Hump Day Giveaway: Champion Shape Too Sports Bra

We have just the tool for fixing any "headlight" issues your chassis might be having

On our Facebook page yesterday, we stirred up a discussion about high beams (a.k.a. "nipping out," "poking through," "titty hard-on," "THO," and other slang terms that, oddly, we didn't include in the Another Mother Runner Dictionary in the back of Train Like a Mother: How to Get Across Any Finish Line - and Not Lose Your Family, Job, or Sanity). Based on an anecdote from a pregnant mother runner, the question was whether or not you'd tell your running partner if her nipples were erect after a sweaty run. Answers ran the gamut from Erika's, "Nipple tape, know lots of ladies that use it. And I don't think it's that big of an issue, so I wouldn't point it out." to Melanie's, "Yes, I would. And if I see a photo with friends where their headlights are up I will not post it." And Scarlett's response of, "I agree with most of the other ladies - why mention it? The great majority of the time, whether you know it or not, there's not much you can do about it."

Is it just me, or does Champion's brand new Shape Too bra have a superhero quality about it?

Frankly, my dear, there is something you can do about it. Say hello to a padded sports bra. In Run Like a Mother: How to Get Moving--and Not Lose Your Family, Job, or Sanity, Dimity was even moved to write an ode to one she sported for post-workout "modesty." In addition to hiding the, um, glare of the inevitable headlights, the padding enhances your silhouette when you run (if you care about such things--we're not judging one way or the other).

Sounds like a good idea, right? So much so that we're giving away five Champion Shape Too Sports Bras. This beauty is so new, it's not even on Champion's sports bra site so we can't hyperlink to it. But let me tell you a few of its nifty features, such as molded, seamless cups (again, for modesty and shape); underwire for extra support; padded hook-and-eye closure for adjustability and comfort; and convertible, adjustable straps. It comes in sizes 34C, D; 36-38C, D, DD; 40D; it's rated for a high level of support. (If this Champion doesn't seem like best option for a winner's breasts, she can choose a different style.)

For a chance to win, tell us whether or not you'd point out to your running partner if her "headlights" were on or not before you walked into a public place. Or, perhaps, you'd just let her know that a padded Champion sports bra can eradicate the problem.

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States. It begins on 7/25/12 and ends on 7/31/12; the winner will be announced on 8/4/12. One entry per person. The value of each prize is $46.00 The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.


527 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Champion Shape Too Sports Bra

  1. Headlights, no, why bother? Camel toe – DEFINITELY lol! I would want to know about the latter and not be bothered by the former.

  2. I probably wouldn’t unless there was something we could do about it. If we were going into a restaurant or something and I had a shirt or jacket to lend, I might suggest it but if we were just going on a run – nah, who cares?

  3. You have to help out your fellow women ! I know I would definitely appreciate if someone told me so I could get that under control quick. I have actually had this problem a lot lately.

  4. Yes, I would definately tell them!! I only wish someone had told me when I finished my first half marathon that my ladies were showing – the only pics I have of me with my medal on also show the ladies poking out!! Definately need a new bra before my next half this October, haha!!!

  5. While out running? Nah. About to head in to a public place? Yeah…probably. And then I’d be likely to follow it up with a bad joke to try and diffuse any resulting awkwardness.

  6. No, I wouldn’t mention it. If it were me, I wouldn’t want anyone pointing it out, so why would I do that to them?

  7. I wouldn’t say anything (unless there was an actual ‘wardrobe malfunction’), and I wouldn’t want my running buddies to tell me that or the many other things that aren’t perfect about my appearance while I’m running! On the other hand, I run on the windy Oregon coast, I guess it might be embarrassing in a more populated area.

  8. I don’t mention it…I don’t even notice half the time. It’s not like telling a guy he had a boner going on. I’ve run Bay to Breakers…that’s one nutty run (pun intended!)

  9. I’d tell a friend if we were about to go in a public space but if it’s just out for a run in the early morning, then probably not.

  10. I would absolutely tell her and I’d want to be told as well, especially if we were headed into a public place. I might turn it into a joke referencing both of us, “we better check our headlights” or something like that. It’s natural and happens to everyone but can still be a little embarrassing.

  11. Of course! Nothing’s worse than the stares you get when flashing the “high beams”! but if we’re alone, I don’t worry about it.

  12. If I felt like she might be sensitive to it, yes, otherwise no. It’s all part of being a woman right??!!!

  13. You know when you are nippin’ so why bring more attention to something she already knows? Being somewhat self-conscious about it, the padded bra would be great. Does it also numb the pain? πŸ™‚

  14. I wouldn’t mention it. Not much you can do about it – and I don’t know about anyone else, but I could care less after a run!!

  15. I never realized it was a big deal. It happens, but I never really gave it much thought. I’m usually more self-conscious about stuff like snot on the face or sweat crystals, so if I point something out it’s iusually inclined to be something along those lines!

  16. If I had a running buddy, I’d like to think that we could talk about stuff like this. So, yes, I’d mention it.

  17. Probably not…it happens to everyone from time to time. I think most runners just ignore stuff like that. There really is very little modesty in the running community! πŸ™‚

  18. I would tell my pal that her “headlights” were on. LOL. Of course, it’s then up to her whether or not she wants to hide that situation.

  19. I wouldn’t say anything as far as after a run, workout etc, but out at some kind of event that she would be embarrassed about later – yes.

  20. I probably wouldn’t say anything about it. I mean it’s not like you can do anything about it. I wouldn’t expect anyone to say anything to me if I had that issue.

  21. I guess it depends, I mean we just got done running so we are drapped in clingy clothes and glistening in sweat so I don’t know if that would be a major issue. Unless we are meeting up with some needy individuals I don’t think I would say anything, it happens and most adults over look it. Though if I know my friend would prefer she knows then I would tell her. Either way no biggie, I would want her to do the same for me.

  22. I wouldn’t say a thing. Women have boobs. Boobs have nipples and nipples have a min of their own. All are beautifu and not a thing to be ashamed about!

  23. I would not bother. It doesn’t seem like a big deal. I do always mention food in the teeth, open zippers, etc. I even told my boss as he lead a meeting of 50 people that his belly was out. I do have standards…

  24. This is a good one…I was dumping cold water from a sponge over my head during a half marathon. Until I looked at the pictures my husband took I had NO idea that my headlights were that noticeable. Thank goodness for photo editing software! But there’s nothing you can do while your running. I would not say anything to another lady because we are beautiful. Running makes us beautiful!

  25. I wouldn’t say anything because there isn’t anything that can be done about it. And let’s be honest, I know that my headlights are showing no matter the situation! My sister never said anything to me about it. She just bought me a champion sports bra with pads in it from target and I was SUPER excited. I can stop worrying about poking someone’s eye out! ;). People know – and some don’t care! I wish I were one of those people but since I’m not, bring on the padded sports bras!!

  26. I would totally say something. But I would start by asking her about me and how I “look” then hopefully she would ask me to “check” on her looks. But either way, I would want someone to tell me, so yes, I would tell her!

  27. I probably wouldn’t notice it, so wouldn’t say anything. If I did notice it, it would depend on the friend and who we were meeting, nip- worthy or not;)

  28. I think I’m with the majority….if we’re going into somewhere public and there’s something she can do about it, I’ll probably mention it. Especially if it’s something I know she’s sensitive about.

  29. I would totally tell my running partner because I would want her to tell me. Now, I can recommend a solution. Thanks guys for the heads up. Who knows, we may have this conversation on our next run so both of us can avoid any future embarrassing moments.

  30. I wouldn’t tell anyone. I hope no one tells me. I had a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction leaving me with what looks like constantly erect nipples. I figure it’s a small price to pay to be healthy!

  31. Yup. Though it would likely go something like: Hey, how about we just go through the Starbucks drive thru instead of going in for our post run cup of coffee. Your high beams are on.

  32. Maybe I am a giant coward, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t say anything, unless it was REALLY a problem. Or if she was debating throwing on a jacket or sweater…then I might encourage her to do so, and if she asked why, then I’d tell. Otherwise, I would probably just keep mum, maybe she wouldn’t care anyway?

  33. I don’t think I would say anything. I’m as modest as they come but after breastfeeding 3 babies I can’t hide mine-even in my regular padded bras. aside from walking around with my arms over my chest (which, yes, I do sometimes-what am I going to do about it?!) My husband loves to make comments about how “nipple-y” it must be though πŸ™‚

  34. Depends, if it’s a race no. I ran my first half marathon in a white nike tank and it poured rain the whole time. I kept turning to my BRB and asking ‘are my nipples showing?’ She said no every time. Then we got the post-race photos back! Ha! It was hilarious. When asked, my BRB said ‘what would you have done if I had said yes? the rain started in mile 1!’ Right, she saved me from worrying about it and I couldn’t do a thing about it. So now we have a quip we say… “Hi, my name is _________, and these are my nipples, deal with it.” If my BRB can do something about said problem, absolutely would tell!

  35. She might not be concerned about it, but I would err on the side of caution and tell her, just like I’d tell someone she had spinach stuck in her teeth or TP on her shoe!

  36. I don’t think I would. All the runners I run with have more experience than I do and would know if their lights were lit. A newbie… I might say something.

  37. I wouldn’t point out to someone. But I am super conscious of my nipples poking through. As I am a 34D.
    It’s not a modesty issue anymore after two kids. But it used to be. I love champion bras though and bought a couple before I was even a serious runner. They are so comfy!!

  38. I wouldn’t say anything unless she was headed to be on a big stage or a part of a presentation. But, I would be happy to share the idea of a padded sports bra!

  39. I wouldn’t say anything because it’s part if being a woman and she really wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.

  40. I would’t tell. But, honestly, I don’t notice those kinds of things. If someone told me, I’d wonder why they cared. There isn’t a whole lot you can do, except win an awesome bra!

  41. I wouldn’t mention it, because it doesn’t seem like a biggie to me. I don’t care if other people know my breasts have nipples.

  42. If she has something to cover up with tell her – if not – who cares. It happens to all of us. If you don’t wear padded bras it will happen – me I prefer the pads to cover the the nippin out and everything else that happens when you nip out!

  43. If there was something she could do to remedy the situation, I would tell her. (Such as throwing on a jacket) Otherwise, why make her self-conscious?

  44. I honestly probably wouldn’t even noticed. I’m more likely to notice if there is something in your teeth or if your shoes are untied. I doubt I would mention it if I did.

  45. only if we were going to be around a lot of other people and she had a way to cover up. no one ever tells me, so i guess i just don’t think about it too much

  46. I would tell her because we are pretty close. She probably wouldn’t be able to do anything about it but it would keep us entertained while we giggled like teenagers.

  47. Probably not. If she couldn’t fix it, I wouldn’t want to make her self-concious. I am also a little split because things my body does during or after a run that are natural really don’t embarass me the way they would if I was clean, groomed and facing the public in a regualr setting, instead of post-workout.

  48. I would probably say something along the lines that I was having the headlight problem and found a wonderful running bra that fixed the issue (or dimmed the lights). All in hopes that my friend checks out her own running attire. But honestly – if it doesn’t bother the person to have THO then it really isn’t my business to point it out (no pun intended).

  49. I probably wouldn’t say anything. It’s a fact that sometimes it happens. We’re all grown ups, so nothing to be ashamed of. πŸ™‚

  50. I’ve never thought this was such a big deal. And I don’t think my running buddy does either. We must be running around town w/ our headlights on a lot! lol

  51. I would not point it out. There’s not much you can do about it, and if someone really cares, they’ll wear something with a little padding, I think πŸ™‚

  52. Yep, I would let my good friend know – I’ve had this problem myself and solved it with a nicely padded sports bra like Champion. By knowing, she can prevent it from happening in the future!

  53. Most likely not – I mean, I don’t understand why it is such a big deal – sometimes even guys have their headlights on! πŸ™‚

  54. I would and have told my running pal. Not that it’s an emergency situation but, personally, I would want her to tell me. At least you know and won’t be surprised later. Plus, maybe she has an extra, more loose-fitting top in the car, or even a cute little jacket. Either way, I frequently run errands or go out for other quick activities post-run, and it’s no big deal.

  55. I probably wouldn’t “point” (pun intended) them out to my friend, because, what’s the point? (pun intended again!!). There is nothing you can do about it, unless you have a sweatshirt or something to put on. It’s just nipples, people!! Whenever we sweat, they show up. I do like padded bras, though. I usually wear them, but it is hard to find in running bras. Especially in my small size.

  56. I may or may not tell my gf. I guess it depends on where we were going … typically after a run we don’t go anywhere that it would matter so what’s the big deal? I’m kind of an upfront kinda gal, so if your nips are out or ya got a bat in the cave … I’d probably let you know. πŸ™‚

  57. Ive never had to tell my running buddies tat their “lights were on”. I however, have probably needed to be told though ad no one has ever said “turn your lights off”.

  58. I would probably not even notice, as I don’t generally look at my friends’ boobs, LOL, but if I did notice, I’d not say anything. I mean, what can you do about it in the moment? It’s not something you can easily fix like an open zipper, kwim? It’s a natural body process and I don’t worry too much about these types of things. However, I do wear sports bras with a little padding myself for enhancement and to prevent the light show from happening to me πŸ˜‰

  59. I don’t find this a big issue because there is not alot you can do about it, other than be embarrassed if someone points it out, so why do that? I do typically buy bras with padding to conceal just this type of problem, but did not know of a sports bra that did this – so hooray!

  60. This is so funny to me because it’s not something I think about at all. I guess after nursing 2 kids in every public place, I’ve lost any modesty. I’m sure I wouldn’t say anything unless I thought my friend could throw something on to cover up.

  61. This has me thinking… I’m not sure I would even notice. This will be a topic I bring up on our next run though. πŸ™‚

  62. It depends on the friend. I may in “jest” say “THO”. But I don’t think it is as big a deal to others as it is to me. That is why I always make sure any bra sports or oterhwise protects against!

  63. Yikes! I had no idea this was a big deal…pretty common for me now that I have kids. Looks like it is time for a new bra!

  64. No, I don’t think I would. It happens to me, usually more noticeable in lighter colored tops, and there’s nothing I can do about it so why point it out to someone else. I wouldn’t post a picture of myself or a friend, though, with nips out.

  65. While I agree that my running buddies are my closest friends & I can tell them absolutely anything, why bother pointing out something they probably can’t fix at that moment anyway? Or maybe I’m just saying that because it’s most frequently me with my headlights on!!

  66. I wouldn’t. There probably wouldn’t be anything that could be done about it, and then it would just be embarrassing to point out. I don’t actually consider it a big deal, so I wouldn’t be put off if it wasn’t brought to my attention.

  67. I probably wouldn’t say anything. It seems the women I run with are either very careful about what they wear, or don’t care at all.

  68. My running buddy is my mom, so I’d definitely let her know if anything was out of place and I hope she’d do the same for me!

  69. My running partner and I are close enough, that yes, I would tell if I thought it would cause unwanted attention in the public place. Honestly though, I know this happens to me and I just don’t care too much. It’s another reason why I run early in the morning before I might run into someone I know!

  70. I don’t know any woman that I could have that conversation with, not even my own sister! there really is nothing she could do about it anyway.

  71. You better believe I’d be telling her before we went anywhere she might see one of her old boyfriends! Then she could decide if she wants to “stride with pride1”

  72. If we were running I wouldn’t tell her because honestly it isn’t like you can contiously do anything about it right? not that big of a deal. Now if we were going into a store or in public, then es I would probably offer my sweater and tell her why. Then tell her about my fave bra!

  73. Like many others it depends on the running buddy. I have any friends I would tell but if there was a newbie with us I don’t think I would have the courage to say anything. On that note if I run with any of you ladies please let me know!

  74. I’d totally tell her. Wouldn’t want her to be walking around oblivious to the fact. I’d hope others would do the same for me.

  75. I have THO a lot thanks to breastfeeding two kids. I call it permahard. Anyway, I feel self-conscious about it and I wouldn’t want a friend pointing it out if I couldn’t do anything about it at the moment. So, I more than likely wouldn’t say anything to a friend.

  76. No, I wouldn’t tell her if there wasn’t anything that could be done to fix it at the moment. I know if it were me, I would only feel more conscious of it if it were pointed out to me but I couldn’t do anything about.

  77. Since there probably wouldn’t be much she could do about it, I wouldn’t tell her. Unless she was my close friend…then we would laugh about it.

  78. I am the one who always has her “high beams” on. It can be cold or hot out and they are always on! It is kind of a “running joke” between me and my trainer.

  79. I probably wouldn’t say anything because I wouldn’t want them to be uncomfortable…unless we had the type of relationship where I could say something and we could laugh about it.

  80. Probably not. The nipple thing just doesn’t bother me! It is no mystery or irregularity that we have them :). Pretty bra, though!

  81. I wouldnt mention it. If it was me I wouldnt care, hey I just busted my a$$ so I know I dont look great!!

  82. I would totally tell especially in a public place. Common courtesy…right up there with the fly being down. Better me than some stranger, right?

  83. I don’t really see why I should mention it. Everyone has nipples, everyone gets hard nipples. I guess if that person was super embarrassed about it and I knew that in advance, I would tell her. But really it’s just part of your body, nothing to be ashamed of!

  84. Hmm depends on how close of a friend. Maybe just walk in front of her!! A close friend, for sure!! Good question!!

  85. Depends on who it was; a good, close friend I would tell. But sometimes it isn’t someone I feel comfortable telling that sort of thing.

  86. I think it would really depend on the friend. If I know my friend doesn’t care one way or the other I wouldn’t but if she would want to know I would tell her. I would probably tell her if I wasn’t sure what she wanted. That seems rather complicated I guess. Mostly I would be on the telling side :).

  87. Nope! Not much you can do about it that point. Maybe In a later conversation I could mention this wonderful new bra I won from another mother runner and how iit takes care of dimming the headlights! And I would try hard to fit my size B’s into a 34 C if I win πŸ™‚

  88. Could really use a new sports bra!
    Yes if we were going out I would tell her, running friends share everything!!

  89. Oh, how many times I have returned from a run to discover the headlights on full beam…if I was running with one of my BAMR friends, I would probably have to say, “Whoa, we are both nipping out!” so we could do an oh-so-casual folded arms stance when we entered the public place. Of course, this wouldn’t be a problem if we were wearing these awesome champion sport bras! πŸ™‚

  90. Ooh, tricky. With so many preggers/nursing friends, everyone’s a bit “nipply” these days, it seems. I don’t think I could bring it up. And some people don’t seem to mind!

  91. So glad you brought this up! I need to talk to my girls now so we are prepared in case it comes up!

  92. I wouldn’t say anything to a fellow runner. This is a common problem I mine, and I have just gotten used to it. Only my hubby has ever brought it up to me!

  93. Nope. Not really anything you can do about it at the time… However, if it was a close runner friend I might bring it up after the fact and we might joke about it and make fun of each other in the future. a lot. πŸ˜‰ Gives us something silly and slightly inappropriate to talk about during our future runs.

  94. I wouldn’t mention it bc there isn’t anything she could do about it. I would perhaps later mention how awesome the padded Champion sports bras are for exactly this scenario.

  95. I don’t think I really notice it on others but am hyper aware of my own “nipple situation” when it happens (and it makes me CRAZY). I would tell my best friend, but honestly would not feel comfortable mentioning it to people I don’t know as well.

  96. I wouldn’t say anything. It’s one of those things that just happens and at a lot more prominence since starting breastfeeding. Isn’t it bad enough we have to wear a bra? I don’t want someone telling me I really should think about padded so I wouldn’t tell another woman, no matter how innocent of a suggestion it seems.

  97. No way. I see no reason to point this out, it is what it is. I seriously don’t see why this is a big deal, but maybe that is because I have seriously nippy boobs. When I was younger, I had a coworker point it out to me, but it was said as if I intentionally make myself nip out (couldn’t possibly be the 68 degree office space). Her comments made me so self conscious at the time, and remind me how hurtful our friendly comments can truly be when someone can’t fix or change the situation.

  98. Might mention it if close enough friend to laugh about it with me. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t mention it because its not much of an issue to me, especially after having twins.

  99. I would say something unless she was one of those women who always seems to have the headlights on. In that case, there is no point πŸ˜‰

  100. I don’t think that I would say anything, but now I think after reading this article and all the comments, that not saying anything means I am a bad friend. I might mention it if I won one of the sports bras, because then I could bring it up, by questionning my friends if they noticed my headlights before and not now and tell them about the great bra I won from another mother runner!!

  101. I think it would depend on how close I was to the friend. Some friends I wouldn’t think twice, but those are the ones that you have nothing to hide from. My husband ALWAYS tells me when my headlights are on, but I think it’s because he really likes it!!

  102. Seriously? This strikes me as a no brainier. Um, I would laugh if it happened to my friend, and laugh harder if she told me. I’m a 38DD, so boob issues are no biggie…heh.

  103. I would make fun of my own high beams, fold my arms and get my dang coffe with a “whattaya gonna do” attitude. My girlfriend would Be prompted to check her own situation and could take cover if she felt like it

  104. Absolutely! I know there’s not much she can do about it, but she deserves to know. I would want her to tell me too!

  105. No, unless we were going somewhere where I knew she would be embarrassed AND she had an extra shirt to throw on. Otherwise, why point out something you can’t do anything about??

  106. Can she fix it? I.e. Has a sweatshirt – then I go for telling her. If she can’t do anything about it, well these things have a way of resolving once you warm up!

  107. If I noticed, YES, I’d tell her. I hope she’d notice and tell me too if the roles were reversed. I soooo need a new sports bra!

  108. I am happy to hear that so many people wouldn’t say anything! I would NEVER notice and, if by some bizarre circumstance I did notice, I would not say anything. Not something they could fix.

  109. I wouldn’t say anything. Until the end (unless we were running from her house and she could do something about it. I would tell her about “this great new bra” :).

  110. I wouldn’t say anything, only because I am the most unobservant person on the planet and would not be likely to even notice.

  111. Nope. The thought wouldn’t even occur to me. I could care less if mine or anyone else’s show. The only thought I’ve ever given to “visible nipples” is when they’ve put them on mannequins. Now, what’s up with that?

  112. Oh yes, definitely let a friend know not only that the headlights are on, but that they are pointing in different directions…mother runner headlights sometimes need some alignment ;).

  113. I’m just so oblivious I doubt I’d even notice, but if I did I probably wouldn’t say anything because there just isn’t anything amiss with headlights showing after a run.

  114. I probably wouldn’t unless we were going into a store or restaurant. I figure if we are at a race or at the park running it happens all the time so it’s not such a big deal. I have that problem all the time so I really could use this bra!

  115. I wouldn’t mention it unless she had a shirt or something to cover up!! If not what can ya do… All part of the love of the run!

  116. If it was a really good friend or one of my daughters, I would tell them politely. If it was someone I didn’t know very well that I was running with, I would be too embarrassed to say anything. I could definitely use another sport’s bra, thanks for the giveaway.

  117. Nope. I know for a fact that my running buddy can’t stand padded bras/tops & couldn’t care less if she has headlights. I feel quite differently about mt own headlights though! To each their own right?

  118. Nope! Nothing to be done about it – plus I have seen many friends in regular clothes with that issue and wouldn’t mention it – just not sure on what can be done!!

  119. That bra does look amazing,to bad it doesn’t come in size itty bitty πŸ˜‰ I wouldn’t mention it because there’s nothing that can be done and it’s not that big of a deal.

  120. I probably wouldn’t notice hers over the glare of mine! I wear 3, yes, 3 bras to keep mine under control. Last winter I tried about 15 different sports bras (champion, underarmour, moving comfort etc.) and none were suitable, so I gave up and went with multiple layers. Maybe this new Champion bra will work!

  121. I would probably hand over an extra t-shirt to my BRF before heading into a store. I would definitely want my friend to tell me, but my problem is more leaks from nursing.

  122. I would only mention it if she had a jacket or sweatshirt to put on to cover the issue. Never point out a flaw if there is nothing that can be done.

  123. No, I wouldn’t say a thing to a friend (close or not). I figure it’s just “part of the game” & happens to all of us. But WOW, might change my mind if I win & fall in love with one of these bras!!

  124. No I wouldn’t let her know…there is nothing you can do to stop it and just the knowledge of having your highs on would be more embarrassing than not knowing! I wouldn’t want to know either-I would just feel way more self conscious then.

  125. I would not tell her. Who cares if her nipples are showing? Besides, when we go to restaurants to grab a bite after a run, we stink so bad that the hostess always seats us far away from the other patrons! No one can see us!

  126. I probably would be more apt to ASK my running partner what *I* look like, as I DO tend to have that issue. And only some of my bras have padding. AND those bras have those pads that come OUT (WHY? Just WHY?), so I kind of hate them because I feel like I can never get them back in the right place. So THIS little super-hero doozy has pads that DO NOT come out??? Only trouble is I don’t QUITE need a C-cup….

  127. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t. What can you do at that point, plus normally it’s temporary. But then again, I don’t have a running buddy and rarely go out to a public place after a run.

  128. Eh, what’s the big deal? Maybe I have an underdeveloped sense of decorum, but who cares? I guess if I knew from past experience she was bothered by this, I’d let her know, but it happens to me all the time and I barely notice it on myself or anyone else anymore.

  129. I would only mention it if we were going to take a photo and I knew it would bug her. Otherwise…why draw attention to something you can’t control anyway?

  130. Since there really isn’t much a gal can do about it (other than wear a padded bra), I wouldn’t mention it and wouldn’t expect my friends to mention it to me either. Maybe after having a baby and nursing my sense of modesty is a bit skewed, but honestly, it’s just part of being a mom and having boobs!

  131. It really depends on how close I am to the girlfriend. As someone mentioned before, it happens. My husband is the first one to tell me when my headlights are on, but I’m pretty sure he likes it!!

  132. Yes!!! If we can talk labor stories, breastfeeding, sex, work etc. I can totally mention this. It is girl code imo!!!!!

  133. I would probably make a joke about high beams.. but hope we could just laugh and both cross our arms over our chests.

  134. I would probably only say something if she still had a chance to change clothes. If we are already out for a run or race, I most likely wouldn’t mention it, since I wouldn’t want her to be self-conscious about it!

  135. I would definitely tell my girl friend if she was shinning too bright πŸ˜‰ I know that running takes on a whole new life when the “girls” are supported correctly!

  136. Probably would tell, but I’ve never faced this issue with a friend. I know it’s usually ME with the headlights issue, but no one has ever mentioned it. Guess I need a new Champion!

  137. I am breastfeeding and my nipples are at constant attention, so I would greatly appreciate a heads up! I would definitely tell the person I was running with if their headlights were on!!!

  138. I would tell my friend and I hope my friend would tell me! I think that is one of the most embassing things. Even though I have always had a larger chest I always get a bra with a little padding just so I don’t have that problem.

  139. It depends on the situation! (I.E. where we were headed, etc.) but if I am running with her, she’s likely a good friend!

  140. I don’t think I would tell her…what can she do in the moment? Just be embarrassed?
    Unless we were going somewhere after our run (all gross and sweaty?), but still it’s life–and one of the great joys of being a mother runner!!

  141. Depends on the friend, my besties I would definitely mention in a light hearted way “hey girlfriend, it’s daylight and you got your headlights on”. Just an acquaintance I would say nothing and thing (and try not to stare 8-D)

  142. I would probably casually mention it if it was a close friend who wouldn’t be overly embarrassed. Otherwise I’d let it go…there’s not much you can do about it.

  143. it would all depend on the person. some are just used to it and often have a little showing, so I wouldn’t bother telling them. I am pretty sure I know who out of my friends care about that sort of thing and I would tell them for sure. in a totally mocking way of course πŸ˜› and, this happened to me yesterday while undergoing a lactate test, didn’t think about my combo of baselayer and jersey and spent an hour and a half on the computrainer staring at my own nipples while being tested. awesome.

  144. If we can talk about details of a wax, a woods potty detour or child birth with each other, high beams are not even close to embarrassing πŸ˜‰ ofcourse I’d put her on alert before we approached people who aren’t in our circle

  145. If it’s someone I feel comfortable with then yes and I’d hope they tell me too! My best friend and I ran the Tinkerbell 1/2 this year and I had to “photo shop” all the pictures for this reason, it didn’t help we had on white shirts!

  146. I don’t think I would say anything….but I had this issue today during my workout. Thankfully I could see myself in the mirror at the weight room and could make sure that no guys were staring.

  147. I would not mention it I don’t think. It happens to all of us sometimes! I love the slightly padded bras for that reason. Well, and not having a uniboob is nice too. πŸ™‚

  148. Nothing is sacred when it comes to running with the girls.. Code Browns, tmi, etc.. and that goes for headlights.. I just mention, ” It’s a Nip Factor kind of day..” It’s code for,” THE SISTERS ARE SHOWING.”

    Hey, I should win.. It’s my birthday and I’ll be giving this prize away.. My sisters are pretty small.. bra or no bra, they rarely show..LOL

  149. Heck no! I think the current paranoia (and the attendant ridiculous padded bras) about nipples is crazy! It’s just normal bodies, and doesn’t have to have sexual connotations. If my friend was wearing clothes so skimpy that it was embarrassing, I might mention THAT, but for a woman dressed normally to have a passing nip? No bigs. (And maybe it’s just that I’m a DD, but girl, make those pads removable! I’ll take the risk of nips over an extra quarter inch up top any day!)

  150. I would mention it because I would want to know if it happened to me. Although I do wear padded running bras for that reason!

  151. I would help a girl out! I know there isn’t much you can do, but warning can help you cover it up! I just need a new good fitting sports bra is all I know! LOL! My 48 state half marathon goal is taking a beating on my running gear!

  152. Honestly, i prob wouldnt say anything because most people look in the mirror before leaving home and they may actually not care if the beams are on high. I wouldn’t want her to think I’m staring at her “buddies”..

  153. Oh man, that’s tough. If we were running with other folks, probably. But if it were just the two of us? I don’t know that it’s a big deal. I only get self-conscious about it in the gym and around people I know. Don’t care about total strangers as much. In the gym, it’s all the mirrors that bother me…

  154. I’d totally tell her! But most of the time, I’m the one with boobie issues πŸ™‚ Like, “Hey! You sweat so much you look like you’re lactating and your nipples are pointing right at me!” πŸ™‚

  155. I think people realize that everyone (men & women) have nipples. Why be self-conscious about it. I, personally, don’t find it embarassing. I do, however, find it embarrassing if “the girls” are pointed in different directions or directly due south. Thanks to more than 2 years of nursing.

  156. Doubt I’d mention it– don’t think that I’d even think to mention it. Happens to everyone, no? Doesn’t seem like it’s worth worrying about. Especially with a beat red, sweaty face and fuzzy hair after a run! thanks for hosting the giveaway– that bra wouldn’t work for my teeny chest, but my favorite bra is a champion, so I’d be thrilled to have another!

  157. If someone asked me to let them know I would; otherwise probably not. I have permanent THO & can’t really do anything about it. I would get tired of hearing about it if people pointed (pun intended) them out!

  158. I would bring up the subject in a roundabout way saying something like “I hate it when I have headlights during/after a run, how about you?” and hope the subject matter might help my friend notice her situation. BTW, I soooo need this new Champion bra. Did a 5k last night and my mom (she was watching the kiddies) commented on how she has never seen my ample boobs so smooshed and pokey (I am of the two compression bras camp). I think I need a change. Come on game of chance, make me a winner!!!

  159. If it was a friend who I know would want me to tell them, then yes I would, otherwise no. Super great bra, been looking for a new one since my reduction. πŸ™‚

  160. I wouldn’t tell her. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal, honestly. πŸ˜‰ It just means she really liked her run! LOL!!
    That bra looks fantastic! I LOVE Champion bras for running!!

  161. I don’t see why this should be embarrassing. I mean really, who cares? Maybe it’s a body acceptance issue…

  162. I would not say anything, because it would just make her self-conscious, and there would be no immediate remedy for it.

  163. Never ever thought of this as an issue…thought it was just an occasional part of life. So I likely wouldn’t think to say anything to a friend in the same situation.

  164. LOL. I’m all the time telling my sisters that they have their high beams on when we have the chance to work out together. I tell my friends too because I want them to do the same for me!

    Thanks for the chance to win! πŸ™‚

  165. I wouldn’t tell her. She can’t do anything about it anyway. I switched to this type of bra exactly for this reason. They were always visible it seems, and I’m not a C, D, or bigger! Glad to see the winner can pick any other bra, because it happens to all of us.

  166. Probably not. Knowing me, I probably wouldn’t even notice. I don’t tend to look at my running buddies’ “headlights!” We have joked about “the Pointer sisters,” though!

  167. I would want my friend to tell me (oh if only someone had in all those race photos). So yes, I’d tell my friend. I would say, “it looks like you a little cold. Maybe a sweatshirt is in order, or a lovely new Champion Sports Bra!”

  168. Funny thing is that happened to me today at the gym… What can be done about it, I just need to put the inserts back in. So no I wouldn’t say anything especially if nothing can be done about it. If she were hanging out that’s another story…

  169. No, I would not. I have been in that situation and did not. There was nothing she could do, it wasn’t bothering her and either no one else noticed or didn’t want to say anything (or perhaps they didn’t think it was a big deal). Life goes on…

  170. Yes….running buddies can talk about ANYthing. So I would tell her, but it would more than likely be me whose headlights were on. Running/sweat/endorphins it happens.

    Funny I tried 5 different sports bras on today…have a big race coming up and my other ones are losing their life. Didn’t find one I really liked.

  171. I would tell someone if we were going out in public. It definitely is the same as telling someone if there is food in their teeth or something on their nose. I would hope someone would tell me too!

  172. I run by myself with an unpadded bra so I am not sure if I have headlights at times so I would not mention it to someone else. This new bra looks awesome though!

  173. Depends on who my “friend” is. If it’s my sister, yeah, I’m going to give her hell for it and make a smart ass comment. If a co-worker, maybe not so much. πŸ™‚ I just bought a padded sports bra-aaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!! Makes a huge difference. Yes, there’s double meaning behind that comment.

  174. I don’t think I would. At that point, it would be awkward and there would be nothing they could do anyway.

  175. My running buddy and I are pretty close, so I’d have to say yes. We share a lot of things on our run about family, life, etc. so to do so wouldn’t be strange or out of the ordinary!

  176. I don’t think I would need to tell her. My running buddy already knows she has a “headlight” problem, and we already spend the first ten minutes of our runs talking about how our girls hurt at the start. πŸ™‚

  177. Probably would not, after all, you can’t do anything about it and I wouldn’t want her to feel self-conscious. I don’t really want to know something if I can’t do anything about it.

  178. My headlights are ALWAYS on…cold, hot, sweaty, dry, happy, sad. I’ve never been embarrassed or felt uncomfortable about it…sheesh…am I supposed to??! I’m the perfect candidate for the Champion Shape Too Sports Bra!

  179. I would tell them because I have had that happen to me while running and I wish someone would have told me before we reached the finish line with all our family and friends.

  180. Yup I would tell her that her headlights were on, that’s what friends are for. And offer her my jacket if I had one.

  181. I would definitely tell a friend, especially if we were out in a more public arena after a workout. For that matter, I’d warn of a headlight issue any other time as well. Some people don’t care but I’d appreciate the “heads up” if it were me with the high beams.

  182. In college we used to call it SPIN (NIPS spelled backwards) and I still use the term now. I’d tell a friend if I thought they’d care but honestly, it’s a fact of life that it happens and I probably wouldn’t care if I were rocking the SPINs.

  183. Absolutelty! My girlfriends and I always joke that our excitement for running always comes through our bra!!…no issues with nip talk in our circle!

  184. IDE tell them only if there was a way to fix it..if not then I wouldn’t let them be self conscious on top of the problem

  185. Probably not, because like others have said, what good would it do? I guess you could just cross your arms or something…

  186. No I wouldn’t say anything especially if there’s not really much you can do about it at that point. Now if she had a boogie, I’d absolutely tell her.

  187. Nope! It happens and there’s nothing you can do about it (at least not me… I’m not willing to tape my nips)! I do agree with not posting pics of someone if they’re nipping out!

  188. I’d only say something if I knew it embarrassed her or if she asked.
    It happens to me all the time and I’m glad no one has said anything.

  189. It’s a problem to nip out after a run? I thought it was normal! So I guess I wouldn’t even think to say anything since I didn’t think it was a big deal. I don’t have to look at ’em!

  190. I wouldn’t say anything. Mostly because once you’re out in public you’re probably not carrying an alternate sports bra in your car! I wouldn’t want her to point my headlights out to me- then I’d just be self-conscious.

  191. probably not, unless I knew it bothered her. I personally don’t care, it’s not like there’s something I can do about it.

  192. I would say something but personally I think that the headlights being on is kind of sexy and I don’t mind. I do however want to know if they are pointing in different directions!!!

  193. I am the “non-observant type” and probably wouldn’t notice the high beams anyway! If they did force themselves into my notice, I probably wouldn’t say anything… my instinct would be to forget I noticed them!

  194. Noooo I wouldn’t say anything, because what could she really do about it right then and there?! And, who knows, maybe that’s the look she was going for..? πŸ™‚

  195. I usually run with my BMRs so I would certainly tell them, they would do the same for me πŸ™‚
    This bra looks awesome!!

  196. OH yes!!! I had a breast reduction at 20yrs old and ever since have had a problem of random “high beams”. I’ve gone as far as asking my sole sisters to let me know if I’m blinding everyone!!

  197. I would only say something if she had another outfit option with her. If there is nothing she can do about it, who cares. And quite honestly, sometimes, it just doesn’t matter! I mean, we all have them πŸ™‚

  198. I would absolutely let her know that the situation was a bit “nippy,” but then we would laugh together because I probably would have the same problem. Then we’d probably head to a sportswear store together and try to find better sports bras such as this one!

  199. I really doubt that I would. Unless she had mentioned it being an embarrassing problem or something previously, then I would probably mention it.

  200. I might (if I even noticed)say something like, “This wouldn’t bother me, but in case it bothers you, you’re nipping out.”

    AND I think that bra totally calls for Wonder Woman stars and colors.

    AND I never thought I would say this…it’s too big for me!

  201. Of course I would tell her! And I would hope she would tell me. I’m currently breast feeding my third child and I tend to have that problem…a lot. Along with the bullseye wet spot from leakage and I only hope my running partner tells me!

  202. and I have to add…I ashamedly, but necessarily need to wear two bras to make sure the girls aren’t flapping all over. πŸ™ Yes..I’m a newbie.

  203. Good gracious…YESSSSS!!! I’d definitely tell my running buddy she was nipping out, and I know she’d do the same for me. πŸ™‚

  204. It is what it is. I wouldn’t say anything since it happens to me all the time and the only thing that hides it is by putting a sweatshirt or jacket on….or a nice, new Champion sports bra! πŸ˜‰

  205. Just as I would hope any running partner would point out boogers on my face, I would certainly alert anyone I am running with if their nipples were on High Alert…. mostly to be a smart ass, but a little so she could put on another layer if she so chose.

  206. Nipples are nothing to be ashamed of. I don’t see what the big deal is, but maybe that’s because I no longer have any (breast cancer/mastectomy). I’m probably more appreciative of them now. Good support, on the other hand, IS a big deal. Thanks for the giveaway!

  207. I probably wouldn’t say anything but it would depend on the situation I guess. I would definitely share if I had a great new padded sports bra that helped with the issue!

  208. I would not mention her headlights were on. If the Champion sports bra does eradicate the problem I would tell them about the bra

  209. I probably wouldn’t say anything because there isn’t much she could do about it at that time, but maybe mention in future conversations about a great sports bra that minimizes the headlights.

  210. I’m not sure I would say anything unless it was super noticeable. I agree that there isn’t much she could do about it. That’s why I like padded bras. And because I’ve nursed 3 kiddos which somehow made me actually flatter if that was possible.

  211. I would absolutely never point that out to a friend or enemy! But I would feel secure in my own headlight-less bosom because I only wear padded sports bras. I’m trying to prevent getting mistaken for a 16-year-old boy.

  212. Hmmm…there are many factors at play here…I would probably ignore it…unless it was suuuper noticeable…then I would try not to stare and probably mumble something unintelligible.

  213. I guess it depends. If it were something I thought my friend would want to know/would be embarassed about, i’d definitely let her know. If I thought she wouldn’t care, I wouldn’t either.

  214. I probably would not bring it up as I’m not so direct. I’d probably just ask “do you want to change clothes before we go in there” or “want to borrow my extra shirt or jacket”.

    Most of the runners I know aren’t so vain.

  215. Headlights on? Probably not. I spent the better portion of last year with them on as I was nursing and pumping at work. I could care less about them. However, as someone who accidentally flashed a busy road while trying to use my handful bra to wipe sweat from my eye, I would inform her of any exposure.

  216. My BRF and I always ‘poke’ fun of each other’s headlights… I happen to have a pretty uncontrollable set of highbeams, I swear I think I have some sort of disorder! haha~ It’s not even worth it for us to ‘point’ it out anymore b/c it happens so often we’ve just gotten used to it. πŸ™‚

  217. Yes, I would, and I hope they would tell me, though I don’t really care and would go in anyway. Love the bra, I could use a new one!

  218. Yes, I would tell my friend. Not sure I would say it to anyone else. We do “the check” when buying swimwear , tri suits, and sports bra, or tanks for running.

  219. If there was something super obvious going on, I would tell her, but otherwise I would not say anything. And anyway, I tend to not notice things, so I’m probably the wrong person to depend on for that sort of info.

  220. I might say something, or I’d suggest she change into dry clothes. Really, if she doesn’t have spare clothes there isn’t much she can do about it. But, no one wants that in a picture and we take LOTS of pictures.

  221. I would tell my running partner even thought there isn’t much she can do about it… besides cross her arms really high up!

  222. I wouldn’t say anything. As many others have pointed out, there isn’t much she could do about it. Why make a friend feel self-conscious?

  223. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t point it out. What could she do about it? Nothing. I’ve had headlights and no one pointed it out to me. I think it is just part of the territory!

  224. Well, I don’t think my BRF would give a hoot. And I honestly think that if I mentioned it, we’d end up taking a walk break due to the subsequent hilarity the topic would cause between us! πŸ˜‰

  225. VERY Wonder Woman-ish! I would feel like a superheroine in it! I would NOT say anything about headlights. I agree with those who say that there’s not much you can do, also agree that it’s a Girl Rule to not publish a photo where a friend’s headlights are “on.”

  226. I probably wouldn’t say anything – she wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. Plus, if it was self conscious about it she’d probably be wearing a different bra/top to help disguise it.

    Thanks for a chance to win a new sports bra. I’d have to find an alternative since that one doesn’t come in my size…I’m one that passes the pencil test with flying colors

  227. I am undecided on this. On one hand, nips are something that as women we try to keep hidden. On the other hand, everyone has nipples! Do men point it out to each other when their nips are poking through? Don’t think so.

  228. Nah, probably wouldn’t. If I had a penny every time someone could have said that anytime mine were, I’d be rich. Guess I need some new hardware. No big deal really.

  229. I don’t think I would because it probably wouldn’t even register to me that she was nipping out. I’m almost certain that I am constantly, but I don’t get too modest about it. We’ve all got nipples, people.

  230. I would not tell my friend because 1- it’s not that big of a deal, everyone has them. 2- Really not much she could do about it anyway, right?

  231. Of course! I’m super embarrassed when that happens to me, so I’d do my girl a solid and let her know. πŸ™‚

  232. I need a bra with super powers! I am the kind of friend that doesn’t even notice that sort of thing…if I did notice, I’d tell them though, but only if it was going to cause them embarrassment if I didn’t. If they were just headed home, no one needs to know. Headed to the store or some other public place? I’d want them to know.

  233. I would never say anything—and never have said anything. I guess I’m too modest & I would be embarrassed if somebody said something to me. πŸ™‚

  234. I would let her know. My friends and I always say, “Friends tell friends” which can be anything from “nipping out” to food in your teeth.

  235. I wouldn’t say anything – there isn’t anything she could do about it. Since I’d be pretty embarrassed if someone pointed it out to me, I’d never pooint it out to someone else.

  236. I would just say, “hey, have you seen those kick-a** Champion Sports Bras?” I would tell her I want one of those. I would probably tell her.

  237. I probably wouldn’t make too big a deal about it, but just tell her that it was getting “nippy” outside and she should throw on a sweatshirt πŸ˜‰

  238. It’s really not that big of a deal. And I know that the women I am with wouldn’t care either. As we like to say, “It is what it is.” Another favorite is, “Suck it up, buttercup.” This stuff is a fact of life-live it!

  239. Honestly, I wouldnt say anything. It would just be weird. But personally if I need to head somewhere after a workout I put on a light jacket or pullover. Im highly aware of my own high beams.

  240. Who cares!?! These are women’s body parts we’re writing about! That’s very different, in my opinion, from spinach in your teeth or a zipper being down. In both of those situations, something is amiss. But is it amiss to have nipples? I hope not. The fact that we’re having the conversation concerns me a bit. I do hope I win, but I’ll definitely choose a different bra. This one seems more concerned with looks than performance and comfort, which are my priorities.

  241. After having kids, mine grew and I could seriously poke an eye out from across the room. Even with a padded sports bra and extra coverage (love, I can still be ‘bust’ing out on a cold day. I appreciate being told, and would tell my running friends.

    With a 14 year old daughter, if I’m not showing some discretion when out on the run with friends, then why should she need to when she’s out with friends?

    Modest is hottest


  242. Nope! I just wouldn’t even think it was a big deal! Also, as everyone says, what could she do about it?!

  243. I think it depends how close of a friend it is. If it’s my best friend I’d probably tell her. If it was an acquaintence, I probably wouldn’t.

  244. I am in definitely in the NO group. Simply for the reason that I wouldn’t want to make anyone feel self conscious about something uncontrollable. If she had a sweatshirt around her waist, then maybe I would suggest she throw it on for that reason!

  245. Yes, I would discreetly point it out, and I would hope my friend would point it out to me as well.

    Having lost weight I’m in desperate need of a new good, support bra for running. Pick me! Pick me! LOL

  246. I probably wouldn’t notice it anyway but if I did, I wouldn’t say anything about it…nothing she could do about it at the time and, in my opinion…who cares!?! We all have ’em! πŸ™‚

  247. I wouldn’t mention it. Nothing can be done about it, and honestly, I don’t really care. I mean, for goodness sake, it is obvious that I am a woman, so it should not surprise you that, yes, I have nipples!

  248. hmmm, I don’t really have a running partner but I think I wouldn’t say anything. It would be too embarrassing for me. I realize that’s totally selfish but it’s the truth.

    And guessing from the many times I’ve gone into the bathroom and seen something in my own teeth while with friends, the feeling is mutual.

  249. Wow – it never occurred to me to be embarrassed by something natural like that. So no, I wouldn’t tell and really wouldn’t want to someone to tell me either.

  250. I probably wouldn’t tell her b/c I wouldn’t want her to be embarrassed by my pointing it out (no pun intended). Besides what can she do? It’s natural.

  251. i would let her know in private that they are shining for all to see. i would want someone to tell me.

  252. It would depend on whether she had a jacket or something to put on to help with the problem! Pointing it out when there’s nothing to do about it doesn’t help much, but would make her self-conscience! πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the chance!!!

  253. I would let them know their “two sisters” were on high-alert so the person had an opportunity to decide how they would like to proceed.

  254. If I knew her pretty well, I probably would. However, if she was just on her way home to shower, I might not. I guess it depends on whether she’s about to see a bunch of people.

  255. Most of my friends and family would describe me as being direct and honest, in this case, it’s very personal. I would not say anything, nor would I expect a gal-pal of mine to say anything about headlights. But I have been on the search for modest jog-bras – this one looks great!

  256. Probably not mention it–it happens and you can’t do anything about it. Groin sweat on light colored shorts, on the other hand…I think we’d be hitting the drive-thru instead of walking into Starbucks!!

  257. NO STINKIN’ WAY! I don’t think it is that big of a deal anyway. But I will consider some padding after reading this.

  258. If there was anything she could do about it, I might point it out. If the only thing it would do would just make her self-conscious, then I wouldn’t. No need to add to anyone’s insecurity.

  259. No, I wouldn’t mention it unless I knew that she caress. I have never noticed this as an issue before.

  260. I would not feel the need to tell her, it’s a part of being a women. However, I do love the idea a bra that might take care of it, for all of us πŸ˜‰

  261. I really don’t know. These days I’m just so happy that I’m actually running that I don’t care what is on or off, though in mixed company or coffee afterwards I would probably want someone to mention it to me. I’ve had my fair share of trying to turn my ‘lights’ off, if this new Shape Too can give me super powers I’d probably wear it 24/7, my high beams are on just thinking about it.

  262. I might say something depending on how obvious the headlights and crowded the coffee shop. I learned that after years of breastfeeding and then running a spring 10K you need a good quality bra. The only think worse than headlights is crooked headlights:) I didn’t care, I was so proud of myself that I finished the 10K.

  263. I don’t know if I’d mention it. Not that I’d be embarrassed to mention it, but I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. I also run alone pretty much 100% of the time, so I don’t ever think about it.

  264. My running partner was upset about race finish “pit sweat stain” pictures from our raising our arms in victory as we crossed a finish line so I would absolutely tell her. I have headlight issues so if I know we’re hitting Panera Bread for an after run treat, I will throw a dry shirt in my car to change into and she has followed my lead.

  265. Goodness no! Best part would be all the great positive attention she might get and I’d let her know running is making her look so damn hot, peeps just can’t look away! πŸ˜‰

  266. I would if we were heading for coffee after (which we usually are!), and if there was a pic, I wouldn’t post it. I would want someone to tell me so I could throw on a jacket or another layer or something.

  267. I would not say anything because its not that big of a deal,although if it was noticed in a picture I wouldn’t post it.

  268. No probably not. I’m a pretty shy quiet person and wouldn’t want to embarrass either one of us. However, it also depends how well I know the person and if she’s going somewhere afterward.

  269. It would depend on the friend. I have some very modest friends who would be mortified in public. So, absolutely. I also have some very overtly sexual friends who would love. I would tell them as well. But, it would be more of a flirtation. Everyone else, I would just leave it alone.

  270. I wouldn’t say anything. I had a friend (nonrunner) point it out after I met up with her after a run. It was cold and windy. I couldn’t do anything about it, but it made me self conscious.

  271. Probably not? There’s nothing they can do about it anyways. I probably wouldn’t even notice to be honest.

  272. I don’t think I would make it a big deal, but would mention my lovely new padded sports bra that prevents high beams from showing!

  273. Most likely no. I know mine are in full glare mode and if I’m reminded I just get more embarassed and feel uncomfortable. However if my running mate wants me to tell them I have no problem.

  274. Nope, wouldn’t say anything because I would rather not know myself than have to brazen it out if I couldn’t do anything about it. But if it were chilly & we had jackets — that’s another matter. πŸ™‚

  275. I would probably ignore it…but totally suggest a padded sports bra in the future (since I would be ignoring it I would have to casually work that into the conversation!)

  276. You bet I would, as I would hope she would do the same. It seems my running partners and I have no secrets…we seem to be more open with each other than my non-running girlfriends…you have to be when you run with me…bodily fluids are usaully a topic so nip-age is nothing. πŸ™‚

  277. I don’t think I’d tell her straight out. I’d beat around the bush and tell her about my padded Champion sports bra and how much I like it. Drop some hints:)

  278. Nope. If it’s something she cares about, she can notice for herself. And if she doesn’t, why make her self-conscious?

  279. To be honest, I probably wouldn’t notice. If I did, I would probably tell her if it was a friend I knew would want to know.

  280. Simply put, Hell yeah. However, I would do it with tact, most likely tossing her one of my extra shirts for the coffee house. Starbucks is always freezing near my house.

  281. No, because I don’t think it really matters while running. I think a sports bra needs to be comfortable for the wearer, and it shouldn’t really matter.

  282. If there was something she could do about it and I though she might care, I would tell her. If not I would pretend not to notice. Honestly, don’t we have enough to be self conscious about? We are women; we are strong; we have nipples. Big deal.

  283. I would not tell. I think I have this problem a lot, but I never go anywhere in public (except for races) when I run. I wouldn’t want to know, so I wouldn’t tell. You know, unless someone asked me to.

  284. The thought of telling someone has never crossed my mind nor have my running friends and I ever discussed it. I don’t think I would say anything since there is nothing that can be done about the situation anyway, unless my friend(s) specifically asked me to let them know.

  285. This drives me crazy and I don’t understand why EVERY sportsbra is not made with padding!! If it was a close friend maybe, but I guess there isn’t much that can be done about it!

  286. I wouldn’t say anything, nor would I expect anyone to say anything to me. I guess I just don’t see it as that big of a deal.

  287. I might tell her, depending on how close our friendship and the particular situation (like, if we were headed for coffee after the run, and if she had a jacket with her).

  288. Aren’t everyone’s headlights on after a run? You’re sweaty, your body is starting to cool down, your blood’s been pumping hard, everything’s standing at attention … not a big deal to me.

  289. Nope, I wouldnt. Besides not being able to do anything about it, its sort of a symbol that she just busted her butt working out!

  290. Depends if this is an intimate friend or someone I meet up with just to run! Intimate friend, be honest and see if she is aware, she may or may not care. I really don’t think it’s so much about if I care. If she is more of a casual acquaintance, I would share how excited I am to try this awesome bra by Champion sports that helps eliminate the girls putting the head lights on full beam!

  291. I don’t really consider it to be a big deal so I wouldn’t tell her. But now that I am reading this, maybe I would! ha ha ha

  292. It worries me that this is a no-brainer for me….If I noticed the pop-up I wouldn’t give it a second thought and I don’t think anyone else would either. So my answer is therefore, no, I would not point it out.

  293. No, there’s nothing that can be done about it at the moment, amd I wouldn’t want to make her feel self-conscious about it.

  294. I would only say something if we were going to a public place after a run – mainly because I hope she would do the same for me!

  295. I do not think I would say anything…hell, there isn’t much you can do about it at that point anyway. Plus, if I bring attention to it, then it just seems to make it worse! We have all been there, just go with it!

  296. I wouldn’t say a word. I know that is a problem for me and I buy only padded sports bras. I assume if someone is worried about it they would also take precautions, otherwise they probably don’t give a rip if their headlights are shining!

  297. I would let her know if there was a t-shirt or sweatshirt available to cover up with, but only if she was heading out to a public place and there was something she could do about it. Otherwise, if we were just running or heading back to the cars, it’s no big deal!

  298. I really don’t think it’s that big a deal so I probably wouldn’t say anything. We all get a little nipply at times whether it’s after a run or another time. It doesn’t bother me.

  299. I would tell her as I made a joke about it. But we could care less πŸ™‚ Unless of course I won the new bra. Then I would love to point out that it was only her.

  300. I think I would tell her…and I would want to be told. Whether I could do anything about it or not at that time wouldn’t matter…I’d want to know. The champion sports bra looks/sounds amazing…and I’m definitely in need of new ones!

  301. Yes! And I know they’d tell me, too. One recently told us, “man, it must be getting dark soo because you already have your headlights on!” Its just a good laugh. (But I wouldn’t mind being able to hide the light, knowwhatimsaying?)

  302. I wouldn’t say anything…it happens. And, I think my running friends would feel the same way. I’d never worry about it in a bathing suit at the Y…and I wouldn’t tell a male runner or cyclist that there is nothing left to the imagination…So, it wouldn’t dawn on me to mention it.

    I read Dim’s article in RW and have now added two sweethearts and another double dry to the lineup!

  303. Honestly, it wouldn’t even occur to me to say anything! I live on the FL coast where it’s routine to see women of all ages in swimsuit tops and workout tops minus bras or padding – on the beach, at the pool, in stores, walking around town… it’s just not a big deal here.

  304. The thought never crossed my mind because it’s such a normal thing and what can you do about it? However, I will now be having a conversation with my BRF to get her take on it! LOVE padded sports bras! (Especially the ones without those annoying removable pads!)

  305. I wouldn’t tell her. First, I’m not sure that I would care that much if it was me but also, I think it would be a very strange conversation.

  306. Probably not. It’s something that happens to all of us and there really isnt anything you can do about it at that moment….

  307. Only if we were about to go to a public place. But mostly it’s dark when we run and it’s straight home afterwards, and padded bras seem to add more heat especially in the summer (Florida!), so who cares…

  308. Depends on the friend and the situation! If she’s self-conscious about it, then yeah. If she doesn’t care, then no. I would warn her if we were taking photos, tho…

  309. I don’t think I would tell her, especially if she had no way of fixing it. But I would recommend the padded sports bra if we were discussing it.

  310. No! There is nothing she could do about it so I would not say a thing and most likely mine are on alert too. I breastfed and the girls will never be the same, but I am proud of their hard work!

    Great looking bra!

  311. I wouldn’t mention it I noticed it while running but after a run I’d mention if she had an extra shirt on to layer with or if I knew she would be bothered by it.

  312. I’d like to say yes, but I know I could never ever do that to a friend. Plus, what are you going to do about it? No one else in polite society would mention it…and neither should I.

  313. Nope! If it doesn’t bother her, it doesn’t bother me! After nursing my daughter, my nipples have decided that for most of the time, they will make themselves known. I figure it is natural, and I have just come to accept it in myself and others. I think that men think differently, though….

  314. Under the heading of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” I would tell them if we were going into some public place. At least give them the option of crossing the arms……and if a picture is showing the nips, no posting to facebook.

    During a run? Nah – why bother – my guess is if my RBF has the headlights on, I do as well. Its not like I am going to stop running.

  315. I would definitely tell my friend if she was , um, lit up. I’d want to know if it were me. Reminds me of a half marathon my husband and I ran this spring with one of his supervisors, and when we went to lunch afterwords, I was so paranoid about this issue in the cold restaurant that I barely enjoyed my food. There are times when I can shrug it off, but not at lunch with my husband’s boss!
    That bra looks awesome, especially since it comes in small band/large cup sizes!

  316. I don’t think I’d say anything about it on a run, but I would definitely let my friend know before we went out for post-run coffee!

  317. I would only if she had something to else to put on (shirt/coat), otherwise I wouldn’t say anything; you can’t do too much about it.

  318. I don’t know, it might depend which friend, most of the running crowd I hang with are triathletes so we are always in our bathing suits, other than seeing each other naked, we have seen just about everything!

  319. Absolutely! Considering the things we talk about on our run, nothing is off limits. I would want to know if it was me.

  320. I’d let her know, if I knew there was a t-shirt close by that would cover up the issue. Otherwise, I’d probably let it go.

  321. Meh..What can you do about it? Most likely, I would be suffering from the same condition, so she wouldn’t be alone πŸ™‚ But high five for the padded sports bra!

  322. I would tell a friend but I usually work out solo. I constantly monitor myself and would hold my towel to cover them if showing. I own a couple of padded sports bras and think that all sports bras should be padded.

  323. I’m with Scarlett above. It happens naturally and we can’t do anything about it in the moment when it does. People get upset far too easily about things that just don’t matter.

  324. I wouldn’t bring it up unless we were about to visit a public place or take a photo. Otherwise, it seems moot.

  325. Unless you have a friend who would be seriously upset…more upset than NOT knowing, and then seeing it in the picture later (that would mortify me,) then tell. I am curious how people don’t know. I always do.

  326. I never thought about pointing that out. Just seems like “it is what it is” and what can you do about it in that moment. It just seems to go with the territory in this crazy running thing we all do!

  327. I think I would have to rely on discretion and good judgment in that moment to determine if it would be more embarrassing to tell her or to leave her in the dark about the situation.

  328. If I knew it would bother the person I was running with I would tell her. I would want someone to tell me.

  329. I wouldn’t say anything, because what can you do about it anyway? I frequently have this problem, and while I prefer a padded bra, I’m not going to obsess over whether or not my headlights are “on”.

  330. I think that bra would make me feel like Wonder Woman. If I thought my running buddy cared, I’d definitely tell her. Headlights, camel toe, any of those truly embarrassing things I would want someone to tell me!

  331. For sure! The secret code in college we used for this was “Bart’s in the room.” I don’t have a code with my runner friends yet, but perhaps it’s worth the discussion now.

  332. absolutely~ we would both have a good laugh about it too πŸ™‚
    my “girl” would love the support of this super hero bra~
    hope they win!

  333. I guess mine are showing in half my photos, so I’d probably not be inclined to “point it out” (ha ha!) since that would be like the pot calling the kettle black. Probably wouldn’t be a bad idea checking into more reinforced bras. The underwire thing, though, scares me in terms of chafing. I’m having a horrible time with that in all the humidity!

  334. I’ve never told my running partners that nips were poking out. What are they going to do about it? I guess I’ve never thought of it to be a big deal. It just happens. I know I have it every time I run. Who cares. However if my running partner wanted me to tell her, I would. Hmmm maybe that will be our next discussion on our run!

  335. I’d tell her if (1) I noticed AND (2) she could do something about it. During a run, I’d never notice since we’re not facing each other.

  336. I’ve never had the chance to telly running buddy before she points it out about herself! She always says “I’m thinking my nipples are saying hi huh?”. No one has told me though… Could have avoided a few red cheeks!!

  337. My running partner and I have a given rule…if the headlights are on we need to know! Options if they are on – throw on a jacket, another shirt or fold your arms while you get your coffee.

  338. I wouldn’t say anything…like another I thought it was a given after a run. Doesn’t bother me to see others, and it doesn’t bother me if I have it? Again…what can you do anyways besides feel self conscious at a moment you should feel strong, fit and proud?

  339. Don’t bother, can’t do anything to fix it.
    However, I would tell a breastfeeding friend if she had the bull’s eye leak-you can cover that up by squirting water over your chest.

  340. I would say something, particularly if I had an extra t-shirt etc. that she could borrow before making any public appearances.

  341. I wouldn’t say anything unless there was some strategy to be employed to prevent the nips from being seeing (ie if my friend were carrying a shirt she could use to cover up a solo sports bra).

  342. Absolutely would I “point” out that her high beams are on. And if I had this wonderful bra, mention what a wonderful product this bra is to hide that.

  343. I don’t think I’d mention it. It’s not that huge of an issue to me. I guess after having four babies, I’ve lost a bit of modesty!

  344. Nope! What is she supposed to do anyway? Besides, as much as we hate for our headlights to be showing, it’s completely natural. They’re boobs, people! They have NIPPLES! Gasp!

  345. You know, I really don’t think I would say anything…especially if there was nothing you could do about it.

  346. Wow. Prior to reading this I assumed that it was a given and I would not have said anything. Now I am going to be very self conscious about THO.

  347. Maybe I’m a bad friend, but probably not… because, what can she do about it in the moment? My rule for saying something is whether or not someone can doing anything on the spot to fix it. My friends and I def share tips for preventing headlights though!

  348. I think I would only mention it if we were stopping off to get a cup of coffee or a sammy, etc after a run. There’s no sense in drawing attention to it if we are both just walking back to our cars and going home.

  349. Yep, I would totally tell a friend. It falls in the category of “there is spinach in your teeth” or “your zipper is down”… Anyone that I’m willing to run with, I’m willing to get that personal with! <3
    And yes, that bra DOES look like it comes with superpowers!

    1. It depends on how close the friend is, but it’s a two edged sword because there isn’t much you can do to solve the problem in that present moment. So in a way I would feel rude making them embarrassed or something.

      Having children also doesn’t help the issue, so I usually do stick to the padded sports bras, but a nipple never killed anyone that I know. (;

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