Hump Day Giveaway: Chariot Cougar 2 Running Stroller

Sigh: I only documented the ineffective (albeit mighty cute!) mode of transportation, not our daily Chariot rides.
Sigh: I only documented the ineffective (albeit mighty cute!) mode of transportation, not our daily Chariot rides.

This week marks the end of an era for my family: These are the last few days all three of our kids will attend the same school as Phoebe is moving on to middle school in the fall. As much as our three kiddos bicker en route or gripe about having schoolyard behavior get reported back to us by a sibling, it's a delight to have them co-existing under one roof and interacting during the school day. In my heart and my gut, I can already feel the pangs and fond remembrances I'll experience when I think back on these four shared years. Yet do I have a single photo of them all together at school? Ha, of course not. Even in this age of omnipresent smart phone, I never once lined them up in front of the school and snapped a pic of our three (sometimes) amigos.

It's the same when I dug through iPhoto to find digital pics of our twins in the double Chariot Carrier that they basically lived in the first few years of their lives: (Argh: deep regrets!) When I close my eyes, though, I can see napping John's big, blond head flopped toward his twin sister's mostly bald one as I pushed them on neighborhood runs. I can vividly recall their little button noses pressed up against each side window, squealing at every dog, cat, and squirrel we passed on our daily walks. I can envision their pudgy hands reaching out of the zippered opening, clawing for a fresh bag of Goldfish crackers. That Chariot Cougar, with its adaptability to be a bike trailer and a walking stroller, saw us through countless miles. It equaled freedom and sanity for the first few years with our twins.

Smooth ride: the Cougar 2 in Stroller mode.
Smooth ride: the Cougar 2 in Stroller mode.

Now we are thrilled to bestow that premium versatility, quality, and durability on two families: Chariot has generously provided us with two Cougar 2 carriers to give away. The Cougar 2 works with either one or two children, holding up to an amazing 100 pounds. Its padded, adjustable-height handlebar ensures it works for caregivers of a wide range of heights. When in running mode, its two 20" wheels allow you to run comfortably without sacrificing stride length; the included Stroller Kit lets you add two smaller, easy-to-maneuver front wheels for zipping around on errands or trips to the library. This sporty carriage folds easily (which I fondly recall from trips to Portland's westside to trail run with my little passengers). Suffice it to say, the Cougar 2 has so many features, my kids' summer vacation would be over if I tried to list them all. Take our word for it: Chariot Carriers rock!

First things first: We gathered names and emails from runners this spring at Mother Runner parties and expos, and we drew one winner at random from that collection of folks. The winner of our first Cougar 2 is: Trish Carabello. (Trish, we'll contact you to get your details.)

Now that you're all envious of Trish, here's your chance to win a Chariot Cougar 2. To be entered to win, tell us what everyday event you wish you had more photos of. Click on the Comments ribbon below this post (do not just hit "reply" if you are reading this post on your mobile device: you need to go to our website to enter) and tell us how you wish you had more photos of bathtime, family dinners, soccer games, a mouth full of braces, the time-out chair. That's it: By telling us what "mundane" occurrence you wish you'd documented more in pictures, you can be like Trish Carabello and be the owner of an uber-versatile Chariot Cougar 2.

You--and your precious passengers--will be ready to run and roll with a Chariot Cougar 2.
You--and your precious passengers--will be ready to run and roll with a Chariot Cougar 2.

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States and Canada. It begins on 6/12/13 and ends on 6/18/13; the winners will be announced on 6/22/13. One entry per person. The value of each prize is $684.95. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.



503 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Chariot Cougar 2 Running Stroller

  1. I wish I had more pictures of me doing ANYTHING with my kids. I have tons of pictures of my three kids together. Lots of pictures of Dad and the kids too, reading, goofing around. But no one ever takes pictures of me interacting with the kids!

  2. I wish I had more photos of my second child from her first months. Somehow, life has become so busy that I did not get my hands on the camera enough.

  3. My son is almost three but still loves to wrap up in his towel after bath time and sit in the rocking chair with me. I wish I could snap a photo to remember our cuddle time. We sing to each other before bedtime and make up silly songs.

  4. I wish I had more family pictures of us. usually its the kids and hubby, or kids and me. very rare to get one that has all 5 of us in it. and rarer still….one where we’re all looking at the camera and smiling

  5. I wish I had more photos of my son Oliver and I when was pregnant with my second child maya. With that train of desire, I wish we had more photos documenting Oliver meeting Maya for the first time. My memories are vivid but I hope they don’t fade with passing time.

  6. I wish I had more photos of me and the kids. When I turned 29 we had a little dinner party. My first born was 10 months old. There are pictures of everyone at my dinner party except for me. Why? Because I was taking the pictures. Fast forward to Christmas of 2009. I now had 2 children. 2.5 years old and 9 months old. Again there are no pictures of me from that Christmas. I even passed the camera to my boyfriend. I was so upset that two days later he took a bunch of photos with me and the kids. I do so much for my kids but in photos, I am missing 🙁 Helps when my mom is around. Her camera is always out.

  7. I lost my mom lady year and while I have some photos of special occasions with her and my son I wish I had more everyday photos of the two of them because they were best buds.

  8. I wish I had more pictures of my Little lady and her Big Bro playing together. I never seem to be able to catch the admiration in either of their eyes if I do have a chance to get the snapshot. Hard to believe how fast they grow.

  9. I really wish I had more pictures of play time with my son. Those moments when he is giggling and just heartbreakingly beautiful that you pray the memory stays with you forever.

  10. That special few moments right after bathtime, when my little guy is all warm and snugly. I sit him wrapped up in hi towel on the sink and we make silly faces on the mirror. But my favorite and most picture worthy is wen he stops being silly for a brief second and turns his head to look up at me. In that moment I know that I am as much his world as he is mine.

  11. I with I had more photos of my girls snuggling and playing together. We have a 16 year old and a 2 (almost 3) year old. Needless to say the news of a baby coming was a shock to our 16 year old and like some of those AFV on TV she wasn’t very happy about it. We struggled for a year after the baby was born with jealousy and purposeful ignoring if the baby by the teenager. She was angry with us for turning her world upside down. Little Katherine completely adored her big sis despite being actively avoided on every level possible. Finally, the tables turned when Katherine was learning to walk. The first person she walked to was her big sister. She then kissed her on the Face. My 16 year old laughed, a surprised, happy laugh and Hugged her. I cried. She had never held, hugfed or kissed her before. It was a wonderful moment. Ever since then that little girl had been wiggling her way into her sisters heart. Now, I enjoy seeing her cuddle with her in the couch to watch a movie, big sis reading her a book, brushing her hair, even playing with her! I wasn’t sure I would ever see that day (seriously). Those are the moments I want to capture and remember. It makes me so happy when I look back on them and know how far we’ve come.

  12. I wish I had more pictures of my boys snuggling together. I’m lucky that they love each other so much at 2.5 years apart. I have gotten a few more since I got a smartphone, but I usually end up snuggling along instead of snapping photos. I suppose in the end I’d rather have the memory of the action instead of a photo anyway. Got to teach that husband of mine how to use the camera!

  13. I wish I had more pics of my daughter running around the house in just her diaper. She seemed so carefree and so happy. Priceless 🙂

  14. I wish I had photos of sitting down and reading with my daughter. I would love to see her expressions captured while we read.

  15. I wish I had more family photos. We rarely get the opportunity to take one together, without one of us being left behind the camera. I also wish I had more pics of my kids sleeping. It’s not worth the risk of waking them with the flash most of the time, so I don’t catch very many photos of those peaceful moments 🙂

  16. I wish I had family pictures from when my son was small. we never got them taken. The kiddo is three now, so we are taking them now, but there are no pics of us as a newly enlarged family.

  17. Those precious moments shared by my husband and our 1 year old son. Pictures of them playing together, reading books, laughing… I know we will miss these days, and I want to be able to look back and remember. 🙂

  18. Since our baby doesn’t arrive until November, all these comments are a great reminder of pictures to capture. I think even though right now the idea of pictures on the day of her arrival (meaning the labor process) doesn’t seem that appealing to me, I’ll probably wish I had them later. Thanks for all the other great ideas!

  19. I really wish I had more pictures of my kids with there Daddy and Mommy…they grow so fast and I really don’t have many of them with us. With 8 babies I let some of those moments slip awaY!

  20. I wish I had more pictures of bedtime kisses and snuggles. I would give anything to have pictures of those heavy eyes, head-on-your shoulder, clean kiddo scented kisses and snuggles.

  21. I wish that I had more photos of (and could adequately capture) our family dance parties. A fairly regular occurrence around here, they are some of our most fun, joyful and laughter-filled moments and they rarely get caught on camera.

  22. I wish I had more pictures of breakfast time. It’s a great time because the craziness of the day hasn’t hit the house yet.

  23. I love pictures of my daughters sleeping and wish I had more (I’m always afraid the flash with awaken them). Our oldest, who is 5, almost 6, likes to snuggle with us occasionally in the morning, and sometimes will fall back asleep. I wish I could have a camera ready for those moments when she is snuggled close to me with those precious breaths and just dreaming peacefully.

  24. My 9 yo always drew the same picture of a girl with a rainbow over and over and over. I had a whole stack when we moved, but didn’t save any because it seemed like she was always drawing it. Then she stopped drawing ir. And now I don’t have any of her rainbow pictures. I wish I had saved a few of her beautiful pictures.

  25. I wish I had more pictures of my girls playing together. They are 3.5 and 2 years old and have recently started playing together. Since the moments where they are content and playing together are so rare, I don’t want to risk disturbing the peace with pictures and am normally trying to use the time to get my own things done.

  26. I wish i had more pictures of my Daughters secret tea parties and her sword fighting with Captin hook in Sodor (you didnt know Thomas and Peterpan mixed 🙂 she mostly stops when I sneak in to take them but I guess her crazy imagination came from somewhere so I guess ill just imagine what she is doing haha

  27. I wish I had more pictures of me and my daughter together. It seems like I am the always the one holding the camera.

  28. I wish I had more pictures of the past few weeks of my 2 month old son’s life. He’s become so talkative and smiley lately, but my hands are always full with him and his 2 year old brother!

  29. I wish I had more pictures of my son sleeping in my arms while I am rocking him. He’s 2 and getting so big, but when I hold him and look at him I always think “I have to remember this moment.”

  30. My dd has long curly, textured hair and I need to take more ” before” hairstyling pix to remember how unruly those curls could be.

  31. I wish I had more photos of the children during their everyday playtime. It is so neat to see them use their imagination with all their toys. Also, dressing themselves in opposite patterns, their wonderful good morning smiles and the all tuckered out sleeping photos are all treasures I wish I took more of!

  32. I wish I had more pics of the kids with me and my husband just doing everyday things. I have thousands of them-everyday and special occassion-but you’d think they were raising each other with how rarely we show up.

  33. I wish overall I was better at taking more photos!! but the “picture” I wish I had more of is my son first thing in the morning…he is 3 yrs old and I love seeing his tossled “bed head” and sleepy smile first thing in the morning…I just cannot get enough of his sweet face when he first wakes up in the morning…just priceless!!

  34. I wish I would have taken more everyday photos. Sure I have all the recitals, graduation and birthdays, but where are the photos of just hanging out and having fun?

  35. I hope to take a picture everyday for the first year of my unborn babe’s life. Just normal, routine activities, like sleeping, eating, bathing, playing, etc. But those pictures are often the best. 🙂

  36. I am hoping to catch many photos of my upcoming child in all different stages! Especially the caught in the act photos 🙂

  37. I wish I had more pictures of when my 3 kids are just hanging out together and they don’t know I am watching. They are sitting, snuggling, holding hands, have a arm around each other, or sharing a blanket. Seeing them enjoy each others company is precious to me.

  38. I am a mother of three and a grandmother of what will be 5 granddaughters , one coming June 25th. I always was a good picture taker at holidays, but now that my children are grown, there are other times I wish I would have brought the camera out. playing on the swing set outside, playing with the dogs, snuggling on the sofa!! Now that I have grandkids, I hope to take more pictures and remind my kids to do the same. My daughter, after healing from C-section, is going to start running slowly and hopes to have a running stroller at some point. I am trying to get her to do races with me at some point..Something I am looking forward to

  39. My daughter is just 13 months old and already I’m realizing I miss seeing those moments when she was really tiny and snuggle against me to sleep. So it would be those innocent moments when she was just fallen to sleep or just woken up with a sweet sleepy smile.

  40. I wish I had photos of the cuddles on lazy Sunday AMs. Where everyone is in their PJs piled in our bed watching cartoons and we are drinking coffee.

  41. I wish I had more pictures of those first moments in the morning when my boys come in, climb in bed with me, and snuggle or just talk to me about whatever comes out of their little unfiltered mouths. I love those moments and always try to keep it going as long as possible!

  42. I would have loved more time spent running and hiking with my daughter, we only ran one 5k together and have zero pictures of that day. I moved on to run marathons and she was always there to watch me cross the finish line.
    Cherish everyday with your children , they grow up way to fast.

  43. We have lots of pictures of our first child when he was under a year old. Now that we have our second child, I wish we could have more pictures of just her, her and her big brother…bath time, at the table eating, playing, and just trying to practice those first milestones. We have a hard enough time just getting her monthly pics. She will be one at the end of July and I feel like we have 2nd baby syndrome…less pics of that baby and just less pics in general. I’d love to have more random pics of her too.

  44. I wish I had more pictures with me in them. I’m always taking the photos, and very rarely am I in them. There are tons and ton of the kids, and the kids and their dad, and the kids and gram, and the kids and the dog, but very few of the kids and me.

  45. My son is a year and a half old, and I wish I had more photos of him sleeping on my husbands chest as a newborn. My husband would be reading or watching a movie holding our baby while I cooked or got any other thing done, and I wish I would’ve stopped to capture those perfect moments that the two loves of my life were curled up together! They are best buds now.

  46. When my husband comes home and we don’t notice until he has surprised my girls…. All their faces make me melt, but if I grabbed the camera, I’d miss it !!!

  47. I wish I had more pictures of my son every morning he wakes up. I love that sleepy mellow warm look, crazy hair & glassy eyed. They just look precious. He is 6 now & I feel so lucky to have enjoyed so many wonderful mornings with this Dude.

  48. I wish I had more photos of family gathering. I think that it is so important to capture these special moments because the years go by so fast and we often forget how special these times are.

  49. I wish I had more pictures of my kids in some of the tiny outfits they wore. Every now and then I will come across a tiny outfit and I will remember them wearing it, but I won’t have pictures of it.

  50. Wish we had photos of the best times of the day – first thing in the morning when the kids crawl into bed with us for a few minutes and just before bedtime when we cuddle on the couch for a story. Both times are the quiet before the chaos!

  51. More family photos, specifically more of my husband and I together with all the of kids. It is usually one or the other.

  52. I would love pics of the special morning time with my sweet baby girl. When she is nursing and then we spend about 15 minutes cuddling, talking,and giggling. These are the best 15 minutes in the day.

  53. I wish I had more family pictures. We haven’t had a decent picture of our whole family since 2 kids ago.

  54. I would pick the night event of waking up in the middle of the night for my baby. It is true love that drives me and she will never know.

  55. Wish we had more photos of the entire family. I’m always taking pictures of the babe, but never get me or my husband with him.

  56. My husband (who has very large hands) always cuts our daughters fingernails. He has done this since they were both babies. I wish I had a photo of that.

  57. I wish I had more pictures of me with my children. I am always the one behind the camera and never the one in front of it.

  58. My children are still very young and we take lots of phone photos, but I wish we had family photos at holidays and big events. One of us is always taking the photo. I wish we would remember to ask someone to take a photo for us.

  59. I wish I had more pictures of my twins doing anything for the first seven months. Between taking care of the babies, my three year old, (my husband), and working full time, if it didn’t happen while a smart phone was near, we didn’t get a picture of it!

  60. I wish I had more pictures of my children together, it seems like I always catch one or the other rarely do they both pose for a good one together

  61. I wish i had more pics of the big kids. Doing anything. We’ve got the littles covered, but not so much the big kids

  62. More pictures on Christmas morning. My hubby & I seem to get caught up in the moment with our 8 year old triplets, a 5 year old and now a 3 month old. Both hubby & I need to be ready for dismantling toys from boxes & finding batteries, but there are still quick moments where we sit back, glance at one another, smile & think “This is awesome. We did good”

  63. I wish I had more pics of my times nursing my babies. It was such a big bonding time between me and my four kids (I nursed each one for at least a year). This was also so much a part of my life for SO long.

  64. Babies with pets! One day, the pets will no longer be with us and I want my girls to remember how important they were to us.

  65. I wish I had more photos of my kiddos playing together at the park, one of the few places they really enjoy being together and hardly fight at all!

  66. I wish I had more pictures of my children with their grandparents. We live on different coasts and we only get to see each other a few times a year. I always forget my camera.. I tend to think about it the last day of the visit.

  67. There’s obviously a good reason why I DON’T have any pictures of this (I don’t need all of my FB acquaintances seeing my “girls” up close and in person), but I kind of wish I had some pictures or a way to remember all the times I spent breast feeding my babies. My baby girls are 2.5 and 16 months now, and they’ve both stopped breast feeding a while ago. And while i am happy to have my body back to myself, i also miss greatly being the sole source of sustenance for a little life, and I wish I had documented some of those moments, even if I never wanted anyone but me or the hubby to see the pictures. Nursing gave me that same strong feeling as when I run: Moms, our bodies are amazing!

  68. I wish I had more photos of when my son first wakes up and comes stumbling out of his room with those have open sleepy eyes and his hair all crazy like. Cracked me up every morning.

  69. I wish I had more photos of the moment each morning when our oldest daughter Lily (5) comes down the stairs. It is the most excited her two younger sisters Zoey (2) and Ruby (1) get all day! They start yelling “Sissy! Sissy!” It is precious and just shows how much they love their big sister. It would also be a great reminder for those times when Lily is getting a little annoyed with them following her around. 🙂

  70. I wish I had more pics from our daily walks/runs. My kids have been with me for almost every workout since they were born but we have no pics from those times at all.

  71. Wish i had more pics of my toddler sleeping — i never stand over her with a camera (God forbid I cut nap short!) but DAMN is she just precious when she snoozes!

  72. I wish I had more photos with me in them. I’m so busy snapping away that I forget to get in the picture. I also wish for pictures of quiet time – the two of us snuggled in a chair together.

  73. We do a good job capturing day to day events but,I wish I was in more of the photos with my sons. I’m usually the one taking the pictures!

  74. I wish I had more photos of my childhood. I totally overcompensate by taking 100s of pictures each month of my kids.

  75. I guess I can’t get my email right…just in case I win (HA!) it’s fixed in the email line of this reply.

  76. I wish we had more of the “I just got out of my bed” pictures. I LOVE the crazy hair, rosy cheeks, and tired eyes when my son first gets up in the morning and after nap.

  77. My in-laws live abroad and only get to see my daughter once a year when we fly out to see them. Although they call her several times a week(and vice versa), not getting to see them is sad. I wish we were able to get more pics of her with them. It’s bittersweet too since my parents live ten blocks away and see her just about everyday – so while it may be mundane on this end – on the other I guess it’s pretty spectacular. I think this blog just inspired me to put together a day in the life photo album for my in-laws 🙂

  78. I wish I had more pictures of my little girls sleeping. It’s usually too dark to take pictures and I don’t want to wake them up with the flash.

  79. I have a 3 year old and a 9 month old & you know how it goes first one you take a picture of everything for their first smile to their first bogger. but for your second child, not so much picture taking goes on, so I wish I had more pictures of my youngest. But also before we eat supper and before bed we pray, and to see our oldest close his eyes so tight (like he is wishing on a star) is just the best moment that melts this busy mother runners heart. I wish sometimes we all had that innocence back that we had as a child. Although, I may not have digital pictures of these moments I do have mental pictures and I hope that they will stay in my memory for as long as possible.

  80. My son is at knee height now and he loves to play hide and seek with my husband and I. My son grabs my legs and urges my husband to “Hide!” While he is waiting for him to hide, I can hear my son laughing with anticipation to go and “find” him. I can’t see my son’s face but I wish I could have someone else take a photo of his excitement and sheer pleasure in our little game.

  81. I wish I had more pictures of my boys with me and my husband. We take so many pictures of the kids but have hardly any with either if us snuggling, laughing, or just smiling with them!

  82. I wish I had more pictures of my children with their great grandpa that just died recently. I also wish I had more pictures of all three of them playing together. I can definitely work harder at taking more pictures of them now! :0)

  83. Wish I had more pictures of mornings in bed. They boys are allowed to snuggle in our bed after about 630 and they are always to precious. 🙂

  84. I wish I had more photos of me running with my girls. I don’t have a double stroller so i run with one while someone hangs out with the other- and I’d love for my hubby or play date friend to snap one of me and the lucky kiddo who gets to go for a ride 🙂 I also would like more photos of them playing together. I take it for granted that they get along right now… soon they will be fighting over the bathroom mirror or other “important” things… 🙂
    ~Robin @ outrunningtherain.blogspot

  85. I wish I had pictures of early mornings when they get out of bed. The sleepy expectancy will be missed when I have to beg them to get up as teenagers. Best start taking pictures.

  86. I wish I had more photos of me with both of my children. Vacations, birthdays, and holidays, it’s always me behind the camera. I’d love to have more photos with my whole family. That’d just be peachy!

  87. Although our kids are blessed to have 4 grandparents. We never get to see them. They all live do far away, and some are I’ll. I have the best memories of time spent with mt grandmother & I’m sad my kids won ‘t have these memories. So it would be pictures with grandparents. 🙁

  88. Pictures of both girls together! It is next to impossible to get the two beautiful sisters to be even in the screen at the same time never actually having them look and smile at the camera together! Now pregnant with number 3-will there ever be a good shot all the siblings?!

  89. I wish I had pictures of so many things… My sweet boy as he sleeps. The wonderful smile he flashes that melts my heart. I wish I could have more pics of our crazy days… Now to start using the camera I’ve purchased for just that. :0)

  90. My husband is the photographer-I wish there were more photos of him with our son, especially in the early days.

  91. We took monthly pictures of our first son the first year of his birth, but somehow with this second one we kept missing his birthday. I think we have months 1-3, and then gave up. I love to go back through older sons pics and see the progression and how much he grew each year. Poor second son. We’re lucky to catch him on the run every once and a while, now. Such is the hard life of being the second child.

  92. My two little girls are 3 & 5 and are constantly dressing up (in tutu’s, tiaras, high heeled shoes and jewels), turning the radio on and dancing. I would love more pics of them in full diva mode!

  93. Just that… everyday photos. Reading time, folding laundry, snuggling on the couch watching a movie, walking our dog, playing with blocks. Thanks for the motivation, it’s time to get the camera out!

  94. I wish I had more pictures of me with my boys. I have pics of them with their dad, their grandparents, etc – but almost none with me! I guess I am always the one taking the pictures. Need to stop hiding behind the camera lens!

  95. I wish I had some pictures of me running with my daughter in the jogging stroller. I don’t even have any, need to make a note to get some before she gets too old. Shes almost 3 now. I always run by myself, so I never even thought about asking someone to take a pic of us. I have ran with her in some races too.. bummer

  96. Reflecting back on pictures is something I love to do. Seeing the style in clothing change, people growing up and even how the cars have changed over the years. I do wish I had more pictures of myself with my two brothers therefore I want to take lots of pictures of my own kids, growing up. They change so much, so quickly that I want to capture those precious moments!

  97. I wish I had more pictures of all my kids together…as our family has grown in size (we are up to 4 kids) the photos have dwindled. When I look back at the older and numerous photos of my oldest 2 together I keep telling myself I have to take more pictures of everyone even if it seems crazy at the time.

  98. I wish I had more pictures of when I was pregnant. The one I do have is the day before I had my daughter. I was large!

  99. I wish I had more pictures of the sweet look my baby gives when she looks at me. Its breathtaking. I guess I should have someone stand behind me to take the picture LOL!

  100. I wish I had a photo of the first time my son’s feet touched U.S. soil. After the long journey to adopt him from Ethiopia, including the final 12 hour flight, my husband and I were so tired we forgot to take his shoes off and capture the day his citizenship became official. I will always regret missing that photo opportunity!

  101. I wish I had more pictures of the first moment my kids wake up. When they first come padding out of their bedroom, all sweet with morning hair and full of expectations for the new day.

  102. I wish I had more pictures of my girls playing together. It’s such a sweet site that it never occurs to me to reach for my camera. I just get sucked into the cuteness that I forget. 🙂

  103. I wish I had more pictures of my baby sucking her thumb. She gave it up not long ago and I’m surprised how much I miss it.

  104. Hm, that’s actually a really good question; I spend a lot of time reminding myself at big events/on big vacations that you can get TOO caught up in taking pictures and therefore you miss the moment!

  105. I wish I had more pictures of the four of us – me, my husband and our two girls – together, doing anything! We are lucky to be able to spend lots of time together, there just aren’t any pictures of us. I think I’ll ask a friend to snap a picture of us this weekend. Thanks for the reminder! And for the chance to win this running stroller!

  106. I wish we had more pictures of the kids with their grandparents. We only see them once or twice a yr and I always forget to take pictures!

  107. I wish I had more photographs of my daughter with my late husband (her daddy). We look at the ones we have all the time!

  108. I wish I had more photos of what my boobs looked like before two children ravaged them nursing. Actually I wish I had one picture of them , I just don’t have pictures of my boobs on around:) On second thought maybe my husband does!

  109. I wish I had more photos of my boys playing in the water, whether it be the pool or beach. We’re always so busy watching the boys that we don’t get many shots of their smiles. It is such a heartwarming feeling to see them smile, laugh…pure happiness. Something as simple as sand and water can make a child’s whole day. They are growing up way too fast.

  110. I wish I had more pictures of us playing outside. Little Joey loves being outside and I love those times he grabs my hand and we take our nature walks through the backyard or nearby parks and trails.

  111. I wish I had at least one picture of the many, many middle-of-the-night sessions with my infant daughter. I know those will be long gone soon and I’d like to have a reminder of those sweet, sleepy moments (instead of the sleep deprived mornings after.)

  112. I wish I had more pictures of both kids together, during the moments when they appreciate how cool it is to have a sibling–giggling together, helping each other or consoling each other. At 2.5 and 1, it’s nearly impossible to get a shot where they’re both smiling (or at least not crying) and where both look as sweet and perfect as I think they are.

  113. I wish I had pictures of us getting out the door each morning! I think it would be so comical to look back on and see us rushing out the door with our hands full, sometimes crying, sometimes happy, sometimes sleepy babes. Those rushed moments are hard to remember.

  114. I wish I had gotten more photos of my little guy with ME. There are hardly any of me in existence since my son was born.

  115. I wish I had more pictures of Daddy telling bedtime stories when L was really small. I was always so happy to sit, listen and relax that I didn’t take any.

  116. I really wish I had more pictures of everything. It also would be cool to catch all of the firsts on film. I need to keep my camera more handy.

  117. I had my third child 3 weeks ago and he spent his first 13 days in the NICU (he was 5 weeks early). I’m sad that I will never have the pictures of him that I have of his older brother and sister in their first 2 weeks of life. I’m doing my best to make up for it now that he is home 🙂

  118. My son has just started helping me in the kitchen (sweet, but not always so helpful!). I wish I had more (any?) pictures of us working together on weeknight dinners, special baking projects, etc.

  119. I wish I had taken any (not just more!) photo’s of our last two, yes I’ve not taken pictures two years in a row now, camping trips with the kids. I feel like I won’t be able to show them that they went camping as little kids like my parents showed me and I won’t be able to show anyone proof that I actually took three kids 4 and under camping!

  120. I wish I had more pictures of my son playing with his daddy – but they move so fast when they’re playing it’s difficult to get a good shot!

  121. I wish I had pictures of my every day runs with the Rocky Mountains in the distance. I am so lucky and blessed to live in Colorado, yet I have never stopped to capture the beauty it has to offer.

  122. I wish I had more unstaged photos of my family – capturing those candid moments of fun, happiness, and bliss. Anyone can pose with a forced smile, but its the candid moments that I love the best!

  123. More pictures of morning snuggles! including me:) I’m missing from so many pictures, and I know that someday I’ll regret it. Maybe my girls too.

  124. I wish I had more pictures of my son playing without knowing I’m watching. It’s the unexpected moments that take you by surprise and build long-lasting memories.

  125. I wish I was better at documenting birthdays! Seems like the days/activities go by so fast, I look back and only have a couple of pics.

  126. I wish we just had more pictures. We are the worst at taking pictures of big events, let alone everyday things. Every year I resolve to take more pictures!! It’s still a work in progress!!

  127. I wish I had more photos of my whole family together – definitely need to take advantage of the self timer on the camera more to capture all of us!

  128. I wish I had more pictures in general. I have been especially terrible about pictures since my second child was born 2 years ago!

  129. I wish I had more photos of my second child, our baby, taking a bath and hanging out in her crib. I feel like we took way more pictures of our older child (because he was our first) than we do currently with our second child. I don’t have many photos of her going through her daily routines, and I so wish I did!

  130. What a great prize! We’re expecting #2 and will have to upgrade from the single jogger I currently use. This stroller looks awesome for the littles.
    I wish I had more pictures of mealtimes. We get some of the best stories from our daughter at dinner and I don’t want to forget those everyday moments.

  131. I wish that I had more pictures of the tantrums, the grumpy faces. That sounds sadistic, I know, but every new stage seems so hard and I am constantly having to remind myself that we’ve been through hard times before and came out on top. So, those pictures, I may be able to smile at now, and move forward 🙂

  132. I wish I had more pictures of dinner time. It’s the one time of day that I don’t remember to grab the camera and there is nobody around to snap a picture of the entire family. We have so much fun though, sitting around the table chatting about our day, giggling at my 5-year-old being silly and cracking up at our 2-year-old who can’t get enough of her big brothers silliness. It’s something I know I’m going to miss when they get older, I try to enjoy all of our family dinners, even the stressful ones.

  133. I wish I had more pictures of the everyday walks and runs that I took with my boy-girl twins this past year. I wish I had paid more attention to their transformation to toddlers as I got myself back together after their birth in May 2012. We grew together, and they were there every step of the way with a hand-me-down double jogger that appears to have no label. It’s certainly not a fancy Bob! I used to hate it, but now I realize how strong I’ve gotten pushing it through our neighborhood with its single, front locked wheel.

  134. I wish I could get photos of those quiet moments my kids playing with one another and don’t know I’m watching. My son, who is three, has some of the cutest, sweetest interactions with my 10 month old daughter that I can never seem to capture on film.

  135. I’m pretty good about pictures – both the mundane and special. But I do wish I had more video of all the kids and the silly things they say/do. I have a ton of #1…but it is lacking 2-4 (getting progressively worse! But I’m trying hard to fix this with #4…he’s still a baby!). Those cute little toddler pronunciations and funny toddler logic just don’t last long enough.

  136. I wish I had more photos of my kids when they’ve just woken up from a nap–that bedraggled, sleepy-eyed look and how excited they get when I come in to get them out of the crib.

  137. I simply wish to have more photos of me with my children. Usually it’s me taking the pictures or holding the video camera – sometimes simultaneously! It would also be really neat to have a couple professional photos of all of us as well!

  138. I wish I had more pictures of me with my daughter. 90% of the time I am the one taking the pictures so when I go back through there are plenty of great shots but rarely one with me in it!

  139. I wish I had more pics of me with my boys. I am always behind the camera, and don’t think to try for pics together!

  140. I wish I had more pictures of us when we are at our silliest. You know when everyone’s making faces at each other and/or when you are laughing so are at your child’s antics that you can’t talk and tears are rolling down your face.

  141. I wish I had more photos of my kids doing chores together, like cleaning up the dinner table and dirty dishes. That’s one of the best times to watch my girls work together and connect with each other, without arguing but cracking jokes and sharing secrets, while I get some extra cuddle time with their baby bro!

  142. I wish we had more images of our children’s “thinking” moments. The moments were their minds are trying to understand and process new information, situations and objects. I explain something, they pause to think about it and in true toddler fashion, they are on to something else. I take in pride in my attempts to explain and teach on their level and they could care less. It is that moment that I wish I could capture. The “hey look butterflies” moments.

  143. I wish I had more photos of my husband with my children. My son had to create a Father’s Day project and although we have family photo’s, not one picture of just my husband and my son.

  144. I wish I had more photos of my husband and I trying, then eventually succeeding at getting our son into our baby carrier for the first time. It would be good to see us working through the challenge together, reminding us of the importance of teamwork in parenting.

  145. I have an insane number of pictures – but I do with there were more of the things my son and I do together. Being the one behind the camera, there are tons of my son and my husband and only a few of us.

  146. For as much as I love taking pictures, I wish I could be in more with my son! The problem with being the one who loves playing with the camera and figuring out all the settings, also means I’m the one behind it. Sometimes my husband snaps a few…but I definitely have to ask for the shots that I want to make sure I’m in some with my son!

  147. I wish I took a photo of my baby in the same setting each time she became a month older for the first year. There is so much development that goes on in that short time that it would have been fun to have a record.

  148. I wish I had more pictures of my parents with my kids. And then…challenged to get in more pictures with my kids, too. I’m putting together a 60th-birthday album for my mom and I don’t have enough pictures of her! Inspired to change that…

  149. I have been dying for one of these! With an almost 4 yr old and 2 yr old, I need something easier to push. I love that it turns into a bike trailer and regular stroller. For all our excursions over here in Germany (husband is military), this would be perfect. We run, bike and walk the trails every day. The weather here is nutty too with lots of rain, snow and wind-this would be perfect!

  150. I took most of the photos of my babies, so there are very few of me in them. I wish I had more of me just holding them or feeding them.

  151. I wish I had more photos of me with the kids when they were very young just reading books together in the rocking chair. I wasn’t feeling very photogenic post-baby and I can’t find any that include me.

  152. I wish I had more pictures of my kids developed. Unfortunately, most pictures of them are residing on SD cards. I would like more of them as little babies at the hospital. My second born came so much faster then my first, we left the camera in the car and didn’t get anything from her arrival, whearas with my first my mom was on photography duty and got some amazing shots. Big time Mommy guilt for second born.

  153. I need to take more photos of my husband and daughter’s bedtime routine. They’re just precious together.

  154. I wish I had more pictures of my youngest daughter’s gummy smile. She had two teeth by the time she was 6 months old and I wish I got to enjoy her gummy smile more.

  155. Really just more pictures with my boys. I seem to be the one who takes all the family pictures. There are tons of photos with my husband caught doing cute things with our sons. Pictures of me with them are staged and end
    of with half my head since I’m taking the picture myself with an iPhone! Lol

  156. I would love to have pictures of my kids and our pets. The pets
    preceded the kids. I have pictures of the dogs and cats and pictures
    of the kids but rarely together, which is ironic as they were always

  157. I wish I had more pictures of our cuddle time. My son is growing up so fast that I know I won’t get the snuggles forever, so it would be fabulous to be able to relive those moments later through photographs.

  158. I actually tend to take a lot on photos of my kids and family. But that can be the problem bc it means I’m not in them unless I’m taking a selfie.

  159. As a single mom we don’t have very many “family” pictures of my son and I. We get some professionally taken every year but the 11 months in between don’t have any of the two of us. 🙂

  160. I wish I had more photos of my daughter and I when she was a tiny newborn. I was too sleep deprived and brain drained to think about photos together. Now she is a too busy to bother with photos toddler…

  161. When I was 18 I shaved my head but I don’t have any pictures! My daughter still doesn’t believe me because to her I’m such a girly girl.

  162. I wish I had at least a few pictures of me nursing my son. We nursed for 15 months and I don’t have a single picture.

  163. My 2nd daughter’s first few moments…she arrived so quickly that we don’t have those first few moments on camera. She was all weighed, cleaned off and diapered before we snapped the first picture!

  164. More photos of my husband and I or my daughter and I. I always seem to be the one behind the camera taking photos!

  165. More photos of my husband and I or my daughter and I. I always seem to be the one behind the camera taking photos!

  166. I wish I had photo documentation of our going to bed routine. I would love pictures of us cuddling in bed and reading stories together.

  167. There are so many special moments in life that one can only wish that they had more photos of. None more special than the other and having it all captured by a single flash that will someday allow us to reflect on what made that moment so captivating. So, I ask myself what everyday event would I want more photos of and my only answer is the sunset. What more beautiful experience could be so breathtaking, so meaningful and so spiritual as when the sky turns a beautiful reddish orange color and the clouds seem to light up along with it. Something so simple as the sunset should remind us all that we were blessed with another day, another moment with our families. That’s when I thank God for blessing me with life. For my little baby girl I get to rock to sleep once more, for the little boy who is growing up so quickly before my eyes and for the man who still melts my heart after twelve years of marriage. No matter where I am, I still watch the sun as it sets and I thank God that He blessed me with another day, another chance to do it all over again. That is what I wish I had more photos of.

  168. I wish I more picks of my daughter sleeping! Babies are so sweet when they sleep and I have tons of pics of my son, but absolutely none of my daughter.


  169. Maybe it’s creepy, but I wish I had more pictures of my kids sleeping. They don’t pose, they don’t react, they don’t even know I’m there. But I think my kids take the best pictures when they are asleep. I could sit there and watch them all night. I’d definitely like to have more pictures of that.
    Then again, who am I kidding. I think I’d like more sleeping pictures because it’s documentation of time when they aren’t fighting or getting into something.

  170. My kids and husband don’t like to have their pictures taken so I wish I had more candid shots of them eating, running, playing, even sleeping. It would be better than nothing.

  171. I wish I had more pictures of my husband and I together. Since we had kids we just take snap the kiddos…we always forget us!

  172. Just the everyday things that we do around the house….reading books together, playing games, ect. I seem to only get the camera out for “special occasions” or “firsts”…

  173. I just wish I had more pictures of my kids altogether! They usually are on the move so quickly that I can’t get the camera out fast enough!

  174. I wish we had more photos of goodnight hugs and kisses….. Our little one likes to stall and asks for tons of hugs and kisses from us-what she doesn’t know is that I don’t mind the extra 10 minute delay for those sweet kisses and “bear hugs”!!!

  175. I wish I had more pictures of my kids sleeping and sitting next to each other reading. I also wish it were possible to get videos of them in the car…they say the silliest things.

  176. The naked newborn. He is so bundled up in all of our pics that I can hardly remember his tiny feet or his bony butt 🙂

  177. I have four kids and I wish I had more pictures of them sleeping, sitting next to each other, and car rides to school and daycare. I would really love videos of the car rides….the kids say and do the silliest things in the car.

  178. I wasn’t great about taking everyday pics of the kids but when we were broken into in January, one item they took was the camera. Luckily, I had just backed up the Christmas pictures because my mom asked for them but I don’t even remember what else was on the camera! I am still so bummed over pictures I can’t remember… :o)

  179. uh, AMAZING give-a-way!! I wish I had more pictures of my children and their birth stories. Not the actual birth, but the days leading up to it and the weeks following. I wish I had a personal photographer to follow them during the day. I know someday, I will wish I had more pictures!

  180. I have a lot of candid shots but not many posed, nicely dressed shots. My mother did with all us kids every 6 months that I said I never would. Now of course I wish I would have. Guess it’s never too late. 🙂

  181. I wish I had pictures of our family when we first wake up. Everyone just looks so stinkin’ cute in the morning!

  182. Everyday activities. I always seem to take pics during big events , but forget to during our daily lives. Also I wish I printed more of them.

  183. My daughter is only 14mo. So I take ALOT of pictures of everything still, but most of the pics are just of her. I wish I had more pics of us as a family.

  184. I wish I had more pictures of the kids with their grandparents and extended family members- it’s always so busy when we visit that taking pictures is one of the last things I think about!

  185. It may sound bad, but I wish I had more pictures of my two girls watching tv together. Rarely do they ever sit so quietly together.

  186. I wish I had more pictures of my youngest daughter’s 1st year. She has a genetic disorder, so our first year was spent trying to figure that all out & adjust to feeding tubes, acid reflux, etc. Hard to remember to snap a photo when you’re covered in projectile vomit:).

  187. Any daily events–I feel like as soon as each day is over, I wish I had taken pictures. I just always forget to pull out the camera while we’re having fun. And since I’m always the one who takes any pictures, there are so few pictures of the kids with ME. I’m trying to get better about letting my husband be the photographer when he’s home 🙂

  188. I wish for two things: more pictures of me with the kids, and more pictures of my second, soon to be middle, child.

  189. I wish I had more pics of me with the family. Sounds silly….but I am always behind the camera. I have to remind my hubby to grab the camera and get momma too!

  190. I wish I had more pictures of them just before I run and get the camera, how often the moment has past when I return.

  191. I wish I had more pictures of my kids with ME… I hate getting my picture taken but I want my kids to have those memories with me forever.

  192. Playing in the yard, walking the dogs, pictures of all four of us together! I swear, I’m going to have to hire a professional just to get a picture of my whole family.

  193. I wish I had more pictures of everyday family interaction. All my pictures are of just my kiddos. None of my husband and myself with the kids.

  194. wish I had more pics of dad and the kids together or me and the kids together. Also – more pics of the kids sleeping — they always look so sweet and peaceful when they sleep!

  195. It sounds kind of weird, but I actually wish I had captured pictures of me breastfeeding my kids. I never thought it was somehting I wanted captured on film until I saw a photo of a mom nursing it was just so beautifully done. Now that both my kids are well past that stage, I wished I had captured it on film.

  196. I would love to have more pics from when my son was born! My husband was so nervous, he couldn’t operate the camera.

  197. I wish I had more pics of the kids laughing. So many times when they are roaring at the hilarity of something completely weird I find myself wishing I had a camera but knowing that if I go up to get one the moment would be gone. Instead I just hope one images stay forever in my mind.

  198. I wish I had more photos from when my sisters and I were little. I don’t have a great memory and I just want to recall how we used to play together. (mom and dad weren’t very good photographers)

  199. I homeschool my 8 kids, and I have tons of pictures of the kids posed at the hundreds of field trips we’ve done, but I wish I had more of them just playing at home together. Making forts, epic beyblade battles, etc.

  200. I wish I had taken more photos of us together. I have a ton of pictures of them but hardly any of the kids with me or my husband since we are always behind the camera. Also I wish I had more pics of them doing what they do most-Legos and Barbies!

  201. I wish I had more pictures of my older girls playing together when they were little. It has reminded me that I need to get pictures of my three little girls playing tea party before they grow up any more.

  202. I have two older children in addition to my toddler. I wish that I had more pictures of my older two children playing together as they are now in the throes of older child sibling rivalry!

  203. Our kids are pretty young–almost 6; 4-1/2; almost 2 with #4 on the way. We take lots of pictures, but I do wish we had more video of the kids learning to talk.

  204. I wish I had more pictures of me going through the bedtime ritual of putting my kids to sleep. Reading books, drinking bottles, rocking them to sleep. This is a special time for me as a parent and I know there will come a time that my kids won’t want me holding them like this anymore.

  205. I wish I had more pictures from right after the birth of my second son. Things were a bit chaotic and we never got any pictures of me holding him for the first time (aside from a kind of gross picture of him on laying on my stomach all slimy and gross :)) or of me and my husband with our little newbie. Can’t get that moment back!

  206. I wish I had more pictures of our “walk walks”! My toddler is 18 months and is obsessed with walking the dog but I’m always too busy juggling keeping the dog on the leash and my kid out of harm’s way that I rarely get to capture that time. He takes his dog walking very seriously and is always so proud of himself!

  207. I wish I had more pictures of my kids playing and just relaxing with them. They are so funny and I don’t capture that enough.

  208. I wish I had more photos of me sharing mundane moments with the kids. I also sincerely hope that one day I’ll be wishing I had more pictures of my fourth bambino (due in August) in his or her kick ass new chariot. No, wait, I solemnly swear that I’ll take a picture every time. Does that help my odds? 🙂

  209. I wish I had more pictures of my toddler nursing. He is still going strong, but I’m betting weaning will happen very soon because I’m not getting enough sleep. I will miss the closeness!

  210. wish i more pictures of my daughter as i drop her off at school. She loves school and she’s always so delighted to her her fellow 2nd grader friends.

  211. I wish I had more pictures of my oldest (now 3) with ME in them! I am a photographer, and it shows in the bazillion pictures I have of the little dude with everyone else, or by himself, but only like 3 of me with him. I’m working hard on correcting this with my new baby girl, who is 3 months. If I won this, the first thing I would do is have someone take a shot of me with the kiddos in it, heading out for a run!

  212. I wished I took more photos of my older son with his missing front teeth. It always brought a smile to my face to see that toothless grin. I’ve got a younger one, though, so I plan to get it right this time!

  213. I wish I’d snapped more pics of my youngest daughter playing dress-up and my oldest daughter sorting Pokemon cards.
    *Hoping to win the stroller for my brother-in-law and his family. They have a toddler and a new baby and could really use this!

  214. I wish I had pictures of my kids dancing together. It’s their favorite thing to do (and one activity where fights are at a minimum!) yet whenever I whip out the phone or a camera they instantly stop. Ah well…

  215. Can’t believe I am going to say this but . . . I wish I had ONE picture of me nursing my sons. I have none – not a one. I nursed each of them for 16 months and wavered between loving it and loathing it (lugging that breast pump back and forth was no party). So, when I think about the amount of time I spent nursing I am actually shocked that I have zero pictures! Now, with nursing in my rearview mirror I am proud of what I accomplished and wish that I had at least ONE picture of me doing it!

  216. My girls are 15 months apart and are now 8 and 9. I was overwhelmed during the 2 bottles, 2 binkies, 2 diaper change years that I just didnt get a lot of photos of milestone events. I wish I had documeted birthday for them from ages 1-5. It was all such a blur. I am preggers with #3 now, and have a chance to document that. Boy would I love that chariot. We were so poor when the kids were little, I had a cheap-o jogger.
    This is the last day of school for us and I am in tears wondering how on earth they got from babies to big kids so fast.

  217. Man, there are so many of their antics I try to catch on camera that they stop doing before I can get a picture! I think I’ll have to go with facial expressions – in particular, my younger son’s mischievious gleam and my older one’s sheepish-but-proud look.

  218. I wish I had more pictures of family game night. We always are having such a blast I don’t think to interrupt it with a picture.

  219. I wish I had more photos of my two little ones together, snuggling when my youngest was a baby. Sadly, one is always on the run or (more often than not) doesn’t want to be next to her older sister now that she can walk/run.

  220. We do 4H. We show pigs, goats, and chickens. I wish I had more photos of my kids firt year. They have grown and learned so much since then!

  221. I wish I had more photos (good quality photos with a real camera, not an iphone camera) of my son sleeping – it sounds a bit odd, but I wish I had captured those 100% peaceful and innocent moments.

  222. I wish I had more photos of my two boys playing together. Now 1 and 3 years old, they are discovering more and more about each other and it’s truly priceless. I’d venture to say that a photograph could barely capture the love, admiration and curiosity that drives their endless play. Each tests the other in a “what if I do THIS?” game- which is fascinating and irritating at the same time. The bond developing melts my heart and makes me glad each has the other, despite my concerns of having two kids and going through all the challenges twice!

  223. Probably sounds weird, but I wish I had more pics of when my son was a REALLY little guy (he was 5 lbs 5oz at birth) and ME. I think we have one (I am not counting anything taken in the hospital!) I still don’t like how I look in pictures anymore (tired/messy hair etc.)

  224. My 2 year old has quite the imagination. I wish I had more pictures of him playing -like zooming “airplane “around me, playing ball with his brothers …wait -his brothers were once this age too, doing cute things too…I wish I had more pictures of my boys playing and imagining together.

  225. Hmmm…photos of all my kids together. I have 3 kids…26, 20 and 21 months!!! It is rare that we can all of us together at the same time. Yup…that’s it.

  226. I wish I had more photos of me pregnant with my first two kiddos. Luckily I realized that they were lacking before getting pregnant with my third (and final) and was able to make the effort and take more pics of my growing belly.

  227. I wish I had pics of my almost 20 mon. old twins as they chatter at each other in their cribs, often much too early in the morning. If I entered the room to take a photo, attention would turn to mama demands (and the obsession with the iphone). It’s all in my imagination, with a lovely real soundtrack of giggles, chirps, and the occasional squeel.

  228. More candid photos of the kids. They’re so cute and are always doing fun, funny and adorable things. Sadly I don’t have my camera on me all the time. (And of course the second I run to get it, the moment always passes.) 🙂

  229. I wish I had more photos of my husband and I. We are really bad at getting photos taken of us together and now with the little one its even harder to get all 3 of us together!

  230. I definitely wish I had more pictures of me with the kiddies when they were just tiny babies. I’m the picture taker so I have tons of them with other family but just a couple of them with me alone. Now I know what to do with baby #3 😉

  231. I wish I had more pics of my son holding my daughter after she was born… he was 2 when she was born and was so gentle and loving with her. He is now 3 1/2 and she is 16 months…. so now it is all wrestling and with the occasional aggressive hug 😉

  232. I wish I had more photos that included me-family shots or me with the kids. Maybe with the next one (coming I. 9 days!)

  233. I wish I had more pictures of my husband doing the bedtime routine. He is in the military and isn’t home too often for bedtime. The moment he is cuddling with our daughter before putting her down, melts my heart. I can’t wait to see the bond and capture this moment with Baby #2!

  234. I wish I had more pictures of my little guy after we brought him home. All cuddled up in blankets and SwaddleMe cocoons, he was just so hug-able and cozy. Even though he is only six months, I already miss those times.

  235. Oh my goodness, I thought I took lots of photos, but I still wish I had some more of kids just playing together. As they get older they have their own “thing” and don’t spend as much time together just playing.

  236. I wish i had more pictures of me with my daughters!! especially when they were babies just cuddled up on my chest. Im always the one taking pictures so there are lots of just them and lots with dad but not soo many with mom.

  237. I wish I had more pictures of my two boys’, 5& 8, inventions. The things they come up with every day in their playing together sometimes boggles my mind. I’m not sure where they got the creative gene, but it surely wasn’t from me! The new stroller would be awesome, since I am due with #3 in September!

  238. i wish i had more pictures of the whole family together. we take so many of our daughter alone, but so very few of us together.

  239. I wish I had pictures of my girls sleeping. Everything is right in the world when I look at their peaceful faces deep in slumber. The little one sucking a phantom pacifier, the bigger one contorting in seemingly uncomfortable positions… it’s priceless. It may be a big creepy, but I could look at a whole photo album of them asleep.

  240. I wish I had more pics of my two kids in the running stroller with me in them! Since I am always the one taking the pictures, I am never in the frame.

  241. I wish I had more photos of my 2 yr old daughter and my Dad. Sadly he passed away last year, but man, did she light up the minute he walked in the room! Nothing like a Grandpa’s warm smile!

  242. Wish I had more pictures of our mornings!! So I could remind the kids of hectic things can get!! Then when they have families of their own- they will be reminded to just relax and go with the flow! Everything will turn out fine!!

  243. Me with my kids. I’m always taking photos of them playing with each other or with my husband but unless I make it a point to hand someone a camera and take a picture of me (which feels awkward) I’m never in them.

  244. I wish I had more (or any) pictures of my first babe with her family daycare provider. She was an extension of our family for so many years and I wish I had documented that!

  245. I wish I had more pictures of all the races I’ve participated in! I really haven’t not documented that many!!

  246. I guess technically it would be an audio recording rather than a picture, but I wish I could capture my daughter’s wit. She cracks us up with some of her quick one liners.

  247. Back in the days before digital, when our current black lab was just a pup, we brought him to a half marathon where he was accosted by men women and children. I took a whole roll of pictures of him, only to realize afterwards that there was no film in the camera. Now that we all have smartphones and digital cameras, I’m pretty good at snapping pics of everything. I just need to make a better effort at getting the ‘real’ camera out more often.

  248. I wish I had more pictures of my kids when they are just relaxing. I have a lot of them smiling/playing on special occasions, but not too many of them just doing their everyday thing.

  249. I wish I had more candid shots of me and the kids. I have literally thousands of shots of them just *being* with all our family and friends, yet few of all the hours I have spent enjoying being a mom.

  250. I wish I had more photos of my daughter and I when she was younger. I was so preoccupied with my weight that I didn’t take enough pictures of us.

  251. I feel like I have lots of good shots of the important moments. More, though, I wish I had pictures with me in them. I’m always the one behind the camera. I’m sure I’m not alone and there are lots of other moms who are the photographer and almost never the subject.

  252. I would love more photos of the funny outfits my 2 1/2 year old daughter puts together. She already has quite the sense of style! I also echo other moms’ sentiments about wishing for more photos of me with my kids.

  253. I wish I had more pics of the kids when they were sleeping. Kids can pass out in all sorts of weird places and positions. I did happen to grab a pic of my youngest passed out across two Windsor chairs when he was two.

  254. I wish there were more photos of my two little girls sharing sweet moments together. The cuddles, the hugs, the whispered “I love you sissy!”. They make me melt and I never seem to have a camera {or iPhone} with to capture it. I want them to always remember their bond and love.

  255. I wish I had more pictures of my kids with their three sets of great-grandparents. All sets are in their 80’s and we’re so thankful to have all but one set still living. But one day, when their great-grandparents are gone, I know they will cherish having pictures with them. I guess that same goes for all family pictures!

  256. Having three kids in under five years, breastfeeding has been a big thing in our house. I love all the special time I’ve spent nursing my babies, including my nine month old. I wish I had photos of me cuddling and nursing each child since its been such a special time for each of us.

  257. I wish I had taken more photos of my daughter playing with her friends. We’re usually so rushed with drop off and pick up that I neglect to capture those special moments with her buds.

  258. My son and I together. I am usually the one behind the camera so I get lots of photos of him playing or photos of him with his dad and grandparents, but it is rare that I get one of him and I spending time together!

  259. I wish I had more pictures of me with the kids – doing anything. My partner is in the Navy, so often I am the only one around to even take pictures, and even when he’s home I am so in the habit that I rarely hand the camera over.

  260. I wish I had more photos of bedtime… that is such precious time- simple, everyday event… that centers me daily and reminds me of the million blessings we have!

  261. I wish I had more pictures of my little one’s hair first thing in the morning. She has the cutest little bed head!!

  262. I wish there was a way (I don’t think a picture would do justice) of capturing the the book/cuddle/talk time before bed… It’s a rare few minutes of quiet connection; touching, talking and sharing that is in stark contrast to the rest of our chaotic, rush-around day.

  263. We are still in the throws of toddlerhood so I’ll take all these comments to heart. I definitely wish my husband manned the camera more so I had more pictures with my children. Or hand the camera to a stranger to get more pictures of all of us.

  264. Everyday stuff. Random gatherings of family, not just a birthdays or events, working in the yard, all the little things you later say “remeber that time…”.

  265. My boys play each day with Legos and creating their videos of their lives.
    They have recently started a video diary with their dad and my husband of 17 years who has
    Terminal brain cancer. I spend as much time with my family and cherish each moment.

  266. Sleeping. The kids always look so comfortable and happy while sucking their thumbs and snuggling with each other, their blankeys, or our dog. I never wanted the flash to wake them up, so pics limited to day-time snoozes on the sofa.

  267. I wish I had more pictures of the whole family together. One of us (usually me or my husband) is always taking the picture.

  268. I wish I had taken more of the great Lego creations my son made, and more of people on vacations, they are all of “things”.

  269. When we sit on the couch and laugh. Never a good time to get up in the middle of it to get the camera – but we have so much fun sitting and talking or watching funny things together – would love to capture that more!

  270. I wish I had more photos that had both me and my husband with the children (the entire family in them). One or the other of us is always taking the pics so the family is never complete.

  271. I wish I had a photo of the nightly book reading/snuggling/question asking times that we are in right now. I don’t ever want to forget them.

    Note to self: Take a picture tonight.

  272. I agree with Amy. I wish I had taken more pictures with my children. My bigger wish is that I wrote down those things I was sure I wouldn’t forget…. so how old was my second daughter when she took her first steps. And the first teeth were lost when? Yikes. Perhaps my older can document for the baby?

  273. I am still in the thick of little kids (4 children under 8), but I have not a single picture of “snuggles”. I can’t count how many times a day I am kissing, hugging, or snuggling a little one, but I never think to have someone take a picture of that! However, at the end of the day, those are the moments I remember…

  274. My daughter is a blur of motion — and most of the time so am I. So we are awesome about catching all those fun “action” shots: jumping in the ocean, playing in the yard, laughing with my husband, chasing the dog. I wish, though, that we had more photos of the quiet moments, like when Maddie is just curled up in my arms first thing in the morning, or at night right before she goes to bed. Her quiet expressions are so different than the exuberant laughs I usually capture and I just want to make sure I never forget them, because they’re just as beautiful.

  275. I wish I had more photos of my son playing pretend and eating. He’s so funny to watch while he plays with his animal toys and the way he lines them up.

  276. I wish I had a photo of my daughter’s hands around my neck. It reminds me of the intimacy and closeness of nursing that existed even after the nursing relationship ended. I love the feeling of her hands on my neck and face.

  277. I wish I had more photos of the “stretchy face” my daughter made whenever she stretched as an infant. Her upper lip would curl and she would look like a mini Elvis! It was one of my favorite faces that she made but we could never manage to capture it. She will be two on 6/22 and hasn’t made the face in at least 18 months.

  278. Moments with me and my 4 children…I am usually the one taking the photos and I have some very special ones of my husband with the kids but very few of me and the kids

  279. I wish I had more pics of my daughter’s sweet little face just as she wakes up. It’s the calm before the storm, and SO cute 🙂

  280. I wish I had more pictures of our week day mornings… My girls wake up so early and are always so happy but it’s such a rushed time… And they are not yet a dirty mess from the day!

  281. I’ve totally contemplated hiring a photo journalist to follow us around one day for this very reason! I’d love pictures of ME with my kids. Talk about mundane– I’m the diaper changer, bather, dresser, chef– but I’d love to document what it looks like when we’re interacting. My almost three year old says some hilarious things, and I’d love to capture our facial expressions when he comes up with his crazy/sweet things (his most recent? “Mommy, you’re a blessing”). I’ve been working on overcoming the fear of being in photographs (take that, body image!) to the point of wanting desperately to have more pictures!

  282. I wish I had more photos of the huge morning hug my 2 year old son gives to his favorite cat. It is the sweetest part of my day!

  283. This would be an amazing blessing to me and my kids! Thanks to my handy iPhone there aren’t many everyday activities I feel like I miss out photographing, but I often wish I would pull out my big ole dslr more often. When my daughter was little I always tried to do a monthly photo shoot withy daughter. Now I am happy if I get a seasonal shoot with my big camera.

  284. I am always the one behind the camera, I would love more pictures of me with my children, me running and me just being me 🙂

  285. I wish I had more just plain ol’ conversations of my kids as they’ve been growing (I still have time) or even video of my man and I before kids…wait, not like that! Just conversations and silly videos.

  286. I wish I had more photos of me and my children together..not being overly happy with my body I often hide from the camera which I’ve only realized too late equals not many photos of me with my kids..

  287. This is not pictures, but I wish I had captured video of the silly things my son says and does on a regular basis – like zoom around the house like an airplane.

  288. My children are now 12, 8 & 5. All three were constantly getting into things as toddlers! Examples: cooking flour (snow all over the kitchen and living room), dumping a huge bucket of sand from the sand pile outback onto the family room floor so they could play with sand while watching Dora & putting on mommy’s makeup.
    At the time I was too busy cleaning up the mess to think about pictures. The memories are there, but it would be nice to have blackmail photo’s for the teen years.

  289. I wish I had more naked baby bath time pictures! They would be great blackmail later in life 😉 plus I love little naked baby tushies!!

  290. As Jim Croce wrote, photographs and memories. It’s what we have left after our loved ones are gone, how bittersweet it is. My son was killed unexpectedly and how I wish I had never erased pictures he was in! When I see pictures of him, I am holding a priceless treasure. I find it near impossible to delete pictures of my other kids and grand kids and wish I had more! More! More!! As all of them are far away! After I am gone, my poor kids will be sorting through the pictures I have amassed in this digital age!

  291. OMG, I have so been thinking about having baby #2, if I win this, this is a sign that it must happen 🙂 lol
    As lame as it sounds I wish I had more pictures of everything 🙂 He is baby #1 after all so we have to have pictures of every moment 🙂 There are times when (even though we have over 2000 pictures combined) there are months when there are only a couple of pics.
    I am most sad, however, that no one (repeat not any of the two grandmothers, one grandfather, the aunt, the two uncles,or the very close family friend) took any pictures at his baptism. I am most sad that we don’t have pictures from that.

  292. I wish I had more pictures of my girls when they first wake up in the morning. I love their little sleepy faces when they first wake up, but a bright flash first thing in the morning seems kinda cruel. 🙂

    Thanks for a great give away!

  293. I wish I had pictures of my weekly long runs with my girlfriends. Those runs are our precious time – to connect, to catch-up, to escape the chaos of home. We’ve joked that we should have one of our husbands come along on a bike with a camera some day to catch an action shot. I know that when we’re old and grey, those early Saturday mornings will be precious memories of great friends!

  294. How about my little 2 year old, standing up on the fence outlining the daycare playground, yelling “it’s my mommy! it’s my mommy!”…
    I don’t have a single picture of that and it’s by far one of the best moments of my days, driving to the daycare after work and seeing that pleasant little butter ball waiting for me with a huge smile on his face:) Thanks for reminding me to get a pic of that!

  295. I wish I had more family photos. I just put together a baby book of my little girl’s first year and realized that we had one family pic—from the day she was born. I’m determined to have someone take a nice photo of us at our next family get-together!

  296. I wish I had more photos of my boys after the age of 3… Life gets busy and you forget to snap all the little things throughout, the funny costumes, playing in the water, vacations, etc. With a new little one on the way I will be sure to take her photo and pull her much older brothers in as well.

    Would be GREAT to have a nice stroller to fit our precious cargo.

  297. I wish I had done professional pictures of my daughter when she was a preemie in the NICU. At the time we were so stressed and cash strapped, it was the last thing on our minds.

  298. I definitely wish I had more pictures of my kids and me together! It seems like I’m always the one behind the camera so we always gets pics of my hubby and the kids but never me with the kids.

  299. I wish we had more pictures of how lovey my daughter gets right before bedtime! It’s the only time she’s still and just let’s me hold her tightly in my arms. I will miss those moments when she’s all grown up! Good thing she has a sibling on the way! You can never have too many baby cuddles!!

  300. The everyday events I wish I had more photos of are the little things! Like trying to brush their teeth, getting dressed by themselves and jumping for the first time! The big smiles they have after they do it is priceless. My 21 month old just yesterday put on her shoes to go outside, of course on the wrong feet, came and showed me saying “awe”, so cute! She was so proud she put them on AND of course I didn’t have my camera to catch the moment!

  301. I wish I had more pictures of my two boys with me. Thanks to my phone I take pictures of the boys all day everyday to send to grandparents who live far away, but I rarely have somebody else around to include myself in the pictures.

  302. We need more family pictures — lots of pictures of the dog or my daughter, but not many with myself and my husband in them as well.

  303. Pictures with both my son and me. He’s grown and I was always the photographer or just didn’t feel “picture” ready. Now that my sister has a baby, I try to make sure I take plenty of pictures of them together for her.

  304. I wish I had more photos of the everyday events with my little one -bath time, meals. Bed time… I can’t believe how fast he’s growing up!

  305. I wish I had more photos, well video, of the laughter from silly things. The full on toddler belly laugh. The cutest thing ever!

  306. I would have loved more pictures of my daughter learning to climb and drink out of cups, I was deployed for most of her time during that stage so we don’t have many pictures of her from like 1 to 2.

  307. I wish I had more infant just-born pics of my oldest. My husband transferred all the 0-4 months pics to a disc to “protect them” in case something happened to our PC, and it has never been seen since. All those preemie NICU photos… Gone!

  308. I have lots of pictures of the kids, but I wish I had more of my husband and I together. We are best friends and even though at the time they are taken I am never happy seeing a picture of myself, when I look back now at the few we do have I cherish seeing our younger selves together.

  309. Thank goodness for smartphones…I am pretty good about snapping pics on the go! I wish I had more pics of my kids sleeping but I am too scared I’ll wake them up so I don’t dare try!!

  310. I wish I could capture more of the temper tantrums. While they aren’t “funny” when they’re happening they truly are an everyday moment that you can’t help but think is cute.

  311. I wish I had more pictures of my two girls sleeping. They are so sweet and precious when sound asleep.

  312. I wish I could capture the spontaneous giggles and smiles. I am never quick enough but those moments are what keep me going when the tired temper tantrums seem to be never ending.

  313. I wish I had more pictures of everyday life. My children are all 4 and under and I stay at home with them. I really should have more than what I do

  314. I wish I had pictures of my daughters waiting for the school bus. My kindergartner loves riding the bus so much and my three year old loves to wait in line for the bus with all the big kids. Unfortunatly I work full time so I only get to hear the details from my sitter. Apperently everyday when the bus comes my girls give eachother a big kiss on the lips and tell eachother “I love you sissy!”. Seeing that would never get old!

  315. I wish I had more pics of me and my husband with my boys. We take lots of pictures of them but very rarely get family shots.

  316. I wish I had pictures of the wrestling matches that happen in our living room! I’m too busy trying to save their heads and the furniture that I never take pictures. I’ll look back on this someday and smile, right?!?!

  317. I wish I had more pictures of me with my kids. I’m a photographer so it’s only natural for me to be the one taking all the pictures (and no pressure to look good…ever!). This past mother’s day was the first time I’ve had a picture with both of my kids (now 3 and 15 months) and just me since we brought our youngest home from the hospital. Not even a photobomb pic. Sad 🙁

  318. I love documenting the everyday, mundane things mostly because life is such a blur with 3 under 3! However, I do wish I took more pictures of kids when they were sleeping. The fear of waking one of them up after finally getting all 3 to sleep was far too great.

  319. Though my son is only 2, after about the 1 year mark, I haven’t been very good about taking regular pictures of him. Our first child has tons and yet the second seemed to have gotten the shaft. I also wish I would have taken more photos during easy runs of the kids in the stroller. Oh well, maybe with the third (coming this Sept!) I will be better about snapping pics….

  320. I wish I had pictures of my little guy sleeping as a baby. I remember how peaceful he looked, but as a new mom I was too afraid to do *anything* that could possibly disrupt those moments of quiet time. Instead, I’d listen to the advice of mommys with more experience than me and fill that nap time with laundry and housecleaning and stuff I was “supposed” to do. I wish I had left the laundry for another time, snapped a quiet picture of him in repose and soaked up those moments.

  321. I wish I had pics of the kids cooking with me & our family dinners together. [amazing giveaway!! Thank you! My double jogger has seen better days & I’m getting back to running after baby #3]

  322. I wish I had more pictures of my twin babies interacting. They have just started making each other giggle and “talking” to each other. It’s so cute, but they clam up whenever I get out the camera!

  323. I wish we had more photos of book time. We spend lots of time snuggled up reading books, but never take any pictures.

  324. I wish I had more everyday pictures of my kids playing and laughing together. It sure would be helpful when they start to fight to look back at those pictures and remind myself they really ARE friends 🙂

  325. I would say more pictures of my ladies just waking up! They both have about 1 million cowlicks and their hair is always standing at attention when they wake up! The other time of day I would love a photog to capture is my hubby getting the ladies ready for the day. I’m not there since I’m already at work and I know our toddler can be a handful when it comes to getting dressed in her “twirly dresses”! They always look fine when I get them in the afternoon but the house looks like a hurricane passed through!!

  326. We photograph every opportunity we get! You’ll never get that exact same moment to be replicated ever again!
    However, something i can’t get enough of is playing soccer in the back yard with my 3 year old! He doesn’t quite understand the concept yet and EVERY time we kick the ball all the way to the other side of the fence, we yell “GOAL!!!” and we never keep score.
    After every run he joins us on (in our single stroller), he has to run the last quarter mile with us! We do need some extra stroller space for baby number two that is on the way!

  327. I wish I had more photos of my pregnancy both of me and ultrasound photos. It’s one of those things I wish I could get them every day or even weekly!

  328. I wish I had more family pictures with my mom. She passed away last year and I wished we would have made more of an effort to have formal pictures taken with her and the grandkids.

  329. Bathtime! Water and cameras certainly don’t mix but I love those cheesy grins with their hair plastered to their heads while they see who can splash the most water out of the tub.

  330. I wish I had more photos of my 6 year old son and 17 month old daughter playing together on the sand pile in our yard.

  331. In our beautiful town, with a river running through it, I wish I had more pictures of my kids in front of the lake freighters that frequently inch along from Lake Michigan to Manistee Lake. It’s amazing, just like my kids!

  332. I wish I had photos of my daughters first race. She had just turned 4 and only the kids ran. She finished exhilarated, so I would love to have seen how the actual race went. I want her to remember and feel that joy always.

  333. I wish I had more pictures of my 4 year old son. My 2 year old son is sick and therefore requires the most time, thus the most pictures. But there is a sweet 4 year old little boy always behimd the scenes!

  334. My husband travels a lot (hence the need for a Chariot to take my son on Ironman training rides/runs ;), so I wish I had more pictures of them reading together at night before bedtime. It is so cute when my son is being so attentive and my husband is demonstrating what an amazing dad he is!

  335. I wish I had any pictures of my girls when they first wake up in the morning while still in their bed/crib. That “oh I’m so happy to see you” look is just priceless. In the rush of “get up, get going, hurry up, we’re late” awesome smiles like that can get missed…

  336. I wish I had more pictures of when my girls snuggle up to me and my husband and cuddle! Brings a smile to my face just typing it 🙂

  337. I wish I had more candid pictures of my daughter. She poses now when she sees the camera, and it means we miss the moment sometimes.

  338. Breakfast with my kids. That sleepy look is too cute. And I’m usually in a good mood, home from a run with coffee in hand.

  339. I wish I had more pictures of the excitement I see on my kids faces when they see me running towards them at the finish line! They always cheer and get so excited and that’s what makes being a mom worth it!

  340. I wish I had more pictures of my two boys just wrestling around with their Dad. He is their own personal jungle gym!

  341. I wish I had pictures of our family snuggled together on our bed or couch reading books! One of our favorite times of day but I never think to try and capture it in the moment.

  342. The smiles on my little boys’ faces when they see me come into their rooms, first thing in the morning. It’s the most genuine smile I get from my 4 yo, because he’s otherwise a goof, and it’s that sleepy smile on my 10 month old. Love. And this would be the most fantastic prize!! Omg!!

  343. I wish I could capture that moment when I come to pick up my 3-year-old from the babysitter every day: arms out, huge smile on his face and monster hug. “I waited forever for you, mommy” Tugs the heartstrings every time.

  344. We adopted our son from Poland at age 4, and I so wish I had more photos and videos of that first year home! We were just overwhelmed new parents, but I would love to have more video of his baby Polish and his singing.

  345. My daughter is only 18 months old, and I already wish I had more pictures of her playing outside and at the park

  346. I wish I had taken more pics of my kids doing our every day activities. I was pretty good about documenting the “special” events. But life is not made up of supposedly special events. Life is made up of trips to get ice cream and letting it drip down little faces at the park.

  347. Everyday laughs at home and catching my daughter singing in the car, restaurants, bath tub and well every where!

  348. I wish I had more pics of my two kids as infants….I have friends who did the newborn photo shoots….they are so precious!

  349. I wish I had more photos of my husband and I together. I feel I am always taking pictures of things right now – the house, the garden, the sunrise, the sunset. I should take more photos of us!

  350. I wish I had more pictures of cuddle time…with my son asleep on either me or my husband. He is so peaceful and cuddly when sleeping. Early evening when he is first drifting off to sleep when we are finally settled down for the evening is my favorite time of day.

  351. I would love to slow down and take more pictures of my sweet babies at bedtime.
    After a 5 am run, a long day teaching, and a busy evening of dinner and dirty diapers,
    I savor (yet fail to document) the sweet moments before tucking in our toddler and his new
    baby sister. The snuggles, the bedtime stories, and their sleepy little faces.

  352. My 3 year old daughter holding hands with her 18 month old brother while walking down the sidewalk. It is ridiculously adorable, but I am too nervous that one of them will bolt into the street so I hover very close and never get my camera out.

  353. I wish I had more pictures of me with my children. I am always the photographer so when I look at pictures Of our prior years, I rarely make one!

  354. My dad, who lived less than a mile away and who we saw at least once a week, passed away last week, and in looking through pictures for a slideshow for his memorial service, I realized that I have only one picture of him holding my 10 month old, and none of him holding both of my boys. So take pictures when you can!!

  355. I wish I had more pictures of the quiet moments they are playing peacefully together. Usually these happen as I am trying to get things like laundry and dishes done. Instead of relishing the moment of productivity, I would love to savor that special sister bond.

  356. My kids and my husband. He’s got stage 4 cancer and has a hard time getting out and about. He’s gained weight with the cancer so he won’t take pictures with the family. We are blessed with a plethora of photos he takes of us running though. He makes a special effort to come out on some of the longer weekend runs. Peace and quite = my 1 and 3 year old out on a run why dad gets sleep
    We will celebrate this Sunday with our best friend, husband, and dad

  357. I’d love to have 1/2 birthday photos of the girls, especially from when they were little. They just grow WAY too fast!

  358. I wish I had more photos of the dirty, messy moments. The times when my own hands are too sticky to grab a camera or phone and take a picture of the grape jelly-yogurt-pudding-popsicle-paint-mud messy, adorable, and happy kids.

  359. I wish I had more photos of all of us together! Too often it’s just a lot of my son, some of my son and husband and then if I think about it one of me and my son but rarely do we have us all together! Besides that I wish I had just taken more baby videos. All that simple cooing is so wonderful to watch now! It feels so simple and given then but years later it brings back the sweet times and always leaves me wishing for more.

  360. I’d love to be in more pictures. Looking back my husband is the one in the action and I am the one behind the camera.

  361. I’d love more photos of every moment with my kids. I’m not great at remembering to take photos. But the everyday moment would have to be morning snuggles with my 2 kids. They are early risers & love to climb in my bed when they get up 🙂

  362. I definitely wish I had more pictures of the kids with my husband and/or myself in them. Neither of us like having our picture taken an I am usually the one behind the camera, sigh.

  363. I am the one who takes all the pictures so I really wish I had more pictures with my little ones~ also newborn pics of my daughter (I was rushed to the hospital with eclampsia and had a emergency C-section~ no camera so no pics and then she was in the hospital for a month)

  364. We adopted our son at 2 months old and though he was still an infant when we got him I miss not having newborn pictures of him. The rest of his life is well documented in photos as I take pictures daily. My husbands refers to me as the “Mamarazzi”

  365. Meal time…. looking back that is where all the day’s stories and discussions gave me a picture of my sons’ lives. While we all have the birthday cake pictures it is probably the mac and cheese nights that I miss even more.

  366. I am currently pregnant with #2 and already feel the decline of photos with number 2. During my first pregnancy, I diligently took photos of my growing belly week by week for a journal. I haven’t even come close this time around!

  367. We adopted our son at 2 mths old. Though he was still an infant when we got him I wish that I had some newborn pictures of him. I definitely have made up for that in the past 4 years and take pictures on a daily basis. My husband affectionately calls me the “Mamarazzi”.

  368. I have 3 kids under age 5, and I am starting to worry that later on they will question whether or not I was around. I am never in the pictures. Always behind the camera. So I just want more pictures of me with my littles!

  369. I’m am not one that always has my camera out to capture all of our moments, I wish I was! I would like to have photos of my girls playing together…without any idea their is a camera on them!

  370. I wish I had more pictures of my boys with the artwork, lego creations, forts, and things they make and build that they’re so proud of, but ends up making it’s way to the recycling or cleaned up.

  371. I have 3 boys, 10, 7, and 10 months. I take pictures all the time, but I never think to get pictures of them playing. Playing basketball or jumping on the trampoline or throwing the football. I wish I could have snapshots of every day of their lives.

  372. I wish I had more pictures of the 3 kids together in one spot all smiling at the same time (probably impossible right?), and I wish I was in more of them. I’m always the one behind the camera 🙂

  373. I have 3 boys and I wish I had more pictures of them just being boys together from the daily wrestling matches to the jumping in puddles and mud to catching frogs or pretending to go on bear hunts through the living room. I love every minute of them being boys and all of these moments have brought me so much joy but they seem like they have passed in a blink of an eye and wish I had something to hold on to to capture these precious moments.

  374. I have 4 kids and the number of baby pictures dwindled significantly with each one. I wish upon a million wishes that I had taken more baby pictures of my youngest.

  375. I wish i had pictures of us at storytime before bed. His facial expressions while reading are priceless but not the appropriate time to take the camera out.

  376. I wish I had more pictures of early morning cuddles with my toddler. I love when I’m have time in the morning to just sit with her in our PJs while she watches a TV show and I drink my coffee. PJs, messy hair (for both of us), and a rare calm moment before our daily storm.

  377. I wish I had everyday photos of me holding my twin boys in my arms when they were babies. They grew up so fast (they’re nine now) and carrying them both at the same time was so magical! I had very few photos of that. I’m so blessed to have twins!

  378. I wish I had more photos of my children laughing, whether because they are being tickled or saw something funny. Those precious spontaneous moments are the ones where I never seem to have a camera ready.

  379. My kiddos are usually pretty sweet during our bedtime prep, cute moments abound! It has always been a special time of day for us and I should really capture some of those moments in pictures.

  380. I wish I had more pictures of the hubby and I pre baby. We only have one child and her life so far is well documented but we don’t have many of us when it was just the two of us. The days when we had sleep!

  381. This is such a good question! I guess I wish I had a few photos of some of the normal, day to day things we did…like the grocery store and other errands. I have 4 kids now (ages 1,5,8,10) and I feel like I’ve already forgotten what life was like when my first 3 were really little. I don’t even know where I put the groceries bc the cart was full of kids! Wish I had a picture of that.

  382. It’s not an event that happens often, but that is why i wish I had pictures of it….those 5 minutes a day when my 2 kids actually like each other and play nicely with each other!

  383. I’m super jealous of Trish!!!! 🙂 As a stroller running mommy and wanna-be cycling mommy I wish I had taken MORE pictures of my kids together in the running stroller. I am a crazy about taking pictures but never seemed to remember to take many of us after our runs. I also wish I had more family photos – that instead of taking the photos of my kids and husband – I had just asked someone to take a picture of all 5 of us!! Awesome giveaway 🙂 🙂

  384. I wish I had captured the picture at each new food introduction. Then I could say, ‘See, you liked peas!’ 🙂

  385. I wish I’d taken more pictures of my kids when they were little. Seriously. There’s a big gap (or at least a famine) of time when I was pretty exhausted/busy/lazy when they were all little at the same time.

  386. The day to day life can often be felt as “mundane” when raising small children. However, when reminiscing about those days through photos and stories and, usually, laughter…..we realize that these times are often more interesting, exciting, thought provoking, and meaningful that just about any other time in our lives. Photos of the day to day activities help us take a step back and remember just how cool raising kids can be. Many of us remember to take the photos on Christmas morning, at concerts and recitals, etc……but images of eating breakfast in their pyjamas with buttery fingers and faces, learning how to dress themselves, and helping their younger siblings when they think no one else is watching are just some of the everyday ordinary things that it would be nice to have recorded :). Everyday normal is just as important or more as the “special” days.

  387. I wish I had more pictures with me in them. My husband never thinks to take pics of me but always insists on taking pics of him and our son. Really frustrating! I do have thousands of pics of my son though! Very well documented childhood 🙂

  388. I wish I had even one picture of the year my older three were waiting at the same bus stop for elementary school and the biggest proudly wore his bright yellow safety patrol belt.

  389. I wish I could capture the moments that our 3 children are cooperating and helping each other… For instance, my youngest has wanted to try a shower instead of a bubble bath- I came home from a run last night, and my little guy proudly announced that “he took a big boy shower!” and it was his 12 yr old brother that helped him. He was so happy- it’s those sweet moments I wish I could freeze in time.

  390. I wish I had pictures of the bedtime snuggle time that my son and I have. It’s my favorite part of the day.

  391. I feel that the one event that I wish I had more pics of was my 2 1/2 yr olds swim lessons. They are usually in the morning so my husband can not make them. My daughter loves the water play but as soon as she is forced to out her head under water and so the beginning drills, she is a mess emotionally. During those times it’s hard to get the pics in as her lessons only last 15 min

  392. I wish I had more pictures of me with my boys. I’m always behind the camera it seems!

    And I’d love to win the stroller! Just had babe number two and I really want to be able to run with both of them, especially if Daddy’s not home. We are dual military.

  393. I wish I had more photos of “quiet time.” Our nightly routine includes a half hour of snuggle time for me and my son max. This is my favorite time of day…but I don’t think we have any pictures of it.

  394. I wish I had more pictures of our kids playing in the dirt. The look of joy and amazement as it runs through their pudgy little fingers melts my heart!

  395. I wish I had more photos of myself with my kids. I am always the one behind the camera, taking the pictures. I also wish I had pictures of bedtime prayers with my kids….holding their hands, squeezing their eyes shut and hearing the simple but so powerful prayers of children!

  396. I wish I had more pictures of being pregnant with each of my babies. As much as I didn’t like looking at myself, I wish I hadn’t taken those precious moments for granted.

  397. I wish I had pictures of my sons first few months. It isn’t that I didn’t take these, but that they had been stolen from my house when a woman broke in and stole all of our small electronics. Memory cards and all! I was elated when I heard the had found the video camera. I was hopeful that the day we brought him home videos might still be there. Unfortunately, they had been tossed with all of the others.

    It makes me sad to think about how callus this woman could have been – she must not be a mother!

  398. I wish I had more pictures of me with my kids. I tend to avoid the camera, but need to really stop that so we record more memories with me in them!!

  399. I wish I had photos of all the times my kids ask us questions. The looks on their faces when they urgently wonder why the there’s a bowl full of mush in the great green room or why the Joker is mean to Batman are priceless. So very serious and interested in such little things.

  400. Me! I wish I took more photos of me *with* my children. It’s always children or children-with-Daddy, and I’m pretty much always the one behind the camera.

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