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Hump Day Giveaway: Boost Your Giddy-Up in a New Get-Up


Dory and me: marveling at every pretty thing that floats by!

I often feel like a toddler or Dory from "Finding Nemo," my attention distracted by all things shiny and new. The other day, the onions I was sauteing for pasta sauce nearly burned because I was drooling over the dresses and boots in the new J. Crew catalog. I rarely buy something new for myself, but when I splurge, a new sweater can make me as giddy as tween at a Taylor Swift concert.

A low rise and relaxed fit camouflage those few Halloween treats that might have made it into your bag

When I get new workout wear, I can barely wait to break a sweat. There are still miles to run and squats to count out, but the anticipation for the new duds makes me feel like I'll float through the workout. Like last week at boot camp: I take a women's only class at 9:30 every Wednesday morning, prime fashion show potential. I  skipped off to class in my FreeMotion capris and colorful FreeMotion tank, giggly and beaming a big grin. I don't have empirical data to support my claim, but I swear I busted out more reps and held those side plank a few....seconds....longer thanks to my sassy new outfit.

We want to share the giddy feeling: FreeMotion has generously offered to give away an outfit--capris + choice of one of two tank tops--to three lucky ladies. Not exactly what you'll be running in outside these days, but they'll brighten up your visits to the gym or treadmill runs. To enter to win, tell us what puts a spring in your step during workout. New apparel? A fresh playlist? A running buddy? We'll announce three random winners on Saturday. Giddy up!

Oooh, choice: two FreeMotion tanks to choose from

571 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Boost Your Giddy-Up in a New Get-Up

  1. A new running playlist …. And I am so over due for one!
    Hubby at home watching the baby so I don’t have to push the stroller!

  2. Sunshine, new route, new music, new friends. New outfit definitely helps brighten it but to get a spring in my step I need something that brings me back to why I fell in love with running in the first place.

  3. Finding a way to meet my sister for a long trail run is the workout I get excited for the most. Our family gossip/catch-up alone makes the miles fly by!

  4. I love a great tank and at least a new song on my playlist. Any time I have a new song, I wear it out by listening to it over and over again on that run. Oh well. It serves it purpose well for each run!

  5. Running alone in the rural area I live in can get very lonely. I am meeting up with my best friend for a 5K Turkey Trot and then a slow 5 miles after to just talk. I am so excited to run with someone else!!

  6. Definitely my running partner. When she goes faster, I go faster. And any workout is about 1000 times more fun just because she’s there beside me.

  7. I totally agree with your statement that new workout clothes “make” a workout. I take a weight lifting class several times a week, and I always have a better workout when I have on some new clothes that make me feel cute 🙂 It’s so much more fun to look at yourself in the mirror when you look good in your new spandex 🙂

  8. What puts a spring in my step? Just escaping from my crazy household full of screaming toddlers for 45 minutes to go for a run is enough to make me skip down my stairs. Add a new running outfit to the mix and I’ll be practically floating on air!

  9. All of the above! Mostly running with friends is what keeps me going. Friends help me stay motivated and encourage me to get out there even when I don’t feel like it. If I don’t go then I know my friends will be left hanging. It is also like a great mini therapy session to vent and gossip and share what running wear works and doesn’t work.

  10. Facing a new challange during my run, fighting through it and having that sense of accoplishment when I am finished. The spring in my step comes when I run again the next day knowing I CAN do what I purpose in my mind to do!

  11. My Running Buddies put a spring in my step. I run with 4 strong, beautiful women who motivate me to get up in the dark to run, give me parenting advice and good recipes and laugh and cry with me in the dark.

  12. new songs and an applause! ( I have that Nike app that posts to FB and when someone likes or comments on the post, it give a round of applause….a few times it has been just when I really needed an extra push)

  13. I love that feeling that all the world is still sleeping and I am out running. As the sun rises, I feel at peace with the world and can run forever!

  14. Gear I look good in always helps! Great tunes or a book on CD make the time pass more pleasantly, even if life and weather are working against me.

  15. Sunshine and a wide sky always adds a bit of spring to my step. I love some nature in my run, but even if it’s around the neighborhood I’m always in awe of the sky above me.

  16. New gear is the ultimate motivator for me. Give me new pants, shoes, socks, headband, anything and I am itching to get out the door and try it. Since I can’t buy new stuff all the time, on other days I use other people to pump me up. I love a partner to share the pain of a hard workout 😉 There are many times I would never work as hard as I did if someone was with me.

  17. I am such a run nerd that new shoes always get me excited to get out there! I also enjoy running with a buddy, it definitely makes it easier to get up knowing someone is waiting for me!

  18. Always love new running clothes, but what really puts a spring in my step is a blue sky day, especially at the change of a season. Love running and smelling fresh cut grass or new spring flowers, love blue sky against changing leaves in the fall and love a crisp, cold blue sky day in the winter. Those days are to be cherished against the so often gray sky days in Portland, Or.

  19. Anything a little new and different can put a spring in my step. Doesn’t have to be new apparel, although a new tank or the perfect shorts/capris can do the trick. Sometimes, it’s just a change in the temperature or a cloudy day after weeks of sunshine. ( I live in Las Vegas.) Mostly, it’s the excitement of catching up with a good friend on a long run.

  20. I am a shoe whore. Boots, flats, and of course, running shoes. I am 3 years old again in a new pair of running shoes, feeling like I am instantly faster.

  21. On a dreary November day in Eugene, when I have to cover myself in rain gear, I like to sport some brightly colored socks to remind the dark sky that it can’t break-a my stride. :0)
    Some power tunes blasting in my ears and I’m now I’m really feeling like a BAMR. 😀

  22. My hubby joining me on my runs has been the best motivator lately! Having him to talk to make every run exponentially more fun 🙂

  23. New clothes for sure!! I don’t splurge very often but when I do I’m always SO excited to hit the gym. I also love going for a run after I’ve added a few new songs to my playlist, I like putting it on shuffle and then waiting for the new tunes to put an extra spring in my step 🙂

  24. I agree a new outfit just makes you walk a little higher and run a little further but a new playlist also gets me out the door every time. Tuesday infect I ran to your podcast with Burt yasso that was a fun diversion on a beautiful morning. I was also wearing my Rise Run Repeat RLAM shirt which helped as well 😉

  25. Anything new makes a workout better, new clothes (if they are comfortable : ) ) new tunes, a new running buddy or a new route to run! The ones that are always the best though–are the ones I dread doing.

  26. I am very particular about what I feel is the ‘perfect’ running weather, and usually the window is pretty small. No wind, temps in the 50s and 60s…. a pretty sunset helps too. Lately though, we’ve had an abundance of perfect running weather and I am loving it!

  27. a new upbeat song added to my playlist (mixed in with the steady regulars) and yes, defineately new gear (running tights, summer tanks, even new running socks).

  28. All things new get me excited to go out the door! Playlist, outfit, new distance, new route, new training plan, new race goal…etc etc! Love shaking things up!

  29. I get a competitive drive(If someone else is doing it, why can’t I? Sometimes just that thought is enough to get my booty in motion! Ohh a new clothes always help… Cause I love looking good! 🙂

  30. I love sassy new clothes. I love it when people ask where I got my clothes, especially the skirts. I workout in a college gym, so it’s nice to know that I can stand out while getting in shape.

  31. I will admit that I’m a total gym gear whore! While I love a new playlist created by Genius to go along with Moves Like Jagger, nothing gets me more excited about my next workout than a new workout treasure! It can be a new funky Razzy Roo to keep my hair out of my eyes, trying out my yFumble for the first time, new running shorts or capris, or the mother of all new treats – new running SHOES!!! Doesn’t matter. I can’t wait to get my sweat on and welcome my newest addition to my little workout wardrobe. Help me fuel my passion for new gear! Oh yeah, and I need to figure out how to get a t-shirt that proudly announces that I too am ANOTHER MOTHER RUNNER!!! First, I must go sweat!

  32. A little good old fashioned competition! When I see a perky young thing out running, I NEED to show them that I’m a BAMR! I love it when I can run faster than they are, even with my double stroller (although it doesn’t happen very often)!

  33. Running to a friend’s house. I started doing it this summer while training for Hood to Coast. It’s so hard to find time to not only get in workouts, but do so while fitting in ANY time for socializing with non-running friends. I’ll call a friend, map out a run that fits my training schedule, then head out. When I arrive (gasping and sweaty, I admit), I am greeted by a good friend and get to hang out for a short while before they drive me home. I have many good friends who will accommodate me and even think it’s funny.

  34. I always LOVE new music. If there is a particular band or singer that is coming out with a new c.d. that I am excited about, I will put it on my iPod and only listen to it during workouts. I look forward to my workouts because then and only then I get to listen to the new c.d.

  35. Definitely new workout clothes… I am getting so addicted, I have way more than normal clothes (especially since losing weight and not building the wardrobe back up yet)–casual and business combined! The CR-W tights I bought recently had me totally convinced I would run like the wind AND feel cozy, secure, and “hard-bodied” for mile after mile. They did! The first run anyway 😉 Love the key-hole back on the black tank–hope I’m a winner, otherwise I know another item going on my Christmas list!

  36. Rest, sun, music, new pop’n playlist and lately podcasts. I really enjoy learning something or brainwashing myself into positive and health wellness related thinking for the rest of my day. And okay, I will admit it, I am addicted to workout clothes and their comfort. I don’t think the UPS delivery people think I own anything else.

  37. These days what puts the spring in my step is the cool ‘winter’ air when I’m out for a run. Brrr! It takes some getting used to but helps my pace as I’m trying to warm up!

  38. Shiny new shoes, hearing a great song at *just* the right time to get you up & over that hill and running with my girlfriends!

  39. A new outfit motivates me to get out the door. A new playlist pushes me to run harder and helps me not feel the pain as soon. Those tanks are great!!

  40. When the perfect song comes on at the perfect time during a run – that always gives me a little extra energy. Sometimes it’s a song that I’d forgotten that I put on there, then there was the time during my first half marathon that “Living on a Prayer” came on right after mile 6. “Oh, we’re halfway there, oh ohhhh” – I was cracking up.

  41. Perfect weather and no time constraints put the biggest spring in my step! But realistically that happens uh….VERY rarely, so I’ll go with the chance to run outside instead of on the ‘mill, and a rockin’ playlist.

  42. I love bouncy new music, but a new or exciting route makes for an inspired run as well. Last week we were on a cruise, and I was getting so bored on the treadmill (situated right above the hot tub, breathing in the heat and fumes, what the heck is that about?!) so one night my husband and I ran around the upper deck. It was, like, 10 laps to make our 5k, but it was different and fun (and the wind made us feel like we were flying around some of those turns!).

  43. New apparel, especially if it’s cute! And new shoes, for sure. And new running friends! I’ve been forcing myself to get out there lately, show up for group runs, and I’m always glad I did. But the best is when I can tell my pace is improving!! I love feeling faster, and it makes me feel so motivated to get our there again the next day!!

  44. Few things put a swagger in my step or a Tigger in my bounce like Steven Tyler singing Sweet Emotion. The beginning of that song just revvvs meee uppp. 🙂

  45. I just had my 3rd child 12 weeks ago. I’m ready to hit the road and shed this baby weight! I’m thankful for a new friend that is willing to run with me and push me beyond what I think I’m capable of. I’m looking forward to having my “Hot, Mommy Bod” back ☺

  46. You hit it on the head with new workout gear and a great workout buddy. I also can really get it moving for a new running play list. But nothing pushes me through those last hard miles of a Saturday long run knowing that my hubby has a comfy spot on the couch laid out for me, a hot cup of coffee and my girls are waiting to help massage my tired legs!

  47. Before a recent foot injury, my pep came from training for my first marathon. Hard work but that, “Today I’ve run further than ever before” motto was so cool to say at every long run. I looked forward to getting to say that every other week.

  48. Normally it’s my running buddy that puts a spring in my step (she got me hooked on running in the first place) but when I go out on my own and pull off a pace I didn’t know I had in me… well, that’s magic!!

  49. Some solo time away from my kiddos is what gets me movin and grovin out the door. When you are a stay at home mom sometimes your house suffocates you.

  50. New clothes, new shoes, a new race, or sometimes it’s taking a week off (or more) and actually MISSING running 🙂 Nothing like a good break up to remember why I love it!

  51. New songs on my iPod and having new running shoes! I love the feel of new running shoes the first couple of times out in them. More comfortable, for sure, and I feel like I can go further in them!

  52. New shoes, new outfit, new route, new tunes, a light rain, and even coming back from illness/injury. Take your pick, they all put some spring in my step.

  53. The spring in my step either comes from a great song or seeing another runner approaching me and not wanting to look like I am dying!

  54. I Love watching the news at the gym. We don’t have tv at home so it always feels like a treat catching up on current events.

  55. I always love having a new person to run with. Conversation is fresh and distracting. I love my BRF but sometimes we’ve said it all already!

  56. Nothing gets me more pumped for a run than a nice, sunny, crisp fall morning. Me, my favorite heart pounding songs and the road… makes me smile just thinking about it 🙂

  57. Things that put a spring in my step…. new tunes on my Ipod (I’m a music teacher!!), a new path or trail to run, and the crisp fall weather (love it)!!

  58. New clothes for sure! I just ordered a new Brooks Utopia Hoodie from the REI Outlet for my winter running. I got a screaming deal on it b/c it was last years model. When it came in the mail I couldn’t wait to try it out in the freezing Montana weather. It kept me toasty warm 🙂

  59. A new pair of shoes for sure. They just feel so comfy and new, yet homey at the same time. I just experienced this over the weekend and it was one of the best runs of the year!

  60. I so need something to motivate me! The first narly storm hit today and all I want to do is sit by the fire. I am really not ready for winter!

  61. New clothes are fun, but the best way to put pep in my step is to put on my OLD workout clothes and realize that what once fit too snug is now too loose. Look good, FEEL good!! Couple that with some heart pumping music my feet can match and you’ve unloosed a mother runner who can accomplish ANYTHING.

  62. When I get up early before the kids, have my morning coffee, the weather is beautiful, my favorite playlist, nothing can stop me as I head out the door. Any of these things alone can get me pumped for my run, but when it all works together…(:

  63. New outfits and SHOES usually do the trick and also getting a free moment to myself after a busy day. I do love exercising with my friends, but on those really tough days, there is nothing like pavement and myself.

  64. A bad day!!! But in a good way!!! Usually starts off in the morning, playing drill Sargent to get the kids going out the door to the sitters. Traffic on the way to work. Then once I get to work eather it’s a slow day when work never seems like its going to end. Or a slammed day where I wish I had another hour just to keep my head above water. Then, before I know it, it’s quitting time AKA mommas sanity run time! I change into my running clothes and I’m out the work door. Weather I only have 20 minutes to sneek in or time for 5 miles before I have to pick up the kiddos, IM FREE!!!! Free to be me and my music and my thoughts and my fresh air and my road under my feet!!! I am in control!!!! And I am happy I have had a bad day, I feel myself pushin harder and feeling better than I do on my normal days!!! I am proud of myself and I am so excited to pick up munchkins and cherish every moment we have together!! ( till the next morning!! Lol!! )

  65. New shoes, new season, new route, new goal, new running buddy – there is always something new to add. Today it was some new Florence & the Machine!

  66. a grateful heart – when i approach my workout with gratitude, i am transformed and nothing else matters – even if i’m tired, i can choose to be thankful for strong legs – even if i’m breathing hard, i can choose to be thankful that my lungs work as hard as they do! gratitude allows me to push harder and run longer. crazy how much of it is mental…

  67. A new song added to my ever-evolving playlist. I put it on shuffle and then hit the pavement. I never know when it’ll pop up and it has actually turned a 4 miles run into an 8 mile run because I just *knew* it was going to come into rotation soon. Clothes and running gear certainly do it too but that doesn’t happen as often as a new song. [I once cancelled my afternoon patients on the day I knew my new sportsbra would be waiting on my doorstep…just couldn’t wait to try it out]

  68. What puts the most pep in my step is running against, I mean with, my girlfriends from my hometown. We have all come into running at different points in our lives, so when whenever we cross paths(since we all live in different states), we try and fit in a run together. Catching up over a run is a great way to get the competitive juices flowing again and gives me a little extra motivation for our next “run in”- whenever that may be!

  69. Knowing my running buddy will be with me gives me the motivation to get up and go! Whenever we have some juicy conversation, the miles fly by without as much pain. Sometimes we purposefully save up conversations just to use it as a distractor during the run! I love my running buddy and wouldn’t be who I am today without her.

  70. I don’t think I would have made it through training for my most recent half without my running buddy. Thanks to her, I will gladly get up and run at 5:15 in the dark. I also feel really motivated to run when I have a fun social event following it or (if it’s an afternoon run) a special meal afterwards.

  71. First off, heck yeah I can still wear tank tops outside!! 🙂 It’s still warm enough here, high seventies today. What puts a spring in my step is definitely music. I just returned from a run where I was doing sprints, it wasn’t planned but then my favorite song came on and all my plans went out the window. -Jessica

  72. New running music motivates me- along with new running gear. Sometimes a running partner is necessary to get me out the door!

  73. New shoes help, but mostly the chance to run solo will do it. Most of the time I run with a jogging stroller, so running solo means I can go longer and faster.

  74. Nothing puts a new umph in my oomph like a change in weather – cool spell after sweltering heat, rain after a drought, sun after the rain, even fresh snow … give me a week of changing weather and I’ll donate lots of sweat and miles! 🙂

  75. I get really excited when I have new running clothes or gear. The perfect weather will also get me pumped. I have to admit the even the thought of a new song on my playlist will get me moving.

  76. Latley…new running clothes sure has made me laugh like a little kid with a new piece of candy out on the trails. I had no idea what I was missing out on. Amen to the new duds. Wish I had done that a long time ago. 2nd thing that gets me on the trails are the regulars I now pass daily. I smile big when I see them. I don’t know their names I just know the familar face, smile & wave as we pass each other in the am. 3rd, the sweetest elderly couple I see about 1 or 2 times a week on my trail run walking hand in hand ever so slowly. I smile big & go about my run thinking I sure hope when I can no longer run, that I am able to do this with my husband. This year marks our 12 year Anniv.

  77. Wow i want a new outfit!! Favorites for getting me moving…a new outfit that i can show off to my running buddy! Especially on a warm sunny spring day! Love gossiping and dishing about our families and especially venting about our hubbies while on a good long run. When I can’t run with my training partner, a new song (usually chosen by my kids!) or a new fitness routine with a trainer always is inspiring!
    Now, last few days before Philly Half Marahton on Sunday! Maybe a new tank for the race!

  78. Any new gadgets always motivate me! New Garmin, new headphones, iPod, etc…haven’t bought anything new for awhile, hopefully Santa will deliver. 🙂

  79. Sunshine! Now that fall almost winter is here my weekday runs are all done in the dark. I run on sunlight 🙂 so when things align just right so that I can get a day time run in I can’t wait to get out the door.

  80. At a race this past weekend, I actually picked up my pace during an uphill on mile 7 because I saw this fantastic running skirt just ahead of me, and I had to ask the runner where she found it. So, I must say, yes, I am a sucker for any kind of new running apparel….gives you that “runners high” even if you haven’t really found it!

  81. Oh how I would love some new gear! My motivation is proving to people that I am stronger than they think I am and I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.

  82. A new outfit would definitely make a workout more entertaining and fun! I usually don’t listen to music, so when I do, that is quite a boost, as well!

  83. For me running with my puts the spring in my step….just having him to talk to during a run takes my mind off the work part of the “work out” and I am always surprised in what time we finish because it always seems a little faster than when I run alone even though I don’t feel like I pushed myself. And when I’m not running with my dad I often hear his voice in my head saying “catch the bee!” because at the end of every race we’ve run (he comes back to run me in after his fast self finishes) he encourages me to catch someone in front of me that I never think I can catch….and at a Halloween race last year it was the girl in the bee costume….and somehow even when I think I have nothing left in me, I always manage to catch whoever he picks out!

  84. After nearly 15 years of begging and pleading–while mixing the appropriate amount of bullying and motivating–one of my oldest and best friends has taken up running! And she’s LOVING it! Now, her excitement and drive has helped to reenergize my own runs!

  85. I love the feeling I get as I literally run away from it all! By the time I’m finished with the run, it is all do-able again.

  86. New music AND /OR an event….I’ll tell you what, I find all sorts of motivation and energy if I’m going to be heading to a conference or reunion! New music keeps me from thinking about the distance or weather when I run.

  87. A good podcast… seriously, I love someone to tell me a story while I am running, and I don’t even have to ask questions. I do love my BAMR shirt too, especially if I am running with a whole gaggle of mom’s with that shirt on.

  88. Ooh, pretty outfits, good music and good conversations with good friends get me going. I also love running outdoors, smelling the fresh air, seeing the trees and appreciating the cushion of dirt under my feet.

  89. A neighbor has recently organized a running group, and I have discovered the joy of running with others. I was always too intimidated before. Now I realize how much more fun it is to run with others, and I look forward to getting up early and having some girl time, especially on these dark, cold mornings.

  90. Thinking about upcoming races puts a spring in my step! I picture how excited I will be that day & how accomplished i’ll feel and off I go…

  91. What is better than new workout clothes to put a spring in my step? Well, new workout clothes in a size smaller than before! I am very close to having lost 60 lbs, so new workout clothes would be SUPER SWEET!!!

  92. A new playlist always puts an extra hop in my step. I love waiting to see what song is coming on next and singing along in my head as I jog along!!

  93. I love something new to wear. Just ordered a new jacket for the cooler weather, and I know when it comes I’ll have a great run!

  94. As much as I love running races,I love planning for the next “big” thing….after a busy summer of triathlons, I weight lifting. My next big thing is a 16 miler up hill race…should be fun. New clothes help too!!!!

  95. there is SO much about running that gets me going. But one thing that puts spring in my step is the fact that running keeps me lean and in the size jeans that I want to be in. 🙂

  96. Wearing my Summerfest Rock and Sole 1/2 Marathon shirt to the gym. The race made LOTS of news after running out of water and multiple people collapsing (It was July in Wisconsin and got up to 105 that day). So when I wear the shirt I feel extra hard core for completing it and feel like I have to put an extra pep in my step to prove it to on lookers!

  97. Depending on the training season: A new podcast/playlist, or a naked run in the midst of a marathon training plan, or a new route/ run on vacation (in the dead of winter when most of running at home has to be on the treadmill!)

  98. The perfect song always puts a spring in my step (Fix You by Coldplay, Pump It by Black Eyed Peas, etc.. There are loads of them!) Also, sometimes a little self talk can really help to get me going. My favorite reminder? “The difference between try and triumph is a little umph.” 🙂

  99. New gear, a new playlist, a running buddy- or my favorite, an hour or more of childcare so I run outside in the fresh air!

  100. I just got a couple of running buddies so that makes my running more enjoyable. That time to exercise and chat puts pep in my step! New running gear would, too!

  101. A great outfit definitely helps. I also love the perfect weather, cool but not freezing with no humidity. And of course being able to run with my favorite running partner, my husband!

  102. Oh fun! Changing songs on my i-pod definitely makes me run a bit faster. Adding a new song every so often, or switching to the radio for a long training run, is just what I need to keep going!

  103. I love when a new song springs up on my old standby playlist. I don’t think I can ever bring myself to get entirely new playlists together so I just add a great song to the other greats and hit ‘shuffle’. When the new one comes on, my steps are springier, my smile is wider (or shows itself for the first time) and I stop wondering how long until the ‘halfway’ point or the ‘finish’ – – at least until the song is done. 🙂

  104. I find new running clothes, especially as I have been losing weight and have to decrease the sizes. I started running to get fit and I can’t wait until I feel comfortable enough to buy and wear a running skirt 🙂

  105. Having adequate rest puts a spring in my step in my workouts. I am guilty of overtraining often, and my workouts suffer. But give me a couple of rest days, and I’m good to go! I also enjoy perfect weather– a warm spring day as well as a cool autumn day….

  106. I’m new to running, and I’m a bigger girl, so new clothes are often tight and I just make do. However, new shoes are my pick me up. Right now, my new pink Vibram TrekSports are major motivation to get out there and run!

  107. Definitely new tunes, and sometimes I’ll splurge on some new yummy smelling shower gel that I only use after a workout. It gets me motivated to work out and get sweaty!

  108. My favorite workout outfit, some heavy metal on the iPod, and a vision of me crossing the line at my first ever 70.3 triathlon. That gets my step pepp-ing!

  109. Cool/Cold weather!! My favorite place to run is to the cemetery so a nice north wind pushing me along this time of year is the BEST!!

  110. When I was a kid, we called new tennis shoes, Run Real Fast shoes. Every time I get a new pair I can’t help but call them that and it puts some pep in my step.

  111. Not sure if I posted or not, so I’ll try again!

    Running with people is enough to put a spring in my step! I typically run alone so the energy of others peps me up! 🙂

  112. My daughter waking up and begging me to take her running. When I am not feeling motivated there is nothing that gets me out of the door quicker then my 2 year old asking when we are going, so glad she thinks riding in the stroller for an hour is fun!

  113. My favorite songs on my playlist! When I hear the Spice Girls singing to ‘shake it to the left if you’re having a good time!’, I can’t help but comply. 😉

  114. New workout gear never hurts a run, ever! 🙂 Also, this cooler weather has made me feel like a hot heavy weight has been lifted off my shoulders and applied little wings to my feet. Loving every minute of it.

  115. When I get just the right song I speed up and hit that perfect stride…but a new pair of super bright thorlo socks puts a spring in my step too! Love them!

  116. Over the weekend I completed my second half marathon. About 1/2 mile from the finish line I spied a friend running toward me–the opposite direction. He gave me a big high-five and said “almost there!” Talk about a boost. So, the encouragement of others definitely puts a spring in my step!

  117. I LOVE those first few miles in brand new shoes! Knowing I have perfectly clean, “virgin” shoes to take those first few steps in always gets me going extra early!

  118. I’m a learning to love the thrill of new workout clothes, now that I am actually comfortable and looking good in them! And a finely tuned new playlist always hits the spot.

  119. New gear definitely puts a spring in my step!! Running seems slightly easier when you feel cute. And all your girl parts in place in a cute casing.

  120. New clothes, a new song, my runners world on the eliptical stand, a fun day planned–all those things add some extra mojo to my workouts. I have been going to Starbucks after the gym to indulge in one of their skinny drinks as a fun carrot as well! Whatever keeps you movin’!

  121. On a cold, wintry long run, there’s nothing like the dream of a delicious mocha at my favorite, local coffee spot. It never fails to put a spring in my step! They use milk from a local dairy, and even though I order the non-fat, it always tastes creamy and yummy. Just thinking about it makes me want to get out and run!

  122. Signing up for a race and new running gear always freshen up my motivation to run. But, more importantly, remembering that my twins were born 8 years ago today is even more motivation to stay healthy, and teach my kids to live active and health lifestyles.

  123. I have to say new clothes help me get out on daily runs. I just bought a new sparkly head band to accessorize. New music on race days get me through the miles.

  124. Absolutely, new clothes! I love new clothes because it doesn’t happen very often. Mainly, I keep good shoes on rotation but the clothes always fall second on priorities.

  125. Knowing that the coveted alone time will be lost if I don’t get going certainly gets me out the door! Fun & fresh clothes do the trick of course, but to be totally honest, the thing that gets my giddy-up upped, is the thought of indulging in the occasional cheeseburger with a little less guilt attached!

  126. Honestly, it varies a bit. Sometimes, all it takes is a new playlist. Sometimes, music doesn’t do it, though. New shoes…eh, sometimes. I like the old, broken in ones, though…my last pair had close to 800 miles on them (my buddies!). New clothes, not so much unless I catch a glimpse of myself in a window and I look hot…then suddenly I have a bit more spring in my step! 😀
    I think the #1 thing that really gets me in the groove, though, is knowing that the run before, I did something WAY better than I had expected or WAY worse! Like the time I busted out Yassos about 20 seconds faster per 800 than I had planned. My next run (a tempo run) was unusually easy and fast! Or the time when I totally blew my tempo run and my next run, I felt like I had to push it just a bit more…I went almost 18 miles and had never run further than 14 prior to that!. I guess my brain is a good motivator!

  127. The spring in my step comes from my love of …..
    new running clothes, new running shoes, running with music, running in the rain, sunshine, sleet or hail (well, maybe not the last two) and, as a relatively new runner, adding miles on and taking time off a bit each week.

  128. Brand new running clothes. There is nothing like feeling gross and frumpy during a run. I have enough frumpy running shorts, now when I buy, I try to buy cute things that make me feel awesome. When I am low on motivation, all i have to do is put on my cute outfit, and suddenly I want to get out there and run.

  129. I mostly solo trail run, so when i happen upon someone walking their dog, i always speed up as if to say, “yep, i am all that and always run this fast”. Lucky for me, my trail is pretty quiet because i am NOT all that and would not be able to sustain the increased speed. Also I can run faster, stronger, farther when my legs are freshly shaved–wonder why i dont do that more often, lol.

  130. There are two things guaranteed to put a spring in my workout – new running shoes and new songs on my iPod. The other day I added some big band sounds from the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies to my playlist, and practically danced through my intervals. Good thing at 5am there isn’t much chance for an audience!

  131. Getting enough sleep! Really, a variety of things can motivate me – eating too many cupcakes, having a bad day with my kids, having a great day with my kids, meeting up with running buddies – almost anything! As long as I don’t mentally defeat myself, I’m usually pretty game.

  132. A beautiful, crisp 5am puts that skip in my stride and is a great start to the day. I love the quiet of 5am (or even 445!) before all of the chaos starts. A perfect dark roast coffee before I hit the road, keeps me smiling for miles and with positive thoughts of the promise the day holds. On great days I can keep that attitute past 7am!

  133. i’ve recently come to the conclussion that getting cute work out clothes DOES Matter- it makes me more likely to work out, and more likely to push myself harder (want to look like i earned wearing the the clothes, i’m no poser!)
    fun giveaway, thanks for the opportunity!

  134. What puts a spring in my step?? Definitely new running clothes and the sun on my face in the winter and the cooling mist of the rain in the summer. All three put a smile on my face too!

  135. New duds are what really make me excited to run/workout. Sounds vain, but if I feel strong/fit/cool looking in my new outfit, I feel faster, and more likely to enjoy my workout. Too bad I don’t have an unlimited budget for workout clothes, because then I’d be amazingly fast!

  136. A workout outfit that I feel awesome and skinny wearing!! That and the promise of my morning coffee after the workout is over:)

  137. Gotta say a new playlist featuring lots of songs that I hear on my kids’ favorite station-Radio Disney. . . I can really knock it out when I am running to Taio Cruz! Also, not having the double running stroller really gets me moving.

  138. A new workout outfit definitely puts a spring in my step. There is something about new workout clothes that makes me feel so much sexier, so I workout even that much harder to flaunt it. Not that what I have to flaunt is worth flaunting (hehehe), but new clothes makes me go all out. Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  139. I LOVE getting new workout clothes! They definitely put a spring in my step and motivate me to get out the door. And a new playlist is the bomb too!

  140. Any new gear gets me psyched to run. It can be anything from new sneakers, a new garmin, a cool new race shirt, or even new socks or some new songs on my playlist.

  141. Just the chance to be outside running.. me time, friend time, away from work time….. especially as the holidays approach, there is nothing like that quiet!

  142. I get really excited about running a new route. I think to plan it out, think about how long it will take and running it the first time take in all the new sights. Totally Fun!

  143. Definitely new clothes! I bought 3 new running skirts the other day and was so excited, I couldn’t decide which one to wear at the 5k that weekend. I decided on the teal one from Athleta and it “helped” me achieve a second place finish and a PR of 25.59! Yeah, for new clothes!!

  144. Strangely enough, a new sports bra is major motivation to me. I just can’t wait to try it out and see if I suffer from sore inner arms!

  145. New ANYTHING! I love getting out to try out new shoes/skirt/tights/bra, fill in the blank! Even a new route or trail will do the trick.

  146. New gear (shoes, clothes, even a new way to hold my hair back!) always puts a spring in my step. Also, when I’ve been eating really healthy and am feeling good I always have a great run. (When I’ve just raided my kids’ halloween candy or eaten a little too much cookie dough it has the opposite effect.)

  147. Anything new or different puts that spring in my step!! right now it’s the change in weather. I am loving those cool crisp mornings 🙂

  148. Cool weather! Living in Texas, the onset of cool(er) weather (mornings under 60) makes me feel at least 50% faster – even if I’m not really.

  149. New duds, new kicks, new music, or a running buddy — definitely all of the above! Also, I <3 trying out a new route. Makes me that much more jazzed up to get out and get my run on!

  150. Anything Fresh makes my run better: A new playlist, sometimes just the same old list on shuffle, new shoes that put a spring in my step and def new clothes that just make you run taller and more confident!

  151. Nothing makes me run faster & lighter than a new pair of running shoes! There is something about pounding the pavement for the first time in some new kicks that makes a run so muuch better!!

  152. New clothes definitely perk me up, but also any change in seasons tends to give me renewed verve. Digging out my winter running gear and snowshoes is surprisingly motivating!

  153. New and cute clothes definitely put a spring in my step while working out! It seems silly, but it totally works — the cuter you feel, the easier the run! 😉 runner_girl5k at yahoo dot com

  154. A new song; running a new route; and on an early morning run, seeing what time it is and knowing I have to hurry up and get my butt home before my hubby needs to get to work : )

  155. A new playlist definitely works, and new workout clothes as well. Anything out of the ordinary makes a huge difference in your mood!

  156. Seeing wildlife along the course does it for me- this year we’ve run alongside horses, turkeys, deer, a porcupine, and even a moose! Nothing like a little excitement (or fear) to get you moving!

  157. New shoes! Nothing spurs me on to get going, or to finish with a few extra miles under my belt, more than a pair of new shoes.

    Of course, new capris and a nice top wouldn’t hurt, either. 🙂

  158. New shoes, obviously, or just feeling like I’m having a really good run-one where you feel like you could keep going awhile longer than you’d planned!

  159. I could have written this word for word about myself…:) New work out wear always gives me a boost…whether it’s shoes or clothing…I always have a great work out in something new. And since I know this, when I have a not-so-great run once in a while, I use that as the perfect excuse to head to the store for a new top or bottom…you know, to “ensure” the next one is better 🙂

  160. Just knowing that I’m out of the house and getting a good sweat on!! I love my kids and my hubby, but there are times you just need to get away. Distance makes the heart grow fonder right??? I can’t wait to put that distance between us so I can come back a new person ready to deal with the day!!

  161. The thing that puts a spring in my step is, like you, new clothes. I love trying out new running apparel (which isn’t often) and it always seems to give me some motivation. Another thing is when a favorite song comes on during my run. Always seems to give me some pep!

  162. New shoes, new tunes and new routes for sure!! My step is always more springy when I’m running with my girls!! Love my running partners 🙂

  163. The weather – a change in season, any season; enjoying the crisp cool/cold air this time of year, but I also enjoy the rain, snow, dirt, sun – whatever! Running Buddy(s) for chatting with, passing the time faster. A laid back fun run in the woods with my kids.

  164. A great new song that I haven’t heard a hundred times.

    A new route that I haven’t run before – running in new cities, new places.

    …and of course, new running shoes!

  165. Things that put an extra spring in my step during a workout are gorgeous weather and the fact that I have a little time to be alone with my thoughts.

  166. Two things come to mind that put an extra spring in my step. First, a new pair of running shoes – guarentee. The other thing isn’t tangible, but I find extra zip after a day of rest.

  167. Coffee always puts a spring in my step, but so does having someone to run with. I forget that I’m exercising because I’m so excited to socialize!

  168. Anything new always get me energized for a workout. That can be new clothes, new tunes, a new route, or new running buddy. Since I live in Portland, sunny days always make me feel like getting out there and running.

  169. I went running with my husband for the first time on Sunday. It was so much fun and I didn’t even realize I was going faster to keep up with his long stride!

  170. A great playlist and new wardrobe certainly help put the spring in my step, but what really gets me is reminding myself how far I’ve come in less than a year. Reminding myself that although I never considered myself an athlete, I AM! I’m a beautiful, strong, athletic woman…now that puts spring in my step!

  171. Since I usually run alone, a running buddy puts a spring in my step! And a new upbeat, rockin’ playlist doesn’t hurt, either!

  172. In addition to new gear, a new route for running or a new routine or class at the gym! I like when things are new and fresh, so mixing it up keeps me interested. Same reason I will create a playlist, but then set it to shuffle, so I never know what song is coming up next. It gives me something to look forward to!

  173. (too many Rebeccas)

    I love getting new shoes. After wearing running shoes down the thought of the comfort of new shoes heightens my salivary glads, like a dog eyeing the ham bone. It’s kinda sad, really.

  174. i’m not sure what adds a spring to my step, it’s just one of those things that happen when I am having a really great run…suddenly a smile shows up on my face.

  175. A beautiful route does it for me. I recently got to run on a beautiful bike path along California’s Central Coast. Best run I’ve had in a long time.

  176. RUnning with a “buddy” or a bunch of buddies that make up my running club definitely motivate me and put a “spring” in my step. I am the slowest in the group @ 10:30-11:00 min/mi(I run with some seriously FAST peeps, 8:00min/mi or less)but whether we are doing track workouts, hill repeats, intervals at the park in the dark, they keep me going with a smile on my face, mainly b/c I don’t want to look like the only one who is miserable. They especially motivate me on days like today in Portland with 2 inches of rain expected and high wind warnings…those hill repeats tonight are gonna be a doozy, may need to add some new songs to my mp3 to really carry me through!

  177. My boot camp instructor Justine puts the spring in my step. She is just so into fitness you can’t help but also be excited about it when you’re around her!

  178. New running shoes – coming via tomorrow! 🙂 I also love a crisp fall day. Ya know, when you can smell the leaves?

  179. New running gear – Good running company is a plus – Shout out for great weather!
    When all these things come together – makes for a phenomenal road trip 🙂

  180. There are three things that put me in a workout mood. New clothes, whether it be shorts, sports bras or socks make me so excited. I can’t wait to work out to a new playlist! I can hardly sleep if I get to take my new shoes out for a run the next day. Now I want to go shop! 🙂

  181. I love spring when it gets lighter earlier every morning and those fantastic sunrises. That and some new duds to make me feel cute and bada$$ for getting out there and getting it done.

  182. The sunshine makes me happy. If it is a beautiful sunny day, then nothing can stop me from getting out that door and getting my run it. Ain’t nothing else like it. It makes me so happy!

  183. We have a new Women’s morning running group in the ‘hood and it has totally reenergized me to get out in the colder weather and get my miles on! great to have budies to run with!

  184. Even just knowing my fave running clothes are clean will put a spring in my step. But new music (or better yet, a new AMR podcast!) will put a spring in my step!

  185. A RUNNING BUDDY! I often run by myself so anytime I’m running WITH someone it’s totally different, exciting and always gets me moving 🙂

  186. New workout gear always does it for me – especially since I can rarely afford to get myswelf some. I feel stronger, fitter and more confident working out in new gear, even if I am the only one to see it 🙂

  187. Love lots of music! Plus just thinking about how amazing I’m going to feel when I’m done is the greatest motivator of all for me! :0)

  188. First thing that popped in my mind was MUSIC. Great music keeps me moving. Then I read some of the other answers (boy, there are lots!) and realized it’s many things….music, new shoes, perfect weather, a running buddy, and so much more.

    Thanks for making me think about this.

  189. Nothing picks me up better than a new pair of running shoes and fantastic weather for my run! The cherry on top would be having my daughter along for the run and a nice one on one chat.

  190. I know this sounds like I am sucking up- but it’s the truth. When I have a new podcast from you two to listen to, it makes me want to go for a run.

  191. New scenery and a change in my workouts really boost my mood! Yesterday, I went for my first bike ride in over a year (thanks to pregnancy and recovery), and I was all smiles! I had forgotten the sound of clipping in, the feeling of flying, and the soreness the day after… All things that make me want to get out and ride again!

  192. Running outside will do it for me! The scenery, the sounds (or lack of…) put me in such a good mental place for the rest of the day!

  193. New clothes always help but it can be as little as seeing a blooming flower in spring or a bird flushed from the brush. Or knowing I escaped the chaos at home.

  194. New tunes on my playlist certainly adds some spring! Not to mention gorgeous fall weather with changing colors all around. Enjoy it now b/c they will soon be gone and blah of winter will set in!

  195. A challenging workout and, most certainly, the first cool pre-dawn morning when the long, hot, humid Florida summer is announcing it’s coming to an end! And, yes, a new outfit even if noone sees it since I tend to run before sunrise…

  196. A new podcast from my favorite running mother gals!! I can hardly wait to get out there and pound out some miles when I know that a have you two ladies waiting to get me going on my ipod! Keep them coming!!!

  197. Right now it is the beautiful leaves! So many of my runs I have had beautiful clear (and cold) fall days with incredible leaf color surrounding me.

  198. New tunes for sure, but a new cute running outfit can do it as well. And lets not forget a good hair day when you just feel you are looking good running!

  199. the perfect weather will usually do it for me. today i get to run with a friend for the first time and i’m really excited. i think i’ve tricked myself into thinking that things will go perfectly and we’ll both be amazing just because we’re heading out together. we’ll see how we feel about it tomorrow. or this afternoon.

  200. Of course, a cute outfit always puts a spring in my step, but an unexpected break in the weather after I have already committed to run is the best!

  201. Running buddies to talk to–getting my personal therapy session definitely puts the spring in my step so I am ready to face the rest of my day!

  202. I definitely buy-in to the power of having nice workout clothes, even if I am all by myself on the treadmill in the basement. I also have my own little organized workout clothes closet that makes me smile everytime I open it.

  203. Definitely has to be new music that gets me moving! I had been running the same loop for a few training runs. All I did was add some new music to my iPod and I flew threw the next couple of runs!

  204. Anything that is new, is fun – new clothes, training for a new event, new course, cross training … it keeps things fresh and fun. (I have some awesome winter clothes just waiting on the weather to cool down, but it’s staying stubbornly hot!) I think the biggest boost is my friend, who meets me most mornings. There is nothing like a friend to share a great workout, to drag you through a bad one and to be a sounding board for the much needed run and b*t©h sessions. 🙂

  205. Weather….sunny, cloudy, rainy….as long as it’s not icy or windy I am a happy girl. I live in a very beautiful (to me) part of the country and I love running and looking at Mt. Adams and Mt. Rainier when it’s sunny and they have snow on their peaks. Beautiful.

  206. A Saturday morning long run with mommy friends on a beautiful day, and a long shower followed by pancakes with my sweet kids afterwards. Bliss!

  207. New clothes put a new skip in my step! And I hate when they end up being problematic. I had a new skirt recently that kept creeping down my butt during a run! I don’t often run with my music (too busy talking to my buddies), but I am running a Thanksgiving Day half by myself (first time solo!) so I am looking forward to revamping my play list (which is kind of stale at this point) and having some new tunes!

  208. Exploring somewhere new while running, a fresh playlist, new running clothes, new pair of shoes, an outing with my running buddy- so many things help me have extra energy in my run!

  209. Some people use new shoes or new clothes as a reward for their hard work or achieving a goal. I use them as a motivator. I buy the cute clothes/shoes BEFORE my big event to get me going!

  210. #1. A whole night’s sleep!!
    #2. Something neon and stretchy…shorts, arm warmers, compression sox…
    #3. The promise of a whole-milk latte and a good conversation afterward!

  211. My 4 legged girl Emma puts a spring in my step. She is a 1 year old lab mix who loves to run. So I decided to run with her, training with Couch to 5K. We have run several 5K’s in the backyard chasing soccer balls and I am now running 30 minutes 3 times/wk. Without Emma I can guarantee I would still be on the couch!!

  212. Running with my kids. Whether they’re on foot or bike when they’re with me I strive harder to be better. I want to be an example to them. They think I do it for them, which is true, but they have no idea yet how much they do for me.

  213. A cold morning, a track workout, new clothes, engaging conversation with my running partner, a beautiful sunrise, and the promise of pizza for dinner all give me an extra boost of energy.

  214. New running gear always does it! I love when I get a new shirt and go out for a run! I don’t know why but it always makes me feel more powerful! I usually have better posture in a new shirt – I know that’s all mental but it’s true!!

  215. My running buddy (awesome husband) knows how to motivate me with encouragement, teasing, taunting, or bribery — whatever I need to get moving!

  216. I recently figured out how to put audiobooks on my iPod and now I can’t wait to get back out to run and listen to the next installment!

  217. New music definitely puts some pep in my step! I took my first spinning class last week, and I kept the instructor afterwards to get her playlist. “Ain’t nothing wrong with that” by Robert Randolph and the Family…check it out! I couldn’t wait to get home and download it.

  218. When going on a long or challenging run, I always pick out a couple of new tunes to get me boppin’ along. For the most part, a running buddy ALWAYS makes the run more enjoyable. Lastly, I’ve yet to go to race and not totally get ampt off of all the positive energy. Whether racing or spectating, there’s nothing quite like race day energy.

  219. New shoes do it every time. I get a new pair and I can’t WAIT to get out and run in them. But I also get boosts from a brand new music playlist and new running clothes…the other day I got a new sports bra and that was enough to get me itching for a run.

  220. New scenery!!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE running in new places. I don’t even mind getting out of bed super early while on vacation because it means I get to run somewhere new.

  221. I find my workouts are either up or down…sometimes I have the energy and sometimes I don’t…but I have to do it no matter what! I guess one thing that helps me on those down days is good music and clearing my head of all the life “stuff” that keeps me anxious and stressed. Sometimes that’s really hard but I find when I “don’t think” my workouts go by musch faster and easier.

  222. A new route and/or temperature drops get me excited!! After running all Summer, in Florida, a 75 degree run feels like heaven. 😉

  223. New running shoes ALWAYS help to put some pep in my step! My 5- and 2-year olds have proven this to be true, as they tell me all the time how their new shoes help them to run faster (and they demonstrate by sprinting around the house!) If kids run faster with new kicks, then I must run faster as well. (New clothes and my awesome running friends aren’t too shabby, either!) This is for Danielle: GIDDY UP!

  224. It can be any of the above: dear running friends, new shoes or a new article of clothing, a lucky break in the weather–anything. But these days I try to be grateful for each and every run!

  225. New running gear definitely puts a spring in my step (especially if I picked up a good deal like my recent Old Navy finds) and the fabulous weather we’ve been having really does. Sunday’s 12-miler was absolutely beautiful! (And here in Texas, we’re still having capri and tank weather days!)

  226. Oooh TIME! It is such a luxury on the rare day when I don’t have somewhere to be immediately after my run. I can relax and enjoy the journey! Definitely lightens the load and I bounce a bit higher. (Fly new duds never hurt though..)

  227. Tonight’s exp will hopefully put a spring in my step for a few weeks to come – first time out at night after dinner (despite full belly it went well) and for the first time, I “kicked” it into a higher gear at some point – and it was so surprising to me that I had a higher gear and that I could do it, that I kicked up a further notch. That last notch didn’t last much more than 4 steps, but can’t stop reflecting about it and being pretty proud of myself. That should help keep the spring there while I try that next time I am out and hopefully help to motivate me to stick with this a bit better than I have thus far (still working my way up to 5 kms and enduring for longer streaches).

  228. Honestly, it’s the duds. I’d like to say something profound like “Soaking in the world around me and appreciating the freedom that I have to run in such a breathtaking environment.”, but really…new clothes make me happy inside.

  229. This time of year (fall) the leafs changing color really get me excited to go for a run. Any other time a new workout outfit or new gadget will re-energize me to stay on track and push harder.

  230. Totally depends on what I’m doing. I typically loathe the dreadmill, but after discovering and loading a new playlist specifically for speedwork, I’m actually pumped up about it!
    I also love trying new classes at the gym, or a new running route. I need to keep things fresh or I get burned out!

  231. I run with my 10-year-old as often as I can…running and talking with her, chasing each other, etc ALWAYS puts a spring in my step.

  232. New clothes definitely put a spring in my step! But also reaching a fitness goal – the next workout I feel empowered, like I can do anything!

  233. Whether it is a new route, new location, new intervals or a change in the weather, a change to the routine always puts a kick in my step. And, like Sarah, I can’t wait to try out new clothes and see if they work. I’m less of a fashionista and more of a “please don’t let this make me chafe” kind of girl.

  234. Running buddies always give me a extra boost. Since I don’t splurge very often on new running clothes it always feels good to get to rock new running threads.

  235. OOOhhh… Fabulous! I love new running gear. I once bought a new running shirt before a race (yes I know you aren’t supposed to wear anything untried) and man did I feel fabulous. I also love when new songs get added to the play list. Both are nice motivators.

  236. New running clothes always put a spring in my step. Running clothes are the most stylish clothes in my closet, since they are the only clothes this mommy gets to wear without peanut butter or snot smears on the shoulders. I also love my weekend running buddies, most mornings it takes me a few snoozes to get my rear in gear but on Saturday’s I am up before my alarm and ready for a long run and chit chat.

  237. Clothes always set the tone for what we are doing whether it’s work clothes to make us feel professional or a cocktail dress to make us feel pretty. When I put on my workout clothes, though, I’m transformed into the athelete I want to be. I feel like I’m my best self.

  238. Glad to hear someone else say that they too feel like Dory. My bouncy springyness comes when my favorite songs come on the radio headphones (no mp3). Music keeps me in the groove….”You shook me all night long” comes to mind along with Shakira Hips don’t lie.

  239. Being able to get out and just run puts spring in my step. I am still getting the running schedule and having a baby figured out.

  240. So many things put a spring in my step. New workout wear is a big one. But also new music or even better a new podcast from AMR. Anything to change things up a little is good. It is the monotony that makes getting out there hard sometimes.

  241. New shoes, a good running buddy and beautiful running weather are all inspiring, but the best for me is a good rainy day with puddles for splashing. I don’t live there anymore, but am an Oregon girl at heart.

  242. I love my ipod! Tik Tok by Kei$ha and Stronger by Kanye West definitely put me at a much faster pace! I do look for the clean version of the songs. =) Music really helps me.

  243. Definitely new apparel! The “cheapest” treat being a new pair of socks. Going after a new mileage or time goal – especially if I think I might be able to pull it off (a “stretch” goal versus an “are you kidding me?!” goal) Thinking through all the yummy possibilities for post-long run treats. 🙂

    The low waist and less tight fit on the capris look great, will have to check them out.

  244. This has happened maybe once or twice…leaving from a clean house and knowing I will be coming home to a clean house (because my husband and boys aren’t home to mess it up). Doing a long run knowing that I can just come home, take an ice bath with a steaming cup of chai tea and relax for an hour without looking around at a mess makes for a great run!

  245. Definitely a new playlist! I recently loaded the songs listed under the Mix Master Mommas playlist on the website, and I couldn’t wait to go for a run that day!

  246. I’m the same as you … I LOVE, LOVE new workout gear and can’t wait to get to it in my new duds. I also love knowing how proud I’ll be when I’ve finished the workout and knowing that I can do it! My buddy sure helps … as do my tunes!

  247. Good timing on this question. I just got a pair of Saucony Vizipro black and orange mitten/gloves with an LED clip on light. So so ugly, but a tiny bit tech-y. I can’t wait to put them on and go for a morning run!

  248. I love new running shoes – the new shoe smell, the feel, the shiny newness – everything. So, the more I run, the sooner I get a new pair!

  249. Running past an animated runner on the trail can really put a skip in my pace. Like the teenager with the long bouncy blonde ponytail or the beaming older woman with the Anne Bancroft bob. These runner’s animated attributes catch my eye, put a smile on my face and make my workout fun!

  250. Any new gear (shoes, clothes, techie stuff) make me all sorts of excited to run out the door. Most recently, that has been the map my run ap on my iPhone that tracks my route, distance and pace. Two months later, I am still excited each time I run outdoors using that new toy!

  251. Great weather always gets me excited to run. New music and a running buddy also work; and combine that with good weather and I’m just itching to run! 🙂

  252. I’m extra excited to run when I’ve been (forced) to not run for a couple days. I’m anxious, fresh and ready to go! Perfect weather will do that for me too… sunny 60’s is my favorite!

  253. A beautiful early morning that is bright, crisp and clear, either in the spring or fall when the trees are blooming or turning colors. It makes me perk up and enjoy my surroundings because I don’t get to take advantage of those days very often.

  254. The first warm day after a harsh Minnesota winter. The first chilly fall day after a brutal Minnesota August. The first run after signing up for a half or full marathon.

  255. Knowing the feeling I can look forward to after the run, perfect weather, good conversation, and the creamed spinach over pasta reward at the end of a long run!

  256. New kicks! Always! Every time I got new sneakers as a kid I SWORE I was so much faster, and my sister and I would make my mom watch us sprint up and down the sidewalk like little lunatics. And now, all these years later, I still swear that new trainers put some extra pep in my step!

  257. New apparel! When I get anything new, even socks or a sweaty band, I can’t wait to go for a run to try them out. They give me a lighter step and my head a little higher.

  258. A few things….. new music, new shoes and a fresh new workout! One of those ( all at the same time might be an overload!) things will give me renewed energy for sure!

  259. Anything new pumps me up – new songs for my playlist, someone different to run with – especially if they’re faster than my normal pace, or new clothes. I recently bought a new pair of tights for winter and I actually can’t wait for it to be cold enough to wear them!

  260. A beautiful, sunny but cool, morning does it for me. And after viewing my latest race photos, I need to invest in some more flattering capris!

  261. GU Chomps literally put a spring in my step (only the ones with caffeine, no decaf here.) And basically any song by Silversun Puckups.

  262. New workout clothes definitely put a new spring in my running/workout step! I tend to wear something I like until it’s just about hanging by a thread, and when I have something new it makes me feel like I’m moving better. I think quality workout clothes can actually do that – the good gear isn’t restrictive, moves with us. A run on a warm, sunny day also gets me bounding out the door, and if my best running buddy is waiting for me, it doesn’t get any better than that.

  263. right now not having a migraine would do it for me. I’ve had a migraine 6 of the past 10 days. but normally sunshine is all it takes for me to love my workout!

  264. new running shoes! (of course I get the same brand every time so I know they will feel great). New clothes are always motivational too!

  265. I get a fresh spring from the weather. A beautiful day will do it eery single time. Sunny and cool, around 55 degrees, low humidity. These are the days that scream “COME RUNNING” to me. I feel great and I feel like I run great too.

    A new pair of shoes and a new outfit does it too, but not to the same extent.

  266. Some great tunes on my Ipod and some cute workout clothes! I swear my best races have been when I was feeling like a “running fashionista.”

  267. Just the fact that I am getting “me” time puts a total spring in my step…and an awesome new song to pump me up helps too!

  268. A change of scenery. Running in a metro area, for this The Country Mouse, is a special treat. My ego thrives on knowing there’s always a chance SOMEONE is watching so I want to look like I’m rockin’ it and having a blast.

  269. All of the above! LOVE a new outfit but also love new shoes, running with friends, new tunes…wish I could go out today but sadly, injured. A giveaway would sure help cheer me up! And Danielle, GIDDY UP!!

  270. New shoes! I still hold out some hope that I will find the perfect shoes that will make running effortless, and will make me super fast. Haven’t found them yet, but I am always excited to try a new pair.

  271. Running with a good group of ladies from my running group always gets me excited for a run. And some cute new running clothes always help too!

  272. Running with a friend helps me at five am! And having a training plan helps for weekend runs vi don’t know what I’ll do now for my long runs–I may need to find a snowy half in February.

  273. Lately I have moved away from bland white tops to bright colorful ones. I feel pretty powerful in my red top and swore I took minutes off my previous marathon time wearing that new shirt in that last marathon. No worries about when to wear as I live in Florida.

  274. Getting a pretty french manicure before a big race always puts a spring in my step. I obviously can’t wear make-up and my hair is matted with sweat but my nails look pretty clutching that mylar blanket!

  275. My neighbors help put a spring in my step when I’m heading out my door to get in a run. It makes me feel bouncy that my neighbors have seen me transform this year from a mostly-walker-with-a-slow-jog to a runner that can hold down a 9 minute mile over the course of a half marathon. They have stopped me to tell me how inspiring it is to see my perseverance, and a few of them have even started to add some running into their walking routine. Go, me!

  276. The thing that gets me going the most is music. I can be having a lull in my run and then suddenly something awesome comes on and I get a boost of energy. It’s aways something dorky that I shouldn’t really admit to listening to but it seems that the more dorky the music, the more likely it is to get me going. A couple of weeks ago I was doing 10 miles and I was starting to lose it around 8. Justin Bieber came on and suddenly I had all the energy in the world!

  277. I was NEVER one to listen to music while running … finally after everyone around me convinced me of it I started and now I love having my IPOD by my side. I run with one ear bud in … Rarely I will stick in the 2nd ear bud – usually if I am in an area where I feel safe – but when I do its like BAM!!… I just get that extra boost – its so funny!

  278. I love a new music playlist!! It always gets me going. Add a sparkly skirt for a race or something bright and I am in my element. When I am in funky attire I feel ready to GO!!

  279. LOVE a new outfit and this outfit would be perfect weather to run in right now down south! Also, having no running ailments puts a spring in my step for a great workout!

  280. Good tunes usually get me dancing out the door…I also get a little more pep when I get to run with a buddy. It doesn’t happen often enough.

  281. My running buddy ALWAYS gets me going and keeps me going, no matter how many miles we are going that day. She is my very best friend, and it seems we never run out of things to talk about.

  282. The spring usually happens unexpectedly. When my run turns out to be different than I expected and I have to change perspective – like a strong wind or extreme humidity – those things make me step it up a notch. I feel like tearing up the road!
    Of course any new gear is a reason to run. I just purchased YakTrax and have channeling a snow storm for Southeast Michigan.

  283. New tunes are always great, but the perfect combination for a spring in my step would be new socks and a crisp cool morning ( still warm here!)

  284. I agree with clothes, new music, and my running buddy.

    But also the harder my day has been the more I want to get out there in the evening and put out some miles. Also, when I really start thinking how far I have come in running I am pumped to go.

  285. New running clothes definitely puts a spring in my step. Also, certain songs on my running playlist lifts my mood and I run faster, harder and stronger!!

  286. My Lululemon running sweatshirt. Such a huge splurge, but so worth it. The sleeves have thumbholes to keep my hands warm, there’s a pocket in the back for a key or my music, and even a ponytail hole in the hood. Plus I’ve gotten so many compliments on it- that always makes me feel great!

  287. Running with a good friend, new music, and absolutely a brand new running outfit! Running a race with a good friend tops the list. A few years ago I ran the Broad Street Run in the rain with a good friend who moved out of town and we passed people the entire way chatting, laughing, and catching up. We had a blast.

  288. Getting outside in the “perfect” weather! Its not often you get the right temp, the right wind, the right hunidity…so when that happens I feel better & run better & get that “spring in my step”!

  289. Coffee and a granola bar with chocolate chips; the right balance of guilty pleasure songs (Rhianna to Toby Keith) on my playlist; and at least one fun piece of exercise clothing (pink compression socks, sequin headband, cute capris).

  290. My favorite thing to do for a little “pick-me-up” during a run (especially on race day) is to download a new playlist and listen to it for the very first time at the race or during the run! I love not knowing what’s going to play next – BUT I have learned that I have to at least know the songs or I end up wanting to skip, skip, skip until I find something a little familiar!

  291. Wish I had a running buddy I am sure that would work!! Normally its the music that does it, but several months ago I splurged on an outfit for my first marathon. Wanted everything to be perfect, no chaffing, not too hot etc. Then I wore it every long run all summer long and OF COURSE on race day. There was something about that made me feel powerful (now of course it just smells:) ).

  292. New tunes definitely pump me up for a run. But the super pump me up happens when I jump on the scale and see a smaller number than the previous time. It doesn’t matter if it’s a half pound or 2 lbs, the smaller number energizes me to get out and keep the weight loss going. BTW- love the giddy up channeling!!!! Giddy up!!!

  293. Perfect weather – sunny and not too hot, not too cold – combined with some new tunes! Also, a decent night’s sleep doesn’t hurt….

  294. Although new anything will put a spring in my step (clothes, playlist, training plan), what really does it for me is Sprint workouts! I know I am getting stronger and faster, and the adrenaline I feel when I am done is amazing!

  295. A running buddy definitely puts a big spring in my step–especially if it’s the boyfriend. I can’t show any signs of weakness or I know they will never run with me again (as I have been already told by the boy).

    I love putting my motivational songs in my playlists and shuffling it so I never know when it will come on. Everytime it does I get a boost of energy.

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