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Hump Day Giveaway: Brand New nuun All Day


On tap for today: nuun All day in the final stages of dissolving

Dimity and I are the first to admit that we have pretty cool jobs: We get to test all sorts of gear for magazine articles and this blog. We often get other athletes in on the action, such as the bra reviews Dimity writes for Runner's World and the shoe reviews I used to pen for SHAPE. For today's post, I corralled a bevy of  active folks to test a new product from nuun: a runner, a basketball player, a soccer player, and a cyclist. Also known as: Daphne, my almost-7-year-old daughter; John, Daphne's twin brother; 10-year-old Phoebe; and Phoebe's friend Anya. (Anya was a last-minute addition: I recruited her because she is an articulate, thoughtful gal who has a calming effect on the twins. Turns out she is a huge fan of nuun--score!)

Anya, Phoebe, John, and Daphne getting their first taste of All Day

We were testing nuun All Day, a new offering from the maker of our favorite electrolyte replacement tablets. Unlike nuun, which is designed for consumption before, during, and after exercise, All Day is meant to be consumed....take a guess....yes....all day! This brand-new product offers a lower dose of sodium and potassium than nuun; unlike nuun, has a bunch of all-natural vitamins in it. It gets its color from natural sources, and it is sweetened (lightly) with stevia. Dissolved in water, it comes in at less than eight calories.

Sounds good, right, but how does it taste? It's aimed at adults and kids (as an alternative to soda and juices), so Dimity had the bright idea to try it out on some kiddos. Thus the esteemed panel of judges gathered in my kitchen. Without any further ado, here are a smattering of their comments of the four flavors:
Grapefruit Orange (favorite of Anya and John)
"It smells like Tang." -John
"I like that it's a mixed flavor instead of just one like nuun is." -Anya
"I like that it's sour. It adds more taste to it." -John, before glugging it all down

Chug-a-lug (or, in the case of Daphne, furtively look at the camera)

Grape Raspberry (least favorite of all four kids)
"It smells really good. A thousand times like grape. It tastes pretty good." -John
"It tastes better than grape nuun because it's not solid grape flavor." -Anya
"Tastes like grape juice and liquid raspberry jam." -Phoebe
"It's pretty." -Daphne, referring to the tablet

Tangerine Lime (Phoebe's fave)
"Ooooooh, that smells so good. Woo-hoo!" -Daphne
"The lime taste is stronger than the tangerine." -Phoebe
"But the after-taste is tangerine." -Anya (who has a surprisingly sophisticated palate!)

Blueberry Pomegranate (Daphne's preferred flavor. She polished off 16 ounces after taste test!)
"It's not all fruity." -Phoebe
"Kindof sour." -John
"It doesn't taste like real blueberries." -Anya (again, an impressively discriminating kid)
"Oh, that smells really good!" -Daphne

We're hoping this has made you thirsty as four winners will get a Mixed 4 Pack of nuun All Day. To enter, please tell us in the comments below what flavor you loved as a kid. You name it: roasted marshmallows, mint chocolate chip ice cream, creamsicles, cotton candy, chicken soup, whatever.

My brood gives the new nuun offering a thumbs up

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States. It begins on 6/13/12 and ends on 6/19/12; the winner will be announced on 6/23/12. One entry per person. The value of each prize is $30. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.

348 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Brand New nuun All Day

  1. I was a lover of Circus Peanuts…even though I still, to this day, have no idea what their actual “flavor” is supposed to be 🙂

  2. Black raspberry- in the form of ice cream from Friendly’s. Hoping to re-visit it when I get back to NY this summer.

  3. Thinking back, I remember my flavor of choice was always “bubblegum”. Bubble Yum, bubblicious, bubblegum ice cream, and of course bubblegum flavored polish at the dentist!

  4. I loved orange kool-aid as a kid/teen. I remember taking huge containers of it to band camp (and this one time, at band camp) in the blazing summer while we marched around on the asphalt. C’mon fellow flag corps members – represent! Now, however, you will NOT catch me drinking or eating much of anything flavored orange…just don’t care for it.

  5. Mint ice cream, yes. But the kind with the full-sized chips so I could pick them out and then smash the ice cream until it was soft. Mmmmmm!

  6. Oh! I need nuun! I have never tried it but it is one of the official sponsors for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day walk. I have been looking for it and haven’t been able to find any. I don’t know what all of the flavors they have are but when I was a kid, I loved anything watermelon flavored!

  7. My favorite was Strawberry. Nestle quick strawberry flavored milk.
    I bought it for my kids thinking they would love it too, they didn’t. Me, not so much anymore either…

  8. When I was a kid, I couldn’t drink enough cran grape juice! Even now, when I see the “juice” (and realize how little fruit and juice it actually contains) I get nostalgic!

  9. I’m totally thinking summer right now, so on that note, my favorite from when I was a kid are tigers blood (snow cones are the best! Still a favorite!), and blue or green Otter Pops. Had another conversation this week about how they should sell boxes of Otter Pops in a single flavor-that would be the best!!

  10. Two come to mind immediately: milk and s’mores. For me, there was nothing better than heading in to the house at the end of the day playing, and gulping a big glass of cold milk. S’mores remind me of camping, and I have a “S’mores Obsession” Pinterest board.
    So excited to read about nuun All Day! I love tri-berry nunn the most, can’t wait to try the blueberry pomegranate All Day!

  11. I would love to try some!
    As a kid I loved cherry, orange, and grape flavors- but not those fruits. And I hated raspberry, apple, peach, and strawberry flavors- but loved those fruits! Lemon was only the flavor that I could stand both ways.

  12. As a kid I loved anything red either cherry, strawberry or fruit punch. I can’t wait to try some NUUN!!!

  13. I loved anything citrus. Could not get enough of lemon anything. That came back with a vengeance when I was pregnanyt as I consumed a pitcher of lemonade a day for both of my pregnancies.

    The other thing I loved was the salty/sweet combo. I loved taking pretzel rods and dipping them into a glass of pepsi or coke. So grossed out by that now, but it was so good at the time. You had to dip it just enough so you could get the sweet of the soda, but not too much that you made the pretzel rod soggy. I guess I was so ahead of the curve with the savory salty/sweet stuff as it is everywhere now…. I satisfy that urge with salted caramel as an adult!

  14. Root beer floats! Made them at home every day one summer when I was trying to put some pounds on my impossbly lean frame. I no longer have that problem but the good genes have kept me going!

  15. My favorite flavor was always “blue”. I guess that’s usually blue raspberry. I liked blue freeze pops, blue gatorade, blue lollipops. You name it. Now my kids like blue. Too bad it doesn’t translate to them liking actual blueberries. That would be too healthy.

  16. You guy got me hooked on the nuun electrolyte tablets, so I’m sure I would love these!

    My favorite flavor when I was a kid would have been watermelon – i.e. watermelon jolly ranchers, yum!

  17. MMmmm, chocolate covered cherry. When I treat myself to a DQ Blizzard, this is the one I get. Love it!

  18. I loved my grandmother’s strawberry jell-o with canned peaches. I can’t seem to get it to taste quite the same as she did though.

  19. Grandma’s home-canned green beans. I used to tell my mom that hers didn’t taste anywhere NEAR as good as Grandmas. Well, turns out Grandma was really generous with the bacon grease. Mystery solved.

  20. I always loved the instant ice tea…my mom was a total hippy and super strict with what we ate (think carob powder, lots of bulgar and never ever having white bread) so if I had Lipton ice tea at a friends house I would eat the mix out of the can (which I am a little horrified by)…

  21. Orange julius! I know it is still around and am always tempted to see if it tastes as good as I remember….

  22. For some reason I have an obsession with citrus. I ate raw lemons as a child and love the smell of oranges and grapefruit now. Even down to my perfume.

  23. I picked up a “tube” of Nuun at Sports Authority yesterday. But put it back. Reading all the labels and putting together my fuel, caffeine, replacement, recovery, etc plan for upcoming marathin is getting confusing!
    BTW I call my favorite #9 agave gel, my “Fast Food”.

  24. Yum, loved Orange Julius drinks and orange creamsicle popsicles! Husband thinks orange creamsicles are gross. No prob. More for me!

  25. I gave up a mega-diet-coke habit about 6 months ago, but as a kid, it was (stolen) sips of my mom’s Tab that I loved most of all!

  26. I loved anything that was fruit punch flavored or peanut butter flavored! Thanks, excited to try these!

  27. Oh, my favorite flavors growing up were fresh strawberries, chocolate chip cookies, and cardamom bread (my family called it Swedish Coffee bread, it’s full of cardamom flavor and has a crunchy cinnamon sugar top, yum!) I love my tropical nuun, but new flavors are always welcome!

  28. I loved anything grape flavored as a kid. Now I love lemon-lime nuun the best — even mixed with grape nuun now and then!

  29. Bubblegum! Especially the bubblegum ice ream that had little pieces of gum in it. As an adult, though, I hate that taste!

  30. I pretty much love food (period) so I have LOTS of favorite flavors (which is why I love how my body responds to running and how it helps even out all of that “tasting” I still do). But, one of my favorite flavor combinations is sweet-and-salty: popcorn with M&Ms. Still love it (but have to portion control it now). 🙂

  31. Anything sweet, growing up we couldn’t finish an evening meal wothout having a dessert! Not a good habit to have, and a hard habit to break..

  32. I loved fruit punch Kool-Aid as a kid. The days at tennis camp when that was our drink flavor were the best!

  33. I am 90% sure my parental had the exact same glasses growing up! My favorite flavor growing was probably fudgesicle 😛 I still snag one every time I go home!

  34. My nickname as a child was “Sweet Tooth” because my parents gave me a dime to bring into school so I could buy a dessert. Didn’t matter what it was, I always raised my hand when they took the dessert count. Hmm, maybe that’s why I need something sweet at the end of my meal now.

  35. As a teenager it was mt dew and chocolate mini donuts. Gave up mini donuts but still do the Dew. Could use some nuun to replace the Dew

  36. Loved crunchy JIF but having a child with a severe Peanut allergy, I don’t indulge.

    I would also eat corn flakes with a spoonful of generic (remember that white label with the black stripe and printing?) Raspberry jam in it. Sugar and fruit in one!

    BTW-just tried my first nuun. Got lemon lime. Quite alka seltzerish. My kids love it, but I have to try a new flavor!

  37. I used to be addicted to Snapple’s mango madness. That was my first taste of mango of any sort since my parents didn’t get “exotic” things like that. Now I am happy to say that I regularly enjoy actual mangoes. (although I wish I could visit Mexico again and have them really fresh.)

  38. As a kid I loved bubble gum ice cream, I’d save the little gum pieces for later:) now I love vanilla bean, but I should get bubble gum next time just to be nostalgic:)

  39. Chocolate covered cherry blizzards from Dairy Queen bring back terrific memories. Unfortunately, I don’t think I could stomach the sweet now, but it wouldn’t hurt to try. 🙂

    Maybe some Nuun All Day would be a good compromise.

  40. Chocolate Ovaltine. I have had at least one cup of hot Ovaltine every day for the last 39 years of my 42 year lifetime. And cold after a run… Yumm! My daughter loves it too.

  41. I love nuun, but dont like drinking it all day because it starts to taste salty. This is right up my alley.

    My fave flavor as a kid was, and still is, real watermelon… Not watermelon flavored stuff, but fresh watermelon. Mmmm.

  42. Black raspberry! My parents were hippies and I never got to have anything sugary, but when my grandparents were in town, they’d take us to Friendly’s and I’d order black raspberry ice cream with jimmies (chocolate sprinkles).

  43. Pistachio, especially pistachio pudding!! Still love both pistachios & pistachio pudding! I also love Nuun & would love to try the new flavors!

  44. My most favorite flavor as a child was raspberry!!! We had an old ice cream shoppe that made THE BEST homemade raspberry shakes…when I had my tonsils out, I lived on those for at least a week ;). The berry creamsicle lollipops & lifesavers still take me back. 🙂

  45. Coffee and thanks to Ben and Jerry you can throw some chunks of Heath Bar into that to make it closer to heaven.

  46. Yellow mustard. I put it on everything as a kid. My grandmother always had a fit at thanksgiving when I would put it on the turkey and all the sides she had made.

  47. Most definitely creamsicle flavor was my favorite! There’s just nothing like that creamy orangeness! 🙂

  48. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. And my go to drink when I was younger was grape KoolAid. Can’t stand the stuff now.

  49. Always loved anything sour but my weirdest and fondest memory of flavor combos is eating spaghetti and drinking hot chocolate for Sunday breakfast. No one ever understood that one. 🙂

  50. I loved (still do!) anything salty & sweet! My favorite would have to be pairing chocolate with pretzels! I still dip pretzel rods in Nutella!

  51. Dimity introduced me to Nuun at a reading for your first book, and I’ve been a fan of Nuun and RLAM ever since. As a kid I liked anything sweet (still do!). If I had to pick one flavor, it might have been cherry.

  52. I love Nuun, and the new flavors sound wonderful. My favorite flavor as a kid was bubblegum. Loved bubblegum ice cream the most.

  53. You couldn’t pay me to eat it now but as a kid I would sit and eat smoked fish (with the head on…gag) every afternoon with my grandma. I absolutely loved the smokey, salty taste of it but I think it was the sharing of the ritual with her that made it so enjoyable. I felt grown up: )

  54. As a child I loved cotton candy flavor!! Cotton candy dum dum pops, cotton candy ice cream, cotton candy jelly belly beans & cotton candy!!


  55. True New England girl…I loved, loved, loved egg cremes (vanilla) and Vanilla Ice Cream Sodas…My other favorite “flavor” was raw toll house cookie dough before you added the chocolate chips. YUM.

  56. Yum….I love Nuun’s tri-berry for workouts. Would love to try the All-day. I have to say the combo of peanut butter and chocolate is one that I could eat anytime as a kid. If they had had medicine flavored as such my mom would have had a much easier time when i was sick!

  57. Rainbow icecream from the local candy shop. I can still hear the chimes as you walked in the door & smell that amazing candy shop smell.

  58. My childhood favorite flavor (and memory) was the taste of chilled meringue from a beater and mixing bowl. Sounds strange. But, my nanna would make lemon meringue pie frequently (her favorite flavor!) and would always save the beaters and bowls so that my sister and I could lick them when we got home from school! I dont actually care for the pie, but it was just so special that I would practically run (hence my love of running?) to the fridge daily to check if it was a pie day.

  59. Rainbow snowcones in the paper cone! Especially the ones that I made on my Snoopy Snow Cone Machine!!!
    Aahhhh! Love it!!

  60. As a kid, I loved the chocolate banana bomb pops. Hard to find these days, but still love bananas and chocolate together!

  61. Peanut butter, definitely. And I still have a bit of an addiction to PB. It’s the perfect food really. Eat it on apples, celery, with dried fruit, on bread, a banana, with chocolate, on a spoon, your finger… The options are endless.

  62. My childhood favorite: Big stick.
    Popscicles, people! 😉 Now I kinda gross out watching the slimy syrup sticking to the plastic when you peel it off, but that doesn’t mean I won’t eat them still. Bring on the red dye #40 or whatever goes in them. But they are only really legit when they come from the ice cream truck. Ooh, ice cream truck… hmm, ice cream sandwiches are kinda up there.

  63. Me? Orange…anything orange. Fruit, candy, soda, drinks, gum…you name it if it was orange flavored I would get it and love it!

  64. We had one of the first kinds of soda stream machines. My brother and I loved making soda on the weekend. My favorite was strawberry, him orange.

  65. As a kid, I always went for cherry flavored things: kool-aid, ice cream, lifesavers, and my (still) all-time favorite….cherry chip cake!!!

  66. Kids are the best (and most honest) testers!

    When I was a I loved Orange Crush soda. Didn’t get pop much growing up, so when I did it was a real treat. Also loved black cherry kool-aid.

  67. My favorite flavor as a kid would be strawberry (think Koolaid here) but as an adult, chocolate. Too bad Nuun couldn’t figure out how to make a fudgy mocha flavor.

  68. I love Chocolate Chip Mint Ice Cream. Always have loved Root Beer Floats especially when I was pregnant. Now more into the fruit flavors especially on the recover drinks and electrolite drinks. Would love some NUUN!!

  69. A mug of cold frosty A&W RootBeer, or an A&W Root Beer float. Must be in that glass frosty mug! Ah… childhood memories. If ordered at the A&W drive-in even better.

  70. Love the commentary from the kiddos! Especially Anya. Future wine/food critic?

    As a kid, I definitely liked anything sweet! Especially when you took the sweet treat and paired it with ice cream. My favorites were definitely peanut butter (think Friendly’s peanut butter topping, Reese’s pieces) and butterscotch. Yummm!

  71. Butterfingers candy bars. My dad was a dentist so we weren’t allowed to have candy bars or sweets for snacks…except at Halloween. So we’d go trick or treating and hurry home and then start trading. My brother loved Snickers and Almond Joy and Milk Duds so he’d trade for those. My sister loved black licorice and Good ‘n Plenty so she played hard for those. And I would trade everything for Butterfingers. Hard candy, soft candy, bubblegum…you name it, I’d give it to ya if you had my beloved Butterfingers! I still love ’em and sneak one from time to time. 🙂

  72. I still love all of the flavors I loved as a kid! I love mint chocolate chip ice cream and lemonheads, and… and… ok I will stop! Thanks for the chance to win! I drink nuun nearly everyday, but have not tried nuun all day!

  73. I loved Orange Julius flavor as a kid. Going to get those was always such a treat. Although to this day, I still don’t know why the heck was in them besides orange flavoring!

  74. Twizzlers! My parents used to buy me the big square tub for my birthday from time to time and I would demolish it (I hated candy and often my Halloween candy would sit in it’s bucket until the next Halloween. But there was something delicious and satisfying about Twizzlers!) My mom HATES Twizzlers, so more for me 🙂

    After about 11th grade, I’ve probably had a combined total of 10 Twizzlers in the last 9 years. Talk about too many to fast to kill something great!

  75. Candy buttons…you know, the ones where you get more paper than candy when you peel them off 😉 Thinking of them today reminds me of fun times on the road with my family, we were either headed up to Northern Wisconsin or headed down south to the Florida Keys. Good times…

    …and thank you for posting this question, once I started thinking about the candy buttons I was flooded with a ton of memories from family road trips, it made me laugh because I realized that my mom probably let us get the candy buttons because they took forever to peel off and kept us busy! It also reminded me that she always believed that a loaf of bread, a jar of peanut butter and a bag of oranges could only lead to an adventure on the road.

  76. I’m with John and Anya: loved, loved grapefruit flavored things, especially jelly bellies in that flavor.

    OK – off to find some NOW!

  77. My favorite flavor as a kid was definitely strawberry! I referred to it as “red” but the flavor was what I was after. Strawberry pie, strawberries in sugar, strawberry milk…YUM!

  78. The first thing that came to mind was cream soda. Wow, can’t even remember the last time I had anything flavored like that.

  79. This sounds awesome – I’m hooked on Nuun!

    Favorite flavors as a kid – grape & orange for skittles and popsicles. For ice cream – mint chocolate chip from Baskin Robbins (preferable in their clown cone that had frosting, too)


  80. Mashed Potatoes~ seriously. I slathered them over everything… nachos, spaghetti, scrambled eggs. I used those babies like a condiment 😉 As a kid I even use to make “gourmet” versions for my family and think I was such a great chef. Can’t believe they still let me cook for them now, thank goodness I finally moved on!

  81. I loved anything lemon flavor! My favorite was lemon italian ice. I used to visit my grandparents in Budapest every summer and the corner pastry shop had the best lemon ice cream ever. I still dream about it!

  82. As a kid, I liked lots of flavors. Coconut or chocolate probably rose to the top of the list most often.

    Great idea to sub the nuun all day for kid drinks instead of higher-calorie offerings!

  83. Favorite flavor…pineapple whip! Got one every year at the Tulsa State Fair and still start looking for the pineapple whip place at any carnival/fair type event I attend!

  84. As a kid and an adult, I LOVE lime sherbet!! It is so cool and refreshing, I could eat a dish of it everyday, except it an be very hard to find!!

  85. As a kid on summer break, I loved when the Schwans man would stop by with a truck full of frozen goodies. Oh, the joys in a push up, root beer float bar, or a sundae cone on a hot summer day. I just bought a box of sundae cones the other day. Now, if I could keep my hubby out of my secret stash life would be good!

  86. As a kid I loved blackberry sno-balls (a N’awlins treat) Still have to head for the sno-ball stand as soon as we arrive to visit. Now tiger blood is a fave as well (the way they make it at Robears-other stands do it differently).Just makes me think summmmmmmer

  87. Lemon! Anything lemon…. Lemon starburst, or skittles.. gummy bears… you name it. If there was a choice I always went for the yellow…. Man oh man… what a disaster whenever it turned out to be banana… I still love anything sour and am always disappointed with banana… It makes me feel tricked. That’s why I appreciate runts. The yellow candy is actually shaped like a banana.

  88. As a kid, I loved grape. Especially grape Kool-Aid. We had a permanently stained pitcher and spoon just for grape Kool-Aid!

  89. Mmmm. I loved marshmallows. And I still do! Can’t wait to try this new nuun!! Also, the fact that my iPhone autocorrected to the word “nuun” tells me how often I use the word!!!

  90. Marshmallow cream. Scooped straight out of the jar and mixed with a dab of peanut butter. Wow! I haven’t tried that combo in years!

  91. I have always been more than partial to chocolate. The first thing that popped to mind was fudgesicles after softball games lined up with my teammates out side of the store chanting “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream”.

  92. I have always loved sweet/salty combos. Peanut butter and bananas. chocolate and almonds. Pad thai. Barbeque and spicy cole slaw. Yum!
    And my kids love nuun. They are always getting into my stash, no matter where I hide it. Their favorite is strawberry lemonade.

  93. I loved Tropical Punch Kool Aid as a kid.
    I’m waiting for a shipment of Nuun new flavors four pack and plan to hit the Fruit Punch flavor tomorrow during spin class-yum!

  94. I loved grape! Grape Hubba Bubba bubblegum was my FAVORITE. As a matter of fact, grape nuun is still my favorite. 😉

  95. I love bubble gum ice cream! The creamy ice cream and the little bits of sweet bubble gum perfectly complimented each other.

  96. Spaghetti! It may not be a flavor but as a kid I loved it. I would even make spaghetti sandwiches, weird I know, but yummy! I still like spaghetti as an adult but the carbs I could do without! 🙂

  97. As a kid I loved {sadly, I still love} the fake banana flavor. This worked out really well in my favor because no one wanted the banana laffy taffies, so I got them all to myself {and still do}!

  98. As a kid I loved Funnel cakes! Haven’t had one in ages until we went to Disney with the kids…they were in heaven and a mess!

  99. I don’t have a lot of food-related memories from my childhood. One I do remember is butterscotch pudding and cool-whip that my mom served in some old-school Tupperware parfait cups. These days I can take or leave butterscotch (I don’t dislike it, but its not my fav). But there’s something about the memory that makes me smile. 😉

  100. These favors sound awesome, so far I have only tried tri berry and tropical but totally love them!!!

    As a kid my two fav flavors were mint choc chip, preferable ice cream and peanut butter cup, specifically a blizzard from dairy queen. Both I still love but try to better snack choices now.


  101. I would love some Nuun! As a kid, I loved orange flavored tic-tacs because I thought that was what medicine tasted like.

  102. Coffee. I do not remember a time that I didn’t drink coffee. I do remember cutting out milk and sugar at 13 to cut calories.

  103. My favorite flavors from childhood are cherry kool aid and pb&j. I had that every day for lunch during the summer and on weekends. I still eat the pb&j frequently but the kool aid has gone by the wayside

  104. Since I am Canadian, I can’t enter…but I am putting forth my fav childhood flav!!! oh Orange Crush!! Wait. Orange Crush Floats! Best childhood flavour memory ever. Takes me back to my grandparents yard. With all of us sipping floats and having grand times. HEck even several years ago, I would still maake my grandarents a float in the summer. Yummy summer fun! xx

  105. I was and still am a fan of crunchy peanut butter and dill pickle sandwiches. Don’t know why my mom made them for me, but the combo is really great. Even have one of my kids hooked to pass on the tradition.

    Hadn’t been a big fan of nuun when I initially tried it but it’s slowly growing on me.

  106. Best childhood tastes – a tie
    Fresh picked raspberries and perfectly roasted marshmallows in a s’more of course!

  107. Chocolate and peanut butter! Having grown up in Oregon, my favorite ice cream was and still is chocolate peanut butter by Umpqua. I love that it contains thick (and sometimes super chunky) ribbons of delicious peanut butter.

  108. I love Strawberry or grape. Loved getting slushies in either of those flavors. You could get them in a baseball helmet.

  109. 2 of my favorites, out of many, have always been lemon & raspberry. Best creation ever, lemon raspberry cheesecake!

  110. When we were young, my mom would buy store-brand soda during hay season. It was SUCH a treat. (More like a bribe to be on a hay wagon for hours in the heat of summer.) My absolute favorite was grape. Once a year or so I’ll buy a cheap grape soda and LOVE every delicious, syrupy sip.

  111. I want NUUN! My favorite when I was a child was the Orange Push Pops on a hot summer day, it takes me back everytime.

  112. As a kid and adult I LOVE peanut butter & chocolate – ice cream, sandwich, on a banana, you name it that combination makes any day happy.

  113. I loved Big Red Soda – a “strawberry” flavored soda from Texas which I only got to have in the summer when visiting my dad or grandparents.

  114. True story: my siblings and I used to put powered Nestel’s Quick in the bottom of the glass, pour the milk on top, let it soak in and NOT stir it, drink the milk, and then spoon the moistened Quick into our greedy mouths. It hurts my jaw in the “too sweet” spot just thinking about it, but we LOVVVVED it! Since my diet is currently restricted to (basically) Rice Chex and fruit as I figure out what’s bothering my baby’s breastfed belly, this indulgence sounds almost good again!

    P.S. I’ve won one of these giveaways… the Nuun one well over a year ago. My money is on – if I ever win another – it will be Nuun again. So, I feel my odds are excellent this week!

  115. I loved (and still do) peanut butter with chocolate. Love me some Reeses especially mixed in with frozen yogurt! YUM!!!

  116. As a kid, chocolate, chocolate, and then some more chocolate. Nowadays, I prefer a little caramel thrown into my… chocolate.

  117. Grape all the way! Grape chapstick (wish they still made that), grape snow cones, grape bubblegum, EVERYTHING!

  118. My favorite flavor as a kid was donut! Once a mom put out a huge plate of donuts out and before anyone else had any, I had taken a bite of each one! Yum! Do you think they can make nuun donut? Obviously for me any flavor donut will do!

  119. Lemonade. And still love it. And not necessarily the natural aroma of a squeezed lemon (which is great!) – but also the tart whiff you get when mixing Kool-Aid lemonade packets…

  120. I loved anything chocolate or anything with a maple flavor. I was known to eat real maple syrup straight from a spoon from time to time as a kid.

  121. As a kid, as now, chocolate was my favorite.

    Specifically (as a kid), my aunt’s chocolate chip cookies. Turns out, they were just the Tollhouse recipe, but for some reason, the way she made them was so much better than anyone else’s. Don’t tell my mom!

  122. My favorite flavor as a kid was and still is ‘root beer’. Loved the root beer lollipops.
    Can’t wait to try the NUUN all day. NUUN is my favorite during and after exercise/run drink.

  123. My favorite flavor as a kid was always root beer. I was always ordering root beer floats, sucking on root beer barrels and then Schwann’s came out with those awesome root beer float ice cream bars. I’d eat them all day long! Loved me some root beer.

  124. Creamsicles and fresh honey comb!! Not together, but both remind me of spending summers with my Grandparents and make me smile!!

  125. Grape would be my all time favorite. When I would get to pick out a soda, I’d grab Welch’s grape. We had plenty of lemonade in the fridge because my dad loved it so grape was a treat. My daughter enjoys NUUN – we’ll look forward to a NUUN All Day. [If you ever need another mother – pick me please]

  126. Anything “red”. I don’t think I actually realized that red could have been cherry, strawberry, or a variety of other flavors for a while. I just said “red”.

  127. when i was a kid, bubblegum ice cream was the ‘big’ thing. i remember loving it! as an adult… not so much 🙂

  128. I was the kid who would eat anything. My dad liked to use me as a party trick – look at this kid who will eat marinated calamari…but I was pretty normal too- favorite thing was strawberry ice cream.

  129. Grape. Well that or mashed potatoes! When I was a kid we used to go to schmorgasboards (do they still exist? Did I spell that close to right?) and my parents had a rule that I had to eat something else. Otherwise I would put 3 glops of mashed potatoes on my plate and put brown gravy on one, white gravy on one, and butter on one and consider that 3 different foods.

  130. I went through an orange phase … everything I wanted had to be flavored orange – juice, Kool-aid, popcicles, Jello – I loved orange!

  131. EVERY year I would ask for the same flavor of birthday cake: mi
    chocolate chip mint ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins. EVERY year I would have the same birthday party: a swim party. Guess I’m boring like that.

  132. This might sounds crazy… but my favorite as a kid was anything pickled. And I do mean ANYTHING… pickles, olives, pickled carrots, green beans, asparagus, etc. My mom would have to keep from drinking the pickle juice right out of the jar!

  133. My favorite flavor was that toasted almond ice cream bar you got from the Good Humor truck. I am 3 years younger than my brother and was dragged to sporting events galore, but ALWAYS LOVED my toasted almond ice cream bar.

    BTW- LOVE this post! Those kiddos are darn cute!

  134. As for a favorite flavor from childhood, I’d have to say those orange circus peanuts. My grandmother would pick one of us up Friday after work to spend the night with her, but first, we would stop at the little convenience store near our house to pick out a treat for the evening. I always picked those things.

  135. I saw that they had some new flavors and thought they looked good. When I was a child I loved cotton candy. I must say that now as an adult, I can’t even watch kids eat it. It looks and tastes gross to me.
    Luckily for me my boys never liked it.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  136. Oreos…which we still love! and we were huge kool aid drinkers..mostly grape or strawberry, (we never got too wild with our flavors…still pretty vanilla over here). Very interested in the All Day Nuun…would be a nice alternative to pop or gatorade!

  137. I remember the smell and taste of Tang! Now I wouldn’t give it a chance. My favorite flavor as a child was and still is chocolate. So much so that I avoid it like an alcoholic these days. No control!

  138. I’d love to try Nunn All Day. As a kid my favorite was Oreos. Peanut Butter and coffee are favs today as well. Yum!

  139. Root beer popsicles! They came in a “special” package with banana and strawberry (I think) and we did not get them very often. It was a special treat & my brothers and I fought over the root beer ones.

  140. My fav was strawberry. My kid LOVES my Nuun. I love the lack of sugar compared to juice and other sugary drinks!

  141. Oh I used to love bubblegum icecream- the kind with the pieces of gum mixed in- like getting 2 treats in 1! Ha! Now it is coffee for sure!

  142. I was obsessed with cream soda. I drank it all the time, well not really. I drank it on the few occasions when we went out to eat. But then suddenly the taste didn’t taste that great to me and I haven’t had any since I was about 12.

  143. As a kid, it was anything strawberry or cherry. My two favorites were Strawberry Quik Milk (I still get flashbacks to my mom’s kitchen when I have some) and Black Cherry Soda. I remember when we would walk to the store and buy a can for 25 cents (wow….really dating myself, huh?)

    PS: To the RI gals, Coffee Milk is also big on the South Shore of MA. My hubby grew up there and will drink coffee milk instead of chocolate milk. I never had it growing up in NY, but love it now!

  144. I loved marshmallow, especially marshmallow in my Gram’s rice krispy treats. I have tried to recreate that flavor, but never succeeded. :).

  145. love nuun…tried to buy a 4-pack of all day off of amazon yesterday but they were sold out 🙁

    peanut butter and chocolate, as in a friendly’s reese’s peanut butter fudge sundae…

  146. Butterscotch – pudding, sundaes, candy, etc. Other than the occasional (read very very rare, as in one every 5 or so years) Brach’s Butterscotch disk, it’s a flavor that now makes me cringe. Blech!

  147. Blue. I liked blue when I was a child and I still like it now. Although, I am not really sure what flavor blue is!

  148. Strawberry kool-aide as a kid. As an adult, I usually go for raspberry flavor over strawberry, but still love it. I NEED to try Nuun All Day, I drink regular Nuun for running and would love to be able to drink it anytime. I gave up drinking pop a couple months ago (mostly successful) but sometimes I just need something besides water!

  149. As a child, and even still, I loved peach. I grew up in front of a peach orchard. My family didn’t own it but my friend’s grandpa did. He and I share a birthday so he let me have all the peaches I wanted. My favorite scent and taste was peaches in the summer evenings. When it was hot you could smell the peaches warmed by the sun. Mmmmmm.

  150. I can’t remember a time that I didn’t devour doritos or peanut butter cups if they were in my sight…I am getting a little more control over myself these days, but they are still a huge weakness for me. As for drinks…at some point in my life, I turned from a cherry kool-aid girl to a water girl. There isn’t really anything else I prefer more to drink besides water, and I have never been a huge pop (soda) drinker. I would love to try the nuun!

  151. as a kid my favourite flavour for anything was always vanilla, either alone or combined with something…except chocolate. I still love vanilla, but now I love it combined with my coffee so I’d love a Vanilla Coffee Nuun 🙂

  152. Anything peanut butter and chocolate was my choice as a kid and it’s still a pretty solid option as an adult.

  153. Anything coconut, especially coconut smores! Those were the best! Oh, and the sweet taste of REAL sugarcane. My dad used to cut those for us, and I’d just sit there, chewing on pieces. YUM!

  154. These new nuun flavors sound yummy!
    My favorite flavor as a kid was probably bubble gum–loved Bubble Yum gum & bubble gum ice cream!

  155. This is so gross in a way, but probably my favorite childhood flavor is that bubblegum ammoxicillin flavor…of course, I couldn’t have it whenever I wanted, only when ear infections struck (and there was the dastardly time when the doctor prescribed Augmentin, which does NOT taste like bubblegum, it tastes like rancid banana…and here I was all excited!) ANYWHO, when I give my kids ammoxicillin, I still get nostalgic for that flavor! It definitely signifies childhood for me!

  156. I loved fluffernutter sandwiches…only on white bread (a real treat since my mom didn’t allow white bread in the house, or ‘real’ peanut butter either (only all natural stuff) but some how we had fluff?! Anyway, the first thing I would ask for to eat at a friends house was a fluffernutter b/c all my friends had normal food in their houses! (for the record, now I’m the mom with the weird bread and plain peanut butter!)

  157. Peanut Butter was and is my favorite. My dad called me “the peanut butter kid.” I thought I’d won the lottery when my anut, who new I loved PB, gave me a jar for my 7th bithday that I didn’t have to share!

  158. Coffee milk! I loved (and still do) coffee milk. I know coffee milk is a New England thing, and maybe a truly southeastern NE thing (the syrup is made in RI). I went o college in SC and my mom always included a bottle of the syrup in my care packages.

      1. I love coffee milk too! I am from CA but my mom is from RI and we
        grew up drinking coffee milk. None of my friends have ever heard of

  159. Raspberry would have been and is still my favorite. Raspberry anything… with chocolate, in jelly, in ice pops, whatever. Mmmmmm…Now my girls love Raspberry too when we go berry picking over the summer!

  160. Lemon. Absolutely lemon. Especially lemon icecream… Chocolate is a very, very close second! What I could not stand (and still can’t stand): anything banana – texture, smell, flavor…

  161. I would LOVE some NUUN!!! I’m always looking for an alternative to soda (I drink WAY too much!)

    As a kid and as an adult, I love anything creamy and sweet!!! I could bathe in ice cream (and still could!)Not to mention chocolate milk, YUMMMY! Thats one of my favorite after run snacks!

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