end but far far from the front of the pack.

  29. I would probably pass about 5% so 2250. I’m slow but steady… Like a turtle. My motto is “more fun than fast” and I always live up to it. 🙂

  30. If I started ABSOLUTELY last, I think I could pass at least 10,000! Maybe?! I have no idea! raising money for charity is definitely a motivator. I dream of running NYC soon!

  31. I have never run a marathon so to expect to pass a lot of people seems like I’d be setting the bar a little high. I’d like to be positive, but I think I’d count until I reached a 100 and hope I could hold on 🙂

  32. Good luck Jennie! What a fun event to do & a fun way to raise $$$$. Great question. How does one answer…guess I the best you can. I’m guessing maybe I could pass under 500 runners. 🙂 Have fun all.

  33. I’m a pretty slow runner but I’m not a walker so maybe I could pass 8-10,000? That seems like a lot! But what a great motivator!

  34. Way to go Jennie. Having never ran a marathon before (going to start a Couch to 10k this month), I would be lucky if I passed 1.

  35. I’m thinking I would pass about 15,000… unfortunately I think about 10,000 of those people would pass ME when I pooped out around mile 19.

  36. I’d like to say 1000 as a goal, but if it were for this cause, I like to think I’d condition and train hard enough to make at least 10x that much…

  37. I actually started near-last at my half-marathon in October. It involved a last minute potty stop. It was kind of motivating to pass all those people – I have to keep running after I pass someone or I thought I’d look like a dork. Worked for me anyway, I PR’d. I’m not that fast, though, so I’ll guess 12,862 runners.

  38. Based on my performance in other races, I’d say between 2,250-4,500. That sounds like a lot until you realize it’s about 5-10%. Incidentally, I ALWAYS start at the back. 1) It’s a lot less demoralizing NOT to be passed by 1,000’s of people right off the bat, and 2) I’d hate for any of the faster runners to DNF because they tripped over me at the start!

  39. I’m usually middle of the pack so I would hope to pass half… I would need that Timex to help me train though! It would be awesome to run a race that big… Someday!

  40. How much do we LOVE Jennie Finch? What a rockstar! I passed almost 400 in the last 6 miles of the PDX marathon last month and finished mid field at 4:40, so if I really had to guess, I’d say 10,000. Will definitely be rooting her on in NY!

  41. Having given up running during this pregnancy, I’m going to say 1? Training for a marathon seems SO far away right now, so I’m pretty sure my first goal will be to finish, and like others have said, not dying!

  42. Maybe 5,000 or so? I am training for my first full and am getting nervous. I am not a fast girl at all. What a great cause though!

  43. My competitive nature would make me want to pass EVERYONE! but I know that wouldn’t ever be possible. I do run my 1/2 marathons with an eye on passing people, one at a a time, and get very upset when someone passes me! I think I’d be able to pass about 15-20,000, but I think that would wear me out even more, just concentrating on only that! That really just sounds crazy now though as I go back and read that number!!

  44. Way too much math for even this experienced accountant! I have a hard time even visualizing the crowds what it must be like to run in a situation like that. I will go with 20,000 just because it is a nice round number, but I will say, I would wear my tutu because my friend and I have decided it is MUCH MORE FUN to pass people while wearing a tutu!

  45. I would love to say all of them! ha ha
    I would honestly say 500. I am just starting out and still pretty slow.
    I can always keep the picture in my mind me finishing first. Right?

  46. Slow and steady is my motto, but when the competitve juices kick in, I would hope to pass at least 1000. Who knows! I would be happy to finish!

  47. Five: I would pass gas, pass my prime, pass a kidney stone, pass out, and I’d probably pass muster, but I’d only come to pass.

  48. Hmmm – Given how many runners do NYC and how many are not running for time, just for the experience, I would go with 20,000. I have to believe it would be super motivating to raise funds like that and a lot easier to suck it up when the going gets awful 🙂

  49. My plan is to sign up for the NYC lottery next year and run for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation who I always run for. I am thinking I would pass 10,000 people or more. I would be pushing hard out there to help bring attention to the cause while wearing the cape that some pediatric oncology patients just painted for me.

  50. Initially I would probably pass about 500 people only to have them pass me after 3.2 miles ( I have only done 5K’s so far. As a new runner a marathon is something I aspire to do in the future!

  51. I don’t know but it’s my very first marathon and I’m totally stoked it’s NYC! Like Jennie I’m in the very last corral of the third wave so how about we start together and I’ll aim for 24,999! LOL

    Realistically…I’ll just be glad to savor the journey and finish!

  52. Well if there were people walking it I would probably pass them! Otherwise I don’t know maybe a couple hundred??? I’m pretty slow though ( and I’m okay with that because I’m just happy to be running)

  53. That is a hard question. I just finished my first half marathon and finished in the top 45% which was a HUGE acoomplishment for me. So a marathon I’m thinking I’d be in the top 75% so that’s about 1/4 of the runner’s I’d pass, which is just over 11,000. I’d be happy with that!

  54. I think I would pass about 25,000, though it would depend on how I’d trained. If I’d had a baby four months earlier…..I’d probably pass about 5,000! She is one tough mother!

  55. Wow ~ wonderful cause and great publicity ~ good luck Jennie! As far as how many people I’d pass? Well, I don’t know ~ I’d venture to say I’d be close to the middle of the pack,, minus all the elite… Maybe 9,995 runners. But don’t worry, for good measure, I’d donate the last $5 to make it $10,000!! Have fun Jennie 🙂

  56. Good question. Who knows, I’ve determined that I’m a slow runner, but hard headed too. Right now with no training maybe a couple of hundred..if I had trained, I would hope for a few thousand.
    What an awesome challenge!

  57. Well, I’m pretty slow, but determined. Maybe 3-5,000? I dunno. But I’d keep going until the very end, trying my best.

  58. I am a girl that HATES to keep score! But this summer I was on the Grand Teton Relay team with a young man. He can easily run a 7:30 min mile up hill in the heat. He says that he hates to pass people in races because it might make them feel bad. I wish I was that genuine of a person. How sweet!

  59. Based on last year’s results (thanks, and my last finish time I’d probably pass about 7,000 people. That floors me because my last marathon didn’t even have that many runners competing!

  60. that’s a good question! i have never really thought about that. maybe 15,ooo?? however, i am actually running this sunday as well!!!!!!! and if i reach my goal time, then i will not be one of the 25,000 people jennie passes!! 🙂 but this is such an awesome thing. good luck jennie!

  61. My goal would be to pass half of them. My marathon PR is 4:27, but my last half was an all time speedy PR, and those predictor sites have my marathon being a lot faster than that, so I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to finish sub 4hrs.

  62. How many runners do i think i’d pass? Goodness, there’s just so many…um, i’m gonna go with 11,000…though that sounds awfully crazy. Don’t hold me to it, okay!? 😉 runner_girl5k at yahoo dot com

  63. I would love to be passed by Jennie – running such a huge event is mind boggling for this small town girl. I would like to pass at least twice my town’s population – so roughly 11, 000 – but hope I could run even faster than that.

  64. I would probably pass 10 or less – BUT I would be in front of the 99% of people that never even run a marathon! For me it’s not about the time, but the accomplishment.

  65. Maybe 15,000, but that sounds like a lot of people. So many variables! I usually finish in the top 25% or so, but then I have to account for having to start at the very back of the pack and later than everyone. Wow this makes my brain hurt.

  66. I don’t really know how many people I could pass…I’m a pretty solid middle of the packer…MAYBE 10,000? That seems like an awful lot, though.

  67. Well, based on this last marathon, I think I might be able to pass around 8,000 people. But I would try my hardest to make it my best one yet!

  68. Well if I ever get my head around the distance and the training involved to tackle a marathon I think I would be delighted to pass anyone. But boy counting who you pass would certainly help take ones mind off how many miles were left to be done. Plus a distraction from the pain of it all. So its an interesting way to tackle the 26.2. So my target would be 5,000, wonder if that’s enough to make the time on the course feel less!

  69. NOT sure what the average time is for NYC, but I’d be shooting for under 4:30 to get listed in the Times the next day. So at that pace I’d guess I’d pass about 10000 people? Hope Jennie does spectacularly, what an incentive to earn $$$ for a charity!

  70. Hmmm…I’ve got a pretty strong kick at the end (all my longer races have been negative splits in the 2nd half!) so I’d say I could pass all but the elites!

    Okay, I’m not really that confident in my late-race kick…nor my mediocre pace. Plus, honestly, big races are tough in the respect that trying to pass people is crazy! If I start on time, I typically finish in the top 45%…so with 45000 others running around me, I’d be happy to finish in the top 60% 🙂

  71. Hmmm…. Maybe 10,000? I’m a middle of the pack runner, but you have to account for weaving in & around walkers etc.

    This is a fantastic idea Timex and Jennie!

  72. In my case (never having actually RUN a full marathon) I would hope that Timex would set a minimum amount to be donated (like $100?) and then if I went past more it would be a win/win. This woman is amazing, though. When I had a 4-month-old I was a marathon-eater, not runner. 😉

  73. I love this idea! I think it is a great way to race; find someone ahead of you and aim to pass them. I might be able to pass about 1/2 the people running so maybe about 23,000.

  74. I would love to pass between 10,000 – 15,000 runners. It would probably be a whole lot easier if I had my own lane and didn’t have to weave in and out of all of them though!! 🙂
    Best of luck to Jennie!!

  75. Holy macaroni, that is a lot of people. Unfortunately I am a 5k runner, so I would not be passing very many. I have been eyeing this watch for some time now to help me with my running. I have tendency to start way too fast and have to stop for a walk break half way. I would love to be able to control myself better!

  76. As the NYC marathon doesn’t have qualifying times, I would hope to pass some of the slower runners. I’ve only run one marathon in my life way back in my 20’s and ran a 4:25. Amazingly, almost 20 years later, I think I’m faster and would aim for a 4hr marathon time so would hope to pass about 25,000 people like Jenny.
    I’m always impressed by top notch athletes in other fields moving over to running. They have the mental strength to get through most any run and do well. I wouldn’t have even considered running a 10k four months post pregnancy, I’m betting that Jenny will pass a lot of people!

  77. Id hope to pull past about 15-20k. Im a mid packer which normally makes me blend right in but if I was cashing in money per peep passed, trust you would KNOW I was coming–‘Cha CHING 1, CHA CHING 2…ect’

  78. I’m a dork and used last year’s results on to predict based on my recent marathon time. 25-30K would be a reasonable guess — and it looks like Jennie is right on target for her 25K goal! I think what she is doing is super cool!!!

  79. What a great opportunity to raise money for a fantastic cause! I would aim to pass 25,500 and hope to pass more with the motivation of the kids that would benefit from a valuable program.

  80. That’s a pretty sweet idea! I would say I would pass about half the runners. I am usually in the middle or above of my age group which is tends to be one of the faster age groups.

  81. Another mid-packer here, so let’s go with passing 20,000 people. Of course having never run a marathon before that is probably rather ambitious….

  82. I really have no idea. Since I’m a turtle (and proud of it!!!) I’d be toward the back. But my goal in ALL my races, regardless of distance, is to run the whole time so I know I’d pass SOME people. Maybe 10-15,ooo? A girl can dream, can’t she? 😀

  83. Just getting to the start line healthy (I’ve gotten stress fractures while training for both of my 2 marathons) would be a dream! Not to mention just getting to run NYC! With a hope to run my next (healthy!) marathon in 4 hours, would that allow me to pass maybe 1/4 to 1/3 of the runners? What a great feeling!

  84. I figure it might go a bit better than my finish at the hot, hot, hot Chicago Marathon this year, so I might just be able to pass 15,000 of those 45,000 people.

  85. Love this idea – I think someone out there should try to match her number! What a worthy cause.

    Anyway, I think I would pass 777 people. Because I’m like that with the number 7. And 7,777 is way too many!

  86. Having never run more than a 10k, I think I *could* pass a couple hundred folks in the first few miles, but the only way I’d cross the finish line is to walk a lot. Would be interesting to see how many miles I could run though.

  87. Wow. The thought of going, much less passing anyone is a pretty incredible thought. I’d like to go and look up the numbers and the speeds… I have no idea what the average pace is, for example. But, totally off the cuff, I’d say…7,000? Ack! That sounds like a lot, considering I’m not very fast.

  88. I think I right now I could pass 3000-5000 but I just had my daughter 2 weeks ago so I’d want to wait until next year’s marathon. I’d train hard and my goal would be to pass 10,000!!

  89. What a great experience for Jennie. The faster runners never start at the back of the pack, This is a great way to see the race from a different perspective, and for a great cause. Nice not too have to worry about the course closing! : ) I think I would pass about 15,000 people. (that sounds lofty, but with that many participants, just maybe)

  90. Since my last year NY Marathon was a bust complete with oxygen at mile 5 and a diagnosis of pneumonia after I finished ( I did finish!), I would be out to prove myself – and earn money for the charity. Soooo, knowing that each wave start has 15,000 runners, and I would be starting at the back of the last wave (with the earlier wave 30+ minutes before I started – since being at the back of 15000 will take time too), my goal would be to pass 16,500 — all those in my wave and then 1500 in the earlier wave who for whatever reason are having a less than hoped for race. At least if I pass them their woes are helping others out.

  91. If I were trying to pass people for charity, I would shoot for 15,000 (knowing that it would be my first full marathon) but hope for more. I am very competitive so I know that I would want to achieve more on the actual day. Good luck to Jennie!

  92. Well…I would hope to pass around 400 people…or anyone walking at a 15+ minute pace. I’m a reeeeeaaallly slow runner. Jogger is even too fast a word. Plodder. There you go. I’m a plodder!

  93. I would hope to pass 30,000. Maybe that is ambitious, but I usually give myself a goal that seems ridiculous. I love meeting ridiculous goals and realizing that I can do much more than I ever imagine!

  94. Wow. Awesome fund raiser!
    I think I would aim to pass 10,000. It’d be hard to count them at first and then slowly plucking them off at the end would be a great distraction.

  95. I ran my first marathon a little over a month ago – it was an amazing experience, but I am a decidedly average marathoner. If I could improve my time just a little I might be able to reel in 20,000 runners.

  96. Oh man, I would love to not be last but I’m gonna be bold and say 5,000. The NYC marathon is definitively a goal-running my first marathon Dec. 3rd and would put the watch to good work! 🙂

  97. I love reading posts about people becoming runners!! Go Jennie, Go!

    Me personally I have no idea how many I could pass … 2000? 4000? I am not sure how ability shakes out in a race like that. I’m not super fast but I’m not real slow either.

  98. Awesome post and giveaway! Does this question imply finishing the Marathon? That’s huge. 1000 would be huge, 100 would be great, 1 would be personally very satisfying, if it means I finished! Love professional female athletes, esp mamas, so inspiring!

  99. I’m so excited! My hubby and I just started talking about the thoughts of a marathon! We will run our 3rd half this Saturday and running a full would be a dream come true…….a Timex Run Trainer would come in handy! 😉 With that being said I would try to pass 15,000 fabulous runners.

    A shout out to Jennie! You Go Girl!

  100. Wow! that’s a hard question….but with the purpose in mind to pass other runners especially if it meant earning money for youth running, I would make my goal to be at least 1000 🙂

  101. Everything I’ve ever entered I finish middle of the pack. This would make me be more competitive to still do that, even though I think that’s a little lofty. So my goal would be to pass 12,000. Especially if the money goes to young runners. What a way to pass the torch!!

  102. I am VERY new to running so I think the first mile I would pass several hundred, but eventually they would pass me back 🙂 I would be happy just to finish, even if it was last.

  103. That is a crazy twist on the marathon, especially your first. I am wishing her lots of luck. I would say 26,000. The cause you make me step it up!

  104. I’m a pretty solid mid-packer, but starting at the very back?? Maybe I could pass 8,000 or so at least? It sure would be fun to try and find out! 🙂 Good luck to Jennie!

  105. Ummm 10,000? I really have no idea as I’ve never run a marathon but with quite a few half marathons completed all under 2 hours I’m thinking I could run at least a 4:20 marathon.:)

  106. I think I would be just a little slower than Jennie’s goal so I would guess around 20,000! Jennie is impressive tackling this 4 months after giving birth. What an inspiration!

  107. I don’t know that I would pass anybody! I’d just be focussed on crossing both the start line and the finish line under my own power!! 🙂

  108. Wow! That is a cool challenge, and it will be fun to watch one of my favorite athletes take it on. Go, Jennie!

    I’m usually a middle-of-the-packer, but starting last means a huge delay from the front of the pack. I’ll say I’d hope to pass 18,000.

  109. Um I think I could maybe pass 1,000…but that would include walkers. That’s a really awesome way to raise money for the RR. Jenny Finch has been one of my role models for a long time. I was a softball player for 14 years and dreamed of playing for UCLA and being on an Olympic team. It’s so awesome that she’s a runner now – and so am I! 😀

  110. I think I’d pass 40,000 runners. Good luck to Jennie! My daughter, age 9, really looks up to Jennie. She’ll be excited to hear Jennie has started running. My daughter caught the running bug this summer, too, and trained for and ran her first 5k just a few weeks ago.

  111. Considering what it takes to qualify for New York, and my current wogging pace, I’d unfortunately have to say none. Give me another year and I hope to answer that differently. 😉

  112. Well, not many…I’m a back of the packer, definitely. I’d be happy to finish! That’s the great thing about running…we can all work on our own “wins”!

  113. I’m assuming that it only counts if you pass them and they never catch up and pass you at the end?!? I’ll go with 15k, but I go back and forth thinking that seems like a lot, then maybe not. This is very cool though. I’ll be cheering for Jenny and all the another mother runners!

  114. I think if I really set my mind to doing it, I could pass around 10,000. Too bad you have to be a professional athlete to get the opportunity. 🙁

  115. I think I could pass about 1/3 to 1/2 of the group. I’m typically in the middle third of finishers…. so about 20,000. That would be an awesome statement….. “Yeah, I just passed 20,000 people on my way to the finish line… biggie.”

  116. Hmmmm, I think I could pass about 10,000….I like to think I would actually run about middle of the pack but in all honesty I would be happy just to finish so passing people wouldn’t be my goal…well, maybe I’d set a goal to pass at least one person 😉

  117. All I know is that I’m sure I wouldn’t pass Jennie Finch! And New York? I think I’d be too busy taking in all the scenery and surroundings to focus on passing anyone. New York is a once in a lifetime run (would be for me, anyway). That said, if I was running to raise money, I’d step it up and keep focused and pass about 15,000.

  118. Passing runners at my slow place? How many have passed out before the finish line? I dunno!

    I haven’t even done my first HALF marathon yet. Maybe a cool watch that keeps a bunch of stats for me and reminds me to refuel would actually get me to sign up for that crazy 13.1.

  119. What an awesome cause! I’m usually somewhere in the middle of the pack, but I hate to be passed and love the feeling of passing someone else….so with that motiviation, maybe around 15,000? I’ve never ran a marathon before, but with training and motiviation of helping others it might be possible!

    Good luck Jennie!

  120. I think I’d be pretty happy if I passed anybody! 🙂 Just kidding. I think maybe 5,000 to 10,000? THAT would be awesome.

  121. Gosh, that’s hard. I would guess maybe 15,000. But really I have no idea. I’m so impressed with Jennie! Hope she has a great run and meets her goal! Good luck Jennie! Thanks for a great give away!

  122. Well I am a new runner and am training for my first half this spring. I am slow and steady but have big dreams. So while training I can see myself passing everyone, but in reality, my guess would be 869 people. Sounds like a good number to me and I would be proud of that.

  123. I can say I would probably pass around 10-15k people if I started last. I think what she’s doing is absolutely great! I’ll be watching on Sunday!!

  124. This is a really cool idea….I think I will count the number of people that I pass in my next race, but I’m not real sure I want to start at the back! ha I would like to think that if I were running a marathon, I would like to pass at least 10,000 people…..but how on earth do you keep track of that number?!?! ha

  125. I am not sure how many people I would pass because really some of those people come back to pass you. But I would feel good if I passed at least a few hundred and kept past them.

  126. What a fun way to raise money.
    I’m not sure how many people I would pass, but since I’m usually a middle of the pack runner, my guess is about half. How’s that for an ‘average’ answer!

  127. I’d probably only pass 1,000 if I were lucky. I’d try to keep up with Jennie as long as I can. Love watching her play softball!!

  128. I’d like to high -five everyone I pass so it would slow me down, but be worth it- I’d pass 10,000 people! 🙂

  129. I want to run my first marathon next year with the same time goal as Jennie (4:10). If I were starting last I would think I could pass about 10,000 people. There would be a ton of weaving the first couple of miles since I’d be starting behind the slower pace groups.

  130. Well, if Jennie’s math is right with her estimated finish time, I think I’d pass 25,000 people too…maybe a few more if I could actually get under 4 hrs before the leg cramps hit! 🙂 My only NYC marathon so far didn’t go as well as I wanted…someday I hope to go back and have a better race!

  131. Hmmmmm….great question. I’m thinking. Here have to be some walkers and I like the pace she is at. I would go with about 20K!

  132. I’m a fairly slow runner so I would say I would pass 13,500. However, you put money on the line for charity, like Timex is doing for Jennie, and I would try to pass double that.

  133. If I were running the NYC Marathon this year, I might come in last. I’m 32 weeks pregnant and struggled to finish a 10k this past weekend. Post baby I hope to be in the middle of the pack. I’d be over the moon excited if I passed 20,000 runners.

  134. I’m hoping I would pass 10,000? I would definitely be doing some sort of run/walk method to completing a marathon. I’ve only done 5K’s. 🙂

  135. I am generally in the bottom 1/3 or 1/4 so best case scenario: 10,000 people. I have a girlfriend running this weekend in place of my other girlfriend who is going through some medical stuff. This, and this story, makes me so happy to be part of the community that is running. Good luck to all who play on Sunday!

  136. I don’t think I’d pass a ton of people. Maybe 2 or 3000 at most. I’m in the race and I’m quite willing to bet that I’ll be helping Jennie reach her $25,000 goal.

    If I see her at the finish line, I’ll make sure she passes me. 🙂

  137. Starting last and having a goal to pass as many as possible is amazing! I would do my best and hope that some of the athletes “behind” me were really “behind” me! Meaning … make it a group effort … everyone wins then!

  138. Since I’ve never run a full-marathon, I am just blowing smoke here but being the eternal optimist, I will say 19,000. I am running my first 1/2 this weekend and if all goes well, who knows, maybe I’ll put my theory to the test!

  139. I am not sure how many I would pass as I have never run a marathon. I am in my first week of training for one though in 20 weeks. I am usually in the middle of the pack with my half marathons though so hopefully I could pass half of the racers.

  140. I’m going to guess 20,000 since I’m about an average runner. I ran my first marathon at 6 months postpartum–I can’t imagine doing it at four! I’m looking forward to hearing about her experience!

  141. I am going to guess I would pass 5,000, but I really have no idea! That’s amazing that Jennie is running a marathon 4 months after having a baby! Go Jennie!

  142. I love that Timex is doing that .. what an awesome way to raise money for charity. I am contemplating my first marathon next summer . . .hope if I start last I pass 500 people. . i have no idea really . . just finishing feeling good will be my goal!

  143. I’m sure I could at least pass all the walkers, LOL. Actually, I would go with the RLAM stragety of setting goals to pass a certain number of people per mile and hopefully finish between 25,000-30,000. A nice Timex would definitely help with my speed training!

    Kudos to Jennie for this fun way to raise money for a charity. Good luck.

  144. I think 1,000. I’ve only ran half’s and get slower as the miles add up, so I can only imagine I’d be slow by the end of 26.2.

  145. I have only run a few halfs, but I am guessing I would pass maybe 10k? Just based on the starting with slower paced corrals and being an average pace runner.

  146. Having never ran a marathon, I would just like to finish alive and smiling! In the process, I would also hope to not be last. I am a little competative. 🙂 I would like to think I could pass 9,000, maybe more for this fantastic cause. Go Jennie!!

  147. I just finished my first half and I had a few hundred behind me, my problem would be once I pass people, do they subtract $$ when they pass me back?

  148. I well remember Jenny Finch and what a cool goal for NYC!
    Hmmmm me starting last?? I’ll say I’d keep up with Jenny and pass 25,000….maybe ambitious but why not?

  149. I have done 3 marathons…finished all of them but am pretty slow. I think for a great cause like this it would motivate me to train better and to be faster and try to pass as many as possible. 10,000 sounds like a good number. Hope she meets her goal and all the runners finish the marathon with a smile:)

  150. First of all … she has a 4 month old! I was back working out at 4 months, but no where near ready to run 26.2 miles! And ran a 1/2 at 20 weeks pregnant – that was just when the vomiting stopped for me! I think 25,000 would be an awesome goal!

  151. Pass people? Wow, that’s a tough question! I’d be happy to pass even one person! I think the biggest challenge for me would be finishing the marathon, and I’d be beyond thrilled with that!

  152. I would love to say that I could pass 10,000 and finish in the middle, but it is much more likely that I would finish near the end! this former sprinter just isn’t a long distance runner….but I would probably still be super competitive either way!

  153. My first two goals for running my first half this past spring were to 1) finish and 2)not be last. I would hope for the same with my first marathon. Saying I passed 1000 people would be a good third goal!

  154. I’ve never thought about starting last. This would probably be motivating to me. My old line of thinking was I would like to finish before they start opening the roads, a great way to keep my goals only on finishing. Now I am more concerned about hitting my mile/pace goals and that super Timex would help-thinking maybe I could buy one when the diapers are done probably in 2 more years. Right now, I think I could pass 25 % of the runners.

  155. With a goal to raise funds for a worthy charity I would aim to pass 15,000 people. The competitive juices would definitely push me through.

  156. I would hope to pass a few, but I don’t have the experience to make an educated guess. I have worked my way from not being able to climb stairs comfortably )I have fibromyalgia), to completing 2 full marathons (race walk), 3 half marathons(race walk first 2, run last one), a 14 mile trail race, many 5ks, and a sprint triathlon. My last 1/2 I set my PR, by running 12 minute miles, so I will say I’d pass 2, 800 people. It’s a goal to set right?! 🙂

  157. Okay, normally I just run for time, and for sanity so I don’t pay attention to passing. But for this cause I would set a goal of say half the runners – seems like a nice amount of money for those kids! So let’s say 22,000.

  158. As a new runner just starting training, I think I would be lucky to pass 50 people… Finishing would be all that mattered!!

  159. What an amazing fundraising idea! I bet I could pass a whole boat load of people… but the question is, could I STAY past them! My mental makeup would ignore my wiser inner voice and my legs take off like a bat outta hell. I have no clue, of course, but I’m guessing I would pass about 10,000 and then BE passed by about 5,000.

    If we use a 4-month-old as the benchmark, looks like my next marathon will be in August of 2012. Hmmmmm…. interesting idea!

  160. I would set a goal to pass 15,000 – hoping to get close. Amazing goal for Jennie and what a great charity. Best of luck!

  161. I would think I would pass some, but no idea how many. I have never run a marathon and in my one and only half (Disney Princess) I spent the entire race passing people AND being passed. so I am going to guess I would pass 1000. I would seriously be like a previous poster, just finish and don’t die!

  162. In my race experience, I’m usually right in the middle of the pack, so I’ll go with 22,500. If I had a goal to pass as many as I could, though, maybe that number would go a little higher. Let’s say 24,000. Maybe I will make passing people my goal in my next race!

  163. I would plan to run the entire race. Knowing there are people that will walk some of the NYC Marathon, I would hope to pass 10,000. Oh my! That seems like a lot! I gues a girl can dream…

  164. I would probably not pass very many. I am turtle slow pace. I may not be fast but I cover the distance. I am just do happy to be out there and able to cross the finish line that passing people really doesn’t enter my thoughts.

  165. I like a good challenge and I usually set my sites on different people to pace and then slowly pass. With the slow and steady theory – I believe I would pass….40,000! lol! Yeah right – I have no idea. My goal is (as my friend Julie always says) “to finish the race before they close the course. And Don’t die!”

  166. … well, my first and only marathon thus far ended (well began, really ahem mile 9) with a stress fracture and me coming in last … hopefully this next time around I’ll be stronger and smarter. I’ll go with one. I hope next time I at least pass one. (gotta dream big, you know)

  167. First of all Go Cats! I went to U of A with Jennie … Lots of Luck this weekend! Maybe I’ll see you out there, I don’t know if I want you to pass me, but I love the cause!

    I would hope to pass through 1/3 of the marathon so lets say 15,000. That sounds like a lot!

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