Hump Day Giveaway: A Project for Dimity

So many tees, so much to say--in about five words or less.

So I got a couple compliments about how positive and admirable I am being about my stress fracture. While I genuinely thank you, please know that I have a much better poker face when I'm typing--not talking--about it. I've cried more than I care to admit. I've blown up unnecessarily at my kids too many times (Yesterday=a doozy. My foot, suffocating under  black velcro and straps, was en fuego. The rest of me was suffering from that low-blood-sugar that creates an intolerance for anything. My kids were at top volume, screaming about who was going to sit where at the dinner table. I pretty much told--or screamed back at-- them they were going to their rooms and probably weren't going to even eat dinner tonight. Another proud moment of motherhood.) I've gone into Target, with just Ziploc bags, dog food, and pull-ups on the list, and spent 45 minutes in the women's section, certain that if I could just find that one cute tee or cool (non-sporty) watch, I would feel better.

But this isn't about my need for anger management or retail therapy.

It's about my channeling the energy that would've gone into 20-mile runs into another project: creating some cute tops and other SKUs, as they say in the business, that represent our growing, vibrant tribe that likes sarcasm, honesty and inspiration with their miles. (Probably not all three things at once, though.)

SBS and I have talked at length about some phrases, and even done a little consultation with a certain creative fan, but we're still not completely satisfied. We decided to call, once again, on the people most in touch with the RLAM vibe and tribe: you.

We want to know: what's a unique, RLAM'ish slogan you'd like to see on a tee? We'd love for it to be original. In other words, not find your happy pace, will run for beer or any of the witty slogans found on other tees around the booths at expos. Neither can it be Run Like A Mother (long story). But those parameters are slight compared to your collective creative brain power, so fire up those noggins to go beyond the usual daily concerns like what time is soccer practice? what powerpoint presentation do I have to do today? why am I wearing one black and one navy blue shoe?

Many more miles to go. (Like it as slogan, but don't love it. Heart these GEL-Cumulus' though.)

The prizes--note the plural, please--are two-fold. First, we're offering two $100 Asics shoe certificates: one to a random winner (the phrase just has to make some kind of sense), one to the writer of our fave phrase. Those will go out next week. The second part--yes, there's more--is if we print any of the slogans suggested, we'll give you three tees. One for you, two  for your BRBs (best running buddies). Hoping to get these puppies in circulation by mid-October at the latest.

To get you started, there's one concept integral to the RLAMer that we couldn't come up with a snazzy saying for: something along the lines of 5:30 a.m.: My happy hour starts. (The early morning runners probably get it, but happy hour could also involve a husband or some, ahem, facsimile of them.) But we wanted to somehow get in something about the crack of dawn and how that's often the best part of the day. So if you got ideas there, we're all ears. We also, as you might guess, love the word "tribe", but are not sure how to use it.

But don't focus just on that. What would a pregnant runner mom's shirt say? What would a first-time-5k'ers or -marathoners shirt say? What would your shirt say? It doesn't have to be a polished phrase; like any good brainstorming session, you can just mention concepts or words

Finally, before you answer, let us know where, exactly, you'd like to see this phrase located. Please answer the poll below. (I've got so much time on my hands, I even figured out how to embed one.) Then wow us with your witticisms, charm us with your cliches, and you may wind up with new shoes and a new slogan across your chest.

[polldaddy poll=3700872]

p.s. So much in your fridges. Thanks for all your yummy answers. (Given how often it was mentioned, I think it's time for me to buy stock in Greek yogurt.) The winner of the K-Swiss kit--top, shorts, shoes--is Rachel, whose blog is called perfectly imperfect--could we make a RLAM phrase out of that? Anyway, she writes:

so many half eaten leftovers… mostly from my kids. half a bowl of yogurt (whole milk vanilla), half a quesadilla, half a peanut butter sandwich (soaked through with raspberry jelly), half a ‘big girl cup’ of milk, half a big girl cup of grape juice (the other half is on her shirt & my family room floor), etc.

for me, the best thing that’s in my fridge is half a stick of real butter… i made the switch to real butter from congealed yogurty corn syrup concoction (better known as ‘spread’) about a year ago,and we are all so much happier with the yumminess that comes from that good stuff! i had a crispy, gooey grilled cheese sandwich (think real bread, real cheese, real butter) for lunch & i’m still so satisfied.

real food- that’s what is in my fridge.

308 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: A Project for Dimity

  1. I didn’t read through all 307 comments so I hope I am not duplicating someone else. But here goes…

    It is O dark :30
    Do you know where your sports bra is?


    O dark :30
    Run for your life!

    I run – therefore I am

    I run so I don’t kill my offspring.

  2. I thought of another one on my 13 mile run this morning…it seemed really great at the time

    On Front: Mother Runners Do It In The AM or Running Mothers Do It In The AM

    On Back: Join The Tribe


  3. One Tough Mother Runner

    Runs with Angels (include jog stroller or child on a bike artwork)

    Runs with Sippy Cup (I prefer over “runs FROM” as no child wants drive its mom away)

    Desperately seeking Endorphins

    America’s Top (Role) Model – Mom.

    Role Model (front) – RLAM (back) (or a reference to book on back to put into context)

    modeling good behavior (perhaps with a running mom and little ones behind her)

    I run … because I am a role model.

    I RLAM

    I also liked (from above):

    For Early Morning Runner Theme

    Rise and Shine, Mother Runners!

    My kids think I am sleeping.

    o’dark early. time for a run!

    For “Tribe-Vibe” Theme

    The Tribe knows.

    The Tribe has spoken. It says: RUN

    T – try
    R – running
    I – it
    B – beats
    E – excuses

    “Just for Fun” Theme

    Mommy’s Time Out

    STOP LAUGHING (front) and “I’m setting an example here! ” (back)

  4. Our kids will follow in our footsteps. Make those footsteps strong ones.

    So many great ideas here! I especially enjoyed the pregnant running ones… I got a kick out of how many strange looks and comments I got while running pregnant this past summer. Now I’d just like a shirt stating that I’m no longer pregnant, just needing some time to look normal again 🙂

  5. Wow, there’s so many great ones here! I started going through them, but only got about half-way, so forgive me if someone else has already said this – but a play on the Mastercard advertising might be cute… something like:
    Running Shoes $150
    Running T-Shirt $30
    Running Skirt $40
    Babysitter $20… or Jogging Stroller $300
    Time to Run… Priceless

    I also wanted to put a vote in for Kendra’s “Running shoes + crack of dawn = My happy hour”… love that one (even though you will only see me running at the crack of dawn when dawn pushes up to 7am lol).

  6. 1) Running gives me the COURAGE to be a Mom
    2) Run it soothes mommy’s soul
    3) 5:30 a.m = Therapy
    4) Run, It’s Cheaper Than Therapy
    5) 5:30 a.m.= inner peace
    6) This is Road Rage
    7) Run it tames the beast
    8) I RLAM Therefore I AM
    9) I’m a mom, running is the easy part
    10) Are they still chasing me?

  7. I train, I race, I conquer…(on front)
    I run like a Mother (or RLAM) (on back)

    Running Mother’s make better Lover’s

    A possible front/back idea:



  8. 1. Natural Born Runner
    2. Self Made Mother Runner
    3. Push it, Push it, Push it! (this is what I say all the way up hills while pushing my jogger!)

  9. 5 am comes really quickly when your kid’s been up all night. . .

    I’m running to a phone booth to turn into Super Mom.

    It’s 5 am and I’m wearing a skirt. (I RLAM)

    You should see my list for the rest of the day. . .

    I run, I carpool, I work, I make dinner–what more do you want? World peace?

    One step at a time. . .as long as it’s at 5 am

  10. 1. The hand that ties the running shoes, rocks the world
    2. 5am + running shoes. = the road less traveled

    My own slogan, screen name for lots of list serves and will be my license plate someday — and cause the half is my favorite:


  11. 5 am = Rising to the Challenge

    Inspiration one step at a time

    Because I can

    Just don’t throw up (I had to add this one in too, it’s the advice my son gave me on my very first run and still continues to tell me.)

  12. ok…2 more from the Stapleton MILF running group.

    1. Snooze buttons are for sissys
    2. Devotion: hiring an overnight sitter to do a 5:30 AM run.

  13. Fun contest -great ideas, ladies!

    Here goes:

    1. Frequent flier – I wear running shoes

    2. 5:00 a.m. : the road less traveled

    3. The hand that rocks the running shoes, rocks the world
    3.5 The hand that ties the running shoe, changes the world (brain storming – ha!

    In the if you give a mouse a cookie book theme:
    4. If you gave a mom a pair of running shoes… she’s gonna wana change the world
    4.5 my favorite:

    if you give a mom a cookie, she is gonna want to run, if she runs… She can eat three!

  14. Ok, I took this off of the run momma run website, but it’s truth was immediately evident and also will resonate with pretty much everyone as it speaks to runners and non runners alike

    My Own Marathon

  15. Run for your lives! The toddlers are coming!

    Yes, I’m running and pushing a stroller. It’s a RLAM thing, you wouldn’t understand.

    Run or get barfed on again? Tough call.

  16. Ok, here are my tshirt slogans….and they are not that great:

    Walking is for weenies

    Tough = Running without an ipod

    You will never guess where my car key is hidden.

    Running shoes = $100, running shorts = $30, charged ipod = priceless

    running + texting = tripping

    ROT (like MOT – member of the tribe, meaning jewish, but in this case runner of the tribe)

    No matter which kid’s bed you wake up in – still time to run.

    I hit my stride at 5:45 AM

    My kids are my pace car

    My kids call me a runner

    Motherhood is like running: sweat, tears and joy

  17. It’s 5 am somewhere

    taking it out on the pavement, not my kids

    Running is cheaper than therapy (did someone already say that one?)

    Loving the funny statements, can’t wait to see them on a shirt!

  18. Raging Against the Dying of the Light

    daughter.niece.runner [*runner* highlighted in different font, color]

    Living to Run. Running to Live

    Because I Can

    Pain Builds Character

    In My Comfort Zone



  19. these are all so hilarious!! i would buy about 20 of these!
    thanks SO much for these giveaways- i’ve never won anything before (a few races back in high school- a LONG time ago, it seems), so i’m really thrilled to win the K-Swiss giveaway.
    thank you thank you thank you- for your generosity, your inspiration & your willingness to be a real running mother.

    In a

    Being a good example…one step at a time

    For slower runners – like me:
    (on back) I’m pushing a stroller… what’s your excuse?

    I run because the food groups are: Ice Cream, Hot Dogs, Mac-N-Cheese, Fruit Snacks

    “Yes, I am Superwoman”

  21. I’m not very original, “RLAM” seems good to me. I really liked the “Some Moms Scrapbook, this Mom Runs.” I will never understand scrapbooking.

  22. We Run Together. We Mother Together. This Is Our Tribe.

    I Love
    I Nurture
    I Am A Mother
    Join My (or Our, The) Tribe

    Mother. Runner. This Is Our Tribe.

    We Are Women Who Mother. We Are Women Who Run.
    Join The Tribe

  23. I’ve been racking my brain and all I can come up with are these:

    In it to Finish (remember the old No Fear tshirts? I had one in high school that said, “In it to win it”–oh how times have changed!

    And I always tell myself this when I’m thinking about stopping to walk, “I’ll always regret stopping, I’ll never regret finishing.”

  24. It’s the hiney crack of dawn … do you know where your running shoes are?

    Of COURSE I run like a mother … it’s the only time I get to be alone.

    I’m a nose wipin, diaper changin, lullaby singin, dinner makin, 5K runnin mama … what do YOU do?

    My kid’s mom can run a 5K faster than YOUR kid’s mom!

    Crack of dawn … Running shoes … Open road … BRING IT!

  25. I run for Chocolate

    I run because “Dora” puts me over the edge

    I run for sanity

    M.O.M on the run (M.O.M– mom of multiples)

    Yes, I am running from my kids…. and I am winning!

    Did you get your “you” time in today?

    Kids + Short order Cook+ Laundry + maid + Taxi driver+ referee= insanity (on the front)
    I run for SANITY (on the back)

  26. Race you for a bag of cheerios.
    Running on pb&j crusts.
    WTF: Where’s the Finish
    Is this the mile between me and the perfect ass?
    iBirth. iRun
    Running buddy (with an arrow to the belly, or jogger. Also could be a onesie)
    Running buddies (with an arrow to the double jogger, or TWINS!)
    Running from diaper duty. (I don’t really like this one. I like both running and being a mom.)
    MommaBeRunning (Imma Be)
    RLAM Tribe

  27. I thought of this on my run yesterday, over lunch because it was going to be the only time I could get it in…
    My inspiration came from thinking about the upcoming school year and return to fall sports (I have to girls in hockey)

    My weekly planner can beat your weekly planner

  28. Man, I Love Fitness

    (aka MILF) 🙂
    A bit inappropriate, maybe…but moms who stay healthy and fit are worthy of the title! 🙂

  29. Still sleeping? I’m running!

    Sleep is overrated. I’m a runner.

    Front: I meet my tribe at 6am. Where’s yours? Back: Running with the Mothers!

  30. I am a mom of two girls (9 and 13) and really used to put myself last in the pecking order of the house. If I had time for a run, I’d go, but if not – oh well! But I was kinda losing my identity. If I wasn’t a runner, who was I? Did I like other things? Am I a funny person? Am I caring? I wasn’t sure. Running really was the only thing that got me outside of my “comfort zone” and made me think about ME as a person. So my suggestion for the tee is this —


  31. “Running is my alarm clock” (referring to how everyone refers to their kids as their alarm clock)

    “Check out THIS pregnancy glow!”

    “Yes, I’m pregnant. Yes, I’m running. Any more questions?”

    “If I run faster, I can have more Coffee Time before the kids wake up.”

    “I’m running away from my kids.”

    “Strollers only make you stronger.” (This would be mine right now, since I have to push the jogger on several of my runs.)

    1. “One bad-a$$ Mother Runner! (Shh, don’t make me cuss in front of the kids!)” — that 2nd half in smaller print, below the first part…

      “5 miles a day keeps the baby fat away.”

      “I run for my pre-baby jeans.”
      (Those last 2 for preggo mamas)

  32. “Finish each run like the Devil is after your soul!”

    (this is what I tell myself to kick up that sprint at the end of each race!)

  33. Since I’m 32 weeks pregnant and still running (or going on runs, whatever the case may actually be), I have a few ideas for some pregnant runner slogans:

    “She wins by a belly!”

    “Race you to the next Porta Potty!”

    “My next marathon? Labor.”

  34. RMAO

    Why not?

    These are both terribly lame compared to all of the really, really funny and creative ones I’ve just read, but I’ve had so many people ask me “why” lately that I just thought, why not? What great ideas-can’t wait to see–and purchase!- the winners.

  35. Lots of good ones! I love the time out one (actually my husband would like that one too — he’s a behavior specialist.)

    Here are some ideas I want to put out there:

    Yes, it is safe to run while pregnant (I wish that I’d had that shirt)
    It’s like running at altitude

    Make way for the jogging stroller!

    Running (circle one) with/from kids

    Where do you think the baby weight went?

    I’d also love a onsie that says “Mommy’s Running Buddy”

    I’d like an option for the back of any shirt to say “Mom of __” and then we could get it filled in or have it come with an iron on #.

    Running: no adverse sexual side effects (I love the therapy ones too, but I have to put in some psychiatrist humor.)

    Also, someone asked about the long story…I’d love to hear it too sometime. I actually have a shirt that I bought last summer that says “Run Like a Mother” from a company that no longer sells them and I am wondering if the book is why. I’m impartial. Love my shirt, love the slogan, love running and being a mom and all that they bring.

  36. Got Kids – ‘nuf said

    Running sisterhood – Join the tribe

    Running with Attitude (it’s my blog name and I keep saying I should put it on a shirt)

    Determination. Commitment. Perseverance.

    The Few, the proud, the Tribe (could have copyrights issues with the Marines).

    Stronger than you can imagine (front) – I’m a Mother Runner (back)

  37. Running is like Life
    No one said it is easy, only that it is worth it.

    Waking up with three miles already under my feet and the sun coming up is my guilty pleasure.

    Blessed with amazing friends who run by my side

    *** Beware: This hot chick throws snot rockets

    ***I worked this Hot A** off so you could run behind me.

    How great to have these on the front of shirts to celebrate how much you love running?!
    *** I would love to see these slogans on the back of the shirts

  38. All For Today

    it is my mantra during tough races. all that work that we put into our early morning wet, cold runs to train: all for today. it really makes me dig deep and do %110

  39. “I am a beast ”

    what I say to myself as I run up a hill towards the end of my run – the same hill that cars are not able to get up in the snowy winter time – not a real long hill, but steep

    Fun reading your site – inspirational


  40. How about “I am not in your age group, don’t pass me!” Or for those of you who have seen the movie The Hangover, we had race shirts that said “one man wolfpack 12” on the front and “what happens in Oshkosh stays in Oshkosh” on the back. There were 13 people on our “team”, hence the 12.

  41. Will run for wine.

    Run B*&tch Run! (saw on a sign at NYC womens’ run in Central Park)

    Running My A** Off!

    Moms who run have more fun!

    What about RLAMF?? That can’t be taken! 🙂 Kidding.

    Sleep is overrated, running is not.

    Running For Sanity

    I Run Because My Husband Still Chases Me!

    Running for my Marriage

    Running for My Daughter

  42. Here are the results of tonight’s 5K brainstorm:
    1-Picture of a runner/woman in a restaurant. Waitress says, “Finger sandwich? Tea? Biscuit?” Runner says, “I’ll take the fartlek.”
    2-The word TRIBE with a running woman as the letter “I” and underneath it says, I’m a member, how about you? (Or it could say, RLAMer underneath)
    3-Front: I run before making important decisions.
    Back: If only Eve had done the same. . .
    4-Graphic of a training schedule and underneath it says, “This is my alarm clock.”
    5-I’ll pick a run over dirty laundry ANY day of the week.

    By the way, cool contest! It kept my mind off of the poor decision to eat dinner before going out for my run tonight. (Ugh)

  43. From our ragnar team shirts. Our team was all moms wearing black skirts and our shirts said
    “Does this skirt make my butt look fast!”

  44. Friendships grow faster by the mile.

    Running makes friendships grow faster.

    My tribe helps me run stronger, love better and live happier.

    Racing makes friendships grow stronger.

    Mother. Runner. Friend.

    (my only downer thought is that not all of us have a tribe of women who we run with….so I added several that refer to friendships in general. )

  45. ‎”Tried and True, a mom like you. Pounding pavement through Morning Dew” – or – “I am my own on the road to the morning tone” – could be tone legs, could be the tone of earphones – “Morning Run atones for Nightly Fun” – A thought for a kind of jumbled shirt “SOUND” being the word across the middle, surrounded by “legs”, “mind”, “shoes”, “morning”, “day”, “Life”, “mom” “family”, “woman”, “individual” “athlete” – a sketch of earphones, running feet, maybe mouth speaking to an ear? Sound in all things running.

  46. go go Preggo-Legs!

    Finish and deliver

    Well-rounded athlete (triathalon preggo mommy)

    Well-rounded racer

    My mantra while I ran my first half at 13 weeks pregnant was simple:

    Come on, Baby! Let’s do this!

  47. “I am NOT just another soccer mom!!”on the back. (tri logo- swim bike run) under that.
    Why sleep? Run! I’m alway tired anyway!

    Colgate 1999. 😉

  48. PR = Pregnant Runner
    This is my Time Out (I see some folks already beat me to that one…or close)
    Already Raising/Training the World’s Fastest Baby (maternity shirt)
    Mother On the Move (MOM emphasized)
    My Kids: Am I chasing them or are they chasing me? I forget.
    Training to keep up with my kids
    My (heart) loves me
    Get Out of My Way…my daughter/son/kid(s) are waiting at the finish line!
    My husband loves my running form!
    Happiness is a good sports bra

  49. So many great shirt ideas!! Here’s mine…

    “I’m slow but my kids can’t catch me.”

    “Running isn’t as good as wine, but I can’t drink this early in the morning.”

    “You think a marathon is hard? Try being a mom.”

  50. I can’t claim it as my own but one phrase I’ve always thought would be perfect on a shirt for an early morning workout is, “You can sleep when you die”.

    And along the same lines:

    “Seize the Morning” (or “Carpe Mane”, according to an online Latin dictionary)

    or “If not now, when?”

  51. The only pit-pat of little feet I want to hear early in the morning are my own.

    From the tribe Runs With Sunrises

    From the tribe Preggo Go Fast

    Happy hour starts while everyone else is in bed

  52. I run so I don’t kill people.

    I run so I don’t kill my kids.

    I’m a better mom when I run.

    Run+Mom=Happy family

    STOP LAUGHING on the front, and “I’m setting an example here! ” on the back.

    Running Mom -1
    Cranky toddler-0

  53. Ok, I’m easily sidetracked and love all of the ideas…but here are mine:

    It’s 5 a.m.- I take “hit the ground running” literally (or some variation of that…It’s 5 a.m.-I give “hit the ground running” a whole new meaning)

    Who needs Calgon when my legs can take me away?

    It’s 5 a.m….the kids are asleep…make a run for it!

    The crack of dawn is better than cracking up.

    That’s all this worn-out brain can take while her 3 and 5 year old are fussing and fighting. Maybe some more later?

    1. I have twins. I’m thankful to be running in just one direction.
      At this point, I think I smell worse than my minivan.
      Peace and quiet, at last.
      Until there are 26 hours in a day, my butt WILL get out of bed for 5 am runs.

  54. The birds like me at dawn (and don’t swoop me)
    Life is peaceful at sunrise
    MOTheR (Mums On The Run)
    I run to escape the day
    Running is my drug, without it I am a nasty *****

  55. I’m running away from my kids.
    Why is my iPod filled with Raffi songs?
    If this looks hard, try having twins.
    This IS my down time.

  56. Running = Free therapy for moms

    Running is WAY easier than my other job!

    Moms do it all….and in all conditions!

    My kids make me run

  57. Actually, these *are* my nicest shoes!

    (comes from a discussion where I realized my most expensive item of clothing, ever, with the exception of my wedding gown, was my Brooks Adrenalines)

  58. Will run for money

    (Picture of jogging stroller) Push it baby, push it! or Whee, this ride is great

    Front of shirt: I run because….
    back of shirt: all the sayings you’ve heard. “I’m late, I can, I believe, It makes me stronger….”

    I have to say I won’t ever wear a shirt that says something about getting up at 5:00am cause I will most likely still be in bed at that time.

    I also like the simple: Run Mommy, Run!

  59. The evolution of a runner
    First Race – Finish
    Second Race – “I wasn’t last”
    Third Race – Follow me to the podium!

  60. My shirt, and those of my daughters who are also very short like me, would say “Small but mighty.”

    Oher ideas:

    I run to get strong. I run because I am strong.

    Running after my sanity.

    Find your inner runner.

    Forward motion makes me feel fine.

    (possibly with a picture of a jogger stroller): This may look hard, but not running is harder.

  61. Running Shoes = $100
    Performance wicking tshirt = $35
    Chafe Free running shorts = $45

    5:30 am with a bit of chill and a buddy? PRICELESS!

  62. I tried to find a t-shirt for my first triathlon last week that said “My First Tri” but couldn’t. Now I have transitioned to 10K training (also my first) and would love one that says “I run, therefore I am.” Without running, I wouldn’t be me! My colleagues (I am a physician) say I need a big “S” on my chest for Superwoman, but we all are made stronger people by our running; we did not necessarily start running because we are strong. 🙂

  63. I may be slow but I’m still moving!

    I run for chocolate!

    Running for my life….

    5:30AM – my time to run away from it all
    and then embrace it!

  64. “Getting up at 5am to run – the easy part of my day”

    “Run like your kids are chasing you”

    What I would like to have on a shirt for my first marathon in November (hint, hint 😉 ) :
    “Everybody starts somewhere”

    What I will wear someday as a pregnant runner:
    “Runner Babe”

  65. My road and I have a standing date at dawn.

    Why do I run? Cuz this is the only shirt I’ll wear today that won’t have snot on it.

    I may look alone, but I’m running with my tribe.

    Making endorphins at dawn.
    Ready for the day, bring it on!

  66. Hooray! T-shirts!

    I saw this on a homemade poster during my first half – it still makes me giggle:

    “Real friends don’t let friends run 5K’s”

    I found this when I once looked up running quotes:

    “Nobody every drowned in sweat”

    I thought of these all by myself!:

    “Mom in stride (on front)
    Happy tribe” (on back)

    “Run at dawn – happy spawn”

    Can’t wait to see the winning quote!

  67. Running is hard. Not running is harder.

    To run is to push the body and stretch the mind.

    A 5:00 AM run. And how did you begin YOUR day?

    I run while the rest of the world sleeps.

  68. Frnt of shirt- Why do I run?
    Back- I have kids. ‘Nuff said.

    OR back to could say (as it pertains to my life) 3 boys 5 and under. Any questions?

    Strength. Power. Determination

    Yes, I do this on purpose.

    Mileage doesnt scare me-
    Ive been through childbirth.

    Running is written on my sole.

    Wife. Mother. Runner.
    Join the tribe.

    Currently expressing my inner diva.

    Running my way back to me.

    Outwardly expressing inward strength.

    Still got it.

    Yeah Im a mom.
    Yeah I still rock.

    Redefining motherhood.


    Redefining motherhood
    one step at a time.

    Okay my mental diarreah has done enough damage. I have ideas for days. One of those things I think about on long runs.I think the right mantra really helps remind us why we do what we do. Why it feels so good to have running in your life. And hey. D- I just rolled my stupid ankle-nothing big but I had to limp back home today and may have to take another day off and I was crying–so I cant imagine how rotten you feel. So sorry, chicka. Injurys get in the way of our otherwise perfect plans. Asses. Feel better soon.

  69. One shirt I want to get made for my half this month will have writing on the back:

    “Come on, you can do this” then further down the shirt it would say “Is anyone there?” Lame I know, but if you can’t make fun of yourself…

    Slow is the new fast.

    You definitely need something with running and sanity.

  70. I run, therefore I need not spank.
    Meet my therapists. (arrows down to feet) They prefer double knots.
    Runs While You Sleep
    Break a sweat at daybreak.
    Mommy loves you but she’s GOTTA run!
    Running from my kids.
    Have you met my kids? This is the EASY part of my day!
    Sweat before sunrise – smile all day.
    Running keeps it real.

  71. go mom!

    go mom go!

    fast as a mother!

    mother running: tribe pride!

    o’dark early. time for a run!

    get more for your miles: push a stroller!

    have kids. will run.

    my kid / family’s at the finish line!

    i heart fit moms

    for pregnancy: running for two

    runner, baby

  72. “5 AM is my Happy Hour”

    “Run Like Your Kids Are Chasing You”


    “Sure you can touch my belly(FRONT)…if you can catch it.(BACK)” (for a preg. momma)

  73. Rise and Run 🙂

    Because I have kids!


    Because I like food!!

    (I run) For Me!!
    For my kids!!
    For my husband!!
    All of the above!!

  74. My shirt says, “I do not negotiate with toddlers or terrorists.” It isn’t specifically about running, but it encapsulates my reality and the reasons I run. My husband also says I should get a shirt made for the time I said to him, “After dealing with our kids today, running that 10 miles tomorrow will be easy!” Something along the lines of that sentiment might be fun.

  75. Oops. Mine posted in the wrong place. Don’t seem to be able to delete, but here they are again:

    –Mom on the Run
    –Mom’s Miles = Happy Hour
    –Miles to go before I sleep…
    –Moms who run have more fun
    –MILF (Mommy is loving the Fartleks) or MILF (Mommy is lightening fast) or some similar slogan using this acronym
    –Must Run to Function
    –Mom’s Got to Run
    –Miles for Moms
    –Moms Run to Get It Done

  76. First of all, I can’t wait to get back to this tonight and enjoy all that people have written.

    Ok there’s a story but I will make it quick. My husband did Team in Training for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and his honored teammate was a wonderful little girl named Natasha who fought long and hard. She lost her fight about a year and a half ago, but her saying was “Suck it up Princess.” Hubby’s whole team had it printed on shirts, and when I have days when I am “too tired” to get up and run, that gets me up. If she can fight through all that she had been through, I can get my lazy a** up and go for a run.

    Enjoy the ride mommies, life is short.

  77. Moms complete a marathon every day; or

    Even when I am not running I am completing a marathon; or

    Moms- the master marthoners

    Child Chaser

    Motor Mama (for those of us that run with a baby jogger)

  78. Mamma loves her run.

    I’m running away from my kids.

    This is cheaper than therapy.

    You’ve just been passed by somebody’s mother.

    1. You’ve just been passed . . . love this one. I want to tell those young men I pass at races that I have three kids. Would that be too obnoxious?

  79. Mommy go running? (This is what my 2 year old daughter says when she sees me changing or putting my tennis shoes on.)

    Moms run 24/7.

    I can’t quit now, the kids are watching. (This is what I try to remind myself.. if I can think anything coherent at all.. when I want to quit. The kids aren’t literally watching most of the time… but already it’s obvious my daughter is catching on and is interested in following my lead and I so desperately want to set a good example for her so she can be more active than I was.)

  80. This my time
    Running is my “me time”

    Probably not a RLAM-type-of-shirt, but a theme that kept coming up on amongst our team during our Hood to Coast run last weekend, “Run like you stole it” 🙂 I also liked a sign I saw during the Eugene Marathon “This is still a good idea”

    NOTE: when you mentioned “tribe”, have you heard “One Tribe” by the Black Eyed Peas? It’s a rockin’ running song.

  81. I own a t shirt company and my favorite quote on one of the tees is “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Even days i dont feel like running i know that first (single) step will get me going!!

  82. Oh, and for the racers:

    Endurance? This 5k has NOTHING on my kids. (or whatever distance)

    I can go any distance. I have kids.

    I am my kids’ superhero.

  83. Shaking the dirt off my shoes, the cobwebs out of my head and the kids off my leg.

    For pregnant moms: This is not a speed bump, and I am not slowing down.

    Getting it done before the sun comes up.

    Running Mommy = Happy Mommy

    It’s Mama time!

  84. RUN! Just make it happen.

    Run for joy – however it happens!

    No excuses – take that 1st step out the door!

    Even if I can’t run fast – I sure look cute in this tee-shirt.

    Right, Left, Repeat.

    Just keep running, just keep running, just keep running.

    Oregon rain isn’t going to damper my run!

    1. I like Right, Left, Repeat.

      Taking it a little further, how about:
      Right, Left, Repeat 55,334 times

      (55,334 is the aveerage number of steps, based on 2.5 ft. per step, it takes to cover 26.2 miles.)

  85. “Breaking Dawn Runner”

    “Breaking Dawn Tribe Runner”

    TO Run Or Not To Run
    That is The Question…….
    Answer: Always RUN

    Some Moms Sew
    Some Moms Scrapebook
    This Mom Runs!!!!

    The Tribe has spoken and it says: RUN

  86. Member of Dawn Tribe.
    Member of the tribe.
    Dawn Patrol.
    I run so I can sing Wheels on the Bus all day.
    Fueled by leftovers and juice boxes.
    I run because it’s too early for wine. Or, I run because it’s too early for whine.
    My other shirt is a sports bra.
    My other shirt is a nursing bra.
    Gu is my copilot. (This is a joke, as you will surely have trademark issues).
    Setting a good example, one step at a time.
    The tribe knows.
    I woke up early for THIS!
    I’m in a time out.
    Mommy time out. (Get it?)
    See Mommy run. Run, Mommy, run.
    Early to bed, early to rise, makes Mommy a slightly smaller size.
    Early to bed, early to rise, gives Mommy really sexy thighs.
    At least I remembered to wear a shirt.
    This is my party time.
    Dawn is my time.
    My kids think I am sleeping.
    Don’t honk; I’m still asleep.
    Did I forget my kids?

    Enough goofing off. I need to pack the lunches.

    1. Amanda you have some really funny ones! Esp like:

      My other shirt is a nursing bra. [and I am WAY past nursing]
      My kids think I’m sleeping. [oh, SO good!]
      See Mommy run. Run Mommy run.
      … thighs. [chuckling!]
      and possibly my favorite:
      I’m in a time out.

      great job!

      1. I just checked the comments to see the witty slogans, and I saw all these comments about my list! Hot dog! My ego thanks you and has requested I print this out and post it next to my bib collection as a reminder that I haven’t totally lost my funny.

  87. Our Ragnar Relay team name seems appropriate: Not Your Mama’s Thighs! My other favorite saying that keeps me going is “If it was easy, everyone would do it.”

  88. Run like a GIRL. 🙂

    And I want to hear the long story about why you can’t use “run like a mother”. 🙂 Actually, I have looked at our local running stores for a bumper sticker (and I am sorta not into the bumper sticker thing, but for some reason couldn’t get this idea out of my head…) that says run like a mother, but with no luck. Is there a story?!…share. 🙂

    1. ( I assume the story behind why the shirt can’t say Run Like a Mother has something to do with this: Seems like that phrase is trademarked or something. )

      5 am comes really quickly when your kid’s been up all night. . .

      I’m running to a phone booth to turn into Super Mom.

      It’s 5 am and I’m wearing a skirt. (I RLAM)

      You should see my list for the rest of the day. . .

      I run, I carpool, I work, I make dinner–what more do you want? World peace?

      One step at a time. . .as long as it’s at 5 am

  89. I run on coffee.

    Tribe Runner.

    Faster and Earlier than the morning sun.

    The Tribe and I… Gettin’ our kicks before six!

    Got Pace?

    Getcha Run On!

  90. They call me: Runs from Sippy Cups

    Faster than my couch

    My personal one would have to say: last place finisher=runner with character.

    Runs with Preschoolers

    Run with joy

    Run like a Mommy! (or is that too close to run like a Mother)

    Got kids? Get running!

    Just what is popping in my head…not sure that any of them are good…

    1. –Mom on the Run
      –Mom’s Miles = Happy Hour
      –Miles to go before I sleep…
      –Moms who run have more fun
      –MILF (Mommy is loving the Fartleks) or MILF (Mommy is lightening fast) or some similar slogan using this acronym
      –Must Run to Function
      –Mom’s Got to Run
      –Miles for Moms
      –Moms Run to Get It Done

  91. Bring it! I chase two year olds!

    More nervous than I was giving birth!

    Jogger – check
    Sippy cup – check
    Book/Toy – check
    Non stop Supply of ‘Treats’ – check
    Worth it – check

    I did it! I escaped! I am FREE!!!

  92. I need a tshirt that says ‘My time for me”. As running is time that allows me to think about problems or just veg out while I run. Another version –” don’t talk to me – this is my time!”
    Other tshirt slogans — Yes I’m slow but I’m off the couch!

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