Hump Day Giveaway: A lucy Trifecta!

Quick: let's play preschool. Who knows the next number?

After spending a great birthday weekend with my two sisters, I'm inclined to believe the cliche that things should be packaged in threes. Think about it. You've got three pigs; billy goats gruff; sheets to the wind; Musketeers; to get ready; strikes and you're out; 's Company (I loved that show growing up: Jack was such a loony guy!); ringed notebooks; and virtues held in the highest esteem: faith, hope and charity.

Running outfits, in my mind, also come in threes. As in, bottom, top, extra layer on top. Depending on the season, the extra layer could be a jacket, a heavy-duty long sleeve or a light long sleeve. Even in the summer months, I rarely start a run without that extra layer, as Colorado mornings are chilly year-round. (Yes, I'm lucky to live here...until you--gasp--consider the--gasp--altitude.)

Anyway, here's my current favorite workout trio:

The lucy Speedy Run Top II makes you 1 mph faster. Or at least it feels that way.

The lucy Speedy Run Top II, aĀ  super soft, short sleeve gem that is adorable and wicks like a pro, thanks to strategically placed mesh panels. (Gotta love it when strategy enters into workout design.)

Next up: the lucy Open Road jacket. Makes you long for smooth pavement and rolling hills. And no cars.

On top of the shirt goes the lucy Open Road Jacket, a stretch cutie which also sports mesh panels, as well as thumb holes (a blessing for anybody with longer arms) and two pockets for all your essentials.

Top--or bottom?--it all off with the lucy Endurance Skirt.

Complete the package with this functional and flattering lucy Endurance Skirt, which has a wider band (see ya, muffin top!) and 5", stay-put shorts under the split skirt (see ya, chub rub!).

We've got this tri-rific outfit to give away today; lucy will send a $193 gift card, the value of the three items, to a winner, who can opt for this trio or choose from any of the other strategically designed clothes lucy offers. SBS and I love them because they realize that we female athletes come in all shapes and sizes--and regardless of our current shape, we want clothes that fit well and function even better.

In order to enter, please tell us in the comments below what is one trio you've currently got going on in your life: could be three kids (one actual child, one dog, one husband); your three favorite meals; your three best recent workouts; the tricycle your kid is learning to ride; anything that remotely relates to the lucky number three.

And hey: good luck, good luck, good luck.

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States. It begins on 5/15/12 and ends on 5/23;12; the winner will be chosen through and announced on 5/26/12. The value of the prize is $193. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.]

862 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: A lucy Trifecta!

  1. my current trifecta is not at all glamorous and I feel like I do it a minimum of 3 times a day as well- Laundry, disinfect, wash hands. My toddler son is toilet training so I am doing more laundry, disinfecting the toilet & surrounding areas, and washing both our hands as he navigates his parts and learns how aim!!

  2. Heading into my 3rd trimester and still running 3 miles 3 times a week. Cute running clothes are always a great motivator to get out there and run – look good, feel good!

  3. Lucky number 3 for me is Sunday long runs with my 2 BRFs. The 3 of us have had some great adventures, talks and we all help each other through. Sunday is the best day of the week for me!

  4. 3-weeks until my son’s school is out! So looking forward to having more morning running time, since I won’t have the morning school routine of getting him ready, making lunches and dashing out the door for an 8 am school start.

  5. In three days, I at 41, with three kids under the age of seven, will run my first 5 mile race, on this upcoming three day holiday weekend.

  6. My trio includes my husband, my son ans our dog! Juggling the needs of all three while still getting time to run.

  7. I currently have a trio of strep cases in my house. My son, daughter and I all came down with strep this week. I came down with strep the night before my half marathon this past Sunday and had to miss my first ever race. Pretty devastating after all the hard work and training. But there is always another race on the horizon.

  8. My trio of big stresses this summer: selling our house, buying and moving to a new one, and the summer music festival I help produce for work. It’s hard to find time to train but that time helps save my sanity!

  9. I have three boys! My husband and two sons. This is enough to keep me running, to keep my sanity and give me some me time!

  10. How about my three nutrition addictions? Nuun, Cliff shot blocks and Justin’s Nut Butter. Sometimes I think I do my long runs just so I can enjoy them!

  11. My trifecta is the same as a lot of women in the Another Mother Runner tribe: family, work and my running. It’s all about balance!

  12. I’m a MOM to 3 beautiful little girls, a Troop Leader to 18 Daisy-&-Brownie Girl Scouts, and am training for my first 1/2 Marathon!

  13. THREE weeks until summer time with my baby girl!
    Looking forward to much time on the beach with my THREE beachbums-daughter Genevieve, 2 year old black lab Gus, and 8 year old black lab Chewy!
    Loving my family of 3:)

  14. My 3… looking for my first marathon, looking for my 2nd half and looking for my first mud run! Why is it so hard for me to pick a race??!?!

  15. My trio is the three men in my life…my husband, my 6 year old and my 4 year old. All three keep me on toes!

  16. Right now my three favorite runs are the 5k I ran two weeks ago, the 10k I ran last Saturday, and the 10k I’m getting ready to run in Ireland next week!

  17. My three favorite people – hubby, daughter, and son. Oh and my third 5k will be on June 2, I have been focused on another half but have realized I need to break it down and a 5k (3+ mile) is the best way to do that and successfuly complete my next half in October.

  18. I just said yes to my second Ragnar…so my three’s are the 3 legs I’ll be running in the hardest, yet funnest thing I’ve ever done in my life.

  19. 2 BFFs plus me (3 of us) just made our early morning running plan for the 3 months of summer, June, July and August!

  20. My trio is my family (husband and daughter), my job, and running (training for my first post-baby marathon that’s in two weeks!). They all keep me very busy but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  21. My magic three right now is miles. Not all that impressive, I know, but after a knee injury, getting up to three miles meant limping home for far too long. But for the last two weeks, I’ve run three miles pain free– that’s worth celebrating! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  22. My 3 things are my boys. My husband gives me the gift of time to run & bike. My 2 sons love me for who I am. Even when I’m salty and sweaty!

  23. I’m battling three health problems – elbow surgery in October, shoulder surgery in January, and gastroparesis for the past four years. I used to be a biker, but I’m trying to get into running, since my shoulder won’t allow me to bike anymore.

  24. I have three scars on my left knee- one from a trail race, one from eating pavement on a leisurely day-before mountain race run and one from my three-year-old son. I’ve grown pretty found of my battle scars!

  25. I’m doing a 3 day bike ride this summer and can’t wait!! I’m signed up for 3 triathlons this summer (so far). I love running, but I welcome the change for the summer months.

  26. My current list of three isn’t very running related. I recently went back on birth control. I have always been lucky to never experience those yucky side effects, but things are apparently different now. I have three months to wait to see if this birth control is something I want to stick with or not. This first month has sucked so far!

  27. My 3 favorite workouts right now – Swim, Bike, Run. Training for a sprint triathlon with my 16 year old daughter – sweet!

  28. I have three beautiful daughters (my youngest just turned three) and I’m one of three sisters in my family too!

  29. This spring I’ve been training for three different races with three different distances. A 1 mile sprint, a 10k race, and a half marathon.

  30. Feeling so thankful for 3 things this week – 1) finding out I don’t have colon cancer just a colon issue that may limit but not eliminate my running; 2) having a patient and understanding husband; 3) my two beautiful daughters.

  31. I feel like I am the CEO of my home, my family and their endless schedule, and myself. And those 3 things can eat up every ounce of my sanity and pays back in the highest dividends.

  32. Juggling work, training for my first marathon and keeping up with the kids sports !! One more week until the race !!

  33. I watched three dogs for my parents while they were in Lasvegas for three days. So a housefull adding to my three boys, my husband and two sons.

  34. I’m focusing to make it to my first triathalon experience the first weekend in June (Paddle, Pedal, and Run). My littlest boy of my three (hubby, 6, 2 1/2) is having some ENT surgery on the day before, so I still hope I can make it.

  35. My trifecta today….

    1. 16 weeks pregnant with #3.
    2. Ran a half marathon last Saturday, my third fastest time.
    3. I rotate between three pairs of running shoes – really old, kind of old, and brand new!

  36. My trio of children: Briannon (7), Brooke (6), Bryce (2). When I started running and it was hard to run 3 miles, I’d run one mile for each of them.

  37. My current threee – two nice size burns, from two different events, and a cut on my hand from making dinner last night. It’s been a touch week.

  38. My trifecta is currently my 3 weekday runs that make my long run much, much, easier. Tempo on Tuesday + 1 hour of easy on Wednesday + speed work on Thursday = 1 happy, scenic, easy long run on Sunday morning. I hate speed work, but it really helps!

  39. A double trifecta: my 3 boys: Isaac (son), Hugh (husband), and Nicky (the cat). All 3: make my heart full of love, make my life wonderful, and make me need to run.

  40. It’s been a rough week so I am thankful for the three things that have sustained me during this rough patch:

    1. The best Husband in the world
    2. The most supportive family & friends
    3. My Lord and God

  41. 3 things I do every day no matter what:
    1. Workout
    2. Kiss my husband and little boy
    3. Thank God for all I’ve been blessed with.

  42. My current trios…bootcamp – at least 3 days a week; wrangling my 3 boys – hubs & 2 kiddos; 3 things on tap for the weekend – weeding the roses, bbq with friends and a little pool time šŸ™‚

  43. I’m training for my third fall marathon and training starts just next Monday. I’m using what hope to be a dandy little training plan from a book that I’ll let you guess the name…Starts with “Train” ends with “Like a Mother Runner.” šŸ˜‰

  44. 3-day-weekend!
    looking forward to the upcoming memorial day weekend and having 3 days of uninterrupted family time.

    (that outer layer jacket looks perfect for an early morning springtime run!! i love those colors)

  45. My 3 kiddos: ages 6, 5, and almost 3

    Running my 3rd half-marathon this summer

    I am a: wife, mother, runner

    Couldn’t do it without: the Father, Son, & Holy Spirit!

    And I always sneeze in 3s! šŸ™‚

  46. Seems that there are many three’s in my world right now!

    – Training for my third triathlon
    – Running my third half marathon on Sunday
    – Three favorite additions to my morning oatmeal: blueberries, scoop of peanut butter and an egg!

  47. Currently live in a household of 3: husband, 4-year-old son and myself. Expecting a second son in the fall, then I will be living with 3 males!

  48. I have my wonderful hubby, my great 7 yr old daughter who is about to run her first peachtree jr and my 5 yr old daughter who just graduated PreK and will be a kindergartner

  49. I’m training for the Madison-Chicago Ragnar and I have a triple run day coming up – 5/5/5 with a headlamp night run included.

  50. I am a member of a family of three (my hubby, my daughter, and myself) and I am training for 3 major events this year (my first Full marathon (done), and 2 half marathons this fall! It will be my first year with 3 big race events in it šŸ™‚

  51. I’ve been in the top 3 for females at my last 3 races!! (These are small-town and short distances by the way…)
    runner_girl5k at yahoo dot com

  52. I’m training for my first half ironman…. swim, bike, run. While juggling work, a dog and a kiddo as a single mama. Yikes two trios!!!

  53. Three more weeks until the end of my third year in the PhD progam! When I finally graduate it will be my 3rd college degree. That takes stamina!

  54. Wow, I wish a had a pithy and original comment, because I’d just be saying “ditto” to many of the above remarks. I can tell you a trio I’m trying to AVOID this year, though: Coulda, Woulda, and Shoulda.

  55. The three things that help me run: my mother-in-law who watches my kids, my husband who cheers me on, and my awesome running buddy who I can’t leave standing at the end of her driveway waiting on me!

  56. I am the lone woman in a house with THREE men – my husband and my two-year old boys. Love my THREE boys!

  57. We are a family of three, if you don’t count our pets! Myself, my mountain-biking husband, and our 4-year old who just graduated from a strider bike to a “real” bike with pedals. We are all three go-getters who love exercise!

  58. My trio – 3 halfs planned in 3 back to back weekends this September. Obviously I’m not “racing” any of them. All for fun!

  59. I added a trio of Cross Fit workouts to my regimen last month and I’m loving it! I think it’s helping me run faster and I KNOW it’s firming up the tush!

  60. My trio – a 5 year old boy, busy work schedule, and my cleansing fast.
    Would love new Lucy gear to celebrate juggling it all!

  61. Hmm, my 3rd daughter, who’s 3, currently goes to preschool 3 days a week so I can do my 3 runs each week. Next week is her LAST THREE days and then summer break. So I will now have to hit the pavement 3 hours earlier to get my run fix before my husband heads to work. this is not my favorite time to run because I work 3rd shift so I take sleep when I can get it…..

  62. Three females in our house,…myself and two daughters. One of them being a three month old, the other daughter is almost three.

  63. 3 running organizations – My hometime running club, Middletown Athletic Club, which keeps me social, the only group that understands and supports the insane things I do to run races, Marathon Maniacs, which keeps me motivated and in 10 days, I’ll run the Vermont City Marathon and qualify for membership in the 50 States Marathon Club, a long-term goal that I’ve been trying to accomplish for a few years now!

  64. For me the #3 represents my 3 important pieces of my life: Family, Work, Person — there are 3 in my family (hubs, kid, me) and my career feel likes 3 different jobs at any given moment and my individual person revolves around: 1. solitude (running), 2. reading and 3. personal improvement.

  65. My trio consists of my running partners-my 20 month old son and my two labs. Not all at the same time though…that is a recipe for disaster!

  66. Where would I even begin? 3 kids? A job, 3 kids & a husband? 3 kids, baseball & a husband in school? Getting in at least 3 runs a week? I like 3’s too though—1 have 3 daughters and I’m one of 3 sisters (and a brother!).

  67. My lucky 3 is the triathlon 3: swim, bike run! I’ve been out of tri training since 2009 due to pregnancy, birth, and baby, and am so excited to be getting my tri training back on! I’m signed up for a sprint in August. I know I can complete the run. I’m getting my rear end used to the bike again this month, and then Memorial Day weekend the pool re-opens and I’ll hit the water!

  68. aaahhh… the magic number 3. I chose to look at it as saying 30. which is currently the magic number I am trying to get my 5k time under šŸ™‚

  69. My “energetic” daughter has 3 days left of kindergarten. Yikes! Time to start planning our summer…key word…structure!

  70. Brought to you by the #3! What a cute little trio of clothing items, would love to have them. Did you know when decorating or card making you should have items in groups of three? Aesethic to the eye or some such thing…not even sure if i spelled that right. Thanks for the 333 fun today!

  71. my trio consist of places i just went on vacation….Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Islands of Adventure and Cocoa Beach! With my amazing trio….hubby, sweet Boo (my 17-yr old daughter) and Bobie (my 5-yr old son).

  72. As I’m one month out from my first ever triathlon, I’d say my threesome is swim, bike, and run. Although I’d gladly give up swimming for any other exercise….

  73. My threesome is my husband, preschooler and puppy that keep me up at night. My husband has been stressed out lately, and is always getting up and pacing the floors. My preschooler never seems to stay in bed at night, and my puppy still requires me to take her out at crazy hours of night. I’m tired! In addition, there are three other children. And then the fact that on Saturday, the dance studio that I teach for is having three recitals, that all three of my daughters (and myself) are performing in. I’m just hoping to survive the weekend with my sanity. A little sleep might help too.

  74. My “tris”:

    –Exercise; Eating Cleaner; Enjoying Life More

    –God, Son, Holy Ghost (without this, nothing is possible)

    –Mother, Wife, Employee

  75. My favorite trio lately has been peanut butter, honey and bananas! Put those three together on whole wheat bread and it becomes the perfect fuel for a mom on the run, and a mom who runs!

  76. My three guys- My supportive hubby (training for a marathon so I can live vicariously through him), my amazing three and a half year old son, and the 4 days overbaked boy bun in the oven that needs to come out already!

  77. I have been revamping my diet to include plenty foods that are supposedly beneficial for runners, and currently obsessed with chia seeds, sweet potatoes and spinach. I eat them all at least once a day, but still haven’t figured out how to combine them into one meal (a sweet potato/spinach/chia smoothie, perhaps?!)

  78. There are only three weeks left in the school year, my husband had to pick the kids up three days in a row from day care (a rarity), and my youngest turned three this week. šŸ™‚

  79. About three years ago I found out my 3 kids would have an additional two siblings. I have been “back” running for a year now and plan to run my third race (1/2 marathon) in about 10 days. I am on my third pair of sneaks!

    My ultimate trio: 5 kids, a hubby, and 2 dogs…. okay more like a zoo! Running, running, running.. the three things that helps keep me sane!

  80. My trio-my kids’ crazy end of the school year activities, working part time as a nurse and training for my 1st marathon!!

  81. Definitely my favorite trio is Emma, Noah, and Caleb. My 8 year old twins (Emma and Noah) and my silly 4 year old. This trio replaced my first favorite trio, my sisters (also twins) and me (the oldest).

  82. My Trio ~ 3weeks left teaching 26 kindergarteners, 3 weeks until my forst sprint tri of the summer, and 3 weeks until my 3 boys head up north and leave mom home alone! I just hope I can make it through these last three weeks.

  83. I would have to say that the trio I’ve been sporting for the past seven months have been: training for my first half marathon, talking care of the 7 month old and 2 year old, and keeping the household from disintegrating into madness šŸ™‚

  84. Three pieces of writing, all submitted tonight. The first is an article on a twentieth-century Japanese composer for a scholarly journal, the second was a letter to the editor for my local paper, and the third is my comment here. The third was probably the easiest of the three, though it took me all day long to figure out what my three things were.

  85. Gotta be my BRF’s, Sagger, Banger & Baggies (private jokes to go with all the names!). Or could be 3X1600, our latest fav speed workout.

  86. I have been helping my Husband train for his First Half Marathon.. often we have no sitter, so I will be on the run with my 3 men, ages 4, 6 and 35 šŸ™‚ We have completed over 3 10 mile training runs pushing those HEAVY boys!!! Also 3 is my FAVORITE number and I love love Lucy gear.

  87. Here’s something I bet no one’s mentioned yet: I have a trio of 14 year olds. Except they’re not triplets– one was born in January, one in March, and one in May!

    Would love to win this running outfit!

    Mary, momma to 10, including 4 from Ethiopia and 2 from Korea

  88. My trifecta is the Lucy cowl-neck tunic, my Lucy walkabout skirt, and my old school orange Lucy water bottle ( with flip-straw). These keep me comfy and active! I really, really LOVE LUCY!!!

  89. Wednesdays, which are day three of my running “week,” and the day on which I get to do 5:30 am tempo runs with my amazing running group, which might normally sound hellish, but has become one of the highlights of my week.

  90. my tried and true trifecta of life is: exercise, explore and espresso. i can’t explain why, but somehow my life experiences always rely upon this amazing trifecta whether its while traveling, working or just hanging out with my boys!

  91. I have a trio of favorite local races. The Tuscon marathon ( beutiful), the cha cha trail race (tough but fun), and the IMS marathon. I run by my house ( potty stop anyone).

  92. In 3 days I am about to embark on a 3 day trip to Disneyland which is a little over 3 hundred miles away with the 3 most precious guys in my life(Husband, 3 year old, and 2×3 month old :P). At that point it will have been 3 weeks since I’ve run (since 04/29 BSIM), and will be 3 weeks until we move our family across 3 states( roughly 3×300 miles). Can you tell I’m moving in about 3 or more directions at any given time LOL! Can’t wait to be back on the pavement or trail where I only move in one direction, and of my own volition.

  93. In training for my third 1/2 (R&R Seattle)…and the race is on my 33rd birthday!!! Triple threat! šŸ˜‰

  94. My three favorites right now (and most always): My husband (I’m so thankful that we balance each others’ craziness), my almost-8 year-old son (always teaching me that boys are just a different though very lovable breed) and my 6 year-old daughter(my mini-me, both in the good and bad)

  95. I’m do glad we are talking trios because I’m just beginning a two-week stint without my husband, just me and my 2 kids.

  96. My three finals coming up. Biology, chemistry and anthropology. Exercising in lucy clothes helps keeps my mood up and my stress down!

  97. Ten days ago, I have my first DNF ever in a race. It was to be my third Ironman, in St. George Utah. We were plagued with a horrible storm 10 min after the starting gun. Many many people did not finish, and I was one of them. So, now I am more determined than ever to finish my third Ironman race – in Canada in August. Can’t wait!!

  98. My running group runs in threes. Marie, marge, and Tina. Occasionally it is Kate, Tina, and Marie or Tina, Marie, and Susan. Almost always Tina:)

  99. I would say the trio I’m working on right now is digesting the delicious sushi, white wine, and ice cream I had for dinner. Yum!

  100. my 3 are home, work and me. constant balance is required and I am entering into a period of potential off balance, so I am working very hard to keep all the balls in the air.

  101. My 3 kids. [OK, so I only have 2 kids. But they way they zip around the back yard after I get home from work, I swear there are at *least* three of them!!]

  102. My 3 are : work, family and me. The first 2 are obvious but taking time out for just me a few moments (or hours) to relax, exercise, read, go out with my friends, are what make me a great wife, and mom!

  103. My trio is me, my wonderful husband and our son! And that he’s allowing me to run a third distance this weekend . . . a half marathon!

  104. After over a year and a half of trying to get pregnant, just found out that I may be carrying twins! Working out and eating for 3 now!

  105. My three fav long run essentials- a sweat-wicking hat, my Vanilla flavored GU and a very loud playlist.

  106. My first thought was my 2 running pals and I. The three of us were always stuck somewhere between the beginners and the intermediates during our first season of running.

  107. I love Lucy clothes! (ha, get it?). I love to run three days on, then take a day off, then three days on, etc. etc. otherwise things in my life tend to come in fours – four kids, four pounds of baby weight left to lose (youngest is 6 months), four hours too few in the day, and the list goes on!

  108. 3 days until my last long training run (21 miles…2+1=3). Running my first full marathon on June 3rd!! Love Lucy!

  109. My trifecta is busy family + new job + studying for the LSAT. Whew! Good thing I run to stay sane and happy!

  110. I have 3 amazing little girls who aren’t so little anymore, that I get to run away from every morning šŸ™‚ And all 3 girls’ names end with “lee”, so there’s another 3. And, I have had the best 3 months of training that I’ve ever had. I am just training to start marathon training this summer for my first full ever!!!

  111. I’m running my third long race in less than three weeks (one 10 miler, one half, and one 25K).

    And my birthday is on the 3rd day of the 12th month (3×4…lol).

  112. My three focus right now is whether or not to have baby #3. Its a regular conversation in our house- everything we do we ask what it would be like if there was number 3!

  113. We have a trio of kids 5 and under to keep us on our toes. Trying to decide if we should make it a quad, but a trio fits us perfectly right now!

  114. I have 3 great running friends that keep me focused towards my goal of completing my first marathon prior to my 40th birthday.

  115. My trio this week, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday RUN!

    My favorite trio to eat, protien, protien and chocolate!!!

  116. My threesome includes family, fitness (running/BodyFlow/other gym workouts for me and baseball for my boys), and work! šŸ™‚

  117. I am getting ready to run the third 5K of my life on Saturday! My first was when I was 15 and running track–the coach thought it would be fun to run it as a team. My 2nd 5K was 3 weeks ago at age 27 and I shocked myself with a time of 24.10! I am hoping to beat that time On Saturday–though given that I have been sick for two weeks and not training much makes that doubtful.

  118. The three running partners I have since taking up running and finding you guys. Thanks Amanda, Michelle and Tiff! Life would not be the same without you, all 3 of you!

  119. My trio is 3 different drugs for lupus that keep me going and allowed me to run 52 miles last week. They are: prednisone, Plaquenil, and Arava!

  120. My ifitness belt, my iphone and my imapmyrun app to track my runs…loving that technology and running have merged so well!!!

  121. Beer , ice cream, and candy…..the things I am trying to avoid . Need to drop 10 lbs before the next marathon.

  122. My threesome today was a mantra/directive given to my 7yo and 4yo as we were pulling in the driveway for a quick-turnaround pit stop: Potty, change, back in the car! (Repeated over and over Dora style)

  123. I started running last year to 1-lose weight, 2-lower my cholesterol and 3-be able to keep up with my nine year old.

  124. My trio is the three sports I’m currently training for in preparation for my first half-ironman triathlon in June!!!

  125. AM trail runs, running Bob stroller, & coach curly – my 3yr old daily running buddy who keeps me on my toes!!!!!

  126. I love this outfit!

    My life right now is: running, taking care of my twins, and sleeping. There are a million other things I squeeze in (my wonderful husband of course, my part time job, endless laundry and dishes), but those are my main 3 at the moment.

  127. Three big days of running coming up this weekend – Friday & Saturday I’m doing the Reach The Beach relay & then Sunday (while completely wiped out from all the running and no sleep) heading up to Sugarloaf to cheer on the hubby complete his marathon!

  128. My, hubs, and our sweet girl. Well, as sweet as any two year old can really be…would love to win. I have been shopping for the perfect running skirt forever.

  129. Comming up on our third wedding anniversary. Have three beautiful furbabies. I always run three miles at a time! Little bit of OCD šŸ™‚

  130. my 3 children 10, 7, and 5- reasons I started running to get in shape to be a healthier mom, and to get some time away from the little angels-ha!

  131. Three things right now that are getting me through this last week of my pregnancy and an already crazy life with 4 crazy kids… a spoon, peanut butter and chocolate chips. šŸ˜€

  132. My trio is extra tiredness, morning sickness that lasts all day, and weight gain – that’s what happens when you’re expecting (baby #3 at that!).

  133. My favorite 3 things…my boys!! I have a 12 year old, 8 year old, and 5 year old and I LOVE being a mom to boys!! People ask me all the time if I am going to try for a girls. My answer is always the same….No, I would never want my boys to think they weren’t enough! Plus, why would I add all of that pink and Barbie dolls to the balls and trucks I already have?!?!

  134. My son is about to turn three…and if that isn’t consuming enough…he has THREE older siblings…which is why his mom runs THREE miles at least THREE times a week.

    Hmmmm….that was four three’s….

  135. June, July & August–Ready for the 3 summer months, after all, I am a teacher!! (for the real record, we, of course do not have 3 months off, but still I love my summers!) And love lucy trifecta, too!

  136. My current trio is a 40 hr work week, three kids under 5, and training for a 5k PR in July before moving on to my next half marathon. šŸ™‚ The hardest part is fitting everything in when my husband is working out of town (he seems to be gone more than he’s home in the last few months). I have a great deal of respect for all those single moms out there! šŸ™‚

  137. I go to 3 different yoga classes a week!! They are all different and of varying levels, and I love each of them. One is an amazing cardio power yoga workout, one is a nice hatha flow, and one is calming and restorative. They help balance me! And I LOVE to wear Lucy when I’m doing yoga, hiking, jogging, even grocery shopping šŸ˜‰

  138. 3rd full marathon, 3rd sprint triathalon, third century bike ride—all in the next month—wow I will be busy!

  139. My favorite trio is my family! My hubby, my son, and myself! We work well together, support each other, and enjoy our Sunday run/bike rides together!

  140. My threesome right now is three boys…..on three different baseball teams….with games at three different times and parks every Saturday.

    My other three is the three weeks that I haven’t run (except for an 8K and a half) while I rehab my knee.

  141. There are 3 of us that always run together. We share laughter and miles. I never fail to feel so much better after the 3 of us have run. I am very lucky to have these powerful women as running buddies.

  142. a double threesome of 3 jobs – wife, mom, & employee with 3 jobs (corporate fitness, yoga instructor, & college professor)
    Busy Busy Busy

  143. 3 ingreds salad. Can’t stop eating it. Baby spinach, lite Marie’s ranch & tomatoes…borrrring, but so yummy! 3 days in a row!

  144. I’m competing in the United Healthcare Triple Crown this summer. 3 Half Marathons in Rhode Island: Providence (done), Jamestown, and Newport. All great locations!

  145. I’m expecting twins in Sept (kiddos 2 & 3!); working on two cookbooks, one due 3 weeks before the 2 babies; and watching our 2 year old rule the roost of the 3 of us… Soon to be 5 of us.

  146. MUSIC, Outfit and carb-loading plan…I am getting ready for my next marathon next Sat. So plan, plan, planning.

  147. The three things I started last week: started working full-time again, started training for a half, and started a garden at my new house. Hope all three are successful!

  148. I am currently passed out on the couch with my laptop because I started my day running 3 miles this morning and then spent the rest of my day running like a mad woman after my 3 kids!! I am in desperate want of a good running skirt…I have 2(sorry, not 3) 10ks coming up and would love to have something new and cute to wear that I don’t have to pull down every 3 minutes!

  149. I just registered for the 3M Half Marathon – the 3rd time I’ve run it. It will be 13.1 miles on 1/13/13!

  150. My trios are working in 3 days of strength training and 3 days of cardio a week to keep up with my 3 boys!

  151. I am currently training for my 3rd half marathon with a 3some of running buddies (myself and 2 of my best galpals) Having these things in my life makes me a better mom to my 3 sons!!!

  152. The trio making me crazy is finishing up my school, keeping my kids on track as they finish the school year and planning a move which happens right after school is out!

  153. My post run meal trifecta: poached egg on an English muffin with bacon. I seriously salivate over it during my run!

  154. My trifecta- Three inspirational quotes that I use daily.

    You are not alone

    Never give up

    Be The Change

  155. I am trying to have 3 things at every meal: fruit, vegetables and a whole grain. It’s been tough but I want to make my health a priority.

  156. Just ran marathon number 33 last weekend and have 3 more this month before training for a 3:33 (seriously!) in Chicago this fall!

  157. My three is the trio of runs I just completed in the Ragnar Cape Cod Series. It was my first overnight relay race (as well as the first for 10 of my 11 teammates) and I am hooked!

  158. I’ve got a three month old and an almost three year old. I am dying to run at least three times a week again!

  159. I am outnumbered by my 3 boys: my husband, my baby, and my cat:) My favorite post-long run cuddle buddies:)

  160. Every May I try like the devil to sell the trifecta thing to my husband. I am a nurse a wife and a mom(3 kids). My birthday is May 9th so in the first or second week of May I celebrate National Nurses day, My Birthday, and Mothers day. I have been calling it the trifecta for 13 years in hopes that my husband will take note and reward me with gifts that week but…… it seems to be just like any other week. I know that some year my horse will come in and there will be big rewards! šŸ™‚ Until then I am just going to keep on running like a mother!

  161. I know it’s a good week when I can get three good runs in. It’s been tough since my other threesome recently was cold, pink eye and strep not including what my kids and husband have.

  162. My trifecta – three new (to me) workouts that have really helped the running….strength training, yoga, core training (thank you, P90X)!

  163. My threesome right now is my daughter and my girlfriend and I: we are getting ready for a half marathon this Sunday and it’s my daughter’s first, my friend’s third, and my fifth. We are all fighting with a variety of injuries so we are calling ourselves the gimpy trio!

  164. 2 kids + 1 Husband = 3 loves. 3 wonderful runs a week. 1 me + 2 BRF = 3 fabulous AMRs on a long weekend run.

  165. i’m currently in part two of my trio of trimesters. come on end of morning sickness and bring on the miles!

  166. I have a trio of kitty girls that make me giggle. Gwen is the little black cat with fruit bat ears, Penguin is naturally a tuxedo kitty, and Cali is, wait for it, a calico.

  167. Do three glasses of wine before a non run day count! Seriously, though, I have three kids, who have three very full lives — today, dance for Isabella, Soccer for Jack, and Cameron had Boy Scouts — I felt like a car on the ricochet roller coaster going back and forth between home and the studio, the soccer field, the Elem School where the meeting was being held.

  168. 3 wonderful grandkids! Hope they love their running Grandma – Thinking of investing in a jogging stroller. Need the cute clothes to go with it!

  169. 3 half marathons in 6 months and 3 PR’s. I’m reminding myself of these accomplishments when i start freaking out about my first full, Chicago 2012 šŸ™‚

  170. My daughter is 3… I think it should be the terrible 3s, not the terrible 2s…I think age 3 is harder to deal with than when she was 2!!

  171. I am a single mom to 2 busy little girls (ages 8 and 5)…together we are the Three Amigos! They are coming to all of my races as I train for a half-marathon to cheer me on and run the kiddie races where they have that option. The half-marathon event is the Princess at Disney World – girl power all the way, a great thing for them to see while young. We CAN do it all!!

  172. Let’s see… three… love that number! (Though my fave is 13.)
    Three planned exercise times this week – Zumba today, pilates tomorrow (private), and cycling with the kids and husband on a rail trail on Saturday. Yay!

  173. I have 3 best friends that have been my besties since high school (hello…20 year reunion next year)! In the past year, the 3 of us have enjoyed many life changing moments including Weddings and Births of (multiple) children. Although we all live in different parts of the world, we’re never far apart. I love my girls!

  174. My lucky 3.. My two kids and husband. Trying to get back into running after a month break due to medical issues and I need to work around my awesome support team’s needs and schedules. Easier said than done!

  175. Fifty Shades of Grey, FS Darker, FS Freed.


    Just kidding, currently I have a legal hearing, hubby’s surgery, and marathon training on my plate. A little love from AMR and lucy would go a long way to making me grin from ear to ear.

  176. Trifecta for the perfect “me time” to kick off the perfect weekend: 1) long run 2) slow quiet (read kid free) stretch 3) my weekly treat (recovery gift to self) a glass of chocolate milk in a frosted mug.

  177. I’ve got two businesses going and a baby on the way! Thankfully I’m finding the three more exhilarating than stressful so far (ask me again after baby arrive, though).

  178. I do have 3 kids that is my ultimate trio! But also last week my 12 year old daughter set a trio of her own – a school and conference record in the mile, a school and conference record in the 800 and a school and conference record with her 4×400 relay team! 3 races, 3 wins, 6 records!!

  179. My awesome trifecta right now is yoga, vegetarian eating, and a positive attitude. Three things that are completely revolutionizing my life and making each day better mentally and physically. I would LOVE to sport this great outfit! ā™„ @veronicaraye

  180. Three weeks since my hysterectomy, two weeks until I can run again, loving the walks with my two kids and two dogs until I’m back up to speed.

  181. The first three things that pop into my head are: training (half marathon 7/21), baseball (my son’s games start tomorrow) and camping (can’t wait to get out there!)

  182. My trio…is what keeps me BUSY! My sweet and ENERGETIC 2.5 yr old son. Helping my in laws on a very regular basis as they struggle with aging, Parkinson’s and memory loss. AND, starting a business after getting laid off – to be able to have the flexibility for #1 and #2! (oh, and have been starting exercising/yoga to be able to keep the calm…which is why I NEED Lucy!)

  183. My current threesome: training for a half-marathon on June 16, getting ready to move in July, and maintaining my nutrition, health, and sanity until we are settled in our new location. Also trying to figure out if I can do three marathons this fall/ winter.

  184. 3 races this summer…first marathon…done! 5K with THREE of my kids….coming up….half marathon in September….fun times!

  185. 3 miles with my running buddy tomorrow morning in the dark. 3 tubes of Nuun left in my stash and all are about empty ;-(. AND 3 sweet people to kiss good night!

  186. My two big trios are my three kids (4 year old identical twin boys and a 2 year old daughter) and my husband, kids and running. Three (or five) things I love a lot!

  187. (3 x 30)+ 3 = how many pounds I lost training to run 3 miles (and powerfully!) since last October. Note: now I can rock those cute Lucy outfits!

  188. I am blessed with three children!! A two year old and two one year olds!! What a crazy life and beautiful surprises!!!

  189. On Saturday, I’m running a 5k in honor of three beautiful little girls (Emma, Aly, Kate) who died in a tragic car accident at the ages of 8,7 and 5. I’m volunteering at the registration and running the 5k with my 10 year old daughter – her first race ever! E-A-K Forever in Our Hearts.

  190. My perfect trifecta: my husband, my daughter, my son. <3 that said, new running clothes would make my day even better!

  191. My TRIO would be my three children! šŸ˜‰ (And the three C-sections I had to have each of them! šŸ™‚ Thanks for the contest! Crossing my fingers!

  192. The big three: coffee, chocolate and my run. As long as I get some of each every day, I am a happy MotherRunner.

  193. 3 More Mondays before Summer Vacation! (Teacher Here)
    3 Great Classes to teach next Year,
    Mom to 3 Kiddos,
    And 3 miles that my Couch to 5k group mastered and I’m so freakin proud of them!!!!

  194. Several threes in my life – I’m one of three sisters, I have 3 males in my life now – 1 husband, and 2 sons – who continually amaze, support, and frustrate me (usually all at the same time!) – I’m currently signed up for my next 3 races – a women’s only 5K, a 10.5 mile trail run, and my first marathon.

  195. Three kids at home for three months this summer, and three weekday runs in the hilly Texas sun as I continue to train for my first 26.2.

  196. My daughter is just coming up on her third birthday. And unfortunately, I think the terrible twos are just going to slide into the terrible threes without 3 breaths.

  197. My big three would be the three roles I’ve been playing for the past three years: full time teacher, full time graduate student and full time mother of two kids: a one year old and a three year old. Did I mention I’m training for my first 39.6 mile run? Lots of 3’s…. šŸ™‚

  198. My orthopedic boot, swim belt and a pool. I have a stress fracture. šŸ™ I am looking forward to switching those back to running shoes, running skirt and my ipod shuffle. šŸ™‚

  199. My trio of trials is the upcoming Summer months with my 3 boys (5 years and under, training for my 3rd half this year, and when/how to make the leap from 13.1 to 26.2!!! I just hope I can stay on my feet despite all of the heat, mayhem, and pressure!

  200. OK, how about three main projects going on in my life right now: promoting my book, planning my daughter’s upcoming birthday, and getting back into running shape after many months of injury!

  201. 3 kids. 3 weeks till summer vacation, which means 3am wake up to fit my run in before hubby leaves for work.

  202. It’s a threesome of spending:

    Too much on a recent weekend getaway for the Whiskey Row Half Marathon, $358 in unexpected vet bills, and around $1,000 to get our pool acid washed and in good running condition again (blasted salt cells!)

    Help a broke sister out, will ya??

  203. I have three constants in my life….. My three wonderful kiddos! They keep me grounded and sane when life has other plans. Wouldn’t have it any other way!

  204. 1 – one husband; 2 – twin girls; 3 – trying to get the swim thing down so that I can complete a sprint triathlon without drowning this summer!

  205. My big trio is the 101 years of life we just celebrated for my grandma who passed away a week ago. Up until last fall when she moved into assisted living, she was living in her own apartment. She was sharp as a tack and never had any serious health problems. Her heart just stopped. While losing Grandma was hard, my daughter reminded me that hardly anyone lives to be three digits. I hope to be as happy and healthy as she was!

  206. For the last two weeks we’ve been housing a classmate of my daughter and her mom who are currently homeless. So right now our house holds three moms and three ten-year-olds. We also have three dogs, but only two cats, and soon we’ll also be back to our old two-mom, two-kid, two-cat (three dog) family.

  207. Right now my trifecta consists of 3 very important friends who are amazing sources of encouragement as I train for my 1st 1/2! Heather: who is a Big Sur marathon BAMR and pushed me to do 11 miles, Dianna: who is training for the SD RnR marathon and is my own personal trainer and run-walk-runs with me at least once a week, and Catharina: my closest friend who has started her own journey towards running and constantly cheers me on! Couldn’t do it without these 3 friends in my life who are pushing me towards 13.1 in just 2 more weeks!!!!

  208. Even though the spring marathons have been run, I’m sticking by my favorite threesome: me and my Best BAMR Buddies, Kelly & Martha.

  209. 1. My family (Husband, son and daughter)
    2. My Business (My Mom, myself, and because of my son) Mothering Herbs for the pregnancy year and beyond.
    3. My volunteering for the Alabama Birth Coaltion (As North Alabama Director, as a homebirth Mom, as a family who wants birth options).

  210. My trio these days is recovering, re-committing and re-evaluating.

    Recovering from a couple of injuries
    Re-committing to being a SMART runner even if it means starting back at square one
    Re-evaluating my lifestyle and bringing in more healthy elements

  211. The three males in my life: husband, and two boys! Also, the three half marathons I’m training for for 2012 – one this weekend too.

  212. My trio is definatley children. I have a 1 1/2 and a 2 1/2 year old and just lost our 3rd baby girl at 5 months only 3 months ago. I am trying to put life into perspective and realizing I have 2 beautiful healthy girls , but it’s hard. I am now working upwards my first 5k since college, raising my girls, and coping with the loss of our sweet Emmerson. I am so blessed as a mother and wife.

  213. 1. 5 days left of school 2. Running with my 7 year old son 3. Running my second half with my BFF who lives 918 miles away!

  214. 3 legs in the hood to coast relay- first time!! Also running my THIRD race ever this weekend- a 10k. Would LOVE 3 cute Lucy things to run in!

  215. My 3rd half marathon is a little less than 3 weeks away! The best part..I’ll get to finally meet you guys. Yay Zooma Annapolis!

  216. My favorite trio lately are the last 3 songs on my ipod. ‘Brokenhearted’, ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ and ‘Call me Maybe’. Yes, I am reliving my teenage years!!

  217. My 3…..
    Two back to back half marathon with an ultra marathon on fathers day….cheers! Momma needs new running clothes, the ones I have are getting gnarly!

  218. The threesome in my life right now is running, strength training and cycling. I am feeling stronger now at almost 50 than ever and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!

  219. My 2 and 1/2 year old daughter has been going to the same school since she was 9 months. There are 2 other kids that has been in each of her classes and play together. Luckily, us moms have become the best of friends. We call our kids “The Trio”.

  220. #1 – Firstborn in her first CYT production

    #2 – Me and My husband running our first half marathon on Sunday

    #3 – My third born will turn 3 years old in exactly a month… plan, plan, plan

  221. Three….the number of kids I still have at home with me….everyday, all day (1 is older and in school). They are the reason I run, to gain my sanity, give me inspiration, and strength to get through the day….so thankful that next year that number changes to 2!!!!

  222. 1. Deployed spouse
    2. trying to grow vegetables for the first time, dang snails.
    3. 3rd foot surgery in a year tomorrow.

  223. My threesome is the wait: Waiting on baby (due in 2wks), Waiting on Summer vacation (only 10 more school days!!!), and Waiting for hubby to finish nursing school (5 more weeks).
    Eventually I will learn some patience!

  224. My favorite 3 — kids having adventures….. One teaching in Cambodia. Two living in the Ozarks. Three surviving boot camp. Hurrah.

  225. Signing up for a Women’s Outdoor Adventure Day with my childhood friend at one of our local Metroparks with three very fun and challenging things planned: kayaking, archery and driviing a team of draft horses. Can’t wait!

  226. I am the testing coordinator at a middle school. Tomorrow is the last day of 3 rounds of state testing! It has taken time away from family, gotten in the way of my running, and caused me to eat copious amounts of chocolate (3 things.) Tomorrow at 3:00 I will happily celebrate it’s end!

  227. My trio is one huge glass of Water, one peanut butter laden waffle sandwich for breakfast and (OK, AT LEAST) one cup of coffee before I run…

  228. We have three sports going on in our house: softball (daughter #1), swimming (daughter #2), and running (me).

  229. Three nights a week three of my kids are going in three different directions- t-ball, softball, and soccer! Which means, more than ever, this mama needs her morning run at least three times a week to stay sane!

  230. I just finished my 3rd half-marathon! Big Sur 2011, Surf City 2012, and the OC Half 2012. I’m addicted to the race bling!

  231. My trifecta consists of managing my THREE kids sports and music schedules. Two baseball teams and a softball team, 3 times almost daily as catcher for pitching practice (Does Lucy sell protective gear?!). Three times practice of piano. Three ‘meals’ a day (week), if we’re lucky!

  232. Just did first of 3 Tris this summer – TriRock Annapolis in the books, Iron Girl Columbia in August and Nations Tri in September. Looking to add to the trio sometime in late June or early July.

  233. Family: 4 year old, hubbie, dog and very sad loss of my favorite uncle.
    Work: insane, don’t ask.
    Training: for my first triathlon of the summer – this is third but certainly not least, it’s keeping me upright and moving forward,

  234. My 3’s: I have 3 kids, living in the desert with triple digit temps already, and training for marathon on june 3!

  235. Ooh, I wish running where part of my threesome. Between work (I teach), my children, and my husband I seriously have no time for anything. Maybe a new outfit would kick start my running again.

  236. Anytime the question of three comes up, I can’t help but think of My Three Sons…the show and the three young men who live in my house. So totally lucky to be their mom. The hubby rocks too but that makes four….

  237. I have perfected my three mile run!!!
    I run the first mile for escape & freedom,
    the second for health & longevity,
    and the third to fit into my sexy jeans.
    I think I will break all my future races into thirds with these goals in mind =)

  238. I have three actual kids (twin boys and a daughter), three fur kids (2 cats and a dog) and I’m planning on doing a 3rd half marathon!

  239. As I slowly get back to running right now my trio consists of my trio of friends that encourage, inspire and yes nag me.

  240. I am training to be a doula and I am working on my 3 births prior to certification!!

    I also now have 3 kids! (2 spunky little corgis and a full-of-personality little 7 month old girl)

    I also just ran 3 miles, imagine that šŸ˜‰

  241. I have a culinary obsession right now with chocolate, coconut and buckwheat. It lends its self well to post-run pancakes or waffles. Now if I could just get my sourdough starter resurrected I would be in serious business.

  242. We are currently stationed in Japan. Things that come in threes… My husband going stateside for the 3rd time this year. So my two yr son, dog, and myself will be here while my husband is enjoying American Food for the third time this year!!!

  243. Just over THREE weeks til we move from FL to CA…and THREE kids (under 7) I am shepherding around solo as we stay and finish out the school year while hubs headed west already…and those ridiculous THREE pounds that look so great off and yet won’t stay away!!

  244. The three things I absolutely need to survive my crazy days: coffee in the morning, my running shoes during lunch break and good-night hugs and kisses from my 4-year-old son!

  245. I’m finishing a trio of trips this Memorial Day weekend. I went to see one friend in Chicago, a whole bunch of friends in Indianapolis, and one in Galveston next weekend. It’s been a lovely time to travel and reconnect!

  246. Ahh…3… The number of runs I still have yet to complete this year with my mom, the number of dogs I run with (2 labs and a great dane) and the number of years left until I graduate college! Oh, and the number of children I want (I have 2 and have yet to convince hubby to have #3!).

  247. it’s just 3 more full days until Sunday, when I prove I’m a BAMR and complete my first half-marathon!

  248. Three is the number of hats I wear every day: Wife, Mother, Air Force Officer. Hats that I leave behind while running. Hats that fit better after I run.

  249. I’m a teacher, so the three things getting me through the last few days of school are my awesome babysitter, a movie popped in for my kids and a glass of wine in the evening!

  250. Coincidentally – today was a 3 workout day! Didn’t have it planned like that. Went for a bike ride in the AM as planned. Then a friend called and asked if I could join her for a lunchtime run. Since I always carry my running stuff in the car, I went. And now, heading to yoga!

  251. I will be running half marathon #3 in a couple weeks. I have two scheduled this year, but I may just throw in a third one!

  252. Three races I’m currently training for- One sprint tri (first one), one half marathon (first one), and one 5K obstacle/mud run!!

  253. I come from a family of 3 girls too (I’m in the middle). I also have 3 kids: ages 3, 9 and 11. Great things come in 3’s!

  254. My trifecta is the major household purchase. Everything broke: refrigerator, car, and air conditioner! Come on Lucy gift card!

  255. 3 half marathons this year in hopes of breaking that elusive 2 hour mark. My first one was in January @ 2:01:33. The second is this Sunday- wish me luck!

  256. My trio is balancing the three parts of my life that I believe define me: mom, preschool teacher, and “athlete.”

  257. First of all I would say: speedwork, tempo runs and long slow, runs
    Second would be my 2 kids and my hubby šŸ™‚
    and last but not least the 3 foods that are a part of every day: nuts, eggs and ofcourse the all important chocolate!!!!

  258. I am in the middle of 3 loans, none of which feel like they will EVER close. (I work for a corporate lawyer)

  259. The first trio that came to my mind is: need, want, love that lucy running outfit! Second trio: my 3 wonderful girls (ages 10, 7 and you guessed it, 3). Third trio — three races on my schedule — an Olympic tri, a sprint tri, and my first full marathon!

  260. Three is for my 3 kiddos and the 3 days I have left of work before being able to spend all summer with them!

  261. How about three races I want to do this fall (and three different distances)

    1. Carrboro 10K (October)
    2. City of Oaks Half (early November)
    3. Gobble & Gorgle 8K (Thanksgiving Day)

  262. My trio: Gus (5 years,) George (2 years,) and Dan (40-something!) They drive me to run…in a good way!

  263. No wonder 3 is my favorite number! I have 3 races planned for this year, the Pgh half (just completed May 6th), Buffalo Stampede trail race and my 1st full marathon, Chicago! Hopefully lucky #3!

  264. Three things I’m happy about:
    1. selling a house in a state we no longer live in
    2. getting two job interviews
    3. having a wonderful family that helped with the patience needed before the first 2 happened! : )

  265. Trying to raise our two children to be socially acceptable adults, celebrating another three months of living without breast cancer, and wondering if I would have the time and energy to train for a legitimate race and still keep my day job.

  266. 1. I am training for 3 triathlons.
    2. My third race this season is a 3 mile run.
    3. I volunteer for three different places.

  267. My three weeks till the end of the school year for both my kids and me. Teachers are just as eager as students for summer break!

  268. Three days of baseball a week for my son, oh and working on getting that pace down for my 3(.2) miles on Memorial Day weekend šŸ™‚

  269. My three things are not so great: three health scares in three family members over three weeks. However, all are on the mend now, so things worked out well. The experiences were a reminder not to take things for granted — and made me grateful for every recent run.

    Love Lucy for offering lengths for shorties like me!

  270. Getting ready for my third marathon. Just had my second child a few weeks ago and we got into the Nike Women’s Marathon in October. This will be my third marathon. Or three hours of sleep. Since i have a newborn three hour increments run my life including no more than 3 hours of sleep in any one stretch.

  271. My three boys! They mean the world to me. Each one is so unique and special. They ask me about my times and are proud of me when my pace is less than an 11 minute mile even though they can all run sub-6 miles!

  272. I am shooting for the Triple Crown this year here in San Diego — where I’ll have run the Carlsbad Half in January, the La Jolla Half in April and then finally, America’s Finest City’s Half Marathon in August. And to throw a little excitement in there — I’ll be running my FIRST marathon — San Diego’s Rock N Roll on June 3rd!!!

  273. This will be the third time I run Dam to Dam: Iowa’s Distance Classic! 3rd time is a charm right? I’m trying to break that race. The first two times have bit the big one!

    I have 3 years worth of paperwork I feel needs to be done before the school year can be done.

    I am on a team of 3 teachers that rock my world every day. And they too are Running Mothers. I’m so lucky to come to work everyday!

  274. The three men in my life, my two little boys, and my husband. They love me unconditionally, and support my crazy running habit, even if they don’t quite understand it!

  275. Well, I signed up for 3 races yesterday: Toga Run 5k next weekend, Fun Fest 10k on June 9th, and what should prove to be a very entertaining Hot Undies Run on June 30th where participants have the option of running clothed or in their underwear (no thongs allowed, LOL)!

    To continue this trifecta on a more boring note, my car is in the shop for 3 repairs today: my blue tooth went out, there’s a weird clunk of the engine after every stop, and my steering wheel is off center a 1/2 inch to the right.

  276. Three events on my mind that influence many of my choices: 1. Memorial Day 5k with my 9-year old (3 is the square root of 9). 2. My 6-year old’s birthday coming up in June (the sixth month, both age and month multiple of 3). 3. The Nike Half Marathon in October, as in, how am I going to get through it, is it time to start half training, must make travel plans). I love Lucy clothes!

  277. The 3 best things in my life are my son, my husband, and my dog!! I am also very lucky to watch my nieces 3 days a week, which allows me to spend time with 3 of my favorite kids (my son and 2 nieces)!! šŸ™‚

  278. My husband and I have THREE children and are training for a 20K race in THREE weeks. There are THREE couples traveling to run this race together and this will be my THIRD time in this particular race. And honestly, I have the song “3” by Britney Spears running through my head right now because it was the last song I heard on my run just now.

  279. I recently participated in the new Heartland 39.3 series (3 half marathons in 4 weeks) in the Kansas City area. The first race was my goal race to break 2 hours. Sad to say, I didn’t reach my goal and was pretty hard on myself. Long story short, last Saturday I ran the 3rd half marathon of the series in 1:58:12. Yay!

  280. We have three bio children, three adopted children,three cats and one of our cats will have kittens anyday now. We’re guessing she will have three!

  281. What about my three favorite workout songs that make me sound like a preteen?

    Glad You Came – The Wanted
    Girlfriend – ‘NSync and Nelly remix
    Beautiful – One Direction

  282. I’m celebrating three unforgettable life moments this week: my 13th anniversary and the birthdays of my oldest and youngest, both born on May 22.

  283. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday — the only days I have to work this week. (Got today off to go with my youngest son on a field trip to a farm in the mountains. Get Friday off because — don’t hate — but I get Fridays off in the summer šŸ™‚ ).

  284. My trio that comes to mind: Pitbull, Flo Rida, and LMFAO. Those three are featured heavily on my early-morning playlist and help me get my miles in!

  285. 3… How about 3 (.1) miles I’m going to run with my first grader on Sunday? Oh, and it will be his THIRD 5K!

    Would LOVE to win the Lucy trio!!! (Notice the 3 exclamation points?)

  286. My trio is my three college roommates. We all still get together yearly for a girls weekend after 25 years!

  287. I am anxiously awaiting having three little people in my life! My son is 18 months, and his two little sisters will hopefully be born sometime in the next month.

  288. My three would be me and my two youngest kids. The three of us are together during my runs. I throw them in my double BoB and we set out after I get the older two on the school bus. It’s a great workout for me and they love the reward of hitting the park on the way home.

  289. Three back to back races in March (10K, half marathon, 5K) equals three toenails on their way out. Gnarly, I know – but there’s my three. šŸ˜‰

  290. Three is my favorite number. 3 kids, ages 6 (twins) and 9. All multiples of 3! 3K is race I recently ran with 9 year old!

    Number of times per week I recently underwent ASTM therapy on hip/IT…and minimum number of times I swore per session.

    And, the number of days per week I work, which gives our entire family a bit mor balance.

  291. Mother’s Day 2012: I ran in the morning, hiked in the afternoon and biked in the evening. What a great day!

  292. My current three is teaching my 8 year old multiplication by 3 using one of the greatest educations tools the School House Rock on DVD 3 is the magic number, 3, 6, 9…. He’s getting it!!! He will know 3s better than other numbers!!!

  293. Love the Lucy!! The 3 men (husband, kindergardener and 3 year old) in my life keep me happy, crazy and loved!

  294. My latest trio….swim, bike, run. Running is sooooo much easier in the planning department, especially with 2 kids under 3 and a full time job outside the house. But with the oppressive summer heat in Florida, I thought something different would help me get through the summer without losing my cardiovascular base. First one is in a month!!

  295. This month my 3 things are: Roasted Broccoli, Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Roasted Broccoli Slaw! šŸ™‚ I have eaten it as my lunchtime veggie 2-3 times a week this month…I make it then so I don’t have to share it with my kids and husband. šŸ˜‰

  296. I lead three lives – I am an elementary school teacher, I am a running coach, and I am an artist. My three lives keep me busy but running is the thing that keeps me sane.

  297. 3 is my ideal number of running days each week. And when training for a half marathon, I like 2 ‘short” and one “long”. I’m also the middle of 3 sisters šŸ™‚

  298. Three boys who I love and I’m dedicating an event to each of them this summer – my first warrior dash to my littlest warrior who makes me laugh in the midst of almost anything – my 10 miler to my oldest trooper who is my biggest fan and supporter – and my end of summer, steamy 10 miler to my hubby, of course.

  299. My office is on the third floor – that’s three flights of stairs to climb for a little extra exercise šŸ™‚

  300. My running accessories Trifecta: Nike Air Pegasus shoes, Garmin Forerunner and BondiBand headband. After I’m dressed, I make sure I’m wearing all of these before I hit the door.

  301. I have three amazing boys (11 and 9 year old twins) who just ran 3.1 with me over Mother’s Day weekend!!

  302. Well I am sending back my third running skort, I just can’t seem to find one that doesn’t ride up my legs! and from what I just researched about this skort it might be the ONE!

    I have 3 BRF’s one is my lovely daughter who is away at school but will meet up with us to run in halfs/5k/and our 10k ZOOMA run in Annapolis MD coming up!!

    the second is my Nutty niece who is a mother to my 3 nephews!

    the third is my dear friend who has been through so much in her young life time, she has inspired me to run and I NEVER would have thought I could have run a half marathon well guess what I just finished my 3rd w/2 out of the 3 BRF!

  303. My 3 is generations living in the same house at the moment…my parents, my kids & me, with my husband home on the weekends. It feel very “it takes a village”!

  304. When I turned 40 this year I set a goal to finish my first Half Ironman, so the number 3 is on my mind all day, every day. Swim, bike, run. Get in more open water time. Swim, bike, run. Figure out how to make my lady parts feel better on the bike. Swim, bike, run. How do I fit in a run after working all day. Swim, bike, run. Are my kids forgetting what I look like? Swim, bike, run. Can I sneak out of work early to do a brick workout? Swim, bike, run. But it’ll all be worth it when I can put that 70.3 sticker on my car. Then maybe I’ll shoot for 140.6!

  305. My favorite 3 things in my life are my husband and two boys. They give me inspriation and more than enough reasons to run.

  306. Well I just got my third Siberian cat since my husband is so allergic to cats and I am loving every second of the new kitten…the other two would disagree LOL

  307. My Trifecta is my balancing act of Mom, Wife, Nurse. thank goodness that I’ve started running for ME šŸ™‚

  308. How about three sets of three? My darling husband and my two wonderful daughters, ages 9 and almost 5; my third half marathon in October this year to commemorate my 40th birthday and my third year of running?

  309. When I give consistent focus to running, strength training, and building flexibility, I can give my all to my supportive husband, loving children, and other important people in my life (my students, family, and friends). How ’bout that? 3 sets of 3 !!!! šŸ™‚

  310. My trio is actually my son’s end of senior track season–Districts, Regionals, and States!! He runs the mile and does it much faster than me!

  311. my trio is what inspires me to get out and log my miles every day: child with type 1 diabetes, child with ADHD, and then the stress of my work/marriage/personal life

  312. I just turned the big 3-0, lol. Does that count, lol?

    But seriously, the most important trifecta in my life is my 2 kids + myself. It’s just the 3 of us and it’s not easy sometimes, but we make it work and I wouldn’t have it any other way šŸ™‚

  313. I definitely have the trio of 3 kids-the toddler, the dog, and the husband. And my other favorite trio is my 3 siblings-can’t wait to get together with them again!

  314. My 3….3 parts to my day!
    1. Their time (work)
    2. Family time
    3. MY TIME!!

    #3 seems to be the one to get the least amount of attention, but i have finally found that sweet spot, the perfect balance, the ying to my yang (like my 3 examples šŸ™‚ and each part has found its place in my life. My work is going well, i love the time i get with the family, and i am FINALLY on a training schedule i enjoy! perfection!

  315. I am currently training for my THIRD 10-mile race in late summer. I will have my THREE best guys there to cheer me on – Hubby, and 2 sons šŸ™‚

  316. My three things are for lunch the day before a race – 1 – Mozzarella and tomato sandwich, 2 -french fries and 3 – peanut butter/chocolate ice cream (okay this usually comes after dinner, but I would have it at lunch if it was available.

  317. Three reasons to be happy this week… beautiful weather, healthy happy family and half marathon this weekend!

  318. My kids, my husband & running to bring sanity to it all. And i’m almost back up to 3 mile runs after starting back up post baby #2!

  319. The three men in my life..husband and two boys. Also, I am trying to remember three things for, balance and health.

  320. Mine is sort of a bummer. I was the third one to get pneumonia in the family, and I’m three weeks into recovery. Still can’t run more than about 3 feet, but it’s getting better!

  321. I do have 3 beautiful girls under the age of 9 (factor of 3) AND three has been my lucky number since I was a kid.

  322. My new 3 best running friends! I have started running with a group in January and have gained 3 great friends on and off the running track. Right now we are training for a 10K and then will train for our first half marathon in October. And we are all doing it together!

  323. I have the BEST trifecta out there- my 3 boys- Ryan,Jake and Max! Three times the crazy and three times the fun!

  324. I have 3 black toenails right now, since I will be running my 4th marathon on Saturday! Haha!

    Maybe not my (favorite) thing to come in 3’s, but it’s a reminder to me of my hard work and dedication to following through with goals I set myself, something that I hope my 4 children pick up on!

  325. I’m having a busy week, so unfortunately my three things are the three days I get to run this week. I sure hope that next week is better!

  326. I am training for my third marathon this summer – June 23rd! This race is particularly important because I am helping to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Approaching $3,000 so far!

  327. A trifecta of trifectas;

    Trifecta #1; two sisters + me = three
    Trifecta #2; one daughter + two cats = three messy kids
    Trifecta #3; two neighbors just invited me to run with them three mornings a week, Yay!(that might actually make two trifects šŸ˜‰ )

  328. My kids – 8,5,2 – are my trio! They keep me on my toes and make me keep running – for sanity purposes! thinking about a trio of halves this year – Only have 2 on the docket so far the Chicago Women’s Half in June and the Chicago Half in September) but have a friend trying to talk me into the St.Louis RnR so that might be my other trio!!

  329. My 3 “kids” are my weekday running buddies…my 2 daughters 22months and 4months and my giant schnauzer. We are a site to see (and hear) running with the double BOB and a leash in hand!

  330. My three things: RunKeeper, so I can obsessively look back at all my runs and see my average pace and know how far I’ve come since I started running two years ago; cycling: I just got a bike and I’ve been racking up the miles, which I also track in RunKeeper (hearing that amazingly-fast-compared-to-my-running-pace in my ear as I’m bombing a hill never gets old, and finally my twice weekly personal training sessions. That’s my trifecta!

  331. My 3 favorite sweet potato recipes.
    1. sweet potato rosemary soup (saute garlic, add 6 c broth, 2lbs cubed sweet potatoes simmer 25mins, puree and add salt,pepper, 1 c milk and tbl of fresh rosemary.) Last night’s dinner
    2. roasted sweet potatoes – slice in half, drizzle with EVOO and sea salt & bake on 350 till tender (about 45 minutes) I do up about 8 or so at a time and put them in the fridge. A great afternoon snack – I love them cold.
    3. mashed with butter, cinnamon & a little brown sugar or maple syrup

    Now I’m hungry.

  332. Three is the number of marathons on my schedule for this year. (Two are already in the bag, and the other is the Marine Corps Marathon in Oct.) Three is also for my two friends and I as we all ran the Twisted Ankle Marathon last weekend. My most favorite race photo of all time (both feet in the air and arms flailing as I cross the finish line screaming with delight) is in my race report at!

  333. I have 2 trios! I am racing in my 1st sprint triathlon Saturday so I constantly on the swim, bike, run, repeat schedule! With summer beginning I also like the chips, salsa, guac combo!

  334. my favorite 3 …. 3 weeks and days. For the last 4 months my husband has been working onsite in another state on a large project. He has been coming home about every 3 weeks for 3 days. Only 1.5 months to go!

  335. Three is my number. I was born on 3/3 of the third year of that decade. I have three wild boys, the youngest of which turned three this week. I have three siblings. I am captain of room 3 in a local organization. Good things come in threes! I’m sure there is more but I am at least 3 days behind on my must-do list, so I will quit there. šŸ™‚

  336. My most recent favorite trio? The three legs of the duathlon I completed over the weekend. 2 miles trail running, 10 miles mountain biking, 2 miles trail running.

  337. Is it totally TMI (probably not here) šŸ˜‰ If I were to say that before EVERY race, I have to go “potty” three times? every. single. race. My intestines just know to clean themselves out.

    But seriously, I have been cross training so much more in preparation for this half-marathon (Sunday! RnR Portland! PR hopeful!) swim, bike, weights. Running has almost been an afterthought. And it’s made me FASTER. šŸ™‚ Yippee! Side note: I’m a Lucy-aholiic.

  338. I’ve got the best three in the (my)world!

    1. My intelligent, beautiful 4 year old daughter, Presley. She is way smarter than I have ever imagined a 4 year old to be. She keeps me growing and keeps me moving. I run to be the best role model I can for her.

    2. Is my 2 year old, Cole. He is turning into a super sweet gentleman who always says please and thank you. And on the days he doesn’t bite anyone, he might be the best kid in the world.

    3. Last but not least, is my super silly, monkey-climbing, always on the go 2 year old, Case. This kid is going to keep me on my toes or put me in an early grave šŸ™‚

  339. The most fantastic big 3 ever is the 3 that took place this past weekend: my soon-to-be six year old daughter ran her very first 5K (there’s the 3 in the 3.1 miles!) with me. We took a few walking breaks, but she stuck with it and never complained once, only stating that “this is going to be your best Mother’s Day present cause I am running a real race with you, Mommy!” Indeed, it was! No matter what 5K’s we run in the future, this one will always hold a very special place in my heart šŸ™‚

  340. Attempting to balance long family bike rides, biking to work everyday and running fast! Gearing up for an OWN IT Half Marathon in July šŸ™‚

  341. I have just under 3 weeks until Zooma Annapolis half marathon. I have been following your plan to the “T” and expecting great results

  342. I’ve cut down on the amount of activity I was doing and decided to give myself a rest. So I’m only taking 3 classes a week, instead of something everyday.

  343. The big 3 eh? Well there’s warm up, run like crazy, cool down- then there’s make breakfast, come up with something they’ll eat at lunch, and strategically use up left overs for dinner, and there’s be firm, be loving, and remain straight-faced when they get a note sent home for eating one Dorito in class (covert snacking is NOT allowed- Really- all that effort over one Dorito??). Lot’s of 3’s every day- AND the lovely three-piece outfit would be a much appreciated addition to the old wardrobe. Pick me, pick me, pick me!!!

  344. I have a trio of favorite activites I try to balance with my precious weekend time. I love to ski (and I can still backcountry ski here in the PNW) I also love to hike (and hiking season is in full swing) and I love to run (and am trying to fit training for a half marathon into my weekend activities). Most of the time one of the three activities gets left in the dust – because there are only two days in a weekend!

  345. Good shoes are a given, buy my other 3 must-haves for a run: running music on my iPod, RunKeeper on my cell phone, and socks that stay on my heel.

  346. My three go-to workouts: running, Pilates, and chasing toddlers. Together, they help me burn off stress, strengthen my core, and remember to laugh. Balance šŸ™‚

  347. oh what I nice Giveaway! I have never tried their clothes

    ok 3s…
    hmm I live with 3 guys…my husband and my 2 sons.
    my wedding anniversary is in 3 days
    I run in Ravenna 3
    I cannot wait to run 3 legs at Hood to Coast!

  348. Well sometimes the obvious three is my PBJ & Wheat bread that I love to have for lunch.

    Another three: Tempo runs, hill repeats and long runs!

  349. Three Marathons this year!!!

    I am doing Fargo in 3 days!!! That’s got to be lucky right?

    And I am doing CDA the next weekend, but probably mostly walking, but there is a 7 hour time limit, so hopefully I will be fine.

    And the best one is the Marine Corps Marathon with hubby and my BRF…and the scenery should be pretty good too.

    Fingers crossed.

  350. my trio is shorts/skirt, bra and shoes, finally the weather is nice enough to only wear 3 things, not 3 layers of rain or cold weather gear.

  351. Lately it’s been eat, sleep and drink. I don’t know what is going on with me or if it’s the crazy Midwestern weather, but I’m exhausted!!

  352. This morning the 3 I am thankful for is the fact that I have 3 workdays left before the weekend. Looking forward to a weekend fun, sun & a good run!

  353. I’m all about 3! I’m expecting my third daughter next month. I have 3 cardio and 3 weight work outs/week. And I try to drink 3 big bottles of water outside my workouts daily. And, I’m hoping it will only take me 3 months to get back in shape. Thanks for the opportunity to win this cute outfit!

  354. My favorite trio: my three “men” – my husband and two sons… (though one of them will be off to college this fall, which totally sucks!)

  355. I have a trifecta weekend coming up-Saturday expo for the Marine Corps Historic Half, Sunday race day and no work on Monday! And all of it with the best husband ever!

  356. My post inagural half-marathon celebration included a trifecta of good coffee, mimosas, and family. Awesome!

  357. Three kids, one of which is a three year old, which is NOT my favorite age. šŸ™‚ Summer trycicle riding, three days of school left for my kindergartener, and a nice 6 (double 3!) mile run planned for this evening. Three is a good number.

  358. My favorite trio is my family: my husband, my son, and me. We make a great team. My day-to-day trio of work, family, and exercise are keeping me busy as I train for my first half marathon, but so far I’m making it work without going too crazy.

  359. Right now my husband’s away on a work trip so it’s just my daughter, my son & myself at home right now counting the 36 hours (3 *12) until he gets home and we’ll have a 3 day weekend together. šŸ™‚

  360. I am running three separate experiments in lab today and hope my lunch time run wakes me up enough to do them all properly.

  361. One trio Iā€™ve currently got going on in my life is running, softball, and baseball. It seems outside of my career all waking hours are spent running on the road or my husband and I cheering on children on at the ball diamonds!

  362. Good things come in threes:

    1. Planning my THIRD half-marathon this fall.
    2. Running a THREE mile mud race with my teenage son this weekend: a. I’m thrilled he’s doing the race with me; b. I’m petrified that I won’t be able to do the obstacles; c. I’m excited to say that hell, yeah, I’m going for it anyway!
    3. As it happens, the mud run is my THIRD race so far this year — it’s going to be a great one for running!

  363. Training for my first marathon and the long runs have just gotten long enough to require three bottles of nuun water.

  364. 3 of my 5 kids are playing baseball right now…we are a bit crazy running back and forth to games. (and I don’t even like baseball…ugh. Oh well, the things you do for your kids)

  365. My trio is me, my husband and my kids…. that’s where my love and heart is. Of course running goes in the “me” catagory:)

  366. I have 3 classes running back to back with school – Hypnotherapy, Holistic Nutrition – Life Coaching and 3 toddlers to juggles while I study, ages 5, 3, and 2. And a computer that usually overheats in 3 hours, so must be time for another. But I will list 3 things I a grateful for 1. a supportive husband 2. legs that are strong 3. supportive running women I have met

  367. The three Spring sports that keeps me ,my husband and five kids running almost every day for the next few weeks! Soccer, Track &Field, and Baseball. I can’t wait for the summer!

  368. My big three in life right now are Lightning McQueen, Tiana, and Mickey Mouse. (I have toddlers. Is there anything else going on out there? I hear there’s some kind of election this year. Is that this year?)

  369. Three times a week I run 3.3 miles during my lunch hour – making me better that my 3 roles: wife, mother, professional!

  370. I have three older sisters who sent me an awesome care package last week in anticipation of my first marathon! Their support leading up to this race was amazing and pulled me through those last several miles!

  371. I have a couple of trio going on. 1st is my family, my career and my education (4 classes away from my Masters!).

    The 2nd is my goal to become a Half-Fanatic this year; my 3rd half is coming up in June.

  372. I’m going to go with three random things happening this weekend:

    1) My husband’s (aerobatic flight) contest season starts this weekend;

    2) My 3 year old son will be running in his first “race” (a fun run… and he is all sorts of psyched for the big day);

    3) My “cross-training” activity for the weekend — taking down the wallpaper border in the kitchen — fun, fun, fun.

  373. I’ve been in a boot for my calcaneal stress fracture for 3 weeks. and I’ve got 3 weeks to go. And once it’s off, I’ve got 3 weeks to train for a 5k that I signed up for pre-injury! I’m trying really hard to be really good and not take this f*** boot off and lace up!

  374. My must-haves for a good run:
    1. iPod Shuffle with perfectly-paced songs 2. Garmin Forerunner 405 3. Moving Comfort Juno sports bra

  375. My trio…..3 Halfs this year! The Palmetto Half (done), Diva Half (this Sunday…bucket-list run!):), and Myrtle Beach Mini (this fall).

  376. My number 3 that consumes my brain right now are my 3 legs of our Ragnar Wasatch Back Relay coming up in June. So excited yet nervous! I’ve always been the runner that takes the “easier” legs and this year I’m running running one of the hardest ones. Yikes!

  377. My running trifecta isn’t on the exercise field right now – though I jog when I can. I dash to work – dash home for baseball games for my boys – and dash back home to work for our family business.

  378. Cute! Would love to try a running skirt-the one I tried wasn’t well-made and was a bad experience! The current trio in my life is son’s baseball, daughter’s soccer, and myself as a teacher trying to finish off the school year with spring-fevered second graders. June 7th can’t come soon enough!!

  379. I will participate in my first sprint tri this weekend (where I will see you guys… can’t wait!).
    I’m also doing my 3rd half of the year 2 weeks after that… hoping for a PR.
    Finally, I’m thinking I might need a full 3 weeks after all that to recover! (whew)

  380. 1. Our 3 kids ages 4, 3-1/2 & 9 mo
    2. the three adults in the house are training for multiple races (an Oly, my first marathon, and a 70.3)
    3. planning a family reunion in July, a trip to FL in Nov, and a trip to Germany in the spring

  381. 3 is the number of hours I was up in the middle of the night trying to soothe my daughter. She is in misery since her feet and hand lost an epic battle with a fire ant hill. šŸ™ So tired, but still must run today. New duds would wake me right up!

  382. I am running 3 half marathons this year in order to get what they call here in San Diego the “Triple Crown”! I have two down, and hoping my #3 is lucky- aiming for a sub 2 hour PR!

  383. My three are two sons and a husband = 3 BOYS.
    My three brothers = 3 BOYS.
    Working, wife and mother = 3 CAREERS.
    Out of all my nieces and nephews there are only 3 GIRLS.
    I have three sister-in-laws.
    Summary = a VERY busy life.

  384. My current top three are: Train Like a Mother’s 8 week Bike to Run Plan, Les Mills Pump resistance training, & rehab & healing for a flaming case of plantar fasciitis in preparation for my first marathon in December…which will coincidentally be trained by using the Train Like a Mother Marathon Finish It Plan! Thanks for all your great advice!!!

  385. 3 kids, 3 more days of preschool, 3 bandaids on make believe toddler injuries, 3 runs coming back from injury, 3 minutes till i remember that i don’t have to listen to kids place live when the kids arent in the car-lots of threes in my life right now

  386. My trifecta would be juggling 3 relationships. One to my husband and marriage, one to my children and one to myself. With age and experience comes wisdom, and I know each one of these deserves attention. By the third baby, I’ve realized these little creatures are far more resilient than I once thought, and I have let go of many of the anxieties and fears that I had with the first one (or two). Almost 13 years into my marriage, I know it also needs nurturing and conscious thought. I can’t just self sustain. This many years in, I love looking back at how we together and individually have evolved and I look forward to what lies ahead with the man I love. Lastly, this was a much slower learning process, I know I need to take care of me and all that lies within me. At the end of the day, or 15 years from now, I will still have me… and this is probably the biggest reason I run, or create, or write, or dig in the dirt, or buy a good bottle of wine just for no reason. I need to nurture and feed that which is inside me, and care for the body that God gave me. This weekend I head to the Fargo Marathon. This is my 5th half-marathon, and I have yet to come in under 2:30. I strive for 2:20 and anything under that would be bliss! I’m running for me, I’m running for my hubby and I’m running for my three kids! (Sorry for the essay!! hahaha!)

  387. I juggle the trifecta of men in my life: my husband, my 5-year-old son, Dylan, and my 2-year-old son, Zach. Somedays it feels like they are all gunning for that #1 position!

  388. Unfortunately, my three’s aren’t happy. šŸ™ Last week, my a/c dampers failed for the third time in three years. Soooo – no energy efficient zoned A/C for me right now. I need these clothes to run away from the problem! šŸ™‚

  389. 3 sports for my kids: 15 year old in track, 7 year old in soccer and swim. I am running between the three!!!!

  390. My new mantra from 3 little birds “Don’t worry about a thing. ‘Cause every little thing is going to be alright.” A little long for a running mantra but I have had a series of lower leg issues this past month and a 1/2 Marathon on Saturday. 3 little birds remind me that it is all good.

  391. I have to say I have two….
    1) my first sprint tri of the season Sunday. Love, love, love the swim, bike, run, even if it will be 90!
    2) the best support trio ever…my husband, daughter and son. They will get me through the race, the chaos of life in the sandwich generation.

  392. At this moment we are dealing with deciding which out of three job offers my husband should take. Using my workouts to destress ! AND “I love Lucy” (pun intended)!

  393. The three things that I can’t live run without.. my moving comfort fiona sports bra, my ipod, and my saucony progrid 5s!

    The three most important things in my life.. my two boys and my hubby! Running is a close 4th. šŸ™‚

  394. After running for the past few years, I’ve been focusing on three sports since the beginning of the year – swim, bike run. Now I have to deal with three piles of gear instead of one!

  395. I just went back to work for the first time in over 8 years(since having kids), so my trifecta is my kids(3 of them(daughter, and twin boys!)), my hubby, and my now job(that I work only weekends, but manage to work 32 hours in 2 days!).

  396. 3 things-
    Great husband
    Sweet elderly adopted dog/ Cocoa the Lab
    3 pretty awesome step-kids (all grown up now)

    Happy Summer!

  397. I see a lot of patterns of 3 in my life. There are the 3 workouts I’ll be doing for next 30 days: running, cycling and the 3 levels of Gillian Michaels 30 day shred. There are 3 contractors I need to juggle for a home reno. The 3 girls in my house (me and my twins) I will be on our own for 3 days next week. I like it when things come in threes.

  398. My most important 3 are, of course, my 3 boys.

    But, I leave tonight for a 3 day trip to Barcelona with my sister!!! Can’t wait!

  399. My totally necessary, tried and true running trifecta: Brooks to run in, Garmin to count the miles and my Fiona bra šŸ™‚

  400. Regardless of how hectic life gets, I will always have 3 faithful men in my life to keep me grounded: my wonderful hubby (who is training for his first Sprint Tri in a couple of weeks), and my 2 sons who joined me on my run on Mother’s Day. Couldn’t ask for more!

  401. I’m focused on three weddings, first my Dad’s in June, then brother inlaw’s in August, and finally my son’s next spring. Yipes. I love lucy.